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Friday, August 17th

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Pregame show. Bills football on the Buffalo Bills in radio network news brought you fly northwest. This was the north west bank and get back to. Throwing down. That's a Friday in August. And that means it's pre season football time everyone. Welcome to the show this is the show open the bull like show the show path has been off all this week city got just being. Hang it with you get you ready for the 7:30 PM kick off between the Buffalo Bills in the Cleveland Browns. With John Murphy mark Kelso call on the play by play live. From the northwest broadcast Booth. Make the switch to north west bank and get back to living there is pre season game is presented to. I'm a die college our students are empowered. Cleveland. Is an open error stadium. Thus the weather forecast. Is per Mitt. How important it is to people and our audience although if you're driving down there which I'm sure some of you are thank you for listening. Two the Buffalo Bills radio network on your way to Cleveland you should know the name. Rosen on grass. Weather wise Cleveland's kids can be hot. And there's some pretty good chance of thunderstorms. It looks like so could be able to little if you there on the weather. Front in in Cleveland highs in the upper seventies by game time in a 45%. Chance or thereabouts. Of thunderstorms. At some point during other window in which the game will be played against a 730 kick off. Whether brought you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. On car insurance cell. Might. Since a little. A little extra juice in my voice our pre season game I I hope you do it is not something I'm putting contest to be a parole. And try to sell you on the merits of this game. I'm into this game I just ran into a guy that I've been working here with four. Maybe talking more than twenty years. Our sales guys and he he's. On his way out and I was on my way Ian. I'd been here for awhile but I just happen to be out in the lobby and I passed him I say now what's obviously I'm going home detailed gay in my driveway. For a pre season game. I went yeah. Seat but this is awesome. Josh Galen is a key key factor in that on the bills and but I don't think there's any denying. The interest level and the appeal. The appeal is the right word I might need be corrected that are met by someone at some point. Both Tyrod Taylor being on the other side of this game. I think that's really cool. Tyrod Taylor of course was the Buffalo Bills quarterback for the past three seasons he was the quarterback who helped author of the and to the drought. And he was traded to the Cleveland Browns by Brenda beaming John McDermott this offseason where he has taken over the role of starter. For how Long Will see they drafted baker mayfield number one overall so much like here in buffalo where AJ McCarron in Nathan Peter men are. Vying for the starting job along with rookie Josh Ellen. Should one of them win the job. It seems like it will be temporary. I would think even at some point this year Joshua Allen will play regular season game for the Buffalo Bills. I wanna say I expect the same thing to happen at some point this year. In Cleveland but what has happened in Cleveland is that they're head coach for whatever it's worth you might just think he's just saying it because it's the case right now. Has said that Tyrod Taylor's gonna be their quarterback the entire season. Whatever they end up doing with Tyrod Taylor and baker mayfield. Really is immaterial for this conversation today as we get ready for this pre season game tonight. Taylor is going to be playing for another team and I know it's not a real game and it's not real schemes. And you know. All all all of that the pre season pledge from Jeremy White the morning show co host of our flagship station here in buffalo. Pre season watch don't take any of it seriously don't overreact to a bit too many that don't don't draw any conclusions. From it. Don't you know don't don't don't don't do anything decisive. Basically but. Still with that said. I think tonight. If your if your Twitter. Inclined. IE you're someone who likes to be on Twitter during games. I would pour yourself a stiff tall glass of something that you relieve like before you blog I'm because I think fans are going to be looking out. What happens. Because there there are true as we as we well know I don't think we need to a goal too far too. No re establish what the landscape was like here around Tyrod Taylor whose existence is the bill starting quarterback. But you had two very clearly defined. Groups there is. And did about a year he's terrible. And there's even get a fair shake in you people don't know what you're gonna be missing and ignore those I think those other two groups. So you know this lovers and haters if that's not overstating it to some extent. And I think. The Hatfield and McCoy he's button and realize that I could be sing with not the trauma court anyway feud legendary feuds I'm looking for here okay. I think these two groups of fans are gonna be on each other tonight. But no matter what happens if he'd if he does really well Tyrod Taylor. Spins away from Jerry Hughes in the first quarter and runs sixteen yards for a first down on third and twelve. His supporters his fans to be O. All good to tailor bills badgers but you it's. And if the likewise. Tries to spin away from your use and runs right into Shaq Lawson. And takes a sack when he could've thrown it easily to. Who's the who's the pop had receiver guy Callaway give thank you can prevent him easily. But he didn't can you pull the trigger then. Colorado's detractors. Pop had really wasn't needed there by the way I apologize Ivan I'm not judging bomb. These discredited. Oppose the Cleveland look what you got and all of that is stupid. And worthless. But it will be happening and I I would predict that more of you then you might think it right now. Someone who's listening to be saved this is saying I'm not gonna give into it. And you're gonna give him. So so comedies this leaves on them soul. Stupid. In your opinion on Twitter that you are going to engage MM MM give me maybe your night will be rude maybe it will be fought maybe you'll enhance the watching of the game. I don't know. But. But that I think he has the potential to be. A really little little interesting little sidelight to this game. Just what's going to be happening on social media. Amongst fans I I don't I don't think I'll be participating in that myself. I'll review afterward I've but some people come and over yes I'm having a party three bills pre season game that is happening. Pizza is being picked up. Beers are on the ice. And I'm done here at seven with my part of the pregame show and the game kicks off its little bit after 730. And I gotta get back to Ridgeway Ontario and I'm going to be hauling. Could I I don't want to miss any of this I am really into this game. Taylor is that a huge part of that. Like I've already said and bill's fans but I don't know what how how your feeling now hole. Months after his trade to Cleveland and on the night where he'll be playing against the bills for the first time albeit in just the pre season game. But if you wanna. If an error out anything on Taylor fault lines are open dot com releases me here mikes off. I've got cell are coming on a couple of different times between now and 6 o'clock. But really there's a lot of time. For us to hang out in Canada if you if you want to read about tailoring of course rev up the bills also up a lot of other subjects that are worth talking about in my opinion. But the the Taylor peace to me is a adding an interesting piece because he was. You know maybe maybe somewhat like Josh jail when he was someone of a polarizing figure in town. And there were strong opinions on both sides and I think. Unlike a lot of sports arguments. I think really both sides. Have valid this ballot arguments Tyrod Taylor was pretty good. He also will probably at least in my opinion wasn't good enough. So do you think it's very you talk yourself open the nuts talking about him the bills made the decision of course to bond for him. And whether you were supported it or disliked it. You know this might be like maybe our last chance to really ever talk about him must be meet in the playoffs this year. 8030551888550. To 550. Those are the numbers if you wanna get on board here. And talk with me jarring. Our bills game day coverage. On the Buffalo Bills radio network Tyrod Taylor is is one subject that I think is certainly worth talking about so that there's that. What does the bills' offense look like in this game it is interesting to me and I know again I'll reference the pre season pledge. You don't don't don't overreact don't make don't make judgments. Really because you you you're not sure what you're seeing. Bought it bought daily globe warrants but. I I was encouraged. By a a few different elements. Of the bills' offense. In the pre season opener against Carolina. One was and this this might just have been. Just because it's a pre season game in just because they have. Quarterback competition and the best way to I think figure out. Who's going to win a quarterback competition is by having the quarterbacks do what quarterbacks have to do best and that's the world so bills came out. Throwing and I like that. I don't need to have a handoff competition to decide who's going to be by quarterback I know what the running game routers and all the stuff emotional McCoy is still on the bills. But I thought they gave Nathan Peterman and AJ McCarron and an even in the second half Josh Allen ample opportunity. To try to impress. And I like that that the design of the offense the the amount of formations that were used the personnel that were shuttled in and out play to play to play it it seemed. I want to overstate it. But it seemed like most every play. There were new people coming in and out and the formations buried a lot. And furthermore. It was maybe most encouraging is that despite all of that which could be a recipe for confusion something we talked about. On our roundtable segment last week before the bills Panthers came out Chris Brown even. It made the point you gotta worry about pushing that envelope too far and Andy up with confusion reigning supreme on your offense. They were confused about there were no there was no no no belief game no it burned timeouts trying to figure out. What was supposed to be happening it ran. And a pretty good pace of me not breakneck. Knoll Hubble pace. But at a at a healthy pace. And varied formations. And it worked it looked like to me. Perhaps. A Smart. 21 century NFL office. And that is something that I would be very encouraged to see more of tonight in this game against Cleveland. It does not at all mean that that is sure to be what it will look like when they play the Baltimore Ravens were real on September 9 in the regular season. But it would be to me another encouraging sign however large grain of salt wanna put on that deal for. But debt that's something that I think is worth watching. Of course Howell all three of these quarterbacks perform and the order in which they come into the game. We as of now still do not know who is going to start this game last week on Thursday we found out. About an hour or less before kick off. That Nathan Peter Mahan was going to be the bill starting quarterback and an AJ McCarron came in second and Josh and employed the entire second half cleaning up with a thirteenth. Now this week. As practice has unfolded in training camp has wrapped up at saint John Fisher College in Rochester. Josh Allen has worked exclusively with the twos. And Peter Meehan and McCarron took turns with the ones in the police so we'll see what that ends up meaning who starts. Might be a bigger question than when Joshua Allen plays I'm betting. Pretty heavily that Joshua Allen is the second quarterback in this game and plays with the second team. Perhaps it's even possible but if they want the first team offense to play a little bit longer in this game that maybe Elin gets an opportunity with the ones but I think. I would bet heavily on him at least being the second quarterback in whomever he ends up being on the field with so that's a step in the right direction. I think. If dale and last week were put threes in this week. We think he'll have an opportunity to work with the twos at least again that's what he did all we can practice. But that's something to really watch. Then of course you've got all the other various position battles the state Jones will play in this game Corey Coleman will play in this game both receivers. Through our. Buying four key roles with this teams they Jones missed all of the off season. And only started practicing for real this week court Coleman has only been on the team a little more than a week. And has yet to play in game because he wasn't up to speed enough to play. In last Thursday's pre season opener so both of those guys will be adding to the wide receiver battle it'll be worth watching. You've got backup running back. Which might get interesting with Marcus Murphy at this point challenging maybe Chris Ivory for some playing time of ivory distinguished himself pretty well last week to. There's a lot has a lot to sink your teeth into. 8030551888. By 52 effective if you wanna talk about any and all that. I am here to do that again for them to borrow four hours that's kind of how this don't we will have the roundtable segment. Of this pre game show. Coming up in the 6 o'clock hour met will feature Chris Brown. Lead journalist from Buffalo Bills dot com mark Kelso bills game analyst here on the bill radio network and our own self Abacha was silent report. On these games are all on the scene in Cleveland. I'm here are hammer studios again 8030551888550. 2550. Those are the numbers what's go to the phone bill is first up here on bills game day thanks for calling bill here on the air. It to a race. I did our part but our terror for a minute drive please biggest biggest thing I think it's all security. He get out there and he kept the ball with the op Ed. Well almost to a fault because see what this stretch in the field and what taking chipped it. Oh whipped up and not missing this year. But my question for you it is more your opinion. What. The bigger difference at the office this year at the EU but I'd better off. Or eat are offered to sit at new quarter command and and right cable system. But put the ball out that he knows all those guys got out they're throwing the ball we are doing here now. What did they get bigger and what is it. We've got Tyrod and and really rocked this new system. Or do you think that we haven't warmed back there to do it. Com you know what I like this this is this is this a bit above a bit of a bra. A bit of a cruncher for me arm. I think they needed to move on. And frankly they made the decision to move on before they even knew what they were going to do with their offense I think they felt like Tyrod Taylor had some some tendencies. That just. Were not going to line up with what they wanted in and one of those a key one there you referenced was. His not wanting to get rid of the ball. Think of all Nathan Peter Mann and McCarron both but more so than Josh down on Thursday night against Carolina. Topple ball out quickly but that that was effective. And it was on target and it was quick and that is not something that Taylor is. Inclined to do I wanna say he's not he's not good added when he does it maybe he's okay added he just doesn't do it frequently enough. So. I think they needed a new guys there but they obviously. Also needed. Someone new scheming the office. I'm I'm encouraged you talked a little bit there before we go forward took the call about. Gable and what he is as often coordinator Brian gable by the way. What his influence. Could end up being in what what his scheme could be in being encouraged by what we saw in week one of the pre season. I don't think you can. Overstate. Howell. Final backwards. Thinking. Last year's offense was Rick Rick I listened to me had a I want prehistoric I mean it is just he's a dinosaur that that style of offense is just not where the league is that. And I don't know for sure the returns are hard to evaluate. Accurately at this point. But what I think we did seal last week was some indication. That at least gives me hope that the bills will have a more modern looking passing game. With Brian gable you're scheming guys opened. Getting the ball out quickly so I mean I don't know you're asking me to choose which ones more important I think they were both vital. Giving the right guy to run your offense. Timmy has grown in importance. Over the course of the last few years in the league. It is such an extent. That I got I I feel a little bit silly for all the years I spent going it really doesn't matter who the coaches do is give your quarterback and MAV. That's evolves over time as defense does have become more challenging. But I think you've got a lot of evidence recently in the league the rams with Sean McVeigh. The 49ers with cal Shanahan and before that the Atlanta Falcons look at the falcons from one year to the next Kyle Shanahan. With Matt Ryan and Julio Jones and threaten some new all those guys are glad they're in the Super Bowl last year. Political and score on the bills. But did they base global on offense. Comparatively speaking with what they did the year before I think that was Shannon's influence. So he's an album bill O'Brien with a Shawn Watson in Houston. What people are expecting. The bears to do with their new coach to coordinator who's come over from Kansas City. And I'm leaving out the Super Bowl champions the Eagles head. Oh a lot of college concepts. Run pass option concepts that really helped Carson went sedan ultimately Nicole's. Be successful. And that that's gonna Peterson and frank Reich and off frank Reich is an enable CV you do some of the same things he did. And had a party in with Philadelphia for Andrew Luck in Indianapolis. If you look at the role of the schemer. Drawing things up I think these young quarterback showing up in the league. Are always going to be challenged by the speed of the NFL the complexity of the defense is they're seeing. I think the advantage some of these young guys Jerryd golf Carson went maybe now amidst Robiskie to Shawn Watson are getting in the NFL. Is they've got coaches who are drawing it up in such a way. That it presents obvious targets depending on what you're seeing some visual keys but you're looking at as he surveyed the defense. And I I've I think the bills need to get to that place on offense if Josh Allen is going to succeed. And I don't know if they're there. But I was encouraged by what I saw last week so I needed a new quarterback and I needed a new offense I needed to get out of what Rick Dennison. Was doing here with Tyrod Taylor. It was still suited to Tyrod Taylor skill set that was obvious from the word go when it first started practicing in the spring. It seemed like what you were hearing. They were going to try to be on dolphins didn't really lineup with who Tyrod Taylor was. And I think that showed so despite the fact that you needed to change the offense I think you also needed to change the quarterback so. I don't know I don't I just talked for like six minutes and I don't think I really definitively answered the call was questioned as I think it's hard to believe they both needed. Freshening up and they've accomplished that they've got two new quarterbacks. Plus a guy who rarely played last year and they've got an entire new office. So that's how I look at that. 8030551888550. 2550 we are under way here on bills game day I am the bulldogs might show is on vacation bills and browns are coming up tonight at 730. John Murphy mark Kelso himself departure will have to call. Keeper right here more your calls are welcome Tyrod Taylor playing his former team your feelings on the bills moving on from Tyrod Taylor. Joshua Allen his opportunity tonight. How much is there to gain for him playing perhaps we think with the number two most in this game. All of that and more up for discussion as we continue this is the Buffalo Bills radio and. Absolutely 100% he is or command of the game and I think that what you thought it. But the heat blanket that was put him and he just kept. It extra power guys it's great to protect Coke or aren't you know he's establishing that you know what the myself out so. If I regret. Players right get them to see that grouping that's hounded you it. That's the fine browns beat reporter from the Cleveland plain dealer Mary Kate tad bit. Talking about hue Jackson and what fans all around. The world have been watching on HBO. I'm not hard knocks you Jackson the browns coach welcome back to bill's game day I am the Bulldog glad to have you along with us here want to remind you to be sure and stay tuned. Following today's game for the coach's show. With head coach Sean McDermott lie during the bill's post game show will be brought to you by north town automotive sales service and selection. To the and agreed that north town on the bills and browns around 730 from Cleveland the weather tonight in Cleveland. Its current. Storms are expected to clear with the the next thirty minutes or so and you're looking at partly cloudy partly sunny. Low seventies. All right about till kick off then it's supposed to Tito must be in front role in temperatures approaching the eighties. And by 8 o'clock and then for the rest tonight there is a decent chance of thunderstorms. That is forecast for the bills and the browns. Weather forecast brought you by core Ruble collision. Make the right decision. Insist on Peru book collision 8030551888550. To 550. Those are the numbers you wanna get in. Here on bills game they might show by the way is on vacation so you just got me here. Take you up. In two. The roundtable with cell. And mark Kelso and Chris Brown that'll come your way in the final hour of my part of the show and and it. 730 the game will come that you again from Cleveland. Tyrod Taylor. Is playing against the bills yes it's only a pre season game but this is the lone meeting this year and Tyrod Taylor. Doesn't have a long term contract with the Cleveland Browns civil see what the future Wanda holding for him but three years as the bills' starter. The bills decided they wanted to go different direction. They traded him away despite ending the seventeen year playoff drought. Now he's on the browns and we'll see how long he keeps a hold of that job as baker mayfield was made the number one overall pick in the NFL draft. This past April that's another part of this game tonight you've got baker mayfield the number one overall pick Joshua Allen for the bills may be there in the game. At the same time you know what. Enabling their respective offenses at the same part of the game. That'll be some that'll be interesting as well as of course seeing how Tyrod handles playing against the bills for the first time. John is next up here on bills game day thanks for calling John you're on the air. A good afternoon sir. That Tyrod hater and you know what a bad player get on. And we played pretty good at wide receiver last year when he had been reluctant. Stressed he'll be at the long ball. Decide what my problem and obviously that's their choice I think the good move on about judge Ellen. I think he's got a bigger army dynamic and it'll. My quarterback of the future I would start right away I really look I'll hang up the list there. Okay John thank you. Yeah I don't have a bad word to say about Taylor at all I mean I really don't it unless wanting him to be replaced. Is to be. An Agassi could be you know what I'm saying I didn't think he was booted off. You know yeah I guess I'll have to all of that but I don't say it with. And I don't mean to be harsher about it really. I I I think he was pretty good. For the bills. He he. Did not. Put up big numbers in the passing game but he did run for more than 500 yards a season. He kept drives alive doing that he scored rushing touchdowns in addition to throwing touchdowns. And he took care of the ball. Caller in the first segment wondered if the bills you'll miss that and I I gotta I mean I don't know how they probably won't miss that. But unless AJ McCarron ends up being their quarterback and he turns out to be. Also really good at that because. Even Biederman through more picks last year playing about four quarters of football. Then Taylor through all year so with theirs theirs back. I think you're gonna you're gonna get turnovers if Josh elements are playing you're gonna get mistakes it's just going to happen. It's just it's unavoidable. With a with a kid line you're just gonna see. Him get fooled you're gonna see him make mistakes. Is inaccuracy wool will cause that and so you know Taylor was was really good at that to almost a frustrating level. With fans. But. Very they're almost certainly going to I think struggle. To maintain. That could. That sort of turnover margin that they had last year I just don't see elbow be able to do it with with a different guy playing quarterback but. I'd like Taylor he got here when Rex Ryan was here and right from the get go. I thought it was right to say and I did often say when there was a battle going on between Taylor. Matt Cassel and EJ Manuel should root for Taylor to win that battle because we already know what Manuel is and Matt Cassel to me journeyman drum Boller will my doing maybe Taylor can be better than that and I I think he what is. But there were limitations that are. In the passing game. That I think are very hard to overcome. So despite him taking care of the ball despite his running. I think they needed to do something else at quarterback but. But I'm not going into this year hoping Tyrod Taylor. Fails because if he. Doesn't then the bill's gonna look stupid I'm not thinking that way at all I think I think he's a pretty good player. I think he's exactly who we've been. And I hope he goes and continues to play in Blakey hats. I doubt that he's going to be much more prolific and explosive. Playing with the Cleveland Browns that he was with the Buffalo Bills because of just how he plays the game. It could happen and again I'm not rooting against it I just don't expect it's on not on that any kind of a feel bunkers. About Tyrod Taylor I think they made their decision I supported that decision and I wish him well I hope I hope it goes well for him. In Cleveland and then beyond that. You don't talk about being in a feel bunker which is a freezing that we use your about. You know the things that we don't want to go a certain way. I'm gonna do your bunker about Patrick Holmes ominous still bunker about Josh Rosen. Those are guys at the bills could have chosen to be their quarterback instead of Tyrod Taylor and they didn't. They passed out Patrick Holmes last year they passed on Josh Rosen this year and they chose Josh jail. So like those two guys and Alan. Thank Lamar Jackson met two I think it'd be right to don't overlook him I don't like that idea a lot to. We Bozo the players. I look at and wonder like how all I'm gonna be judging Joshua Allen against those players. I'm not really gonna bother doing that with Tyrod Taylor. It is no I mean I wanted to move on. But I have no Juan I know. No ill will towards him what I'm I'm I'm open Tyrod Taylor has a successful career. From here on out Moya is next up in the bills' game day thanks for calling Mike you're on the air. Other normal heart rate up for all night and on Friday night here Mike talk smack about street even by the but but but. On as. They tune maybe I'll talk some smack about almost pre season sucks to some point but anyway go ahead. You're I'm excited that I am I am excited about this game yeah that's right. I think that that turn over a thing with higher rod is I don't think it's gonna be a concern because. Good quarterback growing perception is that the part of taking risks and I guess if she used back after he spent like they've gone and you have McDermott error this has the mind coach. You try to overcome turnovers by you're gonna get. More positive or negative. Record what I mean market for. Can't you hear now. Well I I I eat in on some level thank you might. Mom I I agree with you. But I I think interceptions. Around the league like you mentioned Brett Favre you mentioned Tom Brady. There is no way. I'm not in the middle look out look in public I can't look right now because I'm talking and I can't do two things at once in my 52 year old man I'm not that adept. There is no way the interception. Numbers the U thirty year totals on Brett Favre and Tom Brady anywhere near the same. Interception wise. The game is different. Interceptions are down the top quarterbacks throw fewer of them is one of the reasons why. Dies in this era have such higher quarterback ratings comparatively speaking to some of the all time greats that played. In the mid eighties to the late nineties. It's just a different game and taking care of the ball is at a premium so but. Bat aside. Sure I mean. The the general thought is if probably throwing like what was a good game from Tyrod Taylor right. A 160 yards a touchdown. A rushing touchdown forty yards rushing with god that's a tar tell you I know. And though he was efficient and pretty good. What what do you want you gone 250 yards passing you want to Swanee. And maybe two touchdowns and a peck and you hope that that washes out. The thing is we just don't know where that pick is gonna come and if you never throw them. You're never gonna put the ball in your opponent's hand at your own twenty yard line. Whereas if you throw them sometimes you're going to put the ball in your opponent's hand your point yard line and you gonna pay a price for that probably. When that's at least three points. And it's a great look at it touched down so I think if you get kind of kind of tricky either a figure for the call I appreciate very much. What we continue along here. I'm bill's game day itself apart she always gonna join me from Cleveland coming up at the top of the hour and then again in the 5 o'clock hour. The bills roundtable will come your way from six to seven with mark Kelso Chris brown and sell pot GO. So while paying an arm band 8030551888550. To 550 bills and browns from Cleveland tonight right here on the Buffalo Bill radio network. I'll put that crazy about him at the prospect right but I will say this. If you don't be a good quarterback somewhere bulk of the pretty good place. And I got to Philly but does from a playing standpoint. Moved him telling him you know to put the little he could. Guys kind of look like that you cut from the same poll out Tuesday. What kind of get what they're cool or did beat on the Watson drowned them. As to Liz Taylor. It was a guest on this show. Around this time yesterday in buffalo. Bills game day I am the bull by much opens on vacation bills and browns coming up tonight. At around 730 from Cleveland were about fifteen minutes away from sell pot GO joining the fray here. Who has a couple of different times here between now and six and then for the full hour. Between six and seven along with Chris brown and mark Kelso from Cleveland for the round table. Well you know that for every field goal scored by buffalo this football season. Livery cab will make a donation to the family justice center since 2006. The family justice center has been providing a safe place. For the victims and children of domestic violence holding offenders accountable with the goal of giving victims options to take back control of their lives. Visit FJC. Safe dot org. And share our goal to protect our community from domestic violence livery cab passionate about protecting. Our community. 8030551888550. To 550. Love story lines in this pre season tilt tonight Tyrod Taylor the browns are on hard knocks me. You know you've been maybe getting more pure and that you're more window. In to them through the camera lenses of HBO but Tyrod Taylor's are starting quarterback they traded Corey called in to the bills. Wide receiver vying for playing time here in buffalo. You've got rookie first round hi first round quarterbacks on each team baker mayfield won't overall Josh Allen number seven overall. Various Jews. In this pre season game that normally does not exist. And I for one incumbent in it. Nate is first up this segment here on bills game day thanks for calling me you're on the air. I don't I don't go ahead of what I wanted to make thank god I think their relationship just Helen Kirk out Ortiz who want to. It's given an opportunity do to. This shouldn't panic get an idea how Deanna out works for a couple weeks or not. They. You want wherever it site they'd like to start. Didn't do well you know you know Bob wanted to put a minute. And tap into ER after week or five or six. You know it well we're really doing bad you didn't put in the other good boots copy yet they are not. I bit beyond that good beat. Kind of you know learning. You have to learn quicker kind of ballot dip yet. He's not doing well after we aren't particularly good or what Beckett threw up that well you know I'll hang up from the nearest spot they. I think you gonna call made from. I feel like I would wanna bet that the bills feel kind of like you do about it. That's SA like that's that laid up a fear of failure is why. They wouldn't start him right away. But I would predicted they feel like there's more to be gained by a sort of by taking their time and to a certain extent I can support that that said. I can't wait to see him play again from all over. All of the negativity. The pessimism. About. His. Prospects coming into the draft and since being drafted. The the level to which. The criticism has raised. I think is really interesting and and and when when he gets on the field to meet because of it. It's thin it's it's it's must see TV the guy I really wanna see him play. Because. I think a lot of people are on the line with their opinions about how he's going to do as an NFL quarterback and I I woke watching things like that happened. So bombed. There probably is a case to be made for taking your time but if he plays really well at some point here this week or next week. I don't know I'm gonna have a hard time supporting being patient because it's super exciting if he looks like he can play in play right away. But Woolsey we gotta get a few weeks to try to sort all that out we'll take a timeout yourself a pot geo is straight ahead. From Cleveland as bill's game day continues this is the Buffalo Bills radio network.