08-13 Nate Geary Hour 2

Sal Capaccio
Sunday, August 13th

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Live from bills training camp at saint John Fisher this piece sports talk Saturday. Which telkom Diageo and meet Geary on the home of the bills are telling you. DR's Sports Radio 55. Presented by junior college educated from like ten Miami team. The Buffalo Bills and watching are quite a bit quicker to stock up shop New York's only album record and my consumers beverages Buffalo's pierce sore. All right welcome to our Sunday edition of sports talk Saturday Lake Erie here Gary Kramer on the board do and updates now to the AT&T hotline because it got self about Jews live from saint John Fisher in Rochester. Sale before we start beaten into some of bubble were watching for a practice today I know that Sean McDermott won't be going up to the podium for another 45 per hour but. Just any notes of guys who might may or may not be practicing. I'm gonna keep on Seymour is bent out is he out of the boot do we have any updates and you know stuff before McDermott goes up to the podium. Unfortunately I haven't seen anything or hurting can because the team did have off yesterday veteran. Seymour did not practice on Friday though I can tell you that. So we will wait and see and that I'm not positive at Jordan Matthews or EG gains are. Going to practice today we're still checking on the apple can update like you said. In the next 45 minutes so I'm sure you'll you'll pass it along if it's in time otherwise you can just yell follows along a Twitter in the find out. And you could fall sale at sail sports sale on height started talking about some of the X is you know is of of just kind of how these trades sort of affect both offensive and defensive. On schemes. In one of the things that I sort of left with is this obviously a lot people are are familiar at least for Jordan Matthews who are not familiar with his EJ gains. So what are you looking for today when you. If he lets say differences he is practicing today what are you looking for in his first practice with the bills in the Steve. You know I think this defense in fact we know this defense is supposed to be built around. Physical corners right guys who want to tackle that that's adjusting me because. I think Ron Darby was a bad tackler and added that that he was a guy who shied away from physicality but. He certainly wasn't the biggest or most physical guy he just he was willing to do it I just don't know he was really as good at doing it if they wanted to it if that makes sense and I'm wondering if that's DJ gay now we're not going to get EG gains out here ran around. Yo smacking people head you know that that's the kind of practice they were on the net is going to be. Hey come on up in drill somebody from the backfield but I do wanna see you know how he had to acclimate and if he does want a practicing today were all that stands. Yes ask our how he fits in this defense. I think that round army was a better man to man guys you Benny was his own guy in fact I remember last year. Even mark Kelso had a talking about that I'm broadcasts. And saying to me like when they went to his own. The Darby struggle a little bit compared to when they get some and stuff so I do think that that's a reason why they made this deal Nate to get a guy here. With a EG gains as how. Gains how good he is as a yet own corner here but obviously I think the team feels. That he can do that and I wanna see just cut out where he's at the stars taking wraps and fitting in right away from whoever when Gerald Hodges got here in OTA's and mini camp. He really didn't do a lot of work because he had to learn the defense get up to speed now we're finally seeing him seem more time out there because he's used to it how long what did you take EG gains to do that. Yet and with that I I I do think in this defense. The quarterback position opposed to the Mike or weak side linebacker. I mean just responsibilities lies that you're talking about completely different. In those responsibilities I mean really what he's going to be asked to do is is learn where to be but really what I think and maybe you can tell it is but the biggest baby. Transition here is gonna be terminology not the actual nuances of the position. That's right but look I mean. It's there is terminology goes into it can't get nuanced thinking get detailed. But primarily he knows. We're gonna cover three or cover one you know that's half the battle for a defensive back right I mean if if you know your cover three any basic principle is just don't let anybody behind junior's third that it. And you know if anything if you make mistakes is long and are getting beat deep yeah you can overcome that. That's why a lot of times this time a year people we are guys like me we always tell you defense is ahead of the offense and because. Defense doesn't you know as long as you stick your basic principles you can overcome a lot of mistakes. Offense can't do that that's why it takes them a little bit longer T going defense to basically make mistakes and still make a play. So I think that's got a situation he'll be in when he gets here let's say he practices today. He doesn't have to know exactly what every single word means in the defense but if he's told by Micah Hyde hates cover three or hate us discover one and you have the slot guy. And that's fine that's all he has to do. Say offensively IE when I look at sort of the trade and maybe what it means for the other players on the offensive. Side of the ball released is it at the wide receiver position I think I'm most excited about. The prospects of now Rosie jones' 2017 season and and may be what he's going to be expected to do in this offense and he's a pretty safe to say that. In terms of depth charts. That he's likely the numb wide receiver one on this team now. Well I wanna be careful labeling one and two and three here because I think this is the type of offense that's going to not necessarily have a one or two. I think the you can gain more from trying to figure out who's gonna be what positions and from the first practice post's Amy Watkins is a Jones was outside. So he heads Ager was outside you're in on bald and in the slot. I think Jordan matches and coming here and play ball rolls is going to be slot guy in an outside guy so I think that they can move those guys around. Of the three I think in part kind of stays in the slot more often. I think it's a and Jordan will kind of move around I don't think. It's one or two but. Mean Tony look at the production the fact that they're getting a guy in his fourth year who put up really good numbers this first three years. I think Jordan Matthews once he's up to speed becomes your number one target you're number one wide receiver simply because he's done in this league. Yes angels we'll have opportunities to be in that role I would say Jordan Matthews is basically atop the depth chart as one. They Jones as to an equitable measures like I. Sale let's talk a little bit about Thursday where does that leave under Holmes all right right and that question right yet now that's doesn't say is I didn't see a lot on Thursday and I didn't see a lot of country homes at Israel does he Jones -- he was out there but in terms of production he really wasn't featured. And on the opposite and I think that's maybe where I look at two guys and the wide receiver last year. In Andre homes in rod Streeter ride street has clearly been the one edited to that is shown out the most in training camp and now when I look at this is really have. Every one's mind started going to weld now are the bills you know quote unquote. Tanking and I don't obviously think that that's the case at all I'm not on that train at all I think it was in terms of the trades a lateral move but when I look at. The wide receiver position. And I look at some of the guys the Eagles picked up in the offseason I think a lot of people's narrative a lot of the talks turn to will now to these guys at the bills brought in. Do they may be look at releasing some of those were all those free agent that they brought in in order to bring in that compensatory third round pick that really everyone's sort of been talking about even before the trade happened. I think that may be comes in more in light now. So do you think maybe that's something you could look at as being a potential here that maybe Holmes is an on this roster and that you look at it Alex Streeter you look at it maybe you're younger guy like to kill shorts or someone else you know I don't have to be short but. Just kind of the thought behind that. Yeah I think it's candidates stay right I mean the GM even admitted that it's a part of the thought process I would not. Take that. Well and run 20 my god they're gonna get rid of these guys are wouldn't do that. And here's something you have to remember about this a lot of people forget and I was pointed this out by wanna my Twitter followers and it's right because even I didn't really. Think about it or mentioned you know I might have you heard before and not really realized it. They actually have until week ten essentially to make that move so so as long as. So here's how it works basically if the bills were to release three of the free agency signed during the free agent period who qualify for the complex formula. They would essentially. Put themselves in a position to possibly get their run topic next year because of the the way the formula works because then they would have lost more guys in the game. However they don't have to do it. There to make those moves before the season starts the rule basically states Nate. As long as the player is on your roster after week ten he can count in the complex formula. As somebody released but there are some playing time rules that go along with that so it might be like a sliding scale what you do not have to do it before the season starts actually have a a couple of months so let's say they decided look we gonna keep Roger Holmes on this roster Lindsay Jones. You know becomes the guy that you think you don't need a guy like hundred homes and Ager was playing well George Matthews and all those guys that horrible and value could maybe release. Country homes that's a around Halloween. And you would still have that as partisan topic formula that makes sense. No it does yen and when I was all's talking about too well on Thursday night. Is the offensive line and and I think maybe everything's sort of gotten. Pushed aside when the when the news came on Friday. It was one day after the pre season game but one of the things I went back in and sort of watched on non. On NFL like dame pass that sort of went back and I was looking structural Henderson started a game at left tackle obvious according Glenn didn't play. When you look at and what I would say the depth at tackle isn't really bad I. I would say actually that they feel probably pretty confident. With the amount of decent players they have behind courting plan but we'll look at the right tackle these nets still is in flux right now in terms of the starter. Was Thursday night's game maybe a little worrisome for use seeing that will not only shot trail that he certainly struggled but he's right and available to you until week six. If he's not available to you what are you word then options here at the tackle position and do they feel confident going into week one. With the guys they have on the roster of shock troll is an available to them until week six. While. I am concerned as to what I saw but I do wanna put in context that he was going against Iverson Griffin yes a lot that night right I mean that's that's one of the better if not premier pass rushers in the NFL that's an excuse I mean he's gonna face really good pass rushers so he's got to be better than that so I would be concerned about it. But you know he was doing us a really top flight guy he's yet to get better than that because he's gonna face some tough like guys. I asked I ash on McDermott last week. How he. Views. Bull shark trial in wall pol here in the pre season with their wraps it considering all. Are under suspension are not available to him and he said. I can't really worry about that until later the pre season radar to figure out if they should make this football team and where they fit on the football team. Then after that is when. He figures out you know you're probably talking with three week four where you kind of have to start determining who's going to be playing weak ones that we are the kind of limit these guys reps but right now he's trying to figure that out and I think it is a concern. Because Corey land with the injuries he's dealt with although he seems okay right now CB. Place an X pre season game as he didn't on Thursday night. I think that's an issue that they have to be concerned with Michael all off has taken some reps there. Zack boy tech has taken some reps there those are names that screen to me hey Tyrod protected on his back side. You don't know no worries here I think that that's an issue in this spot where they're going to have to keep massaging and thinking about as this pre season rolls. When you look at their young player Deion doc is that right tackle their second round pick this year. Are your thoughts on at least his camp thus far I I think at the right tackle position really to tackle position in general left or right. There is a learning curve when you're going from especially playing in a team like temple it and then you go to the NF valid in your facing some of the premier pass rushers in listen. At the right tackle position I believe it's the debt more difficult out of the team because you're facing the premiere pass rusher in a lot of cases. On the right side because teams have realized that for the most part that the left tackles in this league are the more like the more dominant players the right tackle is typically the weaker position so. Do you feel comfortable suck com week one that yet docket is gonna be able to. Take over the position over Jordan mills because I think everyone's really looking at the young guy to really move in a deposition because they just don't think a lot of people feel comfortable journals being the they want starter. Well first life. In this day and age of the year left in your writer are Qaeda becoming much more on par right Amy yes you're right about that left tackle has always been that guy for many many years. But because the spread offenses because of mobile quarterbacks. I think both tackle position to become kind of equally important and we're starting to see that he was some salaries around the lead over the last two years of free agency I think teams are really valuing. That right tackle spot maybe not as much is left tackle but certainly much more they have their kind of becoming a little bit more on par with each other. But here's the thing I like. I know people want the undocking to start because they have a lot of confidence in Jordan mills after what they saw last year. But of Jordan Hill steps up and plays well. And that's a great situation you know what those you should want is. At least one of them accountable to them to simply say I'm the guy come and play well and I don't care who that is. In right now Jordan knows doing that Jordan does actually played pretty well I think you're in camp pre season I think he stepped up his game the last couple weeks if in and that's only to make hopefully DR Dawkins better so. I'm not sure by the way that we US backed competent to the undocked gonna do that no but. Who cares if he's Jordan mills you know plays well and is the right tackle I think. The that the people shouldn't have a rooting interest on who should be the starting right tackle. They should hope that the starting right tackle simply is a guy that's capable of blocking and protecting Tyrod Taylor now Jordan mills last year was definitely not wasn't a good year for him. I thought it played very well at the tail end of 2015 after they brought him here he needs to get back to that form he can do that which I saw some clips as of lately. I think they're in good hands at right tackle but of course you need that youngster to come along because you don't know if that's gonna last for sixteen games or. Yen and when you look at it to me it's such an interesting position at the tackle position because it is so important and at least so far what we know about Tyrod Taylor is he does hold out of the ball so. You know when you're looking had this tackle position how important is it for Tyrod to really develop. What Rick Dennison thinks is to develop trait developmental trait which is that throwing with anticipation how important is it for him. To take a step forward this year and in the ball out at least a little quicker knowing that. Some of these tackle positions they may be playing with a guy they're not. Alternately super comfortable with. Because there's not a lot of options he there's not a lot of it was and if there's a good offensive linemen sit not on the street he's not sitting varies on a roster so it's kind of like the quarterback position there. There's that top tier players then there's the starters and there's a huge drop off after that. And that goes for really almost any position on the offensive line so there's not teams around the league just don't have to deepen every up at the line position. And they're just not available for free agency so how important is it for Tyrod then to have that in the back of his mind and really sort of pushed to develop getting that ball a little quicker. Well here's the other thing too I think that they value DN Dawkins has a swing tackle you know I don't know if they really wanna keep him on the right side I think it's valuable to have him. And I think the best situation it would be. Jordan Matthews proves he can actually be the starter right tackle in the new idea Dawkins available to you at left and right because again docket test the way the right side. I don't think Jordan those little aside so the better the better situation Libya have. Jordan bills I think we in that right tackle spot India docket to be able to handle left and right because what we just talked about we charge Anderson I think that would be the overall best situation. Tyrod Taylor's cars a rhythmic passing game as ours. His feet I thought the quote was adjusting when he met with the media last week and he said you know in the solvents and you listen to make the more I mean it was my feet. I think that has to do it as you know. 123 your out when you for five out you know the army drops as soon as that what hits boom out three step drop the ball out. Play action. Rollout turn a round of I getting the ball out now because of my weight even two more steps. Debt DB is gonna close and a guy in the flat I think those are the things that he's a work and I don't think it really has to do with. The left to right tackle spot at all it's simply the opposite he's in right now and how that they need to have the timing down. I that you can gain a lot from this trade as far as what an officer to run because look there there are loaded now with. Guys who are more possession and less. Downfield threats right I mean the guys in on the roster at wide receiver. Aren't necessarily speed burners they don't have a murky Scotland now rush Streeter can run at the easy Jones as fast as people given credit for. But they have really essentially a group of wide receivers now. There are guys are going to be relied on in the rhythmic short to intermediate passing game and the our guys necessarily hurt me just run straight on the field and the defense that you behind him. As so it that's a great point and when I look at some of the weapons that are gonna be available to Tyrod Taylor. One of the guys that I think at least a cut me a little bit during Thursday's game was Logan Thomas the tight end and he got a lot of work with that second team unit a lot of work with knee Peter may as well. In I think what he brings to his is a little bit of that secret agent with him and in Tyrod Taylor guys that are familiar with each other. And I guess I'm looking at moving through the rest of this training camp and rest of pre season Howell. Logan Thomas response to a little bit more playing time because they think at least he's warranted an opportunity to get some time with the ones is that number two tight end I still think right now. That no nick O'Leary is that number two guy that can you see a scenario that has Logan Thomas may be overtaking nick O'Leary as that number two tight end. I don't know it's initially battle right eloquent Logan Thomas did the other night he caught that ball near the one yard I got drilled right yeah and he held onto it. Here's the thing with Logan Thomas he has to prove he can block nick O'Leary is capable blocker he's the greatest locker. He's capable blocker. You know pitch one of the things Charles played people complain because of the salary in. How much is being used Charles Kleiza three down tight and he can block well he's a good blocker and he's a good pass catcher that's why is actually very valuable. To this team nick O'Leary can catch the ball and he can block he's kinda he's below Charles clay I think. Maybe in bulldozer is on those that he's actually get past catcher he's packet threaten you down the seam is what it is but Logan Thomas is one of the tune he's not quite the blocker yet. You know he has to learn and want to position he'll readily admit that he has. Can you imagine him right now lining up against me. You know a wide nine technique and having to step out and get their act coming off yet that's a that's a big ask for him he's never done that he's or put is beaten those positions. To do that so he has to work on that but right now. I'd say so far so good for. Logan Thomas I think he clearly is the number three tight and right now. And he can develop in that number two they're gonna keep retired as I can imagine them not keeping three tight ends so I think right now I would say. Logan Thomas makes this team and then from there you see how we you can fit him in in development. Art sale anything anything else that you're gonna be looking for today and he the information you might wanna pass along those who are headed up to camp today. I am told right now all three newcomers are expected to practice today Jordan Matthews. EJ gains in your now role they just sound giant yesterday. And they released. Put him maliciously Charles. That's all everybody with that in all three in both deals must pass physicals so that means if your practicing I know that. Darby I believe practice today with the Eagles so it means everybody I don't think anybody in the a lot of practice of someone else through the physical and the trade would go back I think that's network so that means that's the case so I think we're ready to rock and roll. With that today but yes Sean McDermott will speak at 145. The guys on the field at 215. If you are coming today you do need a ticket they were free tickets but they're all sold out shall we of the ticket. Don't come to practice today expecting to get in if you don't have a ticket and that happens sometimes of people but this is a ticketed practice you know the tickets were free. And then they're going to be on the field tomorrow morning. No ticket required Monday morning or Tuesday morning 845 for the last two practices here at saint John Fisher and then they we get on a plane replied if Billy. Play the Philly Eagles on Thursday night and then. The bills the team myself or when we come back we're back in buffalo forget that should be an interesting thing to go on and help it's amazing and a good process Darby in Jordan Matthews. Basically playing their old team right away right away. Sell before you Kellogg one thing I would want to look into here. The first drive that Reggie rag was out there as he seemed like you can struggle we kind of picked it up after that what were your thoughts on regular and and how he performed. When he came to buy CNET demotion in seeing how he's gonna try to work back from that. Like first of all I agree with you a 100% Erica I thought that he. Did not look good as first maybe couple series. I thought he got a speed under him and he played a lot better as the game went on actually led the bills and tackles by the end of the night a part of that was because he was on the field pretty much every defensive. Play in the second half I believe but. I was very encouraged by how he was able to actually. Get his feet under and start playing better as the night went on and look. The kid had not played competitive football game and a year and a half right the national championship game was last and he was actually on the field playing against another opponent. In a real live game situation so. I think that's some of that to be expected the other thing is they use them a lot of special teams on Thursday night I find that to be a little bit interesting he was on nom punt team I believe it was. He might of that and other special teams so they are working him in. There are giving him more reps he did not move the depth chart on Thursday night we'll see what happens at practice I don't expect that to happen here he didn't move up the depth chart on Friday at practice but. I was encouraged by the way that he was able to come along throughout the night and I think it was a really nice step for Reggie Rangel and both physically. And and mentally and also just simply where he stands with this football team. They sell appreciated enjoy. Is beautiful right now I don't know what the temperatures but it's got to be eighty degrees right now it's it's really nice out here tots on Google puts them sunscreen on my ball that can cut. Good idea Celtics for governor right guys thanks accept a budget there in the eighteenth tee how I let's grab a phone call real quick because I know being called and it was Wayne's world and get my mouse ready here Dan in Florida you're on NASA and the addition sports stocks and welcome. Yeah I get you a great job and they keep I'm I'm I'm an expense report hell. Right. I'll listen Sunday work is never got unless he gets talk about the bills so see you're you're Smart you're getting year your leisure and outsmart. Though. But any idea that. Yeah you know your ideal tool thickness. Protestors trampled or yell and after lift these guys on Friday afternoon show and then. Here in the interviews that what an addict yesterday his point of view reading everything I can can that cute too we'll track that is the only articles like this. You gotta make some really good points and you know did we really take a little step back a better system says. With the key players that we got yeah. We'll get sick sick so the success of this. Deal in my opinion it's all about Britain being either believe in being what you gonna do or not. Is that going to get that goes. Q one's cute she's two victories we get a franchise quarterback. Are we get it in on you know getting what we really need. So we can build this future I really don't think we can be a playoff team this year I just really don't I don't put them. I'm not subscribing to all these two bills drivers are saying our by laws and can't stop I got a lot of crap you know I think that. I believe in the coaching staff really fear that the Florida. And the whole staff is a huge upgrade over. Just about every one dollar backed away you know if you color you know certain that that that's my opinion. And I think coaching matters people trying to weaken its say it about players yeah is that. You know what it all hooked up coaching you know it bucket I mean we we we suffered through two years and that clock management on the other bad decision. Iraq which you know he opus he let you know was not. Uptick that I really wanted ever end column and I hated the fact that. We took blown over who could that we're hearing from Mike you know we've made so many clients that decision. At the cup now and thankfully you know Google look basically said a frustrated. They're your articles in terms of making that. Right and you know right and here's the thing and I just think the bills that bills fans are so. I guess comfortable with. Drafts being bad or just so used to the idea that having a lot of draft picks for this team is bad because they don't have anybody that knows how to use them. And when I see this GM deciding that. The only way that dog meat out accusing Doug McDermott I always do I don't know why it just as it used to say but that Sean McDermott. Needs to fill his defensive roster specifically the defense of roster obviously we know. But they're gonna use one of those draft picks likely and a and a quarterback they feel is gonna be their franchise quarterback that's why they got this at the tubes up first round picks but why they got to second and two thirds is. They need to fill that defensive roster with linebackers and defensive backs that fit what Sean McDermott's trying to do and trying to scheme. And right now they don't have to fit at linebackers that they generally like. It and I think what this allows them to do is it allows to fill that defense with players there are more and snaps to running the system that he wants and and I've said this multiple times is a lot of people say and it's an overused thing I think it's a little cliche that coaches mold their scheme. To the players that they have and I think that's true to an extent but I think to be fully successful and to fully integrate a coach that is has successful scheme like McCarron had in Carolina. That you have to have the personnel to run what he wants it right now he doesn't have that so how do you do that you don't to in free agency because you can't afford. To fill spots with guys that are making twelve in what thirteen million a year what you need to do. It's still with developmental players that are raw that you can fill in the new wants instead of having guys who are used to once team in and come into another it's. Listen to draft is super important and teams are realizing it's much easier to build for the long term future through the draft opposed to bring in guys on their second contract and I like a a staff Alec affront opposite Alec organization that realizes that. Values that it is going and doing everything in their power to assemble the most amount of picks to be able to make that not only versatile. But make them and up to being able on the beat but they wanna run. Yet like it like it is made one more sure than he had been you vindication lease all year. Is that you know. I I've been in management and the director for medical device for a very long time and I couldn't agree more I like when I hire managing your. Mike Scioscia routes. And I can mold who they are and I picked them from other they know how to sell your enemies right. They've but I get to build them from the ground up vs people with that have you know and so. Or habit that I am not that I. No matter how much do you find energy beacon and figure out so much so quickly the chair out yet so you know it has certainly I think that. You know what he's always been. W yeah I'm trying they have like every other go right and I just I I I turned around I'm I'm I'm going to be done and believe in this group. At the top until they prove otherwise and so do I think we're going to be tenants cyclical not about a month ago now. But they think we could still at least get it. I don't think we're used to being bad. I would correct you and that we're used to being mediocre. Reviews that you were used to seven and I ate meat and you know about Columbine and seven script. You know we haven't had gotten treatment third team should think about it not for awhile and much has so many people hate. But he and it Doug Whaley and you know they they were Campbell park stuff like that. Speak it in some you know that this team and yet I think a lot of it has to. But they also brought some count that this is much more talented team in 2000 and Google these counts you know. By far. Mean we were the work count is seen in my opinion. Now I think that that changes and now and I think that we do you have a whole lot of talent on I hope Collins can. Can hang on one warrior you know I'm next year at this this yet. Today I eat might be able. Like to see him get through it and AB CNN actually enjoyed some success in and I agree kid Dan in and X of the call buddy I I do appreciate gotta run I gotta agree to break here but. Does the points he made I. I wholeheartedly agree with end. I just think you can't be the guy that is sick of the drought you camped to guide its outspoken about this team not being what they. It's either going to be every year because ultimately every year it's a win now because they have to get in the playoffs and and the Stroud and for the first time. We have people in place that are saying listen it is when now we want to win this year but we also realize that it's more about winning in the next five years over the course of five years. That it is just about this year and I'm I'm glad that there are people in place now that. That's sort of understand the bigger picture of this and not just the one year fix it's scheme that a lot of the people that have been in position before have really valued at 8030551885225. Of the Dan thanks for the great call. I appreciate it enjoy the riskier work afternoon my friend. Abbott got their break when we come back we're going to continue on if you wanna get your thoughts opinions between have yet they Gary WGR. Or you can cause it with real 55185. 25 if you're listening to the Sunday edition of sports talk seven re here on the PG. Believe they should build through the draft. In order to get us into this situation where we can achieve successful. And sustain it go through draft. We'll go. Still that coach Sean McDermott talking about building for the future but also. Understand there's games to be one now in and it's certainly the the sentiment that's. And at least in my opinion portrayed really since he's gotten here he's been very consistent on that fact. Nick here. Their Kramer separate project is joined us last segments if you missed any that it had had a BJ are fighting to dot com the on demand audio section check it out there air turner. Was in the first hour was a great and recently mr. either those you can head. To the on demand audio section and catch up. Accordingly. There. Like a bunker shot and Bayless as being that would hold shot. Welcome into the Sunday version sports talk senator welcome. Cage mate I enjoyed the sending urgent plea and Olin are on the radio today and excited that you guys illness on Sunday extent. Yeah. The brought up a few comments here did you take on in. You know it really you know analyze the game it was more like you know and it locking on our beat straight really count off that share the preceding games so. Their. Upper about the trade. I would listen lot dumber did you when he made an announcement my my job. It'd take several hours I would say by the end of the day. I start to realize that hey. This may not be that bad of a straight after also I'd like common the I am start a look at the positive side of it so. I wanted to comment on the that the line. Looked like it all back in the first series. Gerry is in the second there. Any problem with in the back field. Quite a bit throughout the game and we had our tech ops yet apparently he's been a beast in the trial can. How black hole without it in but the line. We're really put a lot of pressure on I was really excited that. In wonder where are. Of other people while he might make the roster now why take the roster. And why. And I wanna make comment directly really quick. But that might take from the beginning and let the coaches just say. He's it is the way. I kind of agree with the weather using their players in this training camp. Don't players they initial you know hombre. We're gonna keep them at number one. And not so quickly. Moving players that you can opt in that position. I think the fact that we've been down thirteen before the discredited. And I in the or in my. We're in a lot please. Don't want him to play with a third Hebert indiscriminate. I think there's definitely a message there. Is it is. And I'm the rightly continues to move back the step ladder. I don't think about it is the way. Mort as they did really. It analyze whether they played well and I. Yeah I think to. Sean thanks for the call I do I think you're right I think it almost maybe benefits him to be in the thirteenth. To get the most playing time he's gonna get but I'll say this. I think what they want to see. Is him dominate at that level he should in theory be dominating at the third team level. And I think unfortunately we can see that domination the way I wanted to see it because at the end of the date. If he's going to be starter in this league starters. Had two guys that are are trying to make a roster and that are good enough to be starters that are. That just haven't been noticed yet they tend to be the ones that are standing out against those thirteen defenses are those thirteen players. Because they're superior talents and I know and I understand and I'm I'm gonna be patient with Reggie rag I just I do really. I do really worry about the fact that he has on this up on this defense in the scheme Rick in Denver you're on the Sunday version of sports stocks aren't welcome. A great career you know. You take a look at the opposite we've got our operative line hasn't changed our quarterback that you are packed field championship. And I'm and you can make a legitimate argument that our wide receiver corps right now even without orchid is better than what last year in the humor rank and in bella that last year though I'm not sure why people are freaking out and when you take a look at the peace and you don't know we lock Gilmore and are blocked RB Gilmore told me not been right. And dark it was exactly current account now last year so if we get more and better more students don't eat and if you get a look deep I mean it I would greatly equal or better than it was last year as well though. I mean are they being doing an outstanding job of keeping this team competitive now. He stockpiled a bunch of draft picks for next here I mean Nick Edwards announced any job people shouldn't be up to them. Yeah I think it did what they did that game comes out and completely different. Blocks by the trade deadline he can get rid of some bad it'll probably have a lot of value. And pick up even more drastic and put it in even better position. And help out the bean and I think he'd do an outstanding job. I love your points Rick and and I think you're totally right I mean if you look at an I think what people have to do. When wind especially to people at every critical of this is a look at it in the sixteen game stint OK because of a full season to play. If you take this wide receiver Courtney can stay healthy over sixteen games compared to what she got sixteen games last year how can you walk away. And Tommy they're not better off at wide receiver than they were last year in the sink any. You look across the offensive line the other playwright stayed the same but you know what they tried to add some some some depth purposes that's a duke cost is gonna get some duct perk purpose play okay. You look at. Drafting the undock and also a guy that things can help out at some point this season. Patrick DiMarco at fullback is safe far and away better fullback which he had last year in this offense before back is going to be very important. And he'll look at I think they're running backed up got hurt a little bit but I think of Jonathan Williams is ready to take a step up plus you have that. That change of pace back. In. I Tolbert you know I hope you walk away and say right now over sixteen games that this offense is less talented and they were last year compared to what they put on the field. But yet they do it picnic I mean you think you're standard. That I mean we're upset about it and apparently the amount are. But can you imagine what the LA and we're gonna do have locked in locked and he. Which. Rights. And such a good point correct it's touching appointed as basic as I have been saying it's bearing the same position the bills were when they drafted Sammy. They did the same thing he treated they mortgaged future picks to bring in a player to help a guy they don't know can even really be a legitimate quarterback in this league it's but teams do. In and thought our guys thanks for all your points of that is a great call I appreciate your call on and Jeff I mean it's very etched on the break now because we are gonna carry the Sean McDermott live press conference from training camp so we're gonna do that or break come back a 145 we should have a live right here and a huge. All right they theory back here in our hammer studios several talk shows live at saint John Fisher coach Sean McDermott's expected to address the media here momentarily. So while lot I'll tell you that if you missed any of our show today or yesterday a sports talk Saturday it added a BG are fighting to dot com neon and audio section check us out there. We'll be up there momentarily and as I mentioned Sean McDermott is going to address the media here shortly live. From saint John Fisher practice starts at 215 so if you're headed down make sure you get there. The next few minutes it is he ticketed practice tickets are sold out so if you don't have a ticket you're looking get one at the door. I hope you're not on your way because he will be turned away there are no tickets remaining left for practice so lots of keep that in mind. As we continue. Moving forward with training camp practices training camp is a Bol dot. There's only a few practices remaining alive at saint John Fisher most of which are going to be moved back to Orchard Park. And to our field in the pro sports. Training facility so this morning your last chance is to check up hills practice. So what you are headed down make sure you will again have a ticket for because it is ticketed practice they will turn you away with out. 803055188550. To fight fifty if you wanted to get a call in here before we get to Sean McDermott you can do that. Between heavy Anthony Geary WGR or at WGR 55. Dietz and it ought obviously a lot of what we talked about today as. Barry contingent on how these guys look on the field in that did today as sale mention all the new faces Jordan Matthews. Roll who's the quarterback pages picked up release Charles James. And EJ gains all practice today for the bills. So if you're out there you should get an opportunity to see Jordan at these I'd assume he gets implemented pretty early right now that's starting offensive group. To sort of get him acclimated and get him sort of up to speed on what the offense is doing I think. I think it terms of what. In this cell sort of mirrored what I said to witnesses. You know when you look at this they are I think everyone really is sort of excited what this means about as a jones' it's how this coaching staff and organization feels about his ability to be number one receiver but I do think. That. I am not saying that Jordan math is going to be an abortion ready you are sliding toward met he's a little bit because he certainly. Maybe the most prolific guy currently on the roster. I mean certainly Anquan Boldin over the course of his career has been a more prolific receiver has the stats he's likely a whole thing receiver as Britain beat and shot record set multiple times but. In terms of what they can do right now who's got the ability. Are shown the ability to be a top notch flight receiver that is stored maybe turn that he's has proven that he is a top notched a top 25 receiver in this late. That goes for Stetson for what he's able to anfield ball. So I do think a lot of the criticism of Jordan Matthews it does get a little. It does Illinois is that you think that he deserves a fair shake and I think he'll get got to think bill's fans will be open. To allow injured Matt is especially when they hear who he is and what he's about there's a reason like Carson once was so upset that he lost. Are Nazis I mean you're starting franchise quarterback doesn't get upset about a guy if he's not ethical part. Not only to his success but the team's success I think that team and there's been stories and articles about what this might do to the locker room. You don't trade a guy who's not magical part of your team if he doesn't have a locker room issue. The guy was great locker he's huge he's a great leader and I think. I think what you're seeing two. Is a conscious effort by this organization to bring guys in they feel comfortable can be a leader at all times in the locker on and off the field I think it's super important. Two disorganization I think every move. Has sort of cemented that hole. Idea that this team is very important to damage to add players they feel. Can contribute on and off the field and only production wise being leaders. Because for the most part this young roster except for the some of the players the top the the more veteran players that there's really not a lot of middle guys it's it's either the veteran players and everyone else is really young. As I think they do need that sort of that voice that that calming voice in the coming presence in the locker room in and I think they are getting that not only Jordan Matthews but. I think what they've done in the offices in emboldened other British I think what they have the wide receiver position as Greta let's go live now Sharma Durbin speaking live training camp. In the concussion protocol will not practice today. According Glenn remains day to day will not practice. The car Rambo with a hamstring when I practice. Michael all. Get tweaked his. We'll tweak on his toe on his foot there will not practice and then keep on Seymour. Remains day to day with his foot. They don't called Anderson will practice. And was taken off PP. So. That'll take your questions. Here this Friday practice obviously it pretty shock is. I thought they handled it not as well as they could and you know they get the human element and and I appreciate that. These are relationships that are there and built up over time. Having said that there are mentally tough football teams and will continue to two. Increase in that area. The leadership did a phenomenal job and and they understand. That this is about winning this is about building a football team and so I was extremely proud. Or. Or. Right they will they'll both practice. You know right now it's about terminology in getting comfortable that they can go out there and execute and play fast. Both for a walk through this morning and nice job of I'm getting up to speed to this point and the that'll be it. A process as we go through the next couple days as well. When you visually through these days it's going to be. It characters from the outside pocketbook slot. Yeah. Let's that's a great part about it you know he's played inside his plate outside citi's position flex its cars that grows he started multiple games before. So he's he's in competition with the rest of the corners. For those little spots both inside and. We'll go to the the process of getting those guys. You know when you can get them reps. But the biggest challenge. I probably rallying the terminology. Both of these players have been around different system in fact. Jordan's been around a couple of different systems and with a couple different quarterbacks I think three or four maybe four or five different quarterbacks. To be jacked so he's he's done a nice job over his career of adapting and that really just tie the vocabulary and terminology of what is this team what the Buffalo Bills call. A curl route one teen calls it X it can cause of why so just that part of a bit on the on the front and is excited because her. Given that he could be built have free days of practice. He's the objective try to get them to get them speed that it could be that game because you're running. Yes that it absolutely is to get them. Some game action. This week. You know so. We'd like to take a look at them. In Philadelphia. I'm excited about what we're about to see at practice them a debt to wish. We've been getting acclimated to what we do and teammates. That they're new teammates. Really embracing them and seeing how they're going to add to what to what we already had into the core of our football team. Army officer said. Is that what it reason I was kind of want frequently target in this that. Scouting department did a phenomenal job. Of identifying EJ is as a potential in this situation potential players and you know tough football players corners that tackle. You nexus now are are part of what we believe it. And the identity or part of the identity of the defense. And he's done of course is career. We look forward to getting him on the field and and integrated and what we do and watch him compete. From her porch. There. Well it's it's it's the physical part of the gain it's the awareness part of the game knowing where. Your health news and how you use your leverage your position. In the overall defense and how you fit into the overall scheme will we. The term we use is being 111 of the defense or 111 of the offense or special teams really. And really in the day it's done doing your job. I've got a job to do. They had a job to do and and being accountable for your responsibility. Forty. It right. Yeah we're still concerned about it we're hopeful. So you know we just we take it one day at a time and you know we look forward getting back on the field. Not to my knowledge at this point. So it was important part of the schedule it was patently offensive. That was that we could read more or considered after its. He hadn't. Put them play and it had to work out so his absence from practice today. Well we're looking at some things right now. And and so they need you right now which is it stated. Just go back to being real quick I was just a couple times. All it. Maybe it was what. It. I was I was impressed and he did a nice job we were in rhythm early and then we had a setback with a penalty which we discussed. And I was not happy about the penalties on offense or overall as a football team he can't win. Doing that. So but I was I was pleased with the way he moved the football the way you get the football out of his hand. When when given the opportunity. And kept kept us on track. Again outside the penalties. Sun in the events you know what we've Corey being injured as a user account control Anderson his visit suspension he's he's done mostly all the work. But tackle. Who else will step in to cool he. Bill you were there. We've got some guessing that the emphasis switches which is. Critical to extremely important position. Beyond what would potentially move over we get that far. At this point to use them uncomfortable at the right position. But here what we do need to have a continues to plan in place. Feel the risk that you know built up over this spring should serve him well. Gloria do very well. We're hopeful world. Off I don't mean it would go to the just. Yeah where is he. We watch that we it really felt a whole lot of practice but it looks like it's built little well. I'll just be you feel that these rookies go through rookie stuff right now or you like which. Well like I like part of what I see. The rest of it is him. Getting used to playing in the NFL and getting used to just getting up to speak on. Adjusting to NFL techniques adjust adjusting to NFL. Life and that's typical of. So there's not. Any. No reason for four concern at this point he's he's doing the job we did some really nice things in the game. And and give credit to Jordan Hill Stuart mills is not. You know he's not easy easily given up that position here I mean he's fighting and having been nice camp and had a great spring so it's a good competition going on there and that's. Want to make us better itself once the game. The captain of our site at say an average of one million shots play and didn't use it part of that process though if you let and that movement walking. It was good it was good it was good experience. Really on the one across the field. On the defense what they had that they completion. I can get a good look at it quite honestly and and they are getting up to the lines I felt like. You know really we heads. Had played timeouts that time wanted to get one out there either way throughout the game and. So that could've gone either way those close. The lowest for shadow really really yank and can get a quick look at it but. You know those I always look at. Kind of cost benefit that point was that would have been about five yard completion to overtake and. Still felt like we had a chance the next round to get to get the first down. Yet those those are good experience and there's a lot to learn from that game and you watch all the other pre season games going on there's a lot of good situation football player. Yeah. Yeah history. Receiver isn't. Done most of their guns alive and talk to bill at all whether it's so yes. And we've discussed that as a stand. You know did a day. Would interest me would exercises as. As a football team is good football players you find places for good football players and you look at both of those players production and upon him. And Jordan over the years there's been quite a bit of it and in this life you mention. But it also played outside as well. So you know we're gonna put good football players on the field and also put him in position. To have success. It's not a student we're. It's. This week came unexpected unexpected we and it's time that does seem like a very you think you will fit what you wanted to. Focus on. Still when you look at what you went through Thursday night and into Friday morning and just how much we shall it was. Did you. Do you think that kind of helps you so weighs just big goal beat as the cavalry division or two. To understand elected him to go through at this point guards in vehicles that. Others besides. Going back to there's that human element that is it is there we must now. Across our building that said. It's important words football. And echoes throughout the whole building. This is now making news we feel this football team and that's what winning program. No word yet difficult times and and it's important. We have football team prepares cells. Something that you've heard it before we had listening coaches. You know. And we must go forward. Named Nellie. Justice changed in other players did a phenomenal phenomenal job. And out at a practice. Edge which saw. But the focus is. It. I. All right that's bill's head coach Sean McDermott that's gonna do it for mediate -- here on your Sunday edition of sports talk said he thinks to gear Kramer set up Apache owner turner you missed any of our show you get that WGR 550. Dot com and check it out there for me Nate theory and for everyone else thanks very much next programming you're gonna pay attention to Monday morning tomorrow morning. Power and Jeremy back get it for a full week. Interesting stuff has to be to move into the pre season the nuts and bolts of the pre season. Don't know what they have a good night good day a good weekend and enjoy a your Buffalo Bills.