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Friday, August 10th

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It's always Simon and Jeremy whites of your God's gift from Rupert assert that Gary didn't do go almost young due to war everybody who beat. They're always Simon's got a half and they forgot. It's just a second Jeremy light I'm in a really bad mood about everything. At my entire sports life Sox. Yeah. Aids battles out thousands on WG ER Sports Radio 550. And a good mood today EMI's works what doesn't. That doesn't sound right now I'm feeling good first eight it's Friday yes good beat the quarterbacks look good last night yes. Seed brass with Dolly is a Saber yup. And for me let's go yeah. Top quarterback. Prospect kind of guy might be some thin and the teams you know that's all happening this graphic detailing competent offensive coordinator. Maybe I should hope so maybe the rest was telling us Syracuse basketball's expected be on the rise this year and Syracuse football my. Arsenal. The seasons are small arsenal tied atop the table right now can't be debt and of course your golfing today. And my golf game is Sandra is on point. And meet. Meet IA I am going to do more Western New York tourism stuff today we don't Erie Canal torque. How nice you have never done that way to go up a lock port OK to delay a vote Torre go now all of the locks. Full so I okay I and I live a very boring like this just him but I'm gonna go do beer can outlook toward her son about her Ventura lock now. Its interest and it's a duplicate that no boat rising in lowering to the low tech or level of loss fairly tame OK I came up the black I don't think it was going to be like. Like you're gonna drop like. 100 feet and 32 guess it's a wild ride. I like a tower of terror down to Disney you know. Well that was fond. So yeah I'm IA I need them next suggestion did the river. The buffalo river history tour now or do an Erie Canal boat tour indeed another heavy on the history museum read on the jet boat. I've done the jet boat very. Hi Don the TR with the Roosevelt site what the Wilcox mansion Sunday in the next anyway I digress it's football Friday going to be done. Frank Lloyd Wright stuff I have not the other insurance okay thank you very much Ivan on the that it I I I don't know I I will have to look at that next guest you know me and history anyway. Josh Allen. Was Josh down from training camp last night some good some that he's got a strong arm we knew that to me. I liked the fact he hit shortstop for the accuracy last night yeah. And they compete admin did better than I thought it was going to do he played well last night AJ McCarron played well last night the passing offense look good. Selling used encouraging. I'm not even gonna give you a word. I just happy with how the guys looked I guess I'm not gonna read into it in terms of how the bills passing game we'll be this season and are you gonna make you pay the bills up but I was encouraged and I thought Peterman moved into a dead heat now with McCarron I still think Alan is gonna start week one. But Don I thought all three guys that could last night. And if you wanna softened from encouraged and say I'm not discouraged okay fine you know maybe that would be a guy had very low expectations this season for this office I still might but. Unless bullish on it for the next month because. You know it it really does that none according to the I didn't have to have a terrible offense last year their coordinator was the wrong higher than and knew that from pretty much day one and it was true the whole time and that he got fired so if they made a better choice an offensive coordinator they can make a big difference. That's my hope for the offense has pretty much been rooted in. In just. Him being able to figure out how to get something to work because. There's skill position players at wide receiver are not the vast name quarterbacks are not established. But if you can you know put together in the right way it can you can maybe work nick treated in about last night Josh Allen showed why they drafted him he put on display as athletic ability and a strong arm. With no line help no starting wide receiver she showed why any true football Pham an ounce of football knowledge was she great potential. Look to me very Favre like I you know I wouldn't put the old Favre like thing out there but. He he is the guy that sound has described to us at camp as I said. Tremendous arm talent you know throws the ball 65 yards in the air kitty he has mobility yup he's big he's strong so we at the the ability to break out of sacks stepped out of pressure he can run you'd think at least one time last night ran for a first down. As they set I thought he did a nice job this actress she on the short Charles last night couple screens. A throw in the right flat so I I I thought for a debut for a rookie it was a good night for Josh Allen as I said I I thought Peter Mahan and couldn't ask much more from Peter minute McCarron I thought they both did a really good job last night so anyway. We are taking your calls at 8030550. On the quarterbacks of course. And you know Shaq had a good game Harrison Phillips had a nice sack last night Marcus Murphy ran the ball well also caught a passer too. Did a nice job and make in this case for the number three running back. What else Kelvin Benjamin had a good game last night the one series so there are some of the things to talk about Brian table. So whatever is on Monday to share data Treo 550. Or 888552. Carpet. Time to make the changes in your program. Temper Howard picked bills. This it. Can we do this tomorrow no. Yeah I'm gonna pick the bill just giving different this. Arts and some of them are. Well why would any kind may be rightful that process on WGR. Sports Radio 550. I log against so a lot of things have changed. Since you it was since we last left pick the bill indeed have OK as what we call Biederman has shown that he is. One a one B on the depth chart or what he played well McCarron played well. We saw Kelvin Benjamin looks LT. We saw Carolina's quarterback who's the son of gale Gilbert who actually looked Garrett Gilbert and Tyler Hattig tiny key. They both played fairly well against that bill Stephens well. Problems in paradise of the bills' defense and got a second half we gotta wonder. Awful kidding of course that was up really was was Gilbert was out Tehran Johnson had pretty good coverage and he put up. Perfect touchdown throw that thing of beauty to watch. But we saw what looked like a competent passing game Yee had the pre season. The year we know you don't know the tells. But that doesn't mean we can change things and in critical answer we hand doubles court moment you needed or did you did crap yeah I forget but things that are different maybe you watch other pre season games may be saw mixture risky. It didn't but he didn't he sign an autograph for his backup quarterback Chase Daniel OK and they played a trick on them. Although it did dad get it was dressed up with some fan and I think that's Larry you know that tells me. Not a lot of great field vision kids either that's Chase Daniel it's a problem maybe an ax the bears down on a panel I'm not sure. The canals the rather him for the O Andrew Locke mentioned he's back. Shawn Watson anyway all right. Time to pick the bills. I don't know we wanna make the starting quarterback for this version of human I think he should donate in Biederman he started their last game as of now he's the starter of record. You mean. The next star quarterback. With the bills could wanted to trade it would gather them a first round pick that at Baltimore. Tough test the ravens had a very good pass defense last year. Done. Flacco by the way I guess he's having a good pre season I don't know or played last night Flacco played well and so did Lamar Jackson I know that I most of the reviews on Jackson were definitely better from the hall of fame. You know he didn't seven of eighteen is not gonna pop out action but apparently. The he played better than that against the bears. I think iPad that win for the bills give them away and why not. No Ryan Babel comes up with a nice scheme for week one. And the bills find a way to get it done in Baltimore crab cakes for everybody all right more often run one and all coming home for that home opener. One of the best days of the year in buffalo the home opener of the Al A chargers come in. You're tailgate goes well but then you'll tell your party is going well Tug it always goes well NASA you're and you're in a good place site post leaning parties. Always does not matter Lewis yes. You're not grousing and complaining and stressing in freaking know on back with a food is and and drink yeah okay. And a tendency to we'll take a loss which by the way. Quick aside yeah Lloyd is now in the stadium hats hats it's great I mean. That's all I wanna go to Google I'm sorry here should more aid really see him the other is in this medium who Lloyd the other the truck that was out where the Korea that they are you with me Jonathan no baby Mamas with. Johnson chairman subtype I saw the taco truck deliver and we thought well that instant that they had it here. You allow some other in the stadium and that's exciting so nodes and Sony computer and redemption game bird for power here. He throws he throws five touchdown they lose 42 to 35. How's that that better are you treating that five touchdowns but they lose the defense falls apart next. You wanna lost there yet okay 11 at Minnesota. Via authentic it's one and two at Green Bay. Well Peta mean clearly would outplay Erin were now take a Loughner to pit one and three coming home for the titans. There are we getting calls about Josh Allen yes we are. At one and three it depends how the offense looks at the offense slowly did put 35 up in the loss to the chargers five of the first seven on the road too by the way another reason that you might have. You might say hey let's let's give Alan some time here this is the or plane along game. Five of the first seven are on the road anonymous around that then you've got a money and make him against doing in the first eight games of the season just like. Blacks. Anyway what are we Paul are we harmed anyone and their three home Tennessee. Yeah I'm just not a big fare type sites I think they'll appear when I feel confident about that game really do. They had somebody play last night to kind of not quite a break out performance we've food Tennessee yankees somebody put up a pretty nice. Mean. Was there stud rookie receiver they've got some. Under the radar guy. My entire knowledge to the NFL is now this big cloud of people like feel like I'm supposed to have in my dynasty team that I don't who was. Then maybe that'd employ about they did play 1731 they'll ask attackers are hopeful of some stats and see what they did to give them beating the titans aren't it's it's a two and three. And hall. At Houston. Hope I don't know. I'll still take a loss they're tough road game that's gaffes tougher for 214 at Indy. You keep tell me to be scared of the colts are trying to influence it's different if Andrew Luck is playing and Andrew Luck appeared to do pretty well last night. He played it. You know we need got through a couple series I still think they're not that good so I think that's a game that the bills could win. So owls and felt like when they're three and four home Monday night patriots. Peterman beats Brady. It's the next Brady defeat if he beats Brady do we put up a statue redolent. After like after the game they constructing it could be spreading. Bought out goes the old king in comes the new king the torch passing Baja. Yet the loss. Parents of three and five in this is what I think you you might think the schedule softens a bit. There's still some tough games in here maybe the jags maybe the patriots but. It's Bayer's jets jags dolphins jets and lions that's a spot three and five where you're gonna say. Can I get to seven in six you know gonna hear gonna get too so home bears at three and five. Quick question for you since the schedule is softening. We what about the possibility of a quarterback switch there. You tell these three and five mile stretch I wouldn't think they would do when they switch from Donovan McNabb yeah we're two and stuff seven. But I wouldn't know exactly what Andy Reid did with McNabb that Mickey McDermott mentioned a couple cases one him being McNabb your fire there. They're two and seven when Eli got put in they were five and four you can they had lost a couple of grow because the bills might look at it. Q there are two ways you can look at it at three and five if this if you believe quote the schedule is softening. Here's a good spot to put in Josh Allen we just got through the tougher part of the schedule or maybe they think. Well let's give this is a chance repeatedly to play its way out of this gets back I don't think there would make change where we act now I'm sorry it's I forgot which game was. We all of the Chicago got the bear oh win. Sorry four and five but at the jets. I don't know you have to watch Sam Arnold tonight and I I actually. Damaged it to see how he looks I'll I'll take a loss for now. Karen that's going to be a tough one because if you could've gotten a five and five with six to go in four of them at home yeah in that'll be a big one. I think that there are there's I think the bills right now the bill the dolphins and the jets are all going to be kind of close now so old that they could all split them into a yes or lost four and six. By a weak home jags. I'll probably pay tax on the game four and seven. At Miami. Boy I don't know now. And where they. At that point of the season. Sure win I don't know five and seven home jets went six and seven don't stop this freight train. Six and seven the trick is that the train was like here blowing in my head home. Lions. Shirt when I there's your freight train seven in seven deaths in Null on alive. At New England then connect to get on 78 home dolphins went eight an eight thank you Brian gable. Pass the football last night and I have you going eight news. Via. Then for what it's worth that played in all the ones are out there without two guys that we think are going to be in their top four receivers. Those they Jones no Corey Coleman. You know Collins didn't play last night trend Murphy didn't play last night yeah whatever find it's Friday and they look good I'll I'll say snake which I think is a two game improvement one game improvement. Whenever. We think there'd. I mean there. It's the pre season right which is here's your roster is this of that pay the bills during the pre here's your status today this came from. Joseph at a buffalo wins stat today is regarding the pre season he sent this along because we always forget what happens in the pre season and is like we have a blind spot fort. So Josh Jones rookie debut go really well. Did they can Peerman play really well last night well. Rookie quarterbacks of the bills and their pre season debuts. EJ Manuel J. P. Losman Trent Edwards and Josh Allen have a mall near. BJ Emanuel and his rookie free season debuts sixteen of 2170. Yards a touchdown and 28 yards rushing. That's pretty good JB loss Vince pre season rookie debut five for 555 yards and 37 rushing. Okay. Trent Edwards pre season debuted ten and 1149. Yards. That great Josh talent and nine of 19116. Yards. 29 yards rushing does that mean Edwards was checking down a lot that night he went 1011 for 49 yards. Not a lot. The bills played and there's another when I had here from from Joseph that the bills played at. But colts pre season game the offense. Score 44 points. He had a night. You just never know. Then there have been years the bills look bad go to Kansas City put 41 up in the. First game of the season right he used and 44 and a pre season game. Was that that was that the year note was at DJ two minute drive I don't know there was an Indianapolis some a lot of pre season game and that's supposed to remember. Like 8030550. To join us this morning as we get your thoughts and on the pre season opener last night Josh Allen the quarterback competition in the important question I don't think it'll change any thing. Do you believe it'll it'll impact the planet quarterback the wraps. For any of the three guys McCarron Peterman Allen will change any thing. You can share your thoughts on that as well an eagle 30550 or 8855250. When we get back it is football Friday we're talking about the bills. But I wanna give you a reason a really big reason why you should go to an Arizona Cardinals game this season. All code word right Britain's look at me like hey dummy don't forget the code word let's go with pop. POP it's easy enough text at 72881 you have until 10 o'clock to. Text that in messaging data rates may apply again. Pop seventy mated wanna be texted in the other shot at the 1000 dollars. In our national win cash contest show opened the Bulldog will have four more code words coming up this afternoon. And we don't want to ruin your weekend if you don't win. We're gonna play the contest again all next week it's allowed lots of opportunity to play this time around text pop. 72881. Good luck and yeah. Bug in the slot right side and do you read why do the right it's. This time a strict don't. Five yard line and if that abound at midfield but what they fluttered Vick got Demetrius box makes the tackle right over the middle. He's got an absolute cannon for an arm marketing used it there. Buffalo Bills football Friday on the home of the bills WGR. Sports Radio 555. Good that's minded deep love that a guy. As far better got a lot of well. Want to blow it off high line drive over the auxiliary scoreboard. Over the grandstand and into the bleachers. You can hit the ball harder than that case Dan Tony and home runs. Highest velocity speed on a ball going out of the park this year I believe with these that from John Carlson last night John Sterling on the call yankees beat the Texas Rangers. Studying the ship and after sweeping the White Sox and then going to tax with a win there. Baseball tonight and this weekend at Coca-Cola field of the buys into their second to last hole look. We can end up on the schedule it is a bastion night yep Friday night bash so great I'd be out there are 705 got there early for the F pregame happy hour. Hall of fame induction ceremonies tonight as well. Afterwards in addition to the post game fireworks. That we can't putt that he can about the center field after the game. And mom and dad get tickets for tomorrow it's superhero night there are still some four packs available. Over fifty superhero and villains to meet and his post game show on the field as well. The four pack we'll get you four tickets four hot dogs for showed as one superhero cape one shield. For 86 box it'll save you about 20% those four packs are available at fisons dot com. This post game fireworks. Superstars caps off a big weekend downtown so head over to their website Verizon dot com you can get tickets any of these games all these games. He can even look ahead to the final homestand of the year including Fan Appreciation Night which is always a big draw. Pick up game you wanna go to the then pick up the seats you wanna sit in and then you can print your tickets out on your computer very simple to do and all available. At buy dot com Sears right got to go to an Arizona Cardinals game. She has nothing to do with Josh Rosen possibly play but is it as their stadium is awesome present I just don't know I have been there really aren't seen it from the interstate. It's nice snap you out should be Armenian instantly configured final four Super Bowls know their day out there's a burger challenge at Arizona cardinals' games this year. A 75 dollar burger now I'm not gonna take a challenge it's not that much you wanna know what's in it your you know hopefully eighty dollars to its. It's 513. Pound hamburger patties. Eight slices of bacon. Ate chicken tenders five hot dogs five bratwurst. Twice slices of American cheese twelve ounces of Fries shredded lettuce for your health. Tomatoes pickles and salts. On a ten inch bun. That's all on one burger so here's the deal it's 75 dollars the carnal thing anybody who finishes this burger that weighs seven pounds. In under an hour. Wins a Jersey. And you get your photo on the video board inside the stadium. Takers. And I clearly a way to yourself you cannot have friends tell you you eat it eat it did change. You get a Jersey it's it's a Jersey the selling a Jersey that says or on and no I assume it's a cards like if you actually with the all star does Jersey that challenge is worth taking. Tank. 75 blocks under an hour seven pound burger. You'd be so sick first there's you kick it. Who's gonna connections in that maybe some guy you go through it again houses seven and all characters with 33 pound patties. There's 53 pound patties podcast on some pounds eight slice that there's ate chicken tenders five hot dogs at piper horse. On the bird on the burger. You have to wheel you out an ambulance if you're gonna try eating that thing. And it's going to be tough. At least you've been the fact that you get a Jersey makes it you know so when you're lying in that hospital bed in their pumping your stomach at least you have a Jersey you're gonna need an extra large or is it. Idiotic a I'm just gonna stop right there that's the line that ends the evidence that discussion so that's that is an awesome piece of food. I don't even know how you can get through like more than like two or three bites on this thing. With a all that stuff in there there's a great idea came up with this good luck with that. I got a good tweet here from Joseph who wrote in about. The game last night and into this this sums it up the most about Powell bills fans are probably feeling today. Joseph writes in last night was a nice change from the many past three seasons on the bills' offense couldn't move the ball at all was nearly on watchable pre season or not. I'll take what we saw yesterday over what we used to endure right I think that's that's totally fair and that's that's right it doesn't mean it's gonna translate regular season but. Men don't true. There was a point that the I put this way the second half whenever Carolina had the ball I was annoyed Federer comes he'll try and I don't care about the bidding. Don't care of the second team defense and Carol second and third team brides. It it dragged a bit there but other than that I am excited to watch this this browns in this agreement says he mayfield I mean he. He has impressed some people I only saw. Clips this morning on the highlights. And I saw he is get a couple touchdowns they didn't see the want to Callaway but I saw the one Q and joke to in the back of the ends of nice throw. Through really nice throughout and he seemed to make plays on the run you know getting outside the pocket he can throw the ball downfield again. Just on Twitter during the game following whether it's Brown's reporters or even national media there're a lot of people because the game was on NFL network I think live last night. There are a lot of people tweeting about may feel and everybody was tweeting about how good he looks wolf they all live up to. Exactly what they were supposed to increase using game number one Allen did. Mayfield. Did you know what the thing I thought about mayfield coming out was he's the best one of the best. I've ever watching college at least. In the pocket and some of the highlights are hanging in the pocket and throwing down the field. If Donald tonight lives up to his billing Kilby. Good in improvisational and hill fumbled at you guys write his ball security if Omar Jackson he has lived up to it pretty much you show mobility he's shown some flashes that Josh Allen who mr. Rosen. If Rosa lives up to it hill has an impressive plays and then refused. I don't know what it would do some from the entitled and they don't treat something crazy after the can get right field. Till now killed twelve play it relatively well and then after the game will question why the NFL pre season exists. And make totally reasonable points ever walls and that's right we shouldn't say that moderate. To be Vanilla in the pre season she may he's a real face aim. I I ate I think I'm I'm planning on watching all these guys went and it live or DVR whatever darn old game is live tonight I am accuracy that. Yeah it's funny somebody treated me. And said isn't that why would you torture yourself. It's not torture I mean I know you bring up your bunker and all that stuff. I am genuinely into the scene what these guys do and surely if if Allen doesn't play well. And Rosen has a great current Arizona yeah and that's gonna it's gonna suck but I really want a few of these guys are doing it in the Eagles were playing last night I would watch baker mayfield. Fairly Tyrod Taylor to goodnight to for what it's worth. I can't wait for Friday's game I really can't I think last night's quarterback play. Again your pre season pledge I know I didn't take it but I will subscribe you don't go overboard but last that's quarterback play was good it was better than I thought it was going to be. And you know that both both number one's had a really good night Peter men and McCarron. Peterman again I still think has limitations to his overall passing game we can't make. All the throws that I think you need to make on a regular basis in the NFL. What he did last night which he stayed within his game. And his game is let me let me make that first read let me get the ball out on time short throws outside the numbers she was accurate very accurate last night. That she is game I think there are shortcomings to him that went all said and done lead him not winning this competition. And it isn't even as much that you know McCarron came out and wowed me last night he didn't. He was effective at what he did did he blow me away no we didn't but I think more and all said and done he has. He can make some throws that he'd admin can't I think McCarron can use more of the field and Peter MacKay and and I think we care notably when the competition from Josh talent perspective last night. He was fine you know there were some really. There was one really stupid crazy throw you should never do. Any miss some other throws but he also exhibited the Canon the rocket over the middle the touchdown to ray. Ray ray McLeod. We knew we could throw the ball 65 yards downfield. We've seen that camp. But he's got hit he missed those and Kitna overthrew guys in camp he overthrew Foster last night. Granted Foshee didn't help them out by slowing down on the play but it was a good night I really wants I was I was happy they came out they threw the ball they executed. They ransom screen passes pretty well. You know gable showed some things in terms of different personnel groupings different packages motion. Different looks. It was a good night it was an encouraging performance from the offense tonight when really they didn't try to run the ball they were trying to pass it and he with the quarterbacks can do. So all of all by pre season standards. Very happy with it. 80305. If he can join us let's get Hughes Scott next here on football Friday glad Scott. They're Michael writes Gerri thanks crawl. Every. It's inside that they'd just put all on the one yard line for Richard I've never seen such a waste this side. All of its the end zone I think about it number it sure seemed like were risking injuries or advertisements. What are we better for the game they just were all on the one side so let's. I well so yeah there there were a handful of returns but they've pretty much we said this last season Scott are beginning shape it that they've pretty much almost killed the kick return. And I'm I'm all for safety don't get me wrong. Do you know I was willing to have an open mind on the new rules see it may be their it would lead to some more returns. Last night again if the touchback is just lined the ball up the 35 the guy kicks at ten yards out out of the back at the end zone touchback poem it's really boring. You know I I think it's really hard to have an effective kick return game anymore in the NFL. So yes I I think they've they've pretty much. Over the time with the rules changes. They've pretty much wiped out the kick return as I said I'm I'm willing to see. If these new rules help it at all. The no running start for the coverage team. You know although again no two man wedges I'm willing to give it a shot to see if it does create more returns I still think it's too easy for tickets at the 35. The booted for a touchback. And what fun is that it's really boring. Honestly. Keep the mind. With Mark Murphy who's president of the Packers. After the rules changes were announced with the kick coverage she basically said you know what will see that the kick off is on a short leash. So I think they wanna see how this plays out this year injuries went up last year I believe there were more reported concussions on kick offs. Actually won a few odd plays out I guess it's. That we are headed to the point where there is. There's no kickoff because it's just the play itself has become. Next to nothing in terms of the football game thanks for the call appreciate it what do you got coming up extend coach drops today. I had something none Ayman have to find again. Oh you know what I can bring up a quick little note and extend the sports there was a first in the NFL last night first ever in history the NFL last night. Took place at the browns giants game that Italy with that one from. The dining baker threw touchdown that's. I think calling on the touchdown maker they will eventually OK I always sure touchdown of the official nickname for him in Cleveland. Not something else happened last night Don about a dining say Kwan had his first ever and I've only Kerry did he well. The first agrees the first say quite in the history of the NFL my feet. I'm 39 yards in his very first carry. There's good caring it what I didn't see the highlight I got it I guess he made a few guys miss on his run note that's that it either the title we get back. We're also taking your calls and talking about the Eagles game last night before Friday April real factor to join us. Investigators coming up top the hour WTO. Yeah there's no way Johnson throws into the act. Strike one strike through but just I can't let that crowd up fourteen yard touchdown that judge Allan is on this. Our war it's Buffalo Bills football Friday on the home of the bills WGR. Sports Radio 555. Breaking sports news pair's first here. Kenny our Sports Radio five. Dad knows. Boy this. By couple notes one. We were talking about how last night's game impacts the practice reps. Also the bills are practicing to date I'm a Texan to double check that I was kind of odd that they were practiced the day after a night game. But I mean pensioner practicing today they are back at Fisher Sunday. That's a 215 practice however you need a ticket fort. And I was just that the bill's website looks like blue BL locations were tickets were available are all sold out of their tickets. But we will see if today and Sunday and hitting changes with the practice reps based on last night's game. Okay a couple things real quick ones what happened last night at the giants game first in NFL history. Fans at an NFL game in the US. Could place illegal wager from their seats inside the stadium. On their phones New Jersey. Approved legal sports betting just what month or two ago whenever was so for the first time and an NFL game in the United States. Giants fans browns fans anybody was at the game last night was able to place a bet. On the game. Also one other quick note. Sabres reportedly would you said dead that the reports. Other offering for five to write art. For don't four point five. And he's looking for five point 75 Christian dork just got a six year contract extension from the Arizona coyotes. He has been in the league two years he scored fifteen goals with 33 points his first year fifteen goals with 37 points last year. Love numbers that are lower than right art. And he just got 445 on the average first contract so forget forget for a half. I don't know if he gets his 57 if that's what he's trying to get but forget four point five your low sabers you're gonna have to boost how many years should it be. I still wouldn't give him more than a couple 12 and bring along up. Are stationed on two ordered the couple guys that were adamant that the sabres should go along termination not do the bridge deal because. If you bridge and any hits you have to pay him more and I don't agree with that you don't have to pay him more you could trade him you can. Sign up for two years or three years unabridged deal and still have his rights and decide if he's the right kind of player you wanna keep around. They don't have to go mega deal. Sometimes teams do that and they saved money Nathan McKinnon is below market value because of what they signed him to win so is. Shy fully and there are a lot of guys that that kind of fit that. Question comes to. Do I have to continue to pace and Ryan are no doesn't not a walk. Maybe I wanna allocate that seven million dollars to a guy like Jeff Skinner instead. Not as an. Actually Skinner saw op I would think the sabres wanted to do. The bridge steal it gives you roster flexibility. Life in the NHL sure there are lots of 678 year deals where you say it's gonna be a bargain down the line. There are others where you get two years in and think oh boy. I mean I wish I wish I had some flexibility here yeah I just don't see. Sabres don't have to do the long term don't you know it just and he might not want it anyway and I'd I feel like. An ally and it's probably unfair I think it's unfair to call Reinhart a gamble I mean he's he's been productive I think he's pretty he's probably gonna be a sixty point player at his peak if he'll be fifty to sixty most years. Yeah so it's not a gamble I just don't feel the need I just don't know why. I'm not sure how much money it saves your long term and I just don't see where the sabres are in a position where. It makes the best business sense to give a long term deal December writer. Celtics are back yes the bills are practicing today. At 445 Sean McDermott will talk to media for fifteen sell me on hand to cover. There's one other thing I was gonna mention I guess I get some to get to. I can remember god. It is a wonderful time of year ball wonderful. Sure it's still summer before ball upon us in getting closer to the truly. Delete it's just hash tag fully yet it's not hash tag faulty but fall is a lead and one more. One more signpost along the way has a technically today and tomorrow today at 3 o'clock Manchester United and Leicester city. Tomorrow morning in your first. Premier League morning. 730. Can top them and Newcastle advocates practiced in soccer assistant football coffee and Premier League it starts tomorrow guy. Here you Gloria so you're not gone tomorrow morning you're staying on the audio are all closed session of the gulf. Albany tomorrow you watch on your phone that's probably don't do irony here yeah yeah golf's gonna replace my from really morning's to a point but. Yeah like I mean you get up early on we weekend mornings anyway employee in the shadow man. Premier League Saturday the DVR and of games going back and watching him now alien to that now I don't DVR anything. Shows you do not to nothing and else are really now now I still deep here you can watch all the stuff on demand online I'm gonna watch a Linux you're it to me it makes it too complicated day. Let me have my DVR at least I use of the VCR. I did see gators coming up next and we are back Monday morning at six have a great weekend everybody.