08-10 Sal Capaccio with Howard and Jeremy

Howard and Jeremy
Friday, August 10th

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These self comply GO. I'll tell about shield itself up bond yields. Come bunch deal it's gonna punch yields. A Fazio. I'll go upon shields around coach GO on WGR. Just waited out a end zone view of the Josh Allen touchdown pass to re remic clout very small window I thought it was his best oral tonight. He and another really nice throw across the middle and it'll all but also to McLeod. I believe so yes satellite via third down conversion but don't get me at that and ray ray McLeod the third. Should be allowed to Wear number three. Because he's the third Soka and you know always not going to be allowed two or number three no right you can't know. Lets you convert some softer quarterback he should be allowed. Guy and I'm just impressed a lot of the put the three on the big I I I was the eye on the Jersey is it was okay as opposed to know DBS for the guy in Kansas City is a doctor Lisa put the guy I amateurs. Now we're young and each other quarterbacks put a good way it's well while he gets up a ball. Odds now south on the eighteenth tee on my way to go behind the scenes. While the bills pre season with Al brought you buy outlet liquor for the lowest everyday prices in the state shop outlet liquor welcome to the controversy Sao. Well they look. We may still have a oracle controversy but it's a much much more healthy encouraging. Problem to have this morning you're Sean McDermott then what could've then because. In those quarterbacks played well last that I gave all three of them my tail narrows up by the quarterback's time two times three is what I wrote and down. You know at least you're sitting there today saying you know what I we we we have three guys that are still in this thing not oh my god what are we gonna do with these three guys. Yes even if they had been terrible at it wouldn't mean they would be in there in the regular season but in terms of having the pre season be enjoyable and wanting to kind of see the differences between each of these guys in and out any fans are able to make the camps so. As they as they audition for the part this was a really good showing for all three of them at least in a relative to their skill set. And I feel good that the fans and have not been able to want to camp they've been listening to. WGR my reports I think we saw kind of white I've been saying what we've been seeing camp and it's an and it seemed like that. Last night obviously you own more accuracy and no really nice though performances from. Bolted Eminem cam that we saw who they are and I've seen it can't really I mean. Peter men was a good it has matured past Serb EC sometimes he doesn't necessarily have that Arctic is put a little bit more behind it get a good job of that last night. On the Karen has a little bit more arm strength but he does sometimes tend to hold on a ball to sold to a tad bit too long we did a nice job stepping up into a clean pocket. And firing the ball in there. And then we know Josh Allen I've been seeing you guys did that roll over the middle that crossing route is the money throw for him he was money on it last night that throat ray ray. And that second touch I'm sorry the first touchdown the one at Josh Allen through. I was standing. I Garrett ray ray McLeod guys I heard that ball that hit his hands it pumped yeah I'd. Ask him about it in the locker entry of the sound and I said what's that like and he goes you get used to it. There's a video of that off hot seat again fighting tweet it out but there is any video with sound up and you can hear the thought as the ball. Yeah and looked McLeod lays on the ground like isn't to say like wolf. I know whether you're gonna help came in hot and I thought you're gonna to south would you tell me it's like when you hear a fastball and a baseball games and fight like a cure the batter. Yeah see the pitch which article by you and I thought you're gonna tell me like when his ball is in the air you can just hear it going through the air and I and to ray ray McLeod. Just never ever stand next some extra throw a fast apologists it's someone's chest and bounces off yeah it was a home just like that thump. But it but he caught because it. I thought when he caught the Wiki was position in the if it is our status eons and I wonder if that's why he was it had been slow getting out maybe. Wonder if it's still attached to his body for some reason I don't know. Did anything from last night would all the three guys taking everything into account. Did it change anything or will it change anything when you get back to practice this week we start talking about wraps and what's happening and all this intercepted last night impacted at all. You know I guess that only comes from. You are how we view that for me I'm not really I think I minority trending that this is looking like it was a two man race. For the most part which she'll still an excellent discount him. But I think there's just a little bit of a gap there between the first two and as far as what their plan might be. And how they want to approach this thing I don't think last night and anything to quash that I do think Josh keeps his name in the mix there's no doubt about it. If anything guys I think what we saw last night was the fact it made him Pearman is clearly. Com right there with AJ McCarron you thought it McCarron had some sort of lead in this race in many did you know I think you can eliminate that thought right now I think eight and human. May not only be even he may be ahead in this. I think that that cell that's me. I mean I I wouldn't say that. You know McCarron distanced himself but I thought there was a little separation I thought he had. An inside track is supposed to Peter and I thought after last night I didn't think Pete Hammond would start I was very happy with how he looked at the electorate a dead heat now. I agree if we had to do numbers as you who's act or we did we we the updated. Poll numbers the updated prices based on what's who's that investors would do they think would start self. Josh Allen's prices dropped eight because. He's with the threes the other to play well Peterman 49 McCarron 43 Allen a it's pretty big joke can't bomb that was item that's say 1000 per cent jump he went from a five dollar chair to a 49 dollar share. I think I would go I would right now is divided it percentage wise. We're looking at somewhere around and 4242. What's at the 841642. Point 260. I think I just think they're even and and that's a big gap down Alan I shall keep out alive in the states that I think you know what he showed last night. He still has an opportunity you know unfortunately for him and I said it it's kind of weird sail like that but reports that for him. You know the other two played really well I mean if if Peter in the care if you came away from last night on. And I don't think so that you probably think Josh Allen has really legitimate chances are based as performance which wasn't great but it was good enough to keep the conversation at six. Think cell he deftly played well enough that if they were to start him it would be a team that's starting a rookie that's gonna take his lumps. They just they just don't seem to be not necessarily to say that that has to be a rush. But you know there's there's in a rush there's patient and then there's in the middle and I would say that they're kind of leaning more towards patient at least that's what it would seem. No doubt look Arab back to the word that we talked about the other day calculated that's how Sean McDermott described their handling. Josh Allen calculated and I think that's what it's been so far and look last night you could not have scripted it any better for the bills they said. We're gonna put needed here and obviously in for a forward AJ McCarron it for a quarter reliever Josh Allen perhaps. Let's hope it stays on script and all he'll play well guess what they got exactly what they wanted. From Peter in in the Karen and a chance to evaluate Josh Allen for an entire half of football what's adjusting to me is now. Do you go with the same rotation just flip flop the top two next Friday night do you give. Josh Allen a chance to move up again the chance with a better offensive line and receivers and go against better defensive backs in you know see where his progression as I think. That that's what's interesting to me this caddy keeps this whole thing moving forward if you so to speak in a good way to encouraging way but the bottom line for me is this. Oh Buffalo Bills and today I'm encouraged by what I saw from the quarterbacks passing and especially Brian gables office last night that they. They are no longer in the dinosaur age guys they really are I mean. This guy ran a 2018. Offense in 2018 which is fabulous this out. Don't element that she front table let me just get a call him quicker is I think Dan. Dan and hammer source to bring a point on gable as well go ahead Daniel around with cell. They are more guys bomb you actually has brought up exactly about domestic the quarterbacks did almost exactly expected him to. But I am young wasn't surprised at what people it. I don't think technically the last time we better offensive coordinator that. Mixed things well but tough to question the same the same way it'll make on what I was just very pleasantly surprised lobby their own place. Here's the thing about last night that really. Encouraged me about ranked Eagles offense they used a pawn of personnel packages. Lots of different formations. Lots of different play calls and the best part was there was no confusion doing now it is a little bit is at increased applicable false starts yeah Abbott but. I'm talking about like guys on the field yet post to be out there right that all that getting the play it on time things like that. You're talking about second third stringers guys write not the in first or they were still doing it. If those guys are getting that down I mean. That just allows him to know I guess I get a group of guys here that it's do what Raskind there. There's Arthur Anderson I can eat at ward their plate now there's always a danger and that her brownie say that. It yesterday and I agree with him there's always a danger in that. But I think what I saw from bright and able last night I say it again. The bills finally look like having progressive ball that's moving. Port that is one thing about that offense sell. Who do you Romanoff I had just come thinking this is this might have been what they were doing last night how how the offense last night looked different and it would ending game. In game would be. Specifically designed for the Baltimore Ravens they've probably run the ball a lot more they probably go to a play that they like more than once whereas last night. It's almost like. You know it's flash cards of the upcoming tests will be make sure you know all the subject material let's get as many plays as we can as many formations as many. Our personnel packages because these four weeks are the four weeks to make sure that all those players on the offense no cold and then. You game planned specifically so. It's not to look exactly you did last night but it sinker I do believe it is an encouraging sign. Yeah and I think made the difference would be there was a lot of there was a lot of it's timing stuff lasts right any which can do this. It should be there you know you're not really I ask it to him and afterwards I said how much was scripted verses. You know going by what they gave you he said well you know of course you go into the game plan and you did we did script the first play. Is that after that it's kind of like what they're given us but missing time guys they're not. They're not expecting O and they don't feel it's a problem on third down and six they do this that's what's gonna do in a regular season that's the difference. They're gonna have a specific grouping of plays for every situation last night was basically just hey look at that element it's got a nice matchup let's try to go to him. And they did and that was another really good sign of their gonna use Kelvin Benjamin the way to do it last night the finals matchups you can be in for very nice year. Quick question before let's ago the offensive line cell. It's had its problems that camp dealing with the bills defense of line and here you have sure Carolina Vanilla defense how much were they going all out. Were you surprised or similarly encouraged by how the offensive line held up throughout the game. It was what I've seen from camp which is the offensive line is pretty good the the first unit. On the did have a couple of a shaky things here that would pass rush it made quarterbacks either to step up away here sack or whatever. But there's a lot of concern that depth from guys I don't know if they know we know what the mix and matches. Lastly so why teller left guard in the place right Gary QBs playing both sides now. But yours now in there in the second team you have Marshall new house instead of a instead of economy term it was kind of McDermott not you know thirteen yes there was some puzzles surprise in the still think behind the first group there's a lot of question marks. But I think the first group is going to be better people think especially in the run game and you saw some nice holes those holes have been talking about we saw a lot of them last night. Markets Murphy took some advantages. Sal thanks as always there and we will level cocktail Monday had a great weekend. Look at those are practicing today there anywhere field so it's a media only practice alone will hear comic German about today's game at 415 the practice of four point I forgot to ask gonna back in Rochester over the weekend at all. Yes and others on Sunday they're actors are correct Sunday at 215 yeah. And then Monday Tuesday Wednesday morning all this year and and and were out there very good okay thank you south you'll.