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Here's presented by. Gorgeous Friday we've got so much talked about here in the investigators live on WGR 550 and MSG. Players have so much to get your Greg Craig customs coming on at 1130 talk what the blueprint. Stanley Cup blueprint from the athletic. He's gonna join us he's been writing about that or revoked receivers. Did the metropolitan the Atlantic Division. He's moving on the next division so we'll talk to him today at 1130. We're also want to talk about another athletic article written by Jon Vogel just about Jack cycle and how he's ready to help Leo locker full of new faces. And we look we're talking about all that but first gentleman this burst he's Marty beer and 43 bogeys Akron a 52. A map aside crank. You can tweet us throughout this next conversation Kelvin Benjamin. Cam Newton I don't care if it's baseball soccer. Tennis hockey football this is something needs to be discussed. It was pretty. Listen I was driving around so I was listening. To dip pregame show on the radio and gave they had show opens salad thing Kelso was on. And and Bulldog and then all of Sunday stopped talking about whatever they were talking about Andy probably peaked at the field and saw. That Benjamin and Cam Newton were at midfield adding a conversation. And you know what we see gotten hockey a lot. It's it asked yet the Red Line right because in hockey when you warm up you have your own respect themselves and you can't crossover in football. The guys are low everywhere so those type of conversation. Happen I think a lot more in football you just don't pay attention because there's people everywhere but I think everybody was focused on CN what. That conversation was gonna look like and I was gonna end usually and I know hockey there's a conversation either your fifth fighting one another or you tap each other and that. And the pants aren't those thick and should that's an okay good game we'll see you later. This ended in probably the I don't want us a call it controversial but. It is earth in a situation that nobody thought it was going to be an equity thought it date dockets in Libya and shake it what's up now. Yeah I got quoted out of contacts Bob lie and move on it definitely wasn't like Kelvin Benjamin stock has gone basically. Looks to me like he's at the mutant like an Arctic cold at the way it is you know you're you're Smart guy you know you're not throwing the ball to me that way. You should be throwing the volume up put it where you want this all this all past do you with being called them right. That's what it's all about. Cam Newton probably locked up wanted. But would it would you do Willard and make your best let's break down the tape except when a player call out somebody else like that's when it. Al OK maybe meeting or form as a player does not like a player who's who's you know if it was performance was questioned in an old team maybe a guy says this is why. It happened and you know Kelvin Benjamin a member of the comments basically basically saying. You know any other quarterback it would had a better year give me anybody else other than Cam Newton who's. You don't not accurate or this or whatever but. The point is forget about all that football's. You have Kelvin Benjamin obviously talking to a former teammate on the other side and one other person and I I couldn't make out with the person wants. All or walks Cam Newton kinda gutless and my and my Mike as he walks over while Benjamin's conversing with other people having a good conversation. Then. He comes in and tries to be all buddy buddy all like gutless all of the other finish I call comes off and I'll take column you wanna call a conference call Connie waits for him he's having a conversation he's obviously enjoying himself cal management having a nice conversation with the two other people over walks former teammates over walks a very uncomfortable situation. In Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin scenario. So here you have. It looked like to meet Cam Newton came in and try to get in on the jokes or whatever Billick hey what's going on buddy almost like downplay it. But Kelvin Benjamin didn't want any of and yet Cam Newton goal for either a high five and an handshake and Kelvin Benjamin just kinda stood back. And Cam Newton obviously felt dissed at the time so what I didn't like was the guy that that Benjamin was talking to the player. Newt just looks at it was like beat us you're irrelevant in this discussion right now now it's between me and management where you have Kelvin Benjamin is prepping for game. He's talking to somebody lights right in overcomes Cam Newton. Now that it now I for me. I I have to imagine I don't know but it must have taken everything in both of their power to not just want to haul off and drew one. They were never gonna do that I think why they were ever gonna do that our I have looked look a lot like it did get Newton didn't come in with the aggressive. Walk lake you come in and you put your chest out like I did I manage a baseball manager that comes out of the umpire right like you wanna get engaged in that kind of physical nature Shelley and as luck bye and now an extreme amount Eric as swagger that I didn't need and it's obviously can't put his hands behind the back when he got when he got blown off for a change you know what this. Go ahead and that's in it about this if we are in Carolina today. We're talking about eight good again mutant. You want a goal and set the record straight face to face. He walked over to Benjamin and he basically Stanley one and an eighty yen and the possible with Hughes earned I don't know they could do that again. I and I mean I don't he's got him he's got a swagger he the past and it's time or let's have a look at how close he gets to on this is what I don't like. Give me space Benjamin's like what do you do on historic shake his hand Benjamin is like now. Just the guy that says basically lets up at the gonna have to walk away from the conversation. I'm gonna tell you guessed like Kelvin Benjamin did not back off from work Isa the candidate basically said you're not my friend. I'm not gonna they engage in two deaths and try to sweep it under the rug but it also. Depending on the type of person you are it may fuel you like I think that this what happened last week that covers they're dead a conversation. We at I think it was Tim Graham at the athletic right that wrote the article so anyway. That conversation if fuel skill than Benjamin if he goes out there and just shake scams used in hand and just says. OK dude yeah I am me on just an article whatever Denny lose that fire I think don't Benjamin Wannstedt buyer wants that usual form I don't he was on fire exactly and I think so so. There's there's different kinds of people then that different and his a personality cam Newton's personality I think was more of a relax and come over about a law in all but. Kelvin Benjamin needs that fire and likes that iron. I played with some guys that they were so much better in the controversy he's at least by the way durable peace. Who's taken fight. And I got the predator I got. Tom management I'm I'm like I've got up and all Yale law teams I just was like he used trying to keep his cool. There at all. If my team that I don't know are you serious I they're both big but I don't lol. I think job arrangements got to snarl enemy and you could tell by you've got Cam Newton. You know. AKA big dog there now walks over with his hands behind his back like he's too cool for school that he gives a little wave off to a guy that. Kelly veterans talking to on did you see the guy from that care Carolina Panthers turn around walk away soon as the Cam Newton did that. You're you're does that how does that because he is the big dog there he is the guy in that organization and he's got a lot of cloud and soon as he gave a little wave. That guy did you see him turn around walk away it's absolutely incredible but you know what tell measurements stood his ground there and you know what. I mean less and I mean there's there's not a lot of liking you you go through sports. And you play with teammates. And there's just teammates that you don't go along with. In game you're gonna compete you're gonna do your best you're gonna do everything you can to win collectively as a team but it's clear that Collin Benjamin did not like him. Listen there's players like that denies that it's clear that they don't like each other and that's that's the way sports goes this. I've played with guys in of the top in my head I can remember like Brendan divisions you with the New York Rangers. Every time he played Pittsburgh and you can see it now even with Columbus every time Brendan divisions he plays against Sidney Crosby. He gets in this base. He. Believe better when you wrote a lot of fire I thought the fuel that fire to get yourself goal. In a forum for guys like I said to Vince yeah every time he saw. Crosby on the other side of the race or in a news about the place in the Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins he got themselves goal. And I think that's what Kelvin Benjamin. Did last week and that's what he continued to do yesterday. He's like I'm not thinking that the fuel out I'm not shut the propane off I'm gonna keep the Golan. Because that's what I want to be able to reform has won him the time date can't stand it never played with a guy he can't stand yes. Yeah I have I don't wanna say that I couldn't stand by a guy who walked away it was Thomas Davis a top veteran linebackers. Are. So dishonor some adjustments and not have to have a pop veteran linebacker Andy you that man turnaround after Cam Newton game issue. He turned around he was gone but what did he say whatever Kim your world. No he sang. You know what I mean let's let these two have their moment yeah. Adam let them have the remote what they ought to guide it stand your eyes I don't think you won new I don't think that you want to get the bad books of Cam Newton is he's the face of the franchise. You think that he has quote that organization of horses right so it's like a yep Tom Brady who sit there having an altercation on an altercation at a speaking with. You know player that he previously played bit and and gave the shoot anybody on his team they beat her walking away are we making too much of this. It hasn't happened every race season that's what this doesn't happen this does not happen everyday exactly those ideals and what about if it was. I don't do any conversation regular season or any time it would be but I think that of the bills lose week one week talking more about what happened to the defense and in all. This is about three season you talk about Peter German. Eight and a parent when media on just a regular season anyway it can be focused. I don't think that go on on his game it's the only difference football and hockey is different I don't know it was I think he would come over and and settle the score regulars it's it's if football's interest. Enemy in that regard I mean you know both teams on the field the same time warming up just chit chat with guys I mean granted it's solid hockey wreaking go out and punch it of each other's lights out but. It just. You wonder. I I've you know I've always that blows me away able football's you never really seen a serious serious altercation escalation on the field or warm opera anything. And all the fines or are big but. They played at sixteen and after the game they go after chart literally trying to to. Pound each other into the field after the game how much taps they say a prayer it to me it's it's it's amazing it's amazing to me that. Well there is a mentality that all right yeah like rugby is tough tough sport. And at the end and every time the players. Run up to refereeing. To light eater complain about something of that sort. Did your students are big kick me I'd sure like the Avnet respected and they noted okay tickets are. And he walked away league there's a different culture and rugby is a different culture in and football hockey it's completely different. I've seen guys wanna collided in the hallway after game an hour after the game. For something that may have happened the year before. You know where you know you're about getting ready to go on a bus. Adapter. Luke Richardson exit it'll follow you gotta to defend all these guys joke here joke that went to LA went through an illegal war in being Hoover. And because the that being over conducts locker room if you go through that training rooms and you go out the backdoor you end up in the same hallway as the visiting room in Hoover. And John Turturro and got out. The goal after. Brian McGrath and I think with the Calgary Flames and they all got caught in the hallway there on McNabb was holding him back from going through he was trying to I don't know who was trying to GAAP ledger regulates and always like there's a few days. Yet not too long after so but but hockey is completely different I think. If this its wish and where players. With they. In all like I played on the language like Michael and Jack never passed me the pot and when he passed it to me it was in my feet and I can't get yet the suicide passes. After suicide passes all I cared about was himself and is now. The next game I don't see I don't try to talk in the warm up. Need to get to the face off in its cross checked across the four arms or low in the back. And it's dropped the Manson has Golan we're gonna fight and that is completely different. In football that is completely different when we say ethnic. And Benjamin. Is that wide receiver Tim Burton's the quarterback Derek can never gonna be on the field at the same time governor Benjamin I have ever going to be able to go. And it is public on again mute and our vice Versa but and hockey you do. So that's completely different all loyalists. Are mute child. Benjamin and I thought he handled himself. Very well you know you always the last you know we win we are hockey shall we oh we are our show -- Kostis from the athletic and join us about the Stanley Cup blueprint. That's at 1130 we're gonna talk about tumbles article also from the athletic just about how Jack cycles ready to help lead in new locker room or locker full of new faces. Blocked let's talk a little bit about the game last man thought the quarterbacks perform ice wanna see this colossal game Nate Peter men. Napier and that's my it's received it's not about pre season Marty it is not it's not about pre season Marty it's about. It's about being able to come back and perform after what he went through faster could it just seems like even the sideline guy asking the questions the interviews after the game. Question is before the game about Peter meant all about his first game Maria at five picks you know no no one remembers the snowboard game where he was playing really well before he got hurt but. This is big for him Marty M c'mon let's hear it is great but again. They are just happy for the guy I'm not saying he's the starting quarterback I'm just happy that he came out had a great performance. Because now we can build off back to get a federal McCarron dating younger performance for the Purdue Purdue but I know that both had a ultimately have played well it was all three of them played while ripped all in all like again and I'm not trying to single out anyone over the other I'm just saying that. McCarron came here after playing games last year in the NFL and he this guy played four games had a really. Brutal start I was just happy to see him do well I was happy to see him connecting with his past as happy as high as all that Benjamin. You know played really well I mean. That's all I was and that's my only of observation game again. I I'll get a ticket back to hockey experience. F. Camera angle is first exhibition game in pre season in September and scores to Goldman assessed and against. In all like the babies playing against any account ahead but I'll play it are it's breeze is the first one tiger him Marty I am not like to try able to make a good decision and to be able to make an educated decision and she was going to be starting week one out of player all about practice it's all about your own situation practice in pre season. Getting out so much getting sharp game because you're taken real wraps Marty you're taking guys on the other side. Russia Hewitt you're playing against the 81 the players but. EU you get to understand that. All these guys the cornerbacks they played they played very well they were sharp. I know it's pre season but this is what it takes to be able to build and having agreed to it just that it's hard it's our position to be because. If you play well you're gonna have people like music and it's we its first game a pre season. Settled down let's see out the next three weeks goal. Before we start calling me and Peterman. In all of that got the number one quarterback mcinnis and do everything for the bills. But if they don't do well you completely throw him out. At a traps rate you put him on the side of the road and you say you're you didn't play well your garbage so it's a tough position to be especially for guys that are. Trying. To make a name for himself and and that's you know simply organize the sabres entering camp. And if we how peace and right now is. In humans aren't really all I don't I don't think I was the same roster means to go off from an extension means party the only. The only guy with the sabres and I think I'd be excited if he gets two goals and assists in his first pre season game is Alex the Lander because. I took a lot of heat on Twitter for Portman might top six last week's sell. Is the only one that I'm going to be. Look at that that really pumping his tires that that happens this year here a heap of trouble there I like the trouble. I like the troubled because attire right now. Palestinian land we keep forgetting to vote him we talk will be elite that he's old and all these guys says he gates met the girl. Going to be fighting for New York I mean out new Landers in eighth overall draft pick he's loaded with skills he's got size he's got strength. He's been two years in the minors. He's twenty years old now he's bigger stronger faster. Maybe just maybe he's going to be able to make make it bigger strides this year and you know it becomes the camp and does well. I'd like to see with. The decisions that they have to what's great hockey. That was written yesterday about Jack article looking at him looking to take control of the locker room full of new faces loved the quotes I know you guys read it we already this morning. Love the quotes are good job by jumble on the are now we article Craig dark Kostis from the athletic and join us. At 1130 to talk Stanley Cup blueprint but which take away from the article. Security that's that was what I was thinking you're Garcia. I salute maturity. You know and here's a thing you know Jack Jack's going into his fourth year in the national hockey. And dom. I I just remember. Watching Jack. Very youthful in the way that he played the game on the ice but even more youthful off the ice dealing with the media and and stuff. And you know. It's it's it takes time for these young guys to two richer in the National Hockey League team bigger roles. Jack last year you can just see. The way he dealt with adversity talking to the media. He was much more mature much more clear in what he was trying to say the emotional part I know Jack is obviously not happy with losing hockey games. But in the first couple years when he was youthful. You could see that pain. In his voice an in his physical demeanor when he was talking to the media I thought he really grew as a young man who last year and I would think that Jack is is looking to even make bigger strides moving into this year. Just reading the article. The stuff that he says about his teammates that have been brought in the new faces the culture this and that I mean. That's exactly exactly to achieve what you would want you're you're your leader should be saying about his teammates. I agree with everything pitchers in Peres and I don't know on fight tickets at that the wrong. Cup this morning because I feel like. Not to be very competitive for openers one thing and may be more negative than I usually am. I start it even started in the morning when PD was playing his music piracy and you were very angry. I will get a lot of I get a massage therapist angry that don't know how to sing Tom penny in in excess and then all of a sudden we had our sport on he put on Alba. And he ripped off all the time you. Well and I work I highly I had Margaret and I were jamming out to patty and and we throw on karma chameleon on a Marty's right and that's the Boy George. Love it culture club anyway in Waterloo Waterloo my biggest thing. Is that it's easy. To see all of the things right now in the month of August you know it's easy to just go law and talk about. Yeah I mean look at looking forward to this year because there's a lot of different person now things need to change. Tom drag our rooms gonna dressing roomy and haven't you feel law and in all make the ticket ownership wanting to beat. Dat dat leader in the locker room he's that I need to influence the room and a positive way absolutely the right thing so it's easy to do that. I think at a lot of time in the you played with many guys too that have. That dual personality where where'd they get the gear on and helmet comes on and end the Amy act one way a little bit because in the in the feeling the pressure Oren competitive battles and all that and then as soon as all of that is shed off. You have a different perspective and different person. If you want to impact the locker room and positive manner. It's it's it's all over the ice it's all over to game it's on the bench. If not just when you're sitting in your stall in the locker room after the game it's so there's a lot there Jack still needs to learn and still needs to do so I'm gonna give the runner chance and I still think that Jack. In my opinion is the next captain of the Buffalo Sabres is going to be got leader. But reading that article in August. Is all rainbows and unicorn straight now. I wanna see what that looks like in October on our November on a 33 game losing streak the thin and how the UN is RDU. Influence a locker and a positive way. When you're haven't scored in five games when you haven't scored in six that's well on C and I like the article I like what Jack is saying but. You might tell you is that. How you impact the locker room if if a player struggling. Stay positive and keep working hard don't ball. Don't get down. Encourage our encourage all the other players that are succeeding. You know like like in just focus on that the next did you did. All sound is getting a little bit. No don't don't not at the Ricky can't not that it did. I didn't agree it was a great leader and he was a competitor and he wanted to go to battle every night but there's so many mornings he was grumpy old Danny B. He was come in and Annie was bullpen. And he was on the ice and he was like. Breaking sticks because things weren't going well and ask a question but that happens. And that's one question and I and I am 100% injury because I he. I know Annie and I know the way he played and he was without question. One of your he was your best offensive players he was the guy that hot the pressure pressure to produce. Who is the leader of that room. I don't I don't. Rule is did that leader it was the different. Now with withdrew. Ever coming to the rink good or bad. Losing seven nothing winning seven opening his demeanor with the same thing I'm desperately that's your leader ball OK yeah letter yeah I. There is in different ways and I get a view that's in doubt. Here I was the effort worked harder at drew had his days at his age is. That your day was open and I wrote this down is that every green hoping an angry. There you go there's a bigger cheerleader and a guy who's hoping guys I know Danny career war scene and Andrew worse Kenya hide your team connection was he wearing guys. There was one captain room and that was. I hate it that very differently I don't think idol and I went I don't sort of in any best players that do your best captain that you played for who. Who who who. Not in close it close okay or he which he most he one of the most story captains. And and I lecture hall history yet okay. And I would consider him. I wouldn't consider him captain. You and now. Why because I I consider him a guy that led by the way he played. The way he prepared awesome ice shows today but theirs he was the franchise guy the guy in the locker room. Myself and she'll answer. I sure I'd I thought our great I felt it necessary when he came was not a star he worked himself and he pretty starts that if you played in All Star Games you guys have the clout to support support we. We that we captain with our guy. Sacco was our guy he was our captain. And don't get your man Michael he dropped a bomb on yours he he was a good captain. But we did it through committee. IE I ways I was that guy that that tried it helps not to make decisions on you know. What you need to say to the media. Because I was in the guy that was gonna be in there yurigan meal after him OK you might wanna do this might wanna do that be honest be this. You know like. A week from our away from not just on the ice in the game in between the rooms sock who never spoke. I tell us they like about leaders leaders that leader it. So many different different Ali Khalili whenever assistant captains in in any lightning he was not he was on up he was on the tarmac taking off going flying before you now about the guys and not to worry about this guy's netware and in an eye out collecting his art he was starter he was flat over the belts that are well regarded went and shot on you guys are teaching these guys I don't think you missed my joke he does. Odds. It is always idolized like places like buffalo Danny Briere and and injury were your captains and and and when you described any degree air game career. He had a lot of pressure on him because he was the guy that hide to produce for your team to have success or there's tremendous amount of pressure. It's a lot different than drew who had. Com a different. Job on the team he had. At the defensive responsibility. He still had offered to responsibility but it was more put on gain every year but his his demeanor. Off the ice. Good or bad were what it was very similar but I can't every year when he had success he was on a high when he wasn't doing well on the team didn't do well. You could see and feel his emotion. But analysts say this big game is not where it was in the 1980s or even the ninety's when one guy. In the locker room one captain. Does it on the eyes doesn't in the room does and everywhere and I think that Jack is in all the right things. In that article any stake in ownership and he's short maturity. But big game. Is much more than one guy I've Bryant Allen was our captain with the Rangers. And Wyly was a war you're any blocked shot any due would have died for anybody that our own anybody article end up in the locker room and the they were why Iraq today guys or whatnot that was other players doing it. Jack in this article said. All the right things Jack is gonna come to camp he's gonna work hard he's gonna try and lead by example he's going to be that. But big game of hockey and today it's not just one guy who who's your leader you'd need a leadership. Core yep and they're gonna. I gotta I gotta do their job leading right here right now as were Wheatley for breaks so I gotta I gotta intervene here Boise got to step up and see you guys aren't aren't helping me out here. I knew little more help. Do your job I'll do mine is skaters Andrew Craig when we come back to the point. Presented by agents staked out and I have a great political there. If there was fighting a football who would you take. That can't Cam Newton or Calvin Benjamin go tweet on that I map site cranky that Gregory 52. Marty you're on 43 to the point coming up right Kostis from the oval the athletic. At 1130 talked about Stanley Cup blueprint right erroneous gators WGR 550 an amnesty. Back with more of the instigate us with Andrew Peters that's great work. Welcome back. Great first. Segment they're the conversation like that conversation about Jack and captaincy and all that stuff in the locker room full of new faces. Just start talking about the article written by John goal of the athletic. Also coming up at 1130 another member of the athletic Craig Constance. We'll join us we've been talking about Stanley Cup blueprint all week you start with the metropolitan division. Then move on the Atlantic. And as we've talked about that you'll have him on the shoulder discussed. The Stanley Cup blueprint but now one of my favorite times of the week is a two times a week of Marty's and we get to do to the point presented by Jim's. Stakeouts. Important point to point. Our two point presented by brutal. Did you some almighty god that video video. China's track. This is eighty e-business. By ADP miners do you know it's the so. Somebody camera guy's name sent a video to me on Twitter it was in his cars like peavy. The traffic today is bro. Broad broad and what did you. It needs aging doctor Eric Wedge yesterday. Yeah. Is awesome so rob Rowe is that guy's name. Robbie basically he basically just that at this site ranked traffic is and then there's the video. Rule. But any. Site tracks about bird that was awesome. I got nothing to it. Okay those are able to apply to present a budget stakeout first topic who wants to go first debate you forget what to appoint means that Craig was away for so long. That means each member gets thirty seconds. On the clock. Each participant. Gets thirty seconds on the clock to state their case analysts analysts analysts analysts. Experts. They go Marty. OK so. We'll save the expert birth to her second yours or credit you gophers. Our Carlson stone and do she gain in sends opening night lineup by. I'm gonna say yes Carlson's don't end machine will be in the opening Nightline after a senators I think that they're gonna hold. Armed. At least karlson and do you change. Pretty much as long as they can't throughout the season but if if the right deal comes up for any of those two guys I think they'll be moved. I think they're gonna wanna keep stone in the organization. And now I'd get him signed. Are all done when the time. Excellent let's see if you can do the same Marty. OK Carl stone in the Chesney trade you Shane and sans opening night lineup I've got a trade debts. You know I would think that's though they do Shane are guaranteed they're going to be in the lineup. I've still got a new contract to Shane was the acquisition last season as for Eric Carlson I think it's about 5050 from me. I'm starting to lean more towards yes we're last year I was definitely adult. I but there's still a chance that when we get to September. Carlson could eaters say I am not playing. Until you straighten me all right nothing would. I thought. Understand this is is this is a big year for air growth and he wants to come to camp in great shape he wants to go there. Be the true professional that he is in the game and it's just do you time before he's going to be traded from mom. Ottawa but a lot not just it's not just about vote. The hockey side and everything that's happened with the Mike Hoffman situation going on is not there anymore I'm not saying that but the Ottawa Senators. Had a responsibility. To Erik Karlsson and to Mike off and go to wherever. Dean knew what was going on Andy did not handle it well and I'm saying it's not just about the S infer Carlson's aside he's holding out. He's polls and Alexi Yashin and as I am not playing until you treat me is that gonna hurt Eric Carlson. No there's going to be thirty other teams yes that are going to be seeing it will watch you you're as good as Drew Doughty you're as good as Victor had been. And organized so that it won't hurt him that it will hurt him. As we passed our 32 it will hurt. But it's a destruction and I and anti it is he's gonna show up there considers six point five million dollars. And were reasons why he's gonna show up there and he's going to be a true professional he's gonna play and at the end of that contract at the end of that year. He's got the ability to sign any pricey one but again you see that like Alexi Yashin sat out a whole season he's not. Worried about it Michael peck aside idol season he's nuts and I missed out on it. In old guys do it it happens. It just Geiger went to Russia for many years he came back is much better for it. Carlson is not gonna look at the six and a half million dollar in May this year. Is looking at the nine and ten million dollars a lake for the next 67 years Arlen has or eleven as the motivation. Behind woody doesn't opening night. Sure our next topic to the point presented by Jim stake over just asking these two guys in thirty seconds he needs to commit and half. Our Carlson Stalin chain incensed opening night lineup. The next topic is we had this conversation yesterday offer little bit Marty. How should the NHL change restricted free agency. Wolf for me. I and I am. And know the article and some of the agents of spoke about it. I would go the other way I would go back to a little bit more how it was in the nineties. Instead of having guys be. On restricted free agent at 47 push it back to thirty that we was. Give the team a little bit more leverage for second contracts only be don't give. Restricted free agency arbitration rights until they're 25 years old instead of being 23 24 and I played. So I would push everything back. Towards more what it was in the ninety's as opposed to handing out the young players all this leverage and all this power. Craig what would you do. How should the NHL changed district trees it's not a so what would you do but how should they change. I have a limit on how many teenagers here allowed your lineup that's number one are you serious you just came I was just about to write that down. I can't read your right but that's like that a change for agencies access to a market that does my time. First of all I would limit. The amount of teenagers here allowed your team won. The white kid once Bravo hit. Number two I would move there restricted free agent period. Later instead of what 22 were 23 what it is I hate to point five. Well everybody's a restricted free agent when they're done arbitration are retreat retreats again book arbitration up to 25. Move frees its young and I know agents and players right now. Are gonna say or drizzle former player you're just sour and you know we make more money knives on second and I don't they or aren't. Part of that generation yet to be saying that you guys paid millions and I was in that played an and an error when the league minimum was 500 grants are I'm. Entire adult data tell you right now I lost millions. In so these guys right now. Can be in the situation that they're in right now 24% rollback. Line through years of of a deal I lost a full year millions are lost millions and millions of dollars of these guys can benefit and I totally OK with that didn't make today. No but I get I get rid of the sand and what I'm trying to say also is that big game tied but really what I'm suggesting again needs to be tweaked what I'm suggesting is it's not helping the younger players. But too much power and too much money is given to those guys. Now I get that Jack cycle will get the ten million dollar and dichotomy David will get eleven half. Those are special players but when you have we've just talked about christened the bore. At 23 years old signing a six year deal for four minute and a half 1001000 dollars okay. You're like the guys with a 130 NHL game 150 is that he's got he had no points to seize and yank Johnny's timing for what twenty million dollars. That's too much that that second GO that's second contract or even third contract at 22 to 26 year old guys are making too much money. They should be capped I think you need to cap second contracts whether it's. A five year contract or capped the the amount of I don't feel like I just lost my NHL ye hear what you have more in order rational and you might but you don't want you might have more players young players taking bridge steals two year deals so they can earn that third contract. Sooner. Nobody complained in 1989 or 1993. Where all the 303132. Year old we're making the money why because they had played for 789 years and we're getting rewarded there. They were getting rewarded later in their career and you had guys making 910 million box at the age of 38. That literally couldn't produce anything at the end of their career and I I see that point isn't. IA you know the all stars over Kansas type thing that Boggan now stars of Kansas. You know how stars all the top flight players are gonna get paid and everybody else was funny it's funny because that as growers at first when when when the CBH listening router is now screw the young guys you know take the rookie bonuses away the entry level deal I'll call it complete however all those young guys are cashing in. All huge. August 2 contract your first contract is very very limited to what are you overall pick back before the or is it Alexander dad got a million dollar signing bonus as the first overall pick. Now they cannot get those. There are making it all back and some much more. On their second and third contract I don't think there should be a contract signed over five years do. We are we are yeah are. We've if you are getting fewer pig I 1415. Million dollars go ahead I don't care what you do with your money. If that's what you feel but only five years but it got his eight year end this this this is an ownership issue in general manager issue because now. You and you put a cap on the length of contract seven and eight years. And Bob good now said that when he we talked about a cap and it's not just a salary cap but it's a cap on everything. It acts as a magnet everybody wants to get the so now you limit the contract is seven and eight years. Everybody wants to get the 78 years if we had no. Length. Of contract limits. You wouldn't see anywhere you would really see 78 or nine year deal why because nobody would feel like they have to get there's like a beaten everybody wants to get that. Same thing would the salary cap it's like they did to Carolina Hurricanes are trying to get all we know we wanna compete let's get to the cap he'll need to get the cap. But it's a deacon and everybody wants to get there. Rip you wanna talk about that. Goal celebration. Are we done with that too or no we're not done this is a toss it to the point we have one more it. We have two options what was the biggest impact from the Gretzky trade or what happened here and that was the kids Cohen Goldman. UN absurd that gets going Walesa degree aren't giving 32 these. I want to hear your input on let's talk about what happened here so happened here so I don't even know the age of these kids but all I know it looked like well. I think it's the eleven or twelve case eleven or two while some kid walks and that's how it's our goal hand. Hourly scores and then. Drills a kid in the back of the movie hits and added that he looks like I had a diablo has every right in the back and I'm sure were right to the back. So this is excessive celebration that's you get kicked out of the game for doing anything like that and plus that the the blind slight hip and that guy had contact and others. It would have been raised in the first round of your back in the late eighties early ninety's but nowadays. So this is this is the interest so I watched this video. Last night and IE. I'd like it I high heat that's. I gave I I pressed the old button for left you are. And what with what to say it was an accident yours going through your thumb cut the yes yes. No I liked this package that actually hilarious I I I don't I do not condone this. You know used at all I can't wait oh watcher off fourteen year old this year you're gonna hit point all this is not acceptable in my game. I I I watch this video and I laughed that because. You don't see this static it walks and scored a beautiful goal and then two seconds later his goal celebration as much and Kitna back ahead. It's it's not acceptable in the game. I liked it because it's funny but I got roasted. Absolutely roasted for people on Twitter is made the were discussed but three different. The fact that you like this for the is thrown half bombs that in everything and I guess it was like let's and it this guy back in the ninety's would have been a first overall pick with he displayed game there by. Let's and I mean I Eric Lindros and their team 82 buried yeah listen I mean I if it's a funny video I'm not condoned and some kids punching it in the back at me while. Eyeing an eagle and an eagle little bit further people may not like this I think the kid got hot in the back and Albright I don't know that it. You breakdown the video here's the thing video has won a landslide that hit got hit. And punched back and add about the idea. He went flying four feet and the punch only condoned media fault now. What they Gretzky tied itself or the growth after him. I that. I am not even get indulgent at this. It open no way for our. Camp but it when a cop authority LA kings to win cop property I'm dioxin in cup for Arizona to be in the league although I don't all much longer will be. And it was really the first time that media. Frantically. Chased a story rate Wayne Gretzky may get traded mean I get treated. People went to LA we're hearing now a lot of reporters and and TV guys that are like thirty years ago I was in the airport in an Alley waiting for dad. That confirmation happen I had a plane tickets coming back to Canada I was gonna stay an extra day to make sure I caught Gretzky coming in. So it was very. Probably the first time in hockey that something is big. Was gonna go down and everybody was on board and it can you know now with Twitter in in instantly what was the biggest impact. It's high time with the biggest idol and everybody on the Oilers every player on the Oilers were able to approve and make and stake their own claim. When he won the cup without Gretzky 99. That's the next year knows that your your excuse treated 8889. Main. Might there was guerrilla style and Steve Smith wasn't on the heel yeah I was was it you know 86 Aziz now. 89 was the Calgary Flames beat the Montreal Canadians as Lanny McDonald. It's right Mike Vernon in France three in have been AD and president ever they don't really want 458788. And then nine hours of five. Sorry I wanna wait too long here this attack coming up here. A couple of things are talked about the next segment but at eleven we're gonna talk Stanley Cup blueprint because at 1130. We have Craig Kostis some from the athletic joining us and he writes about the Stanley Cup movements will talk more about that eleven coming up next. You know iso fun little discussion of music WGR 550 MS tedious to gators. Plus are we talking music some of the greatest music. Known to man right here. Sag oxy our rights organization were quite a sweater that after the update we'll do this or that. Talk about Stanley Cup blueprint thing Craig customs coming up at 1130. Right here on the investigators and WGR 550 and MS Jesus savers by the sweater number anybody dealer dealer dealer. Well he said Mike Grier he's a micro says race race I said well commodities that I could like air I'm pretty sure I my career and I said. They've manager area it's Evander shock it's not even close but I just think that does our honorable mention me being second place what he might group. Horrible moment. I don't likeness on guys and I actually Dobson while. Hat I just didn't. Not a lot that you see your lives are run over the track this president at a unwritten and I killed a bad job and activity Cam Newton yeah. All right. David and it's not if I had not played that final season with the sabres where were number 52. I was with her for somebody else would've been. A point a game in his career with the Buffalo Sabres. I was just look at that is that you know that touched fashion. You're absolutely I mean that the fact that. Andy scored in this and with the Buffalo Sabres he scored 383136253028. In only 56 games forty. 3641. I mean adds this to mean that's unreal that the their contribution and the amount of goals he scored. And the distance. As to which she scored goals from was five to fifteen feet from the outside the names of the. Errors that war the great number 25 I wore New Jersey. Happ Myers Craig Ramsay. Terry Martin guilty mark love T march. Bob mongering. Mao Davis. Jere jealous. Dave and Chuck Robb con backlog for auto Mike Grier. Mark me carry MacCallum Gregor rank go and friend of the show Carlo collectible. Now Warrick mark thank carry not a whole lot of points I know there is I would say and it shut. Greer Veronica. Would be they the most memorable toward nobody award for three years after and he left he was here from 84 in 93 in and robbed con war and for a couple games. God I should thank him for on. Its. Let's use like a bus. These big man. He was at that he wasn't tall now like 5511. Yet but he was really is necklaces announces. Now in an about. I haven't Dave Andreychuk second my house he signed it after playing with them. As last year with the Buffalo Sabres and the thing is heavy. And it's long. And if and I still. And he just I mean the guy. A story about and 600 goals would dot type a stick is as a means I heard he carried a stick around in the stick bag from. Years and years like Arnold is back when he played junior. He always wanted to stick cut to the one height and that was his measuring stick he had a stick that he loved. He would trainers bring on the road so that he's just cut his stick exactly to the height that he once there was never. Guesstimate of where was now he. It it is it is it's impressive what he was able to do an impressive I did it with a Buffalo Sabres at a time where there was a lot of other great players. He just went along did his business and scored 3540 goals here. I'm gonna do my business right now I'm gonna get a so for break on time here and when we come back and then do the sports update and we'll do this or that Marty's got some great ones in there today. Yeah and now we're gonna talk Stanley Cup blueprint of the sabres haven't because at 1130. The man who writes about the blueprint himself. From the athletic mr. Craig customs gonna join us right here on the ice skaters WGR 550 and MSG stick around.