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Friday, August 10th

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Good things for pre season game you know it's nice to see us get off to a good start in the first half and the second half kind of detailed two passes and answer our young guys came. We shot ourselves in the foot. With penalties and dropped passes and poor fundamentals you know those are things I expect it will learn and make adjustments. A coach Sean McDermott some of his comments after the game last night. I think they treated outsell they but it screwed up he's actually thirty so we're gonna pick the bills than a minute wanna hear from all of you were kitten some good calls this morning from folks are given us their opinions on. Josh Allen last night on AJ Peter but are they GP and I just made it to that being on AJ McCarron on Nathan Peter men. And whatever else you wanna talk about from the game last night marks Murphy had a good night Harrison Phillips satisfaction act Lawson had a pass break up and some good pass rush. What Kelvin Benjamin was very effective in the one series up on the field with Nathan Peter men. Eagle 30550 join us. 888550. To 550 can share your thoughts on the game last night don't forget if you missed anything on post game the post game press conferences would all the quarterbacks. All three of them spoke to the media. Sean McDermott's. A post game press conference. The entire post game show a big here if you wanna listen back anything from our coverage last night it's all available and on demand audio at WGR 550 dot com. Eagle through affected to join outside what you wanna do you re picking what to do some work talk about the game when when it just gets in pauses again to give us your media polls money are we don't respect or no no no no it will buy and I have the weekend to figure out what I'm doing yes regular stuff to give me how much I have at some point future plan in place. It plans to relax and be above this weekend. What happened and watch quarterbacks what happens a camp this week. What happens what they're cute Whalen that with the raps and by the way camp ends on Wednesday now where they're the last two days of camp. Version two and they're gonna Cleveland to play the browns. And you'll be Tyrod Taylor and baker mayfield Seoul see the bills last quarterback in the first pick in the draft and and I just I wonder how bills are gonna handle this Sean McDermott they they're playing things sold close to the blast saying they have a plan. And not telling anybody what the plan is to the degree with which that they did not announce their starter for their pre season game yeah. The second half and again. It's a good question I think the answer is yes I would think the logical I would expect and you start McCarron. Because. He wrote her a it's for lack of a better way to put it it's his turn yes. I would be. Surprised to be doesn't start because they've been. Moving restaurant for both guys they've they've both been getting time with the once so. If one guy starts no matter who started the first game. I would have told you I would have expected the ought not Alan I would have expected the other guy to start the second game so I and I am anticipating. Weather announces that I don't know. I'm anticipating McCarron starting I'd be surprised if it's Peterman. I'd be really surprised at its Josh Allen. I'll be very surprised an island you know wraps. I think it's gonna continue the way it is I think my guess is they'll continue rotating. The guys with the ones. Maybe meet me they get back to. Working in a handful of reps with ones for Josh shallow which they were doing on a fairly regular basis up until the tail end of last week. That's the only thing I think could change in reps maybe they give Allen someone work. But in ought I would think they're gonna stick with the plan and that is McCarron and Peter men McCarron Peerman both made strong cases for the number one job last night I would. Or at least what changes that they are definitely in the race for the number one job writing the other guy did anything to hurt his yet the story of the game for me is Peerman. And that's all each person's gonna have their own story of the game. For me this story against Peter in because I have been a completely writing them off as even in this mix and he starts when I was surprised yeah any plays well enough to indicate that he's definitely in this quarterback competition yeah you know. Alan of course is something that. Is a story of the game as well but. I got exactly what I thought I would get out Allen but outside of liquidity dude that surprise mean. I don't really. He was nine of nineteen he made some really nice throws. He hawked it pretty far and not what I expected to see one of those. So what about Alan was surprising did anything surprise you from no because I think I can't say this that's what was described to us it can't and that's what we sought camp what he did last night does what he's been doing exactly what south NTELOS every day from camp and what he what he did last night what he's been doing if you're listening to the way that people are describing his training camp he's. Living up to one a lot of us a lot said about. His skill set and his and what would happen he's supposed to be a little bit of a project he's supposed to have a huge army supposed to be athletic. He throws a rocket. All those things are happening in in in he's supposed to be. A little bit away so the fact that he's been running with the threes the last couple you know days a week of practice is not a surprise and he goes in and looks. Everything about him has has lined up so far yeah if there's any surprise if and I say I say that good and bad yeah. Does any surprise at an early enough surprises the right word. But his short stuff last night was good he was on target he was accurate in an area that has been a struggle for him. But why it'll last night was and said he. That's the guy he's been at camp and that includes. Some and treated and it was the throw. Was it to McLeod not the touchdown he made a throw over the middle of the field. Again a dark over the middle that turns out to via a really good game. I can't remember I think it was McLeod. And he's made that throw in camp he he is bin. A effective using middle of the field and he was last night on occasion. But it's the shortstop I think her slate. It's good it might sound odd. That you you know on a night when he throws a couple of balls incomplete but 65 yards ish in the air that you say and you were happy about throws in the right flat screen passes yes. Because you're looking for areas that he was struggling and footwork mechanics actors in accuracy on short throws. And he was better in that last night. But again he also had some plays out there that he missed and you pointed out maybe think he's he's leaving the pocket a little bit too early but the number three offensive line wasn't good last night. And the protection was an issue last night and he started running. But he he was exactly who he was at camp I'm not surprised at all. Peerman if there is a surprise last night it's Peterman because he started out well at camp. And then kind of tailed off. And he was having some rough practices and I thought last night he played better than anticipated he he made the throws he can make in this offense. What do that's give credit to Peterman or give credit to gable for game plan that. That uses the strength of Nathan Peterman. He did exactly what he needs to do get the ball out fast throw it outside he's not gonna. Zip ball he's not throwing downfield that much. He's not in a rocket a throw over the middle of the field into a tight window he may patrols last night that our Nathan Peterman throws that he can execute and it moved the ball downfield. And it created a touchdown of course yet the interception with a built through a little bit by Chris Ivory but I was surprised at how he came out and played well I really wants. He got the ball to his best target he found Kelvin Benjamin. You know key. On the blown on net not blown coverage when Benjamin beats the guy one on one. It looks like an easy touchdown put what he makes the plight he puts the ball out there he's got this guy free running down the sideline perfectly thrown ball boom touchdown. So heat he X acute to the offense very well last night that was a surprise tonight. I thought McCarron did well to do so I was really happy with the way the bills looked in terms of the passing offense. I was excited I'm looking forward to Cleveland because honestly I'd than last night proved anything it didn't answer any thing I know what changes are whose -- numbers and all that but. I don't think it did anything except maybe make it completely dead heat with McCarron and Peter man. Counterpoint texts are right in Peter means an interception machine and not a legit starter Tommy get him off the team before it becomes a distraction. That's been about a feature where I do think interception was on Peterman more than its ivory it's on both that and he's got to make a better throughout that's an. That's easier throat and it is a catch an idol that you know could've caught that sure it's catch a bull Toyota thresholds are not just that but you're running a crossing route. In tight and a fastball behind you is this. Is gonna be tough there ultimatum fat up there are other ways to do that so I do put that on Peter meant by the interception it's funny on a night when payment mistake. Right but he threw if you throw in the one that that Carolina took a penalty on he threw. Eleven passes. Nine were accurate. You were behind receivers one was an interception one they got a break up because it was passing affair is the guy was wrapped up. So that's that's a good night in terms of accurate throwing that's a good night for Nathan Biederman so. I got nothing but good thing to say about passing offense and and Brian tables. Creativity last night the different personnel groups the guys in motion it was it was it was. It was watching a passing offense that looked like it knew what it was doing and that's a good thing around here we don't really say that very often. 80305. Get to join us 888552. By fifty John in buffalo it's football Friday on W Tiago right ahead. A good morning. Oh postal approach they were just tell us. I heard the stories that help is there an error at its game. To watch Allen out there. Just seem pretty poised or if it was RO sick at caught up a lot of a lot of respect and have there and you know he had a drop by all third up by Australia third down. If they keep all the while they're worried that brought about it and it started couldn't locate the ball to her be brought all. And did everything he was strong common policy that. Adjusting your delivery point out short broad. I'd arm broke and everything else that had marked urgent. There is but also a bit and it's wrong ball where. McCarron in here and they just can't do and look for that your arm brick wall and now neither of those guys really did anything that impressed and it sure he'd government care. You know you're at a great driver I understand that but. He had a creature yeah great previews reviews. Other book. Repeat what hear and a lot of growth or those short throws out at the numbers which we know we can make those I'm. And he still made the mistake and he's still made the mid state where it's either. Actually or the other but. I just I mean I don't want to see his commitment and from the standpoint of I just don't think and maybe it just felt this put. From the national media perspective this guy who. You traded all your trip sponsored draft capital to go up when you're just first out and you're certain that LeBron who. Really didn't do much laughter either any added opportunity. I know a but you know to be here if you really want to refute gained all that effort you put all our that you just don't go later. And other women's. His stroke on field. No Ritter MacLeod played well let oracle almost and stopped because they were that the occasion. But you are back there again and I want as he got my quarterback on my quarterback. Not get scared of making it big in the budget rookie no matter how many times you know if he turned it over here oh well. Just to throw the ball bounce feel and I love being about five. All right thanks. Look I'd like she Josh Allen start we all I think but again. I'm not going to start and if I don't think he's ready for the job. This is the the the discussion that Jeremy brought up earlier about like Allen in the reps and all that stuff sure I'd love to see him get a start. I don't think it's gonna happen. Somebody just treated and about what about starting Allen against Cleveland and then. McCarron if you think he's gonna be the number one guy in week one to hold off and start him in the third game when the starters play into the third quarter idle the Allen's getting a start. I'm curious I would give him more reps with the ones I would give must start one of the three games because I'd like to see how he does with the starters playing against number one defense. I don't think it's happening I don't think he's gonna start in week one I think it'll come down to McCarron a Peterman I'm still gonna stick with McCarron. The output I am gonna get Peterman credit mean making made the place you know sure he's he's limited. It was more than ought to bring up okay actually with both guys you were talking about neither guy has been a while. Okay neither human nor McCarron with the throws they may well why you would just it's it's not the quarterback they are. We care and you listen to sell all the time right he's thought about McCarrick camp McCarron probably been the most consistent guy through practices. But he's not flashy he's not a guy you can watch every practicing and aka the walkway gone. And that McCarron. It's just it's just not who Yates and neither is Peta been to the credit of gable to the credit of Peterman. He played to his strengths and that is the short throws outside outside the numbers timing routes get the ball out that's doing is he executed the plan he made the throws he can make. Fine now. Ultimately if you realize yes she doesn't have a strong and a former REIT can't use the middle of the field. Then that should lead to him not starting I would not Pickens the starting quarterback in week number one. But I'm also gonna tell it again last night for who he is he played well that's his game and he did exactly what he needed to do to try and win this job. Went all said and done he's not a complete quarterback and they wouldn't have Mehmet as my starting quarterback. I just wanna be so careful watch every single thing we say because it's the pre season. And don't like it's just watching the highlights a sports and has all of Josh don't throw it just threw in children bunch and it's nice stuff in there but. In all for every well he was working of Robert Foster that's right he's also playing against the threesome consists soul heart. How what are you supposed to deal. Now. Hey if that's Kelvin Benjamin and Teddy makes the catch he said Robert Foster maybe they did that this is the number one defensive back is out there may be the number one pass. Result. But that's not how it works looked at tomato can in last night probably played against the Jews and did really well. You play against who you play against you play with two which are three's you play against twos or threes the player with back playing with backup offense alignment whatever you can. You you play with who you're designed to be with than you evaluate them I'm not gonna. Again I. The child playing with a once in a pre season games so you take it for what it's worth your value in Peru he is and what he's doing with backups of the offensive line that when he was in their yeah. Is that there's a reason why these guys are threes OK the number one offensive line was last night and that worked out for Nathan. And the next line wasn't that bad really with McCarron. And the final line that Alan ends up playing with especially whichever driver was when they took three penalties on the same drive wasn't gut. Okay comes with the territory. I don't know much or else to go what that other than if you ask me again today. Last night doesn't really change anything for me I think McCarron the starting quarterback I don't think Josh Allen is gonna get reps with the ones I don't think he's gonna get a start building last they changed anything. I shouldn't say that. Peterman looked good enough that I would tell you if there was some separation between McCarron impediment I think it disappeared last night I think there are a dead heat. It's football season. Pre season just Hartman you know what I'm I'm officially at I'm not I'm not there yet I'll cut I am actually looking at in order to the second game it's football season because you're simultaneously splash in the pre season you are a not excited off pretty too excited yet no I got it and it's just it's so frustrating. Fire Harry has tweeted in that. He's loving the double standard of takes on bills quarterbacks. Because we're pumping up Allen and dumping on Peter minute McCarron which is that we absolutely know it well last night not happening and into the show Iran lauding it well bloody you do OK but have you picked a built because a lot more real quick real quickly I will tell you let's look. Pre season football sure we can all go without it. And pre season football the second half can really be misery but would Allen playing. It's different and we went this way Huckabee did I'm enjoying lunch let him play honest though if you want him to be good which builds tension wanted to go and we're out here looking for good stuff you know and when he overthrow Robert Foster is a well somebody else would have made about a catch them would have been faster there. Maybe leading he didn't miss the throw it through the first went out of bounds the first way throughout abounds yep the second one he threw was too long like although he's. Flocked to stop running or not did a great replay on the one going left to right the one going down left or right to the five Garland he stopped a cut the stuff they had a beautiful iso replay Monica's you do it you wouldn't notice watching a lot yup now they showed a replay. He slows down and stop running his route because she's looking back on ball's not coming to me. And he realizes all. Solid start heat I got to start running again and he doesn't catch up to a easily a couple of yards off if he doesn't slow the route down maybe that's completed but the first went through it out of bounds. Put it all applied and throw a bomb in place your receiver and try to make a catch instead of throwing it out about Terry's between a vacuum at the caller but that's got that's that's gonna happen the bills. They drafted this guy to beat that guy so you are. If you're waiting for him to eventually pass McCarron and Peterman. You're gonna look for it to happen you want to happen and never practiced in every game well he'll also wanted to be with the wants to get a fair to say let me see what Josh does with the starters with Kelvin Benjamin. And then I can tell you hey guys show up he's better than Peterman McCarron eggs I don't think it's gonna happen exactly. So there you go on. Doctorates in Peterman to not play last season with the ones yes he did Tara got I got hurt or hurt nobody did do that. On and we didn't have you picked the bills or does or does it on -- have to push a little later yeah let me let me grab a call here. Anthony and tunnel under your own football Friday and WG yarder right ahead. They are you guys doing this morning and make our comment on just not enough let's not forget about the court actions are now on talk about our receivers. Arm did you guys see brand and are really catch irked that each of yards downfield. A beautiful ball thrown to on. Are nice route that he ran. I think you should up when given the shot urged as they Jones and are. One other comment I wanna make toward dark as dodger weeks early what are your thoughts on him coming from San Francisco. ID ego and bill you know role model an awful lot. I think he's in the top four what order I can't tell you I don't know. Benjamin is unquestionably the one dollar write off say Jones I'm sure that the bills wanna see. Whether he comes back and has a really good year this year their big obvious she they're big fans in the drafted him. And throwing Corey Coleman's. Why I think those your four guys I'm not sure again in whatever order outside of Benjamin. But if Coleman is the guy the bills think he is he should lock down one of those four spots and I would think that these bread and rally at best. As your fifth receiver on the depth chart going into the season. Appreciate the call let me slide and won more because I want to get to Christian Easter herb for a break quite Chris. Hey guys I'll make a short street. But that's a popular agent I want out of buffalo the poor kid is not gonna live down five picks you're a tree were terrible. But the other day the kid's got talent I mean he made it to the other well. How about other college quarterbacks haven't but the fans here are just you know it's like going to master rather wait for that predicament they can puma deal. But I mean if you go with Josh honestly chase. Ballot out but at the end of the day you talk about the arms straight out of the dark side AJ pass over the middle could a series ethic but rocket. I mean you know the other day he's got arms strength and he's got a the shoulders and lastly. If you got dressed you know all right he's he's got flashy guy a Dicey earlier while you saw a couple very bad rookie mistakes like that one or humorous. When it'll sideline and just throw it sky hook the most cup cricket which are gonna get a few forced him into Mexico. You know Peter may let it go and get the shots. A world where would get a shot that's gears there's a question you're a year his agent I wanna be traded where. Actually walk out of Blake I put him out of lake Florida well Jacksonville wouldn't. Jackson wouldn't put Amanda Blake portals not but I think I did give them a fair they would not. Well yeah you don't know that I become a blip also from the AFC championship you've betrayed friends but they're gonna trade for the five interception guy given a shot and open competition. I interception when I recall any five or 61 OK let's not put Peyton Manning and it appears in the in cedar man has a great opportunity to win the starting job and he played really well last night and the idea of him asking for trade is knots. Plates or not I'm not not to say that I'm. You know what do you think you're getting for Nathan Peter and by the way if you guys out there about that why would Peter and wanna go somewhere where he doesn't have a job opportunity when right now he has a very good chance to win the job. That he gets he wrote one heck of camp Obama out of that they. Then McCarron will be the same way everybody's waiting for Josh Allen it well I think it can force a guy you're gonna get those hook shot I mean I don't let it but it does McCareins in the same boat McCarron has a bad game we're all going to be waiting for Josh I'll. Police got NFL experience. Starts. Well at more than Peter Benton and gentlemen had to. They get an idea that's what I want to make and I think pure and got talent but I don't think Western New York because. We don't see him or reading ship any of the players right last night was the first time question Yorke got to see the players right what she goes yep Aetna but it. Right so yeah expert watch these guys every day coaches be you guys were kept. The last night was the first ever respond. And I thought it at all three and played pretty well. The work it's gonna have backlog over and that he chose like last. But it won't be a cloud over him pentagon the guys who make the decision not to stab you even you contradicts your point you say you remember Peyton Manning doing that and Peyton Manning got over it. Our equipment. At a rapid. No Peyton Manning threw more interceptions in his rookie season than anybody in NFL history and he didn't ask for trade because the fans will be met Adam but what number equity in the draft. Oil. What Chris Chris what we at here's what I think with with Peterman when it comes down to it sure it's not interception game will always be there. But for Brandon beam and Sean McDermott. They're not making the evaluation based on yet but this kid to fight picks last it's not an election we don't pick who is the starter the coaches do and if he's good right. And if they if they do Katrina. And to keep them look you know it looked good but it's a it's a tossup court's prosecutor that I I agree with that have been -- if they can select Peter. And the first game at the top and don't give up so quick and accurate Europe's bankers. But there was the collective and buried it last slightly that was behind him you know that that's tigers that I pretend right you and I pretend. But I'm sure that if I was there and I'm sure like oh here we go right. Not understand if the experts like you guys that secure him a mile behind Oprah fans give them more than Water Cube tray. OK I urge it to turn up I mean I guess I can understand. It's the same it's the same with a Allen. There are people of kind of become entrenched in it in a couple their positions and how they feel about these guys got a guy and Twitter tell me that. I hate Allen in if Rosen had played that game last senate be raving about it I know I wouldn't it's the pre season. I refuse to rape. I refuse to get too upset. None of what happened last night will week will even be memorable. In three weeks soul and Allen did some nice things and Peerman did some nice things when they go to Baltimore aid kits. Different it's Carolina. They don't care they didn't play cam knew mainly Christian McCaffery. In on the bills didn't play LeSean McCoy the offense might look group. Tremendously different with McCoy. Because they run a lot more and you might not seem 35 passes and game you might see twenties. So everything is going to be different. I thought last night was phone I'll like I do wanna sit down some liken dog and anyone of these quarterbacks I thought it was a fun game to watch the pass the ball. That kind if they get that kind of passing even the regular season giddy up you know like that good. Is that gonna happen I don't I don't know. And I think I think. Quickly because I got we got to get the headlines are really late Chris I understand your saying about PM and I can't speak for everybody else he throws to pick the ivory. Not for for one moment that I think oh god here we go again this is the guy threw five picks against the chargers didn't. As it was last season it was a different offensive coordinator to different team so I personally mean I don't think that but I will tell you whether it's Peter McCormick Karen. Either guy if one of those guys wins the job the first bad game they now Robin is talking about hey how's Josh Allen don't went went to Josh Allen get it. You know if they get off to a rough start to Josh Allen clock will be ticking and that's regardless of Peter minute McCarron it's just the way it's he's a first round pick they moved up to get. And we all know these two guys whoever wins the job are holding the seat for him. Care care to be built last night good night for all the quarterbacks. We have. Complete coverage WGR 550 dot com maple had a nice night for the browns Lamar Jackson. Threw for 119 for the ravens last night Andrew Luck return to the football field first time since the end of 29 her 20s16. Season. Yanks beat. The Rangers the Red Sox lost to Toronto. Why isn't her home tonight 705 Ladd junior had a home run for the second straight game. Last night Gary Woodland your leader after one round of PGA championship at six under here's your code word text the word hope. To 72881. HO PE. Job until I'm sorry tart Cam Newton did play and sort of McCaffery yes I know but I mean like for the game day yet they played once won yesterday's whatever you. Paul seven to 881 half to 9 o'clock message and data rates may apply. Your chance to 1000 dollars in the national in cash contest it'll 30550 gravel I'd join us football Friday give us your thoughts on last night's game. From their own thirty to hear it over its stamp I've gone back to throw. Looks right looks like. My yeah. Phillips and Phillips expected back at the forty yard line. It's Buffalo Bills football Friday on the home of the bills WGR. Sports Radio 555. Seats out comply TO. I'll tell unseal so I'll go bungee ills I'll go bucks a year old so yeah come on shields. Feel GO. I'll go Ponzi Els sounds good I feel on WGR. Just waited out a end zone view of the Josh Allen touchdown pass to ray or McLeod very small window I thought it was his best oral tonight. He had another really nice throw across the middle and it'll all but also to McLeod. I believe so yes satellite via third down conversion but that idea that it ray ray McLeod a third of them should be allowed to Wear number three. Because he's the third Soka and you know always not gonna be allowed two or number three no right you can't know. Unless he converts itself the quarterback he should be allowed. Guy and I'm just impressed a lot of to put the three on the big I I I was the eye on the Jersey is it was okay as opposed to know DBS for the guy in Kansas City and is a doctor. They should put VI I I on the Jersey. Now we're yon and each other quarterbacks put a good way it's well while he gets up and a ball. Well south on the eighteenth tee how I'm gonna go behind the scenes. All of the bills pre season with Al brought to you by outlet liquor for the lowest everyday prices in the state shop outlet liquor welcome to the controversy Sao. You know I'll tell you what. We may still have a oracle controversy but it's much much more healthy encouraging. Problem to have this morning you're Sean McDermott then what occurred then because. In those quarterbacks played well last that I gave all three of them my you know arrows up by the quarterback's time two times three is what I wrote and down you know at least you're sitting there today saying. You know what I we we we have three guys that are still in this thing not oh my god what do we get into these three guys. Yes even if they had been terrible at it wouldn't mean they would be in there in the regular season but in terms of having the pre season be enjoyable and wanting to kind of see the differences between each of these guys in and out any fans are able to make the camps so. As they as they auditioned for the part this was a really good showing for all three of them at least in a relative to their skill set. And I feel good that the answers have definitely want to camp they've been listening to. WG I in my reports that we saw kind of what I've been saying what we've been seeing him and it's an and it seemed like that. Last night obviously you own more accuracy in you know really nice performances from apple Peterman and cam that we saw who they are and I've seen it can't really mean. Peter men was a good anticipatory passer easy sometimes he doesn't necessarily have that Arctic is put a little bit more behind it get a good job of that last night. Omnicare has a little bit more arm strength but he does sometimes and a whole lot of balls so it's a tad bit too long we did a nice job stepping up and clean pocket. And fire in the Balkans there. And we know Josh Allen I've been seeing you guys did that roll over the middle crossing route is the money throw for him he was money on it last night that through rate rate. And that second touch it I'm sorry the first touchdown the one that Josh Allen through. I was standing. IDR ray ray McLeod guys I heard that all that it is hands it thumped yeah I. Ask them about an hour lot entry of the sound and I said what's that like he goes you get used to it hurt America. There's a video of that off hot seat again fighting tweet it out but there is any video with sound up and you can hear the thought as the ball. Yes and look McLeod lays on the ground like isn't to say like wolf. I know and you're gonna help him in hot and I thought you gonna to salvage gonna tell me it's like when you hear a fastball and a baseball games and fight like appear the batter. You can see the pitch pitcher to go by you and I thought you're gonna tell me like when his ball is in the air you can just hear it going through the air and I and to ray ray McLeod. Just never errors in next some extra throws a fast apologists it's someone's chest and bounces off yeah it was a home just like that thump. But it but he caught it caught it. I thought when he caught the league he was position and if it is our status eons and I wonder if that's why he was had been slow getting up maybe. Wonder if it's still attached to his body for some reason I don't know. Did anything from last night would all the three guys taking everything into account. Did it change anything or will it change anything when you get back to practice this week we start talking about wraps and what's happening and all the so intercepted last night impacted at all you know I guess that only comes from. You are how we view that for me I'm not really you know I think an RD trending that this is looking like it was a two man race. For the most part which she'll still an exit at discount him. But I think there's just a little bit of a gap there between the first two and as far as what their plan might be. And how they want to approach this thing I don't think last night had anything to quash that I do think Josh keeps his name in the mix there's no doubt about it. But if anything guys I think what we saw last night was affected me in Pearman is clearly. On right there with age in the care of you thought it McCarron had some sort of lead in this race many did you know I think you can eliminate that thought right now I think impairment. Mean not only be even he may be had in this. I think that that south lets me. I mean night I wouldn't say that. You know McCarron distanced himself but I thought there was a little separation I thought he had. An inside track is supposed to Peter and I thought after last night I didn't think Pete human would start I was very happy with how he looked at the electorate a dead heat now. I agree we had to do an average guys who are we did we we the updated. Poll numbers the updated prices based on what's who's that investors would do they think would start self. Josh talents prices dropped eight because. He's with the threes the other to play well Peterman 49 McCarron 43 Allen eight. It's pretty big jump check there was an item that's say Al 1000 per cent jump he went from a five dollar chair to a 49 dollar share. Think I would go I would right now is invited you percentage wise. I think we're looking at somewhere around and 4242. What's at the 841642. Point 260 no I think I just think they're even and and that's a big gap down Alan I shall keep alive in this thing that I think you'll like what he showed last night he still has an opportunity. You know unfortunately for him and I hit it it's kind of weird sail like that but reports that for him. You know the other two played really well I mean if if Peter in the care if you came away from last night on. And I don't think so that you probably think Josh Allen has a really legitimate chances are they says performance which wasn't great but it was good enough to keep the conversation at fifteen. Think cell he deftly played well enough that if they were to start him it would be a team that's starting a rookie that's gonna take his lumps. They just they just don't seem to be not necessarily to say that that has to be a rush. But you know there's there's in a rush there's patient and then there's in the middle and I would say that they're kind of leaning more towards patient at least that's what it would seem. No doubt look Arab back to the word that we talked about the other day calculated that's how Sean McDermott described their handling. Josh Allen calculated and I think that's what it's been so far and look last night you could not have scripted it any better for the bills they said. We're gonna play it needed here and obviously in for a quarter retreat McCarron of recorder reliever Josh Allen perhaps lets hope it stays on script and all he'll play well guess what they got exactly what they wanted. From Peter made in the Caron and a chance to evaluate Josh Allen for an entire half of football what's interesting to me is now. Do you go with the same rotation just flip flop the top two next Friday night do you give. Josh Allen a chance to move up again the chance with a better offensive line and receivers and go against better defensive backs in you know see where his progression as I think. That that's what's interesting to me this caddy keeps this whole thing moving forward abuse so to speak in a good way to encouraging way but the bottom line for me is this. Oh Buffalo Bills and today I'm encouraged by what I saw from the quarterbacks passing and especially Brian gables office last night that they. They are no longer in the Dinah stories guys they really are I mean this guy ran a 2018. Offense in 2018 which is fabulous it's up. Don't element that she front table let me just get a call him quicker is I think Dan. Dan and hammer source to bring a point on the table as well go ahead Daniel around with south. They are more guys bomb you actually have a lot of respect without an assay the quarterbacks did almost exactly expected them to. What I am young pleasantly surprised at what people it. I don't think I could tell you last time we got to offensive coordinator that. Mixed things well but have to question the same the same way it'll make on what I was just very quietly by while he did wrong place. Here's the thing about last night that really. Encouraged me about ranked Eagles offense they use a tonne of personnel packages. Lots of different formations. Lots of different play calls and the best part was there was no confusion doing now is a little bit a sub at increase applicable false starts yeah Abbott but. I'm talking about like guys on the field yet post to be out there right that all that getting the play and time things like that. You're talking about second third stringers guys write not the in first or they were still doing it. If those guys are getting that down I mean. That just allows him to know I guess I get a group of guys here that it's do what raskin there. There's Arthur Anderson I can even add more of their plight there's always a danger in that are brownie say that. Yeah yesterday and I agree with him there's always that danger in that. But I think what I saw from grind able last night and discuss it again. The bills finally look like having progressive ball that's moving. Port that's one thing about that offense sell. The human off I had just come thinking this is this might have been what they were doing last night how how the offense last night look different than it would in the game. In game would be. Specifically designed for the Baltimore Ravens they've probably run the ball a lot more they probably go to a play that they like more than once whereas last night. It's almost like. You know it's flash cards of the upcoming tests will be make sure you know all the subject material let's get as many plays as we can as many formations as many. Our personnel packages because these four weeks are the four weeks to make sure that all those players on the offense no cold and then. You game plan specifically so. It's not look exactly it did last night but it thinker I do believe it is an encouraging sign. Yet and I think made the difference would be there was a lot of there was a lot of it's timing stuff lasts right any which can do this. It should be there you know you're not really I asked if human afterwards I said how much was scripted verses. You know going by what they gave you he said well you know of course you go into the game plan and you did we did script the first play. He's after that it's kind of like what they're given us but missing time guys they're not. They're not expecting O and they don't you know it's a problem on third down and six they do this that's what's gonna do in a regular season that's the difference to have a specific grouping of plays for every situation last night was basically just. Hey look at that element it's got a nice matchup let's try to go to him and they did and that was another really good sign of their gonna use Calvin management. The way they did last night to find those matchups you could be in for a very this year. Quick question before let's ago the offensive line cell. It's had its problems at camp dealing with the bills defense of line. And here you have sure Carolina Vanilla defense how much were they going all out were you surprised or similarly encouraged by how the offensive line held up throughout the game. It was what I've seen from camp which is the offensive line is pretty good that that first unit. On the did have a couple shaky things here that would pass rush it made quarterbacks either to step up away here a sack whatever. But there's a lot of concern of the depth for guys I don't know if they know we know what the mix and matches. Lastly so why teller left are in the please write Harry can't he's playing both sides now. But yours now in there in the second team you have Marshall new house instead of a instead of economy term it was kind of McDermott not. You know thirteen yes there was some puzzles surprise in the still think behind the first group there's a lot of question marks. But I think the first group is going to be better people think especially in the run game and you saw some nice holes those holes have been talking about we saw a lot of them last night. Marcus Murphy took some advantages. Sal thanks as always there and we will level talk Jim Monday have a great weekend. Those are practicing today there anywhere field so it's a media only practice alone will hear comic German about today's game at 415 the practice of four point I forgot to ask on the back in Rochester over the weekend at all. Yes I put us on Sunday there registration rights Sunday at 215 yeah. And then Monday Tuesday Wednesday morning all Fisher and him were out there very good okay thank you south. You'll check out south arrow up arrow down column available right now at WGR 550 dot com tell taking us behind the scenes of the bills brought you buy outlet liquor lowest everyday prices in the state shop outlet liquor eagle 30550. Josh Allen. The quarterback competition. Everything else on last night's game where analyzing and all this morning and look and hear from you as well on WG. We moves activity from the 39 yard line. Allen Texas that we can make that up once went down field that is why it is not like throw the right. Across the and pushed out of bounds and Carolina 37 yard line. But what if we're gonna pick up. It's Buffalo Bills football Friday on the home of the bills WGR. Sports Radio 555. One and it's. We'll continue up the State's fair. Guys so at two dollars and fifty cents that I my allowance five boxer Diana. Keeps it keeps an negative about the buddy every time flat homers title in 250. Will be offset by every Jeff Skinner gold which I get one dollar. So I need already five goals from Skinner and any glad to maybe slow down man you know. When I was there he sat for double header. Maybe he's tired in the gym day off. Yeah he doesn't I feasted like over 400 showed that he's tired yes and that was a laser last night at the bye since tweeted out the video of it too and I took a look at it and Twitter he just hit a line drive home run did spend posted a quick update on him and used. What might be my favorite phrase to talk about homers match in haters. Flat Guerrero now back agree to mash into haters I'm hungry now are just gonna check the schedule at peace with them the rest of the season. How many homers in Edmonton two wars thing being nice to me go easy 121416. There's over twenty games left in this I saw he hits. Ten more home runs yeah twelve times to you look at 25 bucks thirty goal season don't argue that she still might be plots you can make five bucks hopes so. Maybe. Fund that buys at her home this weekend let's give Vlad goes deep for a third straight game. The front that actually second to last weekend of the home schedule kids so you wanna go out there 705 tonight. Pregame happy hour. Post game fireworks is the post game family camp out as well I can camp out in a Satterfield hall of fame ceremonies are tonight as well again at the 705 start. Tomorrow. There are still four packs available for superhero night mom and dad take the kids the ballpark. They'll have a great time you save money for tickets four hot dogs for sodas one superhero cape one shield. 86 bucks that's a 20% savings few. And there's also post game fireworks. So again that's tomorrow night 605 and and Sunday it's the superstars big weekend at the ballpark weather looks good for another. Set of some fantastic home games and Ladd junior. Goodbyes ins dot com you can get your tickets for any of these games. Or get tickets for anything going on in the final homestand including Fan Appreciation Night. Biden's dot com select games you wanna go to you can pick up seats you wanna sit in you can Pritchard tickets out. Right there on your computer you don't have to worry about will call and lines at the game. By since dot com rolling your baseball needs. Later today in a post an article or website I just watched the game. And did a stream of consciousness like all the things that could possibly pop in in my head. During the game as many as victim. And a stream of consciousness yet I only have one with their bowels. Now that stream of consciousness no I mean I was watching again and if I thought something I would write it down yeah candlelight. Tweeting throughout the game except I didn't put it on Twitter okay so. If you wanna check this out later be like 52 thoughts on the pulse pre season game might try to find one here that was. Now how they missed the cursor McCaffery fumble call. Yep you know. I didn't think was enough to challenge I honestly look they showed like two or three angles and I couldn't definitively tell the ball came out. I just couldn't tell on replay who got it but. Yet limit in the night of this that the honestly. The whole thing about the catch whichever path the player had the ball juggle that was on the sideline they reviewed it I think was at Booth review inside the final two minutes of the first half. I'm really confused again I don't really know when it catches so I thought it was incomplete and rob stone and Steve tasker sending out it was complete I don't know that any one thing. I did write down about rob stone I'm not saying that he was overly excited on the touchdowns. But it made me think that he bet the over the he was excite. I know it's three season you know we got to get the break let's just keep talking. Who needs breaks repairs took much to talk about right line. It is WGR buffalo it is football Friday eagle 30550. We wanna talk you about Josh Allen in the quarterbacks we've been talking about them all morning we'll get to pick the bills as well and WG.