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Friday, August 17th

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Pregame show. Bills football on the Buffalo Bills and radio network news. West Bank make the switch to northwest. Are welcome to come down to kick golf. I am the Bulldog Mike Cho has the day off today and we are getting you ready. For a 7:30 PM kickoff between the Buffalo Bills that the Cleveland Browns. With John Murphy mark Kelso call on the play by play from the northwest broadcast Booth. Make the switch to north West Bank to get back to living that is pre season game is presented by men die college. Our students are empowered to. The game is being played in Cleveland. Susan. Open air stadium thus the weather is worth mentioning it has been raining yet. Mean a lot of the day but the rain has stopped and it was forecast that it would stop but it is not forecast to begin again. Until into the game at some point a chance of thunderstorms increasing to. 40% by about 8 o'clock the temperature will be rising. Up into the high seventy's by kick off. In Cleveland so can be something to watch as this one comes and and again 40% is not you know. Does not mean it's absolutely going to rain but there is a chance of some weather. Tonight that mattered to arm and sell pot Joe's going to be on the sidelines. The weather is brought to you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. On car insurance call 180947. Auto or visit I go dot com today it is time for our pregame huddle. We sell to pot GO that is brought to you by Eminem you poll parts needed to pull it together presented by Eminem you pull it. Western New York premiere destination. For used car and truck parts you pulled parts you save the money. Good afternoon sell you. An excellent howry bulldogs. Journeying a break here in the first hour. Of game day Jeremy White stop by from our morning show here are buffalo flagship he stopped by a pickup is too easy beyoncé tickets and I want walked in the control over Moya was there he said. Are you really have a party tonight I think it was him or maybe it was this sneaky Joseph our producer. One of the two of them said are you really have a party tonight during the first hour of the choice said I was having a party. And that's how I'm wired up for pre season and I said yeah I mean. I told one friend to tell to other friends. And I'm getting a bunch repeats there's Beers in the fridge and I think that equals a party. And no sooner that I walked back into my studio to continue countdown to kick off there's a text message from another of our Canadian neighbors saying hey. Staples told me you're having some people over for the game is it okay if I come over to. Talk. He felt appreciate that party. Well as I wrote yesterday there's a lot of story lines in the scheme this is a super intriguing game as I ended the article it says who says pre season. Is dull I mean this is a as good as it gets I think for pre season right is as good as. I think in interest we can have an a game for so many different reasons and storyline and let's be honest because a bowl teams and really how the intersect in intertwined those storyline the return of Tyrod Taylor against his former team. The return of chord Coleman. Against his former team you got baker may build on one side. Josh Allen on the other just those two guys individually are really good stories right now this pre season but now you put on the same field. And it's nationally televised I think now we have a nice pre season contest. I think this game would have some Jews because of mayfield and Allen alone. Even if Tyrod Taylor weren't on the scene but of course Tyrod Taylor is on the scene and he's the bill starting quarterback the past three seasons. And move the regime here in buffalo decided they wanted to do better than that and moved on from him. And I think it's interesting to have to think about him in the context of this game sell because he was always. Well if polarizing is exactly right but I think it's close I get as much as the conversation I'm Josh Taylor and is split in you've got fans in in divided camps it's gonna funnily Taylor was the same deal here in buffalo you've got people who. Really really like him and wanted to support him and maybe think he even got a raw deal. And then you've got people who couldn't wait to see him ushered out of town and I. I don't know I'm not waver over those that those are extremes. I think he was pretty good and I wanted to be better than pretty good so I'm glad they moved down from them. Yeah I understand that and it what's interesting is I really have kind of curious I was. How much fans are interested in Tyrod Taylor vs baker mayfield from the buffalo like if you are. You're watching this game as the bills fan are you really interest in Tyrod he mortgaged Adam Baker made fields I put a Twitter poll out. And over 2000 votes in the past hour. And it is 60% bigger mayfield 6040. Over Tyrod Taylor so 40% are saying yeah it shouldn't Tyrod Taylor we even more saying there at Studebaker mayfield I think come. Tyra becomes a storyline this year for the Cleveland Browns as far as the Buffalo Bills fans are concerned. Especially if the bill struggling quarterback they've figured out. And they get better play on the field. He becomes an afterthought with most bills fans but if the bills struggle at quarterback we are gonna continue to hear people talking about Tyrod Taylor and maybe rightfully so. Hot hole on how do you feel about if Taylor performs well. Agassi you sort of just alluded to it. Because of the bills good good play and Taylor's good I guess maybe nobody will really care workers will what's the difference my guys are good and we're fine over here. But do you think it makes the bills look bad if Taylor can play. Leave that Taylor is better if he he somehow improves of Josh Gordon eventually gets there and they do decide to sign Dez Bryant or whoever else they've got to work with there. That that they have. Better still players than Taylor head may be especially last year. And he gets off in throws for more yards and just looks different. How bad do you think that makes the bill. You know I mean it's gonna make people it's gonna him of that a lot of people's eyes I think those that for what the bills. We're trying to do what their plan was I don't know that ever really matters right because. Tyrod Taylor what if he's in new system to profits of coordinator. You know maybe he did on something with this one I had it's all part of the puzzle right. We see Tyrod Taylor for three years we kind of know what he was in buffalo Jeremy if he suddenly you'll goes to Cleveland and blows up and l.'s all these things were going to be talking about that it's gonna. That the national storyline is going to be I can't believe the buffaloes traded this guy what were they thinking first they benched him in and they treated him and again they'll Bulldog. A lot of it depends on how the bills quarterbacks do you you can't Tyrod Taylor played great McCleon bronze uniform. But it Josh Allen comes out plays great two or if Nathan Peter Mahan gets this team day you know six and two at some point no one's gonna care really question what they did. Yeah I'm that's right and that it also should be said that I think it's. I think it's pretty unlikely that Taylor. Is much different than he's been. He's played a lot of games is starting quarterback in the NFL and I think. By eight by the time you're this far into your professional career. You've got a pretty good idea of who a guy is you know so I would expect Taylor did pretty much be the same even if some of the skill stuff is. Is improved. I agree and you know one of the things it was talked about with them Taylor coming here is the and Steve crew skill position on us outlook group that he's going to be around. Does not looking so much like that right now person while Josh Gordon has not even come to this team. They can't count on Josh Gordon here in Cleveland if he's going to be a part of them. That's great I mean how far behind to see what you have to do to catch up and will he ever actually even play they can't count them for that. They jettisoned quarry Coleman to buffalo obviously that those were penciled in. Back in the spring wide receiver one at wide receiver too with a clip them round there are no longer. Oddity I guess you'd say Jarvis injury after he was traded he would be wide receiver one or two depending on piano with Gordon they still heavily entry he is a stud he's a really good player. Higgins looks real good yet last week when he was out there and Joseph cool can catch the ball but I will I'll be honest with you I don't. I would put the bills group that had CME and Robert Woods and Percy Harvick against the group they have now in Cleveland and I think parents are probably had. A better group of Charles clay I mean. I think Tyrod had better skill position players than. That he probably does now with Shawn McCoy even yup I'm that. Now if you get all those guys healthy it Josh Gordon comes back and can actually play out of its audio Callaway stays healthy stays clean off the field now you're working with something. I don't think there's this sudden all my god what an increase in skill position players what Tyrod ever had in buffalo maybe last year maybe last year but certainly not in fifteen and sixty. Right hard enough about the browns out a little bit at the bills. The quarterback rotation tonight I'd I'd I'm assuming we still don't know we found out last week before the Carolina game. I'm an old less than an hour felt like before kick off. But was actually going to happen and we found out Peter and was the starter so what is your your best guess if I'm right to say that we still don't know I'm assuming you don't know. What's happening there. What do you what do you think is likely to happen do you think we get McCarron to start this game tonight. Yeah I'm pretty confident to be AJ McCarron I don't I know for sure but I'm pretty confident just by watching. Know what's been happening at practice and knowing about the philosophy of what they're trying to do here. And now look I thought to be McCarron last week it was Peter and I think that's part of the reason why I think it's competitive McCarron this week that it was Peerman last week I can't believe Sean McDermott can. Go in front this team in front of the media and say we're getting a fair fight here and not give AJ McCarron the start tonight I just can't believe that right. On the unless it's I and Josh Allen which Britain leads us to he has not worked with the first team. All week or really for a couple weeks he's been with the to lose all week though which tells me tonight it should be McCarron Alan Peter and I'd be surprised it was any other rotation. Right so Allen with the twos do you think the despite what you just said about Elin not working with the ones that all this week. That you could see Allen. At the tail end of the first string offense like to statement carried out assuming he starts and had Allen get I don't know a series or two with the number. Once I think it's possible odd that you could also have some mixing in there to any other wanna see because. Who are the ones at wide receiver right and we determined and we we want and he did that's part of it it. You know Kelvin that's when he had a little bit of maybe an injury issue this week really look they use a little bit sore with his is the had a nice back out how much does he play. We put on the field is that is that a one or two we know so. I think I massage that what we look what are we talking about with Roy and vote guy who's one who's too so it you could massage it that way LeSean McCoy now. I think he's gonna play in this game but how much she plays you know so so I think a lot of that can be kind. Yeah you could see out there was some guys who play with the ones that doesn't mean he's with the necessarily. The starting off at the other thing kotsay is it might depend on home long series goes for each guy I mean in the Kerry goes three and out three times. Does that make his night shorter it is to keep meant longer does that bring the opposite you'd operatives McCarron and longer I think a lot of those these can be worked through tonight to. Yeah up sell about Joseph is joining us from Cleveland on countdown to kick off for getting you ready for the bills and the browns tonight kick off. Right around 730. What is at stake for Alan. Sell do you think. If he were to play well in this spot with the second unit offense. That that could lead to his getting a crack with the ones not only in practice next week but against the Bengals a week from Sunday. I do and I've kept. This notion all week as you know that. I'm gonna leave it open the possibility. That he plays with the ones next week because he's worked with the threes and the twos it might make sense to give him time with the ones. Simply because again Sean McDermott wants to make it a fair fight any piece saying all three are involved. There wouldn't you kind of give all three chance at least to play with the starters. If he didn't give me time with the starters last week at almost to that means that they have no plans of even considering can be a starting quarterback so I do think. That that's possible the only way I think it it it it wouldn't be possible to me. Would be he came out here and stump up with the twos for a and then they said you know what. We're not gonna do that to him where to put him in against Cincinnati starting defense for a half or whatever. And have him you know look that like that at its national TV game too by the way we're gonna do that you know that they return necessarily about the bright lights but I. I just think there's an element we gotta be careful here how we're bringing him along we know what the other two can do so let's now can eliminate it from the competition. Put the other two in their we'll see so. I'm keeping that possibility open I've no idea who we may see him again next week with the twos or threes but. I think it's possible that some time here before before pre season game number four that Josh Ellen does to time with the stars. I think that makes tonight really. Illinois is the amount overstated. It's at least interest seeing it might even be important sale because they could force our hand right right to tell they complain next week I. I agree bold does that that is why it's interesting tonight yeah I mean and I just a bet that to me is. Hole what bill sent wouldn't wanna see that and and again that makes this very much unlike to me your run of the mill pre season game. Because because of you know what's what's what's happening at that position and what they've already got invested in Allen. And you know I mean who wouldn't love to see him forced their hand I mean I. I certainly would have loved to see them have to make a decision on that nothing against McLaren are Peterman but you know we all know Alan is the future and at some point. They're going to turn to him and if he can make them want to turn to him sooner rather than later. I mean you know I'm a and that's all for the better. How do you think court Coleman will be used tonight cell he did not play last week gets Carolina dude how late he was acquired in the game being on a Thursday. What what you we look for from him what kind of player are we talking about in court. Well let's start with the type of player I mean Corey called embrace elements of this offense that they just don't had he is a 44 or sub 44. Forty yard dash guy and they just don't have that guy. On this team they have other guys who can run but they can't fly by defense core Coleman can fly by defense. He gives them the elements of the threat of having that happen which allows. I think which forces I should say a defense to back off a little bit the white scrimmage. And maybe give a little bit of room to LeSean McCoy he is important in that regard however he will not see the field. If he is not able to grasp of the playbook understand the offense consistently catch the ball. And run good routes and it's not just about running don't feel the Aggies fast. But yet to be able to run routes and you have to be able there. Right hooks and girls and corners and outs and things like that in. If you can't do that Sean McDermott right people are gonna put him on the field and and you know what you have in the guy you have a basically guide is traded away pretty much nothing for. They maybe you can just put on the field once in awhile to present a deep ball speculation but other teams know that he's really not. The deal all around type of wide receiver opera stars tonight I he is going to play we know that. I don't exactly know how much he's going to play maybe that depends on how well he does acclimate himself to the often shows how much he has what. I just get the sense after listening to Sean McDermott this week I just get the sense that. They wanna see if he's grasping the playbook and often maybe they're wondering if he has. By the way the way it's portrayed in hard knocks for whatever this is worth. Although some of that is supported by what people said around the browns when the trade was made. That we've got a guy with more troubles maybe between the years then athletically like that that that he just isn't. There whether it's he's not focused enough whether he's not someone who dives deep into the playbook attention to. So it is that David those tendencies show themselves I wouldn't think this guy is going to be long for any kind of a prominent role here but. If he's learned. From what he went through in Cleveland it maybe has been. To an extent humbled by being traded for a seventh round pick in 20/20. Then maybe there's a renewed sense of attention to detail for this guy in the bills can be the beneficiaries of that. Look I mean we all know that sometimes guys do benefit for a change of scenery and I mean that he does need that you need different people in your life surround you need to for leadership around you. And luck. If there's one thing that's kind of a unique about this year Bulldog it's I think it has. Kind of opened a lot of people's eyes to the way to Cleveland Browns organization has been run and it's not very favorable especially in my eyes watching hard knocks. I think that maybe there's a lack of leadership going out with you Jackson and the way he's running his team and maybe guys like Corey called men who had things scheduled pretty much your whole life still had it handed to him here in Cleveland still wasn't being asked to do it. You know all a certain way in the right way in the hard way all the time and maybe that's what he needs in buffalo because I watch and hard knocks down they can. You know if if if I'm Corey Coleman or somebody. Maybe subconsciously and David try the veal like this like your ear. Kinda having the easy way out too often and maybe that's why he needed changes eatery to be a better football player. So I'm thinking about the the person who's listening right now who. You don't doesn't listen every day isn't like taking notes is in going out to saint John Fisher and watching practice. What are some other interesting. Facets of this game some other other interesting battles tight end has been I think it for staying in May be some folks who are just dip it in. Because it's a game day don't know yet about what's happening to the depth charted tight end can you bomb elaborate on that for us. Yeah right now Charles clay is the number one tight end up behind him I'll I'll maintain I think Jason groom is the number two tight at this team right now you don't know Jason groom is. He went when he was in college at Tennessee he was a wide receiver in the news converted tight end for his last two years there. He came into the league an undrafted free agent I think with the bills went and before that but either way to really. Have any time with a regular squad and then. He was cut you some of those whose cut and then they sign into the practice squad November of last year. He stayed on the roster on the practice squad they re sign him to a futures contract Rodham back to give because they like to skill set and I think he's been the most impressive player in this training camp for me if I had to give a training camp most impressive I would give it to Jason crew might think he's really stepped up. He creates match ups and I really think part of it is bright tables offense and what he's trying to do there. I hustling Logan Thomas is in this boat because. Every time I look up one of those guys seems to be on the field even with Charles clay they're creating match ups their bigger bodies they're trying to do that that might spell. Danger for nick O'Leary. Nick O'Leary is not the fastest he's not the greatest blocker he does a lot of good things a lot of things really well. He does nothing that really kind of creates a mismatch for UN and that's really what tables offense is about so I wonder. If nick O'Leary is a guy that you know really has you. Be worried about his spot and step up and do some things we'll see where that goes so I I do think that are right now Jason group looks like the number two tight end wide receiver obviously is a big one. What the outlook brain and Riley has a rib injury is probably after plates ideas a practice he got hurt last week is a practice all week. Does that guided you know they really like last year showed out pre season led the team in receptions and receiving yards a lot of people thought including me he should have been kept he wasn't. Like Brendan Reilly a lot I just don't know if he really fits on this team anywhere right now we could be looking at another type of practice squad situation. For him but where are we going wide receiver especially with Corey Coleman I'm thinking is gonna make the team right. Zeke Jones is a very very interesting story line here tonight. I think they Jones a guy that has surprised me how quickly he's acclimated both physically mentally and for him to be on the field tonight exhibiting can do and then lastly upkeep on the opposite side. This is a big night for the three number three running back Bulldog. After the week that Marcus Murphy had last week he has an opportunity I think to surpass he has already Tarvaris cadet but. They wanna see the coaching staff wants to see him back it up they wanna see him do it two weeks in a row and I just have one week and then. You know kinda settle back in they wanna see him do it two weeks in a roaming team that energy maintain what he was showing that he can. We might be looking markets Murphy is number three running back over to marsh Kabat. Sell if I may go back to crew and how how yeah how explosive players this is this someone who can. Stretch the defense is in challenged linebackers or safeties down on the hash. Down on the field what what what sort of athlete are we talking about. Yeah I mean he is a wide receiver any tight ends body or retreat and a wide receivers body however you want to look at he's a little bit he's he's taller he's longer. He's not a great blocker on you know he's not to be on the field isn't it now he has been an in line tied and practiced like. You know you're not put out of their third and you'd go you know don't block the defensive tackle and drive them count. Yeah O'Donnell I stretch so you know he he he's he's got to be put certain situations I think they can take advantage of but I think that's why bright able likes him because. And I can call explosive I wouldn't call that Bulldog but he certainly has traits that allows him to create mismatches against either smaller DB's. Or slower linebackers because he does have that wide receiver in him where he has the speed and he has the length obviously is a tight end. All right cell take a break will get you back on in the 5 o'clock hour model remind everyone especially you fantasy players out there to be sure to tune in. Next hour around 520. For our fantasy segment with cell which is brought to you by Geico. Michael may not be back to the cave men but they have been providing great savings and service on car insurance for over 75 years. Saving you money is indict those playbook. So after the game get a quote at Geico dot com and see how much you could save Geico so easy a cave man can do talk a little while cell. Okay thanks we'll look at a sells about GO live from the Cleveland we continue along here on countdown to kickoff. Phone lines open again at 8030551888550. To 551 react to anything we've been talking about. In the last twenty minutes would sell. The tight end depth chart this Jason crew and development as looking like the number two tight end I think he's pretty interest thing Tyrod Taylor. Joshua Allen the quarterback rotation all of it up for discussion again lines are open 8030550. And one. 888550. To 550 I mobile blog and this is the Buffalo Bills radio and. Game day for the Buffalo Bills against the Cleveland Browns tonight there is no word on what the quarterback rotation will be for the bills. Heading into tonight's game between age Jimmy caring Nathan Peter and and Josh Allen. The rotation will likely be announced closer to game time Peter and got to start last week for the bills against Carolina will have wall to wall coverage of bills and browns leading up. To the 730 kick off tonight would John Murphy mark Kelso and south Abacha on the call right here. On the Buffalo Bills radio network around the NFL for the pre season games. On the docket tonight starting at 7 o'clock the falcons host in the chiefs and the giants taking on the lines giants running backs daequan Barkley. Likely will not play due to a hamstring strain. Miami visiting Carolina that game starting at 730 Arizona. Taking on New Orleans at 8 o'clock. Region wide receiver Dez Bryant left Cleveland with out a contract though the two sides. Are keeping talks open according to app on the commerce Tom tolls Cerro plenty of injury news around the league. Lot of injuries coming from last night the patriots losing first round often deployment I say a win for the season due to a torn Achilles last night. They also had running backs. For expert had dealing with a slight tear in his needle that injuries not believed to be dead serious forty niners running back chair McCain and will miss the rest of the pre season due to a calf injury. Eagles cornerback nick balls he's sharp he's suffered a shoulder injury. Last night Packers running back Jamal Williams suffered a sprained ankle in last night's game while Redskins running backs Margie. Is expected to miss at least a week with an ankle injury of his own. Washington RD loss running back Darius guys for the year due to injury and Byron Marshall also dealing with an ankle injury as well. Just running back Rashad penny has returned to practice for Seattle he was dealing with a broken finger. While Seattle wide receiver Doug Baldwin remains on track to start week one in the regular season. This update it's brought to you by eagle and car starting. December 18 if you had ET WYU will be barred from Canada. Contact you own car door border attorneys on dare Cramer this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. I mean that's just the process and a coach always preaches that. Not on this trying to learn and get better every day learning from the new AJ there from coach Dade's. You know I think today it's all odds about you know trying to become the best quarterbacks that I can be and you know since that time. That is bills quarterback. Josh Palin. Speak being in short. Lee after training camp at saint John Fisher. Closed up. It was after the final practice of training camp. John shell they're talking about. And trusting the process. And head coach's huddle while bat. Here and come down to kick off I am the Bulldog thank you for tuning in here reading ready. For tonight's game between the bills and the browns in Cleveland Ohio were. It's around three hours away from kick off tonight John Murphy mark also sell the popular will have all the action here. Along the Buffalo Bills radio network. Check the weather in Cleveland the forecast is improving and we've been on the air here run an hour and a half with countdown to kick off. And at first checked. The weather looked pretty Dicey going into game time and throughout the window that the game would be played in. But the chances of plane. Have been decreased according to the forecast it's currently partly sunny. And 76 degrees in Cleveland and there still are slight chance of Blaine. Around 8 o'clock says. Moon by weather up. 35% chance of thunderstorms in the 8 o'clock hour. Now really. When we first looked at this forecast starting at around 7 o'clock right on through into midnight. There was a higher than that chance of thunderstorms now. Only at 8 o'clock then even after that so maybe just a chance of passing thunderstorm but it doesn't look like it'll be. Not too bad and we'll see maybe that will even improve. As the as the hours go by again work a little less than three hours away. From kick off. In this game are you grill on TV weather by the we have brought you by cool room a collision make the right decision insist. I'm cor rule book collision. Your grilling or having a summer party. Haven't summer already but I'm not ruined but if I were I'd wanna check this out you should taste the difference fresh baked at federal meets in major party sizzle. With fresh cut New York strip 6799. Each and federal freshly made grow already called Bob's. Beef or chicken with veggies you can also save three dollars off a bag of stay on top dogs and two dollars. Off 31 to forty count extra large shrimp. Game day and every day federal makes it's special taste the difference fresh weeks and federal meets. I am the Bulldog. Bills and browns coming up tonight and as we've been talking about since we started on the air. Today and Bruce last couple days no shortage of story lines in this game tonight with Tyrod Taylor. The bill starting quarterback for the previous S three seasons. Playing against his former team yes I know it's just a pre season in the count but. Taylor even admitted this week that he would like to. Play well. And make the bills regret that they decided to move on from him that he's motivated by the fact that they. Decided to move on from him and I totally get that I didn't take any animosity. From those comments from Taylor I don't think he really should have any. I mean the bills didn't. Fail to give him an opportunity to establish himself as a starting quarterback in the league something he is going to be doing again this year he's going to be paid handsomely for that. So the opportunity. That was provided here on buffalo has. Has gone well for Taylor now you know he did have. A big contract that this regime Brandon beam and Sean McDermott. Decided to pass on so you know maybe he feels somewhat scorned. By that but. I think he's done all right for himself considering. Know who he was and once he was. On the NFL landscape when he arrived here in buffalo. To where he is now he's being paid. Nineteen million dollars to play quarterback for the Cleveland Browns this year. Sure you'd like to have the long term security of a big contract and all that and who wouldn't but. From where he was four years or go to now point Taylor it's got to be a very different life and so and so good for him he earned that. And I have no reason to like fear. What he's going to be or be com. Now that he's left the bills. And in part it's because I feel pretty comfortable with the decision that the bills made its decision that I supported I did not think. That Taylor's ceiling was really any higher. Then what key. Showed it to be drawing his time as the bills quarterback. He was pretty good he had some good results he helped the bills and a seventeen year playoff drought these are things that I don't think should be taken lightly. And I don't take them lightly but nor do I think they should guarantee. Future employment at the most important position in the sport. I support the bills wanting to be better at the position. I don't know that they will be in the very short term and that is something that I think is going to be interesting here. But I am going to work myself. Hard to not overreact to that in the short term. I I thought all along even as last year was unfolding for us. And it it seemed likely especially by the time when we tend rolled around and the bills benched Taylor. Grenades at Peterman despite having a five and four record in being in a playoff spot that they were going to probably move on from him. And that in all likelihood. That. Could mean that they would. Be for the for the short term for 2018. Even not as good as Tyrod Taylor provided them at quarterback but doesn't have to end up being the case the offensive coordinator in the scheme. Could play a role in how that unfolds as could the aptitude and the competence of Joshua Allen or McCarron ornate and Peter meant. But I think Taylor was a certain level of good that is not to be taken for granted and therefore I do not take for granted that. Whoever plays quarterback for the bills will instantly be better the hope is. That. 21 and 22. 212 and eventually to seven and accuse you pay a fairly steep price. To draft Josh Allen and you do that with a mind towards him eventually being better. Then Tyrod Taylor was capable of being free. I don't think you should overreact. To that not happening right away. I'm I'm sort of should be bracing I think for it to not happen right away and I am expecting it not to happen right away. And we'll see how soon Allen even plays at all. But in the short term here. Whoever plays quarterback for the bills. I've I'm. Racing forward to not even be used Curtis Taylor was the last three years and that might feel let down for some fans. Who are hoping to be better than Taylor because he frustrated them so much and maybe. Some fans overlook the good things that he did there was always. It was always a close one with Taylor to me like it was not. Like many other quarterbacks. Whether they were here for many years Alexi Ryan Fitzpatrick. Or less time like say Trent Edwards it's. He always knew what boy the time is up. I'm on QQ. Did this year I can't watch this war. Taylor never really reached that level of despair from me I just sort of matter of factly look at the team and when I think I need to be bothers him. There wasn't endlessly frustrating the fact that they made the playoffs I think is a buffer against that. And then you know as always was the case would Taylor you've had you've got the pros and the cons than pros are. He helped you make the playoffs the con is you scored three points in a playoff might mean these are these are the things that. You or is wrestling with when Tyrod Taylor was your quarterback now. He's the browns quarterback and will play against the bills. Countdown to kick off is going to continue will itself departure back into the top of the hour again. And then the roundtable. Coming up at six with mark Kelso Chris Brown. And sell about GO all of that is ahead you have anything to add to the conversation we've been having all afternoon here on countdown to kickoff. Full lines remain open for you at 8030550. And 1888550. 2550. Feel free to join me I am the bulldogs this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. In my opinion it's a little bit that he has something to prove but also young man that's maturing young hope in terms of his approach and not that it wasn't true lashes approach. Sometimes you see you know as we've all been around a team watch. These guys grow develop and make sure that they're growing up in front of our eyes Wednesday's case I would say that I have noticed a little bit more serious demeanor not that it wasn't before but it seems focused television. That is bills head coach Sean McDermott talking about Zeta-Jones. The bill's second year wide receiver who. No one told the stories of training camp this week he had a good week he was back practicing in full for the first time. And most observers are Sokol pop yo included. Mentioned that Jones especially the first day that he was allowed to practice with the team fully. Was it was it was noticeable. He was going up to make plays he caught everything that was thrown his way he even got in. Somewhat of a fight with Micah Hyde. After they were competing. During the though some some team drills and you know Rosie Jones is. Is someone who was viewed with and rightly so. Go a great deal of skepticism moving through the offseason. And into the summer because of well for starters. He had a very rocky rookie season had trouble. With drops. Had trouble saying helping. The ultimately was injured and suffered. That a knee injury. Like a new injury that he had surgery on in the spring so he missed all of spring work. And only just recently got back to practice and then there was a bizarre episode. The involving his brother in a Los Angeles highrise building. That was videotaped. And Jones was. Eight in in in a great deal of distress we don't know that we ever heard it. Definitively what exactly was going on there but it was. It was kinda scary frankly not to be dramatic. He was certainly under the influence of appeared. Of something or at least was just really emotional week in in a very bad way. And so you know yet if you'd been right to wonder what one of like well like Oscar what is is this guy okay. Mentally is he OK can I count on him physically is he healthy. Since being back in camp. As Sean McDermott indicated there. Most again observers including ourself compiled joke I tell you very sense a eight a different more focused more serious player. In Zeta-Jones so he's he's a piece of the puzzle there wide receiver and if he. Along I guess ideally with Corey Coleman. Can provide the bill would something that we didn't think they had a few weeks ago which is. Decent depth at that position it's starting caliber players. That would be that that that there would be a very pleasant surprise. A big storyline for this team. All through the off season was one of my doing at wide receiver. And beyond Kelvin Benjamin like one of my god your that's really proven and and so the bills. In advance of Jones getting cleared to come back and practice fully. Make the move for Coleman and you know there's certainly no guarantee that he's going to contribute in a significant way. The checkered two years he's had with Cleveland. They seemed. Quite eager to part with him somewhat so that they dumped him for a seventh round pick in 20/20. That is not the kind of price that indicates that they held a great deal of value. In court Coleman but he is a had agreed athlete he was a high on wall mid first round pick. At receiver who's had some trouble with. Walk really with injuries staying healthy broke this brokers and a couple times is what's cost him most roads. It is time away from playing games with the browns there's been some attitude questions to. So we'll see if the bills can get court Coleman right. But between Jones and Coleman. Well if they were to win. Win the lottery on both Eagles rolls on after jones' much of a roll the dice he was already on their team but if if he showed up. Ready to be a capable number two wideout to Kelvin Benjamin and Corey Coleman gave the bills what. They've been lacking which is someone who can stretch the fencing get behind. Defensive backs and make safeties respect the speed on the field. That would be a vastly different looking receiver group that it was even I'd say a couple of weeks ago. While you know that for every field goal scored by the Buffalo Bills this season. Liberty. Tab will make a donation. To the family justice center. Since 2006. The family justice center. Has been providing a safe place for the victims and children of domestic violence holding offenders accountable. With the goal of giving victims options take back control of their lives. Visit FJC. Safe dot org and share our goal to protect our community from domestic violence will be cab. Passionate about protecting. Our community we've got. Two and a half hours before kick up between the bills and the browns. We've got self taught GO on the way coming up after the top of the hour break again. And wanna make sure we tell you to hang around for the round tables always a highlight for me it's only. One of a couple of times during the summer. That I get to talk with Chris brown and mark Kelso and that is going to be coming your way between six and seven and there is no shortage. Of topics to talk about with those guys obviously what the quarterback rotation is going to be tonight will find out officially I would think at some point. During the roundtable with not sooner. The order of the quarterbacks are expected to go in who's going to start. We we do think. We've got AJ McCarron starting. That make sense anyway itself Abacha has been expecting given how we work this week. That Josh Allen would see time with the second unit. And it will find out as we get closer. Stay tuned south Abacha on the way after this I and the bulldogs this is countdown to kick off on the Buffalo Bills radio network.