08-10 Howard Picks the Bills - Preseason Week 1

Howard and Jeremy
Friday, August 10th

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Right time to make the changes in your program. Temper Howard picked the bills. This it. Can we do this tomorrow no. Yeah I'm gonna pick the bill just giving different the arts and some of them are. I'm well why would any kind may be rightful that process on WGR. Sports Radio 550. I log against so a lot of things have changed. Since you it was since we last left pick the bills indeed have a okay as what Nicole Biederman has shown that he is. One a one B on the depth chart or what he played well McCarron played well. We sought Kelvin Benjamin looks LT. We saw Carolina's quarterback who's the son of gale Gilbert police actually looked at Garrett Gilbert and Tyler Hattig Heidi keep. They both played fairly well against that bill Stephens well. Problems in paradise of the bills' defense and got a second half we gotta wonder. Awful kidding of course that was up really was was Gilbert was out Tehran Johnson had pretty good coverage and he put up. Perfect touchdown throw that thing of beauty to watch. But we saw what looked like a competent passing game Yee had the pre season the year we know you don't know that tells. But that doesn't mean we can change things and in critical answer we hand doubles court moment you needed or did you did crap you right forget but things that are different maybe you watch other pre season games may be saw mixture risky did that but he didn't he sign an autograph for his backup quarterback Chase Daniel OK and it played a trick on them. Although it did dad Dan it was dressed up with some fan and I think that's Larry you know that tells me. Not a lot of great field vision his kids he did that's Chase Daniel it's a problem maybe tonight the bears down on a panel I'm not sure. The canals the un rather them convict O Andrew Luck mentioned he's back. Shawn Watson anyway all right. Time to pick the bills. I don't know we wanna make the starting quarterback for this version of human I think he should donate in Biederman he started their last game as of now he's the starter of record. You mean. The next star quarterback. With the bills could wanted to trade it would gather them a first round pick that at Baltimore. Tough task the ravens had a very good pass defense last year. One. Flacco by the way I guess he's having a good pre season I don't know or played last night Flacco played well and so did Lamar Jackson I know that I most of the reviews on Jackson were definitely better from the hall of fame. You know he didn't seven of eighteen is not gonna pop out action but apparently. The he played better than that against the bears. I think it had that win for the bills give them away and why not. No Ryan Babel comes up with a nice game for week one. And the bills find a way to get it done in Baltimore crab cakes for everybody all right more often run one and all coming home for that home opener. One of the best days of the year in buffalo the home opener of the Al A chargers come in. You're tailgate goes well but then you'll tell your party is going well Tug it always goes well yes you're in it you're in a good place site post leaning parties. Always does the latter Lewis yes. You're not grousing and complaining and stressing in freaking know on back with a food is and and drink yet okay. And a tendency to take a look which by the way. Quick aside yeah Lloyd is now in the stadium hats hats it's great I mean. That's all I wanna go to Google a story here she's more aid really see him the other is in this medium who Lloyd the other the truck that was out where the Korea that they are you with me Jonathan now maybe mama's with. Jonathan tear myself back I saw the taco truck deliver and we thought well that's instant that they had it here. He pulled up some other in the stadium and that's exciting and so nodes and Sony computer and redemption game bird for power here. He throws he throws five touchdown they lose 42 to 35. How's that that better be tweeting that five touchdowns but they lose the defense falls apart next. You wanna lost there yet okay 11 at Minnesota. Via authentic one and two at Green Bay. Well Peter mean clearly would outplay Erin were now take a Loughner to pit one and three coming home for the titans. Or are we getting calls about Josh Allen yes we are. At one and three it depends how the offense looks at the offense slowly did put 35 up in the loss to the chargers five of the first seven on the road too by the way another reason that you might have. You might say hey let's let's give Alan some time here this is a we're playing a long game. Five of the first seven are on the road we don't mess around that then you've got a money and make him against doing in the first eight games of the season just like. Blacks. Anyway what are we Paul how we learn that one of their three home Tennessee. Yeah I'm just not a big fare type sites I think they'll appear when I feel confident about that game really do. They had somebody plate last night to kind of not quite a break out performance we've food Tennessee the Aggies somebody put up a pretty nice. And was their stud rookie receiver they've got some. Under the radar guy. My entire knowledge to the NFL is now this big cloud of people like feel like I'm supposed to have on my dynasty team that I don't know who was. Then maybe that'd employ about they did play 1731 they'll ask the hackers are out bulletins that since he was dated to give them beating the titans are diskettes to win three. And hall. At Houston. Hawk I don't know. I'll still take a loss they're tough road game that's gaffes tougher for 214 at Indy. You keep telling me to be scared of the colts and try to influence it's different if Andrew Luck is playing and Andrew Luck appeared to do pretty well last night. He played it. You know only he got through a couple series I still think they're not that good so I think that's a game that the bills could win so owls and a felt like when their three and four. Home Monday night patriots. Peterman beats for eighty. Is the next Brady defeat if he beats Brady do we put up a statue redolent. After like after the game they constructing it can be spreading. Bought out goes the old king in comes the new king the torch passing Baja. Yet the loss. Parents of three and five in this is where I think we need you might think the schedule softens a bit. There's still some tough games in here maybe the jags maybe the patriots but. It's Bayer's jets jags dolphins jets and lions that's a spot three and five where you're gonna say. Can I get to seven in six you know gonna hear gonna get too so home bears at three and five. Quick question for you since the schedule is softening. We what about the possibility of a quarterback switch there. You tell these three in five months which I wouldn't think they would do when they switch from Donovan McNabb yeah we're two and stuff seven. But I wouldn't know exactly what Andy Reid did with McNabb that Mickey McDermott mentioned a couple cases one him being McNabb they're fun they're. They're two and seven when Eli got put in they were five and four you can they had lost a couple of grow because the bills might look at it. Q there are two ways you can look at it at three and five if this if you believe quote the schedule is softening. Here's a good spot to put in Josh Allen we just got through the tougher part of the schedule or maybe they think. Well let's give this is a chance repeatedly to play its way out of this gets back I don't think there would make a change where we act now I'm sorry it's I forgot which game was. Let me all the Chicago the bear oh win. Sorry four and five but at the jets. I don't know you have to watch Sam Arnold tonight and CIA I actually. And it should see how he looks I'll I'll take a loss for now. That's going to be a tough one because if you could've gotten a five and five with six to go in four of them at home. In that'll be a big one. I think that there are there's I think the bills right now the bill the dolphins and the jets are all going to be kind of close now so that they could all split the anyway yes a lost four and six. By a weak home jags. I'll probably pick tax development and foreign seven. At Miami. Boy I don't know no. And where they. At that point in the season. Up. Shear wind I don't know five and seven home jets went six and seven don't stop this freight train. Six and seven the trick is that the train was like here blowing in my head home. Lions. Sure wish I there's your freight train seven in seven deaths in Null on alive. And a new England and connect to get on seven and eight home dolphins 28. And eight thank you Brian Cabell. Pass the football last night and I have you going eight news. Via. Then for what it's worth the plate in all the ones are out there without two guys that we think are going to be in their top four receivers. Nose they Jones no Corey Coleman. You know Collins didn't play last night trend Murphy didn't play last night yeah whatever find it's Friday and they looked good out I'll say snake which I think is a two game improvement one game improvement never.