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Beat the weekend it's all about sports and it's all on cells mind active sports talk Saturday would sell cup hockey joke on WGR. Sports Radio 515 yeah. No staff. Just make hearing it peak charges that just figure I'll just take charges Nate that make charges to set eyes you know. It's Ben that's sort of I guess morning. 24 hours. As it's. Shock Carol. And there is sums Al. There is that is true there is some sail because now right off the top I have to bring itself poncho as he joins and the AT&T highlights assail. I thought that for a second there I thought that maybe I was cancel my parents because you like no sound like when I don't know technically I guess I guess that was an appropriate open. In theory that was an appropriate open. But sell you know obviously you you made the media circuit yesterday. In you sort of had your knee jerk reaction to everything. I think I'm interstate now that the dust has really settled in maybe you've had an opportunity to sleep on everything in. Wake up look at the roster look at the team think about what was said by GM Brandon being head coach Sean McDermott. Reaction after you've had time to sort of digest everything that's happened over the course of the past really more like. 24 of them really lasted for hours but just your initial thoughts sort of after the dust to settle. To release Al. We loss. We're almost getting back. Outlook. This that's only put them. Well I. I mean I don't know what when when I was going to coming here today I thought we're going to be talking about the only thing Peter read in the third stringers against the vikings as a college football yeah OSCON football sold and when everything happened yesterday. I mean that the original shock and off I think that it yeah came out of nor I even I talk to one embodies it works organization he said nobody had any idea. Yeah and and we do that cell back sale yes sorry about that lets guests just lost for no worries and and that's sort of the thing I think maybe took everybody by surprise is that it. It was a shock to the media it was a shock to really anybody that wasn't basically Terry Sean or Brandon. But at sale the question was you know after basically had some opportunity to sort of sit on this and and really start to think about it critically. Thoughts about this that now everything settlement. Why don't haven't moved really from my initial thoughts which are. Obviously they are not a better team today than they were 48 hours ago 24 hours ago right when the tree went down at what 1240 privacy we have for so. We are hurt so they're not of energy today and they were 24 hours ago. But they still got some good players coming back but they're certainly not the players that. Are shipping out and specifically Sammy Watkins on the you'd ever trade saving lack of run derby straight up for Jordan Matthews Asian games right I think that. Right there tells you that's why they got second and third round pick to the bills know that that that's why you get those picks in return saying he's the best player in the deal but we all know it's if he stays healthy. On this is just then clearly the plant from the beginning to. Try to build for the future but also have a chance to win this year. I think they've lessen the chance to win now without Sammy Watkins on the roster. At this point in time that may be bye week seventeen the thought is we don't know we don't Wear city's health is. Though what what we're getting from him this year so we think that were better for seventeen weeks this year. With Jordan Matthews Nikkei gains that we are receiving Watkins and run derby I don't know maybe that's the thought coming from there but I would have to believe that. The bills you know no after making this deal that they're less talented today on the football field and they worry a bit ago. I think I'd agree that's Alan and I think that's probably the reason where you have a good majority people who are upset about this end you know I originally when you would happen I was in shock to. But cell I look at this as even though I would agree that they are certainly not a better football team at least this year. I don't see it as a move that. Most literally cost will cost them wins this year and an error would set it. That in and I don't think united as a slight to Sammy at think what he meant is listened we've had success. In spite of not having Sammy Watkins planning. For us last year. I don't see this as a move backwards I don't see it as a move forward I see more of a lateral move this year it a step forward in the future and if you can figure out a way to. Get top notch which second and third picks those are good that's good currency in the draft if you're either gonna move up or stand pat and take those picks. I think it's a lateral move now and stuff for the future thoughts on the. Every it can't be and look it's all about Sammy Watkins health right if Sammy is fully healthy this year for everything I've been told his foot is yielding he has. X rays are good percentage rate Iraq all that's why he played in its use for pre season game on Thursday night but if he stays healthy for a whole year. I think you're getting less talent in Jordan Matthews however. Jordan that he's a good football player heck I think we're we're losing sight that a lot a lot of what we talk what yours he's not seem like it's no one's gonna tell you that I mean I'm not gonna sit here it's only that. But he's a good football player is actually one of the most productive wide receivers in the NFL or the past three years so they're actually felt pretty good still in that spot. What was it like it's healthy I think he's a top five maybe even top three wide receiver. In the NFL this all came out to to mean sign ability in the future for Sammy Watkins they felt as an organization. They were going to be it was resize it Watkins. And they didn't want to pay what it would cost them franchise tag for him I would think because that option was always at the disposal if they really felt that. I asked rated B a Chama Dervis separately yesterday. Did you have any indication for such that he would not sign in buffalo and maybe that was a precipitous to do this involvement said no that was never even discussion. That's completely separate from what their thought was at the time Sean match that Britain was there yet at the time that. He decided to not pick up the fifth year option verses when trade talks started those were completely. Separate issues. Sell it and always talks about the the odds shack that everybody organized and had about this but. The guys who maybe affects the most and and let's talk about the players. You know there were some comments from the Charlotte coy about he's done this before being treated you know for a player or him being a better being a better player in the play in the was treated for. What was your general sense of how the players felt about this move in the locker room. Yesterday allowed to practice copy after we had a press conferences and there was a practice it was not a saint John Fisher practice was here buffalo Tuesday after game in the head back to Fisher today for tomorrow's practice so I was out there and I will tell you that. It was a somber subdued type of new atmosphere the emotion. The energy just wasn't there like you see at saint John Fisher practices now. In all fairness there were no fans out there and there was like DJ out there so I think that that actually you know contributes to that. But I definitely think to me I mean match and a couple people. I felt that I saw and felt the human element wing at some of those guys. Even in the press conference I felt that Sean McDermott you could see that it was hard for him. To deal with the human side of this deal to talk with those guys to lose to. Guys that he had gotten a note guys Lockerbie those are valuable. Players and teammates and Brothers to the other guys locker room I went out of the field. I thought the same way that there was just more of a somber or subdued type atmosphere. But I didn't think they practice portly. Actually thought that a good. Day after games like practicing a lot of difference up it was business like and panic about the field and when you talk to those guys yet there was the words that was thrown out beat. Business reality. Close rather those kinds of things. Does that they'd shy away from that air would said the stimulus behind them. He's grown really close to home he said he had spoken to him he's gonna help them whatever he needs and is moving his transition. So I think you know we. We live in an era and it's fantastic about this you have a young GM here who grew up in the physical ball right and you know maybe maybe the younger GMs are coming in it's it's easier to Qaeda. Make those deals mean because you've been doing that whole like when you're playing those cases were Tennessee doesn't care about the human element of that but I think that you know you've kind of been through that your home make believe world. Maybe oppose or GMs are in years past. And I think we experience as medium. Sometimes especially fans don't see behind the curtain like we do you guys. We look at it as means to the player and how it affects the team in the draft and all that stuff. There is so much more human element involved at all this. When you get. Into the locker room when you get in front of one of those players and you see the gravity of what it meant to them. To lose a player on their team that they're close with that that's when the reality starts to set in that this is much. More much bigger than just the reporting of stats in college guy hits and three whites. Set a budget here and the AT&T hotline sale are media colleague. Micro to me is. Basically stating that the trade he felt. Worries signs that they are setting up Tyrod Taylor to Fallon. You know I disagreed with the peace IE. I looked the situation and sought clearly they took a step back at the wide receiver position. Do you feel though with the addition of Jordan at peace and listen there are still three weeks of the pre season here laughed. To make additions to make edition that tight end to maybe take a wide receiver who gets cut from another roster and bring them on this roster. Is this Tyrod Taylor still have between the tickets up for the shares. Steve is that piece I read it saying it's intentionally setting up to I don't know not intentionally bought the move has set him up to fail bomb them move well here here I think it's. To great question right I mean I think that come which go back and ate too. How they treat the quarterback position specifically Tyrod Taylor. When the offseason started and let's go back to week seventeen even even though it was we alien Rex Ryan we know that. They sat on the wanna pay the entry settlement that led to believe that they're bringing them back because I don't want him they actually did bring them back even though they would have been restructures deal. And basically take a pay cut everything that's been. Kinda. You can do all the math on that they think we could all garner that. This organization probably isn't sold on him being the long term answer quarterback right so I don't know if. They're necessarily remember when you know when Wheeling was there any kind of surround each it was left exe and we're gonna make this that would make serious everything to succeed. I don't know if they necessarily feel they need to do that for tyra because they don't feel tyrant necessarily is their guy going forward so. Two I think that he set up to fail no I I think it brought it a good player Jordan Matthews on top of that the signing grumbled. They manic wobbled on this team a week ago they have Monty now those are those are good players he still has wide receivers he does not have a save it like it's just that a deep threat. But heck he didn't have a great games last year and they still or top ten scoring offense I don't think I do not think at all that they've set up the field whether intentionally or not it's actually what I do think though. Is that there are still a lot of questions. About whether he whether or not he is the long term answer quarterback for this team in they have acted. Since the offseason as if he's not so that started and since the draft they acted as if they are going to be in play to draft a QB at 28. Sell I think my last question here guys is I'm glad you brought up the EJ Manuel thing and and the decision to draft and trade up for Sammy Watkins originally. Was to put the tools around 82 quarter quarterback. Who they felt was their franchise by the fourth week a pre season he was on the bench really never to be seen from again. I look at the rams as eighteen basically in the exact same position that de admiral bills team was in. When they drafted me traded off eight pick a future pick to pick Sammy walk in the quarterback who's going into the second year after eight tumultuous. Really first year is there starter at the end of the season he didn't look good when he was in there was rumors he wasn't able to grasp the offense. I mean it is there is just payrolls to their situation and the bill situation when they drafted Sany lock ins when you look at that. I mean certainly. You can't be concerned because it's we don't really follow the rams but when you look at that situation. Isn't it eerily similar to what like they're giving up future draft and like court the rams to give up a second OPEC you know I just look at it from the transported you sell and wonder. Is it the exact same thing playing out there that happened here in the bills and what Berlusconi thirteen. Out of communism there with them everyday so I don't really know we know kind of what they're thinking that of course they wanted to evaluate your golf in your value him. One of the better ways to evaluate and is having a galaxy rockets and they haven't added Robert Woods ironically your right to settle so he's there to about costing you don't know what so where he fits in that. I think it also they wanna do to help out Todd Gurley. I mean now they have a guy that you know had to step back last year. And now you're gonna have a guy that maybe has a little bit more room to operate yeah I mean I don't know it from their perspective what they're thinking that I would tell you this Cassini likens doesn't resign with them. Yeah they'll bands out there will be very upset they get a second. Sell I guess my question now and because this kind of came out of nowhere. I mean is this is this front office are they done making moves I mean obviously can't know for sure but you know they they trade Carnell Jones and in this these two big moves. I mean this is unprecedented for a bills team in the pre season we just haven't seen this before you know we saw that the key goal lines Osama Corey trade that was in free agency period. So I mean it in your opinion do you think that they're still moves to be made before the season. Starts. Which would anybody be surprised if we found out later today that somebody else on the roster that's out of there are treated and we know what right not more I don't. I mean I wouldn't I added I'm not predicting that naturally Illinois I don't I'm just saying that. I would not be surprised if later today an hour from now I don't know I get another text that they dealt another player Leo. All the sadness which are parceled arias or whoever is I don't know I'm saying that. I think yesterday's moves proved to me that I don't know what to expect from. This team for the next three weeks before the season starts they're gonna do whatever they feel necessary and look. Whether. You're on the side of you agree with what they did because you think it's really in how long term it's finally you know doing what they should have done all along. What do you disagree because. You know they did they got rid of really talented wide receiver and another really good young player. No matter what no matter which site you fallen. I think. I give credit for people at least have the guts to make a decision and say Obama to do this for a new highway when you're there we're gonna do it the way we feel that we have to do it. And it's a tough decision to make. Because those things don't happen usually in this league right we'll see trades like this happen. And either way I don't know what's right or wrong out of it's gonna work out. But I at least give credit for someone to have guts to step up and say. I'm gonna do this because these are not part these are not easy things to do for all the reasons we just laid out but yeah. Guys I just can't. I guess what oh the ultimate way Atlanta in this little Bulldog is. I hope they're just not meddling in you know we say it which is. You know eating go all in two canister on the roster currently the jets did jackal role in trying to win 27 teams you rate that middle territory. I think people. Whether or not he would do that you do right. I really believe they believe. They're still good enough team to contend for the playoffs this year and they're also building for 22 of those tactics. Celtics so much appreciate you hopping on your day off to enjoy the rest your day open the weather's nice for you and say you know for you enough Macs to guarantee some nice. Actually he's out of town today off a slow also it's a real they offer you bachelor pad itself I actually. You know let these kinds of days though went a frank calls sites help in the yard sounds off on the exit but it's nice parts out enjoy. All right thanks so upset about to their and the AT&T island guy and one of the points I I think PT that I have thought about the most is. Why I. I don't understand why there is this sediment of resistance toward section new regime. These these are guys who have been on the job for a little bit more I mean at least Brenda beans. Case on the job for a little bit more than a month. And he's look at this franchise and I mean it's pretty obvious that every GM coach that is then shuffled in and out. Has had the sort of hanging cloud over them of you need to get this team in the playoffs no and you don't have a lot of time to do it. And you'll look last year ray when Rex Ryan came to think anybody knew he'd be out two years now that the organization brought him in with the intention of him being out here I would hope not and I think they had every intention of allowing them to build something but. Rex put the pressure on himself yeah okay this these guys been coming here say listen it's playoffs Beatty were all like they came in. They said. Process process process process process it everything they've done in terms of process process has backed up that yeah and where he'll look at the moves specifically to trade Sammy Watkins I really truly believe that it's a lateral move this year. I think fifteen games of Jordan Matthews compared to twelve I mean at a Goodyear Sammy Watkins. Yeah when you get a different no no it's not a lot an end. You know everybody wants to talk about this did the tanking aspect of it in you know we we find ourselves thing is because of who went through an Iraqi the past couple years. But it's not the same it's totally different situation you have to separate yourself from thinking this is like a sabres and NHL situation because the NFL. Yeah you can tank you can do with the jets the browns are doing. But it is not attribute her Welker fan base and and with a only eight home games a year and if you include the pre season. That is a really tough sell your fans to say we're gonna take a year off and you know play guys that maybe wouldn't be on this team if we were really trying to win. So I don't think they're doing that a 100%. I think that certainly you know that process whereas in the mind of its front office. But I I would hesitate to say this is at a tanker rebuild I think this is more you know I haven't thought him on the workforce. Yet tiger I think meddling might be kind of where they are the gap somewhere in between and I guess I just look at the situation and I just see Ian and I made this analogy yesterday and I think it really is maybe the best way to talk about this is. I'm for seventeen years the at the organization the people in charge have Bender. Basically test. With the difficult thing of essentially in. In terms of building a roster is a lot like building a house there are a lot of aspects that go into building a roster and every house starts with a basement starts with a foundation and since 1999. There's been cracks leaks. False in that foundation and no one has said we need to build rebuild the foundation to build up the proper. Home about it now and everybody from. After herb. And go through the GS go for buddy nix an end in Doug Whaley you go through all the head coaches in your same. Well what did any of them do differently now nothing they did nothing differently they kept doing the same thing expecting different results in again badly that's the sense that's literally insanity OK so. Now. A new regime a new general manager says listen. I seen what it takes to build eighteen to make it to the Super Bowl and it's having a franchise quarterback in its having a good defense in a good running game. And I wanna build this team to mold how we were able to do it in Carolina and for once. There's a guy who played in Central Park in a Super Bowl team that didn't win of course but there. They they were good they are damn close okay they played maybe the best defense of all time in that game and still had a chance to win. If not for business decision like him right. So I look at this and I say give the guys a chance don't look at this as it moved to break this team down in. What it is is their pets working the foundation before the attempt to build this house in the house has to be a team that eventually. Is good enough to be Super Bowl contender ever tell you right now are realizing that there and a division with the best quarterback of all time. Realizing that they're likely not going to do that while he is still playing. Now so why not say man I am sick and tired. Are having to go up against Tom Brady with a team that's built to win nine games when they think were better off going up against post Tom Brady patriots with a team that could win eleven games. Well the argument to be had and that I think falls with the Miami Dolphins last year. I mean how much better where the Miami Dolphins and bills last year you know they they should've and could've won both games against them and if they do. Well they're probably in the playoffs in this team is starving so much for playoff spot I think he got a lot of fans are saying. You know if we have the potential to build the very best team can build 2017. Why are we scraping it and building for the you know the far future you know I pay is so you know I I'd have season tickets I pay for eight games a year. So I got to sit because we got to wait a couple of years. You know the dolphins they're not better than patriots so if you know based on the playoffs last year we know we can't be better in the patriots would I will do what we can make the playoffs and the gap that argument and I could see. You know that that does make some sets. But you know unless you have some sort of guarantee that you make in the playoffs. That's we've kind of tried to do the last couple years is is make this team that's that's just good enough to make the playoffs. Now we're stripping it down and more are on a different direction and you have to have faith is front office because well you don't have a choice. And this is something different that no other front office is done with the steam for. And you know godspeed here we go I mean were we signed up for we got seventeen years about the playoffs I think we can do one or two more. No want to knock and enjoy it. But we really don't know which puts this. I think too and I'm glad you brought the dolphins because the dolphins were the beneficiary of winning close games with a weak schedule yeah yeah and room eventually I think there are so many factors piling up against the bills to actually be a playoff team issued a plea of really difficult schedule. They basically are going into a season where the patriots may be the most loaded team they've had to go up against in the drought. So you look at it you're seeing managed a lot of odds up against the bills and make in the playoffs but he's got the past three years. In the patchwork that the organization has done just to try to make the class they weren't three games 31 score games away from being ten win team. And that has been in the case over the entire course of the drought so. If you keep doing the same things and you can't win those close games eventually you have to say we need to try something different. And I'm not going to crucify. A brand new general manager for saying. Whoever was doing this year was wrong you know and he's not there saying I'm right he's not pounding his chest is you need to trust me no he says. I think this is the best move for the team now and in the future. And I think he's earned at least to this part he hasn't done anything to. Hurt people's ability to trust him don't Whaley and somebody tweeted it is. Well no but that's not yet to go to quite he's got a Reza what he's got a resume in this guy. Is building his resonate soul allow him to do they don't three. 0551. Triple it by fifty to 550 those numbers if you're sit on hold state there I got Paul Hamilton coming up. Next segment would in his thoughts he was on which Bulldog yesterday. But I have a couple different angles I wanna ask Paul because Paul has the unique. View of really sort of being here throughout the the nuts and bolts at his drought and call poll. He's young in dog years turned on its season this easy these young dog years. So we'll get Paul Hamilton's thoughts when we come back I've also got Georgia bot up at the next hour at Tyler Dunne at 1 o'clock hours we've got a packed schedule today. Reacting to this do to news of the bills treated the same markets so will get more into this and eventually Pete and I will talk about a Heisman Trophy winner something I don't know maybe amend that that that's all that matters it 305518885. It if you buy a hole. Hamels to lunch right he has the backstop backup he's a big. Yes Paul you're not interested in seeing a movie of an older who lives by himself find all of that work harder. Don WG ER Sports Radio 550. I welcome back to sports talk Saturday iriki cards they're screaming here before you this morning at reacting to the news yesterday. The bills trading there. At one point franchise wide receivers Sammy Watkins. And that brings me to be 82 Holland again where Paul Hamilton joins me and Paul. Yesterday I was listening to your out your day it would Bulldog and I was interested because one of the things I wanted to talk with you about is sort of how of this view. At least for you because you don't for me I'm still pretty at least young in this industry you ban in buffalo here reporting on among the bills and sabres for awhile but. Sort of through the ins and outs of its route and I guess my first question for you Paul is when you saw this happening you heard reports of Sammy lock ins in round RB being traded. I'd I have to think that yet you felt like man this is just not your everyday bills. At least the way they've been recently right mean yeah you go back to the super warriors and it's a whole different story event. The way they've been recently I mean they have a conviction now it's not trying to. Make a splash. In all we gotta do something and their keep people off our backs that type of thing I don't think being in McDermott could careless of people are on their backs. They're going to do with the deal was best for the football team. And I was listening earlier I don't think this is meddling rarely I really think first of all was Sammy here I don't think there were any better for six when team anyway. Soul. I don't really see the difference you you got two fairly. Decent football players then you're still in my mind for six when teams somewhere in there are so. You know I. And stuff because I think the coaching is bad or we don't know what the coaching like because we really haven't seen him on a regular season sideline I think it's a very positive. So far. I think it's very encouraging so far. But you know we need to see it play out we need to CB is a GM he's never been a GM before either again I would say the same words. I'm very encouraged with what I've seen so far by it. He don't he's never had the job but. Watson's case why sit here and lose him for nothing. I mean this is probably the best time to get rid of them. Day in my mind this tells us that they had decided they weren't going to re sign him. For whatever the reason that probably were many reasons this is an injury that even know what's healed and he feels great. History tells us he keeps cropping up. And he's had a lot of different injuries. And what does McDermott talked about availability. And he has had zero pretty much zero availability throughout his career so far. That could all change with the rams he may never ever another injury again he may become an all pro but. At this point where the bills are wise start throwing that kind of money at a wide receiver like him. When you've already made our horrendous trade to get him. Make it worse by throwing all sorts of money at scoring up your cap when you don't even have a quarterback yet. And then what pat you know if it what happens at the same things just keep happening over and over again that you now you made a bad signing. Soul in on I can see exactly what they're doing here in. You know they're they're looking for quarterback I think. Obviously I think it's pretty obvious with the draft picks and I used to say this September 8 its currency. They picked up currency and they made me have to trade three or four of those six picks they have in the third round. To move up and get the quarterback they want and that's fine because you're still you're still got the other pics around. That's what they. I didn't mind they traded a number one pick when they traded for liner the sabres. It was I don't I don't wanna use a number one pick to trade for goaltender had nothing new latter just any goaltender. But the fact of trading and number one pick didn't bother me as much because they had another number one pick it was currency that they had. I didn't like the way they spent the currency. So Paul then I guess when I look at this do you feel that the move. Still allows the team in the organization to potentially be pleasantly surprised. At Tyrod Taylor because I think. As much as people are upset because Sammy Watkins what could have been and I think that's why people are upset. Not only about that but also because they spent so much in getting Sammy what they think that may be more of what it is that actually what Sammy Watkins was a player but. In your opinion does this move still give Tyrod Taylor inning and maybe an ability to still surprise some people and maybe become the franchise quarterback. I feel he is who he is guy but he surely can hamper near the he's gonna have every opportunity to play. And a proven Golden's of their very good receiver. I think Matthews is a very good receiver he's not Sammy about privacy. You know but he's he's a very good receiver. So I think he'll he'll get the opportunity to try to show this organization that he's better than. Many people including myself think he has I think he's pretty good these are right I mean. Penalties awful. I didn't mind how they handle him this past year and made him the quarterback again they shorts finally that. There was nobody better. It wasn't like they had other options to do it so yeah I think this definitely gives him an opportunity to show what he can do. And at. For a reason pollen and you know you would notice more because they think you're being around professional athletes you you can kind of get a feel of with an average they say the same there's coach speaking players beacon it's really kind of the same thing which is PR talk. Do you think that a move like this to sort of shuffle up really the decks at the top I mean these are the top cards that your that your basically get rid of a mean. Cindy Loc as was one of your elite players and your team. Injured or not I mean he was talent wise one of your best players. Do you think. What do you think the potential ramifications are inside the locker do you think that this is. That a lot of players I mean just said hey it's part of the business it's you know it's professional sport bubble blob but. Is that coach speaker player speaker do you think that this team has essentially is going to allow Sean McDermott and allow Brandon being to make the moves to try to make them better. Well as players you always command believing Mo almost always when the sabres were at their worst I think players believed they Stanley Cup here. But you always believe that you can make the playoffs and you can be a good team and I think Kyle Williams and those guys believe that. I and they should believe I hope they do is that they don't they probably don't belong in the locker room. This might say they mites and I've been. I've been trying to believe it now. You know I I don't know I don't know if but we gotta keep going out it and I wonder. Now I have no inside information it's just me wondering I wonder Kyle Williams have a change of heart before the regular season stones. And it as dire. I mean I I just wonder when he sits down and analyze the whole thing since he would pick. You know kind of be talked into coming back anyway he you know come your reasoning want to come back was to win now but he did have the passion for the game. But he I wonder if he writes in his thoughts and talked to his family and say do stated he. Is it worth going through another one of these again this is what I signed up for maybe it's just better. You know if I get out and as I said I have no inside information at all about that I'm just. I'm just kind of throwing up there as mild thought process of may be what he might be thinking well maybe. As he said yesterday and I believe him that he trusts John McDermott anti trust what they're doing and he's gonna trust coaching staff and he can't let his attitude slip because being a leader his attitude slips the whole team goes down he knows that. So he senses that that could be the case. You know he may do something about. Paul Hamilton air and the AT&T Allen Paul before I let you go I when you look at this moving into the future. Are you would you say your more optimistic after discuss this and I mean you can make the case that moving forward it. You could lose some optimism and what you feel about this team because you make a move to to splash up previous regimes. Mistake essentially. Does this moving your opinion give you hope or a little bit cause for concern moving in the future. No it gives me hope I like what he's done Diana as they set out at me you know I think it's. I'm impressed with what he's done I am impressed with the fact that he believes this is what's best for the organization. Even if maybe some fans don't believe that. And or may be some teammates don't believe that whatever he believes that this is the way they need to build the organization. And he had an asset which he didn't feel. Move he wanted to move forward with for a number of reasons. And again I think this is the bigger gonna trade him this is the best time to do it otherwise I think that as such as leaves nothing. Soul. I think if you if you're not planning on resigning him because you whatever you're nervous daddy's gonna get hurt. Or you don't wanna spend that kind of money on a wide receiver when you don't Wear and you don't really think you have your quarterback get whatever the reason might be. I'm not he did say he had not talked to Sammy Watkins. If Watkins wanted to stay here that that conversation never happened so it wasn't like Watkins walked in and set Allenby and market beyond here. I'm not all of upper east side with you're anything like that that had not happened he was asked that question. But dumb and there were no problems to I've asked people in the organization. It wasn't like McDermott was unhappy with Watkins work ethic. Or anything like that they were happy with it and there were no rumblings. You know he's not gonna fit into the type of player that we want that was not. Yen into apply it to kind of say two I eight think more people were maybe just upset because of the returned they felt like. Mean and the bills just gave up so much to get Sammy Watkins they felt like man that's a third round pick. Our second round pick and at replacement level cornerback just doesn't seem but. Realistically Paul they were never ever amber going to get the same value in return that they spent months in Iraq and even if somehow he was. A 1516. Game guy every single year harder receptions like. They were never going to get 21 round to expect from wide receiver absolutely you're absolutely right there receipt portrayed. The one thing I gave really credit for when he made it was he had a conviction and he went with it. And he but. The thing that being the general manager you have to realize there were a lot of good wide receivers and that track including the one they just acquired from Eagles. And yeah either Sammy Watkins winds up being the best of the group. Still. I think you're still better off with Beckham. And your pick next year and you are with Sammy and OPEC next year. Or. On the blank you probably Philip's mother receivers their two. And now it really makes it look bad because if you did want to move up you could have moved up but at the defensive player of the year. And you passed on him yet and maybe what's worse is you could've had O'Dell Beckham and Jordan Matthews installer for trumpet. Right so right but it media critic had Coolio math right. You could have moved up. Now that's were picked her if you read Coolio back and you gave up next year's first round pick Nolan is yeah rate and and probably no one is second guessing that thought at all. Because it's like. And I don't like seat defensive underpass for sure is important as a quarterback in this league but it's. One day it's too I mean how do you stop the record action this week. With a four man pass rush so so when you look at who you could trade up for the value of positions that you trade up for its quarterbacks and guys were. That's likely to ski great player. You're giving one of the if not the best yeah. You know I his position and that's the thing. And some people did say that I didn't that some people did say that the day of the draft I mean what you do widened to take away a Mac. Why you've taken a wide receiver it's a lot easier to find wide receivers and running backs in this league that is to find guys like Camilo and a and quarterbacks and that type of things so. You know so so bad you know that's their two. Well look at what they've wasted and if they did wanna make that move they could at Mac. Thank you all appreciate your time enjoy the rest your weekend no problem take care guys thanks Paul Hamilton there and the AT&T hotline. Given us his thoughts on DC any luck extra delegate to the phone broke it because Lian Buffalo's been hanging on hold for a minute here leap year on sports stocks at it up. All you guys won't do that cult. When I heard this when other work yesterday. And it really doesn't surprise me in a way it did but it didn't. But I got home from work and I was watching TV and although I think if anybody made any type of sand I mean even RE SPN reporter micro or act made no sense. Paying the bills are tanking. All these other people are saying we're thinking I disagree. Are bad words. So it perfectly he died the bills are a win win situation. They've won eight games went out and he walked in in school averaged almost thirty points a game. And you get another piece in Jordan usually isn't a talent of Jamie lock in while playing all let. I I actually agree to Herm Edwards you're in a win win situation you make a playoff. Everybody jumping for joy. You missed the playoffs. Your future in the coming draft. Is really bright. There's really yeah he brought it all Herman Edwards a former coach compared to all of these. Yeah PM reporters like David would need to play big gain framework thinking what are we doing. That guy can't stay healthy that's a problem. Yet I I agree Lee and I was listening on the way in this morning and I think it was Booker McFarland yeah on the diary and Mel show. And Booker was basically Sammy this got you win for the rams in the Redskins playmaker for the atom thick and assault he. He also said Sam who was number two overall pick it was a comes to the critical mistakes and when I look at that I'm like listen I did it the rams. But don't rams are there any campaign could cut their third round pick was what their number one receiver you know big guy. They paid Robert Woods the age you just paid their former eight overall pick tape on Austin a bunch of money. And then you bring in Sammy Watkins first round pick for a team that is not going to make the playoffs this year debt that listen to the rams are not making the play out. No and I don't wanna make this a ram shall defied a choice to be in the bill's shoes there and choose. Eleven times at a time think in the dumps ticket. You know what at least the bills were able to say listen. Our quarterback we we know we have given an opportunity to win this job and potentially be the franchise quarterback. But we are not going to spend. Assets in future assets putting players around you so it couldn't fail. I think you need to have some ability to look yourself in the Mir to appear at if your rams team looking at this. Saying listen we'd love to get better we'd love at a guy like Sammy Watkins but how much better as a wide receiver make us this year compared to what a second round pick Dexter can do for a read building organization which is what. Now let's flash. You know I don't applies looks good feels giving them we have this connection of these guys is these flashy players like San likens whether it was so exciting when he first came in. Whether or not you like the trade there was no doubt that he was a special player. And it's it's kind of hard it's elect goes on the eve you pad for that long and Edwards is hoping it kept. You know thinking that he was gonna take this next step he could just stay healthy this is going to be year. Well on the targets Seattle is with the bills. Furthermore when you talk about the rams may you spent you're talking about the spending of the currency to draft picks. They just gave a football load for church here off and now which was a reach Gatwick and now they're next highest pick. Belongs to us. Again you know you and I've had extensive conversations over the last few Sundays about Sammy Watkins in the talent and how we were really thinking. Eight maybe this is the year that you know everything's sat starts ago gathered here. But now the contract stipulations that the bills would have had to worry about its annual hearkens you franchise. You sign on to a launch in Q can you trust him to stay healthy he's a lot of factors that bets now their problem. With money that they spent in free agency and they're already talking resigning as you can bet the building yet. And not to mention they spent a lot of money on a guy who doesn't deserve that money and Robert Wood he's at number two receiver yes but he got paid more than that right. They spent way too much money and David Austin. So thin so rams a winner is a bad thing I think but the bills certainly didn't run and run Isaac Bruce and tore holes. Is that it also isn't my job to sell fans and sell people on the move if you don't like you don't like what I'm saying is. From my point of view so he's better on the team now offer for two pretty good years in bed with the team here. I feel like it's the first time I've baton. Really in with the bills since 99 so I don't know much else so all I know is the same thing over and over and over again in. You want to attack somebody for having that. The haunts you is to say no outbound now not doing this again. I don't know I I think there needs to be a level of respect but are a level of trust. And I know it's difficult to trust the bills team but this is not. Your your dad's bill's case that's are our Brothers it's not draw the brother's bills so I just think you need to have an opportunity. And you need to have some foresight here in the ability to look past what the move means for today or tomorrow. For week one and look for what it means as this team tries to get itself out. I'll be giant hole that's mostly been created by it. Britain hall of fame quarterback that that you play two times a year. So listen Tom Brady is 51 in one against AFC east AFC opponents at home. In the past whatever it was that it thinks it's his to start playing. Yeah okay. You can't beat them the numbers prove you can't beat hombre. So why are you going to build a team that can't be Tom Brady and maybe gets nine wins. And you could figure out a way to sneak in the playoffs in the back door when your have one of the most difficult schedules in the in the NFL. And you don't have a guy quarterback you think is people franchise quarterback. It's August while I know you got to dig deep breath here. I guess. It real by 51888550. To 515 the phones or start to fill up if you wanna get discarded your thoughts your opinions on it you'll like if you didn't like. Just your thoughts on the trades coming up when we come back at 1 o'clock am scheduled to divide who's gonna join the program and I'm interested in hearing his thoughts on it because. You know he's spend maybe one of the more outspoken. People in the media about the bills. Really recent struggles of kind of doing the same things over and over again so. I'm interested to hear his thoughts and maybe a new change for this bills organization listening to sports stocks area right here WG. That was separate. It's really what the goal of that conversation was to have a healthy sense and he worked extremely hard to get there. And accredited. Is standing in training staff medical staff that was. Entirely separate conversation and obviously this this came. Welcome back sports talk setting Lake Erie. As though over last spring as were as refining but I wanna open and we have been right let's go to a couple more phone calls here before we go to break. Let us we now go to Tom in buffalo who is on with us on sports talk Sherri Tom welcome. It intellect yet. Yeah up in the details are a lot of people call at night about I'll. We're going to be horrible now never be able pro football part of gonna crowd the last screw it and stop shady that I really don't agree that there. And we didn't think about it split here Robert Woodward and out of the lineup I'm sure any Lockett was basically. Gone all last year until then okay. Now the thing about the date and we got this here with boulder. They don't spoke to be pretty good. And then we get over it used in a lot better than anybody we have here. We think we're going to be better than we were last year there were here for this and that we were a year ago. And I would say at least consistency wise you have a guy now that. You feel at least can you know at least over the course of his career has played the majority of the games. Now that listen it is yards per catch they're not the same same rockets into Lockheed's a different sort of explosive and second thing is that off that the Nell. But what is he's a very steady legacy that's the thing that you really haven't had as much as everybody liked Robert what's I think Robert Woods is a great run blocker I think you brought much to you as a wide receiver so I think what you're getting. The rams have decided that that the Buffalo Bills passing offense of 2016 was so elusive and so great that they needed a piece of it. So they took it in they're like why they're the rams right so. Not sound like your point thanks for calling let's get to one more call we got Jamie in Hamburg your and sports stocks are. Let me say that I got the shakes. Give you a lot of pressure the only guy the only game media picked it. What did yesterday was the smartest move of apple built general manager ever it. Sent exactly corn and that that really. That and I remember. Come the simple like coach said we don't have receivers that throat. And it was always a big ticket. And so many giants. Last year crying and to just caught him red dot well. And don't we cut it would be something forming are still crowded there are no I don't understand. The business critical all or the slower side at the salute the smartest move the bill could have it. It's the move Jimmy that I think many people have always yearned for but were never ready for. And the one thing that I look at this Jimmie is the reason I feel like this is okay is Tom Brady is still lining up to times a year against the bills. And they've proven. Coach after coach GM after GM quarterback after quarterback running back wide receiver defensive end linebacker all of them have proven there is no stopping. Number twelve on the opposite sideline so if you can't beat them this year. Beat the organization for the next ten years and how do you do that you get a franchise quarterback that rivals Tom Brady the only we can do that by drafting at the top in. Acquiring picks they can still be good this year and still figure out a way to draft number three overall because of the assets they've been able to get. So that's a good point such a good point eight is exactly that you know that I'm up all this year the patriots we probably won't. Then we're really excel with two different that we don't have. Absolutely thanks and appreciate the call on the kind words that a relative mir's main highway Remy I don't know relatively liquid hit say heck. Aren't we go back we gonna get got Georgia Bob because I'd like to hear his thoughts on this greeted Joan. When we come back I got Tyler got the 1 o'clock hour and bright clothes is also gonna join until 1 o'clock dark as we need to get an update of the golf's final major of the year soliciting. Sports stocks Saturday right here on the region.