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Joining us right now on the line producer analysts from NFL network senior producer for 38 years in NFL films are regular Friday guest during the regular season. Very happy to have Greg cosell back at the Imus I Greg John Murphy Steve tasker in buffalo are. Merged in good to be you guys. Yeah it's great to straight up but all the talk about twelve games last night you must've been totally in your element I would think now. But actually went down to. Going to see Eagles in the Steelers last night and then not been trying to get through some tape this morning and you know it's it's that time he heiress itself. All time we'll talk about what you've seen of the bills Carolina game here last year and in new air field is a lot of positive for bills fans we think of their quarterback the first two quarterbacks played. Extremely well hyped high percentage completion rate. The offensive line looked like they protected very well. What are your thoughts here in the early you're no it's you know hard to watch this tape got like fifteen games you gotta watch what your impression yeah. The yeah I mean try to get through as much as I can't particularly the the important players. You know it was a good offensive performance I mean I think overall. You're looking at the court clearly the quarterback position because essentially other than Peter may and you've got to new quarterback in Josh out on the seventh pick in the draft and bringing in AJ McCarron. So you're looking for efficiency. I think you saw that particularly with the first two quarterbacks because I think they're games have to be built surely on efficiency. With Josh Allen I think you're you're dealing with a little different kind of player obviously you want to be efficient. But his ability to make the more spectacular kind of throws in the pocket and and the ability to get outside the pocket and make plays. Is is a little different than McCarron and Andy Pearman. But I think overall. It was a strong performance by the trio quarterbacks. I'm Josh Allen great and you mentioned his ability to get outside the pocket. Everything you know that we go back to the pre draft you know. Booked on all these guys and everybody said just sounds good athlete. You can see that any game like dad and especially when things break down a little bit he is is elusive he's very good runner and I think that's gonna. Working his benefit as he progresses through his career choice in the early portion of his order. Well and you guys have to have been around him and seen him up close and personal as I have and he's a big men up so I mean he had that one play I think it ended up in an incompletion. But where he was under arrest and he shook off the pass rusher you know if you look like the young Roethlisberger on a play like that with his ability. To shake off their garage and and at least preventing negative play and you know he has that kind of size now. There's a loose in his in his game clearly is a little bit on disciplined at this point and you work through that that's where coaching comes and ideally that's what you're trying to do here you're trying to channel the physical talent. That there. Because the one thing about quarterbacks that can make plays outside of structure. Is to me anyway. I think you want that to be parachute you want that to be last you don't want that to be first. But I think he made some throws from the pocket that there are two or three I can think of right now where he sat in the pocket they were late in the down pocket throws including that crossing route which was a beautiful throw. And that's what I look for things like that I want to see him stay in the pocket. I wanna see him and you know. You won't call in noisy money pocket you've got to have the ability to stand and deliver where do you see the loose this where do you see on discipline on display here. Well you know I think he does have a tendency to move around a little bit I think there's a tendency because his arm is so strong and so. Inherently powerful that it times you just seem slick throws with with. Technique and lower body mechanics that are not exactly what you'd like. And I think that's coaching as well. But I you know I think the key with someone like Josh is he can leak really difficult while throws. You wanna make sure that he does not miss the routine throws and those throws are often the result of technique and fundamental mechanics. Now you've also you also say you've seen some of these delegates via baker may feel we assay Kwon Barkley Lamar Jackson Mason rude hall we cut all these new. Guys that were drafted around and and with. Josh Al and what have you seen from some of the other draft picks that look make you think this draft class might. Might turn out some really star football players. Well you know what's funny about baker may feel because I like bigger mayfield coming out and then you guys know what I do it's not about what kind of guy is or anything like that I'm just watching that tape. And I liked him I mean as I've told people when people ask me if I had to read them coming out I probably would have had. Rose in one in the field to. But I thought baker may feel that a real solid performance last night. He's a quick footed kid he's got a compact delivery I think one of the things about me field is that he sees the field well. And I know that a lot of scouts talk about that some people think you can teach that others don't. But I think he sees the field. I was impressed to this pocket movement decline in the pocket he moved around in the pocket he found himself. Quieter spot to deliver the football he maintained his vision downfield he reset his feet. I thought he looked good at playing that position alas I thought he looked like he did Oklahoma. What Andrew Luck says it was great to be backing it unless I what did you see if anything a large performance for the colts last night. Yes I mean I think it was it was again. In her first performance he was efficient. You know it's funny. Just to bring up a name you guys are diagnoses probably really good friend to them and I known to. But a lot talked about you know how was good to get hit I remember years ago interviewing Jim Kelly. And Jim Kelly always told me he said you know what I never felt like I was into a game until I took my first shot and and and I know Steve probably knows exactly what I mean when I say that Anne and Andrew Luck said that the post game press conference and I think for guys who who have been away for awhile. I think they feel like they need to get some physical contact and they need to sort of feel the game of football as much as plays the game of football and I think for lock. That was a big deal just mentally. Yeah a lot of people watched that game last night. Were reminded just how good he was amid didn't lol yeah he missed a beat. No no it. It's funny say that Steve because for some reason and he was a first pick in the draft but for some reason even. You know just before he got hurt. There was some sense that Andrew Luck you know was not living up to expectations and I never quite understood that when I watch I watch every. Drop back he's had in the league since he came in the league and Andrew Luck is a really good quarterback. Yeah do one or the other kids that was drafted number two overall sequel on Barkley. Who is hard to imagine having a better a little splash play to start your career. As he takes a handoff and heads down the sideline and made. What was really kind of an individual run out of an inside job dive play. Yeah and I think that's what he is. You know I think they'll have big runs and I think they'll have runs where he gains you know yarder to yards or minus two but yet that that first run of the game really showed the skills at that he has. Because that run was designed to go inside to collapse. And he saw the defense there and so he showing that quick feet that stop and start ability that dynamic lateral quickness. That's what he is you know. I think he's got a little bit of a balance mentality. And when you do I think you have. Big big plays. But we'll see I mean there's no question he's that he can be spectacular. And is dynamic town. I would Greg cosell executive producer analysts for a NFL matchup senior producer and NFL films talking about some of the performances. In last night's initial night of the pre season football we were there in Philadelphia and you saw Mason Rudolph for the Steelers. Another quarterback drafted in the early rounds back in April what did you see from him what you think it. You know mr. Rudolph an interesting player to me Merck because. He's a big kid he looks the part. I always felt watching him you know he's not a big armed kid for his size. I think that he's a quarterback that needs to be comfortable in the pocket. I think he needs to be protected. I think there's there is a rhythm to his game but I think that. In I hate to use terms that that it overuse like system quarterback but I think he needs a good all line and any needs to be in rhythm. He's obviously in in competition I would assume for the number two spot Landry Jones has been their for years Josh dobbs is still there are. Base or Rudolph play and I think the whole second half last night. It you know and I think the pre season don't be important for him you know crack. As Steve knows I think the practices are really important for for these players too we just as fans anyway we just get the CD games. But I think the coaches are evaluating practices just as much the first pre season game in many ways as a glorified scrimmage. But I think you know Mason Rudolph was he was drafted in the third round when you draft a quarterback in the third round you think he has a chance to be a starter down the road. Yeah and and certainly he's with an organization is knocked in a hurry him along with Ben Roethlisberger there so we can have a chance to at least get his feet underneath him maybe not so much with baker mayfield Josh Allen. Or Sam Arnold either we'll talk about. Warming up this is not off the off the map here part of of one of the great stories in the league it she came Griffin. From what we heard last night for the Seattle Seahawks he was all over the football field for those of you don't notice that the guy who was born without a left hand. Deed did you get a chance to evaluate him and heard here about what he did in Seattle. I did not get a chance to see the tapes are don't know specifically but I've read. That he's had a very good camp he's impressed a lot of the veteran defenders there I'm gonna be fascinated to see how he ends up getting used. Because look they still have the two linebackers who are really really good Bobby Wagner and KJ Wright. This style of player that Griffin is. He's not at strong side linebacker and that's that's the position that it's theoretically open unless they change their defense around a little bit. You know maybe move KJ Wright who is 250 pound and give him more the strong side responsibilities. But you know Griffin is is a lighter guy he's almost felt like the safety of even though we did play linebacker and rush the quarterback in college. So what do we actually to see how many snaps he gets. On defense as we move along particularly the first team defense. Yeah he is an undersized guy he is he's got a brother this twin who is a safety and he's built like him Jesus he's a lighter guy and he's not tall. But the thing that sets him apart is obviously he's the fastest linebacker the Columbine and probably as fast as any linebacker in the lead. Because that's what he has to be. Yeah I mean he's gonna have to be a linebacker. He's almost go like a guy who's a sub linebacker Steve you know again so the question becomes. You know candy lineup in your base defense and play in and take on the run you know and and look he's playing in in a a division you're gonna have time girl you're gonna have Kyle Shanahan offense which starts wins. Base personnel and our run game. So. It'll be entry you know Arizona has David Johnston so the question is can he line up in a base personnel defense and be NB a run defender at. Probably 220 counts. Greg cosell NFL matchup on the Lam this another first from quarterback to ask you about this second pre season game Lamar Jackson with the ravens what did you hear about his performance. In last night's game against Iran what do you know about that when you would have thought of. Customer after his first performance that this cape comply I mean I units how many people have defined his entire career after the all things back. You know I think he's going to be an up and down guy for awhile because I think he he's a quarterback that needs to be coached hard. He'll make plays with his feet look Steve knows this pre season when no one game plan specifically. There's a lot of loose this to this style of play. Quarterbacks who can move tend to look good in the pre season because they make plays with their legs because no one is game planning to. Force them to stay in the pocket no one's game planning a march roster anything like that. So quarterbacks who can move around will make some spectacular. Plays in the pre season and I would expect that from a Mark Jackson he saw a nine yard touchdown run I mean that's Mark Jackson. You know what okay listen let's move back to here to western new York and buffalo on over the weekend the Buffalo Bills traded to Cleveland Browns a seventh round pick yeah war. For Cora Coleman talked little bit about what you know about home what your expectations are and what the bills fans can expect from a. Well Coleman's uninteresting guy because he brings a dimension that you can't coach which is why it was a first round pick and that's speed. Every team would love to have a vertical dimension because of what it does the defense. So that's a critical piece of any offence but the issue you face with Coleman. Is wary came from he played for our trials and bail our. And when you watch Baylor tape under our trials you would see about say the plane was going to the right and Coleman was nonetheless the receivers on the left would just stand at the line of scrimmage they didn't even get off the line of scrimmage. So he's not really used to a full. Pass game concept so we had to be taught that and I don't know what happened in Cleveland none of us do. It's but obviously they base our honor for whatever reason. So I can't speak to whether he can't Lerner what the issue is. But he brings the dimension of speed now if Josh Al and ultimately wins the starting job as a rookie. What you'll see what you saw a little while last night is the play action pass game where they wanna quit the ball down the field because of Josh Josh is ability to make those throws. Now Coleman gives you leave vertical dimension maybe he's the kind of receive free gift three routes to and that's all you ask him to do. I don't know that you know he hasn't been about the long enough for us to know. How they see him but any chance any opportunity you get to get a guy with that kind of vertical dimension in your offense you would least want to take a shot. Gregg referred to go gonna take you back to just challenge you may detected this him simmering feud between mr. tester myself about what's next for Jack Shalit. I am of the belief and I'm not talk about September 9 opening day I'm talking about. August 17 a week from tonight bills that Cleveland preceding game number two. I would like to see the bill I don't multi well but I would like to see the bill start judge Allan let them play with the ones that lets see how good he might beat Steve disagree what you look. Obviously there's two schools of thought and there's no right or wrong but I think when you trade up to draft a guy seven year expecting him to be your starting quarterback at some point. You didn't drink you didn't do this so we sits for a full year so all I would say is I would like to see him start gain in the pre season before the fourth pre season game because I'd like to see how he takes eight. Some orderly game playing you're still giving a quarterback scripted plays and a plan. Even if it's not meant to attack its specific defense that you're playing against you're still giving him a plan and I'd like to see how he goes out and execute a plan. That you worked on throughout the week and and when I say execute the plan I'm talking about and all areas in the huddle getting the team in and out of the huddle making sure everybody's lined up correctly making sure there's no false start penalties all the little things that are the new ones. Elements of a quarterback play so whether it's this week or the following week I would like to seems starting gain it's not a knock on the other players but you didn't trade up to get them I'd like to see him you know I have the chance to go through that process.