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Doesn't say anything. And by its forgetting we signing on this week this is not a throw in the towel thing at all. She might mention that some might say that out there that quite honestly that's annoys me that that's that's not you don't know me from things that don't tell would rather. Like ping pong or whatever London opponents out where thrown in the towel and trying to get started receiver back. All right welcome back sports talk serenade that was bills general manager Randy and being there discussing his. Dots and his reasoning behind trading Sammy Watkins Rhonda our yesterday and it's what sort of gets lost in everything that's happened over the past week for hours Pete is. Front arm was also treated I don't think that his name is he brought out once and I you know I'm in the middle of of finishing my opinion piece. Four WGR and throughout it I'm I'm actually disturbed like trying to appropriate for I I posted and it really had no point did I even mentioned Arby's and hit in there and I'm like all media should figure out a way to put Arby's name their all and also they treated around army. But I think because I think most people feel pretty comfortable that. They eat. One that trade I mean I feel like when you look at that you trades. I feel like it's pretty clear that the rams trade with Sammy Watkins you were never going to get the value that you put up for Sammy locked back in a trade. The man it was the rams or anybody else you just we're never gonna get that value back and there's a really good chance same exact and resign in LA. And they have used a second round pick to basically find out the inevitable that their franchise quarterback the guy they traded to for tropics to get. Also isn't that gut yeah you know I. I think the thing with with the Eagles would would dar re. You know we talked about during the break. If first it was his rookie season was I mean he really wasn't any special last year. And I think that the drop off from dar pretty gains zones Graham I am watch much average secondary sure elm shudder I can't match yet I don't. I can't imagine that it's that big of a drop off The Who knows in all corners corset top position in him when a quarter gets beat the whole world knows that. But I I'd like to think that you know based on the way Darby played last year we're not losing a whole lot while with with gains and in the you know in the rotation reverend Darby. That's the AT&T hotline because Georgia but now from at WGR ZU sports anchor and host of there is joining in the AT&T I'll I'm John the reason I wanted to bring Yani is is I always feel when I look at it and when I read or watch your you know all your work I always feel you're the one guy I feel. Is always willing to hold the bills and hold the organization accountable for crappy decisions or good decisions here. Equally as as is positive but also I don't see negative the critical when needed so I felt like. You know after the trade went down I think the first two people I I I direct message for I got to get John as you and Tyler and my thoughts you know obviously I've had an opportunity to sort of get out how I feel but I'm interested in sort of how you feel just at. What it is down on the surface of what this trade trades. Really mean for the organization. You know I think like a lot and I'm I'm alone here I hate. It was I bet cars I don't think anybody watching. Really do you think about what you organization. Can query is now where wants to know. Honor and as super talented as employers and the law is and what Ronald Darby. Showcase in his rookie season they're they're talented players. But I think that built up and stuff got in better position. Down the road and that is more important franchise. Now obviously I'd like Tyrod Taylor I'll aliens there's a little weird spot. Brett Butler and Jordan at this date DJ gay shot that you point out there aren't that date caliber. Yeah not that could drop pop that fine but it still drop. I don't think you're not getting better. A year and you're getting worse. So they're gonna sacrifice that it package eat a little bit. Batterer to back down the road I'll help or does that you're seeing if my work channels you. When I started what you lack drag that. Just bottomed out yeah just bottomed out don't just pick and and that tonight about a debt and hook all what happened. Yet Joan I mean I think you could agreed that. When you look at the trade obviously. And Pete marriage talk about a you don't you're never gonna get the value spent on Sammy Watkins that's not how professional sports work. When you spend big on a player and I don't wanna see that Sammy can work out I just think that it was a bad situation for Sammy. I think it was an unfortunate situation that Sammy had come into a franchise that. Puts so much stock eagle quarterback that they drafted in the first round and EJ Manuel. And put the pressure on him of elevating EJ manuals game when EJ Manuel was never going to be that guy. And I look at in it to be honest he's not really going to better situation can and Los Angeles but. I guess to end and what I wanted to ask you to John as you know I think season ticket holders absolutely. Have a right to at least. At the beginning here and initially have a right to be angry. What do you say to season ticket holders to sort of talked them away from not all I'm done with this team narrative that they've like police said at least at one point during every season during the seventeen year drought. Well. Spotty and just I just sitting at all not that big drop pop out just spot by about yesterday. They'll stand Hewitt maybe you need a time but he made a good point. Static kill you receive your group that don't this year compared to one last year which one would you take. And I think about it that it might hit an eight the most talented it on this day. What it turned out. Tiger got. I don't like the group they have now if you look at how good offense was last year and I'll watch it hurts. In spite Robert wouldn't argue that Wentworth Biden weren't optional. On the offense is built up a lot of points. So. I want it broke it hires and away. I'm like that Billy. A little. Asterisk over it and I think a lot of people think it is over. God I'm not ready to go that are yet. But at that it's that back a minute or so I don't know I'm going back or whether it actually surprised. And what do you gain. Oh look at you weird thing play out. Hourglass so are. It would be just so ironic end and so I guess. It would be fitting Jonah would not be just like fitting that they have they finally break through. After a sexually trading away I called a franchise player to casino rockets just never had the opportunity to fully show what a healthy seeming lack of can be. And you know it's funny because you're talking about a conversation you have the fretted bar and I had a similar 12 days ago John and what I said to him we were sitting down I'm. That you know what's the worst case scenario for Sammy Watkins is because I had this seems it's the same conversation about Tyrod Taylor last year. About you know what's the worst case scenario for Tyrod and if that was him being the same player and you not being able to evaluate him one way or the other. First it. The worst case scenario was that they had a hundred catches 12100 yards played sixteen games that eighteen touchdowns. What does that tell you if your best players worst case scenario is him having a career year. I'd point I think Janet is an exceptional. Talent went on the field and that. Powell argues that last night. It people like trader audit. 80%. Said yes and I was dot. The most art what do you trade delay it stars are you expect a lot of backlash lot of negative reaction to it. But I think that's what I understand what the mood about and I think a lot of it also are a little. That would block injury history and I played a big role Ali you know it kind. Reacting to this trade but also the opposite make the trade in the first place. I'm curious what happened lock in the next few years as it back about it. Did not going to what you option care op. Horrible last year. But he isn't paying into the out years on track I am curious that the rams franchise back up. Which could happen but it does that created it debit you and your last year. It back. Up back on the bill this year from now. It's it's not a question and talk about. What I imagine this sort of narrative around Brandon being if he trades and you watch and get a second round pick and turns around and signs and again the next year. That B highway robbery. And and you know what went right there'd be so rams that'd be so don't be so bills of the rams to deal. Well I appreciate it the hot seat and these are your uncle bill at least that's what we're like oh you exactly what topic I had a better before we got that part. Joseph to divide here in the AT&T hotline John I got home or question for you but first I got two things of quick and FO breaking news broncos' defensive lineman Derek Wolfe carted off the field with the right leg injury. Hurt ESPN's Adam show after. And ESPN's Dan grassy on oh tweets. The Buccaneers have released. Pop place kicker Robert Earl loyalist so two notes there for the listeners to you know get between the scenery here but no backing John. The one thing too that I thought was an interest in part uninteresting I guess element of this trade Tom are the future assets they were able to acquire in return and you know everybody sort of wants to talk about the players but I think. You know and of course nobody's really wants to look forward to the 2018 draft when it's August 12 but. Looking at what they were able to sort of get back in terms of you know tools and and currency moving into next year's draft. I think maybe that's the most significant part of the straight. I don't doubt I mean that's that's life straight or more days. We're gonna do yesterday. I eat that you don't replace these position adult. Only in the Al early in the all that. No it would just not strictly threatening and it. That's fine but. Please do not hurt Jordan at any block that at that map views that are more help that clock in his career. But they got similar numbers I'm sure locking plate opening games that you work. And Jordan Matthews is a short yardage they got a lot. She couldn't get much separation and Kelly last year at number one and number two or back. But they like and outside. The back page on the outside I just. I don't really cute but still I mean that you can't say they could long term. Returns to his rookie using more. What pat is inspiring art track and what you put that picture. I don't quite what purpose built added I think the hope that traffic. I think he's right away. First two minutes back into an apparent they're loaded and why is the most obvious knowledge that my note after one at that a year away but. Really get that got technician. And they want to go. Make a run up in the first round pick up. Quarterback that they get big lead them play ops in the futures so I think that got it below that they'll stand that solid that this document. You don't they're gonna win it sure I think that's pretty clearly they're standing out outboard end they're gonna still be competitive in the now. So. At least they don't think it matters that cannot get here there are a lot of traffic. So it ought to go out and I'd and they don't have a person next year's note apparently don't rely on this. John I appreciate Diop and on Saturday out short notice here man enjoy the rusty your weekend and interest did. To say the least moving forward here man. Are going to be a lot of body and at least I'll I highly doubt that he better get a Matt Geiger Charlotte hornets got. Immediately. You know I. I dropped them to keep Blalock and that you know a move key is one of those jerseys I've sort of been searching for. But you know I there's a lot of those knock off sites that I find to be some of the most impressive stuff that you find. And I gave sort of back and just in this search for great Jersey's not a not a silly NBA I'm a big I like the old school Major League Baseball jerseys myself. But I well I'll I'll be sure to drop some drop some knowledge and tied on when he gets out. I. And I appreciate backed. Of course buddy appreciate it habitable. That's Debbie jerseys George about there. Bringing in some of the some outside takes an. To bring in a bevy of people. You know cauldron of takes you know I that's unfortunate but. I watched load and pat homes last I didn't get opportunities of Tellme a little heed the looked pretty corset at. He looked pretty good now of course is it was current version and a second and third stringers first freezes and and actually the chief's office or for the 49ers but. I'm in all he did that's a close out my Friday night was sitting watching it she's 49ers freezes in write. But you know what ever. Malls that dot look like look like you belong with like an NFL quarterback and a nice touchdown pass. You know first play the game Alex Smith it's Tyreke killed with a you know streak pattern for fifty yards or whatever has so. You know just little little chiefs update for him homes. Not that bad but pretty good but for now our second official state towards. Right it you know it's cool to I look at this. Sort of there's some interesting things a look at these quarterbacks is draft class this year that that is gonna be in the NFL this year I'm talking via you know Kaiser looks really good on his in his brief opportunity there in the third and fourth quarter with the browns. I think he's gonna win that job yeah I think he'll be the first one to start its on gets hurt to get hurt him. But they've got they built an ice offensive line I I think they've built a team that would allow a rookie quarterback to succeed yuk which I. You know I think that's a good thing for Kaiser to that situation Burmese hometown kid. I think it's a good situation for him in Cleveland and you look at what was the other one that a risky. Truth is not gonna play this year now I don't really should I agree I shouldn't play on and what he's into it has pre season action. The other guy though that I think maybe the most interesting and could go either way is it to Shawn Watson and only now because I I do think that. That team could go what Tom savage and potentially. Have a good season but I think what Watson brings them is an interesting. Sort of added element that I don't they haven't had as in a quarterback now that's the ability to move around and Ron. I think that added elements of that team would really. Benefit them. Dirt there at 1112 when. Team with a decent corporate sponsor I say you know don't mess around with cops averaged give give give the key is that to do Shawn Watson. Their defense is incredible they've got playmakers on offense you a lot of slang around a little bit take his lumps in the beginning of the season but. I think you know only he's good enough in and the easy xenophile ready for that team with those weapons that they have. I don't know whether fool around with Tom savage is starting quarterback Tom savage is a basically what they've and the last topic exactly what they've sold why mess around with. And get it they are good. Our it'll real fight 51888550. To 5:50 am the go to break when we come back we'll continue our. Die section of exactly what this means though the moves that passed when he for hours means for the bills moved forward. We're gonna get Tyler Dunne on next hour as a mission Brian Cole angels all's gonna hop on quickly with me in the 130 hour. The 130 segment I should say to discuss the last major of the season. And desperate got sold some jam packed stuff comet plus let's bring some the player reactions from yesterday following the trades. To get better idea of what the players were saying after that if you missed it needing a from the first hour or the second are you headed to be GR fighting to dot com and got to be an audio section. And check it out there so we come back continue on with the same you likens Ron Darby trades US the sports docs edit recant a BG. He's a tough kid think he's one of 51 three years career to have 65 receptions as you heard. Yours brigade groupings and so he knows how to play he's that tough kid he's kind of a self made man was not. Recruited heavily weighted Vanderbilt which is in the SEC but nobody realizes. But he's a tough kid. He's gonna work hard Smart kid he knows the game. So bills GM credit meaning that he's talking about the newest Buffalo Bill the newest member of the buffaloes pending that physical which I haven't had any. Reports saying he's pass technically to trade isn't official until that physicals pass but. He played today. Is what is one of those 2014. Class to does fortune wide receivers that you know we've been talking about the last three years of Sammy Watkins and how many times it was the argument made that we listen off the back rooms in the Evans in the now here's Jordan Matthews well we got another guy now so you know it's it just sitting in and you know. Kind of symmetrical he comes over to the bills now is another class or another wonders if. Clients. What's the thoughts Chris in Phoenix has been waiting patiently appreciate you wait and Chris welcome to sports talk Saturday. I'll think about my play it normal law all I liked the mood global. And what are our GM shut the other day it you know thrown in the top and it like that but to me I kind of look at that that has. You know my hope is that. There would be other because the lack. And I want to do is you know that Italy gras which has talked about what I look at the draft next year's all you have currency. But now we get in that. Be willing to do that currency up to what could I look at San Francisco I look at the jets I would get you know potentially the Brown's. Look at the rant all achieved all the quarterback Jacksonville may need a quarterback. I look at our roster right now would be better than theirs. So we didn't give up that currency beat Wawrinka. Beat them better. And and. When we get somebody oh ourselves to kill. I kind of looked at it as you know do we do we kick how lame if you if you interest it can we get into. Their country for there can't we do something with a Preston brown to try to get to the point again I hate being detained yet. I you locals of the teams has it that way at the bottom and it'd be before we. Decorous Noah and here's the thing to Chris that I think maybe not enough people talk about is the quarterbacks in the free agent class next year you're talking about a group that is probably going to be the best group of free agent quarterbacks to ever hit the open market as long as guys like Stafford. In cousins make it there. So it's not inconceivable for the bills to say well now we have Tyrod Taylor off our books we have Sammy we'd opera about a long and exchange for Sammy Watkins. We don't have to worry about it and there's a lot of stuff there's lot of stuff coming off their books next year and really over the next core two years. So is that conceivable for the bill to say well instead of drafting and trading up to get a guy number one overall may be. You've bought and paid Kirk cousins twenty million dollars and you build your Kirk cousins or Matt Stafford. That's funny conceivably eat organic apple he's also gonna be available next year the patriots are going to be huge decision in front of them next year. About whether or not they need to push Tom Brady out for they move forward with Tom Brady and allow a guy who's essentially. Pegged to be their future walk. Because they can't. They simply cannot franchise tag team to grapple next year with with Tom Brady on the on the roster and a Tony right now if I'm Jimmy grapple I'm not only the year five knowing that teams want me to be their starter in goal back up Tom Brady for another unknown amount of years. Like they aren't very difficult position for the next two years. And deciding that into grapple could be available I would love if the bills decided that they viewed Jimmy grapple as a franchise article went out and got him and build. And spent six picks in the top throughout the bills were able spent six picks filling in the roster around Jimmy drop below at a pretty damn good about that. Lords are and I was gonna say I think Dexter is not the year to do that to go for the pre 90 freezing classes that is that is. But I think the rookie class Trump's show I think that you wanna get. You know it's all I saw him there's option volume excuse me but but I just think you know I'm willing to give up any of those draft picks that we've acquired over the past couple years whatever. To go off and get it to Arnold in you know get one of those guys in the top of the draft I'm good at that. Yeah I am too in depth but that's what has happened and unfortunately unless you have the number one pick. Every year a team is trading into the number two number three spot to him the next best. Quarterback and it's everything happen and it's it's I don't know what started it maybe 45 years ago but now that's why you get the guys like off going that's why you get your risky taking a number two. Because teams are just you know throw it out Wentz yep yep the throne and against the wall seeing what sticks you know. But I think the embarrassment of riches this offseason for quarterbacks is like something that I can't remember I mean the Winston. Mary go to draft you know those two you can tell we're sure our. But I think that that these upcoming this Cochran quarterback class and you throw on the free agents and this is big this is the year to be doing that I would do it. I I completely agree it's a lot like if you're gonna be bad be bad year that I Michael's number two pick right where you have a up. Franchise generational Taylor. You're going water to that now it's not sure I'm going into this trap sure I and I agree that and and I'm I'll be the first to admit it but as I've looked. This is the sort of draft slash free agent class of quarterbacks that is ten deep right now. Like there're seven legitimate options at quarterback too. You know barring a bad season but if each of the quarterbacks projected in my opinion to go on the first two rounds of the draft this year. Take a step forward there's gonna be seven or eight of them available it look at the browns for God's sakes OK if drew sharp Kaiser works out. The brother 31 round picks none of which they spent in a quarterback if they get the franchise quarterback by waiting to go and second round how many teams in the past decade have been able to do that look at Seattle Seahawks you know. You know up until last to print to three years or so college capital brought several apartment to a suitable or not it's a cavernous scenario but it is accurate but. It just goes to show you that for interest quarterbacks. Are not it's not a thing you have to have the top two picks if you do your homework. I do really think that the browns. They didn't feel pressured to court no last year. Not an end it would it would have been a mistake it would have mistakes take too risky to want to that's who I agree band I agreed and they fell you know. They're there there is they were saying essentially we can wait whoa whoa wait another year we'll get this pass rusher who's one of the better pass rushing prospects in the past however many years in the draft. Will wait. We'll bank on this guy in the sector around and if he doesn't work out who cares it was the second round pick fans are going to be mad because we blew a second round pick. Especially with the class it's coming in we can afford to take these guys atop the draft this year. It'll 30551808550. To fight to keep back to the phone for a man Jozy goes on what does Joseph you're on sports stocks are critics. Hey good morning guys have gone don't lie. So. I have two ports to make really for the people that are in a panic right now about being here of Long Island I'm in the middle of China central. Which. Everything these jets are are here and that is. Tanks central with the jets are doing is taking the don't really see what the bills. Did. As tanking or that started tanking. And are ardent aren't living that sir I have a lot of jet and friends and they'll all the panic and everyone is expecting only sixteen and what the bill that is not. Is not tanking hadn't. And our our means to deal with Q what happens if they make some more things like that then maybe so but I wouldn't panic right now in the second thing is it's. Just don't know all that we just need to wait and see how the piece this I mean. Sammy looks at me or never are I don't reported being critical of a minority in Armonk a lot of people are sure it would be injuries. I think he's I think he's such a world class talent but he got to stay healthy and I think he's going to terrible situation are don't think he's gonna put up. Great numbers that'll be I hope the best friend and Stanford derby. But you never know these new guys are men and Demetris clipped. That the reality just never know what you just mentioned Jimmy are all well and we've been hearing. To recruit our widget maker Koppel for years are reaching more mr. starter. And even pretend you don't know how we suited to a new team and eagle eye witnesses believe from the patriot. East and beyond that use. He may come in and and light it up and act and these are a piece Sammy put something that clicked and he could be. Just another piece to something good going forward so. Aren't our mop the voiced optimism still optimistic and are just started producing the starter. Joseph of course thank you for Africa on an and I like your team to win and one thing I'll say is there are a lot of good offensive football teams has a lot of good football teams the NFL they don't have a Sammy Watkins okay. It you don't and that's the thing that always bugged me about the bills trading up for that pick his. You can find good Taylor wide receiver. As a undrafted free agent it's a lot like it's a lot like running back Pete where the Steelers only guys that reflect the Colby Hamilton and Antonio Brown via. He was not a number one pick not a but like the fifth round pick yeah. So I don't know I it's it's good to meet. I think teams. I'm more impressed by teams like. That do with the browns did is we back in future quarterback in the second round because you did your homework knowing that if for whatever reason this guys available free in the second round. You should take him but you're not gonna reach and. There're certain positions I'm OK with reaching for right receivers not want. Now know what you say about the browns and what they do they're homered and everything but you have to see the result yeah don't I agree I don't get a little idol champion and on the browns' only because I've watched. Them. Put together a plan and actually cued it. With out allowing the noise of the pink talkers. The critics to see that there wrong yeah I've I've seen that. Organization. Do the exact same thing the bills they were doing the same things over and over and over again and finding the same results in instead of bringing in a new regime that was gonna do the same thing because they had two years to get it right. They decided to go get a completely outside person saw she. OK they bring Saatchi and Saatchi brown and they bring everybody in that. Are different thinkers. And although the results aren't there yet I'll tell you they built an impressive roster. I think they value the right positions moving forward they didn't overpay for Terrelle Pryor which I think a lot of teams would have done them. Because there are ready right they already were right on hold him. And that's the thing is they weren't ready to pay accord Arab a wide receiver without a franchise quarterback so. I just don't think that. Paying franchise wide receivers without an actual legitimate quarterback is the Smart thing to do they think the bills proved it. Yet here are the rams doing it again did you see commuter route was numbers since for a when he is to have 28 to 35 into touched asked its. Europe alone yeah I guy big guy I'm gonna tell you what. I understand the idea that every other quarterback that's come from behind Tom Brady has been sort of flame out Matt Cassel. Brian Hoyer now ballot I mean I agree they've all sort of Benn caught from the same cloth but. None of them have at any point in their career impressed like Jimmy droplets I'm actually I'm I'm pretty upset that. Jim Graf putting to play those first four games like that he got hurt yeah I would've been really slow what is it I agree in. You know yeah other night he played the start of the good portion that game and the thing that I loved about Rob Lowe is he's got that mindset that I can tell that. Listen it's difficult and I have said this a few times it's really difficult for quarterbacks to feel comfortable enough in their system. In their own skin. To take three and four yard dink and dunk passes 1617. Plays and goat out of field right that takes a special type of person it takes a special type of confidence. But not every quarterback has the confidence to say I'm OK with taking a three yard gain. On first down. Because a lot of guys this overpass that that three yard gain to try to fit a ball into this into a tight window. Because they're not comfortable taking a three yard gain and Tom Brady Jimmy grapple those guys are. And he he's been around Brady enough for you gotta think you know the way that he acts and what he does this offseason is really gonna dictate. What Brady's moves aren't and how many years of brie has left because we held most he could offer a five years and we got to hope attic. Right got to hope not market buffalo earlier on sports talk city welcome mark. Yes I do everything that. There are a couple things here 100 really intrepid air. And everybody seemed to say it dirt at you know and lock it. I don't know whatever and they and I'll repeat that I'm just affected and you the first round here. Or does the potential. That if he stayed healthy because you know. It's just that that alone. You can even in the situation Jordan and Billy. Group that accuses is just as if not more capable. Than simian quality produce gold bar in the NFL. And and two. How do you think that that. This there's not that assuming that we have a date Jones Jordan may news. And I'm old and starting three wide out Heidi in debt compared to last year and in richt and. Well I mean just you saying it mark a I liked sort of optimize its other Bennett could receivers. If you're looking you're trying to compare to last year and what's it here's the thing. You can't compare. The wide receivers that haven't played gain yet this year to the cast of people that were forced in in a lot of situations over the course of sixteen games last year right I think as a whole. From one to six I think it is so it would it'd be and I agree with this. They still rob Streeter so far in training camp has shown the ability to take the top of the defense they still have a guy that you take the top of the defense and let me tell you. Sandy lock ins in and Jordan Matthews forty times in the in the carbine. Two point 02. That's the second top now. So to say that said he blockages some sort of crazy athlete and in Jordan Matthews is a 52 forty guy. They're two tenths of the second often their forty times account also made the obviously Bernama boy to keel short. All is OK so you live around I'm sure it's got to while a short elective. But don't mark I appreciate the call N and yet I mean I think people are more tied. And more may be emotional about their assets you had to give up to get Sammy Watkins and why would you give ups and you locket if you had to give up so much because. Plain and simple this organization this regime didn't do it. So they don't have that sort of connection that we do or that the bills fans do because they simply weren't here they don't care they don't care that that was spent three years ago. They can't get those picks back up all I can look forward and I think to be honest I think there are few more moves being made I think the next logical moves the trader at your Agilent. I think it's the next logical move. Yeah I mean I mean it would like to see a little more than you know obviously you don't know what you hear training camp and I would like to have more game action problem I watched him and of course he's playing with a thirteen is. But that's a thing as I was expecting him to stand out against their is that there was their teams via these little boy he'd look you didn't get heated. Other times he used to rubble you know he looks slow and advocates still be because of the need is a slippery here is that the senate does need some time to ready you know. I don't know I have not been impressed and so he's the thirteen defense right now you know he's been demoted. Icing recognition. From him bill which is the good part right now. Wrangling was and it paid attention to this very very very carefully because I was working here I'm thinking to myself what batter to I have to do other than really pay attention Reggie wreck and right now. As I was lamenting the potential mates and Peter and could star calls. So I was looking at right on his first drive was Roth it was probably one of the worst that you could see for guy trying to get back in the groove of things and then. You start to see him recognize and attack in utilizing that first step again because that's key for linebackers at first that has got to be downhill it's got to be attacking. And you is finally doing that he wasn't tentative he got into the group as the game was going on when he was playing. I'm with Pete I would like to see some more game time with him in the bills uniform before I think about dealing him. 8030551888550. To 550 you're hanging out on hold stick Daryl Gates your calls we come back you're listening to sports talk Saturday right here on WGR. The window Lee. As a team we have to refocus. Do whatever it takes to winning. Actually got to test the work outdoors is a couple years ago normal person. He's a great great talent depth and part of that is tough to lose and Alex and me but as tea we have to refocus and and pertain to keep working hard to get ready sir. Our two almost complete here sports stocks generate making your EP character Kramer on the board given updates plus I forgot it does go by really fast Pete. A tournament it's your day. Com. When you when I first started here you were still running. Saturday slice off the slice this slice slice you know woman he'd bring slice because slice might need to come back and I was so. I remember this what do bag and it won fourteen right. When I started. In hand. We were her. I was thinking about the senate sliced that was used to run the slice and then inside has the sports and come on and then you'd run sports talk Saturday when. We sailors and air yeah I talk about trooper you know two different shows in one day I was I was five tool player on the morning after elsewhere on the hobby in the more that's right about that people forget about the hobby you know. It's funny because I I tell this story the hobby the last episode of the hobby. With Mike was my first cover shift yeah. First ever and the most significant Mara but part about that ship was when he hung up a terrible here who calls and then you know you actually answer that phone call I did. And so what had no idea that you know was terse well actually this new guy answered I don't know at its funny too because I remember immediately after saying he had a goal and hung up in. All the sudden my calls the and I allowed just. Lot and I forget what it was having less Kevin Sylvester called I think Peters call like much other people's color like this derby that was terribly just hung up on a well. I don't know. Yet that's that's so that's one of my favorite stories that mean that the being the first shift that was pretty awesome I didn't tell you I have come along way. You know what let's repeat in town want to because I'd like to take his take Pete welcome to sports talk Saturday. Mean there's sort. Invited those parents that are years. What they want to Robert Woods scared yeah it gets off he's an. Important it is going to be. History. We'll let you won't get certain equity laurel. Well. Pete you're gonna sect and and and I just was in this conversation with my friend on Twitter. Turbot he's not bad receiver so come on a year Tommy's you're gonna give me ninetieth and yards per reception and. Eagles Democrats abbey Hoffman and no doubt about the quarterback and people were throwing the ball not matter in this he's played with. Once holes. Who else do you think an important brand for Mercury okay put forth different quarterbacks. All which broke really short now that's their offense and most of his catches are with his bat the line of scrimmage. So listen. The idea that Georgette these is bad or in your words on the street awful. Okay. Turn that he's the one of I think three wide receivers in modern NFL history to start his first three seasons with sixty plus receptions 800 plus yards. No no not bad that's that's not awful he didn't lose his job in Philadelphia. They decided that they had no starting caliber quarterbacks in three starting noble receivers two of which they can't trade because they just signed. So what do you do you've got traded guy who has had nice production for you but you feel that Torrey Smith which. I don't know why they think that Torrey Smith this point it's career is better than a four year Jordan Matthews but. It's not my area back to diss A can't. Say why they felt that way now but you can't trade Jaffray and you can't trade Torrey Smith. So you this very Tobler Porter our corner works the next move you're not trading when you're running backs you don't really have anybody to train running Beckham then. Brian Matthews may be. But. It's the obvious move didn't lose his job he was gonna be a starter there they run free ride receiver sets he would've been their starting slot receiver. With a fourth quarter with pork Corretja or develop a built in court. So VA did this narrative behind Jordan that he's ignorant go do some research gold watch. One game of him before you tell me the Jordan Matthews losses chopper is bad at football the guys the guys averaging seventy plus receptions a year. I don't care how far they went four he wasn't catching long balls he's catching over the mental stuff. The gonna be a blow the one area that he needed to improve. Ray in Clarence your transport stocks there to welcome right. Say I'm I'm pleased that the trade I'm I'm glad lot in the Islamic Conference and he comes back in a year but. Here on the big picture that's got I like the perfect world can you let me else. And and I have a point after that he. When the bill declined to say it's your option. Watkins was that before or after Jeremy Maclin came to that. There's a reason why before his muscles before. I actually. And the ridgeline sane as. I I we have plenty of cap space to sign back and I understand we got a wide receiver and return with Matthews in a finalist and maybe. I would have wanted to sign Maclin you know don't like it sure read before your deal you know end in the hole there in the insurance of watching. And that they would assign them. Didn't we don't get old and I don't know but here we are we have two receivers this year there are expiring contracts of olden. And Matthews I would have loved to gone back in in in my perfect world who have had back I still regret that we didn't get we get the cap space. Now free up you know thirteen million minus cleverly got come back he. Money was not the issue and not a it was at all. That that's that's my only regrets with all of this that we could at a wide receiver to take yes and for another couple years as opposed. You know starting over again in you know in any maybe after he signs it into the Arab gulf. I would have liked them a little more stability with these big picture but a pop up that championship nit picky. No it's not. I agree with you re enlist and it it's one of those things at that when you look back short point one mean they always say hindsight point one but. I agreed that. The Maclin moved would have made sense known what we know now but at the time. Mecca was gonna be number two wide receiver the team was overpaying for a number two right receiver they proved that by paying Boldin who is essentially going to be their number two number three. But I think maybe this move also shows how much they really think about they Jones maybe that's not talked about enough visit him. They must really really think that Zeta-Jones is a capable number one receiver because a play I he is now you're number one receiver from self. You know joy and that yes it's real fight 51888550. To 550 got a breakaway late here when we come back got tied on. What we got organs I gotta go let's right to left it up I do though we don't want. Are just wanna say erode quickly she kill me if I didn't it is a one year wedding anniversary tomorrow regulation so I like the one wish my wife Sarah very happy one year anniversary and. Adulation he did it and out work to get you back in before the college all season. So we can actually do the college football primer yet because I got a lot more to say about I also do so thanks Pete for happen in an accident today and Doug and we will level talks in our sports talk Saturday gonna roll on next hour listening to reject.