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Bills Football
Friday, August 11th

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I've been around long enough all accounts of things changed. Nothing nothing totally shocked anymore by puzzles process more use. Ian Aziz. And check things out and see where this team as it wants to do. For you in terms. And well I think. I was actually just Osama about it you know. It could be you could view it one way from my perspective is we take this year to two years from now. In the and so you know for it's actually getting guys are coming back to play those positions. So. The models out and evaluate guys so we're actually getting people back in some ethics and more than anything. My attitude and my leadership in the way that work can't change because of its kind guys things. And above all that approach. So you know I'm a do what I've always done. And among go out there and get ready to win tune because as leaders. Extra. Eyes. Next week. Things that are sure in I think the main thing is. You wanna take care of those. Maybe first second third year maybe there are costs in the big change like that. Our son chains like that you know talk to if you got to them like listen I think the only way that our team is going to be any good. Is how we responded high load times are how we respond sudden change on the field now so. It's an opportunity for us to see how we Maria. And I thought we had a good practice leaders all the meetings like this happens. Guys bombing we have you know solid Vista with a everybody. As a team and and we break out individual I think everybody counts. In their individual groups to own self you know I. This is on the the deal you know and were were gonna miss those guys are great teammates. Bobo. But their their motive and on and you know unfortunately we have to move on without him and we're gonna rating numbers are you team. So that he met. Leaders a few meters before and I'm assuming you're one of them but you know pat what was the Canon general message of Kano like how we should treat this or react. Well this everything that just says you know they. Looking to make our team better. Now and you know in the future so. Minute's time everything that you know discovered.