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Howard and Jeremy
Friday, August 17th

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The norm. He is sixty popular are pretty. How effortless that it could be a problem that I dealt with the air and would have been good in practice though was art. They've got the athletic ability to out of pocket then play brought her down. You can get this great city and the people if they'll do. Patients with this guy I think there are so but outside if somebody's. City I think he has a real good. I'm faulting her for medical network. We could one build lives talking about Josh Al and Josh Allen we don't know the exact. Excuse me the exact quarterback plan for tonight but if you base it on practice this week. It would seem that McCarron which start alum would be with the Jews and people who would be with the threes Taylor's going to start for Cleveland. And we could see baker may feel tonight as well to find out more about the browns are one of the AT&T hotline Adam global is that 93 the fan. In Cleveland any joins us right now adamant soured in German good morning to you don't want. Morning guys do it or not I am curious to know Adam here we got a full blown quarterback competition so we're evaluating Josh Allen. But we're also going to it's possible he could start week one against Baltimore that's not the case in Cleveland what what skip like for you guys. As everybody evaluates baker mayfield but every indication from your Jackson is there is no question but Tyrod is going to be the starter in week one. Yeah that their plan all along I'd vocal I've ever but they'll order a 100%. Interest guard ordered when I see it in week one. I I I will acknowledge that it is very likely that our current sales are weak one by. I wouldn't rule out the possibility at stake really excel list the way people who were good so far. Because he coaches sit in the past they're that good archive of art and it'll sort of upstarts. We've won so I would open the possibility. But I don't think without a doubt the plan for new Yorker has been in. Is that they don't want in the start week one. I just all they may pillow might go earlier this diet and flat out aren't the movie wanted to see me. And what it is. You know I don't know what you're apples and that you're walking on the lead. But there are the very complex vitamins you know what are depressed by Robert well I think you. It's certainly not gonna hurt him if I or at least start. But the browns. When your engine you've been impressed for baker mayfield so from the practices that you've seen. The one game that you've seen what stands out about me feel so far. Everything I really everything it's easy to import oil and I'm not old too. Hyperbole. On compliance. You've got a gallon while the levels all that we'll edit and you don't well yeah they pretty neat for Brokeback Mountain. Saint. Dharma. Well there at the camp like. Eric yet some of the guys and also eat eat quite a remarkable. Which minicamp I've been part and I've been out the camp every day. All out which seemed to part now. It in the game is no doubt about what they want me this won't be gotten. You to you guys when you look. Usually welcome Walt how important it or use more than eight none of that. During its war these the all ready to speak to him beaten and they gravitate to him. Spot he's got a real long armed and again is. Went back the old ball game and hopefully he'll. But everything seemed so well here is an impressive at least. At all easy to get great need to appeal. Yeah I think the point. Between mayfield and Tyrod Taylor Adam this is the most excited browns fans have been about their quarterback situation since. Well at all what Lindy it's into the third well partly out. Well probably at that evil and more public article wind or with not a huge global. I couldn't will get to the problem Derek Anderson. Because he had that one rate you'll. A decade ago and then once the ball well the one that you that you make oil and want those. It will be some and I mean. Outside. Wall and we played well for a week. Well you know outside of that. Ball and got off at Apple's. There we thought you're gonna go and play the burning coal is our card. Yeah lobbying. In reality it is to get data air that you know pirate tale of the last and he says well. That what you've got the last Wal-Mart was solid. And political and well written on. Put out by the colts. House Tyrod looked overall and and what what kind there. Reception. Is he getting from the fans when listeners are calling your shows and they're talking about Tyrod Taylor what do you learn from them. All positive. You don't hope that we want. You're. Right to. Be in Brooklyn you couldn't eat it will always boasted. That it would look back on the spot. With felony. Could not get there we we have no idea how to relate that himself you know. Didn't. Know anything about it likely. Get it got it I mean at the symbol on the ball well we'll go. 08. To speak at all a lot of the other markets may be more or back. There's more gung ho about when he called me you know. One man's. You don't want is another man's pleasure right guys like well it's important that we and I get that well or quote what you want and I Roddy. Way to go what they add a little bit and we'll look at the England June 14 what you're. 800. Club football in the hospital and you'll. The perfect scenario that Tyrod played his you'll eat all the and that they equally unity years couldn't do next they wanted to get. Special. Yeah. Forty on the rock. I walk. Or alt well I think it'll be fans are happy ironic. That you won't stick about. He is out there you'll mobile ops obviously and but with anybody about what. Although it all on the court here so you know what but that it models that aren't. About well. So one man's junk is another man's treasure leads me into a Corey Coleman question. Because browns want no part of him they give away for our you know back deflated football's. What what did you think of Corey Coleman in Cleveland because again yeah we're sitting here trying to figure out. You know what kind of factor could he be clearly he brings a deep threat and speed. And talent and ability but something went wrong in Cleveland and so what did you think of a when he was there. I didn't. Didn't think he was very good are put it in the home who couldn't for the built up you know also it's not Adam and it was Allen. I'll oval and although the you can't lose you Latvia EE a lot flops he's. Didn't network by that walk out. As. I won't sleep without Allen also. It didn't post properly little whole lot of of Brown's what is the first round. I've gone nowhere. Bought I think we'll look I do the move by all means the price EV RNC it was. And no we're not gonna lie I did you know you would be calm me. Corporate deeper than guys it'll knock in the autumn. Or what was. Are working possible you have. Oh yeah. Audi enable it to its first round draft. At a mobile the study to three defending Cleveland we'll see the grounds that course against the bills Adam thanks forgiveness and time this morning appreciate it and enjoy the game.