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First thing I did was acknowledge. The human element of this transaction and there's relationships. Have got a lot of respect for those two football players that are leaving this building as players as people. That's studies and studies for the players in that room that's that we have to continue to move forward we are going in the direction and. We've got to continue to move forward. And that's what you do in this business. Good afternoon our three year of sports talk Saturday in a Kyrie. They speak artistry just had to get out of here in his wife's won their anniversary wedding anniversary tomorrow also regret those two. And XP for coming on let's go to the phone before Tyler John join Tyler Dunne joins the program Kevin in Syracuse you're on sports talk Saturday. Well I do them good. I look at this polling there are going argued whether or you compare orders and at least in the week with a that is what we want I look at it more. I want organization. So I look at. Chia I'd look at that coach. Bottom at night. Well blow it they don't have an eyes as far as talent how do you figure are. All in this age. Bull what examples of that though like what examples are you citing that they don't have an eye for cant. Oyster river you Google want shortly you have examples the city don't. Oh yes. I'll solve their their what art is so what we're last caller on the ball on the brutal journey back. GM. And long term. Restrictor. That we're going to get rid of certain lock on war reactions. That we're confident that I'm now. Being there are so many little bit sore. On that they all. And I'm focused who won the structure. And what about where they're. Aruba. Are colts. Aren't you. Well I'll like it got dropped because. So there won't be merits of that what ever happens followed. Also marrow. What I read where it went. I'm on a higher quarterly. Sure I'd I who else would use I can you know ordaining given that here's the thing. I understand that I don't have any evidence to tell you that they are good countervailing hitters but. Conversely you have no proof or evidence that either of them are guys that are good Taliban leaders. To be honest with you bring to be you know what the hell he's doing he was in an organization that made to the Super Bowl two years ago they drafted a quarterback number one overall. I have pretty. I'm pretty confident that the guys that the bills haven't placed in front office and decision making. Positions know what they're doing based on the fact. That they just decided to do something different than the previous four GMs the previous six head coaches and seventeen straight years of mediocre football. My issue with why you can't trust this front office because of one to move that they've made. Who is a little ridiculous to me cabin they. They haven't even had an opportunity to see if it's going to work out long term nobody even knows if Sammy Watkins can play a full season of football so. What second. That response sure oh that's so I'll Goss who dreamed what a great thing didn't want our child organization. You can't tell me that he looked at me twice for it on the quarterback. I know. I can't tell you that what I can tell you is they just wired or GM a month after they lost their associate GM. And there are some there is certainly ties to white cattlemen's gone and why dean is gone so. Those two worked pre T flu would lead to gather. So to say that brandy didn't really have anything any say in their quarterback. I disagree he's young talent evaluate or who's getting his first opportunity to be general and German and a full football team. And his first move was to get rid of the mistake that the previous organization made by over valuing the wide receiver who. It in the modern day NFL you can get an Antonio Brown in the fifth round if you know how to evaluate it properly and no one to take players and what not to. You're telling me that you can't trust them because they decided to move on from a mistake the previous midge regime made. And I just can't get what that Kevin I appreciate the call today it's Tyler because he's on the AT&T hotline wait for me. It's just my thought behind you not being able to trust his organization they stop in a move. That most people across the not only national media but the local media way as well are pretty much praising him right Tyler. I absolutely I mean there is totally a lot of ways to look at I mean it's not a poll on. Obviously this is it looked to the server they did bring back a couple players here reduced to a quick start McElroy who might be the best running back and will also. That kind of I like it I mean there's there's just something we haven't seen those. The can build I mean they've never looked at each it is clear that it never looked ahead and and gotten Cooper two seconds two thirds. Aired in really looked ahead to quarterback position. You know shipping loaded you know we say that a lot of the seat lecture at a daycare. A accumulate a depicts an app that what ability to move around made you want to throw it by an Everett has ordered back side. Ideally you'd look a lot. Here's the thing Tyler and it's one of those things where I think maybe fans are so we used to disorganization mortgaging the future instead of building for a that they find it's the norm and that's what it's what's Smart people do is trade future picks and you look at the rams and you're just you're just there okay. That's a teen who is. Eerily similar to the 2013 Buffalo Bills where you draft EJ Manuel and now you wanna trade up to have a receiver. Basically prop up the one guy that you say is gonna be your franchise quarterback and then he gets benched before the season certainly never heard from again. So like you look at people that are gonna say okay will the rams are really Smart they got a great receiver and seen you lack of shore. But they are a team that's essentially rebuilding. Who just spent a second round pick. And listen people say what they want about second round picks that they're not they're not guarantees old and beaten the number one pick is an guarantees. What it is. Is in today's NFL draft assets are more important in building for the future than trying to build for right now which is what this team has been doing for seventeen years. And that's why it's so important you edit the bull by Gator quarterback in the first round you better have a and you better know what to do it because it wasn't just the fact that. But that they'll put EJ Manuel you know sixteenth overall in that it worked out. I mean every move after that seemed to be a EJ Manuel driven tick I mean that's. Latitude or gridlock and that's why they. They did say Colorado David and they really believe he was a redshirt quarterback. For a good three years you know that that's what you hear that organization I mean even with Tyrod Taylor Mac app where there are people that building is doubly. He gave Daniel a future and well I thought tonight as salespeople are all in the all the scouting staff a new head coach a new GM did. Are you a lot I mean that there are mistakes all over this roster you know about that are built camp and stand on the sidelines. Look at some of the players that are they had the sign in scramble or does the fill out an idea man roster. It's kind of I mean these are guys who wouldn't make other ninety man roster so. It cut to hold it then they need a quarterback obviously the needle arts and answer there and they get that player is. Arnold made his shot maybe got throat immediately art Jackson who got they got out probably got the great views here. But on top of that. During that if they lose the player at a position. There might be screw added that there is no debt behind some of these veterans they have so that indictment Doug Whaley an indictment of the doubts that. Brought an bodies where it did work out there are gone so big in those six picks in the first three rounds just at Alex so I I think it. Absolutely. The right straight to make right now are for the long term outlook the branch. Tyler I I love the fact that you brought the scouts because it over the seventeen years as every piece of the organization has really bend in flocks when you talk about general manager. When your talking about head coach when you're talking about older okay they've had more ownership changes they head in the seventeen years of actual scouting department changes. They've basically cap the same core of the scouts that unless that either retired or left to go to another opportunity. They never decide to double the scouting department until this year so. Everybody wants talk about well there's a way to build the team will there is no carbon copy of how to build a team what there is is this new organization because it is. From top to bottom it's new. They are in this is the sort of I guess. Comparison I've been making is when you build a house. Over the past seventeen years this team has been building a house on faulty foundation and what this organization has done has really built the foundation opposed to building a top and a crappy foundation again. Right it debate that point with a caller earlier we we don't know that separated the at this list of the talent evaluate yet a that we. Don't know that this person your will find out the draft and the year 234 years that it will perhaps go find out but it's pretty clear that whoever is evaluating talent for the last. Her vote for the last seventeen years. You know they were doing and I think a lot goes into that you've you've got to scout on her lap but a lot more than they have been in and no interject. Your band OK you know there this year. It's a strong draft for quarterbacks this year until we trapper quarterback it's your point fourteen. Quite the draft left the locker what is your position ever so. Eight you don't mortgage everything for the top guy in the Internet harassment you take an alum Robert late you to Jarvis went later aren't they Adam. I mean it kind of pathetic that. They got the best receiver they're not in that draft class in Ottawa after a bout in now out the door went all the other guys about it's huge deal also. Is projecting that into every night or when you make you feel quite a kind of target shirtless with a seven dollar. Tyler I wanna before we get into Jordan Matthew exit you want your opinion on guard Matt he's. I look back at the 2010 Houston Texans. And that may sound random but I look back at a team that is running a similar similar offensive scheme as the bills right now. They averaged well in that season. Area and Foster the running back at 66 reception a career high 66 trip and 84. Targets. And a similar offense. I have the feeling was Shawn McCoy is gonna see similar targets and similar receptions so you're losing Sammy Joaquin I get it but they're going to be featuring LeSean McCoy in this past game. Dual fold from what they have been the past two years I also think they're gonna be using Charles claymore. I also think that they're gonna be utilizing the middle of the field more so now what they've done is they've essentially Eddie Jordan met he's one of the most prolific over the middle wide receivers over the first three years of his career. Just about anybody in the white in the in the NFL. You have charles' claim your finally saying you're gonna use over the middle you have uttered so in my opinion. The move. Is it is to arrested these people are making it out to be because they think there are more now targets out there for LeSean McCoy there are more targets for Charles clay. And Jordan Matthews is not a school Robby he didn't lose his job in Philadelphia he didn't get caught it you know what I mean. I think people just need to reel it back on on the hot takes about Jordan Matthews and Sammy Watkins I don't think there's anybody in the world that's gonna say Jordan that he's better Sammy Watkins. But fifteen games in Jordan Matthews compared eight games Sammy Watkins I think and taken the fifteen games juror and Matthews. Yeah I mean he's made a lot of great point there I mean the one thing. I would say is obvious you what Tyrod Taylor does that leave after his broad BP. They had to walk in visit get a high point that he although the matter single covered double cover. Any that appear to go to to suck it up there in the shot. It would make it that they had a lot of success so you don't have that player I don't that player who can get. Hate the top the defense as we've heard before. But I don't picket that they can reveal terms you know the point that some folks might make it harder to get timing down with the Jordan Matthews. And Anquan hold of the world out of the gate kinda doubt at this late stage of the game. Would say to Iraq Taylor and it kind of quarterback. You never throwing guys opened the opposite coordinator said that last week Internet do at this point united match we got to get it that player is open. You deliver the ball using they put the ball and they're gonna be running team could run a lot this year but they're still gonna do with the got the last couple years whether. According. Tyrod Taylor I think they're they're going to be reliant on that and you're absolutely right they're they're gonna give the all the LeSean McCoy on Jeff Burton I think we over wonder and what the the court think about this the other guy wants to win he picked up is that what a wipeout game. And then they do this well you know bureau think about it I don't know how to Ortiz he's really gonna because he's gonna be used. Start to finish every game he's on the field. There's no question about that Tyler Dunne. Thought we report here on the eighteenth tee allied with me so Tyler. Move on to Jordan Matthews and in maybe what this team is getting in in Jordan Matthews maybe talk about that too. And maybe looking at this from both the rams and Eagles point of view as well. But but first let's let's address Jordan at these in your thoughts about the play that bills again. Yet it. United dynamic speed threat like Sammy Watkins obviously and he didn't have all their help your hot block and over Matthews but. If somebody who's only missed two games in three years years somebody who's. Caught what you know to ordered when he bypasses. Reliable he is really not what you would decrypt but you might be able work the middle heels in and work areas that you look at a at the past and I think the fact they got. Somebody back it incurred in an economy that. Balancing act that branded the instrument ever try to ride here every day thinking that somehow sell this year at least know what we this year. And not just go all out taken at the at bat and there'd be more players out the door it would be get these players back so. Yet they starter who should be it looked like in and give them something right now. And look at the verdict under Ronald dark you know that. Direct Bryant loved to prop him up at every opportunity and I everybody told and they were not particularly in you know in your base basically look I was well spent last year. Eric up neck exactly Evernote for the ball he got quite you know how much of playmaker is just more about. Up blanket cover corner who struggle with at a time so I I don't I don't think it Darby looking a record out to be it. And the local decision went up the door there are fine but it's now like EP equivalent thing. And will say it's been tough to cover clicked out earlier that yet. Any given bill I was I mean who would never got Brandon Cox great. Brand imprint. It's unbelievably weapons they have I mean very we will cover all these guys but same time to get on that regard I think it sparked. Yes and you know I look at this is maybe the most important thing about this is. You have an organization now that understands. And I think maybe is in more and I don't wanna say that. Previous regimes didn't respect the patriots are that you know previous ownership didn't respect the patriots I think ultimately though. The idea that what is they have going on there at least with Tom Brady is is slowly coming to an end eventually it has to end here. Within the next 345 years. Their idea is they don't have a roster to beat that right now so why are you pretending to be something you're not. It's totally the at the s's. To catch to take seriously you gotta think 23 years down the line and maybe it kind of has been running in late personal aren't and it couldn't spell they're and underwent an early and that. Are they discreet little in the last seventeen straight here well they that they. You know we all think that Tom Brady at some point is is gonna be gone and it will be put. It could be a Breck bar and at the us air right now weighs in an agent to drop oh. If at some point it what you get to a point where. Bill Belichick does what tech constipated and just content push them out it can be that important problem to beat that guy and the net. There's no reason that in straight and they could it got a lot or. They know what they have. I well I'll hunker bit about the built here but you know that valley the patriot. Are picking at themselves. Yeah and the point you made to its its just to sort of funny that. You look at the situation and their of course people. Bill's fans are at this point pretty sensitive to everything that's gonna be happening and I think really. Tyler that that may be is the most. I don't wanna say damning or hurtful but that what it is it's just it took people off guard. And group I may be more interested in the fact that I didn't hear a DM a whisper. Of this until it happened until bills PR alert the media like the media had no idea this was happening. And I think you're seeing a complete transformation of this front office Tyler and it starts from. With fan and you're seeing now that it is a ship that's being run almost completely differently than how. Doug Whaley was running this buddy nix before him. Like even around the league you're still hearing people you'll hero move before it happens or or the bills might be shopping sandy lock and nobody even had an. And I thought the world it's Amy Lockett was in endanger being treated. I love Alina I think Daniel Locke and himself was a place. ET. It's one of the drew upon appeal the before you get any girl talking themselves he was really an Icrc metal plate that. It's foot feeling good. They're out there prove it improving your buffalo and try to convince in the senate more term it was. Completely out of nowhere I think that kind of like what other players. That there were shocked and surprised than anything and destroy the process at all but. It is absolutely plan and it it seems simple that. There were talking about it in the is at the plan at the long term vision but that's just what's been lacking with the bills that they've seen the they have without. Worked out. I'd Tyler thanks for coming on enjoy the rest your Saturday in nine Sunday and a man and you know I'm sure will be will be talking soon here your bit of the favored yourself. But the anytime they so much revenue and. Awesome and appreciate have a good weekend satire done their Bleacher Report joining me if you missed our interview I would suggest going back to what the BGR fighting. Of the five final major PGA when we come back we'll get that will continue taking your calls. You're listening to sports stocks and a radiant BG. I welcome back to sports stocks Saturday nick fury here let's switch gears a little bit because I'm sick of beating my head against the wall. Franco's gonna join me now from are martial tee to green. I hear on WGR from 78 every every Saturday morning so Bryant an interesting. At least top ten in my opinion so far going in around three of the PGA championship at quail hollow. I guess my first question for you is out of this top group you've got Kevin his near Hideki Nazi out Jason gave Francisco Molinari who had a really great. Round 27 under after posting a two over in the first round and then a guy like Rickie Fowler who's just kind of to wander one under sort of a steady performance thus far. In your opinion of these guys is that the guide it's gonna be the steady performer for four rounds or a guy that maybe he has a great second are great their fourth round. That's going to be the guy that maybe takes this. I would have answered you this steady performer which. Navy is sitting out Boller playing but yesterday they had on arraignment. And they may get some but for the permanent over which means. The green that stopped there and as we saw yesterday. Late and late at night near her late afternoon when that condition or allowing him to go back outplay that guy that fired stick and the news dot day I had to Gama lighted up. So if the course. Is gonna play soccer like that then I think. You're gonna see someone that can make a ton of birdies and get hot which I think leads to either player Matt diablo winning it. If the condition this go back to being firm and talk. However actually yesterday after his round said he watched that he yeah he feels like it this operator. He'd like putting on those really fast greens were a lot of guys are struggling with that. So maybe bring some more guys in the play. He may be a guy like most days and who is just a tremendous ball striker but is maybe a little weaker of potter and continued well everybody's gonna lose ground on the green I can make up for elsewhere. But it if the conditions are right it would feed more of the day or more birdies are being made I feel like. I could see that met the comic day. One of those two just one of them you know rattling off a low sixties round and pulling away. So Brian quail hollow tell us a little bit about the golf course who does this release suit is a hitch does its future long hitters. Or is it more of your short game players the guys that are lethal on the green now I know of course in this situation. Conditions are going to play a factor in who which sort of suited for but let's just say. That were sort of meddling medicines saying that I dries out in it that the the course plays a little bit more Furman tougher. Cortes this course really benefit is that long hitter or is it that precise short game player. Well I think you'd have to say even though courses over 7600 yards. That you don't have to be a bomber. To win this tournament and I'll point right to the co leader Kevin is there. Strategy said throughout was too. There's a piece and a handful of holes to be aggressive on regal at the ten any other than there's a lot of holes where you maybe just aimed for the center of the green take apart move on. The hole but he has decided to play aggressive. He's birdie and that's why he's playing very well in her party is not a long ball hitter by any means. Over the first two days they said he only had about a handle it drives that have even gone over 300 I know that. Seemed like I speak to that for us is when you've got. You know guys like kept and Dustin Johnson and all these guys hit it over 300 every single time the truck driver but Kitchener is not. So I feel like sticking with the plan sticking with the strategy. Can bring more into play. And I think you know what's really gonna come down to again probably is avoiding trouble in the majors. Yes. I know we saw the US open return in the like a regular tour stop event with birdie central all over the place. But I would guess that they're gonna toughen conditions up. Even if the court is soft then they'll make it harder pin placement than power key about things like that so. I mean you can't rule out even though I know Alec to the average sports and they haven't heard much about Kevin K but he's had a good couple seasons. Kind of gotten himself I would say you know in the top. Thirty yourself in the world. And he said he's got a game plan and he's sticking to it so late he got to give credit for that which kind of leave the player like him. More involved coming you'd think golf that this could set up perfect for Georgia's speed but. He is potter is not. Anywhere near as hot as it was at the open two weeks ago in other than that he's doing what he kind of does the a little erratic off the key. Scrambling here and there but you really when he wins could be make up for what with the putter and this week at the putts are dropping like they did at the open. Brett appreciate the quick update there I think we needed I needed to get away from the the football talk for a little while so I appreciated text me again not present. I did needle change pace I appreciate it. No problem you should be you should be inspired by watching on the weekend and two improve your own game you know. I do in you know I'm really looking forward I I don't know what's better for golf and I know that's an overplayed thing whether or not it's Jason Day gaining back on track or Rickie Fowler getting his first major I'm storm between the 'cause I think those two were guys. Young players who I think really could use some success. Especially Rickie Fowler but with Jason Day he's had so many ups and then really just downs I'd like to see his game may be senate can consistent out a little bit more so I'm sort of stuck and who I'd rather see win but I think it's Rickie Fowler for me anyways. I agree I think. The store that the story would have been speed. Being the young interpreter in the in the Grand Slam but now that looked looks like the key to it it's not gonna happen in this week. If you look at the top dozen or so. Probably. Porter. Mainstream golf to continue you know they want they grow the game it will be for Pollard went. Chair not and that's exactly I'm thinking to Brad our buddy appreciate it enjoyed a rooster we can enjoy watching the the final two rounds here. Thanks Franco's you'll there for the and got your brain to be right now. All of my interactions with a great great man. Good football players obviously and I wish the best this is this is not easy this is a I'm an emotional personal guy and I wanna get that all these guys personally and that's the hard part of business is business when you have to call these young men and affect their lives. That's not easy and Sean did that earlier today. Is day is they move forward their journeys to LA to Philadelphia respectively. So again I wish those guys the best and appreciate what they did for the Buffalo Bills. Thought it would be. What prompted them who's who they were two separate moves even though. Fortunately the timing worked out the way I wanted it to happen. I was not shop and these guys. Had calls from multiple teams about Sammy all the way back in June shortly after took over the job and so. You know those things happen all the time people think I mentioned before people asked about different players all the time around this week you never know what serious or what's just based. But again I was not and we were not actively shopping you either of these guys are not actively shopping anybody but it became. LA got very serious. About Sammy and Philadelphia got very serious about Ronald and the timing. Worked out and as I realize the time it worked out I was able to shoot. Apart Jordan to help fill in for for Sammy in the aging gains helped villain for it was wrong. He's really feels pain how's. Another meeting which they want it could make all. It's hard to say if I wouldn't have. It's funny both of whom were getting similar traction similar momentum the last couple days. And once I saw both of on this Ford on the road as they were getting. I kind of set up I wanna do own together if I can. If somebody had backed out I don't know because. The discussion I had the first time I really set down and laid this out. For Sean and Terry was after the game last night. They want the distraction. So. I laid it out what was potentially nothing had been agreed upon but where things were very close. And you know that's kind of where was. Nobody backed out at that point we finalize them this morning. He. Everything's a week we talk and everything is that we we all through everything around the people the players the men what they've done. Who the opposite is the players that we're acquiring. The draft picks everything went there and listen this was not an easy decision. Again business is business there's also emotional these two fine men. Yes does this. He can. How much has worked for the future what if game. I'm always said it was a day we've signing on I'm always gonna try to win today and one tomorrow. And that's that's that's the nature that's how I'm wired that's how I think you win in this league. So again if I'm coming off a fourteen and two season. If someone offers me something that I think is good capital and as a worthy investment I have to consider and that's what happened. For like for the 2017 season. You know you could make arguments either way. I'm thrilled that. Lose and a guy like Sammy we were able to acquire a guy with Jordan Matthews canceled all. EJ has started 25 games in this week. He was on the air filled with all rookie team. So he's got some pedigree he's not walking in here. Not knowing what to expect he'll compete with the other corners you know not guaranteed a spot that. They'll come in and we'll see where it goes. A yes they both. Actively ask me about these two guys I was not shop. There. Is. They cannot you know they can all play outside as well. That may be where they've been news Jordan on that team so in the way they use a lot of sloppy you can see one outside again. I'll leave where they go and how they line up with brick ranch on those guys. He's another great condition or. Oh it's cute with. You or is that the work. It. Well you have to consider everything have to consider freeze on ability. The draft value. A lot of things went into this it wasn't one single thing. And you know you balance at all and make it you know the best decision. You know yeah and he injuries and coming people figure it back. There will help us. That's. The EU you do have to consider everything again it's. What he's done in his career over three seasons. How much he's played you do consider all that and again he's going to us last year was still. And yes sign ability cap situation. Everything honestly went into this decision it was not looking at one factor or. We're. That's that's. It. Well you know. I've not I've been around Jordan Walden draft process on the Islam that I don't know each case as well. You know that'll just be getting them here compete and see how they fit. When you silence my future that's got to be a mutual they gotta wanna be here we got to see how they fit in the locker. The locker room in the culture of the coaching. All that goes into it so we got time on first thing as justice. If we're gonna do these news want to do now so that we still have three exhibition games a lot of training camp left to figure out how these guys. Forward eight. It. A well it's hard because. You know these guys are talented players. But there's that human element and you obviously. Nobody wants to see your friend walkout would or even no matter what you thought this talent. And so you get you get to him silently as well with these with these guys. Hopefully they'll understand you know they don't necessarily know Jordan you know the show on normal little that I know from Philly but most guys don't know Jordan or EJ. Salute you know hopefully they'll reserve judgment until those guys get in strap pads on them and jump and movement and we'll see where those. Oh. I don't I don't like the word untouchable. You know I'm not actively shopping selling guys like that's the honest to god truth. It's just. You're always looking in this business to help yourself now in tomorrow and that's that's the facts and so. I can't stand up and say. I would never trade another guy in the next three weeks but I'm not actively shop. It's lucky that I have my own it's. Is he. Well. It. How. You. Well you know again I'm just walking in the door so it's not fair for me to totally assess. All that there's various reasons why the guys are the fourteen that's the exact number that are still here and you know the guys that are gone again it's not a it's not an indictment is not you know if that's what you're trying to get it's just it's the nature of the beast rosters change over to new regime so to speak. And we're trying to do everything. That we can't. To build the right team the right weight sustained success is the word I use that took this job. And that's that's format today. There. He's a tough kid. In. I think he's one of five. First juror in the first three years of his career to have 65 receptions they heard yours it's pretty good group he's and so. He knows how to play he's a tough kid. He's kind of a self made man was not recruited heavily. Played at Vanderbilt. Which is in the SEC that nobody realizes there and that's CO. He's a tough kid he's gonna work hard. It's marketed he knows the game. You know my understanding and news was in college my understanding is he's that same young man in Philly that knock out work him. He's numbering leadership toughness and are coming out. More from bills general manager Brandon beamed when we return you're listening to sports talk serie right here on WGR. Oh. Welcome back to WTR. Sports talk Saturday hear more from brain being the bills general manager. This is still contention on physicals all fours four players involved in both of our. Transactions so yes if someone does not pass a physical then to trade we've the players would revert back. Your first question. I had no inkling was you know where Sammy was. You know want to be in all that you honestly and to be fair to him and never have to matter nobody directly told. Yeah. First. Yeah. You know I believe in our scout staff and a Clinton and was there and what work the manner in which they just left last week the college guys and you have to draft well this week to win. That's the financial model you know those players are the most affordable. So that helps us to have that kind of currency. In the first three rounds at the prices that you pay those guys vs getting in in the free agency and other avenues to players. We're. There is. It. Yeah I'm not trying to I'm not one that believes I didn't draft him so he I don't care about it. That is zero if they're good players they can help us win a game today. Then. All of a lot like every time. So it's not about giving the guys always that show I'm brought in here first division before we got here. There's a lot of guys that have. Jumped right on board doing the things that show on his staff at best. And we look forward to continue to work when those guys. I wouldn't comment on. We have lots of course. Going to who's asked about dollars. Does say anything and we've got hurt by its forgetting it's on ink one last week. This is not a throw in the towel thing at all and this might mention that some might say that out there now. Quite honestly that's knowingly that's that's not you don't know me if you think opponent now would rather play ping pong or whatever alone do not Owens out. For its own talent and trying to get a start receiver back so. To your question on Tyrod it's nothing we've probably got Anquan and we added who is. I told you constantly all ironies do still play in the sleet and Jordan Matthews is starting receiver. You look at his numbers what he's done. Those are you know. Shortly after the success of Tyrod will get every opportunity to lead this team and we're all rooting for us in our best. That. And we had different guys that Enron's streeters can wall Powell and we have some different guys. Who knows other ways and more speed were always looking for talent. We play in a month so. The main things to have our rosters set posted jets and you know what I've not spoken Tyrod. Sean spoke to the of the players involved and children teeny. He probably better answer that he spoke directly. Well. Yeah. I mean again I'm taken this year one of the time it doesn't mean that we cannot extend. Any of these guys you know. And while lost key plan he's a good he would fit here and he likes it here we can always extend them. Tyrod is that is the number one quarterback on this team right now. And won't let that play out before we decide how it goes in the twenties and thank you guys appreciate you guys. That was bills general manager Brandon being following yesterday's shocking trade the same you lock ins. And Ron Darby if you missed any that show it to be Jeff by fifty dot com and I'm an audio section from the Lake Erie. We'll be targets in here Cramer thinks soliciting sports talks Saturday on WGR Sports Radio buy it. Us. The.