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He's faster where appropriate but today we're joined by NFL reporter for you think today Lorenzo restaurant don't think come about we've everything. He's got to look at the Buffalo Bills and can't they would think if your overall impression. The biggest thing story lines for me I think where the quarterbacks obviously and with commandments I wanted to see how such a young players going to be counted on to really directed defense and obviously there's some coaching changes that have happened. I also wanted to see Brian Hill club to close and come to sort of get this sort of feel and it's hard to do that in training camp but. You know I think. I think there's a lot there are a lot of the pieces here. Really the if these everyone thinks it's patriots but. I don't know I mean they've they've had some issues so it's really wide open and I think I think there's some pieces fewer than those who compete. Brian gables offense have to become the topic of our show today is we're trying to figure out what it's all about we have some evidence from Thursday's. Pre season game last Thursday against Carolina but it's hard to figure what he's gonna do with his experience in the NFL and Chris and I are talking in the last there were about his one year at Alabama. Most of the time you've coaches who come from the college ranks and bring along some of those concepts anticipate we'll see some of that what Brendan able. Yeah absolutely and I think I'm just gonna depend on. Whom is starting quarterback right but with that said. I I think you're absolutely right I think he's he's not going to be shy about being innovative implementing different things. Hum. And if I forget what some employees obviously a huge part of reference and it's almost like. He's flying under the radar and if you weren't talking about him because their spokeswoman quarterbacks but. I think that versatility and his ability to catch one of the backfield. They were working on screenplays snakes for example I think that's of this will be a big big part. Then they bit how to swing passes a ton of screenplays. Ton of bad split out wide and I think. Bush on Hitler was maybe his highest catch totally a single season in his career this year if they're able continues along that road question for you though about. Quarterbacks we see Josh Allen rotate up he's going exclusively with the second team offense. Today that's a deviation from what we've normally seen which is Peter men and Kerry flip flop and between the ones and twos every day Allen getting most of his work with the threes today was the first day someone other than Joshua Allen took reps with the third string unit. And is the first time Josh was exclusively with the twos. We're all trying to surmise what that means does that mean that Josh he'll probably be with the Jews on Friday in Cleveland nor is he right back with the threes. I don't know if you wanna give your take out of what do you think you think it's. Yet that's that's really and seeing I think a lot of it is to. To give him that added responsibility to see how he responds. Because if he let's say hypothetically it would have been given to those reps. And he we were would have struggled that I think that's that's a bad sign but the fact that he was in there and he moved the team a little bit he makes in my respectful of the throws. He did miss a few few receivers but granted I mean he's he's still refuse learning ways left to be expected. I do think that we're at the point camp where he's he knows the offense he should at least know most of the offense from. It's on him to take those next steps. And if you're not getting those reps with some of those second second stringers it's hard to really. Had been advance because. And you know it's not shutting a third stringers but the quality of play is obviously higher solar. I think I think that's very much a clear indication that they they wanna see how he responds to. The higher little competition. And you know it's also. Something that could boost his confidence to death because if you're. A first round pick and you're just playing with a third through all time practice it can be tough now for a lot of players you might lose interest absolutely so that. I think it's it's they're a couple factors at play. But I agree because I think the the game against Cleveland coming up. That I think is going to be a very very good indication of where he really sits. I'm just trying to I want McDermott the start of the strike I really do yeah I because let them play one with ones against ones that to you let's get a real true valuation. Objection I'd like to him start him. Maria not only avid Cleveland going to be bringing their guys too so it's going to be in the if that were to happen that would be a great test obviously but. You know it's it's interesting because Josh he has. All the physical tools he won in a quarterback it's it's all about the decision making accuracy and come. The decision making when those liable for flying because that's. You can you can practice against the same guys all the time but when you go against opponents it's it's a completely different game. Worth Lorenzo Reyes had a fellow reporter for USA today and piggyback Arizona where you were going into the draft. Well that quarterback talent who where did you place Josh Al and among that group we suppan and the bills made some. Very aggressive move to go get him at number seven overall leaving a couple of guys on the board what did you think well. Yet all of preface this by saying. I am an the fourth quarter but I'm not a general manager obviously FF so I was are so much but. I mean I Wear on the radio cherry that's up to depart but. I mean I think he he was he was in that range I don't. Mean do rankings or anything like that's like can I can give them I just. I know that LL I love bigamy Phil's accuracy that's one thing that really stands out with him. Come with Josh it was just the physical tools send Arnold as a quarterback I think. He also has some tools to throwing motion was something that concerned me he just had that elongated motion that. When you in the NFL and have that pass rush it's hard but. I think he just was very much in the that tough for them I think. If I had to pick. It's hard because that almost like to blend a little bit of each one had put them into one. Our executive Roland it remains different sort of well let's talk a little bit about the baker mayfield who. File accounts that are really good day for Cleveland you were there right became a letter to the medal that's how good was he how good Kenny beating. You know it's it's interesting I was I was there with a colleague of mine and baker comes in and there was little bit accuse him during the side and watch it even in New York but. He looked the part and and I am one that I sort of hesitate I always kind of thickly built and he looked good like. Stardom bet but. He I will say he at least he showed. Skills and hum traits that I think are gonna translate for the NFL long term. The way he sort of felt pressure in the pocket granted he was little jittery I think at times. But he felt that pressure sort of that internal clock and he was able to get out and when he was out you know scrambling a little bit. He always kept his eyes up which is huge because. Receivers break off whether they're they're coverage. And then he was able to make some nice plays that way he he should have the ability but again I. My friend my calling those there with you sort of have to tell me like him and it's the first treaties. Thank you there we already have threat so we have but I was I was impressed I think he he he was definitely a positive step forward and tyra I've played like tyra does right from yeah Jesus he was accurate he took care of the football he made Smart decisions wasn't taking risks and you know read the defense well it was it was very much of the standard. Are performing at one more question on a princess of question as to why is it that you Jackson is so adamant. Our parents and number one parent in Ottawa it's almost as if they're shut the door on any chance for victory field corner that Smart. They put baker he's the guy that. When. You count him out. That's when he really sort of shines and that's what he had that's he had in his college career basically he was always there I behind starters. And when he was faced with he really just it motivated imminent took his place to another level. Granted I think Hugh in an ideal scenario wants to keep Tyrod as a starter and maybe let baker really assimilate and learn the game speed of your game. I don't doubt that there's a little bit of that. You want to motivate our game plan Padilla pressure because I mean that's really when you look at Baker's career that's that's what keeping that edge that have been so successful. I believe and most of the people in the stands today game or not there for baker mayfield or for tyra Braylon they were there to seasick on Barkley so. Everything and more to you so say quine he had that first rush. Where he gets the ball. And then it's like you know there's there's kind of a massive defensive line in the running holes. And he just bounces outside with one quick cut makes the cut he's gone for 39 yards and I was I was thinking too much of the game right there just ten FF FF FF that's and Jose Velez Dexter tell everybody to see but. I will say the offensive that the take away I had there was at the offensive line and still have a lot of new pieces yeah. It's still a work in progress so I think. If say one has a huge year I think a lot of it might have to be him like he did in that run making something out of nothing because. If the Russian links aren't there. You know it's obviously for any agreement it's hard but. Obviously if you lie and and a dole and and everyone that if if that if the passing game opens up that they can open up the rushing game but. I mean they suffer will be seen pre draft and then throw camp and everything I think one is very I'm very. Curious to see what opposing defense is do against that giants' attack because you have a capable tight end receiving option there you have Beckham. So are here are you gonna put me in the box to stop Barkley you know or do you think your line can hold up against an offensive line that still feel its way as you mentioned. Or are they. You know can take and take their chances of play single safety high with O'Dell beckon outside I mean I don't know from doing this so area it's it's a pick your poison or to be really interesting to see other teams defend the giant look I think the jets are going to be better than most people that are out there I really do I think they'll contempt for the division I frenzy I exit from the playoffs while corn down there you -- blood. I also put them super last year sympathetic. Well OK okay. We all have our hits and that's just there has arrays that are reporting USA today joining us three to get here pony things we learned from week one of pre season. But I want one more Brown's question I have in Utah we did something about it today Dez Bryant is he gonna visit them this weekend is there anything to be made out that you that's an. You're seeing situation there I think there's a financial interest between both both sides. It sounds like Dez. Need some time needed some time and he's working toward. Getting his mind right in and he's approaching the position where he wants to play now. Hmmm I think for him to be finding the right then there and with with again. John Dorsey is the browns general manager has been very clear that they're interested and as I think was actually waiting for. Those two browns quarterbacks. To see what they they could do her he was actually live tweeting that game he was dazzling yet you know that. After after Baker's first driver to think mattress first touchdown pass. Dez treated something like okay baker as field stuff so I think I think that was very much it wow yeah I think that was very much a good showing for the browns then and now it did. May push that interest further. Hmmm I wanna ask kids and about your post that you wrote for usage today morning things we learn from the first week of pre season. One of the things one of the entry visa will go through this off pre season other rookie quarterback you've talked about. Our guy Jeff shell and start of a baker may feel a little bit about Tim don't know what about just frozen seem to be like glowing reports governor there. On oh here's the thing with with Rosen. Statistically you look at it wasn't a great day but. He was playing dumb with that second through offensive line and they were just getting mauled and shredded. And the thing is when you're a rookie quarterback and that's your first experience against another opponent. I was relieved I was really more impressed with how he responded. And the things he was doing and neutralized our pressure to do a lot of quick release passes. And he was basically getting hit and making throws which. As we know when when you don't have pre protection that's a necessity an event. If he eventually becomes a starter that protection will improve but. He he showed great anticipation. Great pocket awareness I think. People considered him to be the most pro ready quarterback but a little on the rookie class but. Yeah I mean I I I I can we impress I think. Like you said with with. With Josh Allen podium and with the ones I think they might have to do the same with Rosen because. It's just hard to really valuable player when he's only running for his life. We're talking about baker mayfield back any much of a chance with the Cleveland Browns but. Back to send our all the teams at the doors wide open for Nolan gets right there inviting him got to win this job because my little card this week's draft yet I mean I think. Of all the rookies. First round quarterbacks. If if I had to pick one to start week one. It would have to be him. And be very Gypsy thing. Well what he's trying to save him mistake he might be the best he might be the best suited my hardest to beat out just like a real man. And if he put both of them last year Melanie was in there and I guess Bridgewater played pretty well too hey they have done a good situation to mean. Tonight trade Bridgewater the talk now right like that yeah the trade partner and move them. I mean I think it just an ideal scenario don't take three quarterbacks so they're they're 53 but. I mean I I'm I'm of the opinion that if five draft and draft a rookie quarterback that early I would really want them to sort of just sit for a little bit and sort of you know learn the games which is you can. Granted every team is different and actually players respond to that stuff to flee to but. With Arnold. I mean he he looked good there's no doubt about it but. The question I have with him is. Other enough offensive weapons around there. Where he can really sort of just be the point guard and street. You I mean he's he was efficient I don't think there's any debating that mean thirteen eighteen passing at thirteen completions were for 96 yards I mean. He was taken and don't get her regrets that he was doing then that's fine if that's that the defense is gonna give you but. You know and grant were going on one pre season game here but. I was in my whole week out threatening and I mean like I was just telling our campaign did all right. Another vaulting into number one it's legal oh. All right there in LA where I feel like it's premature Adam yeah yeah I I think that's a lot of that being the jets. Seeing the jets right so hungry for French as just being the jets. Slow current array as USA today you sit W you spell out camera on the AFC east and I feel like you. And buffalo people who follow the bills were all late. Hostages you know with Stockholm syndrome if we can't imagine the patriots now winning the division you know I mean it's we've grown up that way. But you system than a minute ago about a vulnerability there what do you see there knowing what do you. Think yeah I mean if they always seem to figure it out there's no doubt but I think this is sort of I mean I think we're very much seeing those that downed. You know the the decline not decline that's too strong a word that you know the beginning at the end there sort of does the window closing a little bit better since they peaked. And I mean it's it's hard to say that they haven't they've just been so successful so dominant but. I I think that tension between Tom Brady and and some of the coaches there and Rob Gronkowski also had his issues and come. I just. I feel like we're starting to see some of the that the power struggle through the power structure might shift a little bit. With that said I still the I picked the patriots win the division I still think they're gonna go. So playoffs and probably the initial run. But there chinks in the armor. That's or saying yeah I think I think if there is if there's an old Megan if there's good there's a moment to go Adam I think I think we're sorry to see that window opening a little. But the one horse show when asked about you wrote it in your piece about putting things we learned to nets. The new rule on the helmet hits initiating contract Lorena had. To initiate contact. And look I know they're bid in now I think people are kind of overreacting to vent some controversial close calls that have been called that way. But I do believe it's in the interest of safety I think this is important this pre season in this rule was important. They wanna change behavior and to do that you call penalties yes it happened a couple of years ago when they force players to lower their aiming point right I think we're kind of undergoing that right now with the helmet hits and I think it's gonna work. Eventually we might see some questionable calls to get there yeah I. I agree I mean I think it's very much necessity that has to happen just based on the the speed and and those this year you know violence and again it has to happen but. With that's that I I also agree that I think. My understanding is that the referees were sort of told if you have. A play that you think is sort of in that gray area throw the flag. And then we'll get as much film as we can on plays that were close and roll evaluated more reevaluated before the start of the regulars who can instruct them again on this rises this is a good problems so I think I think that's been a very much be a part of it is just. I mean you guys what's the game it's so hard so fast it's it's it's such a challenge so to make those judgment calls that quickly. I'm so I think they're going to be. My point in in the articles more about saying that I think the rule. Whether people love their hated I think it's going to be a factor in. Fourth quarter comebacks in the two minute drill when their big plays being made and the referee has to make a decision is that a penalty in the from the flag or not to sub. He rejected and not even in a game anymore like absolutely you know you take a middle linebacker out of a starting defense and there's a two minute drill going on that they're trying to keep the other team at the end zone. You throw that guy had the game I mean people going to be rioting absolutely they won't I guess is my point you don't think so no I think they're calling it right. Now in pre season I think you think they'll relax a little I do and I think filled with mostly it's about education educating players. Don't lower your head do you think they're calling it more strangely on purpose now yes and they'll back off guess is that what you just said yeah I mean I I think. That sort of the the way they wanted to handle this and the initial test because I think I think it's still. So when you because number one here if you're defender and it's picked Agassi who profits players to now. But if your defender and you have to make a tackle your instinct is just lunged forward and launch that way. So. I I think it's almost like you're trying to break some muscle memory there which is a lot easier said than done so. That's why I think. They're going to be some growing pains for sure I think they're gonna be some some. Some plays that are going to be. A few fan base is quite. What more and and this is the other major one of the other major rule changes kickoffs. At a much every pre season game let's remember we didn't see much that saw a lot of tough track to get that I was hoping we get some now return to work with that separation now yeah I mean their return men in the in the coverage to yeah I. Think it's. My sense is that the really talented kickers who are accurate and can really pinpoint the ball where they want to go. I think those are gonna be the the teams that are more aggressive in trying to pump those bulls love and and creating. Chances for. The the players who rushed down there but. Yeah I IE I wonder whether you. The big play kickoff return is sort of being phased out. A minute home. Yet it's I get the feeling is it's get it's just it's the single blocking or if that's the problem now. You gotta have guys dropping back turning and then finally guy in blocking and an open field with nobody next to him to help or anything it's one on one blocking and I just think it's going to be tough to create the holes they need or decreases they need to get return man often run and they've. And they've done plenty of the NFL's implant studies where they've just looked at. Compression rates and in the kickoff vs other plays and kickoffs are just. Far and away the leaderboard and it's very very. You know during a lot of collusion going on Brazilian erect something based on your visit phils can't I'm running few things that they on the quarterback's thumb on trimming and then thing news on the court wreck you can tell us because we we don't get anything out of and I definitely. I try my best and he had diarrhea and you know they don't give they I don't know what they'll say is that I. In talking to a few people here. I would I would guess that they're gonna. They're gonna take your time with us I think even in the third pre season game they won't announce the sort of reform that I think the third pre season game might be the time where. After that film is is in the books to make oatmeal and evaluate that data I think it's going to be the point when they decide okay. But yeah I I try to get a name we know that. Beth thanks for us it was great to meet you mention doing this then there was array as NFL reporter for USA today. Joining in here and joining us here at bills campus one goes live from bill training camp Buffalo Bills read.