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I'm 32. Garrett Gilbert. Throw look right. Players down the middle this time. The kids they will mark him down. Yard line what a play. Here is the first down play and jot down. Like what is director of the Georgia. Up fourteen yard touchdown that Jackson Alan is on the scoreboard. Straight out what a nice it was pre season game number one the bills lose it. But you'd never know the way folks are reacting included us good afternoon to welcome to the day. After the show the day after the game Jabber. 2823. To the Carolina Panthers pre season game number one but. It was a fun game Steve there was a lot on a lot of good things going and just says some big plays it was fun to watch yeah it was and yeah. We was committed talk about gonna ask the fans on Twitter and how what they're gonna think and it was a lot going on last night we had so many questions go on in a lot of the questions the most prominent ones as. How quarterbacks can play out the offensive line downplay what's beavis and looked like. Man McCain kicked off that first half looked really good for it will air a lot to like in that game and we wanna get your thoughts and then as well we got a lot of ground to cover today as well. We're here until 3 o'clock to review of the last night's game with cement. First time and probably think I know things have changed now the pre season started training camps going on. We attack back in April when I started we were looking for things get or now we've got too much to fit into the shows. Are these two we do a great X last night was. Mean it was. Everything was going on last night good really good as as good a preceding crowds I've ever seen I agree and then. At a quarter Rex come out there was it you know who's gonna start at quarterback to start Nathan Peter which colonial raised a few eyebrows for some people would that there start Nate Peter when he comes out. Proceeds to go. Proceed to go whoa what ego nine of nine before having the tipped ball that go for an interception to end his night. And it's led to scoring drives. And Kelvin Beijing come out jumping out again for. Four receptions for over fifty yards. And then the offensive line. Mean a quarterback's the first two quarterbacks in there. They were eaten sandwich is back I don't kinds of time to throw it was it was really something there's a lot to likening. Game wanna hear from you the full month's open at 8030550. Told free from outside buffalo 1888550. To 550. And let us know what you think you know it's a Twitter poll is well it's not really appalled but you can react on Twitter at one goes I've what are jerk. Biggest take away from the bills' first preceding him against the Panthers give us call 80305. If you are told free. 1888552. By fifty you're tweeting your response. Look we're a little bit giddy we celebrate getting wrecked bills lost. There might buy it yet by five it was an all great last night's even we should during the course of the show we will address that I mean they gave up. 21 unanswered points in and lost the lead there were some issues but for the most part the questions I think this goes to your point. The questions you may have gone into the game with. You saw some answers to those questions that complete answers yet not perfect answers yet but at least some of the issues going into the game. Were answered yesterday in person for foremost. I think is the quarterback and you pointed out Peterman played solid really good surprise starter a little bit of surprise. Played very well in his first nine passes in a row he looked sharp he looked decisive. And got the ball there on time. McCarron played pretty well I thought AJ McCarron played pretty well. And then Josh Allen comes him attempt said Bob on this first NFL playing in an NFL pre season game that. Robert Foster just couldn't bring it down in bounds. But what a great way for him to start Allen was solid in the text of the estimate clout acting demonstrated that. He is accurate righty threaded through little tiny window whatever agreement. Yeah and like bloody and Corbett who either a couple of times Josh don't try to do little to much. He scrambled around wrecked their fallen down throw went backwards over it almost got tactic for an interception on his first series trying to make too much happened as young players do sometimes. But no nevertheless. They an ego down a list of things and you start with those quarterbacks and I go straight to the office of line I was really. And we've been talking about I mean is we should out of come to surprise you and me that the office of line protected those guys. There's some a bunch of individual performers there were both thumbs up and thumbs down you've you know all the writers here at one bills drive and tell you what they think but. And then. Another thing that we haven't we didn't touch on pre show that we talk about was well we did I guess table. I was going for Brian Cabell. Call a really nice game for pre season game and we're I know your broadcast you mark over the radio Sino us on the TV side we didn't really touch on it too much but. There wouldn't guys run an on off the field offensively all the time very different personnel groups different formations. And they handled it pretty cleanly until the second I think yes just a question wheels kind of wobbled. And came off a couple of times in the second have a couple penalties delay game. They had. Some off sides and the young players kind you know they. It was old the mobile was too big for a couple of you know I mean they they they kind of had some. Some hiccups out there when the when some of the you know third stringers and guys the bottom of the roster. Start command planes significant time it start to show a little bit that they were in a little bit over their heads yet. But I'll tell you what the first half of that game with both quarterbacks both the front first and the second offensive line of the defense I thought played well although the defense. Had some trouble rally into some of the short passes of the Carolina was thrown. It was a lot to be excited about bomb. Asking folks to give us their biggest take away here's my biggest take away and you just talked about it the offense Brian Cabell is often stable upstairs. And it's funny because it camp he is right in the hip pocket of all those quarterbacks ever came days upstairs calling plays it's much better look up there injured call plays calling please. Is going to be one of the things he does and believe me Sharma terminate your notes that that's a little bit different for a right do able he did great but the bills XQ degree. Getting different format used 321 half offensive plays I think and I bet they had sixteen different office of looks personnel combinations. Out of those 32 every play. They were changing personnel lining up differently. It wasn't as if it was totally complicated but in an alignment it was and so as to why is it worth. And we had the thing you're headed to win when you're in the meeting two days ago and chuck McDermott was asked what you're what's your biggest keys and picture we have eleven on the field. We laughed that's the reason now we know what he's at because he knew what they wanna do offensively and defensively to a lesser extent. But now we know that they wanna keep changing personnel they want to be multiple they wanna be versatile they certainly were yesterday and and they had good pace to wasn't as if they work. Wait around to make substitutions wasn't an if it wasn't as if the quarterbacks were waiting to get the play calling and it was it looked like. A finely tuned machine with Dave Ball call on the play upstairs. Radio and downstairs I believe it was a rob Morse attendance coach who would radio out in two you know the heads of the quarterback it was a finely tuned machine. Come with very few hiccups in the first pre season game well that person now shifting that is the biggest takeaways I get from a the other thing this is that was 1181. Beaten. We've seen and talked about it a camp. The passes over the middle there was a consistent attack in the passing game over the middle of the field something the bills were not able to do and in that attempt to do. With Tyrod Taylor they've guy quarterbacks who can handle it. They've got an offensive plan that incorporates it it's big it's big as it's Kelso said and I thought it was almost a genius point he may. He says you know sometimes people think. Stretch the field and stretch you vertically. When you play like that and use a middle of the field you're stretching the field horizontally to write linebackers trailing in coverage can't stay with receiver and over the middle. And it really works and it worked really well it's staggeringly encouragement when its offer bright gable on the offense last night I didn't even think we'd see much of anything at that B basic. You know off tackle plays in a couple of swing passes to backs them on the back you'll know. They opened up the playbook I don't know what they showed us a lot insure those a lot of different approach and accommodations and I'm extremely encouraged by that. Yes and I agree with you this thing you notice you noticed is you think back and for for some of the fans it's the first time they've seen the teams since last year in Jacksonville. They'd watch it worked at practice they see may be some highlights December when he thought there'd this year and the first thing you notice is what you said pace. And they were on it they were on the ball in and out of the huddle. The offense that was Chris. He seemed like the place just happened a little bit faster now they were exit even even within each play. There was a Christmas that you weren't waiting and waiting for something happened in these plays Dave the ball without. Both those quarterbacks during the game the ball came out right on time. Rarely see him once a while they did later in the cool half. Have to step away AJ McCarron stepped way scrambled hit Riley on the big one but for the most part they went to their second read and there it was it was there the ball's coming out and that with the personnel. Changes that they made. It was pretty impressive by one day and we've said this if you've been listened to the show through training camp. One of the things I've said a couple of times and you've noticed a tumor they're buttoned up and it showed. They're buttoned up at training camp they're on schedule on point they're focused all the time I mean before practice during practice post practice. In their meetings as they walked through the building east of these guys team on it. And it showed last night I mean they showed up last night and were very crisp. And yes just encouraging I'm not saying that they were you know that. I'm not trying to pick the small things mean they played really good and he scored a lot of the scored seventeen points in the first half probably could've scored more. I thought they missed some opportunities lessons to left some stuff on the field. Mean a lot to be impressed with and and not only in the first and second units. But also in the coaching staff that was working in the way they prayer prepared shows up while big part of a coach and Sampras and new offense coordinator Brian gable we just talked about I was so impressed by what he did Sean McDermott was asked about it last night. In the post game press conference has about Brian gables first performances the bills' offensive coordinators recent. I like to see ya like his rhythm in the first half in particular and and you know sometimes that comes with more more rats and and I think Brian's off to a good start as far as that goes you see him moving different personnel whatnot that's a good defense I know I was I was. I was there so I know that this town they have on the defense and got some good players who gets he has moved the ball early in the game ever. That career for. And her players handled. And a very records mean that the game that's kind of one of the gains in the game. Substitution game management. We had a couple situations where we had a hard time now. One intensely one. I believe. Where I monogrammed time now and those those things we have to clean up. We want to have three time now as much as possible it. Before half in the game because it's time. It sounds like Tom McDermott was impressed I was impressing and everything also bills mean to be impressed by. Again it look like a big package of offensive looks right personnel combinations in the first pre season game. With the starters especially they got it done without using too much time without having issues you know who's on the field. And as McDermott's told us Wednesday I wanna have eleven guys on the field they did in the get a pretty effectively really impressed yet and. Let's face Communist. One big actions as well when you when your football player here on the team and he come out of a game like last night there so many positives as so many. Pleasant surprises not only to do the the way that the offense looked a certain colors but also. You know position groups the offensive line wide receivers all of that and dealing with that coordinator with stable but the thing also is. It is it also a truth that we always said it's never when you watch it on film we start to dissecting it's never as good as it feels. And when it goes bad it's never as bad as it looks so it's gonna be somewhere they're gonna attempt for all this is a giddy as the you know I have an all of the pleasant surprises we had. They're gonna temperate a little bit with some say hey you missed this by you miss that he would because there's a lot of things Internet dissected saying you know we need. Better probably do on it as we speak I write players are here conditioning stretching on on today's game after stuff. Lunch break coming up. Go beyond don't mean rooms a little bit a couple of minutes from now. And then coming up later this afternoon practice today after practice and truth be light practice. Those players off tomorrow Beckett training camp on Sunday for 215 practice be covering that when. In India ticket for things go to our website for details on that all right the light up to get a pretty good show coming up before they get an enemy rumored to have markets Murphy. Who is a standout last night in the game. Sack senior running back Marcus Murphy from Missouri to a rested seven times or five yards or one a touchdown run. In the game caught four passes for thirty yards and got some return works some punt return work. But all around night for markets are pleased to join us 12:30 to become 1 o'clock. Back with a regular Friday guest Greg cosell from NFL films longtime NFL films senior producer. Course with the NFL matchup Schoen ESPN's Greg cosell we'll talk about last night quarterback work by the Buffalo Bills take a look at. Some of the other things going on in this on last night's games twelve games in the at a though last night. And it took like Chris Brown bills and set about the bull's eye Campbell joins us. In studio to talk about last night's game in the road and for the bills. In the meantime the floor is yours. Give us a call 8030550. Tool free 1888. By fifty to 550 or do it on Twitter at one goes live. Your biggest take away from last night's pre season opener against Carolina Panthers yes a loss but what do you think. Gives a column will discuss will start. With Tommy and forty retire later in the year. Gentlemen is good that Buffalo Bills for a while back catcher there. So much that happened last night between Benjamin and the quarterback the offensive line everything but my biggest thing that stuck with me this morning. Is the wind out ball comes off the Josh Allen and being seen noticeably different when he's thrown the ball. You know. I'm team what we have here we have a Bayerische. Very brought talented young man and I it's it's encouraging that you you'd advocate and everything right this morning here this afternoon burying urging. Yeah I mean and I think what we've talked about it for weeks for months really could tell Joshua Allen has alive are by far the best arm. On the roster and we are moving into the territory now where you start to weigh all the other things that go into playing quarterback in the NFL arm is one thing. Arm is important strength a strong arm is very important. Accuracy is very important but there's a lot more playing quarterback in the NFL and when Josh island in complete. He is education. Then he'll be fully ready to play he made played before he's fully ready to play. But he was he was pretty so. Ma'am I don't know if I've ever been around a pre season where everything that we talked about Vermont has come together so evidently in this first in one pre season game Josh Al Kamen. After the first two quarterbacks and AJ McCarron innate Peterman looked the so what good they both had great statistics they they were in their for very long we both through about a dozen passes. And both completed a really high percentage of those passes the offensive line protected all that with that when Josh Allen came in. You saw right away the physical difference and he had he ran the ball extreme only had three rushes for 29 yards. He threw a tight window touchdown pass. He also made a couple of silly throws while it was fallen down again sacked he also didn't look is poised in the pocket or assure himself. When the play was right there for him. Right to snap when his first three he didn't you know he didn't look his call was the other two guys did. Just everything that he's stereo typically. You know NFL fans have come to him. Recognize about young players and veteran players was really evident last night in the quarterback play the bills' nine but by the same token. He just said the college's head. You can tell. Josh Allen was first round physical talent and it showed last night and I Colin on the broadcasts like I'd sarcastically as robs you really think he's Uganda's first playoff first place second half and if he did tonight easily predicted he'd dropped back and he he he did and it was it was a rocket and you know typically it's funny Stewart typically the he had accuracy problems at you know at Wyoming that was a big knock on me throws it out of balance. Drifted in and out about and so. They all that stuff was there. And it's going to be fun to see if Josh Alec can conquer all the stuff that's in front of him is going to be exciting to see AJ and eight. Overcome the stuff that's different than they're gonna compete they're going to be in this together the as the office of lines and could you get better is track Murphy and not Kyle Williams are they gonna come back and play. Fresh and good football we finally get a chance to see them Corey Coleman is next up on the wide receiver and we get a lot of things worth find out the next couple weeks and and it's after a game like last night. He can't Kelly is awesome last say one of the great moments was the start of the second half and just you know took the field crowd and shoot 61000 folks. Crowd went crazy he was standing ovation. After the game Sean McDermott talked about his rookie first on graphic just Shalit was asked to give an evaluation of pal Ellen did here's what McDermott said. But it isn't that things you know brought out see you could feel the energy of the crowd a first pass those are great call by Brian. You know they throw the catch is out of bounds you know so. I'm there there are times are some things you need to work on but overall I thought him the ball times. Good to see him in that two minute drive as well that's that's idol experience forum. You know all three quarterbacks that can get a touchdown pass. Which is good to see. Told him. You know putting himself at risk of getting hit hit a couple of times and you know that fourth down play the one word kinda you know when all over the place and with that I. You know X. Quarterback gonna take some but hopefully. It unity. With his death was isn't he was able to extend some plays which which is good to see is well. We just gotta Smart and know when accurate vision. These guys are they fast physicals. You know I think we'll learn from the field. I mean it's a question is Josh don't have room for improvement is that what he was Astro was asked. He does considerable room for improvement but he's got the raw material which I I find exciting and have found exciting since he walked through the order back in April. Real and you look back you know that quarterbacks were 25 with 39 last night. With three TDs. Three TDs and and one interception. On. The two quarterbacks to start the first half impediment McCarron had over a 108 point eight from McCarron won ten rating for. For Peter moment. And Josh Allen and up more than 84 point five. Quarterback rating image he'd just that's almost exactly what you would be expected if you if you were. Rent you know just and she's what you expect it and exactly what you would expect. What do you think of what's your biggest take away from last night's game that's our topic to start the show will take your phone calls about it. 8030515. And tore free from outside buffalo 1888. By fifty to 515 we'll read some tweets Sean. I tweets and our offense actually produced I was pleasantly surprised with the markets Murphy. In reaction to see who wins the third running backs out yeah markets were becoming a publisher about him minister now. Hum yeah I've seen two big picture markets European training care companies and a you don't crowded field McCoy and ivory top of the depth chart and go after bears cadet markets Murphy Taiwan Jones Keith sport. I'm gonna consider a talent jones' return specialist so maybe. He's that in the mix you figure though. Between cadet Murphy in the rookie Keith for the probably keep just one of those ads right yeah I would think so and and it's gonna come down their contributions all over the roster but. Murphy did he was the guy that raised some eyebrows last night he kind of burst on the consciousness bills and seven rushes for 35. Only had a loss of nine yards but I think it was that he you know linked Keith Ford. He missed a bit blitz pick up last night and got balance act. That was a mistake but there are other guys on the roster to other other position groups as well the rent keep anonymous and here's the simple fact marry your majority of people on the tweet sheet saying hey I wanna see Josh Allen with a number worn off yet James limited says it gesture on these people the ones they have a fair valuation well. Well there's three guys that are playing in what are unity these and here's the thing Josh I'll make play a little better if he's within one cuts in line. But you know what is he gonna play better than the 19 at ten. Well you know anyway where I work and I sign up for teams that we can I'm there. I would play with a ones against Cleveland a really what let's find out there was there were I said this the other day I wanna dash around the start last night he didn't OK and they got good play from the attitude sure I watch our show on the start at Cleveland if you're asking me you be my choice does stardom play of the first easier ways turned noisy agent why tennis and why it always turns can earn it. He's got a tremendous arm he's got the break raw material to play the position. What what you wait before let's see maybe he'll stalemate though they'll split up all over issues against Cleveland but I'd like to see. Well here's the thing. You know it's I mean as much as we'd like to make it all about Josh Allen. It's about the 53 guys. You're trying to get all of them ready to play against Baltimore September 9. Yes and maybe ask Allen is the best what are you and your point it time to do that you went three more games. You got to get everybody race when it's time for him here's the thing when it comes time for him. He better make it when it comes his turn if it's next week find a bit to third weekend finds its fourth week spot but when it happens. That's going to be his chance yeah. Actually given his chance and I agree with the the guy you have between chief James Fleming to. Give him his chance sooner rather than later what are we liked it or think clearly matured later air I think you can. Wait till later for Josh Allen because that gives him an extra week of training camp to get better and make sure he's more successful. We know so it's going to be plain in game there why there why do you who put the fact I told you should if you're if that your case once you start of all that brought teasing games go fourth quarter because I don't wanna be get hurt. If the if he's going to be healthy you do it though. If you guarantee me he'd be healthy yet I put him in every sense stardom at the beginning of the year yep. Well let's hope you got I've gone week to week here this last night I thought Josh Allen should start. Yesterday this next game a week from today I think Josh two starkly the ones that it would now once you cut eight JN eight so there's nobody in his way. But I'm gonna need backup quarterback why he's not gonna get hurt. You guarantee he would get Eric. He could get hurt I know that you're only. Gonna get hurt what do you stakes. Major black and go oh regularly and you lose appreciate that you got to get to the guys it's just a misunderstanding. Stardom next Friday and that's a concern of September 9 start Friday playing with the ones do it sooner rather than later. If he fails OK you've got character and in maybe. May be pretty good alternatives but next Friday one week to week here. I'd love to see I don't think it will open it up procedures and start start I think mr. McCarron next you're probably right. I'd rather have him and they're pretty game gave Josh Allen three quarters when he. I don't know that you can obstacles dress rehearsal scenes in gesture. Head to. Law extended he gets the whole second half of the Cleveland game in egos in the third game it's the whole first. Through three quarters now he's at a pretty breezy though in that use in week three the so called dress rehearsal game if he doesn't start either of these two reviews are now. What is that the Dresser what are we three typically is considered the regular season dress rehearsal. If you don't start next Friday utilities start yelling at the Banco it's his turn. Well. It and we're not great school here you know outside and turns people trying to by the quarterback I'm sick and he's got the raw material to be the best of the bunch. Let's find out what's buyouts are currently on every day and some things last night Richard. All right we got markets a piece to anybody join us a lot more conversation with you Steve and I want to end at odds about what they should it would just might as better. We'll take great welcome back markets or be a big game last night join us live on set when we return role in your to a 3 o'clock a technical. Well Greg cosell about a bit though 1 o'clock are are accurate it would respect it was wonderful. You guys overruled hopeful though you view that. There is no Twitter faulty there's a Twitter question because I was outvoted by mr. cantor and our producer. They deal for I mean enabled you'll thank me later markets where we stand about a join as one goes live present about a lot of help from one bills drive. This is Buffalo Bills read. Welcome back it's no one feels like from one drive in orchard park New York. Mark Murphy at chaired so make it sixty. Markets were you hearing will be here any minute. He was basically he found his way into the end zone last night talk about that run the finest when you hear it's nothing. Hey let's talk about the game what your your take. Your biggest takeaways from last night's bills loss doesn't feel like a loss that's the beauty beauty of pre season right that's that's coupons and I am doing but what happened. Space we've been talking you know we talk about every day from. For weeks now about the question marks an office I think office supplies keep what keeps coming back to me because the quarterbacks did look in the renew and look goods because they had plenty of time to throw the football. When McCarron. Came in you know the second quarter for Peter and after Peterman finished his night. He took a sack on the first play with the number two offensive line and then. From that from that time on even the second offensive line. Protected him did a really nice job not only in the passing game but also the in the run game last night I was kind of hesitant to give him some praise. About the running games are what we watched the second the first half of it today. About not only did actually do pretty good job in the run game as well and and it was with them guys like. Murphy and and forwarded. And can debt and those guys so they did. It wasn't shady McCoy in their run and they write they moved some people around and it was it was really a positive night in a lot of ways certainly. The defense in the second half a second team defense came on the field there was a drop off yet as you would expect for a team like buffalo who's gonna hanger and a really good defense upfront. Kind of hard to find it really good defense to back Jamaal got called allied pat itself has some thoughts on the buffalo defense that way you're on the air this afternoon. They say doing guys. Might say boy who is partly. Linebackers. Okay is seeing what they want to sleep all night they didn't do anything. They distort any big calls. Tom what I was wondering about was what you guys talk about the linebacker corps. That's typical at its a good observation good observation I thought. We were looking for remain Edmonds to come in and you know and rock of all over the field he had like one tackle on the night. I think the strength and no question about of their defense of line was a story the defense was starlet to allay Harrison Philip's going to get a sack. In his time there. And and the defensive backs like he's going to be hard this line backing core two. Play up to level those of the two users that surround them the fronts the front four and the secondary. But nevertheless I I I agree with you they were a little bit nondescript last time it's in tackles obviously. But I thought they failed to rally on some of the short passes. That Carolina through. Couple missed tackles led to send but not all those were those moral linebackers at guys missed tackle in the back in the defense. And I think that hurt my guys I think that it as a great called pat because I thought that was probably one of the most. You know conspicuous problem by its absence was the linebackers used in caller name. I think Lorenzo Alexander played one maybe two series that was it's so he doesn't figure into this equation. But Lotto I think starting on the weak side. You know he's still a little bit undersized I think it hurts them from time to time. Julian Stanford who's a program it specialty or a thought Ed good plays and bad please Stevens seemed to be kind of factored. And the only she gets a lot of reps at an undersized. Linebacker backed up and so. Again some good some bad Ted taleo played a lot Mike linebacker backed up two or three in the depth chart. Put the actor are we to pet there were some issues factors for us is the game went along here is that nick in buffalo nick welcome to the show you're on the air. Our guys articulate call. Just wanted to say Annika. John I picture excitement. With L but I totally agree with speed needs to earn it need to be patient. Vernon Torre's. You know he's still rough from the judges yet and we need to work on that and I I did have another inning hey you guys see brain demon. And the coaches and they Geithner and the staff fly and I was warned that you may be able to ask them if there ever gonna bring that she'll back. The bills. Tired nothing there's a lawsuit. To laugh at how Beckett and the lately you know. Yeah it's rare occurrence when you bring your ex back and works out a half. So. And by the way nick thank you that's one enough and mean. All at DePaul we do have a poll after all it is a fall guy I'm excited about Josh and I don't know how much good being patient will do but we can discuss that. Are gonna take a break come back markets Murphy's can join as we return team to ask me Jabber. Santa. On the touchdown from Marcus Murphy last night in the media in the game against. Carolina Panthers Jabber BST cantor won both type of Marcus Murphy joins us graduates markets on the end zone and and played a lot yesterday ever looked at the plate number you have a lot of steps in the yeah and he was fun last night you know the first time we got the lineup against some opponents. You know we came out nothing we did a good job. Now let's talk about the touch an upper second watch it over again today. You have a little kind of hesitation move that I think says that he got a good luck from new house over on that side of a couple of others in the white teller but I thought your little hesitation. There's like the jab step towards middle and cut to the outside made all the difference in the world. Yeah I was just trying to read the Blackstone I did a good job of front you know sitting at a forum in. You know and I was is I just did a little hesitation just don't freeze the record and I was able to walk in. Yet they that it nice job up front for him that and we've been talking about the office points on new faces up there they're trying to find the right five that we thought they played extremely well and you you're the biggest beneficiary led the team in rushing 35 yards seven carries. You're talking about the vibe conine is the first time this team is at the field would feel like. Army feel good down just as often as you know we work and our count. We've been charming you know just that the days and in just continue to. You know work or personal affront you know do some blocks and and just execute the run game and the pairs and I think we'd be good you know we still have some work to do. But I think we do for the most well. The markets you've been unraveling a little bit with the saints for a couple of years and played a considerably thirteen games with the saints couple years ago with the jets. A little bit last year do you handicap you know that the picture is running back and knowing you know you're you're got John McCoy got Chris Ivory and then. That you at a bunch of guys right and you look at that a lot when your entry to every man. It took an adolescent. Mean. We we we have a very talented running their group you know a lot of this in the room you know I just try to learn a lot from those parents. I'm just come out and record every day you know you. You really try not to look at the BitTorrent and things like you know just a focus on controlling what I can't control. And just make in the Vista that these days is human being better. Of these coming in this game nobody knew that this office ago looked like we've been talk a little bit of courage over. Lot of different people lot of different formations lot of she is really split you guys out and bring you back in for this map but it all seemed ago. We didn't see too many guys mess that up that takes a lot of time a lot of reps. And we are working hard and that and that comes to focus you know we will focus. His day in and day out you know just working on the of the small things to take me the fundamentals and around the supply and and on game day. And I think we deal will electricity we still have some some names in some areas it's an improvement I think we do you do for most. It seems like watching last night's game that may be. It was a little bit of a window into what coach gable is the documents were news trying to put in there kind of a diverts multifaceted approach a lot of substitutions in. And that keeps guys even back ups depth guys on their toes I would think that don't like eight now Ayman in this package rate. Right now and you know. Does it ruin I think he's like our hands on day it's her office and we have a lot of weapons. We have a lot of guys we can get the ball to a space and you know a lot of guys that can do good things you know so. Like I like how he kind of rotated everybody got a lot of opportunities for him. This big thing coming out pre season always you came out all right Reppas ask you before you cannot are no bumps bruises or shading knicks or anything like. I'm not just to local you know after gang soreness you know took over his move and move. Last night you know people watching and saw you can contribute to this roster did you did that last year New Year's team in the in the finale of Miami you must feel like I know what I have and and I've shown these guys this coach chip what I have offered they said your performance western and adult. I mean like a city novices and causes wanna come out and every opportunity I viewed as one take advantage of I work hard every day. Day in and day out in practice. Just learn and everything and I can't from the photographs taken notes and the son of flats in my own game so. Any time that I get the chance as wanna be able to my list. When you guys that saint John Fisher we back Sunday or Saturday night. It's our return work just in the remaining a couple of minutes we have here mark it's. Lot of work on punt returns but you did that a punt returns for the saints 2015. You'd you rent brought Beckham. 28 including a 74 yard touchdown so that's nothing new you right right back on right now did that allowed in probably. And even coming into the in the film rookie. On season six season with a part time kick return for the science so you know kind of comfortable back there. Specialty is a big part of my game. You know I just try to make a play whenever I have the ball in my hands and you know if he's on special teams or offense as one of the appointment. Kick returns in your resume it to a new kick return yesterday sir. He threw me back there you know I was a rose. I was happy that I got the opportunity. And I mean we really didn't have you know a lot of kick return opportunities to bring probably knows his name vector for. We're the early returns well I think that if the what are the early on it was purely opinion about how this new kickoff is going to be what is it what's the woods and across Maceo. It was the vodka and off field. Well I mean we only have one opportunity to bring you down so you know is kind of still hearth edges. Is still in the air zone we're about to go to meetings now on you know kind of figure out the things we need to work on good. He knows the UConn. You know we still still a work impresses partners. It markets before we let you go wanna ask you in high school would you grew up outside Dallas DeSoto high school the bit south of Dallas Texas. Get up a pretty famous high school football teammate Von Miller former first round pick you up against him in practice and then what was that like. It was it was amazing you know I learned to laugh from those guys on. He was he was just as good as he is now phenomenon officer he's gotten rid of it. In high school and he was he was a dog and it is going up against those guys and I was I was on our house of Frist and he was a senior. So you know going against those voting does it you know motive means and there was feeling defensive end linebacker he was a little on our middle. Run all day that who he was a middle linebacker Andy return keys. I don't do that he was amazing. It was a score did you detection at all due process I don't do an off season you know we've a couple of we hang. You know I haven't talked hormonal since since we've been encampment there's this there. That's great it continued success that's a look at what is your name last night stay healthy and outside mr. Clinton yet Marcus Murphy bills running back who had the big game last night. Both in return working of course. I mean in the on the field as a running back seven carries 35 yards. Caught some passes to four catches for thirty yards and we thank them markets for joining us. On the show today thanks very much Marcus Jabber beastie cancer talk about last night's game you can join us as well. It's not a Twitter poll today but it is a Twitter discussion I was overruled in my poll idea. And do it seemed a little antsy about that yes. What's your biggest take away from the bill said bitterest pre season speaking against the Panthers 2823 loss but what do you take away from. It was a callers don't you think 8030550. Toll free 1888550. To 550 or on Twitter he reaches on Twitter let us know what you think. From the tweet sheet from wandering jacket frequent. Twitter contributor here he says as I hope yesterday starting O line looked like it will be okay that is a huge relief. Also with their play last night neither Beijing nor Peter Meehan are going down without a fight. The B few weeks or even actual leader in the clubhouse restarting quarterback could be. Could be and we say this to Steve without one game. One game of evidence here I've everything the way starting offensive line please the quarterback battle. What a drug to any conclusions based of one preaches. Talking circle come back to worry think I'm agreeing with you about Josh Allen but if you gotta do he cast got a start thinking about well. And Sean McDermott alluded to it nor production meeting last last week last Wednesday. Even want this decision about quarterback to linger yet. I don't have any clarity now either I mean it gets murkier and yet it is good way so I started out way also brought that up second half decent bugs think. I guarantee it's not an easy enough for the enemy to court decision and exit and I guarantee you. It's it's a much more pleasant decision based on what we saw last night was does not like you're dreading making it is right right you're judged is not it doesn't seem like it's the lesser of two evils now rightly feel like you've got a good choice for both government. But nevertheless it back to it again you don't wanna get two guys tax rate to play your opener against Bolton got to get one guy ready. And Sean McDermott said he doesn't want this decision to go heat that got to make. And you know 11 Prejean al-Qaeda wanna make the decision now. The man after Cleveland and it's got to start thinking about things. In the eastern assuming we got a couple calls on this if you're the coach sicker you might you know look at the video over this week and it's it looked. We got good work from Peter in the first refusing game we got good work from McCarron we kind of know. Who they are others NFL tape presented the evidence who they are. We have this other guys seventh overall pick a big strong arm amazing potential the future of the franchise he is all of that judge Ellen. And we don't know whether he can and you know we don't know how good he can be so let's find out sooner rather than later you know I mean if they wait. You would wait to be patient when McCarron or are Peterman because it's kind of alluding arc. With Josh Ellen maybe takes off like a rocket to replace with a ones that's why and that's a look hammer and start to question how good can he. How fast can he get good. He's not good now he's he's okay. He should he shows flashes and he you know he. Kind of feel like. Okay see the seven through it yeah. But how fast can he do it. Good let's find out that's what Adam on the line from derby at a what are you sick. They got guys. First don't you love the show X I like to weigh in I'm you know debate definitely I agree RP sandwich on. Starting on the person or think Cleveland didn't some person in routes take their are out of the grouch. But it did just earned playing time with what he did with a thirteen I was it became. And you know I was most impressed but this pocket present with their thirteen even with the wind they'll. You know she would not return humans do with outlet in target. You know in not playing with the second in the thirteenth and then give them give from the third game. In we've seen that with the bank. I think they're not only took first in reps that we want acuity into. These kids I think they're the favorite thing. I am narc at 11 but. Yes I see it and it makes good sense when you when you say it like like Adam just did. You wanna see Rudy can do when he's not hayride by and on clean pocket and I will say this I don't know if you sought I'm treated. He completed a really nice pass over the middle took a sharp right on his stern. Kind of bent him over ruled bitten but he stood right back up and went back down the field and idol. In the NFL ultimately your quarterback is going to be asked to stand there with a guy ran right at him and not to run away. But to throw the ball and take it. And he did that last night first game out. First quarter of his first game first couple of series I mean he took a shot. Where he had to stand in the face of Russian get hit right his chest and it didn't feel good night you could tally his body language toward the coming battles long on that hit. But he stepped right back in the huddle and call and explain he went on I was a that was one of the things I've probably most impressed with certainly his arm strength but I kind of knew that we watched him practice. That's my hats and that was that was impressive in its last call here from Steve in Ohio hello Steve welcome here in the Aramis. Big guys the we've got black I hope you'll feel like you're gotten beat up but I got away. But layup Pollard so I was away from the can be per packet but that might. He earned that right at number app that all of the he of the Ferrari. You find out more about. You know I don't know if readers say what you will know. If they eat they got to play against the Jews in Greece. I think Allen park play against Cleveland mud. Like elegant but once we looked at throughout life you need the at cherry here have won the other guy. He's got absences. These guys are twelve months by your. You know basically need to build on Friday night you know look on seven of the. You lost me there but I guess I agree lawyers nothing yet and I get it and but here's my take is well on the net. And I I hear what you're you're saying in and I acknowledges. You wanna see him. But. Josh Allen needs to play to get better Josh Allen needs some reps with the ones Josh Allen needs to practice more with the ones which you know what. You know. The team needs to guide its gonna get the best chance to win. And the team needs a quarterback who can do it while everybody else is getting better if you're gonna start altering your entire practice and it's not just pulled one quarterback out plug in another when it. If you want Alter your plan. Because one guy happens to be. You know what it is here's the thing. Football teams have guys that are physical specimens on all time every year you've got these guys that look the part I mean and I. Like the last night Logan Thomas had a really nice game down inside I've I've mistakes and he used a basketball player. Even not a basketball play used to be at quarterback which is almost like ask. But sort of ice why I was so Obama I thought I stunk on the broadcast when I was so bump but. But Logan Thomas who's a physical specimen a tall raging huge athlete he used to play quarterback and is now plane tied in. You've got great athletes all over your all over your team they've got to do everything it takes to play the position just because they're big and strong doesn't make him. Automatically as starter they got to play. And they got to do everything that everybody else does. To earn their spot on the roster just like Josh Allen I'm. Being the seventh pick doesn't earn anything it gets you a spot in Cannes. That's it it doesn't earn you a spot on the depth chart you have to not your draft status. But I'm William. Your eye for an eye I see him I don't have time to tell you how wrong in its. Because we've got to get to a break. Or coming back with more Greg code itself from NFL network from you will join us in a moment from NFL films I should say and one goes live from one bills drive in this is buffalo new street.