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Inside High School Sports
Saturday, August 12th

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G yard score. Real fights maybe it's time to take a look inside a high school sports. Kelly cheering brought to you by mighty taco mighty taco. So great right about now my feelings have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and by deadly neurological. Institute developing solutions and neurological problems faced in our view. Good morning welcome inside high school sports I'm your host Tony Caligiuri. We have a full studio we have off Francis back he is filling in for Frank Wolf from Western New York athletics. Roger Weis is here and as usual mark quell slaughter and now allows column by the visit. And we are going to be talking in soccer we have coaches rich cozy act. Our frontier head coach and righty Norman and assistant coach at loch wanna we're gonna do our. High school soccer preview I know what's crazy were already previewing the upcoming season. Next week we're gonna get into football preview when then it's game time as a me wait a minute I didn't get to enjoy summer yet. Mona you all scratch in summer of golf in. In Europe they don't call it soccer they call it was bought from ball who's boss. Right rich football football yes that's why we would play caller that's why would bring our day England though play. Pre season game warriors now as a league games over there it's American football American not to be confused with flu is ball which is. Bruce's Gordon Jones board and probably mine is. Portland actually about. 8000 Western New York kids born you throw Western New York in fact this morning as soon as we're done. I'm heading out to a lake view and Hamburg area we have about a thousand kids from taking the pitch. Three to have taken to the pitch we have three and a half to seventeen Euro about a thousand of them starting all day today so. Regulation hackers three and a half. During we start to Merling. So I have to get Samantha going to. She needs to show I think she'll do well. And so after she hasn't she has the speed I'm still amazed. That you know anytime these user worry years old big and kick equally you grew up four or the right foot. I tried kicking a football watching off what my life. Want surprise emotional run track. You duplicate it that all my. We know it's it's funny that mark quell shows up today on out of nowhere and is a pleasant surprise. Just I'm a morning when I'm gonna have to talk food with Roger mark quell you could have time to batters. Talking about going to the Erie county fair today and take my family in Roger you're assured me that there's no rain in Hamburg. Well it's the sun was shining. My wife warn because we have our alumni picnic over a bridge and he's this afternoon. So soon UB dads and reunion and now races there are shelters there don't worry about south Gaza was gorgeous and looks so beautiful I'm rounds should be our but I was just chatting with the guys in the WBN news room about about the fair Mike back command. This preview stuff and used you know kind of guiding me on what I might wanna try and you already have one Paloma hole when it comes to dessert. When you're ready for dessert a course from Nicholas she's probably we are there any deserve ready I don't know what. Boy I mean there are those of the fairgrounds. I mean you only can spread things around but. Right across from each other you you were down. Street with the foods there yet. He electable ought to get the cookie barn and yet these chocolate chip cookies are today four very look generated Miette options pit auggies. And you know what they're special dessert popular popular argues that the winds sent me a picture of apple uniting the column ball. There will be a lot of his stuff that good in two places at once writes that clearly has opened ten days my lunch go to my blood Shuler are the ones I can starve myself for a week I walked by down at. One street the fair. And my lectures I hope you look at our history. Bernadette Pollack of the that there has to be so interesting things get better than pronouncing it we're agree she's getting close what's your total is over you know the last hundred easy way to remember PE isn't split pea soup. Pat is an odd couple. Always an all shocked some. I am as an appeal for a floor floor. Piano he piano VP general you can argue yes what is so wire about it. And that there was another one you sent me a picture of ArQule busts up. It'll bite that looks and fall. Off it's better there's a picture of a menu so you get pleaded and it does decide. Our tells about that that. All the Boston. There's a smoke Abbas. It heads happening and I got a bigger picture which is you're if you're good. Let. All of ever worked furiously all remotely repair its bill has so many different they desire crab. The sea of veggie crab stuffed. Penalty I believe that I wanna try. And Italian sausage lollipops. With Obama laid over the top. Wanna try that. Well there's several like all of and a chocolate funnel cake with peanut butter and chocolate chips and I guess it's really huge so I may have to get that one has were leading. Theory yes. You have to remit after it tonight on all be hungry he'll bust a bomber. Well Gil bass I don't know toasted all we roll tap whereas sweet as our red cabbage. Bacon and spicy honey mustard. All my highest half. It's the end of the here for the reported that about Roger's couple of back. Get trouble for the big daddy yeah. I don't oh yeah you're way out used up and Ireland's million cattle born on my hand that you're killing me with a bullet as cornucopia. A hall of cardinals had all they wanted that Natalie article you know some would say what are you gonna get there anything defrag. Just okay. You'll buy side and are hooked on this program called carnival eats and the cooking channel absolutely the affair with just repeat yes or was this. If my seed money media as when I get to I have to ask what he meant no camp because my son is gonna wanna know. Everything in house. When was wanting this shall from the fair it was from last year a deep fried burrito. Com blog I. Column mock. Well. All of me to be a teacher had to be seven years in school like that in the guy who thought of taco in the bag I. Now. They have barbecue and a bad exactly fifty cent negative read posts they certainly if the point six dollars is thought of war. And a typewriter is standing in line to get an edit they had on the greens all the time exactly we have a matter ultimately remember as I say there notes narco like it's Arco and that there you know the extent that I can me. Rove uses all the football teams tackle the bank to well I've ever had that was that your core when we did gain from mark your record I think those are very first Friday Night Lights game. I WGR. Frank closing on myself and I went Thomas at taco bag this is a Christine I'll try it. Dummies if you are surprised Sony would try and I know you're shocked that have the right guys let's get into news and notes and got this is from Karl chorus. He wanted me to through the shout out if anyone. That is knowledgeable high school football and your interest in becoming a scout to join the art trash trophy committee on Tuesday August the fifteenth. And 7 PM at Lancaster outs 33 legion parkway in Lancaster they're gonna have an introductory meeting there be pizza and soft drinks. As always and so if you're interested in that he can check out trench trophy on the FaceBook page. There aren't Twitter catch them et trench troll feet. A contact. Our purse. You know if your adjusted. Malia and me I still have trouble actually watching alignment at the football game you know I'm good. Until they snap the ball that I just can't take out my guys match up quarterback and a ball carrier wherever. But still I do and I'll reporting and an ice and words and because there I thought this guy look real good and all that and then we glitters is not his footwork isn't that good. I'll give me a break you know I don't watch at somebody's feet down there so we'll see. They what you should do enough and I'm not I'm not joking about this. It's on YouTube and I look up. Mouse click narrowly trench trophy watches it's it's it's over an hour. Watch it you learn so much more offensive line play especially with footwork and hand placement. It after you view this you will be a much better. Critic let's say a watching Ryan play. In positioning tool like you know your bop to tackle blocking you and don't go right back directly at worthy and no let's see how we probably thought he sets his feet come back in Biederman the angle and check this video while I ask yourself a favor as anybody that's on the track short of the committee I highly recommend. You why of course Ali you were probably there at the meeting when mouse McNally did this clinic in apt Holland Garnett on. The only he'll be abused or the other picture my house for Nellie was alignment in Kalish put Sony's communities of the war he's amazing. Wow. When he talks about line play. All of thing to science and everything of it and you could sit and listen to him for hours are right. To Frances news and notes hell yeah last week and the ball will boys for the runners up the beach any it was festival they fell to the central boys in the championship team. Big man Joseph Johnson announced this week he's leaving park he'll be headed to warm still propping Canada. Gary tock is back as the head coach of the camrys boys volleyball team. You led the program and a 500 wins in the first forty years of existence. Tynan is tired sick or seen. As the head coach of the varsity soccer team he graduated from there in twenty tent. It's actually announced earlier this month that the old Abby for his convenes on line. That's football yeah right football games. Currently he garner road is here he's back com or four teams for buffalo teams scheduled. He'll be out mine that's part of a new mom with factual buying Time Warner new councils topical changes. Also RS regionals are being held at. To tally steam for release two rounds but this may be the last time section five announced this week the air moving their sectional championships. To Alfred Brock port. Reports hour. This is from John morrow that officials are not happy. Eat with the facilities and the beast she used sailing stadium. And I really EU girls' basketball are ample core hoops is the ten lethal clinic series coming up. Go to full court troops dot org for more details. Fractures and those from. You know I just running and then the basketball BCA analyzing the boys for whatever reason after they were. Many members of the team Dovonte gains and great goal and world map there last week. I'm that your white divide the gains or is that there Greg Jones my understanding Indiana. Animal owners an official college visits and they do official college visits in the summertime anyway he was it. Yale who caught all hell is it okay. I guess. And I finest arguably watch him on the court by I thought Atlantic general of the perfect fit for them by the somebody there are people here and I can look animal early when they say that that there that your. Greg going to play in the Atlantic ten library did this agreement that however having said that an Atlantic ten is a little bit more. Skill wise we're every wanna call them non. He had really put boys beat Gaudio I really play basketball c'mon there was this degree. Well be nice to could you be working for him exactly. And I just like America quick shout to. Hi camping in the name and I don't have in front of me the sixteen year old girls sixteen and under softball team. Went down in Georgia and won a national whatever that was for a sixteen under I believe it was in Georgia and inexorably in this instance. I teach school girl was named the most valuable pitcher in there while I didn't think these school girls can play against anybody other indeed school from anywhere on your reach out to Eliot Arnold she was the most ideal mobile. Picture. And let me say I'm Sarah I don't have the names of front of me the only when he particular rumor no law. Aaron. Air pollution from Lancaster as a member of that team and I am now. Yes there was a diamond girls coach collude G. As one of the assistant coaches on there as well. Hi wolf I didn't bring in next week in review official announcement but I wanted to human shop because I missed it last week as I was not here. How about shot out to Kevin offered a softball central for going to Italy. To play some softball. How cool was that. Lori and I can imagine you've gone there and check in on all law. Restaurants and all that always or softball game gee I'm sorry was too busy war I thought there was there's six Kevin I'm so fiery. Will more so goof for me did you see that picture he was actually are insulated from the pulp yet. That's amazing that those guys in the northern bless you Paul Kirk and way to go cap and it requires gentlemen I'm impressed. All right let's get in talkies and soccer we're gonna preview. The upcoming season and his image we have wave Norman assistant coach from loch wanna rich cozy act a frontier head coach to come in. And our top soccer with us this morning rich as you mentioned in begin the show so many participating. In soccer high school numbers are just as strong as they ever have been. No actually. It's. Probably. If you count. Female population and there are. The most popular sport still athletically. As. When you look at your participation rights. But I mean mr. know mama tell you. Lack wanna. Where we used to be it football and basketball power. At any given day it on your field side down at the Yemen feel is that there there's Ford Five Hundred kids play always cave in any what I enjoy about it it's that it's played doesn't necessarily need to be organized the same way were we go once I complete replies in there. Running the bases or what exactly brightest of the three flurries and here's why am I fan participation numbers are just outstanding and I have to. Great gentleman on my staff dining Heppner right JV coach in long time out of I coached and drier. We're talking about the modified numbers we had over seventy kids sign up for camp this summer. And it looks at 41 of 42 we're gonna trap for 24 spots and modified so I'll. I mean I think with I know our football team witches they had that American football team much as they had that problem. But I know with you know being a lack wanna guy myself to see the torch that you know my family and before that tapped assault ski and you know I've known adaptor that I've known you since you were in a bassinet and just just how positive the numbers are and how competitive it's come become. Throughout all Western New York including the city about. A proper you know with all the can't stick clinics attorneys. I mean the tournaments are and list. It's no wonder why. Where were more competitive now than we've ever have been in the past in terms of west Europe vs the rest of the state. Are we at a point now where were start to dominate. Well I I think section five in the weight except that the sectional play out. Unless we can get some sections six and even house and get some sections six for a reason there so it's going to be tough tongue in cheek to beat section five and the officials. But this is radio and fast act Charles opulent but threw coach. Did you know section five years ago they had the Rochester who answers that were in the old NAS though with Pelé. These attacks over stadium offer for soccer or they probably have a thirty or forty year head start. Honest. Buffalo was a tremendous soccer town. Because our immigrant population up until the thirties and forties I mean the last one has bottles. He's ever feel great we're no logo is on route five across from the steel plant they used to bring five or 6000 people they would. This Lamar Hunt open cup that you see yeah TV they were winning that back in the forties and fifties. And then as you know we became more americanized. You know in buffalo would listen there there's no doubt that football baseball basketball school tops works in this country. But buffalo has a great soccer history and I mean I think it's something that we're tapping into in with a groan and still growing Reynolds parental support. I'll tell you right now last year at fourteen seniors. Amazing. Great kids tremendous athletes men have a very young team they used to call Manchester United in the fifties buzz these babes on the I have codecs kids. I may have an eighth graders starting. Eighth and ninth graders starting are ready those two kids have more. Big game. Experience. And just training. Than those fourteen kids combined last year. And that's justified your difference. You look when you know you talk buckle sports and in volleyball basketball because of the camp's rules it right now that are in eighth or ninth grade. Our Bob grows it might have been seniors three or four years ago it's just huge and you see what your own side. And what you say what you have to go black wanna perennial champions for the last ten or fifteen years and soccer. And what you need to do just to keep filling the program and and I think that's just not that's all grow what's New York. Especially the north hounds and I talked about a little jealous if via the demographics. To paper great training. That's what some of the great programs come in and it's becoming competitive it's just outside sport. Quickly Anthony just lets you know actually is state white rich. Because of bad numbers and not for girls and boys soccer the same is a bad numbers for. Basketball. Softball and baseball saw across the state ditch you know all these schools have soccer programs dissent like our volleyball similar. Re you know depending on which region this state they don't and so they have to juggle a bad numbers just announced that its not like it was soccer anymore. Are listing the break we'll come back star size and up. The programs in the area find out there who want to go out and and check out this this upcoming season. Will be back with more insight high school sports. We're vacuous and inside high school sports. Tony Caligiuri along with France's back from Western New York athletics Phelan in for Frank Wolf who's playing hooky. Yes right frank were on your body and I Fred Francis told me all about it yet. Roger Warren is a fear every campaign is France's proposes a few Franken Edmonton make overlooked so good at I AB I. Mark while slaughters here visiting announced we have while why he Norman. Block one assistant coach rich cozy at frontier head coach and we're getting now cart office to the upcoming season. Rich where some of the time the good squads star dropped the some names kiss up to date pal absolutely. Unfortunately. Or maybe fortunately for the development of the program I've been double league division one. That friendly has the bills worry about the New England Patriots. Twice a year might have four New England Patriots in my division yeah eight in division one. We have clearance. Late cancer. Orchard Park and Williams will lower that's like playing the patriots eight times a year other senators scheduled pretty pretty you can yeah you read about. You know what first of all I wanna give a shot up before we get into. To the Hamburg soccer program unfortunately coach Tony Diop can be with us today. Blight. We have a great relationship with the Hamburg. Seemingly it's our raw rivalry they call that are being. It looks like derby but at the Darby. In the September 16 sports you know magazines and a host the south towns are B. We're Hamburg. Plays frontier and were getting more competitive over the last three years I think we lost 1516 and nothing. Last Columbus Day we took in the double overtime loss three tees or getting a little bit bigger so wanna give a shot up before we get into it to the Hamburg program. All kids that I coached. In the hamburger. Gave master Angelo he's going to be an all western new Yorker Cohen Ingram and his brother Kyle. Mike lane the Brothers Dylan and Ryan mystical Alex Roth and Austin Hubert. Fantastic kids the best coach. We compete and you know what an at the relationship I have with Tony and leisure arts Roddy and giant time runs we used to have it Seneca. Combatants on the field but where were talking all the time about an up note we coach each other's kids during the year where fine and whole bunch of things out but that being said. Before talk a little bit about our our frontier kid in and rock and there Lancaster they have goal keeper Ethan kind fantastic kids Jack Foley. All in had to make in clearance group led by the leading score rock sol during the Brothers about being Chris O'Brien. Orchard Park price matier Ben Wagner looked at that this is that I can make it all thirteen to stuff those earnings. And I have to compete against those guys once and glasses got Mike Morton Karl how far Logan Newman hurt keeper who's going to be start this year forum. And you know as we go through. It you know. Just that much talent there. There's twenty premier players and each of the sides of the frontier raji watch my program outlet and mark off so you watched the program. The all over the last four years we have art thing is now we have eight or nine premiere kids that are team. But. Our depth isn't there. What with the Hamburg monarchs solely the athletic association who really getting into that. I can name drop a couple teams were led by our defensive back Matt Clifford he's an all Western New York candidate. We're bringing up a ninth grader John try to. He went to the Helton. College camp as a ninth grader. Scored 47 goals in three days. So. It's like I am sorry what debris overnight greater Afghan ever gonna we're going coal act meant he he's coming out of a premier program we have Li Ning Cameron Walsh. I've known him since there four years old. Had no idea how to tell what parts like column thing one thing. I. OK yeah whatever captain Tyler Petrie and there's this other kids don't oppose that that always has Taylor I've heard of him and about it and you don't want to Europe last year. German sensation is senior duty graduated and now he's made to article is that will be back he'll be my central midfielder. What question you got your son listen do you. A key. Yes and well. Can I tell you that we had a little bit the you know it's op and a tough balancing on because you're related to some of the players and the lack of one team that no minds there are great soccer family in my one. We at camp this week Thursday and the because that's the end of camp before official camp starts. It was a little fool around and it was stopped Joan take a lap. And he was the guy said he did the one he's the captain anybody else wants people around there's multiple ones too so you have to balance that. It's been really good relationship. You know I've tried to get information the kid. He won't he's a player coach relationship and we've learned over the years to separate that and and I I think it's been. Beneficial but it's funnies thing you know he went to go playing Europe that was good for a year tell you. The best soccer match you're gonna see is going to be Labor Day. At. My wife's cousin's house in Lancaster. Don't oppose that goes to Europe last year this year Nino Marino is causing ghost Ireland and plays. This kid plays that saved France's new Marino race here it's a small school I don't wanna steal your thunder a small schools. But listen this kid's not all Western New York this year I know. You know kinesis. You know they have. Great program the big program that they have John who bought out there Alex and Imus. And their perennial favorites with saint Joe's been you know Marino Saint Mary's lancer. That this kid five foot five and he plays like he's seven foot five. And he should be definite always in your camera and Kennedy are ready this summer called Big Three Western Europe programs and fortunately I already UB. Which would that is so for another time that happy about that. He he's on their radar brought in for visits to talk to in all three of them so. Along with Joan cosic it's great in the name drought here. Boy it it's tough you can see some of the best soccer game at Labor Day or the family picnic and that. You talk about father and son a few years written. At Louisiana State University. Believe these there were coach Ayers thing was pressed very rich. And here one of a player. And is she was this some guy name he Khmer rich. They were father and son I guess they went in college I write in for routine. During game so it's not like you don't have to apologize for it sometimes it's gonna happen you. Got to control. Oh what are the things that I'd I'd like about my son I think I give credit to my moratorium because. He's very grounded and one of the things that let you blow he likes to play but the Premier League started from 7 in the morning to two in the afternoon that you can watch it. He's the kind of kid that stopping the DVR sing dance with the way the midfielder dropped you know there's a little bit coaching thing into it's it's the mental thing. I know you've talked about what nick what did how much because your coaching what he sees. You know that. We'll tell what happened is they don't apologize for well sounds like you're apologizing well the Internet after well then I I appreciate that aren't you don't chastise my guess yeah. And but you know we've talked about there too but a couple other big schools Saint Francis is god Gerris birchard you're really gonna beat losing Lee Campbell there. He's going to the United States that well academy he would have been a frontier kid is that would send that sent him to frontier. But I don't you know this if you play at the highest level for the boys girls vote in the US the public enemy you're not a lot like high school. However the New York is lost dozens of players over the years. You know and then big programs. Go to Grand Island always knew you were keepers TV pop path Johnny Griffin do gallon during harder harder harder Hutton. Jake what's that from look for another kid that went overseas so that's the talent we have in buffalo. You know this. Cat can more east you got no Marino. And how good at listening you can tell soccer players know how good can Maurice is they had a kid called. Pop who. Yet fit any of two Brothers play right wingers soccer player and you go by one name Mike Taylor and silly way yeah. A step opposed. Compete. And are you can't move don't even bother taking the pitch. And at Saint Francis Coppola is you know he comes it. I mean there's just so much talent and I don't you wanna throw what we talked about. But with a small schools black one I'm like one guy like we have a great relationship with your dad and omens. You know invite us over week to meet with sixteen league games so we have afraid we. I had a projects would be so friendly might have a heavily threatened him. Down in sunny LA where it's funny all the time. Weakened economy may be one talk little about because lack of one I'm talking about frontier major your presides as the only between les zones all ball exactly. But no the black one program. I can tell my frontier because we're building but the last fifteen years with no mind definitely time to solve ski. Ray and that program and on the top for fifteen years you don't rebuild they reload and. And what you know why he'd be if you wanna talking bad about that and the assistant varsity soccer coach for a lock on Steelers just fill in if my father you could make it today he was out of town. Pollyanna Arafat Abdul hopefully not scout hathead area and out he's been doing it for a long time now he's been and he's been in involved this actors since may be. Early seventies and he's been basically he taught me everything I know coaching playing you know he's facing like moral model but. In whose fund last year and exciting that you know we're able to Winamp when a change of class B two championship. This year we gained a little bit ciller and be one division now so. We're facing the likes of Al I Pratt and because I preparers loaded as they normally are. Yeah what a state championship a couple of years ago who yet last year was maybe the best team ever I realized he had so there is that the team. But you know analysts are got a good coach instead he got me MI five they're now also on Harry he's our assistant coach. But some players like throw out there we got players like Abdul Hamid Taliban he's our captain. He's our top goal scoring is as well he had twenty goals this. And I'm competing against one name you got guys with a three day pass. That the majority cozy and puddle and knock down big veteran guy. And you got I'm push you around together and everybody out there today yeah well I'll be. If it looks to build on the success last year is a senior years last year so we'll see how he does also another player keep I had is. Debris on my officer he'll be junior this upcoming season. He's a talented midfielders last forward who can distribute the ball and I'll score some goals he's a big player on our team. Also another clear he's like almost the youngest by team as a sophomore slash she was a freshman is playing varsity irony Leo homer he scored actually. He scored action the final against Lafayette as a ninth grader. And he's a Smart kid he's not he's not to be and I doesn't make a difference doesn't make a difference and has very high did the engine and it Arnett top players on a team and he makes a difference in the he had gets everybody volume makes players around him better. Also the two defenders we have on our squad. Captain Mohammed Nasr is a junior lock down defender he wins every bond there. Any tends to always be in the right spot at the right time and last and how these Ahmed ODs are seniors well. Can read the defense can read the play before even starts you when's the ball and has huge hit and he can also dribble up with the bond up offense did admit to feed the ball up there so. He's a good players line. Hopefully this year we got I would I expectations for these guys who work with these guys for almost two years now. So hopefully this year we can win class B one and when the whole class B as well and maybe go to states you know you never know. Coach Sonoma and I want and is known doctors that you guys off but you know what you talked about. As a soccer what are you looking for an a soccer coach that's what to look for an athlete if you're you know you're not your American guy and I don't mean that to be derogatory or soccer and you wake up on Saturday morning. Throws the NBC beads than anyone watching you realize yet what assistant. The guys in Europe playing professional soccer our defensive backs and wide receivers. Are right that that's the athletics that. And if you're basketball fans watched the office of movement of soccer in the defense and offense at third it's exactly the same you can only move we human body. So many ways so when you're talking about. Winning a ball in the air that aggressiveness that's that's what s.'s term and blunt. Do you say that because Atlantis is on the war. Quote components of atlases and speed. Strength. Agility and endurance. You obviously in need agility. I mean. You have to be Agile be antiquities there flawed. And endurance gone up and down the field speed going up or down appeal not sure how serious strength is. And all on its opponents before you have there be able if if you have somebody. Your muscling our ball and you have to have lower and upper body strength you corps has to be developed you have to be powerful. You look at and at America honors were so powerful when he played. With those lay eggs in you know it is you often win a one on one battle that way. Then there you are the other thing Elaine or come up against some breaking Anthony afterwards. Noticeably missing from her discussions so far. I haven't heard anything about goaltenders so maybe a few match rate of volleys yeah we'll get what we talked little about because I don't know I just caught my exam didn't catch any of the goaltenders and all Edsall. Make sure we didn't touch an ad for those guys. There's a difference makers when you come down to who's who's all of their teammates arsenal. Again like it's a little woman are you checking in with some names here so they have a few keepers in a few one name guys so let's get to. MF in the grass and hard I would do that we'll take a break we'll come back for one last segment of inside high school sports. We're back one last segment of inside high school sports. Sports talk Saturday follows lots of bills there's talk about of course the too big. Trades from yesterday's to keep a lock brake here. And WGR Sports Radio 550. We're previewing soccer especially outlook and as some of the smaller schools rate now and are you guys wanna pick up where you left off with. Some of the you know those are getting some tax and ending if from great coaches I can be healed just facts that are then so we'll get to. Well we'll get to that in a second but Williams film or I forgot the large school blames a lower one. Division one a couple of years ago they're gonna be led by captain Justin been out of who just reckon in the men's league this summer. Donovan Reid sounds like a goal keeper he's awesome and that we got Blake Burrell. He's gonna move up but let me get to one name guys a road and a nine. You can't get up off and hall does that sound like soccer. And Ryan Allen he's great but let me talk about little bit about the small schools first of all have our own tournament it's the ad pearl front your alumni that the original team from 1951. Who won the first he's actually C championship. And at pro sponsor or tournament rip Cheektowaga city honors and eaten their Cheektowaga led by goal keeper Ryan Miranda to another can that was that with the frontier. Still in her stack is over at city honors and Eden we have right crotch it. Are croft tick. Six kick back and Geovany. Your final how might have I got a Giamatti and the other names but. Yeah it giant white guys should be right up your Allen yeah so. But then he noted on a smaller so there we can't hit everybody. But Maple Grove there and in class C. And they're gonna have some great midfielders jackknifed botany why Kris Kevin rule men Nick Brown came to a fully in. We talked about it those are just athletic family names I mean the hits just keep god come in these red dragons. Are constantly doing that. Ed did fuel. A we have met Wilson is going to be leading that team and I what I think you can lead a little bit about East Aurora priceless is a name that comes to my name a coach Kevin deal just accident. You can maybe tell us a little bit about that yankees see returning first team all Western New York on the also had goal keeper Dan Phillips seeming too big saves 12015. Steve fine all pat Billups is also coming back he was named to the soft small school team. As the junior. Self. They're gonna have a good team I'm also seen down here returning firm. Well I should be playing the Star Wars theme when it comes to store. Kevin's been ticket but that's the vision for another fifteen years to Kevin Bil one of the best coaches in Western New York buffalo public schools teacher. Also from an area cedar carlin's come back bill sent up in the north. Abdul seemed to I prop Trevor Moreland from new scene. Dylan's tell but from Allegheny limestone. From the city Riverside PMS volley he's only a sop. Actually I'm a guy is gonna break here have Peter mass acquire the he's not gonna be playing at Riverside that horror. He got picked up for the US development academy deeply with Joan fantastic kid from Nigeria. And one of those. Some played at LaSalle park and now he's going to be he tees. People investing enemy's going to be. Drive in the Rochester four days five days a week so unfortunately he's not going to be able play but what a fantastic about how well and you know what an even better kid. He's just a wonderful. Young man and then you know you say in coaching. That that's on the things we look for how character how many pro football basketball and soccer players are gonna develop. But you know what they're gonna be dads they're gonna be fathers they're gonna be working for a living so. Great kid Peter quick question. Opera. Before I just finished shall we don't miss it for all the football junkies out there any soccer players are also gonna double as place kickers in football. I'll Matt Wilson for the pew they kid's gotta I actually worked a little bit with them this this summer met a great kid and I've always said this. Being a high school. Kicker myself and you know even when we're doing the harbor cup games that would compete against the guys from adelphia cable bare footed in the. You weren't ridiculous and irrigate properly overjoyed hitting fifty yarder as I gotta go water through cultures and I look boundaries gender issue off these two went barefoot forty yard field ready to call out work on my kicker this went what but the thing is. You wanna pick a kid. That is a soccer player with a football player mentality. Or football player working kick a ball like this because. If you have ten guy hurt. Forty guys kill themselves to give up what they're doing to put the games trust in TU. You better have that football mentality that I collared so anti Cheektowaga and that he yanks still fantastic. I know. House Sus Spencer from is coming back after seeing jails they always have a strong team there and IC for a large schools they Kara chat be moved from McKinley is also coming back. Fantastic kids all of them all star team that you just read off a Western New York Alter team. And hopefully you'll see some of those names on the L Western New York team thing is you see you you'll find really good soccer played at the small school level north Collins traditionally. You know very stout in soccer. And it's really exciting stuff to watch so you don't have to be a big program you can go out enjoy soccer balls exactly are our first our year starting scrimmage as against north cal and because they're taxed because the measure themselves. We scrimmage lack of one we have a friendly against black woman. Because date tests us it makes us back and caring about wind and lots of wins and losses it's developing make us a better. And that's what those programs do and hopefully we can do the same for others. Any other schools that you guys wanna touch amber before we adults don't forget saint Joe's kinesis in saint Joe's. That have really developed but you know look at look at this school sweet home Scott hammer out their perennial champions. But there's also development you know Matt April at Cheektowaga Cheektowaga didn't have really great youth program for years he got in there. And these guys got to 500 and a very difficult division the city schools I pretzel Lafayette. The with. Limited resources all these coaches Tony lassie switched over from football bowl in oh. And I talked into O'Neal SE losses these laws being involved with sacker is as far as the change it. Football games and all I knows tiger do you resolve footballers is right now and so on Volvo's slacker wouldn't have time for football. You know but the Hollins Hollins and had a great show our program this froze solid team solid teams though in the guide senior East Aurora. Pine valley after instills all of at all and stuff in it and your looking more and more athletes are choosing. That I mean you look on the girls side. But the best male choir measured what the task of dollars more they dominate. Our girls team at frontier I absolutely fantastic you know by courtesy of the Hamburg products program that's develop them on that site. And coercion usually Allen usually punishment that's absolutely absolutely dominating and again it goes this lettuce is themselves. Thank you so much for this opportunity to talk about a game that we love and it's it's part of our. Have you fact that the appreciated well you know I love soccer near big my dad played in Italy and came over here in this is what you know my Brothers and I were raised down. Sure I'm a huge football fan but I also love soccer. It is a pleasure having you guys in here and France's great jabs evidence for frank on how far you're gonna wanna give up Tennessee Frank's gonna have to fight for now. Mark Weil was great seeing you pal as always. Derek Raivio thank you for produce scene and I think I am off to the Erie county fair to enjoy some. Really healthy food cops jazz and he always thought hey I forgot I just got it in your can't forget another one of my kids up Peter from Hamburg serie set letting get in there. Can't wait to play against you your another one of guys that make us better thanks so much Tony. All right football preview next week we'll talk to that with more inside high school sports.