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Thursday, August 16th

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These cell comply GO. Well cup not shield itself up dungy ills. Jump on GO sound to apology. Ngo. I'll go post yields down coat on geo on WGR. Way. But. All right first road trip the air for army and sell pot you know Roland with the bills. Still kind of counts is behind the scenes of bills training camp's. Scars on concern. Mets brought to you by our friends and I'll let liquor for the lowest poverty prices in the state shop outlet liquor. So Al from beautiful downtown Cleveland how are MM. It is beautiful downtown Cleveland I'm doing fine but it's very rainy beautiful downtown Cleveland to. Stop draining that when we got we got here. We landed it was it was raining pretty good and on the way here it was rain and it's not now but it's still pretty cloudy and I think it might even rain a little bit tomorrow night as far as what I see in the forecast. Bummer all right well I I see from. WGR 550 dot com. That you and I had kind of a mind meld going on about this game tomorrow night because I wrote today. That I'm I'm I'm I'm excited behind this team I think but the story lines are obvious and I think. Interest thing and of course I've got in or quarterback situation here that's unsettled. That's I think anytime Josh channels and a full football professional gave that's mossy TV so. I'm Wayne Moore. All on this then I I would admit that I normally him. Four weeks to the pre season usually by halftime of the first pre season game the normally okay September get here c'mon. I I am kind of late at cant wait to see this game tomorrow. Yeah I mean I don't blame me I'm taking it to its gonna be cool. Even for me like pre season it's nice tune up for us but you know if you don't get those juices flow and even when your on the sidelines broadcasts in the game which you do for regular season obviously. Totally different feeling for this one there's so many different story lines as you alluded to bulldogs are so many reasons why for that. One of them is obviously Tyrod Taylor that's rice started I wrote about the three that intertwined the bills. With the browns Tyrod Taylor. Obviously getting a chance to plays former team he's not gonna play them in the regular season this is his only chance short a playoff game against with a two. Oddities can have a chance to show that you know they made a mistake and put some points on the board. So that suggesting Corey Coleman as. Derek and alluding to in the updates are facing his former team his first game is going to be against his former team is just on hard knocks he got traded. He shall be said of the world basically. National TV says to hue Jackson you know you're not gonna play me trade me basically he did it. He gets treated. Suddenly he's I've played his former team and they have Alan vs mayfield I think independently of each other they are great story lines in themselves. A chance for Nancy mayfield browns fans to see Allen. All that goes into the competition in buffalo mayfield even though he doesn't have a chance to actually win the competition according hue Jackson trying to prove that he belonged but then you have. Maybe the two most polarizing quarterback or even draft prospects of this past wrapped going at it on the same field and oh by the way they might be on the field. You know technically the same time facing each other running a unit. In the second quarter let's say against each other I think this is awesome. I really hope that that's how this shakes out that there that there are going head to head. You know now that you wanna. Britain you don't make any long range judgments based on open just for the one of it just for the I don't know if theater is a goofy were you restored but. I think it would be pretty interesting for them to be you know ideally they get on the field and a tie game. You know 77 and here come the rookies and like OK let's play the field you know. Absolutely 100%. It would be nice of course they're not actually on the field at same time because ones on. The ball on offense we know that but if you have them going against each other to. Panic siege you know they're both especially the bull what they're both second teams know it's kind of a fair fight if you well. So maybe you can get a little bit more out of that and say let's kind of compare. In contrast these two I'll say this it's also on NFL network you know if you're outside of buffalo routes at a Cleveland. It's a national team people can watch it's I think this is his game it's not just us there are a lot of eyeballs of people interested I was. Watching it up on that or the other day union Nate Burleson said Josh Allen is most intriguing player to watch this week. I know Peter Schrager the Alyssa does the most interesting game for him and other promoting it but. I do think it has that feel to it that a lot of people around the country. Wanna watch this and then you have the story of hard knocks and everything we've seen so far. You have last night's embedded bills and what people got to see from the term and now maybe kind of putting that in to act. Action when they see him on the field as bill's fans so you have so many other things even surrounding this game. Independent is is Dez Bryant that he visit today was at a story line tomorrow hearing Cleveland something like that I mean there's a lot going on in this game. Yeah we just talked to Darryl Ryder about half an hour forty minutes ago and he said as he is he knew is he was joining us at 530. That the visit was still ongoing that Bryant was still meeting with the browns so humble sealed if something develops on on that front. Between now and game time tomorrow now that we would expect desperate to be in the lineup hitting but it maybe you know peace signs that would be that would be really. But it would be really big news. I wonder like how prominently you watch hard knocks more faith believe than I do. And does once the pre season games start happening does the that the team that the subject of hard knocks is playing get. Significant airtime hours it still largely just about the browns and I'm I'm wondering if the bills did any. Did any light shined on them because they're playing the browns in this thing like next week when paradoxes. Probably not but this is that there are a little bit of a different situation it's a little unique in the fact the starting quarterback for the browns just was on the bills right so. I would think they would show his hand may be interacting with bills players bills coach is they would probably talk about that story line. You know they would probably have some sort of some weight interview with Tyrod talking about him you'll playing the bills but generally from the times I've watched they've never really focused. On the other team or anything like that because you know what is subject of the browns but I would venture to guess that you're gonna see. A little bit more of the opposing team type of stuff in this one than you normally would but it would be more around the relationship of Tyrod Taylor with the bill will lay out for. Me against you you alluded to hoping that Alan and mayfield. Are playing at the same time in the game like maybe coming in at some point in the second quarter. What you think may be the quarterback rotation will be as I know we still don't know Sean McDermott's kept it secret. What the team no. But I think if I remember correctly from yesterday were anticipating the carrying may be getting the start. And then hold maybe because Alan work with the second team all week that he goes in second tomorrow. Yeah that makes sense to me I think that's what's gonna happen just based on what I see him practice all week I think the question is when it happens I'm pretty confident. I just based on practice that'll be AJ McCarron. While they Josh Allen followed by Nathan Peerman the question is when will Josh Allen going and will we you see him. And automatically start the second quarterly you did last week basically with. Who was it last week McCarron one in the second quarter rightly see that what you see him come in later in the second quarter will it be the second half today does McCarrick the whole first half. You know I think that there's an element of McDermott wanting this to be a fair fight between all three so. I would think maybe that means McCarron it's one quarter because that's what Fuhrman got last week. You know with the starters. Are there any starters still in the game when Allen gets and that he's uninteresting nothing to watch you know so. You know well we'll see when that happens pretty confident Josh Jones gonna get in this game. Before he got in the last team simply based on the rotation at practice this week and lastly he got in to start the second half so I think that means this week he plays in the first. What are some other will have obviously a lot of time to go through all this tomorrow probably numerous times and I'd I think I am under the impression you're going to be a part of the round table with Chris Brown a mark Kelso so. We'll will be exhausting a lot of story lines as we go but. Outside the quarterback situation which which again we we senator so much of our attention on. They wore what are some other really interesting roster battles that. Maybe you'll start to flush themselves out now that we are to pre season game number two sale. While we shall have one at center. You know it's still ongoing between ranked Rory Russell boat and you know they're gonna do what you do at quarterback then you're gonna give bowed out in the start this week because rang Roy started last week you write great starts this week they weaken. Almost put that competition that bad but Russell vote I was with the ones this week more than more it was I think it was a rotation. This Sunday through Wednesday and you know when they did the ones so at least at least half the time so I think you'll probably see Boe dined there. And to start tomorrow. There seems to be some sort of competition developing at the linebacker spot I just can't figure out what it is right now there's more rotation happening. I'm I don't know if they're not exactly sure or happy with Matt Milan know or think he's necessarily. Where they need him to be. Keenan Robinson has started to rotate into that spot the Q and also rotates. At backup middle linebacker. So it might be also I don't so I am trying not to read too much into it but also try to figured out or not where. Maybe they're just trying to get him normal spots which would make sense because he has the skill set. To play ball middle in week in as we've talked about. They might need to have somebody out there with a little more pass coverage he's long he's faster things like that but the same time you know getting reps with the first team defense. At the weak side is notable and I think that's something that to keep an eye out on how that rotation. Might play out I think we're also and a full fledged competition right now between Phillip gains and Terry Johnson for the nickel corner spot. Philippines probably has a bit of an edge because he is the veteran he's been here but I think they. Terry Johnson is ready to take that job and it if any slip up at all I think they're almost looking for a reason for Terry Johnson to win that job he just necessarily as a game and that. If if he were to win that job distilled gains still make the team or is he may be in trouble. I think he makes the team because he's still your number three outside corner. Terry Johnson really only plays the slot. So they don't have a lot of depth at that position that's one spot or everytime I go through the roster I think about. Where could they add to. You know maybe when cuts happen you know yet that. Now remember there's no cut to 75 anymore you go from ninety to 53. So that it puts every team at a disadvantage of the kind of surveying the land and pick it up a guy that gets me oh. Cut off another roster but what happens is you're gonna have that initial cut down a 53. Those guys are gonna be told me that he happens to be one or two guys. It within 24 hours of Lagos argued and actually the team because someone got cut another team right we're bringing them over here I wouldn't be surprised if that's corner. Right I mean I don't think that's Philippines but. Notice embryo borders make the team and and they find somebody that Q and can be better than him I I just you know Lafayette pitcher not talking about a lot of depth there. At corner I like the starters to devious way and Vontae Davis were beyond them I think they're lacking so I do think Philippines makes the team. They did sign him in free agency I think they like to skill set for what he could bring. But the same time I don't think they'd hesitate and having an upgrade and yelled pushing him either. To the number four spot or at least adding to the depth behind them. We we know that these safety tandem of employer and Hyde is a strength of the team. Were all behind them I mean I don't want obituary column you know. Assume that. I guess I can have such solid guys back there that there wouldn't be a drop off I mean those guys were at a very high level maybe the strongest position group on the team last year hide employer. But what is the landscape behind those two guys. Still either the strongest position on the team. Or maybe second strongest behind defensive tackle. With what they've done there but I think I really like this group they're gonna be very good this year Raphael bush is an underrated signings from what I've seen. He's done a very nice job in training camp Regis does his job. He's easy to be very very professional title worker just goes about his job he never really noticed some he's not getting beat he's not doing anything wrong he just kind of in place. All the time he plays backe plays up. He plays that big nickel spot a lot of times the Sean McDermott likes to use I think rock feel bush is a very nice addition to this to you what it's allowed for. Is the other guys they have not to have to go into that role but simply be kind of back up players all three of them. Indeed Marleau seems to be the guy that's really kind of taken hold of that fourth spot do you Marla came into the sleep with the Carolina at their Sean McDermott was familiar with him. That's why they sign and he had some injuries he didn't really have a season last year. They picked him up kind of an afterthought but a lot of people but that's what happened to some of these guys you're familiar with what that was Jordan quarter last year. The reason why Jordan where was on this team was. They had one position coach who's familiar with him from Cleveland and said I like this kid and look what happen same thing happened here would dean Marlowe I like what they're doing their now serene and you all got a little bit tight yesterday rotating in with the two she's generally them with the threes. I think he's kind of like the Taiwan Jones offense he's really there for special teams and then maybe he can develop into something later on down the robot I like a lot. Their safety group and I think it will really. Impact what Sean McDermott can do because it's such an important part of his defense of ski. You mentioned Taiwan Jones won about running back is Marcus Murphy someone who we should watch out for challenging for I don't know not number two. Call rabbits. It once we get to the regular season or is it a little too early to to start thinking about that. Now he is he is a guy I will tell you that I can tell you right now that that the team really likes what he's done coach McDermott his staff. Other very impressed with the game he had last week. But they wanna see him do it again there's there's. There's one thing to do it you know you get out there you're just a phone can do it can you back it up can have another strong week do you. Do you just settle in and say hey you know I'd a great week and and you kind of back off a little bit or you know you don't get that same adrenaline and that same. You know look I guess this comic to relish the talk about the look at me I'm right I mean they wanna see that he's got a really do that and he's got a field of performance special teams so. I think gum this is a nice battle going on to. Let's not count count out Tarvaris cadet charged that is someone that Maher that Sean McDermott was familiar with in the NFC south and really raved about every time he would had to face him. You know that he was a guiding it to account for because he has a skill set that he can do so much but look Marcus Murphy has. He's he's been noticed now he has put his name out there people are noticing him the coaching staff knows who he is they wanna see him back it up he's got to continue to do. What he did last week in order to really. Kind of push for that third roster spot I think that there are looking for him to back it up make it two games in a row where does does that. Our cell I waited till the end here so what's your Richard ghastly injury story we're talking about stupid injuries from. Just you know accidental. Whether it's sports or not. Earlier in today's show spent about an hour on it hurts them. Horrific stories that but I equals regret airing. To some extent but more what do you have portraits. Well you're looking for like a really horrible injury or just like are you kidding me you actually injured years he had no more more more the latter more like one okay when you do yeah I don't I don't graph okay because here's a thing I'm just like I'm just like Joseph where is much is. I mean I'm 45 I've played sports my whole life I've you know and I never broke a bone leader not aka what. Never broke a bone in my body in sports and a lot of sprains. Things like that lots of bumps and bruises I still get on the you know plane flight also the age of 45 and I can hardly walk the next game heats up like that right. But I would tell you that when I was in my mid twenties. I was I was and live in Florida was Dayton this girl things were going good and I'm like yeah I mean out the some of the over your apartment later yeah we're gonna hang out tonight some like you know what a surprise admirably get a pizza the pizza I get it. Drive border apartment everything's going good you know. Also I walked in she's got the store right walked in the she's got like importing head of the one not you know to colonize writes a patio today where you have that that area where you walk outside the sliding glass door and then you have the the caged in type of patio so I walking and I she sees me get this fixed amount like we're gonna have a good night here this is awesome got my pizza in my hand. Pulled out I had no idea that the glass door was shot. I mean I had a jump in my step and I walked in that thing sodium article I swear to got I thought I broke my nose or it apparently. Did you go down. No I dropped the pizza someone I see a bit on the way down. But I I I saved it I did got so we still got to eat the pizza. But I I was more embarrassed than anything but I don't know it anyways I still to this they say I remember that is clear as day. And I still can't believe that the was closed whoever washed that. Sliding glass door to the most amazing job on it because they'd no idea that thing was close enough to elect you ever been like you're going in hard because. Yeah I'm I'm feeling good right now but I was just walking. And I was I I I had I have the strike going on jobs that go and he's been nice netting at the pizza should be let's go. Vince McMahon walking out Alia Ali exact. Oh I am. All that's what happened at any look at is that it's not the sexiest story but it is funny that's that's what happened and it's not it's not mister mister flight ball from 300 feet away. No but I will tell you now these say that to Barbara how Rickey Henderson used to snap his glove. I'm when he would catch the ball while I was that Delaware park when time that was that was down Allegheny actor who was on my cousin show. In Libya actually listening right now argued over all would mean and he used I was a center fielder has grown up as a little kid I said. And pay homage to a Rickey Henderson and I pulled the gullible little too soon. Weaponry that was another nose injury and then didn't break the nose though I was bleeding everywhere ever broke the nose of tough like I snapped. I snapped the globally wait a little bit too soon at Sparky Anderson a tough schnauzer cued. So it's no bottom line here all right so what you know you know it's gonna happen tonight I'm like slip by us Marines only in brief the nose or something now after all that what's the what's the big plans for a crew got put together out there in the we're still we're still completing it right now I just tax which they harass you he's doing OJ and Murphy had detonated the show to back there's an exit row. They were able to take to the charter with us that brown from over in Rochester he's is sidelined giant TV so. And then Josh Reed my buddy from channel four obviously was Scott Swenson you know. Will probably all get together have have a nice dinner talks in football and knows who else is going. I'm men will enjoy it and I'll be ready to talk Tito a guy. I don't know who we were scheduled to visit like three or four times of the tomorrow so you know the girls that fits this football season. Are you tell me don't don't yell over whatever live band is playing tonight and noble thing you do when everything just right man you're suggested. Don't let it rip let it rip I mean I'm not. We are by the way we are like rain across the street from the stadium and and the rock and roll hall it is a cool place especially. The most amazing place in the world you know but there's a lot of cool stuff very clean and is a very cool city I don't care about you know. The people say all the stuff about it was popular muffler very similar that it is a very cool city. I like it I like a lot. It when when I said beautiful downtown Cleveland I was not being sarcastic at all why I love it's nice we've been there are numerous times is a Stanley for baseball games. And you know the rock hall of fame and you probably can trigger on our fuel that that's tremendous are. Right well enjoy myself thanks for this double talk thanks okay and yourself about Johnny AT&T hotline from Cleveland. Bills and browns get together tomorrow week two of the pre season and then we'll have. This whole show was America. Pre game show Selby on at 4 o'clock and at 5 o'clock in the will be a part of the round table eventually we get to kick off at around 730 with Merv. Mark Kelso and sale down on the sidelines. The Twitter feed is just fool. Of ghastly stories that I'd I'd I'm inclined to probably. Share with you where when we get. Chris this this conversation would sit. Yet I love I've done that to what the sliding glass door walked into the door like. I don't have not a story that stands out by just like some some random party when averaged a blow the doors clock missed. But definitely you've done that no injury but still like that is embarrassing. I'll share that with few the the stories that I've got to my Twitter feed. That if you wanna call in trading on the bills but he got a hold overs on these ghastly stories too from mom like stupid injuries you suffered. Feel free to revisit that as well in 03 or 550 and 1888552. By fifty. Much opens on vacation I am mobile blood in this is WG. Yeah it. Nearly all the rankings topic here in Cleveland when you talk about the brown that goes sure I'm because of 13 watch. He don't say. And the equipment. How Farsi make it into the season you've got to still redder by the way from nine to three the fan in Cleveland. I'll Farsi make. I'm I'm gonna tell you I think they're going to be better. The browns suddenly they're going to be a joke. So I don't know it maybe he maybe he's safe and I don't know and it'll just seemed so combustible where but I and it'll be bid would be all right you know I think. 56 wins problems at save his job he probably gets fired after. Right or maybe he gets fired drawings during a season echoes that. Yeah I wonder if he gets fired during maybe could end up with 56. And seven wins but what they come at the back calf once hot Elise outright they start with Steelers. Saints jets raiders ravens. But that's not too daunting those first two were pretty tough guy your own to organize there and I've been out either. But they win two out of those three jets raiders ravens to a firmer and homely. And that would be enough sure for him to not be fired yeah. Then again if he starts don't Fides and a dot. I think it's all. Interest in it this this is Darryl writer. Like. Our Joe's point all year but just that's it that's the plan but I don't oil and number one pick in the draft but won't. We're talking here election Josh don't play right away like that I can respect not starting right away but he absolutely is gonna play at some point this season plus the bills are. I mean three or something like okay spectrum I. I understand why you wanna make you change or Europe and an incredible year that you know again I didn't see coming. But. I just I can't imagine the browns go through the years without playing him under the just seems crazy. If Taylor were still here and McDermott had said the same thing which I don't know if you ever would have said the same thing to rise. Any if you did what we believe them because last year he went to Peter Mann right at one point but if he had said. With Taylor still here in buffalo tyrants the starter all year I think we don't feel like c'mon what are you right here like when six of one point. You and thank you like I don't believe huge X. I think he's lying I think he's just saying that because he wants to get off to a good start anyone conservatives to believe in Tyrod Taylor of spying is not a criticism of Taylor at all. It just it seems nuts to me. So now whenever I. Take a stand against you Jackson. Stupidest way you hurt yourself up this crossed by Twitter feed I don't know what it says about people who I follow but. Urban like Jason Isabel to random and a fellow riders were sharing that are ridiculous injuries. Breeze they hurt themselves. On Twitter like in the last 24. Hours or so it throws right for solid so that are brought it up today told a couple of embarrassing stories in my own. And wow. Mean the calls word something. From portrait of 530 to check that out on demanded WGR by two T dot com or radio dot com. I'm under the impression I don't wanna jinx anything that that the app has been working a little better and I went to Canada situations. Anywhere me your two getting solved so I'm sorry about that but I I understand what people are trying to extreme and use the app. I I don't think they'd just gotten tired of complaining. 'cause that would shock me. I think they've ironed out some of the kinks so when you can access these segments of the show us. Through the app or a WGR by two to dot com on demand. Brought you by northwest make the switch northwest and get back to living. Put forth thirty to 530 we spent an hour just taking calls on. Greens are too stupid. Injuries. And of course Twitter was. And overflowing. As well Doug. I finally been promoted to varsity football. Though was running a pre school football camp I was chasing your three year old stepped wrong. On the grass buckled my meal was out the first six weeks of the season that the bomber. Austin shares of us as his dad cut his finger open ones. Went to the ER the guy next to him had a butter knife stuck in his back. Supposedly via his wife. Dad's pain Abdul after seeing the tent and some of the boom zone depends on good. To those of you Ryan is the first one here at twelve bills fan. And you're not alone thanks for sharing like the ghastly photos. This is and that adds the bottom of his foot. But you don't know I didn't need to see that. I want Scott secular you Barnes on the bottom of my feet walking on the beach now every time I go to the B two by family tells me not to burn my feet. We can do for. My embarrassing injuries involve my right foot and disc golf first one I slipped backwards at beaver island while walking down Dylan broke my ankle. Second was last Labor Day. Fought tripped on a tree root and shattered my foot and tore ligaments. Need surgery so disc golf. Okay. That's pretty bad. I'd say. Tim Donovan writes in I threw the football my brother in the street let him right into a telephone pole. Could not get the word stop out of my mouth and side. It. It's not. I've I've done that before I let my brother and 28 medal mailbox which I think muddy and been failures because of the sound that that makes. When you had an empty metal that's a wonderful to be attacked at. And spurred. This this one that big expenditures this. It is the bud doron at any rate midnight bowling next some kids someone spilled Pepsi on the wanes and I didn't see it. My plant foot got stuck. And I tore hip ligaments in my gloom. Might be only boldly injury in history. Yeah that saw him. That's harsh for a man that is that's harsh my friend was growing this is from Austin my current my friend was throwing goldfish. And I was trying to catch them in my mouth accidentally ran into wall wall had to leave school and get six stitches in my forehead. I gotta tell you. My friend was throwing goldfish the first time I read that. I thought. Oleg real goal for actual goal visually that's weird that's why sounded that way when I read it. Just now but now realizes talking about the double cheese and crackers. That. Sorry I'm not so Smart. Maybe not as bad as yours says reciting my mantras. Mantras Montrose mantras monsters monsters mantras. Anyway this guy says. Or Gerlach can tell. But maybe not as bad as yours but sure closely trying to impress some girl swinging and spectacularly catching footballs on the beach. Dislocated my pinky so badly in ball joints I almost lost my finger own. ER hand therapy for months and he has a picture here. And yelled at PG still looks kind of messed up man I'm sorry about that that is harsh I won't bother her whiff. The then. Got a good guy good proof photo of what. Hong Kong would through his calf again plate. Mean I appreciate you listening and contributing to the show by. I'm not re tweeting that. Op I didn't need to see it. Sold thanks. Scott ever or doubted Mike knows. Quite well. Opening up your bubbled a shot tonight something I had done numerous times before. Power before all on the bottle turned out to be problematic. Didn't tell my wife how like myself until weeks later. We have a guy who says he had the the sick the same kneecap dislocated kneecap. From over swinging in slow pitch softball. Same deal stock got home plate ambulance ride to. Surgery and long recovery the whole shebang I never needed surgery on that need so you've got worse than me. But I did have the good to duplicate. There's the with a guy with a peace with those Catholics are accessible through. What this one last one here that the OT games from Steve noble we OT game. Where's the bills are. Her. The dolphins' overtime Rex punted says I'm sure you remember that game well when he set out upon team. I kicked my cast iron fire pit on the patio. Broke my big told led through my sneakers and in the end I lost my mail. Who think got to come back OK well good then and then and well aren't those other wanna hear that stood out that I. I can't play I can't find but admitted did you laugh out loud when I read it. Leo deal to find it. I mean. Yet noticed those is really good radio. Com. Yeah no. Only a year ago I met rich dismissal was concerned want one more last one. Catching in hardball took a fault of the jams and then got hit in the face with a bat when the batter went to reload because I was hunched over. Draw up a little on the plea. Now it's pretty pretty solid got pretty solid. All right thanks for all those eroded it was it was a fumble. Formal exercise is mostly aside from the graphic photos of people's feet and cavs would. It's one of the woods to two out of our right out of a break we'll get a preview of the nightcap we got Joseph. Coming up tonight am I mean any guests lined up yet Derek hang around a real company and no gas muscle any soul and his closest Rolen and he talked. That's fine I'll leave the door open when I weave itself and then I will prevail anyway we'll preview the next sound promising we'll preview the nightcap after that it's. Could show I'm WG. We offered him a contract given tickets you know and as they said it might deposition. And I don't know and we we will say this because he's had a chance to be here. He passed it. Place where just this once. This John Elway a talking about. The generous one offered the lead colleague happen if he passed on insulin you don't get another chance with odd shot. Live. Anyway. Do they might deliver veteran quarterback and so when was asked about cabinet and that was his response. You know. Joseph I never I never did dumb pick your brain at all made here and talk about tonight's sold this rule serve as a dual purpose. A conversation to preview. The nightcap tonight maybe I don't simply choose your subject matter but I never asked you if you watch the embedded thing did you. Check it out yeah I did. Kind of same thoughts league I was impressed but I and don't wanna read too much into it is 'cause. It's a team produced staying in that anything that would make him look bad if there is anything you would never see it right so I'm on the take a degree assault I think. Yeah yeah I dumb. I was I just broke toward a talk about slot 3 o'clock hour ago I came away really impressed with dom just. How he talks to his coaches how he talks to his team and I got I don't know what. I I find it hard to believe I guess that he would be different without the cameras there you know we give that's that's just who he is and that's how he does it. But I think he's got a very. Easy natural believable. Stock dole. Will if his team. And I think at techno long way you know it's it's it's firm it's demanding but not Blake. And drill sergeant you know only keys. I think it's just a perfect balance I was I was relieved. I'm gladly do the the Fletcher pardoned was the tree white park just what he's talking about wanting Geist show their personality in my have a personality. But I'm I'm always I like athletes that have one of those that are inch single listen to that right are willing to show the personality so. It's a good sign immediate he's not what one of those drill sergeant coaches it's like we're not doing analogous practice and we're here for work like that right. Right yeah yeah it will whenever you're scope scored a touchdown what do you do and write and make informed of the whoever number 91 was like he didn't know who used to ease his roaming around it was pretty cool all right well. Aside from that if that's coming up and ultimately what else yup playing for. We'll touch on that a little bit are more talk a lot about bills vs browns. Who you'd rather be right now I'm pretty sure I know the answer may get from most people. But I actually think it would be closer. You know then you might think I mean I know they look like a tire fire because of other organizations Enron but to me. They have. The quarterback that I would rather have now but they had made big army field the item one overall he wasn't my favorite guy going into the draft but. I'd wanna him more than Allen's soaked immediately I have a bit of preference there with who they have. At cornerback also play paintball on Saturday for the first time I don't have a show tomorrow somebody for tips for people. I'm one of supposed to do and what's the league how did not mess up not embarrassed. Myself any ball to I've never I've never done that. To get its leisure once I put laser tag envoy couldn. Don't take anything from laser and I'm okay welts are so sordid brutal that was my instinct to our hostess I've been I guess sold between different aren't. Art will enjoy enjoy the nightcap of the funds the end of the week for you I've met. Arguably your models rated network all my tomorrow but you don't official tomorrow he will stay tuned and I can't be straight ahead with Joseph. They're hanging out of that as well I owed back tomorrow at three for pre season game number two thanks for all the calls texts and tweets. Syntax like I read the text line. The thanks will be back tomorrow. Have a good night.