08-10 Craig Custance from The Athletic with The Instigators


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Kirk Johnson's though has been covering did the Detroit Red Wings for awhile now. You know before being the athletic he was with ESPN and so. And you say that he just joined us he just join us at least quietly had a bump on mop. And we apologize but he he has has been a conference call regarding the bill Larkin yeah signing so. Welcome to the show from the athletic Craig Constance how's it going crank some big news today. Now. It may be summer Friday. And that. Louima pub and now that your gonna be on the short 1130 a lot of people looking forward to it obviously circumstances change right now so we'll get shot here or not ten minutes or so. But I tell us about the Larkin deal. And not only that but we're having a discussion of how that might affect Sam Reiner to. Yeah I mean it will. You know ordeal in Toronto that your. But the area young guys look at this contract. Kids first impression that it was Gilbert along market. One you know active fight years. Pretty ancient gave me a lot of times you see these young guys there aren't as franchise got to get it under Ager treatment. And I think that that back in the budget deal. Need to convert and probably will. And what does it take to get them to eight. In part because. You know it will be two years removed from well where he struggled and so I eat it all out. All we future captain of the good news for a couple of. Now we're just we're just discussing how it I don't even know what do you guys think that this contract directly for example I do but did the question I was gonna have. Is. If you had to pick between Dylan Larkin in samurai and a feared giving both players. A you're starting a team until players available which one would you gagged. In it. Can we compared there are contracts and what that's gonna look like for some right art that we as well. And at that they're quick. You know you got a little bit more track there is development production. You know I guess it is that we. Were you thinking you know what. Position and I think Lamar right now if you yeah last year you look quite well. It legit second line. I think it hit my father are these Bachmann a couple weeks ago and in his mind he seat belt. A lot. You mentioned you're if you can add it I would buck out what was break out years. Where he used it ever to enter the number one sentence and you know I would have been I don't think there right. So they are. I've been in the market. Probably be at that aren't part and so we're talking money probably come. It's the gators and joining us right now. Now. On short notice he has a conference call 1130 about the deal Larkin signing it's great causes of the athletic we thank you very much for shifting your schedule being able to join us. One of the conversations we've had a lot in the last couple days is your blueprint discussion. Number one and what made you have you been doing that once for awhile and you know how did you come about it. GAAP and while I didn't yet again and then when you're walking. Yeah clinic last year and get Iraqi bunkers are if you don't want your. So. Yeah I like it. Japanese into the black hawk in the king. And and word is that he be excited because all the teams if you know you're and we're. I have been construct a little bit and so a lot of there's a category. The franchise and you've got Coke retired city. Crosby's boxer of any doubt about that would be consistent in typically. In the event would look if we go out and I. Franchise. You know. Duke it out hang you don't keep those two things I live in Connecticut it either. It change the you know the case McCain you probably outside and it was because these forward depth coming at you wait eventually raise doubt the locker room. The penguins were to be seen. And we're really wasn't the outlook is any there there are some things to all. Argued that I'd better. And B you can have an identity that is different. It that you are. We we want ideally that second category is. Some sort of competitive so in the case of the penguins beat in the cases that the capital. Outlook our line. And it is okay urge you date. That was something there it was a combatant so you know that's kind of the opera. Craig causes joining us from the athletic we're talking about the Stanley Cup blueprint and so what are your thoughts on the Marty got my quest is not from the sabres it well because do things that that. Took my grab my attention is that. You have buffalo right behind Boston Tampa and Toronto and it in the Atlantic Division and you gave them a three out of five which room to grow. I just what you may be too elaborate a little bit more in the room to grow and where do you see this team. Not like in the best the world but realistically could get two in one or two years from now. Yeah well I want to root growth has been you know we were talking about them being there it very early days without error. Franchise player right so I think Jack I don't think he would probably get them crew. You know dot in the waiting game yet so. So ignore what people didn't check mark because those players we're still. You know the so please don't send out series years until that point 324 year old so we're still a couple of years out from be it Turkey and I think the other area. We're case bilateral and the team is done it differently. Still the still gaps so there's so you know it's already beat them. You know right people on trial were upset because they it's Ronald both look to quote the child so far out. But really it's about identifying him as big as the larger picture building block out play to be a legitimate cup winner and how old are argued that buffalo. Heavy lit be lockquote over it the hardest thing to do it the sentiment the franchise defenseman. And then you know then it comes about your experience so your problem so. Effort over awful and getting our pieces. So we've read the metropolitan and the Atlantic Division so which is which team best matches up or fits the blueprint of the Washington Capitals in the Eastern Conference. It's simple math. Question that the Don and believe him so in that match up it is a big thing. You look at cup and it is still a team but they a where. We're with the don't. Laid out and I'll the the when I I did the original. We want is input to what he thought would keep building blocks there's success and I did when I was can get to project now I didn't outside of that. And in that camp where I was brought up on the scale I think they'll be getting smaller faster and I would tend to follow that trend. And you don't look if it was. For a there were games we won well if it you know. It as you guys know we can't cheat to get the votes he is he's he felt that. How to be a these it was a dance stay out so you know I feel like. Probably the number one. Contender. Danica in the east but you about something you're not content will play in Washington for a while. Of these teams and we've picked immutable. On some level of beer in Washington in terms of that yet. I know your tight for time to you have to deal lark in our conference call how would you rate sore rank or what would your thought would be your first impression. Of the sabres offseason work to Jason bottles done. Yeah I was. Morning I think he's a great job. You know I've already got is there a feeling out process for him early on and you're there at GM. Of course. Any young kids look good when it with a lottery. You can't overlook but I I really light you know kind of your move and or a notebook a lottery win. Otters jury who knows really well of course in but that was really good deal. I especially like accurately access you know of getting that newspapers tropics I would I it's you know it's been getting moved where he started. Now going to be the middle so I thought it was. We ended an age where we're moving away from goaltending has that Yi because in Europe five. But part of blue print there's nothing about goaltender Chris does the goal asking questions at breakfast we can't we know that goaltending doesn't matter. Don't let him out they let their party. I mean that but the prerequisite and I would I would kind of noted that in the intro but you're not only a few people it is not a Danica we know where. Is that gaga. So good news or else that we want I I think that the poppies they all. Become without goalie that good. Yeah and you know what I wanted to let you answer that question I am very good at answering for other people but I will say that I I asked a I thought it was an obvious it's obvious I mean it wasn't on there because I I feel like any team that wins the cop never has done goaltending going and you know like they had they they have either a great goalie that you know plays well enough to get on the championship and have a good goal that plays great and and they win so. I think you're right that is the prerequisites. Greg I think prepared. It's I've enjoyed this conversation where I'm at and you know I. Going to be away next week's alive we know we chartered to maybe reschedule 1130 and I appreciate you being able to. To commodity join us on such short notice and we got it at the break you have a conference call we appreciate the by the time you're able to give us. It.