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Friday, August 10th

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Jabber BST cantor won those type of Marcus Murphy joins us graduates markets by the end zone and played a lot yesterday haven't looked at the plate number you have a lot of steps in the and he it was fun last night you know the first time we got to line up against some opponents you know we came on the thing we did a good job. Now let's talk about the touched up for second or watch it over again today. You had a little kind of hesitation move that I think says that he got a good luck from new house over on that side and a couple of others in the white teller but I thought your little hesitation. There's like to jab step towards middle and cut to the outside made all the difference in the world that but yeah I was just trying to read the Blackstone did a good double front you know scenario for me dome. You know and I was as I did a little hesitation just don't freeze the record and I was able to walk and. Yeah they had a nice job up front for him that and we've been talking about the office likes on new faces up there and they're trying to find the right five we thought they played extremely well and you you're the biggest beneficiary led the team in rushing 35 yard seven carries. You're talking about the vibe conine is the first time this team is at the field would feel like. I'm a feel good down just as often as you know we won't work and I'll count. We've been charming you know just that the days and and just continue to. You know work or personal affront you know get some blocks and and just execute the run game in Paris and I think we'd be good you know we still have some work to do. But I think we do for the most for. And as you've been around the league a little bit with the saints for a couple of years and played a considerably thirteen games with the saints couple years ago with the jets. A little bit last year do you handicapped you know that the picture is running back and knowing you know you're you're gap trauma according got Chris Ivory and then. That you and about two guys right and you look at that a lot when your entry into every means at Pomona last night and. I mean. We we that we have a very talented running their group you know a lot of this and you know I just try to learn a lot from those guards. I'm just come out and record every day you know you. You really try not to look at the BitTorrent and things like this you know just our our our focus on controlling what I can't control. And just make in the Vista that these days and as human being better. One of these communities. Game nobody knew what this office ago looked like we did talk a little bit of courage over. Lot of different people lot of different formations what she is really split you guys out and bring you back in for the snap but it all seemed ago. We didn't see too many guys mess that up that takes a lot of time a lot of reps. And we more than hard and that and that comes to focus you know we will focus on it. His day in and day out you know just working on the of the Smart things to take meet the fundamentals. And around to supply on and on game day. And I think we deal will like us do we still have some some things in some areas for improvement I think we'd be good for most. It seemed like watching last night's game that maybe. It was a little bit of a window into what coach gable is the office coordinator trying to put in there kind of a diverts multifaceted approach a lot of substitutions in. And that keeps guys even back ups depth guys on their toes I would think that don't like eight now Ayman in this package rate. All right and you know. The savor wine I think is like our hands on day it's her office and we have a lot of whip in his. We have a lot of guys we can get the ball to a space and you know a lot of guys that can do good things you know so. I like elect now he kind of rotated everybody got a lot of opportunities for him. It big thing coming out pre season all as you came out all right Reppas ask you before you can are no bumps bruises or shaving knicks or anything like. I'm not just to clue you know after gang soreness you know through cobol his enroute. Last night you know people watching and so are you can contribute to this roster did you did that last year New Year's team in the in the finale of Miami you must feel like I know what I have and and I've shown these guys this coach chip what they have to offer based on your performance westerns adult. I mean like a city you know rises as is wanna come out and every opportunity argue does one take advantage. Work ordered today. Day in and day out in practice. Just learn and everything in our camp from the photographs taken notes and the son of flats in my own game so. Any time that I get the chance as wanna be able to Mike Flynn. When you guys had back saint John Fisher that we had back Sunday or Saturday night. That's our return work is in the remaining couple minutes we have here markets. Lot of work on punt returns but you did that a punt returns for the saints 2015. You'd you rent prospect. 28 including a 74 yard touchdown so that's nothing new for you right right back on right now did that allowed in probably. And even coming into the in the film a rookie on season six season I was don't punt returns kick return for the science so on you know kind of comfortable back there. Specialty is a big part of my game. You know I just try to make a play whenever I have the ball in my hands and you know if you saw a special teams or offense as one of the employment. Kick returns in year resonate to a new kick returns yesterday as. He threw me back there you know I was our rules. I was happy that I got the opportunity. And I mean we really didn't have you know a lot of key Rattan opportunities to bring it out when he knows his name vector for. Were the early returns. At the what are the early on it was purely opinion about how this new kick off is going to be what does it what's the woods and across Maceo. It was the vodka and off field. Well I mean we only have one opportunity to bring you down so you know this kind of steel hard edges. Is still in the air. We're about to go to meetings now on you know kind of figure out the things we need to work on it. You know is still account. You know we still still a work impresses partners. It marks a before we let you go wanna ask you in high school would you grew up outside Dallas de Soto school but it's south of Dallas Texas. Get up a pretty famous high school football teammate Bob Miller former first round pick you up against him in practice and then what was that like. It was it was amazing you know I learned to laugh and those guys on. He was he was just as good as he is now phenomenon officer he's gotten better but it. In high school and he was he was a dog and it is going up against those guys and I was I was on our house of Frist and he was a senior. So you know going against those over the does it you know molded me into the player he was feeling defensive linebacker who's a little armor middle. Run all day. He was a middle linebacker any return keys. To do that he was amazing N news or did you detection and I'll do trespass I don't do an off season you know we will go below we hang. You know our. Haven't talked moment or since since we've been in camp with this that there. That's great it continued success special look at what is your game last night stay healthy and yeah outside reserved for them yet Marcus Murphy bills running back who had the big game last night. Both in return working of course. Yeah I mean in the on the field as a running back seven carries 35 yards caught some passes to four catches for. Thirty yards and we think oh markets for joining us. On the show today thanks very much Marcus.