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To update from one bills drive as the late great Larry fallacies to say things football is back it is back with a vengeance tonight twelve NFL pre season games. Including the Buffalo Bills their precincts are tonight with the Carolina Panthers and down. Head coach John McDermott has offered no clues as to we will start at quarterback tonight or how he would use as quarterback for the first pre season game. Could be Josh reality game here underneath the event but there are other battles to watch as well starting center right groin muscle bone and locked into a battle there nickel quarter. Karen Johnson the fourth round pick and Philippines the veteran. Number effect. So programs do it is not likely that wide receivers Nate Jones will play tonight to at a full apprenticeship and training camp. Bat like that. I'm restricted free agency gentlemen Fred Murphy will play tonight. He said growing that's kept them out with a wood more than a week now. And a wide receiver Greg Coleman that are expected plea. At this when you practice this week on Tuesday bills Carolina at 7 o'clock at Muirfield our council however all of our flagship radio station. WTO Sports Radio by fifty feet cast your rap stone and then brown planned the call. The builds television network WP VW EB. Here in buffalo 7 o'clock tonight. If there is made a move to beef up their depth on the offensive line late yesterday citing senator guard Tyler Larson to a two year extension. He was set to enter the final year of his contract. Is that it comes in the wake of tackled there Williams knee injury and surgery have an upper meaning to a total Rip Torn meniscus via it is worried about him they're offensive line. Braves GM lists needs says he's closing in on the field for defense of lineman Aaron battled them pulled out. We're in the same zip code area ballpark he says battle would not report to the team by Tuesday's deadline to get credit. We're recruit season meaning he will not be an unrestricted free agent. If you please of the season without a new deal. Raiders want Pro Bowl left tackle now and take the pay cut after he held out in galleries for the team. Last year and currently on the physically unable to perform list. I'm Mike Zimmer gonna sit down a couple of his key players C bureau in wide receivers step on that you does like the way they've been practicing. Vladimir Guerrero spurs Tripoli home run a mammoth shot. He crested two run home run mystery which generally devises to a 61 win last night Biden's opening homestand tonight against who and at 705 at Coca-Cola field. And the PGA championship around one outside Saint Louis had Valerie country club. Rickie Fowler in the clubhouse said as a leader with a five under par 65 today he is two strokes in front of for the golfers including Americans. Austin cook and a Pat Perez Ian Poulter. And Jason Day the arrow at sixty sept. And that's the update. From. One bills drive John Murphy and Steve tasker bills Carolina tonight. It's the radio game it's television game and joining us on the subway fresh takeout night. I will be in the sidelines for the bills television network sports director at WR OC TV in Rochester he's got the bills for nineteen years since training camp. Moved to Rochester happy to have that brown on the Levin said welcome to the show. Jeremy got greater. Doing good that I have first guy askew with we've got a Twitter questioner Twitter poll we want you answer what's the best in that question is this what's the best thing we can get out of tonight's Buffalo Bills pre season game vs the Panthers is it. Isn't that Josh Allen could be a starter is at the two main Edmonds shows that he's a stud is at the offensive line will be OK or is this something else you have an answer for that. Top not Twitter poll that I think that. I doubt I'll think long and hard about it a go they tried to appreciate your mantra which is commodity on injured you know felt like other. I'll bet Rachel and you know we just what do you don't have the answer that question is tight you know. If you are made it to play along I think remain adamant you know looking good in. Yeah I mean there's there's no reason that he can't go out there and you know could get a gap can do a little bit and makes them explosive plays I. You know hi everyone I'm curious and excited seek out gallon label it. Are you look at putting all the things that go into a quarterback maturing and learning and figuring things out you may not indicative term most of our without really reported seeing how that goes. Yeah you picking others a total rookie mistakes on it. But we are looking forward to have a sigh wouldn't. Your impressions of me you've been you've seen he's the bills leaving covered him for nineteen years of what are your impressions been those foreign training camp you've been over there every day we've been having conversations and and one of the things I notices about this training camp I don't really notice it from last year but. They do see and I said this to Merck for early on their buttoned up I mean this is it as a as a very together and very. Close knit training camp. With the coaches with the players I mean they are on it from step one to step 25. They all seem to be going in the same direction. And that goes back to last year you saw that in training camp you know last year this is not the organization that they leave Lucia and found that could not the team that. You know it's trouble figuring out Expos be on the field they have been patent Errol. But you your proper work quote never let go when that thing that impressed me about this group in this. Organization these guys they're really get along I mean that it back to back and hang out regulations they want. Ali awesome. That we lac pay there. Yeah I bet yeah go ahead. Yet so you know that there's sort of this is that a good job of building. Not judge of what we're not gonna make mistakes that culture but they get along together you know they. But it but the back and out the other big big new thing together they'd like each other they push each other you're not just say I'm nineteen. I think he's got a little more remote in fact that they've built in and recovered you know whether that lead to win the losses are old but. I think that there. Okay army says there's some bounces up both youth bad and and you Steve and to your point that. The experience of last year. Sustaining their their focus during is a horrible three game losing streak in November. Have a good season despite the fact many people thought they going to the errant tank. I think bad experience serves this year's team well because. Number one they bite of what McDermott has talent number two they know how to. And it choke the negativity is it's as it's been said you know just got to press on the matter what's being said about you guys agree with that. Yeah I think so and and I got a brand and be a little earlier in camp about it. You that three game losing streak to open the bills. Are gonna use this year appointment and I wanted to do the things you talked about but also as an example how they can't overcome adversity we've heard from McDermott are Brandon being a lot. You know when they're put policies and bad things can happen you know you can build a plant for everything. But last year the bill had their three game losing streak they've bounced back or for the last five. Therefore less likely the playoffs and and they're going to go back at insurance say this is how we did last year we get there again this year. Yeah one of the things about this team is it and they said it early on in the in the offseason had a lot of guys last year on one year deals a lot of guys prove themselves and played well during that in a lot of them are not here. Guys who they kind of wish it guys that that they lost in free agency and and good players that are no longer here one of the things up about it is. It's got to be a bit at team built from scratch certainly their pieces in place from last year's team. But there's a new sense and new roster a new feel a new identity I think. This is a unlike other years they're perfectly willing. To change the entire look at this football team from one year to the next based on who they can get to play Foreman and they don't have problems switching teams switching players out. And change the identity of the team. We're gonna get our first look at that tonight what do you expect. But I think we're if you team I think your point is you know it is well may refute you gotta feel themselves out a little bit especially. Up front on both wind you know like you've got. Especially Kyle Williams and and now and Gerri is back but you're starlet to lay next to Kyle in the middle is gonna be a big factor that defense. Especially on the opposite side. The only beyond darken it is the only returning starter in this same position Jordan Milt probably at right tackle so they're gonna be a bit of a feeling out process I think. Her purple lines up front but armed you know like what we started this interview that the builder not an organization that's gonna look. Bomb late they don't have their their junk they gathered you know they're gonna look polished even to appreciate being number one and you know I think it's seem ready to go for the most part. I'm I'm with Dan Brown he is a sports record WR OC TV in Rochester. Cover the bills for almost forty years will be the sideline tonight on the telecast of the bills and Carolina Panthers in new senate report. Bad as a football fan over the years. Who is your favorite sideline reporter other than Steve tasker who would your favorite site that reporter in the NFL. I think desperate liberals well it's anticipate that you woods appeared OK it is a fact that I've finally I'm listening RT made one rookie mistake that's the chance to an event at an airport right it. That. The MBA or holly roller that I think he has the NBA reporter actually fantastic scene. A great job of of not only did commending the silent but every good. You'll questions and then you know insightful things to say from our sideline and I respect Olympia reporters because they are going to be great probably like five years and I don't know how that they do all that. Armed you know are all I don't know that got NFL that would wash Kurt you know and and Steve knows him well from EPS. I could very impressive work he did a lot of college up but I think it has ravens preceding games do so. If there's another guy that. Not only did you look at job returns reporting in question asking but he keeps it light and aside money keeps it on and you know for appreciate in that kind of part of the deal I think. Yeah you know my favorite is. Michelle to FOIA Sunnyvale football you don't lock it was a game I can't remember who was for the Baltimore Ravens wide receiver whose brother had been killed like that week before. You have remember there was that analyst. Anyway I they're gonna ravens game Michelle deploy it talk to the guy about it. And and she was great and she talked about it after she talked to him. And I thought how she handled it perfectly and I thought it's a very delicate very tricky emotional situation and she just nailed it I actually. A bank got an email to -- and got a nice responses to that was as good as it ever gets Armenia as he got a very tailored again Tracy Wilson CBS Lisa salters. For Monday Night Football in. You're happy giving them little that this is our good and there are good and. And I'll tell you what and every at at thirty all in the same job they're all unique because every game is unique and you're dealing with two head coaches and and in fact he said that we we asked always ask this in the production mean people ask what's goes on there we asked Sean McDermott if if you could conduct an interview with him you talk to them on the way in around and he actually gave us permission to do that MRI. Yeah yeah we are gonna talk Sean McDermott at the end of the second quarter ordered out on the night so yeah about eight or nine questions Foreman now. I'm I'm unlikely to get all eight in the have who we are happy into. Think too we estimate we could do you know rise in the pre season everything's different you know the rules are relaxed and we asked him if we can do player interviews. On the sidelines during the game the players that are out of the game and he said me not days now he said now. And then ever in my writing he's saying that he has reconsidered that. Yeah that was I I don't I'm not privy to the veto that the discussion I grew at these guys change his mind we will have. Expecting to have released interview the players in the second app so you know it's edited more relaxed I think Sean. You know initially thought entered my player in the game you know there's such as that happened but then. You know he coaches have so we opened the worry about a then you know who we're gonna interview on eighteen during the game that. I'm sure want to stock got them because that's what guys and we certainly appreciate the leaves here. Of course now it's even brought up he might change his mind again it's in no way Steve just don't don't say Kramer. That you're required to get ally not be you know he might it. That I think about it well that I I would say yeah but. It is caddie can we do have conversations about on the south is set in stone in the head coach can say a lot. During the regular season or networks were always. Asking in that you can always go and ask him for more than you think you're gonna get there. And he and it's rare that they can't change their mind. That it is the album Simon reports nights if you agree with this and see view you can as well. Simon reports have much more value in pre season I think in the regular season. The place each individual play not quite is fraught with important you don't mean that it's pre season we don't know that. Others tactics random thoughts a little bit maybe do is we're just talking about interviews of players. It's a much more relaxed atmosphere you know it's all's I do at a baseball game you can you can tell stories you don't have to worry about campuses and explain while. You can witness and explain maybe that's happened in the pre season what do you think. Yeah absolutely permeated this is a situation where the wind and a lot as a matter you know this is the other part of it you're. Appreciating David Alec practiced there there's a scoreboard but how did that game look and they entered that he'd ask multiple question that a discussion that not just. Look up the scoreboard look at the stat sheets so you know that's that's part of the reason why there's you know a lot more. Discussion in public advocate that the important thing to come about these games not who want a law. Yeah I always make in our viewers say yeah we listen work you were here we talked football talk sports you know for living all of us we cover it. It's not like we're breaking rocks with a hammer until you get to the fourth quarter of a pre season football game and then you wish you brought a chain gang. Because it's rough. I got an order to break it got in on a couple of good 'cause I'm going to be I'm gonna be no hot dog up there midway. Every year in the fourth preach game typically there comes a point in the second half when. On the radio side will be commercial break and a look at Kelso and talk this balancing. This is why they asked me where I'm good on September 9 September 16 but right now is whether it pays to do these games it its lead group well enough about it's I'd base violence that park yes except that. Yep player or two. That you think could explode onto the scene tonight from the bills' roster you've been there camp virtually every day who was caught Ryan who do you think is oh. Is ready to shine in the in the spotlight the pre season spotlight tonight. I think I think straight amateur guy don't talk about Omar ready by. I watch her practice and although he may place people just that art and they're not not a bad way to protect I was feeling banged out and I wanna see him. You'll be able to let loose a little bit and see what he can do. You know I think receiver Y. You know. I want reputed Cadillac or Robert Foster Don you know he has that may all want a place. What I like we did get separation down the field and I wanna see it may be one lights come on maybe Internet on a little bit so. Both are two of the guys out there looking at what one of the things that that we discuss the practice certainly got the special that would have much immediate. You know this bills team for the most part is bad what you would expect players that we thought would be good at being good. You know Josh downs and a little bit better than expected but there hasn't been really blow you away surprise player. In these camps so far and and maybe he'll take you appreciate it tonight and excited to get that they'll. Both senator in the show a shot maker told us that the these games matter a lot they wanna see these guys because it in we've all seen it is hard to explain you know. It's hard to articulate sometimes you really do you have to see it to understand it but when the lights come on and it and it's a real live game action some of these players thrive in that. They play differently than they practice their better in the huddle and on the field and game than they are in practice. And it's not only just the guys you see like the wide receivers and running backs and all these guys. Sometimes it's guards and tackles who rise up and play better and they turn it up a notch and you know for a lot of those guys down the inside on defense of line offensive line and linebackers sometimes. You know you really kind of have to be a coach in and have a have and all 22. Video clicker where you can go back and re one you know what the guy's supposed to be doing and you see. Him every day in almost tonight while I've never seen this guy play like this that happens all over the roster and and tonight. Fans a lot of times concede as well as as the coaches can not always but sometimes and it's fun to get a look at those guys who surprised you and I think that have fun of the pre season. I think to point out that he booted you guys from last year you know Brendan Reilly innate in Peterborough which you guys that are really they didn't you know Kennedy had in practice. What you got to those preceding game everybody was talking about Ottoman you know that happens every year you get a guy that that just like he says Steve. When the lights go on and ended Ottawa and refereed in uniforms it's different and the aid you can win jobs. If that debt. As you came up through the ranks at W Arsene in my memories are you were a sideline photographer for a lot of Buffalo Bills in right you've been down there you watching from that angle it's. It's a different look as you know but it Saddam. Personally got to be on your toes not to get run over that it's a great way to watch a game and maybe a prospective a lot of people don't get you'll get that tonight. Yet and it would be nice that I could be a little logic Whipple by did not want to go camera lens that you know a little differently I don't probably. I don't know harder harder so between home and away games and the only comment ever. Our with a player peerless price it at that Rihanna has Santa. Are we over has not been pretty fortunate 1918 years but it did not have anything serious happened but it it's one of those things that. Even my first European order. During every game. Our pick a moment during a time ought to do look around at that. The 607080000. People in the stands. And realize how fortunate to be down their because every one of those people probably give their left our coaching perspective would be in and it's just like he says UB US special view and and I appreciate every night and I'm sure at some point tonight. I mean between he picked up pristine report corner of America. You're right and I I've I tell people that as well I'd I'd do the sidelines yeah I've been in the Booth which is a great seat and people think while being in the broadcast Booth is also an it is it's great great view. Of the stadium but I'll tell you what I tell people. If you ever get a chance to watch an NFL game on the sidelines don't take it. Because you'll you'll never wanna watch a game anywhere else everything is a step back from being right there on the sidelines is so it was like it's like watching. It's like being inside the car or Manhattan or if it's you can't take your eyes off it and it it it changes you. Your perspective on how big and how fast those guys are it's it's pretty stark Betsy company's games of human the silent report. Several dozen Johnson that's well I'll mourn he has a couple of dozen more analogous. But the one doing set seventeen of them this year so there ego. Yeah but I've been in the Booth a lot for a lot more have been in the Booth for a couple of hundred. And yet it's. It's different it's it's it's more exciting and more startling down on the side. They have over the tonight we're excited Brea can't. Can't wait due west ruckus how much of venting a product from home tonight sir watch the first intimate for actually. I appreciate your report report myself a lot of pressure thanks for joining us. No probably got to be a little bit at brown as he sent that report for tonight's pre season telecasts on the bills radio network sports director at W. RO CTV in Rochester in nineteen years covering the bills. I'm excited I'm excited I've done this for years and I'm excited it's sort of. Start a new seasons always I mean it's you know you can. You kind of thirsty for you know that there's that and then there's you know and this year. I mean it's. It's been really exciting offseason yet and there's a million quest despite the fact we had this raider shall we look at opening to talk about. This the draft and that. Com mine the free agency moves the fact that they over achieved last year and sweeping that momentum into this year. While it's you know there's a lot to talk about a lot to look forward to want to evaluate I spent some time unless I get referred. Tonight's broadcast and we Kelso and I Cuba 1520 minutes of pre kickoff discussion. And usually it's about the issues around the team regular season it's easy you know win lose. A priest he's in you know a lot of it's about roster moves but at sunset down that I can make some notes and it just float I mean you know there was. I have no problem covenant with the issues sept talk about because this team is in very interesting spot that's in her great team but there in a very interesting spot. Play opera last year and nine wins last year and they get close to that again to do that again oh by the way they've changed quarterbacks they've posted their defense in the got a brand new office where new start with a that's twenty minutes a conversation right there you know I mean there's a ton there's a tons of that will tell you that there's every reason to believe that this team is going to be awesome I mean it may take a huge leap forward. And there's every reason to believe that it's going to be probably not you know they're gonna take a step back. You'd talk of people around the country nobody nobody believes his team is going to be ten win season a ten win team. In fact a lot of things going to be less than six worst words were a year ago three yeah accurately so and there's both sides that Corning immune I want and certainly well. You know our job become a lot easier when the team wins and wins it wins. But in IC a lot of things that are much brighter. Then we did a year ago when they went to the playoffs and that's why it's so easy jump onboard. And say well this can be pretty fun year. Let's hear from you who we got so about a half hour more left in the show one here knew what would be the best case scenario for the bills tonight. When the game is over what would you say is that the best thing that could possibly happen to the bills tonight give us calling up phone lines open it 030550. And toll free 1888550. To 550 plus you can do it on Twitter at one bill's life plus. And if folks were false we'll do some of that we come back with more Jabber B Steve tasker. What bills live from one bills drive in this is Buffalo Bills re. Welcome back to show goes live company on this beautiful summer afternoon and orchard park New York August 9. If you're watching that image she could see him getting you ready for tonight's a pre season game preaching game number one bills and Carolina Panthers we we thank you returning in weather on the radio. Or on the television side we sale of all those folks 716 in downtown buffalo and imprinted ask Ian is group down there there. Pre gaming down there Steve apparently. And then nobody glad they have us on yeah me too I'm glad they have a son thank you very much Hampshire that you every day great to be here great to talk with Steve on the with hours away now from kick off what we talked about 230 were for a half hours away chief can you and you continue Gore's office seven times and third quarter up one half hours. Yeah yeah it is it is okay public math that Afghanistan as the subtitle there be no match in this job what do you want as the what I wanna see in that tonight's game a what's the best thing to bills could see. In tonight's game that's been our Twitter poll today we get good response from this with a ton of responses. Com the best case scenario for the Buffalo Bills. In tonight's game respond it was on the phone lines. Ray Allen twittering got to 11100 votes in what's the best thing we can get out of tonight's bills pre season game against the Panthers. Close race this close is it comes. 34% is the best thing that could happen would be. Josh to establish himself as stark. 33% say the best thing could happen would be good the offensive line. OK was that approach. 28% say the best Evans and I just remain Edmonds demonstrating why use this stuff. That's our producer gators. Back to linebacker but this dot. And a 5% if something else that might give us a call to discuss 8030552. Free 1888. By fifty. To fight if you call from Brad or Brett rather edgy partner or break here and there. Yeah I I was just wondering. Base. Based on this schedule that they have and they place somewhat typical scenes if that's where some of the projections are for the those not that such a good season. And or so wins and losses on the. Shirley performance I'm sure that's part of it yes whatever. The other part is Europe you're listening I answered. I at this all the changes that have been made on this roster and end date I think a lot of people take it for granted that those changes are. For the worse instead of a veteran and or for push plus the quarterback question is an enormous issue for a lot of people outside. Having known that this was a playoff team a year ago. They give the quarterback position of that team last year a lot of credit and he did he does and Tyrod Taylor did deserve some of the credit for that. But they were 31 in passing for a reason. And the thing that they did was. They ran the ball pretty well and they didn't turn it over and they played good defense. And that'll go a long way toward proving what they should do this year with. The quarterbacks they have that and I think. All three of the guys they have will be able to throw the football better than they did a year ago. But it's gonna mean they're gonna turn over a little bit more too so we're gonna see how where that shakes out how that's gonna translate into wins and losses but that's that you're right that schedule. And plus all the changed the raw. You're at key positions is going to be big reason why they don't give the bills and credit. For future wins the last several army excuse she tipped its hand and the caller on the line. If I ask you how tough is built when he eighteen schedule what you see if you were ranking and strength of schedule based analyst yours records. OTC the I'd say this top five top fives toughest. I would say notice what eighteen. Really AT her toughest from this year for the answers schedule this year. Eighteenth toughness their opponents 127 wins 129 losses. I'll this year schedule this year is yet to catch the eighteenth seven in the bottom half of the league. My point though. Strength of schedule based on last year's numbers it's it's it's meaningless it it's and I said this lets you use hundreds of times on the show. So I don't like to repeat it but I well it's a week to week Lee. Each week your opponent is different than they were the week before a two weeks earlier. Much different than they were a year ago so look at the schedule now and look at look at the schedule now. In August and say what brutal schedule look at how tough the bills yet it was how they get a handle this that's why teams people think it might only win three games. About the schedule now and trying to project what is gonna look like in December. It is it's a holes there it's it's it's it doesn't mean anything you don't your team's going to be plain unit on your problem it's going to be playing. I don't know what the Detroit it's going to be all about when they come here on December 16. You know announcing I know is subject to put your good record lectured good team I don't know what their team's going to be like November 25 Thanksgiving. Chicago. November report. Investment way they're going to be active than they were last year so I think you know to get caught up in. Strength of schedule while that's a tough schedule it's week to week. It is essentially week to week it's it's all about how you're playing your opponent's plan who's hurt that hurt. That's what makes it thank you. I don't going to be like you know I can tell you feel a lot better after that I've I'm passionate about it because you're right ATP that the bills go test it well. Eighteenth to office yeah yeah yeah on her easiest in the league. You know it's tough on paper the home and away. You know 5% from now through the first four way all. That's the toughest part of the schedule that is easy to replace. Yeah and here's the thing anytime you you go down that rabbit hole any time you start trying to predict what's gonna happen. And it's impossible to do that. When you go down they could go down that rabbit hole all the said you end up trying to predict how good these team based on past performance and it's just it's an ever changing league in your right Murphy it's it is a week to week league and that's why they make movies about any given Sunday because anybody can get beat on any given Sunday and it's you gotta play it that's in there was. There was three people on the planet outside the locker of the bills that gave them a chance to beaten Tampa Bay Atlanta and Kansas City particular Kansas City on the road I was one of them. Nobody goes in there and wins in the bills went in there and went sixteen to ten after a three game losing streak they were they looked horrible the three weeks. Before that they going their win. You can't predict. What's best things a bit we can get out tonight's pre season game for the bills against Carolina from the tweet sheet from great devotion. Tonight look for several things he writes on offense duty ends get separation. Do they incorporate quick slant pass protection and pocket stability on defense sure tackling pressure the quarterback on both sides penalties are they playing disciplined. That's a laundry list of stuff the avenue for great that's okay. You're very demanding fan that's a good good list of things it'd be nice to see tonight. Pulling no punches there on his get I get I picture him with a little little visor on little song blessed visor and in order books are gardeners and his sleeves rolled up with a little notepad. Take me it's a I bet Greg I'll bet he'd placed fantasy football old. You know one of those details guys. Yeah that is right and there's a lot that we're gonna get a look at all of it. And we're gonna look at all of north and by the way are they wearing blue jerseys and white homes tonight I don't know. Why and I just I'm just asking guys I was and I hadn't thought about it as that was it's always. I love the you know forced me and they come around and looks great. In where blues with white pants that you were blue on blue over the you know where you know. Throw backs what they and it is but he checked sometimes equipment people will. Tweet that out between. Blue jerseys were being told is being blue Jersey number with the answer going to be probably the white pants with the with the stripes that the classics. Data to get analysts don't look great I can't which seems like they cut in the pre sees no come on it'll be sunshine Enos you know the kind of jump out. And a great. From the tweet sheet also from postman. Pilot posed by the time but it postman pilot just three different he says I'd like to see us play Smart. With somebody rule book changes are not deceive our players did their research that we lose our cool not beat ourselves. Nothing worse and seen that almighty yellow flags fly a good point. And that's always been a characteristic pre season games yes soltys early preaching I do feel like and we win again in the result of our. Conversation was shot returned yesterday I feel as if he's got it under control they are the officials here adamant our show last Friday I believe was Thursday from training camp. Good meetings you know unlike the Eagles the Eagles and other meetings with the of officials say you know we don't know anything now were more confused about the helmet hits. Sean McDermott told us yesterday that it was good good dialogue right good back and forth he was pretty happy with what they got on that officiating group this week. And yeah that's. Another one from James. Crowd Carla that's. Really looking forward to watching the depth on the team tonight I think Rauf feel bush is going to be a big contributor this season I would agree brought the other at a field he's gonna bright he's gonna have to be a big contributor they're gonna find if they want and played it find a way to get him on. Maybe put three safeties on the field because you're not taking Jordan poor Micah Hyde off but Rauf failed bush. Has had a really good training camp and they are gonna need it it's gonna have three safeties he's going to be one. You know and I think you rob feel bush can make this team I think I do too and that and and rightfully so. And also it gives you some. Idea that even if something that the worst happens to Jordan warrior or Micah Hyde. Raw deal bush can play he can really play needs it there won't be as big a drop off with some other some somebody else and I agree with that. With change there that. The debt is going to be crucial because it's gonna get tested support during the season. That's take a couple of minutes here for and a cultural and balls that is brought Cuba. Yet he's paint senior charts and cheese and also a couple of days and in this particular item has been up here for abilities and and I don't like this but we're gonna do it. And it felt reprisal like this whole premise is too pro faults it's too much of a wrist air currents and winds play in the pre season. True false IC faults got to place I come back again. Give them a little a couple of reps can play a little bit that's all it's not too much risk. He was hurt he's better. I'm right place yeah exactly and if that medical people say yeah he's he's he's cleared to practice and do what he's cleared to play it's it's not too much too risky don't have to. You know. Like you said given some wraps he needs it. It's not IC falls okay about this this game from a post via athletic. About the Dallas Cowboys deck press cut. Written by Bob Strom. Could there possibly be a player in the NFL with more on the line that deck press got its quarterback enters its third year. If there is such a player in his identity is not quit becoming human mind the question deck press got as the most at stake in 2018. True pulse but why does deck press I don't know why else exactly. Exactly false when it was together and it just as the cowboys why is America's team why he's at thirty your quarterback what Derek Carr doesn't have more stake. Right Russell Wilson. Right. I mean come home and its contract famous Winston. You've got stuff at stake yet. Tom Brady mean I say it's as false. As we have them at about proposed. And if I tell like it is you can't take pot shot other media members are tightly. And a filter post Todd Haley was right he was correct the challenge hue Jackson that happened apparently right in the partner are not yet. Is almost its faults is now argue that ideally what you call Obama a short fuse. Wasn't that doesn't mean is. Yeah short fuse got heat and come back he's. Can confrontational yet at that now these are right you that's what coordinators do they got a challenge echoed publicly national TV. That's cool well hey he didn't ask for hard not to be there he knows there will listen that doesn't change job. The coordinator for there to bring the head coach he listened they got to they can't all agree and it's a good thing they were all Greek is that you gotta get different ideas in there and if somebody's not happy they got to let it now. Yet that's what a staff meetings forced to challenge the opinion is going out there and he do it privately now the fact they made a public. You can say what you want. But yet. Coordinators do that all the time yes there's a lot of there's a lot of arguments in coaching. Meetings you've got to do them yet have the meeting the way it's supposed to be run if they're gonna publicize it that's not your fault. You got to do your job and if it calls for you and if you feel like unique challenge head coach. I'm not a first time he's ever done it. I'm sure if you're are all right you know what if you're if your heart the heart Eckstein. You gotta have two sets of meetings one for the cameras and the real on now is any gap control. You don't have time the teams don't want hard knocks. Yeah I and I get that you're right I get it but if you're gonna head they're going to be there you can't change the way you do your job that's the whole idea. He's in true on this one thing true he's all right. I think it's Wednesday. At a filter false front Cuba against these fancy new years artisan cheese that a few minutes left talk about tonight's game we do predictions of streets one. That in your face tells me no. We're in a predicted this score. No I won't come on bill I have no light and we've been talking all day about what would be our best case and aired for the bills we come back. Let's just just that prediction would be one thing that your preacher will happen tonight. We'll do that after the break. Steve and I back in the moment one bill's life prison of like a lot of help from one bills drive this is well jewelry. Buffalo Bills what do we learn we had a couple of good guests here today. Including the shafts. Cole and arm their famous the they there in the end zone for through the end zone every game they have a tremendous tailgate party and they cook there's chaps. Before the game begins and tonight they're gonna be the leaders of the charge the shaft when norm. Are going to be down their leading the bills under the feel we talked of the ship today. At some how they became the ships out of this all start. But it's. But we had a small tailgate we just me and norm and each week coming through and if so when they are justified it a little different hats and have some farmer wouldn't get on payment and we're we're in for the kill me. Enough so we did that and then and drew a crowd here I don't know what happens. About alcoholic heads into the yeah that's good about it I don't know if it's just. So perhaps that's whomever it looks really. You know do you think it's limited again next thing you know everybody wanna take our pictures. My anyway nice hats have been premieres. Don't. It took off that took off in the lead up their idea platform today leading the charge to bring the bills out of the field which kept cool and norm. Also today we have ray Crockett and the show this fourteen year and it felt veteran defensive back for a couple of different teams he's on the radio now and Denver. Ray Crockett years ago. Came across young Corey Coleman bills receiver. At their home and sitting down in the Dallas Texas. Rick Crockett sort of adopted Couric moment. And he talked yesterday about why colon acquired by the bills and a trade down Sunday night what Colin was just not a good fit for the Cleveland brown. I do believe we'll got a bit difficult to form because the you know because of where they where I knew they weren't going to be candidate who won't hurt them or bolt bent and Corey that I big guy who lost to win the battle want to play. You know with the winner of the got to bed there the cut from the word. So. I don't look going to be difficult jets and battle all but there won't be broken and it didn't really became stuff because the end he's he's not injury death. Ray Crockett has high hopes for Corey Coleman but the Buffalo Bills Coleman not likely to play. In tonight's game because he's got one practice with the team on Tuesday 7 o'clock game tonight John Murphy Steve tasker here in the remaining few minutes of the show. Let's reject the Twitter poll let's put that Tibet. We we started this at the noon today that a number responses in the question was. What's the best case scenario for the Buffalo Bills in tonight's game. Really got well it was kind of evenly split from what folks think. Would be great for the bills the best thing we get out well built game tonight. Against Carolina Panthers 34% of you. I twittered about the best thing would be the realization that hey Josh Allen could be just under. 33% do you see the missing you'll be OK the offensive line's going to be all right. He without wood and in fact you know. 28% of you responded by saying best thing that we could get would be the realization that for me in Edmonds first round pick shows that he's a stuff we have 12100 votes. Pretty evenly split I'd that's the best case scenario Steve what do you anticipate having that I give me one thing that you think will happen again. I'll give me two Coca I think there's going to be a point in this game where for almost every bills fan is going to be a spot where they think. This is are you here. And there's also going to be a point in this game for every bills camera they're gonna have doubts about this team being able to win games. Both those things are gonna happen they're going to be just like a young player trying to make the team there's going to be appoint this game we're you gonna think yeah maybe this is it. And is going to be a time when the thing now. Both those things are gonna. I got I guess just one thing and it deals with. Officiating I think we're gonna have a problem with either kick off or. A helmet hit tonight look in in the league is almost admitted it. That this is a work in progress right both rules kick offs and the helmet hit. My anticipation is a crowded summer on a helmet hit they look like the rated equality if you watched the golfing game last week they were in look and look like they're looking for opportunities to. In force this new rule which it probably won't in regular season but it is we will have a little problem with that sentence probably and probably some penalty issues either. And on caller should be called her a bad call that an aunt or too many calls yet whoa whoa look talk about it tomorrow or on the or noon to three tomorrow Steve and I were on the air tonight Steve on TV. Be on the radio protect coverage of tonight's game those Carolina. That's our production assistants George blast Jeff COLT make. Thomas powder caliber JJ terino Kevin hardest game pro bowler producer. With one bills live present about a lot of help from. One bills drive Buffalo Bills rating.