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Thursday, August 9th

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Post game show. Bills football on the Buffalo Bills and radio network news rocky ride. This was the northwest. And get back to. All right welcome to Buffalo Bills posted here on the Buffalo Bills radio network makes you hear live from the northwest broadcast Booth following. He feels lost this evening to beat Carolina Panthers the final score here. From new air field 28. To 23. Will be taking your calls here for the next. About an hour or so here. On the Buffalo Bills radio network the numbers to call 8030551. Tripoli by fifty to 550 a lot to talk about in this game the first team offense specifically with native Peter mean going nine of ten is only completion. Of course an interception on a tipped ball from Chris Ivory then AJ McCarron comes in he goes seven of ten a 116 yards. And then Josh count finishes off that second half with a touchdown and obviously as I mentioned. The Panthers come away with 21 unanswered points. Two to get going here and we were killed in the first pre season action of the year 28 to 23 were here for coach McDermott here in just a few moments. But let's tie let's get some expressed mart's stance the game check it out express merit not your average convenience store. I've gone through some of those stats is well let's go through Josh you don't hear a nine of 19116. Yards that touched on a rare McLeod. At the end of the game the onside kick was of course. Unsuccessful rushing leading the way the bills Marcus Murphy who had a pretty nice game seven carries. 35 yards that score earlier in the first half Joshua Allen and I had a nice day in the ground as well a few scrambles three carries. For 29 yards key board member guy who stood out. The most people at training camp so far this. It's this training camp anyways I keep Ford he finished at five carries and twenty yards leading the way receiving Kelvin Benjamin. Four catches 59 yards and score brand Riley had that long one for me AJ McCarron he had one catch. 59 yards rare McCloud three catches fifty yards in that score at the end of the game from Josh in on Chris Ivory. Catching 29 yards as well a couple of guys step up to me maybe not for a good reason Robert Foster zero catches on the David had quite a few opportunities. To make a few plays but was unable to pull any in. A couple of times you at least you notice from far. But he is giving up and in stop on a few routes not something you wanna see. From the rookie wide receiver. We can also look at some of the stats on the other side of the ball for Carolina the starting offense for Carolina really did not look good. For the better part that first drive candidate had a couple overthrow it he finished the day six of nine. 84 yards no scores the only ended up playing two series. In this one CG Anderson he ends at the leading rusher for Carolina a pretty stout date for the bills' run defense he Jane and that the four carries. Sixteen yards and a score. Christine McCaffrey also touched on in this 14 carries eleven yards and as a mention the bills' defense specifically the run defense. I'll take pretty much all game today leading the way for Carolina receiving four to semi five yards rookie wide receiver. DJ Moore. Curtis Samuel also four catches in 43 yards for the Panthers 8030551. 8085 to to fight if these numbers to call I've got some things to get through in the next 45 minutes to an hour here as well on the Buffalo Bills radio network. If you like to get your thoughts an 803055188. By 52 but the guilt over to the phones while we're waiting for coach. That's go to Mike in Williams the Mike you're on the post game shall welcome. Oh OK. How we do on good when you turn on your you re doing and I wanna call and you know talk about beyond. The very first play got talent you know. I mean it was very exciting that I wouldn't sitting in one parent or adult and it got really excited and I think that they I think that's what the builder expect that they have had out. Got talent. Yeah absolutely. You know I think I was talking on Twitter somebody and and and I gave Josh Galen a great of a beat tonight for this performance there was certainly a couple plays on but he missed out on the field tonight but I mean rises would you expect from the rookie quarterback making his first appearance in the NFL. I'm but I also thought that he made a couple of really nice throws here tonight there was one right over the middle of the field that's that sticks out meter reader and a cloud. On an Odyssey that connection rare McLeod continue further on in the game. He gets that touchdown pass at the end of the half birds are the end of the game on interim caught in an eclectic sale joked when he was down on the field that that we are McLeod got a pretty slow. He let that ball get to his chest and thicket might take in the air out of a little bit but yeah now all in all I thought it was a pretty good performance on the spot that a few missing completions were entirely his fault Robert Foster had a half game. One drop on and a pretty easy catch on the left sideline and hook route and then. Two I think plays where he could've had an opportunity at making a catch one was that people on the left side. Where he was just out of reach of the football but I thought he could have laid out for that potentially mean to play in the football. An and there was another play now where Josh illness rolling out was left it was offside in the defense or sort of free play. In jail and throw across his body good 55 yards from the yeah from the left side all the way over the right side. And sort of seem like he gave up on the place and not a great day for Robert Foster. A few of the things that I noticed as well from Joshua Allen is is. Some of the problems that we've been seeing in training camps and those those two rows where. And seems to short arm at some of those two up rose to the running backs and screen passes they were African at least here in this game tonight. He made a couple of really nice accurate throws out to the flats to his running backs. From different platforms that he was thrown from that was one thing that I notice too from Josh you know tonight is he really got to see the display. Josh Fields throwing off different platforms really saw the union you know the arm strength and everybody talks about. What's the way to put the W Burkle and let's go to Mike in Rochester here on that post Angel welcome. In my car and thought about jot down and engine that is. I'm net and a quarterback battle I want that the public wouldn't not not catalog and where and tell him I'm thinking like I'm I'm really. Out. That would obviously partisan crap. I bet you didn't know not now. You know why did you write down what I'll play that. The occupation today at you early on account of late and I'm really not. Yeah in my case for the call I agree you you know Kelso mention it during broadcasts to. That you made a couple plays where where he was noticeable on the field in ways was getting in the backfield and EP got a couple opportunities to play with the second team. I obviously know Trent Murphy so we got a lot of reps with the ones as well. And so that's those are stuff you like to see for a player who is this is sort of a make or break camping in pre season. For shackle Austin and some of the things he's offering today were certainly promising considering. The pressure that is on Shaq Lawson being a former first round pick I'm not really making the impact he'd like to see in terms of pass pressure obviously. One of the things that that always sort of gets thrown around when Shaq is that he is a responsible run defender and that's something that has really. At least in my opinion tapped him. In relevance here in buffalo is he he does set the edge pretty well when he's out there and he's asked to be run defender it's when he's asked to be a dynamic pass rusher that. He sort of left some desire and something to be desired because. You know with what you're expecting from a first round pick is you're expecting a guy that can rush the passer and be dynamic athlete on the action he desperately hasn't and that. Opted this point but today was a good start of course for Shaq Lawson who it was mentioned is certainly under some pressure. But to perform when when the bills paid a pretty price on for tremor to bring him in in free agency. Is that didn't exactly bode well for Shaq awesome so it'll be instinct to see exactly how that plays on us wanna bring up this portion of the Buffalo Bills post game show. Is along the Buffalo Bills radio network is brought to buy independent health independent health is helping your doctor help you that's Richard treatment for more information. Is that the redshirt breeze at pressure treatment. Dot com we are still waiting of course for coach McDermott. Console will go back to the phones let's go to Brian in Hamburg. Brian your post intro and an hour. I wonder if they may have been. It. Let's go to another call let's go to Jonathan and Auld and John your and the post game show. In eight in this shell on I have faith John Allen was okay it means. He saw orbit but the let us all the W offer but why would bad news wires even the bad I'd next year he really need to play it up for a really want the implant the perky NetSuite beat. See what he'd done better talent around him. Gasoline you know I I don't necessarily think he's gonna get a ton of opportunities with the first team in pre season. I think what your gonna mostly see and listen I did I act as much as we should talk about Josh hill tonight. I do think that we do need to talk a little bit about me and Peter ring this performance here. I mean essentially need to Peter we came out here and played a perfect game I'm considering everything that narrative that's been surrounding me in Peter and really since that charters game last year. It whether or not it's fair or unfair I mean the guy threw five interceptions and one half idea and how fair or you can be in in in evaluating that. In and not be negative about me Peterman but I thought his performance tonight. I'm at least early on and that in that first drive was really really impressed that he was controlling the offense. Not only control in the offense but making Smart. Quick decisive throws which is what we know anything Peterman does he's a guy that makes quick decisions he throws the ball accurately. It's when he doesn't have a clean pocket it's when he's asked to sort of thrown right now however he did make a great throw on the run. To Kelvin Benjamin on the sideline that's another guy to in my opinion tonight that's that out what was Kelvin Benjamin a great great first drive first two drives for Kelvin Benjamin. He was the he was the motor that that ran this passing offense because he was targeted. 445. Times early on he made a couple of great catches on the sideline obviously that touchdown catch. Was a nice throw in a nice catch but I was really impressed by both of those guys here in terms of the first team offense. I didn't know exactly what to expect from the computer and when he was named the starter. I'm in this game I think a lot of people including myself really thought that AJ McCarron. Based on the wraps that we had seen in the first two weeks of training camp was gonna get the start here tonight. It turns out that Peterman gets the start and I think you can maybe go back to all the way in that first practice of the of the offseason and during training camp here. Where we sunny and Peter may come out with the ones and I think that may be and it was sort of the template that coach McDermott used in deciding who to start it was ultimately going to be in this game in and I thought he responded really well to the vote of confidence from this coaching staff. He again I think he played as perfect of a game is you're going to get in this league and a pre season game where we're you know you are fighting for your. You just fighting for a starting job and that is absolutely Whitney in Peterman is doing right now fighting for a starting job that there's no doubt in my mind that after today. That he has put himself in a position to not only. I'm competing guess if you McCarron but to absolutely take the starting job come we won in Baltimore so. That is an interesting development that happens and I didn't think that any quarterback who's gonna win the job today because ultimately do you think that AJ McCarron had a nice. First half two when he came in with the twos I thought that after a sack really on that first play which will really wasn't his fault. That he responded well he bounced back from that second move the offense and made a couple nice throw that one on third down garrote streaker sticks out to meet. As well so you know he looked good and and that that deep pass down left sideline. Two Brendan Reilly as well so so AJ McCarron I'd really all three quarterbacks. And that the day pretty good I mean I felt considering all of the talk of the narrative around the league. Amongst really the media in and everybody was that this might be the worst quarterback room. In the entirely wolf 2539. For 330 yards two touchdowns in an interception for the three of them combined. Certainly isn't a bad start. To start the season 803055188. 550. To 515 the numbers to call itself or another caller waiting for coach McDermott scored a Louie and Hamilton Iran the post game shall locally. Yet that the chemical. Bomb. A ticket agent to usher performed OK you know I think that he was with a lot screen up at the line in you know the penalties and media complex was pretty horrendous new situations. I think you need to with a better on this prime anticipation. And that calls with practice as far as certain to a routine as far as. When he does become the starter. A hesitation as far as the. Do you think do you think that at some point this season he will become the starter Ervin from the sounds of it it it does but at least for you. I think that the by a bit. After seven making took the lead halfway mandate in the possibly in the December or November charges in the barber. What we that is or whatever but nine. I think should be the starter like I'll be our treaty that the pyramids and I story in each of the current to a certain degree but they are committed. You know both guys are there because they're there to fit for a while pics for recent. And I'm not but not kicked it and stop and bottom. It is what it is eight as you know you can see immediate physical believe our Josh Allen being with his feet that I think it gets and looked at Roger and me. Stopped a completely nothing literate he's running source like. But but the thing is I think. He he got cut of that ability just not unique that he needs just just get that timing down that the patient down. I think in the is can be part but I honestly think also Albie. Next three remaining preceding games of when everything is okay. Particularly with given the selected kicking off. Okay serie ground sorry Lou got a country appear because we've got coach McDermott who's at the podium few in the crowd here. I so he had just I thought we did some good things for pre season game. You know it's nice to see us get off to a good start in the first half. In the second half kind of detailed two hats cnet's very young guys came and and that kind of thought we shot ourselves in the foot. With penalties and dropped passes and poor fundamentals you know those are things expect it will we'll learn Emeka. They adjustments. This coming week contract to a that'll open up your question. Jobs this evening obviously in the the big ticket things are for the fans what what did you make his performances. And I thought just not looking at the tape obviously unified isn't that things you know brought out see you could feel the energy of the crowd a first pass those are great call by Brian. And you know that drove it catches out of bounds you know so. I'm there there are times are some things you need to work on but overall I thought him the ball times. Good to see him in that two minute drive as well that's that's the idol experience forum. You know all three quarterbacks I think in a touchdown pass. Which is good to see. The goal. You know putting yourself at risk of getting hit hit a couple of times a minute or foul play it'll work you know. When all over the place what. We you know let's. Quarterback gonna take some but hopefully I unity. When you with is that classes and he was able extensive plays which which is good to see is well. We just gotta Smart and know when accurate vision. These guys are they fast as well. In particular from the field. Me here. Starter has put it there just had a better rotation now will make you know Peter. You know first of all those guys have been great Nathan AJ and and ash in terms of communication. And the understanding expecting that the situation here. And so it was the right thing to do for us right now and they will go back look at the film evaluate and and form. And like separate but. Yeah embassy. I understand all of that you know we'll we'll see. Wanna look for miles from Latin film and take it. Look at. Quarterbacks tonight. It's what I can do. Wrong. It. That much. Yet which will. In terms of what what that does for you just have to keep you talk about all this it's okay. Style quarterbacks. Yeah that was good to see. Quarterbacks it's a key position to play I thought all three guys it certainly had things to work on but tears to your point. I thought three did some really good things and like I mentioned it they all offer him. Threw for a touchdown which is good from from a confidence standpoint nothing else altering move the ball at times. Like the energy around all three. So yeah that that's. That's one of the pluses command of the game. Those bales talked about how he likes to be multi dimensional. I mean there's guys coming on and off there's personnel groupings left and right. What did you think of that just at first blush I mean obviously had an idea what coaches do which is your initial impressions seeing it and the functionality of it with. Guys getting on and off through it and having issues substitution. Right another good another positive you're coming out of the game you have eleven on the field I was asked that. Couple days ago hey what's important key will. One of the keys was to have eleven on the field because the substitutions whether it's offense the defense in defense or special teams. That was important from a game management operational standpoint. And in to your question with respect to. What he was doing I like to see ya like his rhythm in the first half in particular and and you know sometimes that comes with more more wraps him and I think Brian's off to a good start as far as that goes to see him moving at different personnel whatnot. That's a good defense I know I was I was. I was there so I know that the town they have on the defense and got some good players and it was good he has moved the ball early in the game bird were used that. They were that very first time out and your players handle. Very hurt mean that the game that's kind of one of the gains with in the game. Substitution game management. We had a couple situations where we had to burn time now. One intensely one I believe. Were I really monogrammed timeout and those those are things we have to clean up. We wanna have three timeouts as much as possible going into. Before Patrick in the game because it's so I've often times. Coached currently in training camp kind of coaching the we're kind of seen that manifest itself in practice we saw early in the game tonight Jack got to stand up and get he had his hand up you just maybe talk about. The change there maybe not a change for maybe a greater emphasis. On that in terms of the past her. Yet the key you know there's a lot of different ways to affect the quarterback. That's one of them if you can't get there you need to get your hands up and I like what we're teaching as far as that goes in and your right you see the dividends little bit in practice he cheated dividends paid. Tonight a little bit with knock in some passes down that's important. There's a lot waste affect the quarterbacks on the witches that vision even if you can't knock it down you changed your arm. Slot of the quarterback greed get in India in the vision. The quarterback that's that's important for. His work please contact balance remained. He's just he's it's full of the ground it just seems even though he's not a big guy he can still slip through initial hit him what do you see from him and his writings that. Competitive he's a competitive guy and then and he's fun to watch every day at practice. What you saw here tonight is is what we see every day at practice and whether it's playing special teams playing. You know the running back position. He's selfless he's a team guy really appreciate that in him and I love the way plates tonight at least at least at first glance. Let them. Little bit of everywhere. That's what this. Kind of break it up. Pre season game where. The notes the. Yeah I mean part of the pre season part of training camp in where we are right now is starting to really try and understand. Who our guys are with their strengths are how we put them in positions of strength. How we create. Certain situations. Both offensively defense and special teams so that's part of our. Did on our to do list is to find out what every guy as best and then put them in positions of the strike. Run defense looked good on paper at the end of the game and you probably have a better handle on when you watch the film but. The run defense and they just initially from your view from the sideline did it and it looked like you guys were a lot of things up. Your thoughts on the young you know you look at that number I can only with the number there's some times there where we were finishing plays enough. And then just making sure that we're. Establishing a line of scrimmage on on the on the defensive line that's important. So that the linebackers and secondary are affected so we'll we'll get a better feel for that. I'm looking at the tape and thought there are times where we where we established a line of scrimmage and that there is times are we could've done better. Oh. This is really the first time we got. Its. You know when you play the middle linebacker position. He so embedded down in there it's hard to really evaluate. It's like he's your guy with a quarterback at times just by watching the ball is so the middle linebacker. There's a lot in between plays getting us lined up that's part of evaluation authority good job there -- getting us in and out of a hollow for young. Clair and his first NFL appearance out here. Didn't look like it is too big I'm sure hope and wants some of those plays back but overall. There's a lot of pluses there in terms of his performs. What was the minds. Way past that just her own experience and her place right. Hello firstly. And then you know you gotta love that right I think the fans and I think the fans appreciated that I appreciated it we're out there these guys are having fun. I thought it gave the crowds of Jews. And like that in like this series overall I think we went on three and what's three after that that. Like this unit completed an ounce. Maybe me anymore juice. But I alike aggressiveness of the play call. Overall it. Or split. If it's a completion yes. Thanks guys appreciate it. That was coach McDermott live from the coaches podium as per occupied north town automotive sales sales service and selection to the nth degree that's. North town I wanna get some more calls when we come back and the other side of this break in 030 by 51. 88550. To 550 but for now we're gonna had to break. And like a sudden we come back will be this more calls him a little post game show you this is Buffalo Bills radio. The bills drop their pre season opener 2823. Tonight against the Carolina Panthers however the court expert on a good show. For the fans and buffalo Nathan Peter in nine of ten brought 119 yards and it this touchdown to Calvin Benjamin. Four Carolina 18 the staff people field this week. Bittermann also did happen to have an interception in this game. Off the hands of running back Chris Ivory and intercepted by Shaq Thompson. AJ McCarron following him up 7% on the day for a 116 yards and choose scoring drives Josh Allen finished his day nine of nineteen for a 116 yards. Also 29 yards on three carries and yet Italy to us on as his own factory or McLeod is the first down. Blake and Johnson drove into the act. Strike one strike through but just that you haven't let live at the crowd up fourteen yard touchdown that judge Allan is on this. Four. Receiver Calvin badgering his dominant first quarter four catches for 59 yards and a touchdown re very rare in a cloud. Finishes his day three catches for fifty yards and a touchdown. Leading the receivers on the date from both teams Marcus Murphy was leading rusher of the game. Not just for the bills bought the whole game seven carries 35 yards and he had a touch on his own in this game as well. Around the NFL the browns beating the giants point attend baker may feels debut for the browns eleven of toy for 212 yards and two touchdowns. Four bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor went one drive for Cleveland five for 599. Yards and a touchdown. In that game giants rookie running back sic on Barkley he had five carries for 43 yards. In the giants' loss of a game's done the night around the league since he beating the bears thirty to 47 the saints down the jags 24 when he Tampa beating Miami 26 point four. Pittsburgh based. To being Philly 31 to fourteen their bills game rapids brought to you by independent health from every day it's an unexpected independents Red Shirts are here to help I'm dare Kremer. This is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Welcome back. I need her post game show here live from new air field make theory here after eight feels the loss of course. On the first pre season game of the year 828. 223 loss here and it's new air field. So let's go let's get back to actually what we need to do first of course is get to our play of the game. Which of course is brought to you by our our bright software. The best office phone system in buffalo and I think for the play of the game we're gonna go back to that first drive in the first touchdown of the season or Nathan Peter and connected with Kelvin Benjamin for the first touchdown 2018 pre season. Durbin war at the Carolina 28 the snack if he'd bet you'll Biederman got to go to. Again felt very good about those first two drives from Nathan Peter Mahan and really Kelvin Benjamin to bull guys really had good games after I thought was a tough week for Kelvin Benjamin after everything that happened. Off the field some of the comments that he was making by his former team the week leading up to their game against his former team my thought he'd. He's sort of silenced a lot of some of the criticism that he's getting from inside the organization from trauma Germany and brain being as well let's go back to the phones because you can likeable folks waiting on hold nick in Amherst your on the post game shall welcome neck. Nikki there. Your potential. Gaylord. I'm well. Here it goes good. We got god. Well I think I can be I think the game well I mean. Can't really you know determine you know what what the bills have this season. You know by just this first game REIT charmer Turner's doing a great job bet that the job. Let's solve you know our understanding creating you know create you know great great. Great fundamentals and in characteristic. Kimi young. Peter man you know through great ball. And noticed it interest you aren't wired encouraging you know from buffalo fans yelled at really and be excited about this season coming up. Yeah actually thinks they know I am I was deathly impressed with the with the starting offense because they were going up definitely against that's starting defense the Carolina. That was a pretty decent group on the other side of the ball Thomas Davis you know look Heatley. One short today they've got some nice players and outside the ball and I thought the bills bills offense really took two comics especially early let's go to Daniel Franklin bill then you around the postgame show welcome. At a Bart I'm. Hey I don't think any computer and contribute starting quarterback I think that they need to work work. Jock Howard hole and a bit narrower. Before he really touched the star. The united but I don't think they are due to Wetteland got because at 2 PM and socket error and he did the right god. And and you know how we're Bonderman and mostly I think they need to be on this roster were. I think that there are gonna make the team this year and I think that they should be the ones I saw. It kill deal. He. Yet thanks Dan appreciate the call I don't I do think that. You know my one might take surely on this offseason was that thought that the Peterman what's at the season as the starting quarterback. I do think that he's gonna need to put together a couple more performances here in the pre season I think that game three that pre season that third game increases in which I always think it's. One that really especially in terms of competition across that the roster you get a real idea of of who if they really intend on starting week one. I do think that at this point I think that next week AJ McCarron just based on what we've seen rotation wise and I do think that Sean McDermott is going to stick to that rotation. I do think that AJ McCarron does get the start next week. Against the browns in Cleveland I'd get with the ones I just think if they're gonna give him an opportunity to go up there and play with the ones whether or not. He's able that to have the same success beneath the Peter may have will be a totally different story but I do think. That in terms of what you could hope for is urinate in Peter minding your first start since you know a pretty tumultuous start in Los Angeles and then a game where he started a national game. And then ended up injuring getting injured and not finishing that game. You know pretty tumultuous start to a square in those first two starts to come out here in that real again this is what the coaching staff and this is what the organization has preached and said they have really truly liked. About Nathan Peterman is is that. You know he's prepared himself take you have this moment is prepared himself to get another opportunity to lead. After having such a difficult start so you have to really at least. Respect to what you've seen for me it Peerman thus far during training camp. If so far tonight wolf C I hope that carries into week two if he's gonna start if he can play with the twos. Can he carry that momentum can carry that performed with the second team. Come next Friday let's go back to the phones put John in Rochester John your and the pros enjoy welcome. They needed me and I got to tell yeah I was so impressed and I were to three quarterback that's the unbelievable. I gotta tell you that. The other thing I really bad situation. We have some depth there to market to Mercury and looks phenomenal tonight. He looked like or Shawn McCoy out there and dumps it and I collected that looked pretty good now. Taiwan Jones I don't I didn't see him play that much but to Thailand last year who was phenomenal. A wide receivers also tonight we're very good so. I'm I'm predicting. That that output at below 205 this year. Because our offense is strong in our defense is strong so. I am I'm pumped up looking like Daria. Thanks John appreciate the call always optimistic you know I I I certainly think that after today. The quarterback situation at least in my mind I feel slightly more confident than they did going into this game. In in the first pre season game politics quick break here beach illegal the top the hour we'll come back we'll continue taking your calls here for at least the next little while here on the Buffalo Bills post game show. And of course on the radio dot com app as well you're listening to Buffalo Bills radio here this is Buffalo Bills football. To make it through the first wave gonna throw a key. Poor putt here. Yeah. China's ports throughout the Buffalo Bills didn't move a good man. And excited John Murphy there in the fall. Practical cooking shows here and make your live from new air field. I think I might be one of the last people with your left in the stadium so we'll take the couple more calls here before we got close things off for the night the first post game. Show of this season the pre season here are set to rumble on the bills will be back in action on Friday night of the next week they'll be in Cleveland to face off against guys who Tyrod Taylor. And that baker mayfield who a couple of a good performances today in their first pre season action let's go to the phones actually let's pause ten seconds first here. For station identification it was in the Buffalo Bills radio network. Sports Radio 550 W two yard buffalo and WK ES TV. I'm station. It's back here at new airfield let's let's go talk to our guys up touches down in the locker room after he had an opportunity topical players sell our. There are you know what border went on Severin grab one call here before we get the sale of put it Jesse what senator Jesse. You're in the post and shall come a friend. They are. I'm doing got to have a consultant. I'm doing that I just find that talk about Josh you know performance. Here. I thought you know it's been the guy on the field I would think that that African days. In all of a hoot who that the family however epithet. Well Heidi. Well a guy you know is a thing I I really loved when Ellen came into the game in it seemed like the whole stadium. Which there wasn't a ton of people here. But it was an odd I'd say half full tonight in terms of fans and people really got up on their feet and then obviously that first play. Where he just sort of sits back in in flicks his wrist and throws it 65 yards. Let's say what if that ball a complex event completed and that coach McDermott matching that during the postgame press conference I think that would really ignited the crowd to start the second half but now we've got sale. Who is ready and available sale your thoughts let's let's start with that second half and at that row. From Josh Allen just out of bounds. But I'll tell you that's probably a lot of suffered the stadium a pre season game. How it was pretty amazing that they get that on the first play we just spoke with Josh Al and locker and I asked them I said. When you find out that you're going to you're gonna throw the ball 65 yards downfield for the first play. And he said coach gable locked it and he said rate your right hand Pergo route regular camp or whatever that my right hand went up because excel at what he lied that's the game on the you know give credit regularly gave what the fans want it right pre season. We saw that you'd like to see the past completed by you know. Got talent certainly flash the armed tonight there's no doubt that touchdown pass to ray Wright McLeod as well. A thing made that was right in front of me he threaded that needle between two defenders. And it was a bump I mean you could hear it hit the hands of greater inequality really really are I just ask him to about that he said. You get used to it after a while at target you're used to it felt that's one of the obvious trait that Josh Allen has overall not a great percentage I forgot she was knighted in nineteen. Li Q4 116 yards and a touchdown I thought it was a nice debut for the. A lot of positive performance is tonight the one negative one that that stood out to me was was Robert Foster couple times. Those deep balls that looked like especially in the won the Josh analysts don't across his body sort of gave up on the play. It had he capped a running up field I think he would have an opportunity to catch the ball with ease and walk into the end zone a bad drop on the left side. In what I'm now one deep ball sail it looks like it he especially after I saw the replay. It looked like head he'd laid out for that ball. That he could've had an opportunity to catch it I was disappointed in some of the effort plays tonight from Robert Foster your thoughts on the rookie wide receiver tonight. I agreed everything is that I thought he. Could have laid out for the first ball and he was running really fast trying to catch up to it but it looked like you let them translation where. You know maybe try to dive in Japan on stretcher body didn't do that. And then yet again the that we put out really good wanna point out because. You gotta keep running now here's the thing he that he didn't know if Josh Alison we come back yet compact on. But I thought he stopped and there have been equally and that would help them you know get down fuel that let. Here's the thing Robert Foster hadn't had a very good can't I thought what the pat came on he was not a superstar that we really liked what he was doing during OT eight Medicare that a priest you're data training camp but after. But after the you'd pat came out it seem like he was kind of he kind of disappear so I don't think comes the opens up. So did so much for Vanilla offense sale of fake ID you know most times you come on the pre c.s in use the I formation. You see died you see sweep. You see Hokies seat post DC deep ball. But we really saw up for we got sort of sneak preview on what we can expect this season. From bright gable on the softens a ton of pre snap emotions a lot of vertical passing games and a lot of utilization of the middle of field which we've seen a lot so far in training camp. I thought I'd be within planning on our planet out a player out the middle of the field and only utilized as we haven't seen in three years of our regular football and you know it's one of the reasons that they moved down from tyra because there were just certain things that he wasn't giving you in the passing game. I just think that this team that she's gonna have a better passing game it's as simple as that. It doesn't mean they have a better quarterback if he's my draft but they'll have a better passing game and I think that's what they're after and you know I like really a lot of what I thought that from the opposite that you cut shot. And they ran a whole lot of personnel packages in and out different guys different formations. In view of what's impressive about it. You'll run and that was second at thirteen verse and they did miss a beat date like you're probably strong because of some execution. So I really like that about right able offence tonight what we saw he was very creative. In the preceding and I can only imagine. How creative he might be in a regular seat I do think it's times a little too much of what America too many wrinkles yet he got over thinks something's. But you know and I never was any indication he got a group of players summit team that can handle all that and that's really good obviously. Are so far let you go to guys who each side of the ball markets Murphy shackle Austin. Your thoughts on their day today. One guy has had a little bit of pressure on him to perform in this game the other guy. Is really just sort of adding and what we've seen already in practice the success that they offer plays in practice it translated to the field. In in in coach McDermott and mentioned that after the game so your thoughts on both those players after the game to. Yeah I was out of thick in America Murphy after some late last year and I thought he had a really good shot to make this team the way they were handling and training camp so I start I have my doubts because cart that. He would clearly be the number three running back I think he's now made that a conversation I think markets are beat. It's definitely in the mix to be the number three right back to our debt and help and felt like getting hurt unfortunately tonight of course. But Mark Murphy made some nice plays the kid that was. At Missouri is really a really good running back in the SEC eagle look up what he did in college he'd never really got that shot in the NFL now getting shot. And see what he can do as our Shaq Lawson. Amy and I mean you know it's unfortunate when some of those dollar they'd really track Murphy this coaches always tell you an opportunity and boy did he need an opportunity to show this coaching staff he deserves to stick around and be a part of what they're doing going or you put some pressure on the quarterback. Yet a couple of nice place against the run. I think Shaq Lawson that are really nice job and I you know what really well. Biased and being Nate was. When Shaq loss in the eighth place or to actually came off the field. It was guys like what Shawn McCoy and Lorenzo Alexander coming up and and giving them taps contain great job and I think that speaks a lot at what they think about what the team is doing right now. I think sale I'm sure we can expect the an article from me at some point tomorrow I'm sure arrow up or down as attorney. Hey Soviet and to think of a different name adding Arab Bernard you have I've been toying Whitaker naymick hit that it would want to be a big of a good one. He'll let you know he knows something I don't know also lock stock down I don't know that's a slowdown and stock up stock down and all the company electors in public some. Greg Harvey's that are arrow up person I've ever met so maybe Greg will come up with something he's down here he's very carried estimating Kokomo something. Okay how we can do that suddenly this figure some out what that means I'll keep what it is and I'll have my thoughts on the you know of course post that the that your by the deduct up. Awesome thanks Alex for joining me. Our parents out of touch you know there let's rebels were called before we before we sign off for the announcement Davone Oswego Dave you're on the postgame show based Conant. And then no problem I'll appreciate what you guys do. Guys great show I think I got to start off with. As bill's fans we have to appreciate fact that Jordan player states Rachel polish. And if you guys don't follow her on this ticket sure in may be may be tortured BR quarterback. But I'm serious now I've really agency. Played well tonight I mean. I know people think they're you know Olympic great. You gotta look at the fact that. It'll do what it does yes it's yours. I expected here. You know he put up important. Figured it well everybody's tight about Josh Allen. You know he had that great throw in the end zone in the far corner he really. Threw it in the pocket that. You know was very small but I think I think will report. McCarron has got and Erica I. I mean well I had opportunity to really took part out there. Peter red dead. You know. Home opener. Against the gophers as the chargers. Can't tell me that's not gonna be in the back in his mind that his last game against them. Yeah. I would if honesty Dave I would think he used it as a motivational factor not something that he's gonna think he's got the skeletons in his closet still you know I. You know in terms of vitamin a coach update though because they do have to object to wanted to quarterbacks from the locker room but I appreciate your calls an expert on the body. Ever and but I do wanna respond to because they didn't think ultimately I did likely cares performance I don't know that I'm ready to name either McCarron or Peter in the starting quarterback this point and I don't think Sean McDermott is either. Let's check out Josh count has he met with the media after the game and now we've got Josh down here now. Josh when did you find out about the planet quarterback what was your reaction. I've found up for the game. In on nine. I'm just excited but you know I got the whole second half so. Went out there industry and have fun and learn and improve your mind throwing a ball 65 yards in the first place. You know coach stables talking a little bit he said hold your right hand up for stabs. Most left and it for goes in my left them no it up pretty fast. Now now the news this Monday with the defense is in unison. And I felt comfortable with who Rihanna outside he denied there were little outside and then allow arts are guiding. You know a chance to make the play. Hand you know if you were wrong. I was really cool. Bill's not picking mountain in full force tonight for pre season game so that to see that. I'm excited to work you know game ones and look like what's the biggest. That I love this game even more you know to get out here and growth our guys. Trust my line skew the plays in the essence in what Dave was talking about modeling is something I've. Always wanted to do my allies that are out there and hear his voice and my and tree snaps on an advocate was just to do. Imus is something musical. It. I mean just trying to go through. Every play the right way. Taking what they give us and know sometimes the best ball is this a Smart play which is ticked down. Through a couple of us tonight that our guys to make some plays and they're down and I'm ultimately. You know we are the best men and our guys had a ball when the bomb there and they can place. It. You know this is covered soon. To slow down and a go route and to be honest that probably should throw in the bar should came back to on some broken across the middle wide open. But I felt the corner squeeze a little bit on now route and felt that I could squeeze the ball and you know ray ray made albums like. You. At a great time to go out there in mind that. Play with the guys that we've been playing with since rookie minicamp and come out here in a trust one another and just get back to playing real football against somebody else aside their team. Yeah hit a couple times and that'll. Of the ball right back in TS it's is is enjoyable for sure. And Roman emperors and the office. This. I just trying to say was that just trying to make a play let our guys understood just if the bond to their hands. You know I didn't do it as much as total like tonight there's a few throws and it was head back in this Robert a couple of times. Deep over the middle and this couple throws I was had back but summoned to learn on Sunday to grow from then on the can forward to this whole process. All right bills rookie quarterback Josh Allen after his first game as an NFL player pre season anyways. Hopefully will be seeing many more of those to console. The morning show will be back tomorrow morning probably recapping the entire game. And then next week Friday's the next and the bills will kick off they'll be on the road in Cleveland facing off against their former quarterback Tyrod Taylor. That'll be of course right here along the Buffalo Bills radio network as well so for me naik eerie another. The beginning edition of the buffalo bulls post game show in the buffalo bills' season underway officially now. So for meaning Kyrie is back at the Soviet Jody BST there Cramer appreciate your work nights. And for retiree. Room thank you very much for stick around and hang out tonight super they carried another post game show you're listening to the Buffalo Bills radio network.