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Friday, August 17th

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All right let's go let's get this thing. He's always Simon Jeremy might guess. Turns shaken out there. That we had hoped and at all clear plan well and like I imagine it is great competition that's healthy. For our football team that's healthy at that position in particular to keep position for our football team. I think Austria had their moments both good and bad. The great part about these young man is that there are learning from the ones that haven't gone our way as we continue to grow as a football team they're continuing to grow the quarterback as well. I mean that's just the process and a coach always preaches that I'm not I'm just trying to learn trying to get better every day learning from Nene. You know I think today it's all odds about an on time become the best quarterbacks that I can be and you know since that time. I don't pay attention anybody else so this can be myself and Elton it's wearable always been Turkey middle footer and Al and I'm focused on myself this reform done WGR. Sports Radio 515. Review your brake very good. Friend. Who yesterday. Football tonight and today. Wanted to was was it princess of used the line about. Dusting off the gold jacket for Arnold is anybody's eyes. What do what he takes what you think 42 regular but I know my God's got a bigger match 46 regular these guys would be hurt long they've got to be long linger six foot. Five right when I put this one a measure the jacket. But there's no way of pulpit bigger mayfield might be 42 regular sent Charles this is a six foot three quarterback that's a long. Right I don't know I'm a regular so I guess it would be along. I think a regular and I I would imagine who your or your regular I haven't bought a suit probably fifteen year and I don't think you're the same size as Sam Arnold he's bigger yep. I got a bigger gut though. He's got a bigger head I gotta be 03 he's got a very sympathetic he's got a big head a sit in in measuring with body yes is this is is large. I mean I've got a big hand here so this is big head guy team you know getting after a big I got yeah he's got to block head down. Daily to go Charlie Brown reference he tossed. And I'll be what every little level with you yup it's gonna be harder than I thought to take the pledge. Or to watch all these two watch all these guys Keck I I gotta be asking alas I'm watching the game I watch entire first half. In a pre season game mine sitting their hoping every passes intercepted about it out like when it's fourth down and they don't converter he takes a sack but unlike yet. Three out. Idea. That this little heart that I thought. I'm hoping this is because it's a division rival Ottawa the jets to be good I'm hoping that's all it is as opposed to. You know Alec Mason Rudolph played last night I didn't see the Steelers game but I saw on Twitter he threw a pick six and then I think he came back into a touchdown. I wasn't as. Moved either way by that wing but darn alliance in the rooting against Sam Arnold and pre season game. You know all like I understand. CI had the exact opposite. Where you whereas you're watching last night I did. I tuned in to watch Sam Arnold I watched that came on my phone because I've I've really want to see it yet and so you got in there your right. Yep yep whereas I after three plays watch him like. Alex feels this. Is tough but I. Why am I pretending. You know one way to to take the pre season pledge and to drive home how ridiculous. Any sort of real hardcore valuation is is to watch somebody else's team. Because you can't possibly care about it yet you know watched Alex Smith yesterday no we looked like Alex Smith is fine he's probably good. I watched and Arnold throw budget short passes crossing routes you mean all the guy before says that you can see that he's going through his progression zinni's light years ahead and I'm thinking. What do you watch in on that I watched a guy play the pre season here's another. Mark for the pre season pledge see Nate Sutton fell stats from last night yeah well I'd I'd know I saw us two games that so far as he's talking like 250 yards and two games out. I popular three touchdowns last night yeah Nate sud felt yeah well did you become a reader dynasty league you know what I might have to. Because if full is injured and went splits is even cleared for contact right now. So anyway yeah I you know I'm about to say something and any time we say something about Josh Allen there are people that think you're insulting him but I mean this in the nicest possible way. That you might be the perfect pre season cornerback. Because at home but I and that doesn't easier event regular season but. What do you do when you watch Allen you'd can't think about schemed you can't think about how he reads defense can't think about teammates really 'cause he's played the threes are playing against the threes. So all the stuff the that it really matters in the regular season isn't there yet the only thing is that there is him throwing the football. So the pre season this will see how we can throw the football answer. Pretty oil well right right pretty well so I guess. You know to get excited about Allen now the you've seen him throw a little bit and you wanna see him throw more it makes sense and I'm excited to see him throw the football. Because if he is accurate on some shorter passes and doesn't sale Rosen hangs in the pocket you know. While it doesn't mean regular season success it at least. Looks like. The the very very tiny tiny stuff that you can evaluate like hey look at that he threw the ball 65 yards all right check. We know he does that but it's funny with Arnold it's the opposite like we Donald through two games. His his he's pretty much throwing shortstop he's accurate you know he was thirteen of eighteen in the opener was eight of eleven last night. Put everything is under ten yards he's he is not throwing the ball downfield so. You know through whoever the guy was before us OK so he's going through his reads he's making some good decisions yuppies pretty accurate on that the shortstop he's throwing. He's throwing to backs he threw some you know some passes over the middle that a guy crossing and maybe even on a third down conversion. He converted a couple of third downs but dumb he's just it's funny I don't S I feel like I'm gonna sound like Brandon being comparing all the quarterbacks. Throws downfield Donald doesn't throw downfield and I didn't seem may feel I didn't see Jackson's first game I saw Rosen Rosen really wasn't a good team around him was awful. But you know for everybody raven about Arnold and how how good he's looked these last two games he's thrown for like five yards per attempt it's really nothing challenging. But you know he's accurate he looks comfortable he's he's reading defense is yes there were times last night where he did a progression of reads look. There he did he did a progression of reads. On the interception he threatened to double coverage was a bad throw in any another time he held onto the ball too long it took us so you know I was. It was not. I don't know if he wasn't that impressive to me. But as they said it it was harder than I thought like I'm already get in and stop to like hope all these guys failed badly and and I and I'm sure on tonight that because if the if the if it doesn't work out what Alan. Of course I'm doing the hole well just nobody else you well right you want the whole protecting myself class rank and a colossal loss even the guys were taken ahead yet up Josh Allen. In my mind I'm thinking about it works out. Right you know John the giants got Eli Manning the charges got Philip Rivers both guys are good whatever the Steelers got Roethlisberger. If Allen works out great but if it doesn't then you know you don't want mayfield or Rosen. Or Arnold or you wanna Maltby dad and last night was that first inclination for me I didn't do it in the first game to Arnold played but last night it was. Threw an exception to ownership cannot throw pectoral. Well you're gonna do that tonight. In a big way through for baker may feel acre may appeal to the going to be dog doubly stress that you don't the other thing about this is as you point out you know Allen throws downfield. That is true. He doesn't yet completed down know what he's detecting those guys is right it's the neck and and then that is also there's downfield and then there's John oh I'm miles because Allen throws weighed down field. He is but it past the McLeod bottle is still a longer pass that would Arnold's been throwing I mean I feel like I saw Donald throw something similar to that he's throwing one ball. Which was a night like. I think it might go on ten yards eleven yards it's it's really short simple stuff they're already it's very manageable for him but dad is. To a large degree the league yet most dubbed most passes do not travel that far down the field in the air like Emma. On a percentage of passes that goal. More than ten yards in the air its what probably less than 25 per cent because. Teams throw short teams gave guys on the move they get the ball the play makers and get yards after the catch I guess and then my point would be if I'm effort trying to evaluate rookies and paper gonna tell me. That there really impressed at how Sam brought looks in the first against. No I mean he's throwing big strong short stuff you know I'm not gonna go gotten over a guy whose whose complete and shortstop he's he's accurate. And he looked. The most part he had some good poison control I guess at one time held onto the ball too long in the interception was a bad decision but for the most part. By the way he only had three series. You know they had the ball three times in the first happened and I don't think you played in the second half so it's not like he was out there that much. So there are some things I think if you're jets fan you'd see some things and Arnold you'd like. But act you know just hadn't been that impressed in the first two games from him. I didn't see Bridgewater neither game it sounds like he's been the best quarterback to gets a pass through their first two games now. Bridgewater looks good at this thing that the guys that it was on before us Arnold's light years ahead of rookie quarterback. Impressive so far I think mayfield been the most impressive it is not only saw clips I didn't see I didn't go back and watch that game out tonight what to do little more from. So who who starts McCarron right McCarron probably starts Josh Allen starred. McCarron starts I won't be surprised if L start the third game by the way. All it's all it's got to take is for McCarron to look pedestrian meaning it looked like Arnold looked less like with 62 yards on how many attempts eight of eleven hello and at times. 811 so if AJ McCarron comes out eight of eleven for 62 yards and a pick and Alan. Does what he did the week before which is nine of nineteen with a touchdown. That. While that went out to other coaches I know we're talking about on Monday as everyone says star the kid against Cincinnati. Last night a much in aside yes so much in the Donald game right and Lisa salters does that a quick interview with Todd bulls down on the field and Arnold is announced that's the start for the game that Plattsburgh last night. And she basically says to him start Donald why and he his answer was something about you know it's. It's. Good to get him experience with the starters. And I'm sitting there thinking please let the bill say the same thing I don't expect Allen to start tonight because he spent the entire week with the twos. And while he has had reps with ones my guess is I wouldn't think the bill would have went to was all we can not all of us and say you're gonna start against Cleveland motels like to be run. But I love football I mean here is balsa and let's see how the how the kid looks with one's up right. That's what I'd like she would Josh Alan duke why can't you do that the unit look the jets may be trending towards starting Donald anyway but at least that coach said. It's good to see what he does it with ones and against ones and that's I think where a lot of us are which Josh Allen at some point. I'd like to see him against ones and the you've only got two more chances lat either tonight or against Cincinnati because the fourth game. The ones if there in there during their 41 series and they're on so. I'd like the bills to say. And do what the jets that last night let's see how the guy does. Couple Texans. We commend mark writes about Arnold he was unbelievably average but I guess that's measuring stick now referring to how he's light years ahead. Tim writes in a good comparison for Carl might be Chad Pennington accurate efficient Smart short passes this in his defense is figured out he couldn't throw deep it was easy to beat him. It's a pre season play you gotta take it for everything. San Donald can be kept her deep you can throw the ball deep it is not USC he throws the ball does not have a rag arm like Chad Pennington right it's two games of the pre season they have him throwing short passes. That's it right no yes it'd jets uniform and threw it short he's gonna look like Pennington it's not really much of a comparison Sam Donaldson doll is. Grade a prototype maybe you'll six foot three people say he broke had like 65. But Donald does not have Chad Pennington czar nobody in this classed him. Framing mayfield can throw to Troy Jackson can throw if you go the five guys that were taken in the first round. There are some arms in there you know it's that there isn't a guy that's trying to get over a relatively weak on mayfield can throw it Allen of course. Jackson slings it it is a really good class a quarterback says as we knew coming up so. I don't watch last night's game and get down on Sam Arnold I just watch and think. I mean. I just thought people Jeff fans watching the bulls might have the same reaction that that I had to watching Donald last night which is if a jet fan tunes in to see Josh countenance as. Beckett throws it far yeah adults who happens like that to try to get too much out of it. Is you know it's it's an exercise in August which is what we do every year that did the real intrigue is. It can Allen. L Allen can't do anything in this game to convince me he's going to be a good quarterback in the NFL Kenny do enough in this game he convinced me he should start week one. That might be a different story because. That's part of what he's doing right now that's part of what this is about. This is he got time with the threes in the first game he's gonna get time with the twos and maybe some time with some ones out there and if he performs well. Eat Brit now the world of competition. You know in three weeks he competes with Tom Brady. And Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the quarterbacks in league until than his competition is AJ McCarron ATP tournament. So he can beat them out. That's real that that is about the only thing I can get out of these pre season games is is he better than the other two guys. It's not about. Him convincing us that he says he's committed unconvincing to coaches that he's got it that's to me that's that's what this gets down to. I like the fact that he went from three to choose gut. The next logical step is to go from Joost once if it's a huge feat as a shot if this is an open competition to know what he's been ruled out. Assuming they start McCarron. At some point there's a third guy there who hasn't been in with starters if you're gonna really evaluate things you're trying to figure out wouldn't. What you have to see Allen against ones at some point in the game situation you might see that tonight. Five yen may be may be McCarron gets two series and they'd if they play into the second quarter. Then Allen gets one or us or maybe a second series depending on how short series are. I think you have to I really do I think at some point as I said I'd like Todd bulls approach I think at some point you must put Josh Allen out there to see what he does it. You're thinking. That he could start opening week against Baltimore acute league you go through an entire pre season with him playing just against recent news. You wanna see what he does against starters. Even Mason Rudolph got to start last night for Pittsburgh it was weird deep when we get because Roethlisberger didn't play but that didn't go Landry Jones or where Mecca. Rudolph got to start and Agassi was pretty bad but it but he got out there against wants. You know I think this the cardinals have talked about up maybe get Rosen some time with the starters so. That's to me that's the thing I'm looking for I I hope Josh Allen. Plays well but I hope he does enough to convince the coaches whether it's tonight. Or next week against Cincinnati. He needs to be out there against ones to truly evaluate whether or not he's your guy against Baltimore so is there anything specifically you're looking for from Alan. Indies skill set in the range of things that you can do that then he does. Moon would try to figure things that were lacking in the game last week audited too. I was thinking like LX in connect on a on a deep ball be nice those are hard to connect to go ahead what you got. Complete downfield passes yet I as do all right hang in the pocket. I wanna see a little less running out of it took its scramble and make plays with your feet. It's that's all well and good but. You wanna learn the businesses like. Breaking bad habits you don't fall into a routine of doing that hang in the pocket. This is not nominee on do this but other. I'm taken back to when J. P. Losman was here and training camp. And the defense when towards records and brought his like it was because he was running around too much kkk were you doing out here I don't tell I think that that's not job you're job is to throw the ball in your career out here or scramble look at Jimmer matter whatever you're wouldn't you want. Not that Allen is anything like that but. For me evaluating quarterback is. Saying in part hang a pocket makers in the pocket. Yeah. I look it it it be nice trend completed bomb yes III we know the kids got to start Armon liked him complete one of those at the at this I thought. Last week I thought he did a good job on the shortstop then you know there were couple throws over the middle that it completed the one to the McLeod stands out. So why I don't know I guess they didn't have anything specific I just wanted to come out and again. Looked like he can handle things but played to the level that I feel the coaches will will evaluate that tape and go okay. Second challenge check you know the first show was put about the threes let's make sure he doesn't look completely lost and he did not against Carolina. Next challenge now we're gonna put about with the twos against Cleveland and itself like. Cleveland starters are gonna play into the second quarter so. Two adults may may be. If Aaron gets out there. If the bills go to two's early enough maybe Elin does play against the Cleveland starts out of their starters gonna play longer in this game than they did in their pre season opener. So the next challenges what does he do tonight I just wanted to look good enough that it it forces the bill's hands that they realize. Okay he handled the global an upgrade in talent now we have to take him out there and get a reps this weekend or. Next week against ones in practice and get instant time against the angle starters that's what I want I want to look good so they can move them up the chart for shop next week. Mole find out tonight it's exciting. What do Tyrod and ending about Tyrod. Every couple days they'll be an online fight if you know for those are you that are on Twitter. There are a lot alike daily fights that happen it's gonna pop up out of nowhere in the disappeared yesterday there was a brief fight about tyra hit. Hope it does what I know I really don't. Thought I would root against them someone some Twitter account meaty. Picture in the Photoshop the bunch a buffalo media heads. On hyenas from the Lion King. And while yes I was one of them and nation is secure big head. I mean you could Photoshop pretty small OK but yet. And the suggestion was that when Tyrod Taylor throws incompletion the buffalo meat he's gonna jump all for him but I am absolutely not gonna do that. IE. Not the we have to rewrite history or gore this gambit. For for meet Taylor was about two things I want a better quarterback. And it was clear the bills were kind of abandoning him during the season. And they did with the hire of a Rick Dennison. And it's something we send training camp Le boy this offense does not look like it fits him and he had his worst season as a bill and then they moved up. And I want them to draft a quarterback and I didn't need him to be gone but I figured he probably would soul he can have success I am. If he is better than all three bills quarterbacks this year I will not beast on at all. It is entirely possible because now he's been put into a Cleveland offense that has pretty good passing weapons might might have does bright light and as I Orton at some point right. He's got good weapons there and so Tyrod could have his 2015 season. And he could also have a season better than that. I'm not mad at the bills gave up on it they went for our young quarterback they want to be a franchise quarterback the browns did the same thing. Tyrod they're bridge guys so if he plays better than. Than any quarterback on this roster I'm. I'm good but I wish him the best and I I don't think the bills have to necessarily be. No no no no no bills fan has to look at him and hope for him to fail and if anyone is is you know kind of tearing him down because of the kind of player that he isn't he wasn't really good enough for you here I get it. He he threw for 67 yards in the game against the saints. I was mattered in that game too. But. You know I I'm not wishing him a lack of success and I'm not gonna be surprised if he's better than to whoever the bill start this year not at all. IE. I don't have a Tyrod Taylor voodoo doll and I'll be sticking pins in during the game I I do I let him I hope he does well the only reason I would root against them. Does have the bills and browns are fighting it out for a wild card playoff spot in any Cleveland to not beat out buffalo the shore obviously I would want the browns to lose football games but I know. Again no bones to the to pick with I she's fine but I like watching him on hard knocks. You know the things I hear at a Cleveland. You know how teammates are are enjoying having Tyrod around he's a good leader it's you know he's got he's the first one in the facilities put in the time he's doing all the work. That's that's the same stuff he did hear you good teammate here he was he was a good football player and went about his business professionally and he did his job there were just in my opinion. We're shortcomings in his overall game and I want it than that cell death but that doesn't mean I root against the guy act I like him personally. I just want a better quarterback that's all so I got I don't know probably hoping does well for for for the browse the season. One more pre season take Korea you know Welsh looked good last night. James Washington. The wide receiver that Okie state yeah I didn't see yeah I didn't see any of the Steelers game so I don't know what he did. That's one other thing I'll be watching as much as I'm excited the siege remain Edmonds in this defense. I am gonna watch the rookie receivers Calvin Ridley. James Washington music de Timor DJ Moore right. A significant from LSU more secure from Maryland right. Yes yeah okay and turn that there was the speedster from LSU where it got his name already but yeah right the saarc charter DeLia DG shark. Rookie or rookie receivers I want the bills to go receiver in this draft and they didn't they've Corey Coleman so there's another got to watch tonight. How to score Coleman get. Worked in this offense when he catches that sixty yard bomb from Josh Allen tonight ought to have a lot of fun if that happens I'll see you in Niagara square. And will start planning the parade and I'll have our first renderings for the statute to Josh now you'll have taken assured off your twirling getting air. Bought view is it okay that that'll be awesome let's go and I'm looking forward to that. Happy game day they don't trailed 550 bills fans lot of stuff to talk about tonight obviously the quarterbacks but. You brought up Corey Coleman the number one O line the battle at setter there's a battle emerged of course the battle at wide receiver after Kelvin Benjamin. There's a big competition at tight end after Charles clay Shaq Lawson is a lot of stuff to watch for tonight. Remain Edmonds game number two. Tyrod Taylor yes Cory Coleman returning to Cleveland. Eight all 30550. Bills fans start your Friday off. By calling us and talking about tonight's game and the things you are watching for tonight we will have the game here on WGR. Turn down the TV sound and listen immersed Kelso and pot you actually we'll get started at 4 o'clock she opened the Bulldog will bring you down to kick off. It is a 730. Kick. Tonight and after the game you can talk about it on our post game show with Nate Geary. Our coverage of pre season games on WGR present Obama die college our students are M powered callus now 8030550. And we'll talk football with few. And WGR. My back. Everything importantly. We'll play your best. And you make of evaluation that we take our notes like I sit here and evaluate and second my second every day in the public I understand what's happened. And I was hopeful both understand where we. They were program. Just being Smart I think you know and I'm proud of myself for his being Smart with the football and and knowing exactly you know what the scenario was and I'm just trying to execute investment really. On balls will make the fast guys then Sam Donald's one play Smart. Did you know well then one bad decision turns into an interception the most party he made Smart decisions good throws. Was on target to nothing that would actually wow yeah. The jets lost last night to Washington to Arnold started the game. Yeah I got three series in the first affidavit 1162 yards and pick. Teddy Bridgewater played well last night in the second half. Ten to 15127. With a touchdown and pick bill's course by the browser that in Cleveland it's 730 kick. For those few outside of upstate near the game is on NFL network's you can watch that feed but. Wall turned on the TV sound a misnomer Kelso and departure upstate. Outs well it's on and buffalo Rochester Syracuse and local channels and pure outside of the upstate new York and you can watch an NFL network. In upstate Adirondacks. Yeah. And you know it's on an Albany probably not honest in IQ it's just out of like you did the old cardinal sin of grouping buffalo and with upstate yearlong islander came out there. Everything north of Poughkeepsie is up today I actually securities and I'm north of I think north of the rocks in upstate thinks that's what I wanted to get this wanna get from him up well that's the that's etched mr. central new Yorker. Everything south of Syracuse Q of course should be don't that touched it once you cross the Bronx bordering get into Westchester County to think it's. State. 730 game here on WGR nick falls left the Eagles game last night with a strained shoulder. They lost to the New England Patriots. Nate sub field came in and played and you know no. The extent of injury meaning at this point it's notable because Carson went still. Has not been cleared for contact. During pre season work with the Philadelphia Eagles makes a rough got start for the Steelers last night to not have a good night. A loss at Green Day his very first pass attempt of the game last night was Dix six. Dez Bryant met with the browns the two sides still talking trying to work something out. Baseball the Yankees lost to Tampa the Mets split a doubleheader. Scored a franchise record 24 runs in their first game against Philadelphia and then Los that I kept 96. Two jays lost two kids say the buys and Foster Gannett Marlins pitcher Jose arena suspended six games by Major League Baseball. For throwing at Ronald Acuna junior Brent Snedeker 59. At the Wyndham championship just the tenth. Sub sixty round in PGA history and Nichols product family also re signs with the buffalo oops those are your headlines the next update coming up. At 7 o'clock we are talking about the bills' game with you tonight and know what other things will be watching for. It pre season game number two course everybody is watching the quarterbacks you can call about that. But some of the other story lines including as I said wide receiver battle after Kelvin Benjamin although. Who knows Benjamin might not even play tonight because she was. Limited the other day at practice I'm I don't expect to see Benjamin tonight because of that took one guy is an unbiased news as the rest of the day and was icing his knee I would think they would hold them out. How significantly visit change. I'm not saying it's picked the bills but what if he has if Benjamin word to me Bowen not a 100%. If Benjamin's gonna miss half games or she you know maybe it's I'm not trying to scare anybody but it he has lingering knee pain that's been a problem for him. If he's a 100%. Mean if you looked healthy and energized in that first pre season game for me I didn't go to four catches came out yeah I was targeted ought to get a touchdown at Peter really that Benjamin was maybe the best thing to see in that game because I felt like I was watching a 100% Kelvin Benjamin and if I don't get that. Rules and their hurts that's that's not it's not quite LeSean McCoy is out oral Shawn McCoy is less than on a percent but that would be a big deal. It's pretty close polish hold LeSean McCoy relatively speaking to that position I mean we know McCoy is the but why is the focus of the offense. Benjamin would be the focus of the passing game but after Benjamin. If he can't play for for any amount of time and remember by the way. You know their unit there move it around a lot you know they showed him in the slot quite a bit in practices at camp they love that mismatch that height. Inside Kelvin Benjamin I think that's something the bills would. Would like to exploit this season let alone when he's lined up outside in the targeted provides and he did have a good game last week with Nathan. He would be the top target in the passing offense if he doesn't play for any amount of time. I like it gets my question would be quit throwing the ball to. Charles like who who if they Jones who is the number one part at that point it's it's a Joseph the Jeremy Curley is it Corey called it. I mean whoever the quarterback is Benjamin is a nice. Comfort zone like a security blanket like that he is a big target literally. And figuratively if you take that out where you go with the ball. I have no idea I mean is pot luck after that at this point you know I think if knock on wood Benjamin's healthy I think you can have we were talking about the numbers of the day a seventy catch season. You know if he misses the met any amount of time in the bills have to go and a different direction in terms of their passing game. Throw the names and a hat. I really have no idea of who gets the targets and where to the quarterbacks turn to you know then it's it's receiver by committee I assuming your spread the ball around but. I had no idea what the passing game we do without Benjamin. He's a big big part of it. So that's why you know the other day. You know I was asking Sao about the Benjamin injury yet that made me nervous when I thirty took one wrapped and then we didn't really do anything. I I would be panic and Kelvin Benjamin at some drama Kelvin Benjamin camp play the season and that's a big problem. It's the second if Josh elements the job and start to go out there with what weapons far into the frame because when the job with what what weapon yet don't and I'm artist does is something that. Boris is between what is the jets feel like they're in a similar boat. If Arnold goes out there doesn't have great weapons now he has never great line they don't have a great run game they're never great perceive a quarter okay. Whichever guy wins this job they're gonna replying questions about the weapons I but but again between you and me to close the rated to settle on everybody here this. You know McCarron Peterman whatever the future I don't IE I don't say I don't care but I don't care if you don't care I really don't sorry. It's cold it's cool these guys are human beings and they're fighting for their football jobs and all other stuff man and we're all about Josh Allen I just need Josh Allen to succeed. As soon as possible but succeed so I worry about him if he wins the job if we're sitting here talking about we I know I've said. Going into camp. It will when it came to Josh Allen it was is this a good sit there let's say Eagles in the and he wins the job in the pre season. Is this a good situation to put a rookie quarterback in with a line that on paper. You're going through big turnover. You would have. Technically three. New starters I mean do cops was a starter on the right side now he's on the left side you will have a new starter at center. You would have a new starter at right guard although the guy has been in that position before but was this a good scenario without offensive line with god knows what at wide receiver. Is this a comfortable situation to put Josh Allen and if the top target is not there yet I'd be worried about Josh Allen in this office. Defense. It's another week of pages don't do just don't feel like it's funny or sitting down last not a while I was watching the jets get my driving down story lines for this like what to watch for tonight and I got to death. I got I mean the office quarterbacks wide receivers tight ends offensive line. And I got to the defense that I realized boy I'm just gonna probably ignore the defense again tonight I really didn't pay attention to the defense last week. Did anybody play on defense for the bills last week at Daiei. Not sure like Italian. I wish is so focused in on the quarterbacks in the offense tonight a feel like that's kind of been the theme for me it training camp. You know you go out there and you wanna watch how Phillips looks in Edmonds looks they Shaq is seven and ice camp. And yet everything just gravitate over to the offense the defense is just right. They guys. OK don't get shredded and often feels the dolphins game back on I get bigger which quarterback is gonna play yeah I've been kind of ignore the defense. So the Eagles and patriots played last night. In Philadelphia. I I looked was in Foxboro all was OK and SpinRite was in Foxborough this Gillette Stadium I'm sorry. A lifelong Eagles fan from balks county exits in Massachusetts Knoblauch talk as a juvenile filly OK. Trying to figure okay yeah this is a Philadelphia pork all right now I'm gonna get the story. A lifelong Eagles fan from Bucks County. Paid a thousand dollars and a plane can fly. Over fox fox rolled over the black with. 4133 Philly it's not Super Bowl whatever that's not on Twitter that is an awesome that's one. The patriots he with the Eagles tweet it out pilot was that the picture their locker room. Now see Eagles apparently the Eagles standard they will will tweet out you know. Pictures from the locker may be equipment things in the stall before game. Last night they threw got a picture of true stalls in the visiting locker room. And the true numbers work 41. 3033. And if there's any team in the world that deserves to get troll on this stuff it's the patriot oh what are you talk after out after their humble Minnesota all that there humiliation against Atlanta all that 28 to three garbage as the you don't patriots last pocket about a yet because they put the score on the scoreboard before the game began just because the put 283 diamonds and they're railroading. You know what they absolutely deserve honestly. The I think the scoreboard bothers me more than the rain like this and you walk out into the field for about to look up and it says 48 the three on the scoreboard neither of them bother me now. What bothers me is this idea that they're a buffet and yet they do it people treat him like their about it. I don't care they do and I think it's great I think the fact that the Eagles do that is great. One thing I looked for last night it's it's a rematch of the Super Bowl the pre season you don't always get that was looking for a last night I couldn't find it. The the biggest joke of all time is at nfl.com. That's the Seahawks and Broncos played in the pre season after the super bull. And the following year they plate yeah and the Broncos won. And nfl.com listed it as the Broncos get a little bit of revenge I somebody do that last night one of the patriots reporters. It's a garage yeah weeded out revenge. Now maybe they were just being sort they had to be sarcastic you know NFL yeah no I'm not kidding it was seventeen nothing New England. And one of their report one of the guys who couple who wasn't one of the guys I follow on Twitter tweets out. Well a picture of the score. And revenge he had to be sarcastic know a NFL reporter tweets that out actually thinking it's legit it's got to be screwed around. We'll go out in custody I don't know what I'm sure I'm sure yours being sarcastic and you know by the way I want fun fact of that Broncos win over the Seahawks in the 2015 pre season Russell Wilson to the safety early no know which quarterback led five scoring drives. For the Broncos cannot Peyton Manning no. Well who else would have who would have been there Paxton at no it's either you know. Five scoring drives and pre season game was Trevor should be in there no not him fresh off a Super Bowl win. Fresh off a Super Bowl appearance. And he he wasn't super Boren. Who Brock oss Weiler. A kind of forgot about the Brock asked Wyler and proportion of his career. 8030550. To join us 888550. To 550 as we talked bills football with you on this game day. What are you watching for tonight bills fans grab a line share we'll talk quarterback will talk position battles on offense. If the pollen and give a little up to the defense I I guess that I think they've been out there in the pre season just don't take my word for convertible into watching the guys on offense. But we can talk about that there's not as much obviously going on that side of the ball. One of that action there a couple developing stories I should I should correct myself for the game tonight trip Murphy probably not gonna play. The continuing issues with him in the groin injury certainly makes it look like Shaq Lawson has the golden opportunity to start now and that wasn't the case going into the pre season. So Shaq how he placed tonight because it's right now he might be the starter I think it's a story to watch. And the map a lot of starting spot that seemed fairly solid going into camp is now knocked. Ramon Humber got some reps there Keenan Robinson got some reps there so yeah. What does that battle that outside linebacker for starting spot has now become a story. As we get into the second and so there are some things to watch on the defense of side of the ball no question about it plus watching to remain Edmondson game number two and you know he comes along. Eagle 30550 to join us. 888550. To 550 as we get you ready for the game tonight he's going to be listed 7:30 this morning from Cleveland one of the things are going to do. Good pick our third winner in our country sweet recipe contest now. We're still going to have one more winner next week so you haven't sent us your entry you can at WGR 550 dot com. Your best tailgate recipe using country sweet cooking sauce just posted at our website if you are selected as a winner. You'll get a 100 dollar gift card market in the square country street cooking sauce merchandise and gift card to the country sweet restaurant plot could talk sports without this I'll be involved in that. And the three of us. It simply your recipe send us your recipe WGR 550 dot com. Country sweet it's all about the thoughts. The first game so I think there's room to get a better look at Tyrod Taylor with his receivers with his skill players. They need to establish the run better city to get a better look at shall which O'Neal left tackle that you could just see how this whole offense fiscal first offer can operate. Haven't from the Cleveland plain dealer talking with the browns are looking for tonight K next we got hurt box we get through the bills. Kind of since they'll be featured in this game with the browns tonight 8030550. To join us 888550. To 550 pre season game number two. Would you watching for tonight. Some of the things you mentioned on defense course Lenny at thinks look for an offense the only battle on the offensive line is at center. Ryan groin and Russell boat dynasty what happens there. Barks Murphy had a nice game against Carolina and did a lot towards moving himself up the depth chart and perhaps getting the number three running back job. It's another thing to watch for an offense tonight that competition with Taiwan Jones and taveras cadet. We'll watch for the helmet rule trying to think I think there was. Lower the helmet called first happened jets game last night but did that'll be sucked in the track. Over the course of the pre season and in tonight's game as well. So you can share your story lines which are watching for tonight in the second pre season game of the year or whatever and court Coleman is making his bills debut tonight. How many snaps he gets oodles. You know always a little bit behind obviously coming in with camp under way into practice this week I think was working now with the choose. So maybe you'll get some dime which Josh Allen tonight Patel watching Corey Coleman you know he's gonna wanna have a big game going back to Cleveland after the trade. That's certainly something to keep an alliance tonight because the bills can obviously use his speed. In the receiving corps so that's another story line to watch as well. And you know what keep and the tide and still that's a story that's kind of developed over the course of camp the gloom and into the pre season. You know trust placed clear number one. Nick O'Leary did some nice things last year I think most everybody figured he's going to be the number two tight end but he's been passed and you know if you listen the Sao all of us. Nickel Larry might not even make the 53 man roster Jason crew missed has really had a good summer. Provides a big target for them and even Logan Thomas who still you know developing his skills as a tight end the former quarterback at Virginia Tech. Is another big target to watch so. The tight ends and who's there are behind Charles clay tight ends are expected to figure prominently in this offense. You know to Qaeda and sets figuring in not only blocking in the running game Owen Carly and speaking of blocking car at least had a really good camp and he's a really good blocking tight end but that's a big position to watch too after Charles played see how that all shakes out and O'Leary again. Might be the outsider looking in at this point. So we'll talk story lines with you we got you covered tonight of course here on WGR. Make sure huge huge financial bubble look at 4 o'clock per count on kick up a double checked it is a 730 kick in Cleveland. Maybe your driving to Cleveland to watch the game its energy stadium. First that is right on the lake FirstEnergy. Burke first and urged him yet not and RG continued sorry that's I converted the other guy because there's energy in both of them yeah it is I. Go early I said get in there early it's an easy drive was two and a half hours dish from here go in early go to the rock and roll hall of fame. Goosen tailgating walk over to the football stadium and have yourself a marvelous time it is and a nice. Tonight's downtown area Cleveland going out and tonight. So 4 o'clock I don't care about 730 kick off. Merck Kelso pot joy on the call nick here in the polls can joke that is your coverage here on WGR bills pre season games present abide would die college our students. Our empower.