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Thursday, August 9th

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When he force. Pregame show. Bills football on the Buffalo Bills in radio network he's brought to you by northwest. Make the switch to north west bank and get back to. The weather is great for this the Buffalo Bills three season opener in orchard park at new air field. Mike show for the Bulldog with you as we continue and for some of you welcome to our continuing pregame coverage. The Buffalo Bills in the Carolina Panthers here game one of the 2018. Three season year two for Sean McDermott. And the first bill season after their first playoff appearance. In 18 years 7 o'clock kick off bills and panthers' John Murphy and mark also have the play by play from this the northwest broadcast Booth. Make the switch to north west bank and get back to living today's pre season game is presented by the guy college who students are M powered. We'll get back into conversation about the bills the season and tonight's. Team here with Carolina. Very shortly first though let's get a sports update from Derek Kramer. Football is back tonight for the Buffalo Bills when they host the Carolina Panthers tonight at new era feel all eyes will be on the three quarterbacks no decision has been announced. To the media as to who will play went under center however AJ McCarron is the favorite. To see the first team wraps tonight followed by anything Peter in and then Josh Allen the rookie is suspected to get. In large amount of the snaps tonight don't expect to see too much of Cam Newton under senator pat as coach Ron Rivera saying that he is looking. To get about nine or ten plays from Newton before he sits him down. Injury front for the bills the president Trent Murphy wide receivers a Jones among those not expected to play tonight as they are dealing. With injuries John Murphy mark Kelso and south of pot jail they'll be on the call for the 7 o'clock kick off right here on the Buffalo Bills or radio network. Romney NFL ESPN's Adam show after reporting that the patriots have added five million dollars in incentives to Tom Brady's contract Brady is owed. Eight base salary of fourteen million dollars this year. Vikings starting guard Nick Eason suffered a neck injury his season likely over for Minnesota. Giants wide receiver O'Dell Beckham junior is being kept out of the giants pre season opener against Cleveland speaking of the browns receiver Antonio Calloway will be in the lineup. For Cleveland despite a weekend citation for possession of marijuana. Levin other games on the died in the NFL including net browns giants game. The Bengals take on the bears while the Steelers face the Eagles New Orleans taking on Jacksonville Miami hosting Tampa Bay. Washington visits New England. The rams facing off with the ravens and titans against the Packers Houston faces Kansas City the giants take on the cowboys while. The colts are out west against Seattle. To golf the PGA championship first round underway Rickie Fowler finishing it. Five under in the first round that's tops amongst the leaderboard Tiger Woods even after the first round defending champ Justin Thomas shot a one under par 69. Time Czech border crossings brought to buy eagle and car your reporter attorneys there is about a 25 minute delay. Into the states from the peace bridge while the rainbow and Louis in Queens and bridges. Have no major delays the sports update is brought to you by people in car starting October 17 if you heavy DW IU lead barred. From Canada contact you and car you're border attorneys on Dierker for the Buffalo Bills rated network for a look at traffic here is Allan Harris. And he's jamming out mostly expressway is around town right now heading down towards the stadium in Yemen and volume on the mainline will destroy all the way down to the 219. To nineteen from they're going to and a mile strip hasn't been busy and you get off. I'm miles you're refining a lot of violence this point heading towards the stadium have a road course closed in front of these new era field. Right now route five from the sky like all the way down these past ridge is getting quite busy at this this hour coming up via Kuwait got a lot of traffic and Hamburg. Exit as the moments. Geico fifteen minutes to save you 15% or more on car insurance fell 180947. Auto from his gaggle dot com today so I'm Alan Harris on the ball. All bills football network. And be sure to stay tuned following tonight's game for the coach's show with head coach Sean McDermott live during the bills' post game show. Brought to you by north town of automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree. Band's north town okay. What's chill here for a little bit paying out it's Alan Ball bills and Panthers many players maybe not all on the field. Warming up with kick off a couple of hours away. Cell. Why wait. Cam Newton Kelvin Benjamin a booking I don't see either problem I have in my too far from the field. You're not hammering on the field I Nazi either of them as of right now it. I mean honestly guys ninety guys and a roster I see maybe ten from each team out here maybe fifteen that's its own and not very many guys are fearless comical is out here he's going through a pretty substantial pregame routine and stretch so. My thought is given that we might not see him tonight but you know I never know because he's he's doing a little bit more they normally would on game day from what I've noticed. Don't sell we just at the end the last time we're talking about. About new men and the subject of Benjamin in his criticism Newton just ran by me by the way you see me out here yes I do right by an imminent shorts and nobody yet. Yeah okay. And Benjamin what Benjamin had to say about Newton Tom do I would we ever talked about it you're your thoughts on how Sean McDermott. We handled that situation. No surprise that Sean McDermott didn't like it. The only surprise came out to me was that the show that. Excuse that Sean McDermott. Told the media that in such strong way that he made it known to us. That he didn't like it and he said there's it's a place for that and that was at the time or place. And that he had spoken to Kelvin Benjamin a lot of times in situations like that will get the standard. Well we've spoken about it and you know not not necessarily. So that we want going for writing I like I prefer to keep what would act between between there you go and now we didn't get that oh we got was. There's time and place for it. We did not that was in the town place we respect dollar opponents especially at Carolina you know coming in here and you know given the relationship of that organization who. These people are Sean McDermott every meeting Kelvin Benjamin adding that he and ramped up and even so much so that I think it mattered a little bit that they were playing them. In this first pre season game now suddenly you got your number one wide receiver a little bit with a target as back so to speak right and so I think it'd be careful in that regard. But I I like the fact that you know Sean McDermott told us that. Kelvin Benjamin was there he was interest in talking and guys he basically. Made it known that he listened to coach McDermott and he understood and you know what that that wasn't the right thing to do but at the same time he offered no apologies and when he was asked if he is going to reach out to Cam Newton he basically said why. That's so I mean. The united there's no love lost apparently from what I can gather through that entire thing did you know that I mean it's not our team but did you I didn't know I didn't either but but remember the article I wrote I'm rain and being in the the art of the deal all the traits that he made. What was interesting about that was in the the quote in there and that I I repertory at the beginning is they started off with a Benjamin deal was being told me during that session he said. I had some Intel that things were really good there. And now it all makes sense I thought maybe when he said that I didn't ask them why things good. He I thought it was maybe finance financial item is gonna do Lester his contract maybe. You know I come back from injury maybe he thought he was worth more than what they're offering or they wouldn't sit down and have a conversation about that right things like that maybe they thought maybe he thought Devin punches was getting a little bit too much of the number one role he should have been. I was thinking along those lines I never would have thought it was anything personality wise between him and Cam Newton but now looking back after everything I think that's what he meant. Interesting something else he said about to. The meals being said recently. Was interesting to me was talking about Bulldog and I talked about this. How low. And excel to call them the bills wanted. Eric Wood signed last summer right because he would represent stability. Because they thought. They were going to need it are going to have a new quarterback and so it going back a year. We talked a lot about the possibility of that at first it was Tyrod Taylor will probably not except the pay cut. Then he did maybe even surprising them and the season played out they made the playoffs for the first time in eighteen years and then traded him anyway. So while I'm there it's there was a little bit more. Proof it in it one cents and it was pretty specific like that they thought last summer that they were going to be ending up there we kind of we kind of assumed that but. I guess I looked at it as. Making the playoffs relief didn't mean anything toward that that was going to happen anyway and at that. While guys you know I'm never one to my own ordinance on the last person you that right. So I'll just tell you let's go back to the draft of the to those seventeen draft. I mean that morning I came out you guys and said guys are drafting a quarterback next year right I mean that was what it was it didn't matter that's why they made that deal Iverson and that was before redeeming value let's remember when Britney got here the plane was in place they they were gonna ride out tyra to the for one year. And they were gonna move on from Tyrod Taylor in some way shape or form. And they were going to draft a quarterback and that's why they started to collect those assets to be able to move up as high as they possibly could that plan had been set in motion. With or without Tyrod coming back I just think that the reason they did sign Tyrod was they felt they could live with him at a lower salary and still try to win games which is what they. Ultimately wound up doing. Why I would not expect the bills to ever regret. How old a played out with Taylor eventually trading him they could end up regretting the player they packed in Allen Woolsey mean there was obviously. Tons of speculation about that some controversy to how does it look so far. You know I think it's it's a calculated plan as Sean McDermott said so it's gonna take some time to figure it now I think at least the plan looks like it's going accordingly. I don't know if the players I think that's what we have to see starting tonight your right so. I'll back up your question Mike with a another one we could. We could question the player they took we can also questioned not taking Patrick Maltese I think that's also laid out Eaton just because tyra came back doesn't mean they could have done that. In my home sat behind Alex Smith last year writes oh. I think there's a lot of ways you can massage this to kind of figure how what was the best course of action more ultimately was or wasn't the best course. South by Joseph is on the field we are high atop non hi problem that Mitt mobile here in the broadcast Booth. Remove the market also will bring you tonight's actions LB on the sidelines for the game as well bills and answers coming up. Just around 7 o'clock so little under two hours from now so sell what what about. This team outside of the quarterback situation. Is is worth really paying attention to here. Tonight like what what what positions are maybe we stable. Elsewhere around to. I would say wide receivers first and foremost on the list. And I feel bad for a guy like him Phillips who I think had a really nice camp especially since the pads came on. Before that it was Robert Foster who has been very consistent as of late once the pats came out and I think Tim Phillips had surpassed him once they do it once that happened in. Now he's hurt I'm sure he's not gonna play tonight after missing several practices. So he's probably a guy that really can hurt by not being out here tonight. Now he's in a battle with guys who are who helped by being out here Brendan Reilly. Rod street here Malick I do pray again Robert Foster I think the guy that's trying to make this roster bravery McLeod Austin brawl. Those guys are all fighting for spots and of honestly I don't know who's gonna make it who's not in an income. Malick I do pray has the body I think they like to put on these two do matchups 62195. He's got that. That bigger body but I haven't seen him do anything really the standout necessarily. Ray ray McLeod he's a good punt returner he's good with the ball is in the league doesn't really provide the dynamic play making ability from the wide receiver spot they were lacking which is why. They traded for Corey Coleman. I still think rod Streeter and Brendan Reilly our guys they like in probably ultimately make this team. And I think Andre Holmes does as well simply because of his special teams ability and he'll he'll be on the field and from there I just I think it's a numbers game and how many they wanna keep. Now you have yet do you have any. Intel and all of you talk to anybody but with the new kick. Kick off rules and and the way that might impact building your roster but what kind of numbers were talking about a receiver well. Not necessarily receiver I do think that McDermott is you know has given indications it. You're probably gonna wanna keep more of those receiver DB types that you are lying their fullback types even tight and maybe you'd keep an extra TV receiver in lieu of an extra tight end. For special teams there's no more wet you know the tight end fullback. Those guys are the guys that really set your wedge now there isn't so what I've been doing is at practice haven't paying attention all that and lining up and kick off and. Yeah you can if there is a noticeable difference you'll see tonight guys you'll see wait. When one thinks fans need to do tonight is. Pay attention to pick offs and I know it sounds weird to say that because it's either economically but don't they touched the plate will look at the formation. Each team minds up now appear there's may be different than the bill but what I've noticed Asia. Because of the way they have the line up there there's like smaller guys up front and then you have the guys in the back were catching it now. When I say smaller I'm not talking about you know. That level of those guys on the team what I am saying that was you'll see anymore those like you said linemen fullback tight ends. Because there's no wedge everybody's kind of within the first 1015 yards. Of where they can line up and then there's a huge gap in and you got the return match. In case anybody missed you earlier on this what are you expecting with the quarterbacks tonight who plays one. Tom I've been saying all along that AJ McCarron is to me it would be surprised if he is not the first quarterback in but at the same time I know Sean McDermott is. Very true to his rotation if he feels that that's a computer made a repeat of and has earned it then he will do that so I'm pretty the only thing I'm pretty confident is that Josh LB number three. And from there I think he'll get plenty of snaps whether that means the entire fourth quarter the entire second half something like that. I'm not really totally positive but. I've been saying that I'd be surprised if it's not AJ McCarron but at the same time guys it's innate and given trots out there with the first team I'm doctor go. All I gotta carefully. All right Zell and let's talk injuries here the injury report so we don't Barnes sleep on Barnes injured don't wait call or text a I've heard much in the way of injuries around here yet this summer. While camp Phillips is the weather is brought up a little while ago you know he has missed. The last several practices I don't expect him to play tonight. I neither will track Murphy I'm sure he's been dealing with. That groin injury Corey Thompson a backup linebacker has he missed practice a few days ago so I don't think he's going to be in the line up I don't think you practiced the last two days actually before this game. And then I think you look at it's a Jones and what his situation is probably a interesting yeah I don't I can't see him playing in this game necessarily what he's a guy not. Not injured I guess right now but not quite back to where they wanted to. So as you mentioned Murphy there. And that being likely that he doesn't play he missed some time here what does that man. If anything for Shaq Lawson. It's been an opportunity form no doubt about it I think Shaq has taken. A nice that and that opportunity you know they're still not though when you ask Sean McDermott about check loss and we did. Because of that you know he was asked the press carrot Tamer he's been out check losses came in what do you think and he's still not telling you all yet he's he's really stepped up what he is saying that he likes that his approach to the game his battery seems like he does have a good. You know professionalism mental approach those things we talk about Mike about you know professional standard I think they see Shaq had a doing those things and I still don't get the feeling. That there really in love with the idea of Jack Lawson being a mainstay at defensive end for them. They need Trent Murphy on the field and I wonder what that means for Shaq but as long as stripper B is hurt. Jack Lawson should have a spot on this team I don't think they'd be eager to get rid of him because he's still a football where we help them. Repeat if because it showed the power and dominance that he showed at times in the bottom probably they put them just old. Eat bon bon bon bonds between plays or something or maybe they the year today actually. Perform. Right salad you know what's coming at you it's time now for our fantasy segment was cell. And I've carved out the next hour and a half for those by the way or prefer going around the table went to decided to make all fantasy because that's what matters. It's brought to you by Geico saving you money on car insurance has been in I coast playbook for over 75 years so after the game get a quote and Geico dot com Geico so easy caveman can do it. It's not as easy to build a winning fantasy lineup on August 9 but there are twelve games to pick from. Do we know if to Shawn Watson is playing for the Hugh Texans in this pre season game and we heard anything and had to have an early. I see. I am pretty sure I saw something yesterday the day before that indicated he would. Like saying well I think that's interesting and guys think about who he's playing in that game. And the other side is Patrick Holmes what a big year for him is now the Mariners second year at the you know sat behind Alex Smith that's a super interest in game for me. For those reasons really I think to Shawn Watson and Patrick Holmes and really you know what they could show so really looking at some some of those types of things but. You know what about guys the backup roles in the back up our players and running backs and wide receivers they all over the league. You have those Mike and you've been a little bit on that Samir dynasty leagues with a bit say Guam Barkley they plan tonight I think this weekend at least you'll see you know. Maybe what the giants have in store for how they're gonna use him in different ways so. The first the first two picks of the draft are on the same field tonight with me field and Barkley. That's really interesting in obviously you have Tyrod Taylor maker may feel that situation in Cleveland that's gonna play out. I'm about Jarvis injury in Cleveland as well I mean you know you gotta get some chemistry going here because. Now the Antonio Calloway situation hanging over their head without Corey Coleman. You know he's basically becoming a wide receiver number one. In Cleveland so I think that's an interesting dynamic to look at tonight for them as well Pittsburgh. Interesting quarterback situation over there they get a role of Mason Rudolph is at a back up to. You know Ben Roethlisberger so you know we'll see there were reports that he wasn't really looking so good in camp so I think that's another place that I looked like that you might get. Quite a few snaps that they can see what he's all about. You know with with fantasy football this time a year not too many people are in leagues that play the pre season games of course there's daily still. But what the top fantasy players and probably due to some extent is stare at these games looking for hidden jams. Endure a couple those guys Green Bay we've talked about green available this week having some. A lot of plots in play for Green Bay at wide receiver. To Von Moore is somebody that has been talked about the got a few guys for that Aaron Rodgers ripped on the wide receiver group the young guys earlier in the week Trenton candy with the jets they play tomorrow night guys like that running backs wide receivers that. You might not have ever heard of before the minivan like not the top of the draft or necessarily but. The guys who were drafted this sick he in Miami the al-Qaeda now. So. I think you know finish the experts are watching these games closely for new games. Let's look at this game here tonight what are we looking and I think he'd Ford becomes a factor at dealey fantasy league tonight for probably got he's gonna get what you carries in the second half. I think Josh Alice someone to get snaps here tonight the oil look at the probably why handful of throws from him so. That's probably got a lot of the other side camera artist paint at running back right for the Carolina Panthers might be a guy that you're gonna look at tonight if you're a daily leading you wanna get a guy that's gonna get some touches. And I heard Kenyan Varner might be ago but good idea for that too with Carolina tonight to the to the bills have. Again we've kind of gone around it running back and wide receiver but the bills have an exciting. Lesser known speed guys like would that be Phillips. Who assert. I think I think it's Coleman but you know he's he's known and he's not playing tonight. I think prairie McLeod adjusting for this again he's not a burner but he's good with the ball in his hands he's a convert he played running back is a is one of the top high school running backs in the country actually when he committed to Clemson he. Went to the what they play when wide receiver you might maybe get a couple plays where they're trying to put a few wrinkles inning get on the ball in different ways right so. Maybe that's someone you would look at for the bill standpoint. So the appeal the first score is important if he probably. Thank you sell there what what about setting the tone that's on that's what I'm getting at here he didn't really think Adidas fell out of work well. You may be off hey look we've we've done this dance many times so it's Joshua Allen now Josh Allen is the next hope. At the quarterback position for the bills. Tonight will be if there's curiosity obviously fans will be seeing him in a gene for the first time it's just numbers game. It doesn't matter how we does mean he probably shouldn't look too good he's a rookie and this is the start. So that's not a bad thing necessarily if he doesn't look good. But not about trying to protect them or anything like if he looks great will be excited about that but. If the pre season it's not going to be the real plays it's not going to be Carolina Israel plays. Teams are right by careful not to showing. Sure that that that is of course right so how much of an indication you get could he run their offense the way they want it run it are really gonna find a lot about that tonight. But in with that being said. If he dropped back and looked to his life in tools to throw it to an open receiver and sells it over his head by port be like we're gonna notice that. Because that's the the book on him is that there's unsettled feet and that leads to inaccuracy. So like is he knows he reasonably close on his throws is something I think is worth monitoring regardless of what please call them regardless of really the level of competition. Can you just play catch. You know in a pre season game. The that's to me that clip of the very low and I started out here. Two and half hours ago. Saying that I wanna at least until I know I can't. Have picked up the dream that he might be better than everyone was expecting. And you could see that tonight and in we probably would overreact to it. Might be a trap but regardless like if he. Makes a couple of really big throws or runs around a little bit in trucks one. I mean I think people will be talking about that which he is. By far the center of attraction. For this game even though you're maybe playing until dark. Ya and that's third stringers you know on both sides so I wonder how different he gets to when he gets to play with for steamers that hasn't happened too much. So far and I would assume that for this game they wouldn't mess with that at all. I know I'm not expecting to see him like this out until a sale are sadly did it may be right after halftime maybe even later than that. You might be able to tell here at the stadium which you can hear it behind us than there pressing the National Anthem. Nobody's really standing at attention might pull. That's not a problem. We will have mark Kelso and Chris Brown along for our roundtable segment talking about the upcoming season looking forward to that. From new airfield in the northwest broadcaster who might show and the bulldogs this is the Buffalo Bills radio and. Work. Pre season begins tonight for the Buffalo Bills as they host the Carolina Panthers at Muirfield tonight. The bills have plenty of intrigue in position battles outside of court act including at wide receiver no word yet on if Corey Coleman would be in the lineup tonight. Though it is unlikely Zeta-Jones also unlikely to play tonight as he is recovering from injuries seemed to go. For defense and Trent Murphy asked for quarterback no decision has been announced I'm who will play when under center between the trio. A AJ McCarron Nathan Peerman and rookie Josh Allen don't expect to see much of cornerback. Cam Newton for Carolina under senator either Panthers coach Ron Rivera's looking to get about nine or ten plays from Newton before sitting him down. More pregame coverage for children Bulluck coming up next leading up to John Murphy mark Kelso and stopwatch on the call for the 7 PM kick off tonight. Are on the NFL ESPN's Adam show after reporting the patriots have added five million dollars in incentives to Tom Brady's contract. Brady's owed fourteen million in base salary this year. Vikings starting guard Nick Eason he suffered a neck injury. His season is likely over in Minnesota giants wide receiver O'Dell Beckham junior is being kept out. Of New York's pre season opener against Cleveland ask for the browns. Receiver Antonio Calloway will be M lineup for Cleveland despite a weekend citation for possession of marijuana. Eleven other games on the docket tonight in the NFL. The bronze against the giants the Bengals taking on the bears the Steelers facing the Eagles nor is taking on Jacksonville Mayan hosting Tampa Bay. Washington visiting New England the rams face the titans. The titan at the ramseys the ravens excuse me the titans against the Packers Houston facing Kansas City the cowboys taking on the 49ers the colts. Are in Seattle against the Seahawks. To golf the PGA championship under way the first round Rickie Fowler finishing his first run at five under par. Which is topped the leaderboard but now it's being shared with Dustin Johnson he's five under through thirteen holes. Tiger Woods he is Eden through the first round while defending champ Justin Thomas shot a one under par 69. Time to check the border crossings brought you by Q and car your border attorneys the peace bridge has about a ten minute delay coming into the states. The Lewis increased Enbridge has delays around fifteen minutes while the rainbow bridge is seeing no delays. The sports update is brought to you by eagle and car starting October 17 if you had a DW I you'll be barred from Canada contact people and car. You reporter attorneys on darker for the Buffalo Bills radio network for look at traffic here is Allan Harris. Still dealing with a good deal of heavy congestion right now throughout the area are expressway is the one many south has been jammed always. From Sheridan heading on down towards. The skyway sky always busy down towards ridge road at this point coming out throwing its jammed from before the 290s. On all the way down nets of the 190 and then down two through nineteen. Around the stadium right now we have a lot of lion coming off the eighteenth nineteenth and getting over to the stadium Nidal that there is sort of moderate traffic at this point the mounties. Hamburg exit from the through it has a 56. That's busiest people jump off to head up towards the stadium and it's at last check all lots are open and the stadium. No problems to report there at the moment that's what brought you by group which would be the right decision insist. Under the rule book collision and Allen Harrison the Buffalo Bills football network. Allan thank you ever war. Time for the roundtable here on our pregame coverage the pre season opener. Bills panthers' much over the Bulldog with a you also hear from the northwest. Broadcast Booth. Chris Brown of Buffalo Bills dot com and our color analyst mark Kelso the roundtable brought to you by Norplant workforce training center. They have the training all they need is you are right or reason position we've. Feel like now we pretty much know the ages of the players. It's almost time for the game the bills and the Panthers crystal do you feel about the season as we get closer. I think we've got a situation here and it's demanding more clarity obviously and I don't think it's going to be provided any time. Soon at least this game it probably. Not before the next game unless somebody lights the world on fire tonight nine. I don't know that we should anticipate that especially with a first year a new offense for everyone involved. But coach gave me an interesting answer last week prior to the Friday night practice here wasn't asking about quarterbacks. I asked him about. A lot of the linebacker rotation that we had seen over the last couple days. All the way from the one is down to the threes and backed up guys were just getting mixed in here there and everywhere there's some degree that every training camp but. It just seemed extreme. And so I was asking him you know what's your overarching philosophy on that how much experimentation is enough how much is too much. What you wanna Whittle that down and get down to brass tacks have your unit ready. So we can't really nice long answer and I followed up with when does the experimentation and when do you really want to kind of hone in on who your guys are going to be. And he basically said sometime between the second and third pre season. And does that mean he wants do the same thing quarterback I think if he's got a definitive separation yes. But that's gonna be on the players to do that in these first two games so. He's really at the mercy of what these guys do you want the field with a real bullets are flying. And that's really you know the crux of what we're all concerned with here I mean let's via us we really care. If the backup potters gonna get practice squad spotters you know something like that out nobody but I am rooting for a except for Corey Carter family so my Texas and we won the opportunity weld done mark's done his homework Texas southern but the fact is moderates thank you firmly established there ago. And we bet Mark Knowles I have to have a rival but but but. Through the opportunity to seize them. Mark what what what are you thinking the drought ends. A cloud seemingly lives over the fan base may be over the franchise. And now all uncertainty of the game's most important position as we start among years. Figuring it data gathering stage you mean you need to see how these. These are all three quarterbacks quite frankly are gonna react to competition against. A different opponent other than the guys they see in the building every single day when the rush is alive although. Don't suspect there will be additional pressures. That that are applied by the gravity sensors seating but then they certainly have a front four that that they can collapse the pocket and and create some. Some quick decision making opportunities for the opposing quarterback so it will be interesting to see how they perform and I and I think we'll things will begin to unfold and and the guys I would think that as Roddy said they begin to differentiate themselves here as the pre season. Is is underway Ian and again begins unfold. That we have our Kim knew. Named Kelvin Benjamin. All beat me is that Benjamin at midfield next new orders and not. Yeah like five to 45 there yup they're both talking. I don't watch Paris nobody's nobody throwing game makers right. And there's they're taking steps and then turning in talking and then taking a few more steps in turning in talking. And I did not see when they first approached from another whether there was. A whole argument and shake. But now I've got Benjamin walking away sort of shrugging and now he's gesturing and walking away and it looked I feel like it was contentious I don't think there was court that had that look real warm up by hard hook up. You know it's summer so we were talking one day earlier this week what that might look like and I expected handshake pull into chest. All that like a prologue and Molly whispers in ears and that was the opposite and pretty much. Those that that they talk like you know maybe that would have been I don't feel like anything was resolved no video and don't like what what's the deal. And Benjamin told a man than they argued a little bit and Newton gave away even walked away that's what like I think it's gonna with the development that happened you know your errors a lot of conjecture go on their man at night there's still have a player in the league that you really dislike you seem like a nice guy. I didn't know if it never happened. It's probably the last person you asked that yeah fear out there that it happens it. You know we've we've been very low on that list well we have you know there was some some conferences that we attended in the offseason with a lot of players from Italy is well in certain situations in. So you got that note guys like guys on different clubs in. Yet some branches currently as well so no I've upright captain have that that day's other than his little finger in a and either. Teammates know he hated the ethnic whether for the record well I Thurmond and Thurmond on the let there be no doubt Brian Cox junior. Is on his Caroline Kennedy's rant I don't know acknowledge. Op care model I don't know all the Carolina players to colleges. I'll just know it's not UNC yet he was a plea was at Florida I think you have to Florida C was floored it yet. Florida but a lot of UNC players on this rosters well. And including Carolina. Including Julius Peppers who is in news seventeenth year 2002 draft year old have to remember our producer may not be. That's when the bills picked Mike williams' fourth. Two picks after Carolina picked Julius Peppers you spend other teams. But he is back with Carolina. And in his seventeenth year in the league anyway as it was what it was from Texas right. Yeah correct Mark Williams you know you you you're back. Yes well he's always on the Collins won't betray me again I'm OK with Phil's adulthood as simulate Carolina guys and analyzed in a style are you got it about but our. If I know he's from UNC. We will not do anymore of that every one. Grilling or having a summer party then taste the difference rush makes it federal meets make your party sizzle. With whole strip points re going on profound. And federal freshly made grill ready kabob is beef or chicken with veggies you can also save three dollars off a bag of assailants hot dogs. Two dollars off 31 to forty count extra large shrimp. Game day and every day federal makes its specialties the difference rush makes a federal meets. Guys we have a break. We do okay than this but wait what's coming up. Well I wanna talk about I you know ideally you'd know we're number one quarterback is when the pre season begins but obviously that's not the situations on one and over these two guys when they think the it's doing is we may know all and what's ideal. Way when when we'll start to be a problem if they haven't figured out. I will help you remember to ask. Much open the Bulldog with mark Kelso and Chris Brown this is Buffalo Bills football. And still loving gesture get a basket paneling looks polls when no event about as a role right now them through itself. Westbound from that point Ali down 2190 than down towards the a 400 little bit better between the a 400 that you nineteen of the moon still quite busy. And hitting them at 219 downed a mile strip got a lot of traffic on route five coming on down turn and run Ohio street down to ridge road at the moment. And if ever coming up the throwing getting up at Hamburg at this point. They busy around the stadium in the last checks. All lots were open schedule fifteen minutes to save you 15% or more on car insurance. I'm Alan Harris on the Buffalo Bills football networks. New airfields the pre season. Opener tonight bills and Pampers its call ordered up some but. Temperatures in the low to mid 70s a pleasant evening on that it would seem bills and Panthers game one of the pre season one of twelve games in the league tonight. Which open the bulldogs with mark Kelso and Chris Brown as we continue. Our roundtable discussion part two of three gets under way now and Bulldog if you were with us. A few minutes ago you'll remember has a question for about a proper market press. When it when news wonders to become a problem if they don't do their quarterback is how soon does McDermott wanna make a choice here. I think you're like debate yesterday. I mean with the ways is going. I think he's hoping that some separation happens here soon because. I think in this situation ideally he wants to be going into the third pre season game so called dress rehearsal that were all familiar with. With a starter in place. Is there going to be enough separation over these first two games to give him that definitive answer we don't know where you know the proof's going to be in the putting out here on the field but. I think that's when. If you'd like that to be the drop dead date Willis being. It's predicated on what's going on out here but that that's why I asked of all the way back in the spring and Bryant able same question said. How are you balancing. A quarterback evaluation. With getting our offense ready to play in new ski team because that's that's tough. I mean if it was like a third year fourth year scheme all the guys that Bennett Alex just figure out the quarterback that's one thing you're trying to do both. At the same time I mean that's that's a tricky one you know you have a long pull out there on the high wire for some ballots there is uneasy one. To navigate so I really think they'd rather have it sooner or later we get past that third pre season game. You know now you're try and I get a little too close to the regular season where I want all your ducks in a row where you feel you're at least all of the same page are all ready. If any to start game plan for we want you gotta get him ready right so as far as you can tell through the first couple weeks of training camp there's been no separation. I don't think anybody's. Stamped themselves as the clear front runner in this race I think AJ McCarron may have had a few. War better practices then Nathan Peter men. You know Josh is at a day here there were accuracy looks good on this day. The other days decision making looks good on this day but he hasn't put it altogether but I I still think he's behind the other two. And and the reps are indication of that. But I don't think McCarron has been far away like always out front here we go. He's I think he's a little bit ahead but I think at this point thinking. If I had to bet I would beg coach McDermott was hoping there'd be more separation by. Mark. What have you seen an Allen. And I haven't seen a lot of practices but certainly as big arm I was here last Friday night practice and and saw make a really nice blitz read off that nickel cornerback blitz off the edge to his left and he threw a quick slant on the outside which was the right read and completed the ball through a nice ball across the middle I think. I think it was Jeremy Curley who got a football and and I. A little demonstration of his arm but certainly his accuracy and if things aren't quite live from a defense of line perspective either so when things. Measles beat up a lot tonight for sure. And not particularly when Josh Allen is in their because he'll be playing against a young young a lot of young players. On the panther defensive unit and those guys are going to be flying around and it'll be interesting to see how he handles that speed but yeah a lot of uncertainty right now I say they drop dead date for me is August 18. Because it's after that second pre season game and now you're going into an entire week before pre season game number three which is on a Sunday. See an extended period of time. And it there's a lot of considerations here because you've got to find somebody hand it's comparable with the offensive package that they're installing in the one thing. That. That stapled mentors. Like to do is make opposing defense is thinking and I I suspect he will take that same strategy. As an offensive coordinator we're gonna make these defense is think. And now gonna make them defend things that they may not have seen before net. Puts quite a burden on the quarterback position particularly and I have. A center that they have never worked with before and now what are those calls gonna look like as well and and the thing that would concern me about Josh Ellen. Taking a start even with the armed talent that he has is that. Right now you don't have any continuity on the offensive line you can put a group of five gentlemen out there players. Who have never played a snap together regular season game it's gonna take a while. For them to develop that synergy. To adequately protect the quarterback can create opportunities in the running game so there's a little concerned their I would think. If you're asking for a date for me I'd say August 18 right after that second pre season game if you had. Any trouble buying into him. Buying into Allen. I can't I have very little dated a goal line only seen a little bit things I've been able to read and I write every. I listen to what I'm not a Charlotte and listened to you guys that occasionally in a listen them read blogs and different things that people were reporting about Josh Allen but that things that I think they thought they were. They were drafting and Josh Allen had to have been authentic and true he's got a good work ethic he's got a good head on his shoulders. It seems to be able to grasp. And offensive playbook for up pretty quickly he's got a big arm. And he's got some accuracy issues that he needs it become much more precise with any and I haven't seen him throw a middle they ground. Which I think is a telltale sign for young quarterback. Well when they reach that maturity level that they're ready to really play in this league when he can drop over. The night arguably the best line backing core in football. Can you drop but overlooked Heatley and drop in the flow of the safety of about seventeen yards either side as you can do that. And now you're ready to play in this league and that's something that he's given me much more experience. To be able to their perfect that situation but. And as far as I understand everything is advertised it's obvious that. That they Corbett template on players that like the draft players and leadership roles to collegiate level. Players that work captains and or. And or. We're we're applauded for further character issues. And their college program in and some. Athletes that that were multi sport athletes particularly high school maybe a wrestler it's an interior linemen because they've got they understand leverage control and and does so he seems to fit the template of guys that they believe can be successful. And that it like to be part of this organization. Chris how about the offense overall you mentioned the group the dueling dumb. Things that are happening here you've got that tracker quarterback is and you also have all the while until everyone is learning. I've I've heard you from time to time on one bills lives with her and Steve. And I I feel like it's possible that this offense is really compliment. Well it is and what I've heard from several of the offensive players. Is that table is. Apt to change something sweet something at the drop of Mac I'm talking arrived Streeter. Last week. Walking off the field of them and I said how you get a handle on things he goes pretty good. You guys to have your coach gable is you know not free to tweak stuff he goes we're not off the practice field two minutes and these are talking about change it's often. Because he felt it was too predictable for the defense. So it sounds as though table is. You know. Always thinking about how to be unpredictable. Two defense which is admirable bully via anybody in the league that anybody that watches football the last that you want your team's offense these predictable. But I think again we've got to get back to a balance of how much is too much right you know because you've got. I mean as a healthy about youth on this offense. You'd be here I mean yes John Miller's been a starter yes led to chaos has been the start to get two guys different roles there. You're gonna have a new center make it line calls you got young receivers. Behind Benjamin and curly. There's a lot of moving parts here. And Walt. Everything that you wanted to drop on paper is gray and believe me I have any problem dateline likeable lot. Mean I think a lot of what he's brought to this offense is great it's innovative. And that was not Rick Dennison at all. Whose offense was dale antiquated. And ineffective as we all saw so I like a lot of the things that he's doing. There's just a part of me a little part of me that worries a little bit that wanting to stay ahead of the opponent. Could it do more harm than good depended on the team's that your playing week to week. More with Chris Brown. Mark Kelso and I'll switch over the Bulldog as we continue on the roundtable which is brought to you by north land workforce training center. They have the training all they need is. You. Bills and Panthers pre season game number one in just over an hour. We'll be right back with more discussion about the bills in the upcoming season this is Buffalo Bills football. March 20 force. Pregame show. Bills football on the Buffalo Bills in radio network news rocky ride northwest. It's what's the northwest. Less than an hour until kickoff were getting ready bills and Panthers here from new airfield and Orchard Park. Much over the bulldogs with Chris brown and mark Kelso mark and John Murphy. Is always one of the play by play tonight. For this game make the switch to north west bank and get back to living today's pre season game also. Presented by mid die college who students are M powered. The roundtable. Brought to you by north planned workforce training center they have the training all they need is you regret about. About halfway through it. It's a good conversation I thought. Some terminology mark mentioned dig routes. I watched Marc play this morning. Doing a bit I may have to rephrase that I watched the bills game market leader in this morning was like I was out watching them. That would have people link there that we're gonna gamers aren't during that game with Marvin rice on the other team it threatens the no knowledge that I've watched the no fun game today. I have to go when you ever do that. No way to know we're back what's okay plea there was a famous game from which offense the was I still like Q. But this gore was the school was still reasonable isn't it 3030 or 31 yet so it wasn't. I mean if there were a couple turnovers. I recall in the end they may think they turned it over we we created a couple of things conversely this 49ers created couples well the correct there was zero on that game. You go to YouTube and watch it's pretty good quality YouTube a couple years ago there was an official deal with the NFL and at least at least a couple of each team's most famous teams around there and it doesn't look. Too grainy or anything like that Taylor. Got behind the bills for a long touchdown and you almost got there he punched the ball out. And it was not a lot of yards nine. I guarantee that your daughter got on a jacket and got it Mike is guaranteed here's what out or in this era and we value I think that play over the I thought I was played on the left side we're playing cover two to get free on the other side of the field. And I came across and I punched it out but here's what happened and I I understand the official the official was drilled in the play. So I punched it out in the ball stayed right in line with his body. So the official couldn't he knew it never knew the balls out. Until he crossed the goal line they said they came out when because of allies and no chance realize until the next day's Deon. Z we should've won the game. Much sooner that well it. There are. I mean it's just it's striking if you're if you're thinking about it. There are so many little calls in like this is from 1992. That's one of I don't know five or six plays like this in the game where. If you're just you're watching football now you're used to watching it now your reaction is oh we're gonna get. All kinds of replays of it I think we might have a challenge why going to be awhile before we don't really dampened it you know what else is like that through the clock. Like the end of games or is really the way to game and it was kneel downs but it was really very casual like the 49 of the you know to sort of know about and scrutinize and so it was different it was different even that to me the ninety it is not a long ago. Right and it was still different in some. Obviously witness and for the record. I would not have wanted to have replay there to overturn Chicago's I don't like as a replay it slows down the game that's our next day dominant mode it's it's human hair and a relevant officials are gonna let you land another official find it like. In the end zone so that any plays like that it might be able to see those plays that. It there's human there players make Ayers and officials are gonna make cares and let's just let the human error occur in and unfortunately. Very very rarely seldom label that determined. The actual outcome before Iraq would. That in mind what are your thoughts on through the noon rules specifically the targeting ruled that the helmet rule. We saw it was seen one pre season games so far. And there were a couple of examples that I think both people watching what is says. Okay well that's why the rules there are good job and amicable like OK want you to take safeties out of the game because well you play anymore bird for the helmet rule. If you are an ardent football fan that watches five or six games a Sunday. You better mentally prepare yourself for bad balls because they're going to happen. I don't know if you have. If there's a rule I don't know there's a new rule that is been added to the league's list of rules of the last fifteen years. That is gonna cause. More pork calls. Then this there will be bad calls every week with this helmet rule. Because it's it's a judgment call. And we've seen how officials in this league of performed. With judgment calls everything from pass interference. Exists. You better mentally prepare yourself for bad calls Eagles throw something for your flats for I agree I think it's gonna be terrible it's gonna happen at all until you right now. Week four it's not gonna surprise in all we've got to leaked memo himself that don't honor something this week there's something's changed because it has the potential. To be that bad I I I I don't I'm nodding to I'm not optimistic about how this is gonna go. I don't disagree with that sentiment. However 100%. Unequivocally. Whatever word you wanna use it is good for the game and it is it is necessary for this game to continue to thrive. If we did not fix this problem the game is gonna depreciate there's no question in my mind because young kids are gonna stop playing in the game there already stuff in the play in certain respects. I think USA football is that a terrific job with some of their initiatives in conjunction with yep well. And their pocket all about this the hot tackling technique they'd they'd use all kind of different terminology it seemed like they've settled on some of that. I get that certification every year just like hundreds of thousands of coaches across America coaching youth football. You have to get guys to take that element out of the game. When your making a tackle or when a player. Is intending to beat Akron is gonna drop his head it has to happen it can happen you can build the muscle memory. To make sure that it happens in the game and life situation not a 100% of the time. But generally you can't I think the Seahawks have demonstrated that you can use your shorter extremely effectively. And you can effectively help remove your head from the game. And that being said there will be a lot of consternation this year no question as they begin to initiate the rule as players develop the muscle memory to try to. Conduct themselves in a manner that doesn't allow them violate the rules giving hard fix because the game so fast that it came so fast. And if you're if you you know what are guys we've talked about this summer show. You know what are guys taught. You don't know leverage battle lol man wins here to drop your pads what you drop your had pants you're ecstatic but with yes I mean. I thought rock them sock them robots where they had the way up here and you get dropped you know if it's just. It's you know it's just the way the bodies but no it's just I understand heads up tackling an all out there and it's not that heads up now anymore. It's all about. I mean you wanna see which you hear it but it's all about sites like a baseball player. Those don't give the pitcher they'll also William Wallace strike they'll give them extra strikes right. Not it is going anabolic outside the strike zone you have of running your shoulders on the front not the top. The fun of your shoulder and you have from the near breast plate that in your thigh. Now that's different from the way we were not as weird not to come across the player. Now they're telling it to strike the player in the near here but the near side which keep your head on the backside of the play when you roll up player over and make a tackle. Your head is never engaged because he rolls over your shoulder it will take time to develop muscle memory from the players. Like myself who worked on a different philosophy. In a different method but they will development if they practice it every single day it'll take. The recorders of the season by next year they can change the way tackles are made in this late I I believe they care. Mark also Chris Brown Mike show for the bulldogs are roundtable here on the pregame show bills and Panthers coming up at seven. For the players naturally making their way on and on Norv Turner. Coming out offensive coordinator now for Carolina. On what Ross is the nearest sideline the bills' sideline and then lost it a cross. As if he just realized maybe he realized he was on the wrong I don't know maybe that's also a thing he does taller than I thought. Norv Turner one of the many. Great sites here at you know we're appeal but I'll be listening for the EC and the halftime show by the way with the theory. BC and C go where the bills go Nate and sell will recap the key moments of the first that. And bring you up to date on the express mart's stance of the game express mark not your average convenience store guys LeSean McCoy. We get asked by some of our natural gas so what is going to happen there it happened yesterday. And I don't know but. IE have assumed since he has been in training camp. And that there's been nothing new about his situation. At home that he's going to be eager for this team is that. Not a reasonable assumption like is still up in the year as you look at it. We have been given any indication otherwise though. I mean I thought the wave brain dean and John McDermott address it at the outset of training camp. And now you guys felt that I got no indication from them that they were overly concerned that they would not have him for stretches of the regular season. Based on whatever due diligence they endorse the league did they spoke to the league. Which really is the main governing aren't that your most concerned with yes your concern with. You know the letter of the law obviously law enforcement but right after that it's the league who's gonna get determined your players availability on summed it right and it seemed pretty clear to me they were comfortable. With where things were left with the league so. You know I've got to believe that based on what their findings have provided them. They are not overly worried. That make boys get in this time this year now. We all know that in turn on a dime. Because. You know maybe something's uncovered evidence why is that wasn't anticipated. And we all are taken by surprise that could certainly happen. Judging by their actions their comments. They don't seem overly worried that they're gonna lose before it for stretches of the season. They head. Brandon Oliver here. Right is that story broke or workout note now. But nothing else has happened along those lines right I mean they have the same number of guys at the position on the roster and so on. Right and you know this time of year it's hard to find anybody of any great ilk that's gonna change your rosters so. You know I don't know what you're doing. You know to really make it different. I think this time a year it's very hard to. Find somebody that disease get a really kind of changed the face of your running back corps if you lose your feature that you're you're playing catch open. I don't know if you measure up anyway via. So this is. To be a fourth season with McCoy you're in buffalo. And 04 season where he will be the centerpiece of the office again yeah I mean there has to be Kelvin Benjamin here he was viewed outside of last year but still and I will say one thing that hasn't been getting. Any publicity at all on the offensive side of the ball is the progress that the run game has made through the course of training camp. You know passing game has. In a series of fits and starts due in part to the rotation number one and due in part to the fact that this pass defense is going to be ridiculous this year. With those two factors that really hamper the progress of the passing game for the bills offense could be good ridiculous but yes but the running game. The run game I think has has shown a measure of consistency between week one and we do training camp. Where the holes are consistent. They're getting big gains out of it and it's not just McCoy. Running the football in some of those decisions that are being made by the facts I mean we've seen guys break through to the second level. Or get a big hole where they can get to the secondary quickly. There's some encouraging signs from the run game and all the players I've talked to on the offensive noticed it too based on their review practice day. So I think tables put in some really good. Run game schemes that I think will help this team at least stay in manageable down and distance. Even if their passing game is it light things up in the early going this. So you think the pass defense should be great Warner we'll see if the offense the pass developments mirrors that. I think it's going to be a work in progress how how about the secondary market. Your Euro area of expertise is one of many receipt useless you're a big story of big part of the bill's success. Maybe even the biggest write the takeaways in the season man. My game and you really had no clarity with that nickel cornerbacks but so what did you do you. Philip gains laugh right I think he went to Cleveland EJ it's very gains yeah Phillips is here. If your player out of rights that open at yet EJ left correct and and that you bring into replace him. Vontae Davis former first round pick a guy who can play an extremely high level and I nearly ten years is is that accurately but. He can play in extremely high level without question so. In an area it seems like you've upgraded and now all. Just based on what I hear from from brownie and from from everybody that's out of practice on a daily basis to run Johnson looks like. Yeah he's making a lot of it's to our with his playing in the nickel cornerback spot so you might have an opportunity there is well. And if he can secure that. Happening guided I think complacent man defense and and Hillary was that conference player of the year as conference that Weaver state right so. It'll be interesting to see and now you add Trent Murphy. That they can create some real opportunities on the other side for Jerry Hughes self. And I think this pass defense has an opportunity to be better than it was last year. Particularly because that they'll have a little bit more pressure. And then they can play more man defense than they were able to play last year. While there significant additions to that defense starlet to play in the middle of the defensive line and then at middle linebacker the other first round pick. Coming Edmonds. In star is star's gonna collapse the pocket and end. And it hurt death coach McDermott a lot of his praises about his work ethic in the him the opportunity in the ability that he has the collapse the pocket. And and you still have Kyle many drafts Phillips and and Phillips has an opportunity as well they have some significant playing time you've got some good young players and adult this Washington as well and those guys at those guys should be able to collapse the pocket and terminal Edmonds. Made it easier rookies always gonna need some some experience no question but who. Everything that I hear about him and his performance in training camp has lived up to the billing it is. First round draft selection. A great young man from a great Family Guy who has a great work ethic and as coach Mick start Thurman is fond of saying. He's one of those guys that likes to drain their knowledge from the older players and make sure he's getting everything out of them and Ramon Humber. And Lorenzo Alexander are guys that they can give them an awful lot of knowledge was that a William and Mary expression. Auriemma knowledge I don't know I think we used to use that you mean you really want your area you you really wanted to. That kind of soak up that knowledge to those older players that because those players develop and made it just. That the mental capacity for the Damon and angles that they develop sometimes your skills depreciate but. The knowledge you gain on aisle to play the game can make it even better players than when you were younger. Chris we have the starting quarterback. They can Peter out. I don't think of overly surprised by it if we were never going back to the first day of training camp. It was a guy they got first team reps with the ones on day one. I would be surprised if coach McDermott trying to follow suit here. You know CL money goes maybe he's the only one. That gets reps with the ones tonight. And maybe flips it for the next game and then after that perhaps it decisions made based on how they play. I would expect Josh Allen get. Pretty much the second half work tonight we know starting caliber players usually don't play very much here in the first pre season games I think Josh Allen threes all. And a lot of time on the field tonight probably in the second half. All right me and Peter and start sort issue inactives in a moment. First bills by the numbers. Brought to you by AXA advisors take the next step for your financial future today. Zero. Number of years since a playoff behind a patent number of games. Including pre season game since the bills' playoff game in Jacksonville. The still royals get the drought ended. But no snow and ice the drought ended with an authority if and so you have everything the expectations for this theme. Objectively like league why the betting line and so on are almost like Lester did not happen. Whether that's an open that's mostly Tyrod Taylor probably the turnover margin but here's the good things this year starting with tonight. The inactives as they Jones camp Phillips is hurt. Right. I don't believe Trevor he's playing either. Still with a groin injury Corey Coleman Corey called it is not ready to play just got here linebacker core deposit right. And stage don't know if they don't. Right the negatives yeah bulldogs go abroad to buy a revived spine center giving you back. You know it. I did it feel. For a three field goals scored by buffalo this football season liberty apple make a donation to the family justice center. Since 2006 the family justice center has been providing a safe place for the victims and children of domestic violence. Holding offenders accountable with the goal of giving victims options to take back control of their lives visit at JCC. Dot org and share our goal to protect our community from domestic violence liberty have passionate and about protecting. Our community. Guys thank you it's great to be with you thank you had to be back we will talk again next Friday you'll be in where you at Cleveland now sir their interest thing. You could say that the. There are incensed that I don't think it's going out on the limb went on and say that they think they'll be the most improved team of the meltdown that hunting season and probably the senate last year I was one thing I read that somewhere feel awful lot from 1 o'clock if we're 00120. All right guys believed to improve. Targeted credit. All right let's check traffic now with Alan. So that is image editor of the mail on the through it before the winds will hold following down to the 400 area. Still having Kevin right now coming down the one many south and Islam and that was earlier. Heaviest champions downtown are no roof five from the outer harbor all the way down past ridge road towards miles chip that's still very slow at this hour heading around the stadium. A vessel traffic and most of those roots under speed at this point but so far we have heard about any major problems. In the parking lots is of more brought you by the rules solution make the right decisions insist on the rule book collision. I'm Alan Harris and the Buffalo Bills befall networks. Right now thank you very much for that traffic update that is going to be a wrap from. Here in the broadcast Booth with the pregame show. This is beat Buffalo Bills radio network.