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Pregame show. Bills football on the Buffalo Bills and radio network news rocky ride. It's what's the northwest back. And get back to. Welcome back to new air field. Much over the bulldogs in the Booth with cell to punch you'll join our conversation in just a moment. Bills and Panthers tonight at seven. John Murphy mark Kelso with the play by play from here in the northwest broadcast Booth. Make the switch to north west bank and get back to living today's pre season game presented by midnight college. They're students are M power. Beautiful weather for the pre season opener bills' home tonight at Cleveland next Friday night. Then Cincinnati is here the following Sunday. And the pre season ends in Chicago. On one I think would be three weeks from tonight noted Troy. On the pre season schedule this does it feel different you think it it won't be until that week. That it feels different Bulldog. It's. But the clock holding him over the pre season you think it's a negative you're you're always so negative while owning an over the pre season with Noelle. Are utterly meaningless and worst exhibition over a sporting event ever. In the history of mankind. Repeating itself. Annually I'm excited for the possibility. That'll actually be not the worst. C. I'm glad that Detroit is another. That they should be glad to Detroit should be glad to grabs a you know sometimes. You split on. And it's painful at first. But you know everybody is better at it and you heard this on the song shine from David Gregory. Celek a botched deal with us so first things first I myself Carolina team 13 hours away. Compared with other pre season is the other seasons as this one starts what stands out as the most interest thing I think Josh held his obvious here. Him and beyond him what are you looking forward to. You know I think it's this whole place were with this team this organization where. They made the playoffs when so many obviously did not expect them to so now all. Even though it seems like on paper to many people. They may have taken a step back. Yet they are pushing forward and I think we're kind of in them real interesting spot here where this team's gonna go because. They could very well to step back and that would not surprise anyone the Vegas line says it's going to be a step back right. But the same time just like last year there is a huge believer that organization. That they're gonna take a step forward and they're gonna be a playoff contender that in the playoffs. What is the recipe for that to happen. We we we know what Tyrod Taylor. Was. And probably will continue to be in Cleveland. As quarterback and he was pretty good for this team. Does it start there do I get a better. Passing game I almost surely will have it'll be a different to be a different guy you know pull the trigger whoever it is. It doesn't start there do I get a better. A more efficient. More productive really passing game. With somebody else playing quarterback to mean that that to be is the first thing that has happened. Throwing the football I think we'll be better I think whoever is on the field assuming it'll be AJ the care and ornate and hear me it's Josh county with the job. I think he would say that too because he won the jobs and it's only because they either want a different. But I think that the person actually throwing the football. They'll be a little bit better they certainly will not have the dynamic play making ability to Tyrod Taylor was able to get them out of and give them I also think they'll be better in the scheme of. This offensive line last year they had a lot of problems at that scheme they had to change the scheme halfway through the year at least three or four games in a. After the bye week to go back to abort a power game. They still use that zone. Why did Rick Dennison get fired it was never a match for the people they had and what he wanted to do. Whether or not the offensive coordinator is better remains to be seen he hasn't had a good track record in the NFL guys he's had. Forests our offense is this par statistically. But I do think from watching him at least he's coming from a batters place where you need to be at 28 team. Using the whole field getting more matchups on the field playing tier players strength I just don't know what's gonna work because he has to all the game ways well it's still. Ron. Based or run oriented go right stable like I think it will be in history. Will bet that general that generalities about the bills on offense won't change. With this coaching change I think it'll still be a team that is look at we're so we teamed it will be one that will try to be good on the ground. First well let's go back to the original question of what's the recipe to get back to nine wins and a wild turn. Run the ball play defense I think for them a limit your mistakes on offense and this is not sexy as it sounds I think that's what they need to do they need to. Really come up with some breaks like that it last year as far as turnovers things like that. End of try to stay in games as long as they can't and they get that break wherever it comes whether it's a long pass a break a broken tackle on offense or doing something on defense stay in the game as long as you can. Keep it 1716. When the game at the end with a skillful I don't think the recipe is hey suddenly we traded Tyrod Taylor we're gonna score thirty points a game and blow everybody out. Talk about you know whether us the pregame huddle by the way is witnesses. You and then you pull it parts needed to pull it together. Segment presented by Eminem you pull it Western New York prepared premiered at the nation for a used car and truck parts. You all the parts you'd save money at a meeting on I'm relieved that mrs. It's not nice to be part of yeah stole. We we've all in mind sell do you think. That the quarterbacks. Whoever whoever it is whoever ends up being the starter. Are you mean for. Us yeah right yeah we sure are not that worried about economic. Are going to be encouraged. To take more chances than Tyrod Taylor took for this team. I do I do I think but by philosophy first of all of that coach. And the office of court is they won't mind I even think they want a tyrant to fortunes last year and given even. McDermott's personality how he wants to win ice I think the reason he put a computer and was. They weren't getting an up out of the passing game to take more chances to loosen things up to allow the running game to be a little bit better in opened up so. I think they're gonna be okay with that in the end simply by the nature of the quarterbacks of what they have certainly Josh Allen would take more chances we know that. I'll tell you that the payment takes plenty of that nickname it takes a lot of chances. Maybe not quite as many as Josh Allen but he does do that I think AJ McCarron is actually more much more in line with Tyrod any of these three guys. But the differences I think he's a better answer that pure passer than Tyrod Taylor so you know he might not may take as many chances. But at the same time I think that you'll get your share and when he does take a chance you know hill LB may be more apt to complete that. They were talking last hour with the couple callers about parent ends. It's kind of a back and forth on how optimistic its right to be. And we've sent a lot like well what happened in free agency you know like was there was really no team that stepped up when there were teams that were. You know making changes a quarterback all over the league eventually landed here for relatively modest money. Do you read that as important or might you read that differently like when you look at how McCarron got here. Do you think it's more along the lines of that the bills really wanted him. Or is it more like how we're talking. That is more you're talking on the aisle about that prior to free agency I was not a big age of caring guy said. What are we talking about here you if if the people would bring about my response would be. When you're talking about a guy who for years is that good why was he never even mentioned. To serve plant Andy Dalton who is not. An elite level starting quarterback and it its privacy is not as good as it because it is a good quarterback Tino he's done enough in this league. But I've never even heard him being mentioned as. Hey the only one angle with a AJ McCarron right right and to me or Sony's got to give him out of there right in Cleveland trying to guess and that's right that's exactly right right no one really tried except hue Jackson at the very end notre idea of the last of the last year of his contract. And how much did Cincinnati put a fight to keep them. I mean we have seen that they've got teams have tried to keep backups around at it because he's good for the organization maybe eventually you'll take over for eighty stick with us for three more years whatever. So I was never that I was eight watching him out here I see why I think I'm you know. I think he's gonna be a good game manager and compared it this way. If I have a four point lead. With four minutes left I'm going to be comfortable having AJ McCarron as my quarterback I am I think he's gonna do a good job at TJ the right position at the play call. You know throw the ball where it needs to be keep the sticks moving if we need to. I'm down four. With two or three minutes left I don't have a tonic competence because I don't see this guy just drop back and throwing darts in. Million making plays to keep keep first down sticks moving it in urgency mode. So how do you compare him on this. Team with Peterman. Like because we all know Elin goes in whatever they think it's time right. Alas they're winning with one of the other two in the matches waits until the guest that ends but. How does McCarron compare with Peterman here cell. Both guys drafted and about the same spot. McCarron more experienced Biederman more experience with the bills. I think he can beat him as a better anticipatory passer than here like when he. When they can beat him in decides where he wants to go it's it's out he get is a good release a quick release gets rid of the ball at the age it holds onto a little bit too long he's a better it is toward passer. It doesn't quite have the sit at AJ does AJ and this incredible arm I think it's better than AG and made the uterus. So I think that kind of mitigates that to right I mean maybe AJ wait a second longer they can get it there. I I still interest of wage Whitney the peace can do with his career I'm not writing him off his career. I don't say he's going to be starting quarterback I still think he can be a good back up for team for many years and that's I think he's fighting for out here survival as a back up. He may win the starting job week one but let's be honest he's up a long term solution. I think overall what it would make the Peterman is doing in this pre season is two things he's saying. You can put in week one I can win games for this team what he's also telling the organization is. Oddly got a backup Josh Allen once you decide to put in minutes after the AJ McCarron I don't wanna go somewhere else to try and be back up there this I'm the guy for this job for the next ten years. You think Allen goes in third tonight idea. I think he gets plenty of snaps I don't know though you know how will rotate that was a that's. A full quarter a series with the other two but at some point when Josh Allen goes I'd be surprised if I'd be surprised were waiting to the fourth quarter. That's the most interesting part of the game obviously to me not to discount who muted. One of the other two is probably the favorite to be the starter opening day agree do you say it that way I would right now yeah right. How much to was. What happens and how humble pro are reading to the rotation tonight. How much you wanna read into how Sean McDermott handles the pre season entirely trying to figure out. What they're ultimately going into new ball more on the ninth of September. Think you don't read anything into the rotation tonight I think the rotation tonight was preset pre planned media tweak here or there how much they wanna play. I think it really was about Leo they came into camp and said hey where is this by time we get to Thursday night. August 9 this is where we wanna be I think they're gonna stick to that. I think once we get past tonight Bulldog we can maybe start to read into how he handles games two in game three. If it's especially any different than tonight and maybe how they're trending in thinking about these guys may be long term and we. Is any thing. Different. About how old Sean McDermott. Thinks of the pre season strategy. We rotates players what he wants out of it then what. Most coaches do what you see is he different in any way that you can think of about this is you know I think of all teams really being. It's about not showing our real plays you know both sides of the ball on the that keeping guys that Allah of a good night is nobody getting hurt. Yeah I think that's all true. So we that we we had a production mean to talk about what you wanna get out of this streak some keys and actually John McDermott said something I thought really unique to the radio TV broadcasters. Although not completely sexy it was a different type of answer. He said that's when make sure we have eleven guys on the field every play and you know he kind of lefties and I know. But it's true and and and look how do I think that's something that. When you think about Shawmut herb he's all about being very basic fundamentals and making sure everything is in line you can't get the steps he. Until you really have a and B down right. And for him. AMD is. Have the right people on the field knowing their job. And not having to meet it looked behind me and scream to number whatever to get the heck out there right I mean that's really important to him. And even lap it's and I know that sounds weird. I said I think that's unique and different you don't hear coaches talk like that we all talk about fundamentals. And on not get her things like that but. It's letting guys on the field wanna make sure that they they know what they're doing that they're supposed to be there. Ranked I think you know something that maybe IE don't often think a lot about when you've got a quarterback battle. Is something as simple as. The quarterbacks competence. During the play right. In the huddle. But it should be double what it is now little crystal you like it not being confused by what the coordinator is telling the quarterback in the headset before you get in the huddle. We all that sort of stuff. The I wonder how much that way ease on this competition as he's trying to make a decision ultimately on who Starks told. Label at the waste a lot in this decision. Unease where they were used yesterday I think to Sean McDermott. The operation of the game tonight is more important and the games that makes sense how my team. Does all of those things. Is kind of secondary to really how we play it's really important we play and how we do all those things that we're doing those things that. I can correct missed tackles I can correct dropped passes and cut guys I can I can figure out the right personnel. What I wanna make sure that my middle linebacker missed one year at all. Can get that play call in his ear. Get it to the guys and has huddle get everybody lined up in time before the snap that and the. It's super important and by the way it should be I think it's important as Jermaine had wit Edmonds and everybody else on the team. And I'm waiting to ask you about Edmonds like about him in this role. So far the signs. Either way whether he's up to it. So far Mike but I mean. This setting is a little bit different coaches are at the other actively stopping the play that happens a lot training camp at least of the ability to. Right I mean here you have twelve guys there's a penalty if you're not certain guys are running around you're gonna be for a touchdown so. So far so good. What I've really liked is he has not seemed like he's wilted at any moment yes to cover LeSean McCoy a lot. He's made really nice plays doubles against the run and especially against the past I think if flashed in training camp and I think he seems to me every time I talked to other players. He really has a lot of respect for his teammates especially the veteran teammates that are. I think they very much appreciate his work ethic his approach and what he. He knows he doesn't know is trying Miller that makes cents. No one else is on center on this team. Starting center is a big one. Address I'd like to see something get settled for that may be even before quarterback because those guys working together. It's so important you know getting the line calls getting the chemistry with that five to gather that might be more important. To get that before the next game of the third game even before of the quarterbacks that you can then. Have all those things set. On clearly everything at wide receiver behind Kelvin Benjamin Jeremy curly as a wide open I mean from the third guy. The seventh guy or whoever we're gonna call there I think third running back all the Tarvaris cadets and he seems like he is the guy. And then there's an Aetna uninteresting battle going on behind Charles clay this is wide open I I could see any of those guys by Charles claim making the team as the two or even getting cut. The reality even the goal area Logan Thomas. Keep. Ford is on the running back depth chart they think he's the only running back here. That has no NFL experience. Is the bills have a collection of guys who played for them last year Marcus Murphy being and other. Windows Taiwan Jones. So keep Ford like its kind of cool in the pre season when you have and it's often happened. In my mind that like as a running back who plays the fourth quarter and looks fast. And like you gotta see this guy right like is is baby keep Ford not that entirely if you can sing at all. About that he looked he looked good Friday night I watched him Friday night from up here I was at the birth. And yeah a couple of runs around like. You wanna get in front of that guy like he's once he gets going he gets going and I like the way he looked I think tonight is going to be a nice test for him. Last year. Can you name the running back that the most carries in the pre season opener. But probably not. I'm going to be the guy chill it yours will come close old being geared. Remember that name so maybe that your keyboard so. I look at that because obviously the same coaching staff meaning they handle those guys in the same way I would expect being your armies are key for to be a guy who touches the ball tonight. We can see what he can do but. You know Mike I at the end of the day cutesy answer planning Tarvaris can bet they're gonna probably keep Taiwan Jones because of the special teams ability. I think beyond that you look at keyboard is a guy that unless he really comes out. And make you say I have to keep this damaging for some reason he's probably more of practice squad candidate that you McCoy points. He didn't last year for pre season game. At all the grill when her erotic game is the a series of passes to Sammy Watkins that's right they would give us but they're proving its everyone and he was ready for action can be the threat. I. I don't only because the way that show on handled wish on last year. And remember this coming up last year where he basically said look you know I've I've been with bush on and I have a relation with a my. I I talk about what he needs to get ready for a season. And then we solace on not that much work in the pre season I'd expect the same thing right what was at the next day. Was a Thursday night game doesn't trip and why do you know she does I just don't you read. Mistake again you know that they all I had a bachelor party to a time OK I'm so. I was at a casino and that was on the screen in the opener last year was on the tenth of August that makes sense in the eighteenth appeal to be the simplicity of the trade. No doubt air because I remember too they did it just like tomorrow just like tomorrow the team practices here not in in Fisher. Last year when it happened that trade went down we came here for practice in sandy was gone and we had dinner here all the players about that you guys just traded Sammy what do you think about it. Number you you called the that morning. Speaking and I had been to I travel trouble when I I came from Canada right so you know where to recap our forty minutes to get to my house in north buffalo. So I wasn't on line that was made attention anything for however long but missed it. Right right and you call me in your life you'll out of breath. It happened on the stadium where I'm like dude dude dude why. We'd like but he traded. And arguably all of our rights. And there's ten minute on the peace bridge and it's a lot there's expecting there's a Friday in the prep for your. Right well that's no that's no story Pacifica. Any clue at all any indication. If Coleman is going to be available talent and I'll. I doubt it just from just from watching you know the way they hill and I'm practicing that it wouldn't totally shocked me but. Probably wanna keep them out until next week until eats you know set to get the office. We will have our Geico fantasy segment next hour at 5:20 eastern to be specific with cell brought to you by Geico. Geico may not date back to the cave men but they have been providing great savings and service on car insurance for more than 75 years. Saving you money isn't guy goes playbook so after the game get a quote it Geico dot com and see how much you could save. Geico so easy to caveman could do it. Twelve games in the league tonight there'll be a lot of self talk about will find it. 8030550. Is our number we've got phone lines open now sell back at five as well with the fantasy segment in just more thoughts on the bills the game and the season. Then mark Kelso and Chris Brown come along for a roundtable our starting at about 5:30 eastern time. From new airfield which opened the Bulldog your most bills and Panthers at seven. This is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Soaking in every traveling on the mainline is a throwaway heading westbound is in just around William street only down past the 400 towards June 19. 219 is a little bit busy going down towards milestones coming out route five he had the heavier heavier than normal at this hour in the afternoon all the way down past ridge road. Media reports of heavy traffic in the area miles from the South Park. Vinatieri traffic right now 128. To southwestern McKinley parkway. And far we have ever robe closed right in front of the stadium at this hour. Is what brought you look horrible collision make the right decision insist on the rules a collision. I'm Alan Harris on the Buffalo Bills football network. You know today's and Vontae they got different techniques you know Vontae is more you know savvy veteran Richard Davidson very quick and fast. You know it it's they know it's helpful in my game going as Demi stake as. You know there's some of the best corners in the league so you know I can work my stuff on them and Arsenault me out when it. Brendan Reilly right there. The music though as the pre season starts and the autumn wind is overrated. Pillaging just more. Still not you around an upside to own and we'll laugh. When he's conquered. Public or play them in the pre season are kind of cool. Where's Oakland too far away travel. Oakland plays Detroit but there practicing together only at Detroit's been out there I think that's right tonight Detroit and Oakland you know. The George but branching out there and do what we do have a game one they go to. To hell where where that where they treat him raiders yet Napa the alternate. Why if you're in your team is in Detroit listen I'll go to an apple. But what do you why why you won't deal portable bracket. They called I don't know there than Paul. Do we go like so let's say the bills were going to Napa for a week. In the in the pre season you know those deals who goes out goes insurers L knows no we don't know we don't meadow. No no that's right we definitely go ago. Now mean more. Critical New York now ever. And anymore. In that bat back in the days. When we've first started we we went to we went to three Super Bowls that's pretty much. The appellate thumb always was for rock creek right that's right Detroit and Oakland tomorrow night. NFL network 1030 game. Cool. Template. Is too far narratives. I wonder what will happen ultimately to all all with all all this. That the Summers with assuming Sean McDermott his hero. Whether that's something that seems like a good idea to him or not a joint practices. Going somewhere to practice which we your team. With you know at some other team's facility. Ultimately the having training camp here at at this facility there. They are doing. Ought to haunt of work to the training senator. That's just that's just I think just beginning. And I think they're hoping to have it ready. For. Next year the way I heard Brandon being talked about last Friday was by the time free agency rolls around next year they wanna be old commercial at all. So that he can help them in recruitment it will pound gun rights everything Tuesday would be our. How many teams have better facilities the Mets would definitely aiming for that bit and that's aiming high but that's what they're aiming for. And like if you have that facility. Here. But I wonder if the appeal of going sixty miles. East sort of starts to. Dissipate your apprentice. I mean I don't know if it's it's a cut its years down the road they've got they've got to hold me accountable with the agreement they've got instinct. Oh. Hey Bulldog ever won grilling or having a summer party. Then taste the difference rush makes a federal meets make your party sizzle. With whole strip joints for 899 per pound and minerals are actually made grill ready to Bob's beat or chicken with veggies. You can also say three dollars off a bag of stimulants hot dogs and two dollars off 31 to forty count extra large threat. Game day and every day federal makes its specialties the difference rush makes a federal meets. So here we are venturing into Joshua Allen and his first team. Pre season of course with the bills you you can maybe think of all other nights like this event was EJ Manuel. Or J. P. Losman. Horror I don't even a veteran even Drew Bledsoe being either whoever bite me. Do any of those moments come to mind like. I don't take the pre season seriously. We know that teams don't really care they win we know may be more importantly the teams don't really care they don't the it is important to them not to. Look like they plan on looking in the regular season terms of their schemes. So we know what's like that and I think the only right attitude to have about the pre season is. Injuries or bad everything else is meaningless. So that's my thing about it but if you think about like quarterbacks and some some bigger. Occasions if you will through the years in the pre season. It's very hard for me to remember anything. My guess why preface that they got someone who does not take these games seriously. And I cannot remember. Anything I can ever remember being that. A game against Denver. When Losman played and it might have been his first year. And thinking well I didn't go that well by. Whatever expertise and yeah it's experts Parise PP. He got in and he dropped back to pass and then ran. Mikey this big a little bit like Lamar Jackson looked against via Chicago mountain. So anyway you have anything. It's it's really hard I I don't to remember I don't I don't recall. EJ's first game or really bad that pre season much at all being. Overly encouraged to pessimistic. Really everything. Because of the Booth being. Opel of the last. You know our many years series going back to EJ say or even like fifths. The thing that stands out the most to me was feeling somewhat. Invested in Tyrod Taylor. Because like one once he got here before the pre season even started. I I got pretty fond of saying you should be rooting for this guy. You we already know Manuel is that's that's not gonna work. And Matt Cassel is a journeyman drawn caller your goal you're not doing it it if Taylor somehow wins this job. It might it might be something that could turn the bills into a very different kind of team. And soul when he started playing. I don't remember he's the what what what the stats look like an upper pre season game. But I just know there was a point in time in a pre season where it routes to look like him. You need to win this job and I got excited about that. Wide. Anything else really without without having had this sort of bomb to whatever extent I'm I'm I'm invested in that. From having had an opinion. Bet assuming it can remember everything else has always has been like you know almost almost like people who called boy I hope this works. Don't know. Boone good you will know the patents. I. That's really what an end up being like the first year with Taylor there there was a game against Carolina. And they split it up pretty evenly we're talking about this off the year earlier was well. I can remember other teams sometimes for the pre season like Minnesota couple years ago with Teddy Bridgewater Burma right. And also Carolina may be was that when he fifteen game. With with Cam Newton I don't remember whether he played but will it get into the other team. And the you know whoever is the biggest our stars on that team and by the way on Carolina tonight. I've read one article. Where it was said that Ron Rivera on Tuesday that Carolina head coach says he'd like to get nine or ten plays out of new in this game. And when I looked at an article online with their depth chart and it was with regard to this team. It had like everybody in there at least for a little bit here and you've got McCaffery. CJ Anderson from Denver at running back now. DJ Moore. I it was the first receiver picked in the draft out of Maryland. To go with punches here so on their interest thing you know they were playoff team you know and new news one of very biggest stars in the game you can always but one top top draws. In the league I almost always look forward this is seeing him play really he is I think it's right to say he's one of the biggest stars in the league he's one of my favorite players watching. I really I really like watching him. He said he sold big he's so strong he's such a good runner. I mean to him. Well probably then don't be late. Right if you want him in this game hopefully that information is correct and we will get a a look at them Newton you know at least for a little bit in this game. 8030550. Is our number if you wanna get a word in cells coming back mark Kelso and Chris Brown leader to its pre game. Coverage of bills Panthers which kicks off the game kicks off at seven tonight here from new where a field. Mike show in the Bulldog here this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Excitement here at new air field. Later. Maybe. If it. For now you know guys stretching. Possible around you know. How much different will this be. From the game. Well. Everyone will have helmets on. Numbers we'll be able to easily identified players. Even with my word right now I mean I'm mark leave. I. Tell who anyone is there's. Maybe. But dollars and Maurer Panthers up near a handful all angles and I can't make any. But I did I had to bring it is that that's right or they'll play that role right at you in the studio the I didn't bring my a I was wearing sunglasses and I got here and I didn't think to take them all of society it is. I walked in here and it's I don't have my regular glasses. I just bought sunglasses times on the guided city it's not that sunny in this room pretty dark in the room read darkened room with a rocket. I is that by the way I am I don't know. But anyway I put my sunglasses on so I can see better. Because I'm waiting for this Kelvin Benjamin Cam Newton means we talked about Wright was in the week and I wanna be able to identify a we want both of these guys is if and when they get out yours that. Was it into things you that saw McDermott criticized Benjamin. Ya. Like he doesn't spend a lot of time criticizing his players out publicly I'd I thought it was it was certainly notable. And I thought he was pretty strong. Evenly he didn't really soft pedal. At all news on news dislike for the wave Benjamin and I thought anyway I mean he didn't read them but I mean he he. Flat out says that I'd I'd prefer we handled most things differently and that's not we wanted to. Yeah I'm not sure it's as much never say that well I mean this the whole point is that it was public you know. I think their way McDermott's way is like to keep everything in here. So. You know that's not always going to be possible or be the way it is. Yeah and that was news and Carolina so like. Newton has had. These they've been to a Super Bowl with them as it happens in a season that Benjamin messed with an injury. But. Obviously like you bend back the playoffs. We talked earlier about what is his magnitude if you will as a figure in the league he was. He was MVP it was an. Or or yeah maybe I think I think that's right so I mean that's an when he leaves some people on. Annoyed or wanting there's always spend the debate about his style. There's all there's been debate about accuracy like the player he is he is a polarizing. Player various. And there's some good. Personality stuff I mean he. As much as I law I like him. I like watching him I haven't liked everything. That's come along with a you know may be the most. Criticized. Thing he's done easily handled solve after the bubble and I would disappoint him so. It's a team off what kind of a baby. Cited in like that it and and it always. Bothers me more when it's a player who I admire when you that I I like probably play. And even like some aspects of their stock Iowa probably and themselves when they leave me down it it it it. It hurts more there was also a fumble. In that team fumbled with a team like why did you dive for the ball right right it looked very much like Hayward who removes and yeah. Right so there was that and there was that thing with a female reporter last year that thrust really offensive. So there's been there's been stuff there that that even I as a fan of his have not really. For every field goal scored by buffalo. This football season. Liberty Campbell make a donation to the family justice center. Since 2006 the family justice center has been providing a safe place for the victims and children of domestic violence. Holding offenders accountable with the goal of giving victims options to take back control of their lives. Visit at JC. Safe dot org. At GCC. Dot org. And share their goal to protect our community from domestic violence liberty tab passionate about protecting. Our community. The bills the Panthers in just over two hours as the 2018. Pre season kicks off. From here at new air field cell apply yo joins us next much over the Bulldog on the Buffalo Bills radio network.