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Saturday, August 12th

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Good morning golfers you're. I'm a week's heat let's tee to green golf show you're on WGR. Sports Radio 515. Have fun on the PGA tour one help with your swing began to show a call at 8030552. He's too green on WGR. He's presented by would still wedges my Mitt go low altar I know in Western New York PGA might cost him her. Then why are home clubs fox valley ten terra. I am Breyer were. The tee to green its major week it's PGA championship week and that means double the fun here on T green WGR Sports Radio 550 rankles Kevin Sylvester PG approach at me this. We are alive at the west junior PGA cabin here at the fox valley club. Wanna thank the executive director of the western PGA Steve Murkowski for joining us for the entire first hour if you missed it. Will have let up on our on demand audio section just a little bit later this morning. At WGR 550 dot com it's RD up there awesome Derek Kramer back in the studio here BP but not there it's birdie op. While which is done with that hourly three minutes ago professional operation that's that's true. Derrick thank you so much Derek river Bakken are studios there target net up on on demand audio at double each year by the dot com. And I also of settings and to all right have been sitting out and tweets this morning some. Pictures and some looks here from the fox valley club haven't you played here quite often as a member what's which her favorite thing about playing here. Off you don't want and I've learned over the two years. Played golf course and IE you know people. Greens are tough work of actually of the greens because it really makes you think. On the putts in your lines in making tree lines. Long's the you know the greens are flat com. And I just love the fact the regulation on it and no one's spots you'd needed plays golf course and I play more aggressively and used to. Aren't really got to be you know what. I hit driver more now issue that it last the first and it has it figured out. All right and rarely yet yeah you know what the line is the play on the driver and so especially the like seventh hole where. Like two iron off the nine drivers I hit towards the left side hole while usually it'll cut so cut about. If the arts is that he'll catch it well if it goes straight it goes into the fifth fairway and it's a lob wedge over the. Trees. At no where to miss it's a big part of yeah I'll while actually. You know that's what good players eleven days to just one side of the golf course typically you don't see your players when playing well obviously missing it both ways though. When you when you get a players coaching typically you do want to build and shopped shot shape for them so. No figures only gonna miss it one way or purse jar the ball only give them as it one way. And knowing that if there's trouble on the left that you got to move that'll make it so that ball wacko left that says that's become for your good player. I don't wanna mention. Which are security event here for the dinner and the players when he played for you. What Rahm Emanuel. And Wyatt writes oh thanks in my claim that it over the trees on five where we were doubting right so actually. And one of our as members would be in it took a couple times. But we now believe. Because it it it he's able to get it in text and he'll just right and that's what he hadn't done any eco. Police it when he's a very well every asking I didn't actually think on well it's such a it was such a great shot. That he got to catch just right and apparently he did so. But it publicly. I'm telling him publicly. We we we now believe you soul. Yevgeny I that we federal law is here our group blog Friday. Several times and the reason why it was c'mon because elevation to get the ball off. And at that distance so quickly you have the ability to quickly there's little small gap. Very small window to get it through and he had gone through that window. But except our three attempts he's our guy that division one. Players so have I do you kit at watched him for four years in a lot of really really good shots he he's very very good players aren't happy at. We'll know about he was one of the top BMX records are really well to create just good athlete on the skillet Rickie Fowler ages get everything done as far as the next race yet up. Beat it at that year. No development by would look at. The extras like that that looks good one dimension net. Tee to green here present about the last year PGA or at the west here PGA cabin would still wedges inside the world golf dome nickel ultra. Custom turf and our home clubs where we are today fox valley. Tent here and Breyer what will get a westerner PGA tip of the week coming up here in just a few moments also asked him freeze PGA pro transit belly down Aqua hollow just. Confirming that you'll be joining us at about eight there so. I'll live from quail hollow also get our Champions Tour report brought to my absolute care. As well this that will look at with that with the Champions Tour this week off due to the PGA championship there's some. Champions Tour players in the event so we'll update you on that policy GD former PGA champions Sola. Level up to each on the I was here along wave one of our presenting sponsor constant turf by no. You get measured up to commit to get it this weekend they're excited about that and I built a little. Teaching studio in my basement so and having some video equipment and putting green. But the stuff for stretching and fitness and they'll laugh. And thought I thought I left it all pro academics say about became such great ideas quality to it cops Powell. Collar so he's gonna send some plant this week and am super excited that he'd be really. I don't two from B at the park club. Will come over if you want to allow that they did some really nice work on the train lines up. I mean park obviously does everything first class and that is that he first class. First class breach Agassi and who better freeze back to its gorgeous. The Turk is very nice enough vote and if somebody's at the the other clubs of common. You know it it's a nice even don't turn around whole thing looks that looks really nice that the logo terror. Matt that we had the players there finish at an investor challenge there custom interfered news awesome. Really cool so if your business out there you want something he can. Four or you want some employees you can put your woke well. Right in the green it's really cool what are you at custom turf in to about like custom turf dot com. Eastern hills mall it would display in there I I got a extra piece dogs slot for a very go yeah they they do that to me and letters really felt like. That stuff but indoors. I'm looking in the indoor but he grieve doctor Steve about it and shall we some ideas. Yeah asks are you kidding me asks who watched regular card it might give it a victory in this it's going to be cool. Awesome absolutely. A big part of make my sump pump for failing to forward. Open it up possibility for me wasn't you know you know ever do that but that Michael off my produce cart OPEC output putting greens there. That's right that it's what play is back underway at quail hollow there are some players. They have to finish up around two Chris Stroud amongst those that are under par. That are finishing up right now he has three holes to go he's a minus five in a three way tie with who stays and Molinari. He got Jason Day alone at third minus six and then his hair nets who mama will make the final pairing today when they reset it a lot for round number three. At minus eight. Did you see Jason Day. And customs and Dustin Johnson did yesterday yes running a what does that really really really cool thing and Jason Day like gave a lot of credit. Because. Darkness was. And they knew the port was not in the horn may blow hardy got a pretty get finished the hole. And they're like there's no way we're gonna make it to Dustin Johnson. Said you know what I'll finish out I'll run up and hit the shot that way our group is technically on the eighteenth hole. And it it day was off the green and it's so Johnson finished up quick. Ran up the hill hit a tee shots that they were technically off. Eichel who wants the company for Jason Jennifer Jason Day essentially just eight days the chance to win to his chance to win but. You wanna get up early common finish one. All one hole or do you wanna go through regular prep lot letter to help it too because if you play well sure but I mean by the way they all played eighteen in. Almost pitch black and they played Corey yet John and Johnson had a great look at birdie as the day but no I noticed that the courtesy there. Dustin Johnson who is not. At all not in the term and he's at plus 220 ninths on buddies he's ten back with days in third right there and was kept it with no kept in my speedster turned yet it kept it was a heat but they sense it was a that that's right but I mean to do that at. We saw that they were on the other 920. The team that the grouping that were finishing on nine Rodney amply shown that came out he was missing the cut. Yet Carty he knew we missed the cut he ran up and I think he hurt the whore. And like. Since we put out its Wonka and heat snap like beat the yards and they were saying how. CBS actually attract me that he was recording at that point I thought you can see that it. But they were saying like that gambling that favored his playing partners to better that they were maybe. Whole group and missing the cut but. You know you're gonna miss the cut you wanna wake up at 6 in the morning to come back plea one holt realizing you're not gonna make the weekend anyway so they were having some nights hotel. And their running down the fairway on that right but the ruling is Jeff Burton Ron right this is all ball is in play. Yet that you two were ruled maybe a little different than ours but yet but you know and then the cases felt all the players must wanted to two victories to date last darkness that. He could ogle group. Exe claim am done wreck trust me he wanted to your question why so that eighteenth I played that course I've played well now. Before they made it's a bit but eighteen. That tee shot is so difficult. Item it it was. Apartment he got that little creek to the left side you've got the trees on the right. And it's such a hard shot approach oh. Peace Kiki because wraps all the way round that Corey Hart. Those final three holes or so difficult 6078. I mean at seventeen east and a tee box. And you're just looking it's not quite like seventeen TPC sawgrass. Because you know it's a peninsula on an island. Agree but it's just it banks to write this off they'll don't even for the left side agree. Is headed towards jail right they take three every day there here's the here's a question for him I'm forcing you. Two to put your mortgage on the line here are you betting it on Nancy Obama. Or day. All Arctic match. If it if I know we got a shot at that helps like he maybe bit your mortgage out on its. Old yours that you're board or mine. Your age you what depth. And now well. Buddy would be on Mets the other day that made you pick one. Today opium that's the Obama he's got yeah he's the hotter of the two players he's been show our form lately a state of form. Form. And potter with. On fire for now and it's the Obama didn't need as partner and fire every. Roaches with like eight feet or less yeah I mean the economy he he was making no doubt but I think based at the longest putt he made with like to eight FBI. Which means he's locked in its approach did the other hand as long putts so. Electricity that I would like to see whose case and have a great weekend he is in. You know but he's never yet he did win an open its Anderson 2010. Sammy great to listen technically they said it's. One yeah. But if if this putter is on its. Which is then he's doing what he's doing the contention to win but they said that's usually his struggles that the rest of the game it got back issues. Right so a couple of other names I'll throw matches here just jumping with thoughts here Fowler minus three you'll go to the weekend five back. Is it. Com it's a golf course. You know with the stories that be great for all of you Sergio. At the power to keep talking been. Part of that group he needs to get major. If Justin Thomas shot five masters he start with valor and he'll win a major something just you know off or if the golf ball in play out their two year. That's. The yes. It this year Lanka is minus one. He's eleventh that normally you'd think your final two rounds ago but. You're seven back of the hottest player in the world. It's not insurmountable. But he's got a he's got to take advantage of holes like fourteen will play fifteen. What's hard to do is shoot 61 and next day. Well off artist or artists place. And Saturday at PGA championship if things politically because he could back up like team should part three players but they're two players. That are at plus two. McIlroy and DJ a bolt of plus two that with a ten back. Got up early today out early post scored a medical orders and well at the royal with them that was was the favorite coming in hits his success at this course. Has been tremendous heat what our one year flights yet one that won here about seven or something we talk about the trip thing. Sure they'll watch original bill I imagine gosh we're watching in the shop in the in the show Rory Mac or are the driving. Repeat three woods with a track it track and it. Carried 353. To 3.5. And it just launching these three with 320. Some yards in the air with a three wood. It plugs not a driver three just in the year. Every shot the bullet just physically physically impressive. What the court thing I've seen him purse is standing next he's I mean. He is a phenomenal phenomenal driver off while. It's such a little tight it is so far that. He volleys hit at the travelers championship on the fourth hole. I'm slightly down. But he carried it it was a dog it dog leg left the rates. The fairway bunker on the right here players try to put it to shorter than normal. And he. It so high so he carried the tree that was passed the barker. Caught the down slope of the fairway. I mean it was a 360 yard carry. Jessica it's doubtful. Rolled out. Jane -- after it was working for if PGA tour lie about it for PGA to review we both walked it off with a yardage books. And we both had it at moral theory. Shot link and it 393. I like all right whatever with a ten yards. I remember it primarily to eighty with a big deal yet but now it's every it's carries. Let Gerry is where broke a story right. Carry distance it's that's the most important is the most important number right I mean guys rules there are traitor to Mike really. Which you're you're carry distances it would attack and you know the average the average tour pro there carry distances. It to sixty to eighties when it rain. Carry that are are are tired that's sort of what average average you know it is I think it's gonna be to 85. If you have to club it beat out the Africa's. I'm now I carry 260. Smoke. A year but which you released distance up all at the pack them. Structure yet that's that's what saint carry distance yeah glad it's nothing if it's triangle. If you look at average you look at the two were leaders in drive Coke crack up there rate. You look at the care at 3153 went well but they're they're mr. ever distances please. Like three you'll wait three ninths oh. And that's with some some at least you know that and that way they calculate that by the way it's not every hole they have two holes on the golf course they tracked. And that's what they take yet so one guy went on to write yes yeah that's solid. Before we go to break here let's get our champions to report it brought to buy absolute care and orchard Brooke affordable adult assisted living. No Champions Tour event this week because of the PGA championship but there arson. Champions Tour players that are participating this week in. Demise will go right to John Daly a former PGA champion treaty had a very good first day was actually even through seventeen holes in the first round and Andy card took. They triple to get plus three. And daily yesterday shot eight over so he's plus the Latin. And that will not played the weekend but he still draws the crowds people still wanna see him play. And in all of the of the Champions Tour players we know we that we mention Bernhard longer every week we mentioned some of the other players that are doing so well. Daily though still has that one of the biggest drops. I would imagine it's that. That is because we had Dudley Hart club yesterday PGA tour player at some victories came up and asked about doing that is by. Nobody mark mores fragmentary expo. Spoke highly of them so you harbor for Jack Daly he's had some demons and stuff but. But he he is a draw is fun to watch and exceed that target typical gently becoming a seventeen army triple you know SOA. But then he'll also make an eagle two so he's he's fun to watch and play with a better so it could seek. Another player that also finished plus eleven Davis love the third who we know please both tours back and forth but. Involved with the last PGA winning Ryder Cup team as captain. It the L-3 Decker a ball striking there ago now so there's oh we should mention Vijay Singh. He held out to make the cut. So that's Champions Tour player that they'll write it tastes it he's plus three China wanted to Parse these 44 sourcing makes it through. Bright work hard as we speak of cross and it chips I. Amaze me. Yeah just find a way to shoot numbers that's have to that this will do just fine score would be scared that's right it's a light day. Champions Tour for brought to my absolute tear or two Brooke affordable adult assisted living what we come back we'll get a last year PGA tip of the week and him freeze will join us live in about eight minutes or so from quail hollow if he's taken what you've seen this week. At the PGA championship we're live at the western your PGA cabin. Here at fox valley she club championship weekend here as well at fox valley club. And we roll on with more teetering over enjoy the show today here on WGR with Kevin Sylvester PGA pro. Jeff meters I'm rankles back with more to volley here on WGR. Pennsylvania will be making some good putts making its troops on the greens so everything's good puffy the Reynolds anyway Alexis golf course stimulated hazard or. Potentially firm up a little bit more and just becomes. A bit more refined line I'll turn you have to initialize from much he'd have to hear numbers come in doing so happy to separates the field and more and that's fifteen a major. I had its Rickie Fowler talking about his round yesterday he wanted to stay firm guess what the afternoon group got the rain delay and then. Easier scoring conditions easy to say Rickie Fowler had to play in the boarding needed and get those right scoring conditions so he's five back minus three. Nazi beyond and Isner are your leaders at minus eight at the PGA championship we welcome you back to fox valley where at the west senior PGA cabin. Rankles him Kevin Sylvester PG approach appears as you'll also hurt their for the ultrasound by this time now. For western your PG tip of the week before we get that it can't be surprised dollars that he wanted to be tough firm fast. He says he feels like. He separated he he probably was quite bad yesterday those players got. He was what he was in third all that he felt down a little because all the players those soft conditions eagle pin. Well you know the reason why he wants that wave decree greens there's. He use. One of the best short putters out there that's great pace on it right to the heart of the cup doesn't really. Mess around. The age. It's not Fowler's game very good mean watch adequately. It's apparent post by voters you know. Four hours once at the white not hours ago for all of us. Under the guise in the club can't beach this weekend box bail those are the ones are part of routine trip over yeah you don't don't change it because year in the majors you do what you always do. And good players are difficult conditions that they want a separate themselves out of players and that's where you are choosing so fight our tip of the week here. And then nets him free live well hollow for an update on his perspective. But the PGA championship it's brought to by the Western Europe PGA growing. A giving game and its foot chip chip week here at fox valley and if you haven't played this course. One thing yet you would note upon upon coming here for the first time that there are. I would say an above average amount of dogleg holes here at fox valley so let's talk about the approach. To plain hole with a dogleg Geoff Meade it's about just even this this that the first shot there off the T your plan dogleg regardless of which way it goes. What your mental approach there. Well what do we tell people is the place your shots looks bigger and bigger the golf ball Walker's left directory. We think he'd have an advantage a little bit on some dogleg rights to the anchor that ball around the corner. Which you need to do though is picker good target like it. But people tended to on the dogleg is the focus on curbing the ball to the right to work at around the corner. And the the short side themselves on the right of the hole too much what you wanna do is divided conservative target out there. At at the core of the dogleg maybe a little left of center right dogleg. And and pitcher normal shot up there but focusing on that target now focusing on the fact that the whole goes to the right. If your drawer the golf ball don't try to cut the corner just play your shot play less club to try to hit a shot that you're not comfortable with on the dogleg. If you're jar the golf ball better. Left to right hole. At each attempted take your medicine on that only be be a little bit further way from the from the green and the guy who hits the fate. But you don't wanna try to hit a fade when you're comfortable hitting a fade in that situation that often lead to three start making the big numbers are charged a couple. Thinking around the greens you know depends on the left. Which you don't wanna do is this an apple left for college being short sided records are the golf ball that's you know depends on the left. Pick a spot right mr. green your normal shot if you go straight greet your mr. agreed to get ten footer for trust perfect it's were into the hole. If you're later you know that left pane they be borrowing at the pain or maybe a little right it just. Understand you have a little bit longer plug in that situation which you don't wanna do with this laughed at leave yourself short side with a difficult job. It's how good players plop themselves around a golf course and and the value par you know sometimes it's just good to make our. Among some of these holes that mean that picture I took hold as a pitcher I. By the conservative target make a cocky swing and except that you may have ten or fifteen years longer than fellow competitors don't always try to squeeze the most out of it dogleg. I think one thing with a dog I'm very guilty of sometimes too but I that I played with players like this that every time as a dogleg is the how can I maximize cutting it around the corner or going over to have and it boxer you have that decision sometimes but I agree with Jeff probably. Taking a little less of that particular little more the conservative approach sometimes the shot it's great and opaque Gulfport but I think that all how far Canada border here at any gators open. Trouble Weller Toma the default earlier. There are five dogleg right it's a sharp dogleg right ankle if you will. And you were cut out the live players and and how he that's a different story just Plath wrote but he blasted over the trees and it is extremely risky. In my opinion but if you catch it you put yourself with a a wedge in your hand or are shorter if you pinkie injury. The trees not far siding that's the down slope. The way it's it. The straight way to play if you will. You can try to cut the corner but you really have to catch it. It would that they need and then yours your your on the field not to me it's not a great band because that's being that's. With soul. Most of us play it straight out to the tree with a hybrid or dependent there's a breach of race with a three wood. And you know put it straight out there toward victory shortly trapping and play the shot of the fair. So it's. You know eco hit driver which put self and a bad spot if you if you don't cut the quarter. But the way you need to so it's part of body know when what your able they hit it sometimes plain additional golf plot Charlie Brown. You know I worked at a law as a kid you always think about your next shot the same thing about it where it might chuck gonna be from you know after squeeze it over the quarter return to be here just. Give yourself a good approach better rough hit the greens you know it's important hit the greens to have a Birdie Putt so get their ball and play first. I think that to the immediate thought for me some time it's always how can I maximize the distance and that always necessarily. Doesn't make the next shot the best one avenue to set it going over locked up at our legs yes right if I caught it over here. I'll only have a hundred and instead well you're right it might be down slope and might be rough might be where. And an L some you know maximizing its your distance in it usually knows that that culture. Of sometimes though the the risk that it puts you involved in terms of wealth might also miss it ten more feet this way to go be like that it. Lot of times it's not worth its right. I think just that decision making overall is something that. Even on a not ugly hole I think it's Smart about thinking about the next shot it. Or might lie would be better here mangled in your work and work your plan to do before you to stick to its. The west that your PGA tip of the week for occupy. The west junior PGA growing giving game anything that today you wanna know about starting to gain grow in the game. You've got a son or daughter that you wanna get involved or no matter what age you are what gender you apartment where you come from if you want to. A gate going golf you can get started by checking LWNYPGA. Dot com you can also contact Steve art house who we spoke with our one here. The west here PGA cabinet information again on the website that like PGA dot com. Yeah I love that affect you mentioned plant so. The recently played in the invitational at Orchard Park Cuellar but he every year and we play a practice round. And we chart out a plan exit our guys below we actually the plan to work as a team here if the tees up peer. I'm gonna hit an iron off the T if you know some of the holes of the back you know then that will hit a metal. You know. Order of play uncertain holes will change that up you know may sound like you're over thinking it but it is a competition. Now we want to play well compete in the competition and we we go that plan I'll drop the plan down in on the notes section of my phone I'll go back to our what do I do not on this whole white. Try to stick with that plan because you the emotion nova. A match you viewed in those things that you are rounded maybe they'll have a good hole in it he started deviate from the plan and that's when things go awry. Implants obviously target focused Ernie as opposed to results focused he he helped to stay in the process throughout the course year round. If you start thinking the outcome marked by deep this I can make birdie well at the processes to hit it here and they give yourself a chance to make birdie. So I like planning you know expressing turnarounds planning how you're gonna go around a golf course where you're gonna hit driver where you're gonna. We're gonna try and just get in the fairway with an iron whatever it is and that way when your on the tee as opposed that they get the results are what happened on the previous hole seem doubly had to battle. Your immediately focused on he would make it due to play this hole and get the best chance I can't make good score and missile. And it's just continually do that throughout the course around focus on the process I think the results follow a day. You know you hear of the pros talk about all time we plan you know we've caddy doesn't read this article there. There's that we think they have a plan they have a game plan dislike you know. This plan in business plan. You know Sean McDermott got a game plan for the jets game probably is already working on are ready. Cares about the Eagles games we expertise. You know Jordan Matthews and some corn price care but we don't play in accordance with anyhow you know they have a game plan is going to every game with a plan. And Brian treat you talk about your tennis players and it ties into your plan today like if you got a guy's got a week decade. A key part is back right. And it works well with the think about your neck shot lawyer in the shouted hey you know. I'd like to go for the winner here but if Biden go quarter than the next shot even becomes even easier that sort of thing you know. It sort of not to belabor the point but you know having a player also allows you to focus on the strength that your game. Your your good wedge player me you can you can work your play on the golf course to hit more wedges or. If you're large driver of the golf ball you can have a plan that will maximize our party at the golf ball and all those things help you maximize your chances score. Speaking of plan. Haven't Isner who's tied for the lead had said that he has he has to stick with his plan this week he said. That on average he would describe himself. As a very an aggressive player. But he's essentially tried to go the other way this week and it is there's that he really went through this plan. Even talked about he said with his son they went through that the holes. In the field in greens in regulation hit thirty of 36 greens. In regulation. He has hit a couple of drives over 300 but in general he's not a longer hitter he thought my god this course it's soft. Two point 7600 yards Waterman and do. But he said that we would we went through he does and quoting prisoner here we talked about he says there's holt right need to hit away from the flag and there's holes right feel like they need to go at the flag. And he said those holes that I made birdie on the ones that I can go at the flag and says pick your birdie holes pick your par holes. Pit calls that maybe he knows double could come into play and make sure that never happens. And he says in years past I probably would went the other way and I wouldn't be in the spot that I mean right now he says I think it's maturity. He said for me he goes sometimes they just have to. You know kind of women take away that's governess that he has and there but he said I've been really upset about played in majors considering I've had a really last too good in my career but he says. I think coming in with a plan has worked really well opportunities they have the discipline to stick with. It could obviously play. That's right. But to have the discipline to stick with your plan and support Eagles a great example that. Drivable par four Steele on race you know each victory. Number Angel McIlroy try to drive it in water. And that's and then he went on the he doubled bogeyed the next hole that it be plus two ladies in red figures right now we're talking about him more. All right time out here and that we hope we can catch up with him three to quail hollow we know we have some the media duties in the media room so were where Opel will get a chance to join him well done at 9 o'clock getting out him. Did it not working. The right timeout from the fox valley were at the west here PGA haven't won final segment here as we roll on it teetering at the western PG project meanest. I'm rankles thanks for listening here opera and good start your weekend here and Biggio. I'm really fired up by the way on any golf ball I'm here this well this whole summer lot of average finish is so when I started in the way I am now. I'll play well so I'm I'm looking forward to the weekend and have an opportunity to keep making birdies and playing well. That is co leader Kevin is here. It's thoughts after yesterday's round of the PGA championship at quail hollow in Charlotte he had DE CE Mets the Obama are your co leaders at eight under par. Jason Day two back at minus six and and a handful. At minus five including Chris Stroud and still on the course will. You via an update on the leaderboard before we leave you here on T green at the top of the actually Stroud is now. Got to six under Jasper and so he has with Jason Day. At six under who stays and a Molinari. Where or hope we are in communication with him threes he's still in his media room obligations. And chats now got hurt in the AP's probably I don't know her if we're gonna get our ports right here anyway. Good news we wanna announce our mic Alter contest winners to play. With Kevin and I. Originally we had the plan that what was gonna play with Kevin what was it play with me but we actually were challenged. Yes and it was said in quite a good way to heaven but that we want to announce congratulations to these two winners. Nate Leary and Mike and daddy are winners of the mic ultra golf challenge they challenged us. So Nate and Mike are gonna play. And. Yes planet's weak voice of satellite that's and it's six holes of basketball. Six holes shambles six holes alternate shot. Separate event from the boys the ultimate prize pressure they're getting a great prize pack from piccolo Alter and Brian Meehan touch it is. So right plane this week plans will be that's right so can gradually might be ready we can't lose and it's and Mike that's right where it stroked him. Aren't always saw them I think we as we saw some of them dusters spyware can't get YouTube didn't selecting the exact lock port news suggested. The VA's partner he would have beat the invitational if you beat his butt. It it to did you acknowledge that you could it be with somebody but it was accretive reason that's right Tim freeze PGA pro here from transit belly down at the PGA championship is now joining us live on the line good morning him. Good morning Ellen. Are you your busy at work already today in the in this in the media room right. Let's I think countryside a lot of fun coming out of the room and that is walk Mota the first piece for a another gear out walking and actually walking amongst the old and just have a great panel height five. Michael chips we gave little junior league kids. Hit it a lot of it Korda. But it's a global rock shall Goldman absolutely. And it's cool so him I don't you've had some announcing duties we actually I believe on Thursday we had a little TV time we saw yeah. So. You're announcing a whole lot en summit eighteen year you're introducing the players right. Yes gunmen got number nine today which which is on a little late at night are gonna be afternoon and then tomorrow the eighteenth. That's natural obviously been an Atlanta soul for the last group got a let to a half hours. That's a lot of on in the legal right on the green but yesterday was was quite a Earl I'm back that little behind the scenes there was basically the TV's and one year. Telling you were you know we're got to go and forty seconds what Jimmy Walker technical I wanna hit it right now the rules officials and and it. I'm Tellme can hit it the grim but look I got a grimace from Jimmy Walker I don't election right now which you tell me got a hold. At thirty seconds count down. And then you announce a two week and then the rules are too when talk reaper the next two groups duties that I can group on the very funny behind the scenes look it's fun but it is over protect nerve wracking at saint. Well both but he up trees got an awful he did an excuse Japanese maple or by. Had to answer it disagrees PGA pro from transit ballot joining us here he's working hard to quell hollow this week. That's it what it is some interesting running you've had here along the way I know you get to us talk with quite a bit of people with the PGA ends of some players value adjustments in the locker thing about what other. Interest in running that you had. Well it's it's inching down a locker in the theater with PGA badge and just knows the pretty much have to be aware that a Rommel. Could be any tour player thinks that you know the answers to this question so you try to find out about whether trying to file off the late. On the caddie through the one of the cage chemical first Ian it's Robin and it can get in orbit and it. Let me work and that way it's all the little tiny things you don't really think about one of the players actually at a sugar problem. So he had to have a banana worked on that and one minute here comes a bunch of banana guy loaded bags. Just the little things around here we get reached every day Terry what security part of it that element from FBI and it saved a lot of people let up for every. Officer you might see it in the uniform is another ten that are plainclothes men and women that are to make sure the salt. Who runs accordingly there are a little worried right now it yet you know prepare slip you gotta make sure email the the security and something like that but you see that Egypt briefed on that each day it's often so far the weather's been. Hang in an article that we can just keep that going tomorrow looks a little iffy but everyday look if freezer play that course it's fabulous which is favorable there. How hook you know this new part 34 in the if it was any. Dreier be ovals you wouldn't find a whole age aren't they are what eighteen coming down that hole. Kevin. You know that's some higher power are against greed it opens up number 152 before little dog licked the right cleanups. That longer than a par fives that golf course it's in talks with the big golf course and see scores are not. No light it up although much ammo. Reggie it is nice job when you get on a run right. No doubt who. Who do you think right now is is at their best that you would pick them to go on and win this weekend. You know Kevin says there's one company kit. He's talking like he's seen it line to get the speed you see Eagles beat pop up after it caught that you just couldn't find speed here so. At a think they are opting out it's so good Els at one of the best all circuits are seen and when you watch many here. And an NB you know that compression sound it's just right on the first tee it. Back if it's much you can keep that going could be source major turmoil location they. What a nice job here. This tour players do make a difference silently at the golf ball and I mean it's it's it's a lot different that even at the club pro there's just a different sound at the compression of the volunteer tent. Tell everyone out there I'm telling you gotta make it David these gentlemen in different effort all solid ground make it there with all due personal account here. David it's been a big week for the PGA of America as they announced that big shift in the calendar. With the major moving to may end when he nineteen. With a lawyer with all the discussions you had with the board of directors in and all that the big weeks the PGA of America. How have they take in the news this week are are they happy with how it's being perceived. I'm gonna say it to those who didn't understand Adobe 5% of them I facts of our players. And most leader of the European tour players like it somewhere like act might affect us I don't know I don't listen up at the Byron Nelson's say. In Mabel what all the moving parts working and a couple years this is all good to launch every program we've got a PGA inmate following Augusta TV capture it settled yet so whether CBS or NBC Comcast's Golf Channel has. The PGA championship that's going to be a big deal going forward with promotion it's all good and made Amanda played some of these golf courses that we haven't really seen inmate. And just better whether it is. I'm telling excellent it through that jacket yesterday on Thursday with the C and we're gonna go read in Missouri next year it's going to be hot solar. Give a little break there would be awful my tour players and the PGA in all programs are doing the sort of at the end of the year dude in May. And we we've mentioned last week from Oak Hill of all there's Eric concern that the northern courses might suffer in terms of the rotation but. There's six years that a road out there's been a weather delay in August and that's probably more likely. Where you would get delay with thunderstorms and things like that that yet storms rolling through you're not gonna get that may likely in a lot of locations. You know Brian we get in meteorological. Reports basic over the last couple years to try to make a decision and appearances will. Even in buffalo we've gone up six degrees in the last twenty years what that does it that says we can start picnic preparing. Weeks in advance we thought we couldn't trying to set up grandstands and February it'll kill pump might not work but if it gets warmer which had milder winters. On practical kill will work Bethpage obviously it's when he nineteen will work because of a little more milder but I think that that hazel teams. And the Whistling Straits there are little itchy and if it back at work or not but again you'll have to parts of the country people haven't seen. The Texas Arizona and Florida so I could be a neat thanked her for fans to watch and enjoy it for the PGA is well. Absolutely. Tim threes from transit belly west York PGA pro who has a part of our show normally. Was here all the time one more Jeff you were raising airplane in the section JP HWB backing track. I've got a direct late Sunday night got to be there to meet you on that first Ian thank cornea Monday morning can't wait. I think you're old so I've got no expectations you bet that Leonard yet. Good luck but it takes divot to enjoy the weekend looking forward to about how I haven't. Awesome thanks guys appreciate that quick old college or the PGA thank you. It's you Tim for east west near PGA April entry in the valley working hard. At quail hollow before we go here we got a minute left let's. Get our official picks in that people can take to the bank Kevin who's well raising the Wanamaker trophies and well I picked Voller. That and whether while the rate him through three times to file our pigments and I think Jason day's spotters spot a moment ago him. Idea I picked McIlroy and machines that that that. Mac Everett and it was too and the XP. Right everybody but Jeff. Mac and epic that's right I picked Fowler two months ago. Your call sideshow. Is. If she if it's if it's a different name hero ominously Justin Thomas. He he says he's gonna win it made me a major point as this. I want to thank everybody here at fox valley. And everybody with the west here PGA Steve Burke housekeeper joining us and our number one if you missed any of the show. We will have it up all we RD of our number one up our number two will be very shortly courtesy Dierker back in studio. At WGR fight to deduct commoner on demand. Audio section also tweet it out at Brian WGR. And next week will be back our normal time 7:8 AM here hope you join the extra hour this week with the PGA championship coverage. And for Kevin Sylvester Kevin had a good weekend. He threw Pete a program ready plainly even against tees that's right now Kmart well. Nate might go on as. A bad it took me this have a great weekend for to keep right. And for all the listeners out there thank you for listening I'm Branko deal. Tee to green you can check out our website as well T the number two tee to green radio dot com and we'll talk to you next week here on teetering on double Biggio.