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Lows savers don't you GR Sports Radio 550 and WGR 550 dot com. Center Christian to borax signed a six year contract extension with the coyotes yesterday the deal is worth an annual average value. A four point 45 million dollars according to reports. Before Iraq. At 37 point 78 games last season and has seventy points. In 156. NHL games incurred prevails the question earlier is that a samurai are. Compare herbal and we'll talk about that the next segment of the investigators the Panthers defeated the bills last night 28 point three in the pre season opener. Quarterback Nate Peter man threw twenty yard pass to wide receiver. Kelvin Benjamin for the first touchdown of the game in the first quarter running back Marcus Murphy had seven yard run touchdown late. In the second quarter. Rookie quarterback Josh Allen threw a touchdown pass to rookie wide receiver ray ray MacLeod with just a little over a minute left in the game. Seahawks rookie linebacker. Your team Griffin had an impressive debut it pre season opener against the colts with a game high nine tackles despite in 1917 loss. Colts safety Samarco Thomas became the first player. To draw any objection under the NFL's new comedy hit rule last night pool early early in their earlier in the game Seahawks quarterback a team king drew a fifteen yard penalty. For lowering his head. To initiate contact. Red wings rookie Darius dice. We'll have an MRI after he suffered. Hyper extended left knee at the end of the first quarter and Washington's 2617. Loss to the patriots. On a New England side undrafted free agent Ralph Webb ran for two touchdowns and quarterback Tom Brady did not play during the pre season opener. Turn into one bill's wife for a full recap of last night's pre season opener Murphy Steve we'll have a chance to sit down and talked to those running back Marcus Murphy. About its running game last night. We will also hear from NFL films Greg cosell. Who will recap how rookies around the league did in their pre season openers and that's sports update here now over back to the NC over backed the incident. Over and back over back and back again that's like OK overt act or against the wall well I you dialogue at helmet rule. I know that there's been a lot of controversial. Comments made about how he can't hit anymore. But Steve tasker had a great point yesterday about the secondary hit the guy that's already wrapped up that's going down and ended. Back in the days Argus the second and third guy in would come in and pay their full read delivery. And just late in to a guy and let him know all theater now it's called hit her ball. And it was it was the only indicated yesterday a fifteen yard penalty for guide you in that. And I thought that seat to ask here. On the broadcast pointed it out that's what the NFL is trying to eliminate yeah as much as anything else. I believe so I'm gonna kiss Steve task has bought a little bit here he is amazing is on that broadcast. I remember seeing last hour he wasn't on one of them and I'm immersing where's tasker. And then you hear the guy is incredible I know we Norman always see him every day so I'm not trying to make this awkward but watching the game last and I don't watch a ton of football. Yeah but I'll tell you when you sit and you listen you see something happen in any breaks it down exactly how it how it happens about the one I think that. That he was explaining what the breakdown of Peter Mans throat of the guys factual we're here he talked about you know it. Just spectacular analysis on on his parts of probable to Steve tasker I mean and that's not just as we work in the masters he's legitimately did. I felt on a massive accident in my last night when I was listening to on I just wasn't gonna bring it up on the show because it seems like Steve party has a big. Yeah especially when he shot a 69 in nature are pretty sure shot a 69 cents a on the front I don't play well shot great shot currently shot 69. He had five birdies in the first ten holes so what's Greg Byrne parts are one or two than to. But it and it's from an eight out of golf fax report from what I understand that's pretty it's like the Harlem the hardest course area. You know I agree I just look at that nice guy furious playing in a LF dot com or maybe does circuit played a web dumped onto its I I I wouldn't want issues that you know that's just pouring a before we move on to anything you talk about agency of marketing this streak on the pipe that's approach and departing for birdie eight years they're gonna property here you're gonna get your par that's boring golf. I wanna be in the woods I wanna have to sheep. Around a couple bushes trees. That's what you gonna do today by the end the third and Oregon right. Hitting off off the you'd like on routes or something's off the side of the fairway in the call at the rough. He hit right off the tree comes back him buried right in the face now. That's Bobby happens everyday in the in the world somebody I saw that on let's let's play anyway you talk about great job great analyst. Greg Constance is gonna come up as you said at 1130. He just weeded Dylan Larkin sign a five year deal worth six point one million annually we did Detroit Red Wings were. Dylan Larkin 85 year extension award six point one million and he says that thirty was trying to nine. Well it this is the littler kids. Or contract rate he would sign the I believe he would sign. And all that shake hands sign to I don't know mark to market. Changes and if not in cap friendly yet. But no this is the Larkin second contract actually you know it you know what San Reiner sooner when Bob goes on not doing enough or if fort night pants the old the I didn't know. He knows his eye for kids UK. I mean they're all robot walking around your house trying to have a quick conversation went because they're all over the place. And now all of a sudden it in the middle of the conversation. I'm not kidding you my five year old daughter dead the old fort night Danson and stop some. As you. That's Portland and explain something game and and they are all like movement like there are doing that one particular theater like dad can yeah anyways I had high dollar it's. Against packets are player packets and ports but yes six point one million dollars a year for Dylan mark and bill Larkin stats. Last season with the Detroit Red Wings sixteen goals 47 assists a. 23 points and 82 games the year before that he had 32 points in eighty games that your report that 45 points. In eighty games so you're looking at it he had a great season this year 63 points lesson lesson samurai her has played. 200. And 49 games. Yeah he is 65 goals. And a 140 points Dell market has 242. Games 56 goals and a 140. Points out now. That becomes a direct compare herbal that is the Iraq that is the biggest compare herbal that you're gonna get. In the game right now is those two guys in samurai hurt. Had. A 23 goals season which don't Larkin had a 23 or season and their first years and they came back with a seventeen goal year. Their minor at seventeen goal year's second year. But don't market at a sixteen goal year. And I am at a 25 going here again there are a little bit different type player on. But they'll Larkin was the fastest skater at the NHL all star game. Maybe that could be a little bit of or two yeah that's worth a lot in today's game but. Speed is but I mean this and they'll Larkin two years ago item really really tough year. Where indeed moved him up and on the lineup even really didn't seem to spark that he had in his rookie campaign in his sophomore year. It did have a great thirty year but I would also talk about Detroit a team that's not going anywhere and Philip Larkin was given every opportunity. For our play. Two win Neal eighteen to twenty minutes a night so there was a lot that was given to him. Dad. Allowed him to get to over sixty points now. Again we talked about how do you fix free agency RD effects restricted free agency. The fact that your giving Dylan Larkin six point one million. A year on average over five years is a lot of money. They said I was with William Gross is not a second contract that's the second contract yeah. Just in out of making 925000. Dollar as entry level deal. And Danny gets six point one million welcome what what will have Carlson slain for. Five I knowing when to bring went to five point 34 by the Williams 75 I think it was yet so I mean obviously they. Well Carlson's core I four point 255 point 25 and when your deal. Scored forty plus goals. The Larkin at sixteen last year against sixteen go again you have a one hit wonder. To a guy that is. You know I'd a solid first three years of his career if William Carson goes and has. A great year this year in scorched 830 a fine he is gonna be making an extreme amount of money. Yeah I get that on the how. Kirk Johnson's though has been covering that the deterrent red wings for a while now. You know before being the Atlantic he was with ESPN and so I mean. Say that he just joined us he just join us at least quietly had a bump on mop. And we apologize but he he has has been a conference call regarding the bill Larkin. Yeah signing so welcome to show from the athletic Kregg Constance how's it going crank some big news today. I think these summer Friday. They I don't like that. Louima pub and now that your gonna be on the short 1130 a lot of people looking forward to it obviously circumstances change right now so we'll get you out here are not ten minutes or so. But I tell us about the Larkin deal. And not only that but we're having a discussion of how that might affect Sam Wright hurt too. Yeah I mean it will. You know couple of rock concert. But you are young guys look at this contract. Kids first impression that the with Gilbert Dele market. One you know the fact it's five years. Thirty inches incident in a lot of times you see these young guys that are right there aren't as franchise guys get it in particular major treatment. And I think the fact that it is by Yukio. Need to convert all the more willing to invest. What does it take to get eight. In part because. You know it will be two years removed from saw where he struggled and so I thought it. All we future captain. You mean pretty nice compliment. Now we're just we're just discussing how it I don't even know what do you guys think that this contract directly for example I do but did the question I was gonna have. Is. If you had to pick between Dylan Larkin in samurai and a feared giving both players. A you're starting a team until players available which one would you pick. In. Can we compared there are contracts and what that's gonna look like for some right art that we as well. And that they're quick to meet that. You know he's got a little bit more track there and development to production. You don't get it. Were you think he's gonna play a lot of positions and I think Bill Maher well if you yeah last year you look are well. It legit second line. It didn't mind are these the development of a couple weeks ago and in his mind he seat belt still out. You mentioned view that is you can add that I would love out or breakout years. Where he used that number two senators that it will look better and you know I would have in I don't think right. So there are. I mean there's no market. Not only is it art art and so we're talking money are we come up. It's the gators and joining us right. How on short notice he has a conference call 1130 about the deal Larkin signing it's great cousins of the athletic we thank you very much for shifting your us schedule being able to join us. One of the conversations we've had a lot in the last couple days is your blueprint discussion. Number one and what made you have you been doing that once for awhile and you know how did you come about it. Yeah and while I didn't yet again and then when you're walking. Yeah political hot here and get Iraqi arm so if you don't want your way. So that Barack and I like it happening in black hawk in the king. And in word in the exercise because all the teams if you know you're and we're. I've been construct a little bit. And so a lot of there's a category. The franchise that you've got Coke retired city. Crosby's boxer. Do you doubt about that would be. In typically. In the end what will not if we go out and I. Franchise. You know. You dowdy hang you don't keep those two things and wouldn't you know it is either. Bitching at you don't accuse McCain you probably at side. Because these forward depth coming at you wait eventually Wear you down the block were. The penguins were beat team. And we're really what is the outlook is any there there are some things all. Argued that that are bad B you can have an identity that is difference. It lets your art. We want ideally that second category is. Some sort of competitive battle so in the case and would that be in the cases that the capital. On the outline. And a Tampa Bay urge you date. That was something here it would be combatant so you know that kind of. Reconnaissance joining us from the athletic we're talking about the Stanley Cup blueprint and so what are your thoughts on the Marty got a lot at my quest is not from the sabres it well because do things that that. Took my grab my attention is that. You have buffalo right behind Boston Tampa and Toronto and it in the Atlantic Division and you gave them a three out of five with room to grow. I just what you may be too elaborate a little bit more in the room to grow and where do you see this team. Not like in the best the world but realistically could get two in one or two years from now. Yeah well I want to grow is you know we were talking about them being there it very early days without Air France jet fighters right. So I think Jack I'd vote that he would probably the crew. You know dot it has been played a game yet so. So you know where people didn't check mark because those players we're still. You know the so please don't send out series years and so the point 324 year old so we're still a couple of years from it critique and I think the other area. We're a bilateral and the team is done is apparently. Still they're still gaps so there's so you know it's funny because. People on trial were upset because. It's Ronald both look to quote the child so art bout. But really it's about identifying and of the big the larger picture building block out place to be a legitimate cup winner and out of our argued that buffalo. Have you let be what looked over it the hardest thing to get the accurate sentiment franchise since then and then. Bennett can't devote to experience the problems so efforts over what votes and getting our pieces. So we've read the metropolitan and the Atlantic Division so which is which team best matches up or fits the blueprint of the Washington Capitals in the Eastern Conference. It's terrible that. Question and well done and believe they're so in that pops up it is a big thing. You look at cup and it is still a team they eight. Where where would they don't I bet that laid out and now I'm out the when I I did this original. We want is then put. What he thought would keep building blocks there's success and I did when I was can get to project I didn't have site on that. I bet camp where I was brought up on the scale I think he will be getting smaller faster and I looked at all that trend. And you don't look if it was. For there were games we want well it is different. You know it as you guys know seeking changes we'll get we'll see if he's he felt that I ought to be alone. You probably don't let them out so you know I feel like. It's probably the number one. Contender. Danica in the east but is he about the Internet content place in Washington for a while. You. We'd take the vehicle. On some local beer in Washington said that. I know your tight for time to you have to deal lark in our conference call how would you rate sore rank or what would your thought would be your first impression. Of the sabres offseason the work that Jason bottles done. Yeah I was. Morning I think he's a great job. You know I've already got is there a feeling I'll profits for him early on and you're there at GM. Of course. Any Guillen can look good when they win the lottery so we can overlook. But I I really light you know kind of cheer boo and or a notebook a lottery win. Ours here. You know really well of course in but that was really good deal. I especially like the riddler access you know beauty of these the first tropics I would I it's you know it's been getting moved or he started. Now going to be an at all so I I thought it would. Are we in a day and age where we're moving away from goaltending has that year because in your five. But part of blue print there's nothing about goaltender Chris as the goal asking a question a practice and we and we know that goaltending doesn't matter. Don't let him out they let their party. I give me death but the prerequisite and I would I would kind of noted that in the natural but you're not gonna win it in a few people it is not a Danica window where. It's like out in the oh so good news or else that we won I. I'd bet the poppies they all. Every cup we're going to have a good luck. Yeah and you know what I wanted to let you answer that question I am very good at answering for other people but I will say that I I asked a I thought it was an obvious it's obvious I mean it wasn't on there because I I feel like any team that wins the cop never has done goaltending going and you know like they had they are they have either a great goalie that you know plays well enough to get them a championship they have a good goal that plays great and and they win so. I think you're right that is a prerequisite. Gregg got anything prepared. It's I've enjoyed this conversation where I'm at and you know I. I'd only going to be away next week's alive we know we chartered to maybe reschedule 1130 and I appreciate you being able to. To come on and join us on such short notice and we got a head to break you have a conference call we appreciate the by the time you're able to give us. Thanks really enjoying that the work there and and love it love the blueprint stuff so you can keep it up. Thank you that's great tosses from the athletics and. The guys on the work for a long time I. NHL as a whole. This this article about the blueprint is excellent I look sort of the what to see what he says what the west we go Winnipeg jets five out of five they get all five and. And the outside is lost that's what he was sandbagged the Winnipeg jets. Are the closest team to what the blueprint should. I was gonna ask you about the west but I didn't wanna play spoiler and you know I think you know you want it to happen you know anyone steer anybody away from reading it but. I might aghast Winnipeg to him but I think last year this time we are all seeing Nashville. While Nashville is not far behind as it through but you look at guys like a team like the Chicago block Cox. Arm at the bottom of the the central division because did you know their game breaker still there but the offensive defenseman is dunking key easy going down aging. You know. It does size is not there anymore so it's really like don't be getting away yet I'm the last. We we we talk about the ingredients are so many ingredients in Golan and having success and when you ask the question where's that where's the part about the goaltending. You not win a Stanley Cup if you don't have a goaltender that's I I think the goaltending position is the most important thing when it comes in the playoffs are. It I but I see that there's where if you were in the ninety's yet Marty border. Patrick rock. Curtis Joseph Eddie Belfour Dominic cash that you had those goalies that. If you didn't have one of the five top five of six goalies you were going lower right. But now it's changed you need a lot more you any good goaltending but you need a lot of other European goaltenders but you don't have to pay them ten million dollars you're trying to pay goaltenders like Yugoslavia he gets pampered and Murray in Pittsburgh walked in went through spelling counseling you don't think Megan. Make enough thank you take Diana outtakes right levels files that that's what I'm trying to say can you can you find a goaltender that yeah. OK so when we come back. There is another article. It's a series of articles going on the athletic. Nastier guys they're talking about the depth charts or the the farm the farm systems for these teams where you think the sabres might end up but more importantly. We have got this or that coming up. And summertime. Six pack yes. Campfire anthems biggest cliche campfire anthems. Talk about that coming up tonight we you know story came from him Marty couldn't sleep one night some guys as. Blaring out liar it was Dexia got from ribs quality than singing all oh that's right that's right wolf talk about that do we come back to call bush league. I. Video that come from the bush are at WGR I did you have as you'll be right. Welcome back. Any investigators it is time for this award that. One thing I Craig Constance for coming on early he's probably on the phone right now so we cannot. Play our Lil game that we do here in PDF I hope your ready and reds. I hope you are ready as well because we've got some really good topics today. You've challenge me all summer I've written things down in my phone every date this or that this this or. So let's get started when a hockey one. So decried mean it McKenna no work out together right now and there on the ice and trying to work on their skills and their speeds and you know they're going one on one and there was a video on Twitter that came out and don't know who posted it but anyway. I'm asking you if you had to pick one of boom right now to start the 20182019. Season who would it be Sidney Crosby ornate than McCain. Passing. Taylor hall and there's no deaths or tyra who even answer this terrible quake hotline well done Marty you use our tell you Pickens and ground. Our job and answer all martian. Until sliced off. I've I'm gonna pick Sidney Crosby doings you know already made that while it McKinnon was my pick for DM VP last year. Before the season you wouldn't picky over the season and autopsies are he had. The good years here Arctic cold drool I thought yeah I mean in all day every day we did that flew through over Sidney Crosby. Only I guess I'm asking because you're so Afghanistan so don't put that and excitement at the start this okay well I I think it's closer than what you think so when you open a purple later and sort of torn pouring OK we will. The PGA championship in oh well right now you know let's let's let's move on to different topics. PGA championship is going on right now and John Daly a former PGA champion is playing. So John Daly showed up at the edge here playing and hang in on the mental explain actually shot. A one goal or maybe three over yesterday. Anyway he did pretty good but so we showed up at that dinner there's the champions dinner on Wednesday night wearing a St. Louis Cardinals. Baseball teams jacked it. And then on Thursday. So mismatch and a little bit he didn't let the whole soup together to jacket and one night the fans than the other. So does our dad here which one do you like better the pants are to judge it. I'm gonna go it neither I'm gonna go with a higher you're off the desert awed at what point do you just let that go great story by that is AM out Hulk Hogan you know now you know he's failing miserably he needs is go back to starlet and add that. Them are the mollen that he hadn't that tight. Side burns all the way up past the top of this year's Narnia might as well let's listen I'm going with the pants Wendell Clarke book. And dejected as pretty cool everybody else is wearing light but the pants on the golf course I look when John Daly comes Utley. I don't know what he's gonna Wear today Ortiz even on the course right now I haven't paid attention. But he has these big lake US. Flag type of pants that he wears some time as well he's very colorful. I think the pants are totally appropriate oddly older the rate alliance holdings names speaks to itself as loud mouth. Noises. OK I'd love what you India. What else we got okay so Weezer was doing a concert in that's on Twitter as well also Weezer was at a concert the other day and he wanted to do a little rendition of that. Africa by a total and all of a sudden. Comes out on the stage wit and accordion was whip well yeah habits so I'm asking you if you're going to stay alive. The guy is still has the same here but anyways I'm asking you. This or that weird Al or Weezer. This one was simple you have to watch the video. Because to be Lou appreciate but weird now. Can absolutely. Ripped it. He was crushes it with you got a great singer unbelievable I wanna see what we are how I would like to Wear down as I would have never thought this but. He is god game weird Al with incredible could weird now ever be weird now without air no nobody would ever known. You know weird hours in his fifties strictly. T yeah. So where Dow is completely right now Marty dad's still the CME festival. Was on TC and country music award considering it was a you your country guy your fan. So I'm gonna throw you a couple of fast. Quick ones at your toe up this or that Garth Brooks a Johnny Cash Johnny Cash. The Garth Brooks because he does some phenomenal all off and floor he that's a mall foundation yeah the charity work I Johnny Cash when it's on the okay how about this Zack brown band are Rascal Flatts. Roscoe flats because you use on them and liked it's I would imagine not chippewa. But listen now that's not Rascal Flatts always pushing interest but you know what I'm actually a switch that. Chicken fry I got a great story much as a front man we had a DJ I was in new there were this will be rapid for rapid fire. Cain. All of this and carry on the winners and I blame you. Who Carrie Underwood are so that's why there's stop stop it. You boost your answers and the answer should diet Twain argue hitting usually got off the board with that one incident Kelsey dollar rainy because she's a black rich entertainment. Proteges. I'm saying you should have done that there at OK I'm gonna ask you had a disk this or that the other day. It was supposed to be Tuesday but I didn't bring it up. I was out there watching the Karate Kid my mind went wondering my 8080 kicked in and start thinking John Paul van dam in his movies. So I'm not an act on it so I am I'm gonna tell India this this sport which is the better Jeanne Claude van damme movie blood sport. Kick boxer are lion heart. All right puzzled Craig I've postal. Risk right now. Yes ambassador Ryan that is just so this is that's that's when he was bored by blood sport right now what that guy's name strongly so strongly. When he kicks when you the old everybody starts here his name he went on can't seem the listen the blood sport was some of van dam is best and worst in one movie I mean like in hard it was good lion heart was. That land RDE he does like is basically a fight club. Where they have like all these fights and people bad on omen gamble and go to that arises. Wasn't that what were now it's all it's all our guys really are kind of famously acidity you know the fast hurry to go out I'll kick in the battle of ideas and date last one before we take a break dancer who got frank Duke's. It's been active but it was and last one so I'm they kids made me watch bachelor in paradise the other night. So. I don't know I don't know that's I don't know if that's. So I'm gonna ask you this or a game. Yet a chance to go on bachelor in paradise or just full out spring break. Which when you. Absent are guys that we're we're not workers basically did this going to drop ten holes and eleven guys or twelve guys and be put him on this little island. And beach ENN. The booze and food and they are all there to just tried to form relationships excellent okay and spring break. Where you're going by which are buddies as the easiest answer in the history of all answers well. Is this that this this or that I want this changes appear they go with panties. He should pilots are not just finished you. But if you had to pick bachelor. And heard you want me during Rick you want me to pick scenario one is picking out of eleven girls or you go to spring break you can pick of 2000. Yet but also hold the eleven girls only have like our depends on the girls only have 1011 I had a different. I'm taking neither. Of them happily married. A if a. I've read I have. Let's bring right that's. A bachelor paradise were they eat. Everything there for you and Andy sewer or you with twists and thirds. In all of anyway that has been this or that I think that the McKinnon is closer to Sidney Crosby that you guys want to make it looks like I'm and evidently art yeah absolutely. Yes me pick one or the other and syndicated tell his game. Starts to go down and do not see him practice in the way that he perhaps that I've watched videos on him in the summer. He looks absolutely and does that we just showed up Crosby McKinnon McKenna comes in. Absolutely walks Crosby right Crosby goes back to get a puck in the quarter to come back to a one on one completely undressed McCain. To get you know ridiculous I mean I can't say they'd. Little toderat. I. You know what it shows. That they're there they're providing everybody with token pressure. I gathered this is like Australia and their fees and other witnesses to which they do the drills like it Crosby's trying to. Played a pot McKinnon is gone like other display the whole problem told dragged through defensemen maybe knocking each other's heads and grow played a part you played him I understand but Crosby comes in and does a little like she. Yelled tendons Louisiana Hamill camel now that's all gone. Now let's just get what's the Hamill camel. However had it coming used to do the Hamill camel with nominees to stand on one can explain it to us having to break has got to get the break it's now summertime six back of the fire. And themselves resentment the sound so we got a break that they. PD let me handle this this is the investigator will be paid back and the you have 550 and have as it. And there's no better way to finish a great show like the investigators with a six pack and other than reticent about. You know what it's been nice this weekend in Seoul would there's only a few weekends left to the summer so we know it just you can't fires gone are absolutely. I have a team hockey team party tomorrow at 3 o'clock so maybe I'll bring the played less than. Just those songs out on the people who doesn't like a six pack in the summer you're over the age of 21 soul. Our intent over the age of in stereo eighteen in Quebec yeah yup there's an issue there. And so we know a summertime six pack six things that we just like to talk about we give a category. This was couple weeks old bull. Trying to sleep one night at the cod cottage its college season. I got a giant house next to me just. Probably ten people around a campfire is the only one saying. He's got every song. Six pack of camp fires on let's go with your 600. At fifteen but I got a twelve mark. So here's my six pack case and started. With its like midnight disguise them belting out songs Badgley three hammer gore went on us like. Like honestly and put your fire. Soul. You're that guy. Well but three Arab community I was doing a candidate you at Disco join and have two and everybody a favor are so here's my summertime six pack and this guy started with American pie yeah could start with a worse arm. He goes in America I mean thinks nine minutes long that you did the whole thing. They have the gambler member of the camera Uga gets in no way we hole them. No when OK and then Margarito. Doing. Jimmy Jimmy buff it. Perfect. Friends in low places that's a good one now that is as cliche. A lack cliche is saudis are gonna get for drunk person because they assert that guard Brooks. Yeah. Brian they have moved blades into Lou is usually happens and then I had over the over the out of there it's all back up their please not yet secure sweet Caroline. Up bump. I own. And then anything yet the tragically I was handed manner in Canada that's for sure yet this and there's your entire body of cranked. Yet we don't have your friends but I would never you know captured that was really good by the way. I listened mine is more of a twelve back fifteen back that some of your songs that were on there. Bartlett do for once special this Friday I am having a good time around I errors that for me personally absolutely. So yes I have American pie Don McLean got a hotel California Italy's today that was leaded The Beatles that's a good one late night you know. The boxers Simon and Garfunkel Schoen and is there would have Led Zeppelin the Lola that was mode though stairway goes through way did he die. Africa total we just we are down and missing that fast guard Tracy Chapman hall great song wish you were here by Pink Floyd we didn't start the fire Billy jewel. Brian Boyle can dude got song. Karaoke style without even looking at the works from start to Harry Truman Doris Day yeah it's kind of guy named ray I didn't have sweet Caroline. I have if I had a million dollar by the bird acutely eighties which is a great camp like it. Every rose has its toward. Indian and gave me the knew each other. Sound like the guy from the very average every is the knew each other and it to me that's on some media Cuban leader with no I. Have a campfire with the red so why it took me to mall to get over the Leo whoa oh. Did you see him money while those letters. I hate. And every time you told me again dolls. That's fantastic. I'm not fair to say that it now is three inches shorter than before you run out of that time here a queasy PD because I know that's probably your favorite campfires on. A little Counting Crows mr. Jones. Right again. Shannon and I love love lamb. I would agree can shallow body you have. I go I I'm I have to go with. Tragically Hip I mean anything Tragically Hip. Everybody knows. This on and you can guess you can belted note in house upon. I now demand lot of paddy is it Tom Petty all of a campfire. Agree. And there. Not the lyrics but I gotta tell you this. Overrated underrated. Yes coming out today. Is out with a sticker all add up from the investigators and coming up next on you or hear heavy GR 550 MSG one bills live with Steve tasker John Murphy. We're gonna recap everything from last night we'll see and hear us on Monday.