08-16 The Nightcap Hour 1

Thursday, August 16th

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He joy had told cool. Dude yeah. But what I'm doing. What in God's name are we doing. All our lives. I'm so please. Like children but not then no we're not we're not blend between a nightcap Ali we sit nearly sixty like two minutes. We should be haven't. I saw this but we're sixty. We're pathetic I know that's got like I don't know that apathetic on WGR. Sports Radio 515 here so thank you ask your selves. Isn't that something more. This. Woman Leon's. News. Well committing to the final nightcap both. He week. As tomorrow we got the bills and we got the browns and we got pre season game number two pregame starts for clock kick off at 730 hello everybody I'm Judy the Osce. Derek cut their car their Kramer. With me here tonight I don't know why said that even thought about the raiders today at all of them what they're car all the neck and wasn't because Jon Gruden said their cars mastering the raiders offense and a total. Fluff piece of Diddy and his illness yeah of that that is aid. That is the training camp that I have lying if I ever heard that the training camp fluff piece on yet definitely I don't you like they're current court. Like their card into systems got my name we got pre season football tonight. Super Bowl rematch. Eagles at the patriots there's another game to organ. At the Steelers Steelers Packers and then jets and Redskins this week three games that nice easily plethora of Saddam's and I I have. I sometimes sometimes I stopping that's what I hear pre season tonight. Maybe a lot of people just that at me and Amy and pre season action is still cool because it's fine. It's fine to me when there's an intriguing. Young quarterback prospect it goes up by a week. In the pre season and and it just hits this crater. All the sudden. With the fourth so. Yet there's going to be more interest in next week's game. And it's on Sunday too which is kinda neat and then. Well after that it just. Craters and relocate we get the right label enough priority area but to me like. It's hard to get a more intriguing pre season game than tomorrow night especially for. For the bill sake. Because you've got Tyrod Taylor can decide you've got that thing later in the game. Now maybe Allen police have two is tomorrow on this is in the same as last week but like last week against the Panthers. When most people bwic turning the game off when Matt Simms was in the game in the fourth quarter. When he was Josh Eleanor and Mickey got CNET. And this week you got Josh Allen and then when the browns come on the field instead of having to see Garrett Gilbert for the Panthers it's all right tyrant. He's back let's see he's got shorts baker may feel the team he's all about. Villagers intrigue all over the place in the scheme tomorrow can be really interesting game I can't wait for I don't know if I ever said that about pre season game for that could not wait for pre season game. But I am I'm excited to see what else got a mom city's Sunni fields got. Even the veteran guys Taylor. Caron Peterman. All. And then we'll get to see a different look at and hard knocks that's and other parts. You'll get to see. Since off the you won't see tomorrow night and Tuesday night when he HBO who episode number three for hard knocks comes. An hour to talk about bills browns. Tonight not about the pre season matchup though. But looking at the two franchises. Going forward on the long term and the short term because. You know a feeling nationally they maybe Dick work together. Northeast Rust Belt. Neither have really had much of any success. In the last. Fifteen years plus other than the bills making the playoffs last year. But the browns now have the biggest drought in the NFL the bills had the longest drought in the NFL. Both just don't kind of register I don't think nationally until now because they both went out and drafted young. Cornerbacks in the top ten. May feel for the browns don't for the bills. And the browser kind of a joke from what they've been hard not having not like people look at them like a joke. Yeah it's hue Jackson mainly yet because you're Jackson's got these two. Huge personality use as coordinators sometimes just going at each other's throats in Gregg Williams and Todd Haley. And it's kind of strange to have such personas underneath the guy that seems so mild mannered like hue Jackson. Yeah and he'd like this seems like a real nice dude I'm seeing just went through a ton with both his mom his brother dying. But. I I would wanna cut him some slack but then again. The week he seems to run his team. Vs what we saw from Sean McDermott yesterday in and batted. Two completely different things. Now again but the bills are picking out what they're shown from interment and HBO's pick in now with the show went from hue Jackson. So. You gotta take it with a great assault. And I think head coach right now. I don't like anyone would say they would CQ Jackson over trauma that's an advantage for the bills and lets us do this right now let's talk about who would you rather be long term. The bills and browns I think it's the bills. But. I feel like the few that the fueling a route your specialty is all I'd much rather beat the bills. But look at the but the browns are just that they're horribly run organization won in 31 the last two years but I'll talk about going forward. And while I do think I'd rather be the bills I don't think it's a blowout I think it's kinda close and the reason I think it's kind of close. Is because of the difference in quarterback we don't know what the difference in court that is for sure but. They got the guy the 11 overall we got together once seventh. They got the guided doesn't have accuracy issues. We do. They got the guy who was amazing in college Heisman. Taking Oklahoma huge games beating big schools. And we got the guy who struggled in the mountain west. So there's a lottery any increase in game number one need feel booked consistent. Accurate. Super mobile in the pocket. Allen looked great at times in inconsistent in the others. So. If I had to pick which quarterback I'd rather have right now I would pick mayfield. That's not an indictment on what John shields going to be because we don't know Josh don't gonna be we don't know baker may feel it's going to be but it. We kind of did a re draft right now and for some reason you gave the bills the first peck I would want them to take bigamy field over Josh Allen. So the fact that they have the quarterback I'd rather have. I think that means closer. Fighting the Abdullah likelihood that neat deal busts is lower than the likelihood that Alan Boss. Now may be. The likelihood Allen is like in a leaked superstar quarterback is higher than me fields. But I would still take me field. I would give them the advantage long term quarterback right now if I had to decide right now sitting here today I would do that and come pick him between the two franchises right now than any type depict the quarterback based on right now I've only what I have to work with. And then. Look at some of the other pieces. The bills. Offensive weapons are getting older. Mccoys thirty. Clay is going to be coming up in the end it is contrary to your pretty soon he's. What 2829. Years old buddy Gil there in that. Kelvin Benjamin has been around for a few years. While Cleveland has. Some guys in their offense that we don't know that their stars but the youth. On the side they got David in joke who was a real nice looking young tight end. First round pick last year they got nick shove the draft a second round running back he's young. You Johnson's a young running back. Wide receiver you just locked up way injury free huge contract I don't like Jarvis entry I will never root for Jarvis Landry I would not want my team decides our sleigh injury but I do acknowledged that he is a very good wide receiver. And he's not old. The other receivers are kind of iffy to me I would give Cleveland a huge advantage deposition. Callaway looks like a nice player but did you watch hard docs. With him dear did you see the last episode. Whole recount. The first I don't know after the Coleman trade the Michelle. They're showing Callaway. And it started off by showing. The the marijuana arrests there was an arrest but the deciding on those on the Sunday night. They show that. Then they show Callaway at practice. I the next day of the day after where he is yet to tell. Anyone in the browns at that happened and he's practicing out there he super quiet he's. But a lost puppy Todd Haley actually comes up dorm in the keys given what one word answers is it's off the coordinator in music you know what's wrong. The something's up. Would you give you look like a lost puppy right now. In Kelly's would not responding stating they're not responding but that screens immaturity to meet snapped players selected to sit here and as soon Antonio cal always going to be. Some star receiver I think. It seems like the kind of guy that might be. Apt to get into trouble. Obviously with the history and then that showing hard knocks but he can't even. Getting to look your bosses in the face and say you must stop. And they found out anyway you knew they were gonna find him. So can't really make a judgment on the receivers pass Landry but I would still give the browns an event there. I'll give an event in the office line. I would say is ditto as Joseph Thomas debit bills have Dawkins right now and going forward to me that's about it. Like but in three years on the line. At least the browns get some young second round picks that they got the league maybe they can be good. To me again that's elegant big difference. The reason I would pick the bills. Is because had coaching. And I think they are we better set up on the defensive side of the football. So much so I think their secondary. Is not only great right now bush is set up to be good for a long time because white is young and poirier and hide our young to. Not as young but still in the twenties. Cleveland's. What are they and defense that's the only thing holding me back I'll Zain area Garrett great dental thing or to. Rookie. There's reasons that there's reasons to be optimistic about the continent I towers who. I don't think so down I don't think dot I know is Jamie concentrated there and I don't Collins yeah there there either. Can't councils in the country though he still is on the east those accounts. It's 31 tackles last year alone wow he must have been injured and then. Yes six games. He's had some injury issues though. I love with the bills our defense. But I would pick the browns if I had to pick personnel on the office said football quarterback is part of that not just the rookie. I set I would have taken I would take mayfield over Allen right now. I would take Tyrod over McCarron or Peterman I had to I think he is a better quarterback than those who. Again that's not a huge difference to me if we're talking about long term stuff here. That doesn't factor into it too much. But I would pick him. There's a lot of reasons I think to be optimistic about if you're browns fans here not just because a we're going to be better than we have been before. But they could make some serious noise I would be completely shocked. I think it's 67 win football team. I think they're gonna be okay. Adding bills will be right around there too which is why I don't think it's crazy to say oh yeah the browns can be better in the bills this year. I mean it's crazy. And they were acting like the browns are what they ban the past two years. I just I don't see it there's too much changeover I think. I'm their offense. To see that happen they were. They're the plan for success last year was to have to Sean Kyser drop back to pass forty times a game. And I think he was if you didn't set the NFL record he was nearing four turnovers in the red zone. But he was really bad last year. And at the very least you know you're hitting average correctly for Tyrod Taylor. And it baker may feel works his way into the gate works his way and at some point the number one overall pick. I don't know I love mayfield. I I think he could really do great things that even on the short term. So yes. Like I said. I would take the bill's long term right now. And short term I think I would do. But I think we're making it out to be like the bills are just. Kenseth had of a team like Cleveland right now I don't think that's really the case thicker had released a few steps. It just a few steps they celebrate their drop to their own on. Just too great so sixteen years. It's getting there. Or fifteen years the bills put an eighteenth some three difference. What do you think 830550. Is the phone number how big a gap is there right now between the bills and the browns. Long term and short term. What are your thoughts on Twitter and getting some. Getting a lot of reaction. Lot of people sing at it would be crazy to say of their close. At the bill's life says it rather have the browns Roth roster but I'd much rather have our coaches and front office I completely agree that I don't think John Dorsey though. A ligament but just like him because he wears those sweatshirts. And paradoxes he wears that dad's watcher it's. But the old with these were in the old browns. Grace what your from the ninety's. I don't looks pretty cool. But yeah out to bring in meaner and and take shelter and so I agree with that mom. Pill says totally agree. The gap is small. Wide receiver race has been fun. For the bills but that would take the browns. Overall sentiment I think of Bob says I would the bills have a ton of picks and cap space next year I think the bills. We know the browns look like next in the bulls have a ton of granted standard amount didn't have an excellent. As an effective probably one blast as they treated knowing notes Tony Tony mind state pointed to have their standard amount actually do believe. Yes so I cap space that that's another thing you could talk about here the bills too heavy to haunt of cap space next year. So you write all the deficiencies are just mentioned an offensive in the browns are batter in the bill that. With the bills could very well go to fix that next year. And for I know I shouldn't feel this way. But I feel better about Sean McDermott and I did point for hours ago. After what Rick just being able to see that he's not just a robot that we see in the media. A guy that won't tell anybody anything. That doesn't really seem to have much the personality. You try to talk about late. Does rain and stuff and and never seen the bite on it could just be a with the media and that kind of seems that way because. I know it's just the bills picking and choosing what they wanted to show in indicted. But I'd I look for asylum like that he was willing or he's willing to let guys like Trey white have a personality. I love that. And you don't want too much of that. But what Rex Ryan did bridges let's everybody go fly off the chain whenever they want to. What the last thing I would want. Is to have had coach. Coaching my favorite football team. And be like a drill sergeant. Not allowing guys to be themselves. And McDermott seems like more of a down to earth. Understandable guy relate evil guy after watching that last night that again I'm still not sold on them. Because of all the game day situations. But we still there's still I think some work to be done he was a rookie in that sense last year. But. There are decisions that colts game the were to there was a mistaken that falcons game there were decisions and it chief's game. That I think need to be corrected. Then again I would much rather have him over hue Jackson right now. And that I think is big be the biggest reason that I would take the bills over the browns going forward. But just be I think it's the quarterback for me I think it's the mayfield vs Alan and that I would just I would much rather have me feel right now. Ben Allen and I think that's what's making it closer but it depends and I think a lot of this is and and what your thoughts are those two quarterbacks. Because a lot of people even like a road here like Alan more than they feel beaten before the draft. So for those people. It definitely not even close you want bill's a thousand times over the over the browns. It through 550 is the phone number what do you think how big a gap is there between the bills in the Brown's short term. And long term we will start the segment off with mark in Cheektowaga marked on Ayman Europe you are on the neck. I love this shall. I don't you know you can compare those compete like apples oranges I'd meet outflow which a lot more play our team. He won about 131. Holiday or even at age is is baffled he. I mean I don't think you can compare my eagle everybody's talking Cleveland or older. But not yet I mean if they're all. They haven't done nothing I mean they've gone out be it got a number one wide receiver they might get another wide receiver Dez Bryant and it's you know. For as much as Dean Mcdermott say it's a quarterback league they get as quarterback league and that's part of the reason I wanted to move on from Taylor to improve their. The browns. Half of the quarterback. That the most important position they have the guy that was at that position for you when you made the playoffs so there is a difference. It's not the same to me if that's the most important position in the browns I think got markedly better there. This year I think tyra is going to be a big improvement over what they had and Sean Kaiser he has had to be great I don't think he will be great I think will be good to average. That's going to be a big improvement the bills had a day average. And there's a chance that they get were they get worse than that. So I think that's another reason you compare them quarterback for both teams is different than last year. And again we're not sure we're gonna get with either team I think at the position. Depending on. If Cleveland besides go to mayfield at some point because otherwise having you know Dion Taylor. Letting you know Cleveland's getting better there. Sean Keyser was a tire fire last year. That was an all on him. He probably should never been put in that situation. He was essentially asked to carry that offense last year. As a second round pick in eleven touchdowns and 22 interceptions he twice as many picks it Thompson's. He was put a tough spot but he was he'll be back at next year he was so bad last year. So they're getting better and we cannot say sitting here today that the bills got better for this year at quarterback. I don't you cannot say that. No way. Adding their compatible. I really don't. I think they have the each have some flaws at positions. I think they each have some strengths I think both teams went out and got better at certain positions. The bills that it got better pass rush they may they are better linebacker the browns got better wide receiver. I'd probably say they got better running back to. Don't feel fight if he's a phone number let's go to Joseph Joseph earlier on like the top. Did I did. I'll be deported or not coward go look at quarterback he called. I would hope that that we we didn't odd look John you ought at all probably aren't. What he did acknowledge. Let alone com. I don't know would you would you don't think about. I called Edberg big benefit I love it either. But there's been solely quarterback. Kurt. Very big but it didn't want got a pretty. Am I have watched. Completion percentage and I still don't understand. Why the Austrian adopted you've gotten because what would be pretty good all week eight it's Ike are straight. Repeat what it. Never good example block border Baghdad could be bad but we did much higher percentage. I don't bet it does that thought patent. This guy's been beat I'll be back. Right Joseph thanks for the call I kind of feel the same way. On I'm more optimistic though that I think I was when they drafted him in an honestly. I hate to sound like injure crisis on. So forgive me if it sounds it sounds like it's jerky about it. It didn't accepted that the man is the bills quarterback for at least two to three years. By now I mean c'mon get over to. Yeah but like. Yet I just I don't wanna selling age you know late at the worst he's here for at least the next two years I think if he's Paxton late she could start to argue for that thirty years that we saw have a DJ. And is that this is Lynch's third year this is when just thirty SO two for sure yes. So again I really but it didn't accepted by now c'mon. Get over it and let's at least hope for the best here even if you don't like the fact is he Isabelle no matter what. You'd rather wanna be proven wrong man to continue to stay on this horse and be proven right. So that's just me at this poignantly if you having gotten over it get over it let's go to RJ RJ what's up and Dominique. And what's going on I don't know I don't avail. Good wanting you keep going Beck what good that'd be proud of Bill Clinton like blogger not a lake. But for the longest time they've been in. We're there. Whitney Bennett because of their offices. The drafts have been horrible they've over reached and we discussed yesterday I think about the first pro quarterback and where you pick up. Moved reaganite I'm optimistic about the bill is because she knew as loam is the joke of an older. And they actually brought in somebody who normally money ball for bra it's how did they even worked in professional football. Didn't worse. And that would just say why would he wouldn't even think that you know that this is tiger routine. Well to me I would just looking at it Cleveland's changed that over I mean they've got. Bill football guy they got John Dorsey and so. While I think there were obviously flaws to what that previous or the previous regime did in Cleveland. Going analytical but they kind of put a bad taste in people's mouth with that. But. To me now they have John Dorsey in there. The it's different machine you can't put I don't think. The last couple seasons on him yes Sasha brown got fired for reason he put together sari roster. Overall. There were some talented pieces but overall it was not a roster design on winning. And K and you first decade mind you baker mayfield but hey it also and Sasha brown in the unemployment line what is funny though too is. Like the analytical guys would have told you it took me field. And that's the route the browns went even though they have the quote unquote football guy back the globally on the guy said that but. They picked mayfield. Despite the fact that he's not big. He's not a prototypical quarterback. They took him anyway. Adding me to its past and how good use. And obviously there's work to be done I mean he could Cleveland's. Let's be honest. Really the greatest spot if your quarterback coming into the league. F that Josh Rosen pretty much didn't wanna go there. You probably never had a choice. He went. Ninth tenth tenth I think to Arizona but even wanna go there. Part of that is how they've been run. And I think maybe you've got to give them a fresh start the get a new GM. It may might be a little tougher to do it all the way though because they still have the same head coach. 8030550. Is the phone number if you wanna get in on the conversation how big a gap is there between the bills and the browns take your calls. Coming up next it in a fair fight to diss the phone number Jody B Osce in their Cramer tonight capped a WG. Welcome back to the nightcap. Jody the Osce and there Cramer here and WGR Sports Radio 550. Talk about the gap between the bills and browns. How big one is there. I think most of us especially around here we all say we take the bills even I would. But there are reasons I think the make closer than a lot of people are leading on correcting. The browns are getting killed I think nationally. Because of the way they seem to be run but their coordinators are. Important seem like more disciplinarian than there are coach. It's just fine and hue Jackson seems a real nice dude but. You want that guy running your team. In you had every reason to fire him not not now obviously towards for a season. It's impossible on 31 the past years you had a reason to get rid of them if you wanted to you. He was a head coach before. He was head coach before he would he was the coach for one year in Oakland in 2011. The raiders day year went eight in eight. With I believe Jason Campbell as their starting cornerback. Look it up right now. It did not make the playoffs obviously a name. Carson Palmer started nine games. To remember that Carson Palmer and the raiders. I hardly knew Jason Campbell started six games Kyle bowler started one. Then. So locked. He's coached before. But I don't think they had a good reason keep them. I was giddy more an update here on the browns Mary Kay Cabot from Cleveland dot com all over the browns. All over. Everything is happening down there Cleveland including Dez Bryant. Who apparently was still visiting with. The browns as a couple hours ago. They might sign him but more an update on the browns end of what they could be looking like going into the season with Mary Kay Cabot Cleveland dot com on with one bill's life earlier today. Joining us on the line right now the subway Kristi ally. Talk about the browns is a close observer for Cleveland for several years. She used to be brighter for Cleveland back I'm covering the browns very happy to have Mary Kay Cabot on the Limas barricades John Murphy and Steve tasker in buffalo thanks for joining us today. It's great to talk with the U Dez Bryant yes no it's gonna happen what are you know. We're here today. Oh that will factor this do they think they're gonna get dropped aspect and yourself you know where you have announced. Quality reps for all these guys to go around can you keep your lingering happy and don't Gordon and deadlines and mentor in Ocala so. In one respect that the current crop have on that they're going to have to. We're here today Garrett is in town. What is the timeline on Josh Gordon is he gonna make it back for week one or any current training camp bringing the pre season. You know I there are still people I talk to thinks he's going to be back possibly in time for a deal to sell. I don't know for sure everything went bad very very secretive about that but there are some people there optimistic that he is going to make it back for the. America Steve brought this up on our show earlier today and I wanna get to weigh in on this. Chemistry issues if Dez Bryant is here if by Jeff Gordon comes back Jarvis Landry strong personality. I mean how much personality can you handle that they have won their position group that won wide receivers meaning. Well it's a lot the lot and you know they sit now says fine I've been writing and saying they're going to harp the power. That or we'll turn to this when your critics feel like you must you rain we want to go distraction. We don't want social media brand. We don't want you greet any negative energy to the football game and the YouTube basically going to work out I think they they are. Laid out what law they cannot afford any more distractions. In this talking Turkey receiver it's just. Nearly it becomes. A circuit shelves after awhile if that's what it's going to be so. They've really got to tell him that you don't want certain terms were not putting up with anything. How does this affect me Tyrod Taylor and of course baker mayfield as well I mean the quarterbacks have thrown all these guys today he did they have guys others had. In those top four guys you're looked you're talking about of course Josh Gordon is even in the mix right now who else is gonna step in. And is it affecting the quarterbacks. Well I think the quarterbacks are strong enough you know themselves to handle. A quarter quote you are you are types that that they might have to be yelling let the pertinent but Derek and Aspen these guys are thinking. I think they can handle it I think that our care is better. And he's been around on we didn't eight in the NFL he watched until apple handles things forward. Up forty years or you're not became a starter and it all right you guys now so. Yes he can handle these kind of guys are pretty sure. I don't think he's worried about that and baker made here is this thing he he started 46. And think how much I don't think it's not like somebody that has started twelve games coming in an eternity in. Really wrong slot receiver personality. Baker has got oh wait it out now he's a leader and I don't think that it was the ignition and the. I'm Leah subway Christie outlined with Mary Kay Cabot covers the browns for Cleveland dot com also. Brown's analyst for a thirty KYCTV and NB CS and in Cleveland. Mary Kate one more receiver one former browns receiver to ask about Corey Coleman traders awaited the bills couple Sundays ago. What do you think his prospects are here and why wasn't that the Cleveland Browns gave up on him fairly early in his career. You know he got to the got out kind of early on for a number of reasons that things weren't strikes against camps here was. It was a lot of people was that he. You're the first player picked in the it was the Audi expect that they receive from. That Carson like tree and think what I'll let you know in Jackson hadn't thought cheaper and that picture you're there. It's an unnecessary. It not a great way to start. Trying to rebuild your franchise record. Yeah with the receiver or maybe you're. A little bit. I. Think it can't. I think there are on the wrong and then he couldn't stay healthy he hamstring injury he had a broken hand in each of the first eight. And I think he just never got on the right track and that we're the incidence. In that. I'm the U that is his apartment where are you unit furthered its friends or at least. At the scene. You know I young and fun. A suburb of Cleveland. Who. You know allegedly got beat up and was electrically based reflect our current or. Corey parking. Corey was never charged with anything his brother was charged for and other con Jerry and I and his friend was charged. With something I think a felony. But you know back in that policy organization even that he was involved in this type of in or at least present. As this type of an incident that Atlanta aren't so I bet did not help him either. And then you look at the arm but he'll stop if you watched our. We don't cut that doesn't make them look how he wants. If you watched. The last episode of hard act you can see that they just didn't feel it biting all we feel that. You know this is packed with early in the game that he was giving it full effort and attention that it is working hard enough. Currency and opt out but you know I don't think I got on the dot here and he could never get himself up. Give us a little insight as to the hard knocks ward of the fans in Cleveland I mean every team who has this hard knocks I mean their fans gonna eat that up. What do the fans in Cleveland saying about it because it you know the I know that there's some drama always in these hard knocks episodes and whatever team is doing it they try to. Play up the drama how the fans in Cleveland reacting to it and what are your thoughts on how it looks for the team. Why don't I I think that that people are really enjoy it I think it. It was bringing a lot of attention to this team some of it good you know summer babies were okay. I interpret your making it seem like that coaches were tallied on the same page in the first episode and things like that. But I think you bring supplies for the last week used a little bit of life partner quote. Well sixteen important that people. Are are like me show going marriage that they've got them. Our actual players like our Landry who are turning their eyes get to interpret our I think that that is good for the team. Our Kate one of the things well as one of the the blessings on our necks I think is it kind of reveals that hue Jackson is not. And how to put it he's he's he doesn't seem to have as a strong grip on his team when you look at those. Those volatile. You know type a personality coordinators and some of the big personalities on the player ranked. You think that's accurate to say based on what we see a hard act as you rejected really in in full command that team. Absolutely 100% here for command of the game and I think that what you thought it. The thirteenth what are established. And he does have some really strong. Guys that were incurred to protect go to orchard aren't you know he's establishing that you know what exit my shell out so if our rest. Writers strike at them to receive the grouping our current Medicare. And I think that was actually in him you know establishing his crown as saying now that this is. You know this is the spot I get to ride the buses with. The quote what. You know I was shortlist let's talk a little bit about this actual game between the bills in the browns' tomorrow night what what are some of the front burner. Issues that the browns wanna look at in this game against the bills in Cleveland. While their starters it played very much simply ate snacks in the first. Cool I think they route to get irons a better look at Tyrod Taylor. Which is receivers with his skill players they need to establish the run batter they need to get a better look at Joseph Antonio at left tackle. Any existing market poll are fanciful first offense can operate so you'll feel that more the first team that network to see continued progress. Baker they feel they are very encouraged what they sub par in his first game but and now they would like to see. A little bit more of that and I had baby. Correct some of the mistakes that he made. His first outing also. There weren't that time he didn't really nice job but you're just keep him going and then. Also want to see that number four overall pick as our. Not Bear Bryant he apparently over the coming content war are then they'll order yeah. I said the award you know getting out there and just start getting more experience because they are relying on to beat their shutdown corner. This baker may feel to have the look of franchise quarterback would you say America. He did you need that first game I will tell you that they edit the green room saying that. It become higher. The group counts he has exceptional car counts all about. Very at he's got astronomer he aren't. It goes exactly where he wanted to go to the accuracy is uncanny. I have you know OK here like that I don't look okay here like at least not in many many years. We can get put the ball I and I mean like out there his Forte how about there curry anecdote where the market. That's those are good for Wallace for quarterbacks have no question of but I think one of the reasons the browns grabbed him so early and and kind of bypassed other guys in the strapped with with or without our tally is. His charisma this guy seems to get. Black players around him to rally. Talk a little bit about his personality and and why that's kind of the difference maker for May feel. Well you know your race car that he is somebody that Eric I follow here you're the leader. And they want to that they wanted to border they're very wiry strong personality that could come in here. Aren't capable by the horns and lead this team that Macs or over from her arm. That next level is expected championship out of him or multiple championships out of him at some points so. That was probably one of the number one quality they apparently like it here for the number one quality that was that a physical. Passing Mary Kate is an hour ago but up. Based on last year's results for the browns what's. Realistic. You know goal for Cleveland this year in terms of number winced and get this 678 Windsor may be even more. Yeah you know I. I think they can't predict anything that they can't when I looked and it you know position by position. I don't think any position where he just stop. And they don't have any bad. I think it really good talent at a lot of positions. And it all comes together which I think it is going to come down into the quarterback. When it comes out for Iraq and I'll. People this whole thing together or baker later in the season are but they get good quarterback play. Anything's possible let's start out with that definitely is that and then C a coach from the. Did you say Tehran do we have to change the we pronounce his name now the IOF. Dead I see your your meddling if you know what I rivers here for three years he never corrected me I think it's too late now it's right. I. Hear Q in the figure sort of on attacked. But I'm gonna. Mister curry I baker bell and at a. I go to America thanks for this we'll see the gain of our re preaching he spent a few minutes with us today thank you. Oh yeah. They're Kay Cabot Cleveland dot com there with John Murphy in Steve. Tasker we'll take a timeout here. Continues talk about our conversation in the gap between the bills and the browns long term short term how big is it 830550s. The phone number. More next Jody B Osce in their Cramer here on the night. Yeah they. Gary Coleman rankings topic you're in Cleveland when he talked about the ground that coat check out because well 13 want. There writer. From the net 83 the fan Cleveland it's still amazing that they went one and 31 the past few seasons. That's all bad. And that is the reason probably that a lot of fans would think to your questions. A little on the crazy side because. Even if you can accuse Jackson isn't the head coach anymore. Well there's no question at head coach is there another flame out like a hue Jackson. Or did they finally get their coach Wright because they haven't done it for a long time I think. Did you get the quarterback right whoever the coaches you get the coach. That happens a lot intensity correct but at the same time this is stable. I don't want it keeps saying because it's still the browns but at the same time. Eight the having a franchise that. Has fired coaches before after only one season to see to me it's not faith in that franchised faith that make me feel it's gonna be really good quarterback and it fell into me if he's a really good court wrecking NFL. I just can't all the other brown is not being relevant. All the other pieces fall in place certain that happens and play. Yet Jackson I had to be honest I don't think he's gonna coach the whole season that doesn't mean they have to be. One to fifteen again he can be fired at 35 or six that it's sort of a 67 once. Very easily. Their schedules not easy either. But. If I remember correctly it's easier towards the back and I mean which to me that might be the spot where he jacks up. No schedules easy after you've gone when list to be fair if it. While that's true is that you'd Cleveland looks like the gimme game and everybody else's schedule out of browns fans look at their schedule hey I mean. We gotta thank the browse for being terrible actually be carries. That's how the bills made it by a tie breakers with Baltimore and it was based. The opponents when percentage and playing Cleveland twice torpedoed. The havens. In that category. 8030550. Is the phone number if you wanna get in on the conversation and it upward if you wanna talk about bills browns course so it take your calls. Or transitional little bit though because I'm looking for tips. What to do do's and don'ts. For paint ball. A plane I've got time on Saturday I've got a guy isn't it soak it perfect and anybody else Derek sitting in recent tips. If you wanna give you some tips do you could also Texas 55550 or between that meets the key GO WGR to talk about paint ball the next hour retirement bills in the browns'. Anymore that I kept Jody B Osce in dare Kramer however to come up next here WG here.