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Pregame show. Bills football on the Buffalo Bills and radio network is brought. Make the switch to northwest. Would you take a guess. What I was thinking like of starting with a third bringing up first. You think you might no. Now no idea no I mean. I Knowles. One we started with that other times. These are brought here for pre season it's just like you know what were we can be kind of grouchy about this team we're here and it's really cool being here but we were here last Friday. That's it but this is all like we were just we were just Ayers so. You know wasn't a game. The thrill of going back to the stadium. For the first time. Is diminished now by last week like I I have always like that. It's cool to come here you know it's cool to come here where it's nice out and it's the start of the pre season there's no pressure and doing it is. The beginning yeah. But we were just a villager just clear the same seats aren't we were literate you know who you are so it's a little school boards local appealing it's correct that that they'll then that's their. Right yeah well I have the same thought drive and out here though. You know. Acura we don't we weren't always year. In you know in in the Booth even on the property we have we've had various broadcast locations before the game for carried on WGR. And I just remember sitting out in. In parking lots under parents going home to rearm football village in all of the stadium's very error. And the move the most dumb you know he now owns cynic but still I think. Gifts in a pretty good mood when you calm to work here. Right it still works for me I it is an I hope it always does his view of a dozen I think something really really messed up this happened to me. You know what I still want appeal that. Not not that it should never shaved how why do this but. It it is kind of why I wanted to do this for a living in the birth weight was to be able to go work. At the stadium at the arena Mike where the football team in the hockey team play and we get to do that and the people like today. What kind of takes document or this. Pretty cool yet what I am feeling that's familiar about the beginning of the pre season is. I like the idea of paying an out here for awhile tonight. And it in a backwards sort away. I wanna go to the game more. In the evening when it doesn't matter whether they win and I can just sort of relax all bay is not you know is not going to be full ride and I like that idea more. A guy. I don't get in the caring about sports without caring who wins like I don't really relate to that anymore if I ever really did like is always mattered to me. The you know there's a championship mistake that you care about the outcome otherwise. It's you know I'd have to watch my kids play in the yard you know if I want just to see people play sports. So I need there'd be action. But for some weird in some weird way like the beginning of the pre season appeals to me I can stay here they don't and just watch the game a little bit and not have to just like. Scrutinize it. So anyway I mean that's just years of scrutinizing your every game wolf sure I mean there is a bit there's a different. Doing when the bills are going to play and you don't have to talk about it for two hours afterward. And that that'll happen for us in the pre season you mostly I mean there's the odd the odd time when apple here for post game. Wants to see it going mostly like that's the gig so. It's different it's funny to think about it like to see it that way too he said at the June sit with you know the the start of this game for awhile. I'm most interested in what's gonna happen and probably the back after the at least the bottom right to. Yes. And that's all I can really doom that Josh Allen is likely to play. You know. In the back apple this game maybe maybe just maybe the entire second app I don't know probably that's. You know part mile go figure the most interesting thing that's gonna happen here tonight I I think you know unless so you know. I don't know what else could happen. Bet that's the future something bad were right might happen juror like a bad injury or ride and I don't even like to even you know think about that it mostly. What this was what could happen this meaningful buffet right. I mean. Nothing he meaningful even if AJ McCarron or they can be division completes ten of ten passes meaningless I'd OK I was really good if it's anything meaningful happens tonight it's negative. Somebody gets hurt. You know that's your that's the only possible way we're going to be meaningful from these I OK I I think. Both for Allen plays for me that's our field once he starts playing. I you know I know you shouldn't brawl and an end and I wouldn't be drawing the conclusion. I'm element people if he would look good it just would make I think make me and make a lot of names you'll go to team walks like he can play. And so like that's the only thing I'm really that interested in about what happens here tonight and that won't start until again I'm guessing you know 830 years or whatever. Whoever is second after it's going. And I'm curious to see what what that looks like. In a game and like that's that's. Probably very familiar feeling for the bills fans. And that their interest to deceive who'd be great the great hope that quarterback. Is going to be want to get on the field. Well I think you could probably predict what do what it will be. And that's that you'll have some evidence of the talent that got him drafted where he was drafted. But you know he's not playing with starters. You know he's not playing with like a great team even if you were to play it was starters you know he's not going to be pulling against starters you know he's not gonna be running real plays. You know he's not gonna be facing real play is so. Oppressed this might actually be more legitimate you know well or really. Analyzing. What he's doing that mess. But hopefully other bad happens like an injury or anything Victor I change the season otherwise Spezza. I I guess I wanna. I wanna see this just the right way because they don't want it to seem like I'm expecting this at all because to me it's it's not likely. Every now and then in the league a guy that nobody thought was gonna be really good show is open is really good. Russell Wilson in Seattle was a third round pick it showed up on the pre season and eventually Seattle went OK I'm gonna have a I'm so I want. Before any disputes oiled by mistakes. And ineptitude and and coaches decisions. I want at least while I can do it today eight. Until he plays. Leaves available. Some space in my brain for him to walk. A lot better than maybe everyone's expecting and for tomorrow to be a different sounding date because of judge why I want I want that you draft a quarterback seventh overall I think you want to. Consider that that could happen and even even even if the launch. So I'm I'm sort of dream and about the battle that is we didn't have. Maybe more homes last year's. Kind of an example that I wonder what that was like to watch Wilson I don't remember doing it is remember hearing that he was right getting the starting job which the was incredible. It's also partly who wells you have you know like that would have been a guy if if words that. He met Wayne is here team early hasn't been much just OK they're they're moving into a new aero which Seattle was. And then you have Wilson that was drafted in the third round. I mean you would be curious about them he might have been the most curious main player or the player you were most curious about sitting down to watch their pre season here. But with all any. Sense like there would be any obligation. To play him or to not play and it would really just. We would have been the opposite rap really would have had no obligation to play him and probably is a bit would've felt like. It's written in stone we just paid this other guy met on a bunch of money he's obviously going to be the starter. So you know it's useless to see what else can happen here but we've got a guy the were heavily invested in. And even with that he still won the job I mean here there's nobody there really heavily invested they've got a fifth round pick from last year and they've got a the guys that they are paying five million bucks to. Which again it just for anybody who doesn't understand that's not that's like not a lot of money. Right that's right five million dollars this gazes noddle money notable for being only a little bit of money it's almost not a commitment at all. It's almost like they just don't even work there. We are at the stadium knew where field the bills pre season opener is tonight at 7 o'clock kick off bills and Panthers. John Murphy mark Kelso will have a play by play live from right here in the northwest broadcast who make the switch north west bank and get back to living. Today's pre season game is presented by mid di college. They're students are empowered. All Lawton beautiful allow it to motivate them empowered a Mormon guy dash power knowing it. Beautiful out and that's what we'll tell you for now. Whether he brought you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. On car insurance. I I. And doing need to tell people pay attention to graphic and I think it's going to be talked. So if you if you are coming you know maybe leave as early as possible. The skyway is open coming out here but not going packs and keep that in mind later tonight when you're going home to perform root as it is for me. But denying the left here and O you who left here last Friday. But I left below hammered. Practice your excellent Zoellick normal. I I I got on the T nineteen and headed you know headed towards towards the ninety. And the lack wanna poll bearer all the way back to wait before on fluid through it was just a disaster. And it does he closures to talk and construction and around ninety. In the first thought I had was while I'm really glad I'm on this one going the way. When there was no traffic and giving was one is next Thursday. We missed opportunities and he has seen as being people trying to get out news oh. Keep that in mind it viewed at a level that section highway in a while the ninety's from like the 400 all the way a two. Why I want told barriers and we would all the nineteen that's only column is. Likely to be really there's construction. And there is the fair. There is the beginning of the fair right. Anders via Adobe obviously volume delays though you know what these emblems like last Friday there have been some volume from people come to this practice but nothing like for a game. And there also wasn't going on yet and it was mass than I can only imagine to be. But. Let that not discourage you at all from coming to this event if you are on the fence about doing that. But to be a lot of be one factor maybe. One of many. Maybe you do wanna come here on Bulldog to be like blamed for tracking. Fans out of coming to the state no I am more trying to tell them to do this sooner you write or. Take. Excited to take the side wrote itself western. And just you know and he's going to be. We're to talk to sell the pot you know at 4 o'clock eastern and then again at five we'll have our roundtable that we do on the pregame show. Each year each game with mark Kelso and Chris Brown starting at about 530. If you wanna give us call 8030550. Is the number to do that. Feel like rather than. Borer. And horror just I don't know what insult you with some. Discussion about what should happen in this game or anything like that because it's just would be the server to do that. I think it's that it's an opportunity with a pre season starting to talk about the overall. Brilliance you know like this is the beginning of the pre season and since the beginning of the bills for 48 team. There are lots of those by the way we do that we play that colonel Lott when training camp starts where I'm the draft maybe I don't we use the draft free agency like there's certain things that really can't go to bills are back like seven or eight different days with the bills are actually back. So it's it it's interesting to me to think about the overall right now and again. What to me is. A contradiction or a dichotomy where you have. Last year being the end of the drought like. A year ago expectations. My expectations for the bills a year ago for that season were low. There you know mediocre like knock the ball lowest. I would. If I can it's hard to do discus how well do you remember why you felt. But I give this team a greater chance of being like at the bottom of the league that I would have last year. But I doubt I never saw playoffs coming last year you know in all it was a six and a half team six and a half win team by the Vegas line. And this year's is lower than that even though last year happen. Not by much bubble. So. That's all like about this year and a little bit about last year. I think a lot of people I think most people. Feel about this team. That. You might be somewhat optimistic. About this season but like I wouldn't. He. Wouldn't be confused. By eve the betting line wouldn't be confused relief by below expectations so would be but I think most wouldn't be. But they could also still I think this is again most fans. Also still like how old the whole thing feels. And light the possibilities. Beyond this year possibly this year but more after this year now I. I think right now. The you know the met the man in charge the men at the front of the organization McDermott convene. I would expect to have a very high approval rating. That the drought did and that matters emotionally in an immense when he to the fan base I would admit even in a way that IE. Very likely underestimated. As we were approaching. You know because I wasn't that invested. In it and being simply forward and English I want to Al or really good team in last year's team. Despite what the record wasn't what the result was never felt like a really good team to me so I wasn't dead and done it ending. And it turns out that I think. The bid if it is changed so much of the conversation around them. It is all also allows them to do what they're doing here without every one being in an uproar about it. You know I could keep the starting over a quarterback you know eat it you and you push you shelved Tyrod Taylor side. And ignored basically that it be that you could know something within you didn't have an update to do it. And I think the playoff berth allows that to happen. With Powell has with without without much clamoring at all. So it's significant that they did that and then you know you've got the the deck is kind of cleared for these guys to do what they wanna do get a boat you'll get about the business of building the team that they why. And I think brands. I wouldn't say you don't even hardened skeptics because hardened skeptics are probably he always. And in some way but I think. The majority bill and our. Arms crossed during Nottingham and the question would you don't. Right here what are they doing. Like they the did a thing that a lot of people a lot of them to do it like finally they did this with Alan. That's almost entirely what they're doing yet that's right like there's not a lot else that you can really talk I think you really talk about Uga the culture conversation and and you know set a certain professional standard and that kind of stuff that sort of intangibles. I think they're they're doing that and that means a lot to them and it means a lot to the some fans and binoculars and we talked in depth about that on Tuesday. But they're they're the most certainly. Trying to do that. How significant it is is something we viewed and debated for quite awhile but yeah I think what they're doing is. Investing in. The seventh overall pick and at some point he will play and determine what path this franchise. Goes. They either will crash into the rocks and had to start over. Or still be some degree of goat. You know whether that's. And due to the playoffs good which again you just did with Tyrod Taylor into animal looking way you did it. Or better than that in the ideal the reason you do it the reason you played tailors to get better than. To draft someone who you think can do what Cam Newton did for these guys and Carolina like that's what they're doing. And were barely starting. Because we don't goal. That Josh hail and figures much in the plains early this season for them. And so if there's there's that's why I certainly our arms crossed and Michael. You got a little got some time you you you made the house like a I'll give you some credit and now on you know when particular. I'm OK if you don't or you know again this is I think a lot of man. But you eventually that's the story of Brandon beamed from McDermott is to tail. He is their story. Yeah I think most fans believe that. Not starting right away will help Allen. And it's tough one I mean it's not something you can really ever know. If he does say it and then. When he plays he plays well for the rest of his career you're gonna hear references to how that did help them but you can't really ever know about. I think it's a sounds right if feels right. And with the other point about what fans are being be prepared for when you draft a rookie like this to to put in eventually. Almost never. Would that team. Have high expectations put on them from the least from outside because like it's the mow the move itself. Is just sort of defines. That you're starting something and you're not supposed to be great right away. So I think most fans all settle for that and maybe even prefer that MacCallum not play but what what I what I. Don't like about it or what I would say about it is. You wanna think about. What are the odds that the other guys can do well. I don't think they're great maybe that doesn't matter at all to somebody. There's that part bears that you run a clock with Allen. And his contract. And that's a part of just the idea that. You eventually will test them and find out what you have and because like they're just not the evidence that. Do you laying that really helps a player. Idol I don't think there's a good reason to delay it. So eventually were at were to have that exam were gonna have their period over many games it is EJ Manuel was. What like fifteen or forty games it was a really very many. It was a year plus we're a decided that it was a no. And they pulled him and he was never again a starter in the league really like it was schism. It was over you know so that's about the least amount of time it would ever take and so you're you're gonna you're to have that. That's gonna start whatever you wanna start. It could be weak 1 this year I am thinking it probably won't be. But eventually this year I guess it probably would be and then from there you gonna go the next year and maybe a little bit or longer into the year after that. And you know the sooner you find out the better the sewer utility doubt whether you can win this way with this player the better. Yeah I I do I don't wanna talk like. A home and know what it's like when his time is up to even be on yet and so does understand William laughing as I even say that. Leave your listening right now they realize it is want to listen carefully. It of a big part of the reason to me to do this at quarterback. If it was that. The sooner you do it the sooner you know whether. Or not you've got your guys and you don't have to be weighed down by that for five years like this notion that was out there. That you'd be setting your team back if you grabbed the wrong guy but to me is almost the very best case you can make the what you're suggesting which is deeply right. Because the sooner I find out. It if he can play ball in play great. He can't play O. Okay well I didn't do something else and the soon variety determined that. You know the sooner that whole process starts again and I'm not wasting years trying to figure it out. That's were the worst place you can Beers like hanging guy and who. Paul well we still don't really know yet all god with the completeness or we need to know if you do well. So hopefully. He gets in at some point this year. And you go through next year and have some some definitive proof XE you'll either broader bad and they could do it. That sounds right to me two years. That's an off that should be. I think 8030550. Mike's over the Bulldog with you the bills and the Panthers tonight we'll take a break and come back to Newark field. In a moment this is the Buffalo Bills or radio network. Coming up president Chavez raises. You know sit. My are retired but once we got the hang everything on a few days we came back it was just time that they. Develop without better understand it and once you go through the first half you know the basics are going to be. Jason crew be bills player. Salas to as a sort of freeze won't life thing in Burleson and we might be on camera we like champ and Brian France and a list Veronica makes her debut. Taken the candidates all know that didn't know I. I can't tell him I'm for items when in my credentials and trying to get him once and he's not acting he's a knew right away is it that these lies audience now. All those anchorman. References are fresh again quickly after renting it. Because I was too lazy to go downstairs to get moving. And two ago. Was good though. Well staged well the days well. I haven't but I won't go get the dvd I'll just put a dollar rented the movie has. The weather here at new air field lovely. Temperatures in the mid seventies low seventies for the game slight chance of rain and clouds tonight but at the moment. Just fine. Weather brought to you by a rowboat collision make the right decision insist on ruby collision. We've got uninteresting perspective and thought about this coming bills' season Josh Allen saw McDermott some other aspect of it. We would like to hear it 803055188. By fifty to 550. In the absence of that there are well. Pre season games tonight. Is that it's a thing or Buick accident tonight. League wide league wide league wise. Mom. I mean a little bit there Toniu rookie quarterback to play mayfield the plate tonight right browns and giants stayed Jackson already played once but his you know another chance to play tonight they Baltimore plays against the rams ago. I mean both those guys are are always you know someone interesting to me. Does he won't play tonight yes that's Seattle that would be the game so just looking at the schedule. If I were going to watch one game tonight. It would be that game to see interlocking you know because they said he's gonna play the first quarter and at the Seahawks tonight that's good that's a ten yeah. NFL network has Dallas and San Francisco. At ten. Am also a game at seven browns and giants and so. I think any it in some order any of the rookie quarterbacks in and maybe for all of them. That are playing for Hillary you know when they play this weekend everyone we currently play this weekend. That maybe is the second half. Burr for all or at least some of those guys. But that's that. The most interesting thing and and I think Andrew Watkins is maybe even as head of I like Alec the audit team with a by the way on the other rookies darn old jets tomorrow night home against Atlanta. This sort of the state the stadium like stadium. Presuming there's not a neutral site thing that I don't know about to have games tonight and tomorrow night. And then Arizona with Josh Rosen is Saturday night against the chargers it. Here is Ryan with us go ahead Ryan. They got they do and people. You know why we can't hear you if you're talking general we can fix that and are rendered as one but we can't area. Well yes they are thinking oh thank you line. Yeah yeah our guys are at abbey football season. You. Two quick things one. I think it'd Brandon being trade from the other day with Crawford. One in the made entry. In the first round graphic. Or 87 point 108. Who know how good turnout I have no idea. But. In terms of absolute low risk high reward that looked like a pretty Gillick I think he'd seen Brandan began to continue. What what what he's been doing last year I feel really good about that but I want to talk about Josh Al real quick. You know I really believe that the best thing or. Josh how is it beyond that bench behind you don't want to. Now I hope not going to I don't believe he immediately. Went and I'm not saying AJ McCarron and number eight. Well I do what I do think that they. Football in general correctly and it felt it so quick that pro these guys out who work port and round pick like McCarron. Well the bridge the break we heard with Tyrod threw. It may very well may be a bridge Josh Allen and somebody else. But what I think of the city when you get behind the care who didn't quite a playoff game and played pretty darn well. Legitimately for forty years and whether a player in college. He wasn't flashy but Boise even the winner. And I think I I really hope as a city we get that diet change. What does that mean what. Well I what does the city have to do to give him a chance. Well here's what he did you know well I'd. If McCarron come out start the first game in broad three interceptions or I'd like these amended call for Allen will be strong. And they should be good able well but maybe cure Indonesia. If you're you're you're saying if your quarterback please terribly should be. Insulated from criticism because he was good and Alabama five years ago I don't know what you want everybody to do that. Now now what I'm saying that he can Ambien played at all what I'm saying is we know it ruled anybody out if you watch New England overlapped one here. Tom Brady wasn't Tom Brady the first five games he played. Well what you just treat you try to say that you don't want to compare AJ McCarron to Tom Brady which to me is thank you and now we're to do that. Like they did win right away when Tom Brady went in they were actually. They were always too we Drew Bledsoe was an institution an icon there that he got hurt and Brady when they beat. Favored Indianapolis by thirty points and won the Super Bowl that year Ryan. Like. That's that's not a good argument for letting AJ McCarron have as long as he meets. That's our. Right well what what it is as if he shows up and all he goes is this the bills win while he plays and he grows into the job like then your guess what everybody will be behind them. He wanted to win anyone over and he's gonna give his chance if he ends up being the starter and I guess I would I would guess I'd bet on that. Being the outcome of this competition. We'll see what tonight means that all of that. Then he'll get his chance he's had a chance. But I think if you are here trying to like caution in. Anyone out there from thinking Joshua Allen is the future of this franchise. I was she'll because that that's what he is. AJ McCarron could Alter that. Or Peter and good if they play and play really well in the bills' win lots of games. But I mean that. I'd I'd love to have a bet with you on that 'cause I just don't think that's very likely. Let me say that person or about I want the bill would do well but of course you do we know right and you guys. Exactly that make really good point let me let me just say that Wear out the question. Tyrod Taylor who we all agree was okay you're okay right it okay we did and erect he did do something pretty well and protect the quality got the playoffs among other player. My question here is that an eight game Aaron came out and start the first five games. And I Tyrod Taylor type that this team was in the hot. To be great but this the like to be enough for them did not play Josh Allen Ryan acute that we. Tyrod Taylor was good this team won more games and lost when he was the quarterback the did not have. The seventh overall pick on the bench. And there's just no question about that there's no question about that Josh Allen will eventually replace whoever is in there. For the reason you draft Josh Allen seventh over all pay a steep price to do it as it is you want someone that's better than what Tyrod Taylor was giving you I support that I think that was. The hoping to do I even want them to do that a year earlier intra Patrick Holmes. Which they chose not to do so I'm ready I'm ready to have someone better than that. And if all McCarron affords them is that level then the clock will be ticking for Allen to play I'd say that's why you grant them. McCarron or Peerman whoever. Will do a great job. To win half their games on this team I've said that a lot. I'd be shocked. If the bills won half their games with the either of those guys is quarterback I'd be shocked like. Great the have a very tall looking schedule. And you just have a relatively. Been cast of surrounding talent so. You don't have to say I hope. I hope they win or I hope I'm wrong or even like that or it's sort of a given here. We're we're looking at Benson you know objectively and honestly about what the team we like. I would just be really impressed and surprised if that happens. And so if it doesn't. Then whether you like it or not. There's going to be a procession to get Allen on the field and if it takes a long time. The question isn't going to be about Howell McCarron or Peterman is questions going to be like what's the problem. You know like life once the problem bowl right what's the hold up like that. That the contract starts detector and you you know are giving away. In that scenario. Valuable time to evaluate him and maybe even. Hit a jet hit the jackpot with him on. I don't know like. You sound really like a positive guy and super optimistic almost apologetic for all this stuff than you want. The listeners to their show to go easy. Time whoever it is or everybody. And you know. Again like bulldogs and good luck with that I mean just kind of not how usually fans consume the NFL. Maybe in other cities I don't know I kind of doubt it. 8030550. Is the number thanks for the call Ryan. Bulldogs yes Mona for every field goal. Scored by buffalo this football season is still worth the read right yes liberty Campbell make a donation to the family justice center. Since 2006 the family justice center has been providing a safe place. For the victims and children of domestic violence holding offenders accountable with the goal of giving victims options to take back control of their lives. Visit. FGs. The safe dot org. And share their gold to protect our community from domestic violence liberty cap passionate about protecting our community. Twelve games the NFL tonight. Sell beyond later and cell has a fantasy. Segment that she's obligated to give us a panacea update later. So I don't know we have room for fantasy football talk on the show. It's rare but presented as we can it can be jarring for the audience thank. It's in here. Awkward quote deep rich or to protect their. Yeah I love the guys who play like. Draft things are Randall dale like this where you have twelve games and they have it they have contests like it and you can try to predict the it's something you know we try to Purdue and what will happen in the league tonight you know which players will. Put up the best that sense of that's a real challenge. Eagle 30550. From the stadium bills Panthers tonight at seven which over the bulldogs this is the ball. The bills radio network. Caller prior right now it's 64 point 9878. Is going to get a pair of tickets to check out the twins of evil tour featuring Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson in the this show is Sunday at Darian lake amphitheater minimum value of cries fifty clocks. Price comes courtesy of my folks that live nation general contest rules why you can still buy tickets. At live nation dot com Bergen would appear right now 64 point 9878 caller spies and walk. Let's go to Greg Nextel Greg. They are you guys do it Greg thanks to Colin could I just like village you know that are listened to your show pretty much every day. It's a fun show. I don't you worry that they just can't understand. Why it seems like there's already bought or bills and they think eighteen chair and so much better than already demonstrated to be any way grew tremendously well in college he didn't even look real good man. What is it with all the bills and that that you so much better than he is you guys you guys figured that out. Got a theory dab in the I think there's a few things that contribute to it one Tom Brady exists. And Tom Brady was a sixth trumpet. So I think in some way that maybe doesn't start there but I think that it contributes to that. He did winning college and people watched the winning college and it was at a prominent program and people tend to gravitate to winners and although rate. That especially at this position. And you haven't seen him be terrible yet. And we have been wandering the desert for a long time looking for a quarterback. And or almost all that time has been spent hoping the new guy in town is our version of snobbery. So he's just the next in line okay. You know in my theory simply he's on the bills of I don't know it's really that many people. People people call in or not necessarily reflective of the general you know attitude. In the fan base. I don't know but if I wanted to find out. What. AJ McCarron. Probably is because there's not going to be definitely. But probably is a player fans of any player vote to find out. What to expect from any player in the league the last people I would ask are fans of that team right because. You know you just wanna have it you won't that works out like that's fine that's only bad about that this is not. Really coming from a bat much of an honest place or objectively so. We said dozens of times since they signed them that I think the well. We talked about a lot I think we both agree that the the most telling factor. In what the league thinks of McCarron what people in the sport into the player is what happened in free agency I mean that BB is obvious. And so we have. On notre if any team felt strongly that there was like greatness there were likely to be greatness there they would've. You know they were paid that was signed the bills. Got to monitor and at a good price until I go to pylon anymore like it's just whatever he's new here and meet maybe he'll do well I'm not expecting that but maybe you'll do well it's I don't silly and know that he won't I don't. Aren't. You. All good cells coming over next worry in the Booth bills and Panthers tonight here. With a 7 o'clock kick off. Mike show with a Bulldog your pregame post this is the Buffalo Bills radio network.