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Saturday, August 12th

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Good morning golfers Bjorn. Time a week seats that he could clean golf show here on don't. You GIS Sports Radio 550 dollar fine on the PGA tour want help with your swing do you miss your call at 8030552. He's too green on WGR. He's presented by would still wedges my nickel lo Alter the Western New York PGA might custom her. Then why are home clubs fox valley ten terror. I am Breyer were. 7 AM good morning. And day Saturday in August it is tee to green coming your way for two hours today it's PGA championship week as we do. For the four majors we go to double the time TD green coming your way presented by the west York PGA. Which will talk about what they hear a joke that it would still wedges inside the world golf though nickel ultra custom turf and our home clubs where we Arctic fox valley. And tenth era and bright bright calls it a Kevin Sylvester PG approach Jeff metres and also with us a senior PGA executive director Steve Burke announced the as there were coming your way for two hours here today from the fox valley club in Lancaster. Lots on the PGA championship coming up over the course of the two hours so we'll have a full breakdown our opinions. Of what has on and so far in the first few days and quell hollow. Will talk with Steve throughout our number one will be joining us here from 78. Talk PGA championship we'll talk about the west senior PGA. And though what Western New York PGA does across Western New York so we'll have that throughout the first our second hour. PG approached him Brees who's a regular contributor to the show from transit valley he is down at the events at quail hollow at the PGA QQ working very. By the way and he's in New York. Our effort to at least two victories Euro threes O Neil that's right. That's right Kevin good morning a you hear from the west senior PGA and happened headquarters here box I was gonna take a blow between extremists is to be here our audio. The bill the work it's the post. Thank you Steve. At speeds schools. That are back. Let's start. Post round jokers can. Yes. That Africa compete on there. Wells though. Raise your right in adamantly. But it's. What you should definitely. Well it's. See our house he's the executive director of the Lester he is with a Steve good morning things are evidence that morning and welcome to the cabinet spots though is that it is nice but the the overlook. The ninth in the first tee. Right from here it's a championship week in. Oh. Round course in great Kapler I was walking around. Yeah we can. We'll see which members complain tackle view at this. Time. Around. I point. I'm not playing at all I'm plain and Terry later today it's all. Book yet. Earlier in the season not looking at the golf operator by many of the members breathing a sigh relief. Competitively you'll no doubt I I figured there's all fired. Thought about it. I believe me it's always some point Euro rate if the ball while. Or the over here. Here. Who. We got to get it. Real quickly what you think it is 812. Let's go over under its well I was gets fifteen. It might be this year although the most plating one year. Well this. Week and mark Acer. Like in any. The once played. There. It. 23 year 6%. To end at that point he threw the that's a lot of scrambles and which you know I am I'm. The and now that your. Golf raise a lot of money. World while Greek aussies your. PG work. Other non profits that we money back to communities. Two. Locally on Monday outings. Your week over throughout the week. Our club. AT&T. I do agree with so. Golf really brings people together and raised a lot of money and awareness. Well sure cause there. People need and what I think we are here few weeks ago we did our duster challenge or putting events and had a great time and part of the reason. Of that the proceeds for the day we're able to donate to the west here PGA foundation Steve autopilot that many here haven't let it be great work if they'd ask but I mean like the both events like that. Are what golf is about I know that this from watching the PGA chief to cover this week on TV we've heard. From various PGA members than some of the board of directors talking about what they're doing for community. Every time. Golf goes around the world doing what they do players in some sense there's always some sort of charitable work going on with it's I think one thing it's attractive to Wallace. About the game is that it. And back well organized parties and you know I'll use our vent the dust and Alex you don't have to be. Good right you know that's me you know great everybody can putt. And so pretty can participate in net and it's an event it's bon and oh by the way were raising money picture so. And that you know and what Coke couple yours like charter. Gather the data how much the west PG raises your throw there money that these allegations throughout the years. It's it's really hard because there's so many events every club pros have Monday in this that your your picture there. And and as you say we talk about this before it is a great thing about golf that we always it's one of those games it's always giving back I mean the core concept to golf almost every currently have please pour some charity. Here's there's not for profit co author or offer chair slightly. Look at erotic office agree. To bring mr. Murkowski here. Talk by you know it Beecher professionals Steve beauties the equipment manufacturers who do business with Tony. I figured to a it is the facilities to donate rounds of golf. And other items it is. Food vendors here in in western new York and you know amicable Bolter. Through try to distribute they'd donate a lot of I know your partners are owed donate certainly a lot to to battle you you know other events though. Everybody coming together. It's it's a group effort I mean I just think about our our PGA hope program here with the veterans then and one. Fox daily donates the range for us to titlist gives us golf balls to use. And three we had clubs from all around their areas are PGA professionals that don't need equipment for the for that the veterans for us to be able just brought it as free charts so it's it's a tougher pins yes we just sent you raise. RP GA professionals raise a ton of money we can't even you know kind of quantify throughout the year we are just that are polity daily program. They raised 8000 dollars for the local library down airing next week and we cal. Every day that different clubs so you know when when the Web.Com isn't how the tournament director actually said. A pretty interesting thing that I took back that. How we qualifies. A successful tournament it's not who the winner was or what the route was there all the weather was at how much money that you raise for charity because that's. The bottom line and tournaments that's about golf to get back to the game. The Murkowski from the west here PG joining us here is clear at fox valley and I on the patio of the west here PGA cabin. Rankles with Alastair piece you wrote a mean it's worthy for two hours. It's PGA championship week here on WGR the Cabot itself is a spot that the western PG moved in to what about a year half but let us yet. So. And we had yet earlier in the year but just I think that there's still some people and obviously some new listeners with us here this morning. This team just maybe talk about the cabin talk about maybe just. The did the daily. A process of what the west your PG does that. People out of hear what sort of impact what things are happening here what's your golf wise and tells you. Don't have to fit of course I'll tell you that I haven't. I haven't had the opportunity to sit out on this patio in the morning but I think it might try to do this more often so pretty nice view out here. Com but the. Senior PGA we have about 275. PGA professionals. Around one buffalo Rochester Erie PA such as Jeff status had pros assistant pros teaching pro at the clubs. Com. The idea of westerners PGA what our mission is this to grow the game golf. Soul what we do we run junior programs that run foundation programs. Arm basically atomic program in tournaments can't stay in those that are. You know really unable to get into golf in the gulf on meet the sport inclusive. Round. You know art our main goal is it is continue to grow the game in the west near section column whether the rule you know. Teaching veterans on the range whether he threw we have to order forty kids are junior tour that play week in week out. Column there's different ways and means. You know the best thing about it is seen these PGA professionals day in day out they do their clothes at the meeting to me. How inspiring these PGA professionals are now. Jumps up this morning radio shall entries back to park February 290 rounds today com they were really hard Tyre sleeping in Deo. You know you look back at some of the best players in the world Jordan speed. You know Watson PGA championship that has checked thanks PGA pro. Aggregate players. In the world has been taught by peacekeepers are fast like year to ease these individuals are outlets York. Are the most knowledgeable in the business. Whether comes a swing whether it comes to just getting into the game of golf so. I encourage everyone who's listening to the show. If you're thinking about getting interest in the game all Fareed never really thought about doing before call me. Call me at the office here sent me an email Nokia with PGA professional. And they'll. To strike now let's let's. Again I couldn't agree more and the reason to go to PG for. Well they're right if you're taking place like your buddies to keep it down to all. It. In no idea there are most of the time just passing on. Old adage is that they've hurt not help your game if you're gonna get into the game not expensive it if you lessons to get started it. To run through some of these programs grab a friend. So people can put your get a girlfriend. In adolescents it's actually fun you'll have foreign. And they seem like people love the game of golf why we do what we do in. Late I was daily. You root canal we want to to a bloody to a dentist or to the professional what you're trying to get golf. The if you learn from your body in the past tactics may not to the game regular repeat it professionally have more fun I've seen. Hundreds of thousand girls yes the guys. The thousands of people in your buddies. He is he's not doing that so what is the what is the most common piece of advice that you hear from people giving to someone else both John and that is incorrect. I love to keep it via Aki. And that I always demonstrate that I can swivel my head away like watch a lot of the players there there are I'd expect ports at our impact. You deposit your eyes closed its people's heads popped out with their hips forward. And that's when people top angles there. Yet when Alec is thrown on the club out towards target story line it's about the the target ever. That's a funny actually. But so those of the one guy here you know you get that correct ones the correct ones laughter street. You know and now now she used to joke teller. Friends and he throwing types that have that. A body affect your fighter add up area of growth are. You lose your heels everything on here that's what what what here. Which together right about. He's seen some swings. Lessons. To be honoring Graham yeah they want to know when your own swearing in known how to correct you can spot them that right away. Uh oh what's been done and com. Market woman's disease. Golf coach. Sometimes peak and will talk boggles the Aqua c.'s lead immediately. It is it from giving you know he's seen those on its swings and teaching his brother Trevor missed only significant spot immediately. You know what things are so yes PGA pros are experts if you miss it you spent so much money in this game. Equipment. Greens speeds. Look at like Retief dollar you know all all these things. About our belt like point oh yeah why how. That'll learn how to. Use it correctly spent all that money invested but by it's sports car but I Butler on a drive right and. Then when I get together guys that can preach what we think we're TARP. Worked our golf swing how people low she that counts way that all of these things that you know. As professionals who do game there will make you better. And and you've got some of the best we've got some of the best golf in office the New. York with teachers. And we've been you know I've been fortunate coming up you wrecked that I've been at work this creek teachers mean better teachers so. So that's what we're passionate about it you can hear voices as arkan and his. And to an ounce of that these PGA professionals they go through counts each link cell. They'll get together and we've yet it's for example if you want the best teachers. It really a country Michael pre come here in the fall. And our peacekeepers hustles riddler for him and education that continues. So they keep learning to keep learning the new tactics. And that's the numbers in new ways to teach new new. New things that we find out report sciences developing off and take. The track technology units in golf now how it's changed golf teaching. It's been it's been a revolution actually mean to to have rock at a high numbers on every shot has changed it teach you need better return to golf balls now. But does it give an instructor. Baseline to know we're worker and especially when you're dealing with better players that's been released are fine team. Things that maybe can't pick up when the club head under 25 miles. Rankles ilk haven't Sylvester PGA pro jet meanness and from the west here PGA Steve our house you with us here is we are live at the west junior PGA Avant. As fox valley here Lancaster two hours today Tim threes who. Or set west your PG pro down it quail hollow for the PG a typical join us and our number two to give us his perspective. At some unique things that he's doing this week he's announcing. Some of the players either off. Poll number one to start their round or if they walk up eighteen. One thing that some tournaments will do this if you haven't been in a pro that some tournaments but also they are now everybody announced the apple want to start but some also will do another welcomed. As they walk at the eighteenth that I know that Tim is part of that is well he oh that's right. Gupta takes opening chair he dead they had that I think Thursday right handed out yeah and which guy but he's got some. Well he was all excited that he said that he might have to come on about fifteen minutes later with them in the immediate that are doing some introductions though. Hampshire and get a. If he. But you know that he. Here. That Egypt now for that stuff and and I would tune it's pretty cool you know he does the exports eased raveling he's. He's dealing with the day to day operations. Each articles out state. And this report. What one thing that I think we should mention too because you know who we assume people that are listen Nikita you're right our hard core golfers but wheels and others people that are listening here today. And these phrases we throw auto all the time and this is a week that I feel like it always deserves a little clarification of the PGA championship PGA tour. And you know there's the UST AN. You know at times we talk about European in the RE RNA what they'd do earlier gains to and the Europeans word and I feel like. That especially with the we're PGA I think a lot of casual golf fans that maybe there's a there's a lot of people that are. That our sports fans in buffalo we know the passionate sports fan base here western York and people watch the majors but. Why is this tournament different Steve it's the PGA championship it's run by the PGA of America how is this different. From the other golf and eighties. And Justice Department itself. And it may be just the little clarification on these different bodies that are within golf is I'm sure there's. People repeated incidents of golf fans that maybe don't know. At what each and he doesn't what each group. It's the first euphoria in two people think your tour where he sees not my favorite thing is what brought up when I start working PGA. My favorite question was paid you know Tiger Woods' of course yet talked about it the day to day basis. No PGA tour the PGA of America in the US GA and masters these are all different organizations. PGA tour is more focused on the tournaments playing. PGA of America as the largest. Sports industry in the world so like I say the less senior PGA their one of the 41 sections across country. That's part of the lead to bigger body in three sets on the national board its largest 29000. PGA professionals across the country. And it's an organization that member organizations select. The PGA of America does what I view is we server PGA professionals to help them with anything aid. Now you're talking major championships that we go through. Starting with number one the masters. That's run by a masters they have their own community that they Iran that turns. An eagle on to the US open. That's run by the US the Hampshire body the united states golf the United States also also listening to can't currently do and their big part of the the rules ran around and handicapping people of the royal action right now we're rivals are so if you look if you look from a the perspective in our area. The ball float district golf association Rochester district golf association. They fall under the US GA that's kind of their member organizations like the PGA of America's our member organization. And move on to that the British Open the open. That's run by the aren't the royal and ancient and then it's our major the PGA championship that's run by the PGA of America. Com you know we got him freeze who's on our local ordinance on the national board he's there announcing on the team because that's part of his duties. I'm all of the rules officials at the event this week are PGA professionals they sit on the board at the national level. Editors rob winning the PGA professional point. You play professionally wreck qualify for a starting our local events that national to get in this event tells him last year played in the senior the senior it was just we just actually had our our local qualifier for. Next year's others they basically two stage before he gets the PGA championship. Every section on the local qualifier which we just all the aero and July. Sent him freeze actually won that event we have three pick all fight for. The national professional championship which is a field of 312. PGA professionals. For twenty spots in the PGA championship and that's that that's it through. That's kind of our prop one of our partnerships with the PGA tour PGA. Championship started by the PGA of America. We've bonded with the PGA tour. It part of the agreement is that we spots into what it is our backs in obviously they still the Tiger Woods or map room or space that. That are there but there's twenty club pros like Geoff Meade is playing this week it so well which is a pretty cool. Omar arrests yet they made the cut he's at PGA professional. And obviously target these guys for the most part are working day jobs you know given less certain date we're running tournaments in the air to try to compete with the best athletes in the best players in the world it's a nice opportunity for us. And now you got to practice that the PGA professionals get vs the courtroom it's not it's not even in the same violent or bald and data that year but. But now we're moving the PGA championship to may. That is the new announce them yet today. I tickets it. I think it's. I take it right yeah Myers choice. I I think. But this was done awhile ago late in the week alone. To see the reaction was what ever it was no secret that this was happening. In the world of golf it makes sense. You know players championship used to be in March it goes back to march so. That that's shift. The Genesis of Tuukka PGA. And PGA tour. Over. Big backers of the Olympics golf and Olympics ago. Yeah at that issue last year issue but just really compact scheduled to be open the Olympics in the PGA championship and it. Robbery to a open PGA analytics yes okay so you had those. You know so closely together and that's that's a lot of stress on the golf idol boo hoo for them but you know what you want the best competition again. You want these guys peak I mean it's mentally draining. They compete knows things like guys you want all people can be so. What they've done as it made. A big time event a major if you will and every month. Players called fifth major the biggest term on the PGA tour so that happens in March masters in April you get the PGA championship day. US open and you open championship July and then the tour championship the FedEx Cup. In August it all come gets completed before NFL starts and ends before bill season. Right yes. I was still and that's at all I think that you had that the playoffs which started to build up and then the week one of the NFL and let's face it. We know it happens in this town but there's a ton of people that while golf. The week what do we what do through the NFL like people wanna watch that too and and I I don't think there's anything wrong with saying that. Golfers also like watch in the NFL I know that in some sense their competitors but. There's nothing wrong with your hard core bills fan in your hard core golfer the same time and it's stop its week one of the NFL and oh by the way the third this third leg of the PGA playoffs beat you to play out going ready in time like I understand that conflict and you know one of the things that I think it's Smart as they finish on Labor Day weekend right before we won the NFL. And now you're maximizing. And you're getting that built up and and essentially is that Kevin. Now that the big time tournaments startle. You're in the year now we always think in the northeast here. Well a golf season starts when the masters start well we might get that feeling a little earlier now with the players in March in. The anticipate our seasons are kind of even weather wise are getting better here I mean we can get this he's gullible. Had he and a gap between the majors right even eat in the players rate long gap between the masters the players. And then the US open now you've closed again after what every month over and over two months Rick right now between broadcasters in the US open and I have. You have the Ryder Cup you know earlier September. Putted better immoral but they have flexibility to move much actually it doesn't have brighter young presidents cup. And and that is the real good news I read this right right people are well. PGA of America that out yet. Commit Tokyo Bay networks' nightly parochial point where their last week. You know there there was some like well we'll have to see like we're planning for and let's that we all the people question the Rochester did that build on where party people. You know they'll work it make it happen in and I think it was great them for your organization. The show faith in oak in Oak Hill. Agree golf courses say they're gonna they're going to be our right. I think it's only help attendance at the PGA championship at 2003. Round here when his policies are there schools opened on Memorial Day weekend and and that's whatever it takes about golf for a extra weight. And I I think I think it's going to be hold on of that here and I think moving forward. For the PGA of America and people clock with a Smart guy. He gets it on TV ratings are higher than people who works at about golf August 8 in the all around. Oh kills a top that's the style top punters in the world that they're no issue it's the golf course ready in April and they've posted everything he could possibly host mystery call girls at senior PGA 2019. After that it's that they're probably the weather could be. But they pour anyway right here's the other cystic for the sixth year in a row the PGA championship had a weather delay in the do rain thunderstorm that sort of thing in May there's an. The thunderstorm came right is much lower so yes no you might have colder temperatures right guarantee you that players would rather throw on a sweater or it's lecture or whatever then at the deal with. Plane 95 degrees downed Charlotte steel or Al Odyssey. And. And order catalogs are here at two week we pass you know I you know it's. But anyhow. Outraged to see if they move the tour championship around elective. Different courses are saying yeah well maybe maybe. Atlanta athletic club gets PGA championship down on the road and that your tour championship. Those. Eight team or something like immediacy if they act its move to little notes tied at Coca-Cola six Bonser. PGA tour the tour championship but. I think opened itself up. I'd money and the PGA tour commissioner. Is very injury. As a there's a lot of logistics to work out I think that might be part could be part of the discussions they're part of it they're gonna have to be moved shifted. The BGC event in Mexico have to be shifted peak for the players gently with a lot of things that are to be working also looked at him makes it more. A track events in the fall to a because of some of the movement of apartments all. All around 46 weeks they compete. The professionals do. PG six weeks. With the two soul I think it's going to make agree attractive schedule and part of that season. In. Return to. March through August because I think it makes sense and I think for upward. Solely looking at it from a PGA championship perspective I think it's I think. It's it's about as good as you can get it and 2019 quick note. They're playing the PGA championship rate debts Bethpage. In new York and then they come down the road for the senior PGA championship. Tickle the culture and it. Apple's box you're Ayman. Weren't on the shows will look like yeah I'll legal that the plane. Perfect do you play but there were. Okay. Pills to your cap media. That the president. The upper lock but it's black. But yes I better benefits at a a the talk walk without a bag of clubs that are at that level not those shoes man at the three Opel. Quite 730. We got to break you were a little late here what we come back we will discuss the PGA championship a couple of big names here the top of the leaderboard. We'll get Steve park house he's taken what he has that seemed so fire from quail hollow. Tim priest PGA pro transit valley he's down there work in the event and will get his take our number two. And we may have some guests on the way here from fox valley as well worth the west here PTA happened near Lancaster fox valley club. Steve are healthy capitalist Jeff means I'm rankles more teetering coming up here where on for two hours today till 9 AM on WGR. Welcome back T degrees here at the cabinet the western here PGA Kevin. Here fox valley club in Lancaster rankles Kevin Sylvester PG pro Jeff meet us and the executive director of the last year PGA steeper cuts this year. Talking PGA championship yes it is time now for our encore golf and cobra puma golf jacket the PGA tour leaderboard Eric quell hollow this week for the fourth major of the year. And Hideki Matsui Gallo who won last week in Akron. Is tied for the lead with Kevin is there Nazi I'm a very impressive seven under par round yesterday he's eight under for the tournament. Kevin Isner is also tied. And minus eight he was four under yesterday so that's a yacht just was lights out and Akron and right now you'd say it isn't a driver's seat he is near a minus eight. Jason day's potter is heating up he is at minus 62 off the lead. Francisco Molinari and I strong finished his round yesterday. He's amongst the three way top Italy that includes that we use stays in and Chris Stroud who passed the finish some holes this morning on his route it was called due to darkness last nights of some groups. Did not finish there out of the course this morning were right now. And three under par groups include a three recognizable names Rickie Fowler Paul Casey and Justin Thomas tossed out Thomas yesterday. Have a day five under par round yesterday. Other news and a notable names here Brooks kept in the US open champion is amongst the only eleven golfers that are under par he is minus one. Other names of note probably that the people are interested well let's see how Jordan's beats quest is going here. For the Grand Slam not the greatest he is at plus three shot at two over yesterday. In at eleven. Off the lead know what in the history of the PG a chance to come back from double digits after two rounds so history would say. That the Grand Slam talk will have to wait at least for one more year there are the runner up at the open net future. Is also a plus three John rom had a great day one. Had a very bad day yesterday for a rock he has also. That plus three Rory McIlroy a one shot better. Is at plus 20 some of the big names that will not be playing the weekend a shipment to the defending champion Jimmie walker is plus eight. He won't play the weekend. Jim you're plus twelve he's not gonna play the weekend as will not Phil Mickelson urged me to hear hurtful. Mickelson loves that golf course he's had great are great track records go used to. I think he's coast. So. Really. Care exports. A caddie at. Least fifty. It. Let's get a quick thought on Betsy how much. Tore up Firestone last week 61. Final round reminiscent of what tiger has done that term in terms of just that the quality play. Yesterday that second nine after the rain delay came in guys were accidentally hit the gains. He was locked in now if there was enough rain its going to be softer conditions again today I. He'd just looks like he is locked in right now with that unique swing where the guy who second pause at that opportunity comes back up. Orgy of breakdown it's when Saturday but just well. Listen matched the Obama is in that category in that select group and we don't talk about him enough. By the way we only he goes with that select group. Speed. Jason Dade Dustin Johnson back or Rory McIlroy a Alley through Fowler in their group eight county outside of it but. Am I might be missed some ideas but he's in a group where and when they're locked in Iran there are nearly unbeatable. And met the Imus plane that way right now equate that way earlier in the year. Andes plane that way now you know last week at Firestone and he's also one of those players see you better like when he got to get better as the week progresses though. I expect him I don't expect them to waver as this weekend I expect generally in a pusher. Isner by the way. Love that guy who it had a root for. You know he's hitting fairways. And that's the key any golf course but for him easy fairways. You know looked up right Maxi yacht I think is better pressure potter. Then consider you know for us from those two leaders right now. Jason day's media interest in one immediacy what he does today because he says a roller coaster players up and down. Let's get a thought from from Stephen Jeff here on mentally on the swing it's different there's quite a bit of a pause at the top of the swing. What's what are it's maybe something you wouldn't teach right but he like he obviously. Quite well but again I mean if you look at this deal came off. Tuesday Q year at the top of its backswing. He is actually pause it lower bodies start wage. It's a very slow change direction more people have it looks like this on the right in the trigger spot he probably was coached up you never made it real or something really worked well for him when he was coached upper. Offers some part is personally your makeup that makes him at that type of change direction. It's that might ever worry about her coach out but I would never tell from the two Aaliyah applauded. More a feeling it on line slowly from the ground up to cut back but. But yeah I powerful strong. Tuesday he's got everything to look for. But the swing is your concern for applaud the topic it is I look at the angles. Of these bodies. And I see nothing. Now like there. Just add up that I mean you know good Ernie Els it's demeaning comment about its Nazi comments said that when Clinton met the alma is on he's the best ball striker in the world. So comic from Ernie Els he said he's got to work ethic like Vijay Singh they go to Alaska last day of practice area I think the biggest difference. If his game recently has putt. He's worked hard honest on easy make it six voters now more regularly so. That's that's how about being called the best ball striker Mario Brett. Up and see if you guys here at. At that that's pretty good and he'd like you say he's one when he gets hot you know your I agree with him he's one of those players go whoa he can handle the heat he sees that there he says. People watch it is. I like the players sing. The work ethic in. Early this year. Don't think he does race right now yeah elect goes that he finds drives and that he let go the club with one hand you think it's often right exactly a tragic. Lightly you know Ashok everything had to be perfect the perfect he was. Pull it sent themselves the great seek perfection. And when shots that we deem and you're watching it you know it's pretty good shot in an ad because they know they missed their spot. The great ones. Really heartened cells they seek perfection it. And that's why they can upset when he is an episode about a great shot and always go for something you don't have to explain it's I act and it. If you look at the face of the close these two players are PGA professionals it's. You know the bulls spot sells small. You know when you guys on the ball so they're not tell look at anything could expect that. Well. Aunt and an all out there if you look at the swings now they're more homogenous and they were twenty years ago thirty years ago on the mandatory team or ET your core EP gains. Your head you know some of these out wire tape swings and you don't see much that now because the instructions got better the fitness has got better the players have got better. And he's he's a product of all I mean all these guys you can actually look back. These products at Tiger Woods now because of what he brought to. And I a you know that someone like Gary player's rooting for Nazi now a week like this that he's all about the glow it's you know every week he sends out. Expect global game he read while he loves to see it grow. Across the whole world and from acting on the to wean think about what we do. In Japan does that if he's able to get that done this week. PG AQ nearly its which is one of the PGA of America initiatives and yet it's a fun scramble that these kids get jerseys and play around the area. And go to national championships that started in China this year. They're growing PG generally in the title so it is going to a global game which is critical seat ever tell you guys have you know the Japanese. Media teams cover. The it in Har. It's unbelievable. How hard. Those crews work and what they'll do is they send out the war apples and now we each golfer rate and our. Cover meant to go com. They get every armed man in the world and with at and Ellis on issues and end in like in most Nicole I don't know but obviously. I can't believe but their running. They are running up the fairways and so they have some recording two guys reporting golf world radio. Oh. In Japan. And bill running it so one guy will run up you know after the tee shot and call the shot the other guy will run up to agree to call and if they run the whole course of my. Christ you need to sort out here at union touts as you got a slowdown and it but it's really impressive in the match and a damper. The other country I can see. Why. Don't for the closest all right I hop on I have a strict no run policy. Before we go to break here I wanna answer too weak and you know. Think Stevie got the seemed weak to hear. Us listening this morning and our Paul Barr thank you are listening. That's right she says I haven't golfed in twenty years any suggestions on where to start to get in shape. And ready to play again the probably edit that I actually got the emails are so our thanks for reaching out. A ticket match fitness and email. There's there's one place that comes to mind around here locally with fitness that spot gosh PGA professional. Cult discover golf performance. He knows everything about the body body ready for the golf swing but it's across the table for you as well jets meet this. These PGA professionals anyone go to. Knows the movement of the body. And let's get you ready for highly need to swing the club in failure ten the tendencies. What you can do what you can't do with your body at that they've improved swing based on you or. Physical bill so so what I would say the bar is I'll send you our putt email later with a few options you. You guys are our guys would be another way to Mexico through Europe is mark Brooks mark Monica Monica yeah gas utilities physical screening through a series of past that of the movements golf swing. And then they'll give you stretches drills exercises too we have deficiencies or weaknesses that will hit a golf swing. To overcome that and that's golf professionals two years ago see you see that PGA logo you know you get very competent. Well schooled. In marble we'll talk about where you based on right now he's just based center area. Obviously you mentioned CPI Acer partners another again you atlases you know mark over it it's gone. Waldman bank and east sepia. He's yet to wring its opening yes he's gonna be higher if you PGA professionals there. Pretty soon yes you yeah yeah I can't stop them and he's gone to the future if I didn't looking for that. I level warning and went for others start obviously. Had an. It's funny you look at the players now compared to the players back eight. There's still fit in shape compared back on aliens and Craig Stadler yes tell us. And it. I Harken back in case I admire those gas and an avenue are more of an old school guy and I think. A wire immediately turn. Smokes in the C there. Hi my goal actually use explains. You know my doctors and my. That's an identical your property him right now yet rapid right now look at and I spent a lot of money on you know some suits. You stay in those might lose a lot of weight that I got to bite stuff like. Report. To stay in the size. Board. Wright is back at what it's an economic decision real. I don't like to think about your stamp on that about media. Rights. I'm out here from the Kevin. That's west here PGA Kevin at fox glee club near Lancaster which the Murkowski Jeff Venus Kevin Sylvester I'm rankles deal. We'll talk a little bit more PGA championship and also a big championship coming up for the last year PGA return after this on T agree with you till not AM this morning. On WG. 751. Back here and tee to green for the west here PGA cabinet fox valley. Right they'll still haven't Sylvester PG approach to this. C Burke costume this for another segment from the west your PGA. As we are with you for two hours this week Tim freeze PGA pro trade that belly is down it's quail hollow working the PG duties during its second hour. We'll also get are what your PGA tip of the week. And we'll also get some other things going throughout our second hour here today on WGR. So we during the break here listen this is what golfers will be talking about it the first tee this morning with their bodies is to the bills make it betrayed yesterday. I'm gonna give you my twelve year old son to valuation of it yes one he says art who want my semi want techsters. An and number two. To look at Jordan manatees are pretty good reason met him all the time so hey Kerry go you know there's it. Listen the long term. It makes sense of business side of things and the immediate part. I don't like it immediately is that nick Watkins is a more dynamic player that Jordan Matthews and by dynamic -- you can just targeting him and he can dominate a game. Hebert tackle and go yes. I'm not saint Matthews isn't good I think Watkins he's better. Hell matches has some health issues to foot lock ins I think as long range health issues but he lot of money to put into. And rating beats that sign ability twice in a press conference. And I think that will really came down to it it is it's this guy to decipher what we want a payment it's the answers and. It's unfortunate fact that there's no one that would disagree that of the four players involved in the streets yesterday in the bass players walked in and it's exactly the discussion that we've been having for years for the sabres is try to get those superstars both on the heels of the recent share it which over the top and ultimately they'll win probably was thinking that Watkins could be super. And it Darby right. Right it Darby as someone commented on buffalo sports page account cheap rate there anyways check it out yet ready buffalo sports page backups at once. On our story that are run derby. He set out a dumpster fire last year like OK well they're appropriate comment. Maybe a little little overstated I would have made that your. He put those. That triggered it it's hard to the timing because everybody's released cited the start of the season as this may be been done in May. Correct and there's not the anticipation of pain pills could answer finally that it might. But it didn't happen right after game is so shocking because Lockett any play ray yeah it looked great and you know the company was showcase. Feel like we're not stupid here YouTube came out there were one notably the Watkins. RA you're gonna Plame use them but those shield case. Showcase is less PD. Who got a big events. That the topic probably regularly enough that's a professional radio. The QB showcase alto country club. Absolutely can integrate playoffs hosting hosted in 1990 cents last section championship John hacker came out victorious. Berkeley country club and professional but. We run six major championships for our PGA professionals area there. Your biggest I think section championship has come council creek. Monday two days after done. Watching the PGA championship if your round here. About the council creek Watson the PG that's the purpose area mixture needle re treaty that earlier very good player very nice guy. 54 PGA professionals teeing up tee times their 7:30 Monday morning will have life nine scoring the first day. And then the second day you'll have light pole Michael scoring the professionals. Can file ran Debian like PGA dot com. So the best growth area Olympic course. It's phenomenal pass it on the class that visually stunning facility. And a fought the plate they hit it. You can't freeze like fourteen or. Else probably there are process now at a screen there well. Well in some way up there's good players. Sutherland defending his title he won it last year and he can beat. Think the sixth PG professed back to back and Esther and her audience and it can come back to back if you tied to the about it yet. I guess I thought after a third. You know and ever be sure to follow along you know these guys they're they're pretty darn good. And it to the excitement of the. And it makes facility great facilities so it yeah them despite a missed it but the those guys. It's on Google play and act as a golf professional is is this is our chance to compete to you know so we like to work on our team charges like the members do. And it pays off when it's playing a championship like that play well. Steve on the cabin here were were rat inside and it's gonna tweet out a couple of pictures for those that wanna see it at Bryant WGR and Twitter. The last year PGA hall thing here and it's opened a public right people concede that right were opening at 83430 Monday through Friday. That's impressive names are all names. Oh from them last wrote a country club crate our. Jobs will it be inducted actually feel faint at Oak Hill this coming week. To some of the best amateurs keepers that's. Female amateur. Golf in the air your race aims to do. It east race immediately puts it lacks some member view of chips and stroke in there miles well. Any time like it was Paul well. The history of golf out of reach the last senior Justice Department that's richness the honorary president I found accessing your speech yet these are the rich I think it's all a whole lot of guys out there and obviously you in the Japanese swing other got to see XP. Spots for do you see the construction hole second floors that occur. Capital campaigns start next I mean it's way to express. Itself out of the north and the blood. We have we have a lot of history there actually is found recently. The section championship come up we we have the past champions needed to view. It was only threw about 85. We found a ball and our champions from nineteen to when he sent. The section started five pounds or come up honor your history we have the past champions of our section championship. Eight it back to 1920s. There's a pretty good names. Yes. We've. Asked. The exec. We've got we've had. Alive. And there he was he was a cleaner. I. Its. First. He says the workers we got a lot heels played around each word champions are still plays its areas Nancy Nielsen baggage do. With that Mika was definitely up. It's pretty cool spot that it would no lots of cool plaque even this from the Oak Hill some of the Oak Hill venture. All we know we're there last week of course rattle off all the incredible major events that have been there and you've got a lot of never believe in their from that to them yet but it's pretty cool spot if you're. You wanna combined check it out that's eating this. Can you call it was a culture somebody's here to answer lemon and Fredricka they're in the tournament season where were out about running events that it was a call. Most of the time eerie 3430 Monday through Friday. Now it is worth of work that your massacre of this ridiculous illicit mafia tales. That's right before I let you go see Leno you've got to primarily that you don't have a house ethics right up facts before the two go here just I know we answered by our by an air but. Anybody listening again that has a question about golf. Getting back going and it there's gonna somebody's gonna watch the PGA championship this weekend thing you know I should get back playing again. Where is their first step. They're first step is to contact your local PGA professional. Beacon if you want you can contact me directly and I can sent it to the right person in your area or he can find right on line. Go to PGA dot com to get searcher your professionals based on your zip code here's a pro Parker and there is a profile here. On that is your best flying your PU per trust account take the last senior PGA and move it to start in the right area. If your parent and you think well that be cool like it might Putin invited into. Our started to negate golf we have. Amazing opportunities yet like SS 242. Junior tour players this year com world and it even more next year or so contact us for that will keep up with her junior tour. You know week. What we do with with the west senior PGA if you're worried about me I'm not good enough for kids back and if that's not what it's about. We're trying to get you involved in the game and have some fun. We'll teach you along the way a figure now. You don't have to shoot seventy to come home. I'd like to say just because they're private club doesn't mean they can teach you right that are members so reach out to those private golf professionals those guys about to reach out to. Oftentimes they are able to teach and and the glove to his club is new golfers and fun teaching me. If it couldn't do the hasn't really and I can't get there you're just being exposed how cool the game is and in the UC. And we have this three or group Erika perk club and just week to week watching it better three holes at more or part for that fought far. It in the offseason there's there's RT. A test basis that PG a professionals they're they'd be happy to do so yeah absolutely. Well Steve thanks again for evidence here today and I know I'll speak for evidence well here to say that. If if you're listening to show you like regularly listening to our show the west here PGA is one of the big reasons why we're on the air that we they're huge supporter. Yeah you know he each. Topped the show you here liner from a people let them make the show possible. To be on WG aren't we appreciate you know that was your partnership with Mitchell also. But the lesser BJ thank you guys all your members well make vigilant and all the gulf. Pros that have asylum there and their shops in the morning we appreciated. Ahmanson's Turkey. For you you can get some feedback. Get a continued everybody's an expert you know it's the first few years later. The Calder opening. We've done that and other places. It's been mixed reviews some people some pretty much the same cutter used up get through his tally. And mixed. Now. It a good. Well I do appreciate you you have out here and you know speaking about the partnership. And we're very appreciative forty due for us did we get it done the show today that there's a charitable arm of the last year PGA which is. Majority of what we want people involved in the game of golf so. Jeff media's PGA professionals go out and teach veterans for free. The acute that the game golf and the only way we can do things like that are fund raising efforts so. It's this T agree show. The gentleman raised over to close at 2000 dollars firm foundation with a duster jail so no. RP GA professionals myself included. Com are very appreciative what you did you support or so thank you as welfare. Our pleasure double that next year that's our goal of it and we love doing disorderly or even bigger pulling the with their built. At longer day with more beer that's Saturday thanks senator thanks for Ireland has borrowed Jeff every week for the show to do. A that would be the park we have the and them as well. OK time out here we thanks to see our house for the last year PGA and we come back our number two team threes PGA pro is gonna join us from quail hollow. Got a last year PGA tip of the week and more come here at work fox valley on WG.