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Friday, August 17th

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The norm. He's sixty popular on your views on how effortless that it could be a problem that I dealt with the air and would have been good in practice though was art. They've got the athletic ability to out of pocket then play brought down. You can get this great city and the people if they'll do. Take it with this guy I think there are so but outside if somebody's. City I think he has a real good. I'm faulting her for medical network. We could one build live talking about Josh Al and Josh on we don't know the exact. Excuse me the exact quarterback plan for tonight but if you base it on practice this week. It would seem that McCarron which start alum would be with the Jews and people who would be with a three Taylor's going to start for Cleveland. And we could see baker may feel tonight as well to find out more about the browns are one of the AT&T hotline Adam Opel is at 93 the fan. In Cleveland any joins us right now adamant soured in German good morning Heidi don't want. Morrie guy here where I am curious to know atom here we got a full blown quarterback competition so we're evaluating Josh Allen. But we're also going to it's possible he could start week one against Baltimore that's not the case in Cleveland what what skip like for you guys. As everybody evaluates baker mayfield but every indication from your Jackson is there is no question that Tyrod is going to be the starter in week one. Yeah that's been their plan all along I vocal I've ever but they'll order a 100%. Interest got older I get in week one. I I I will acknowledge that it is very likely that our current sales are we won by. I wouldn't rule out the possibility at stake really excel list the way people who were good so far. Because he coaches sit in the past they're that good archive of art and it'll sort of upstarts. We've won so I would open the possibility. But I don't think without a doubt the plan for new Yorker has been in. Is that they don't want in the start week one. I just all they may pillow might go earlier this diet and flat out aren't the movie what it is eaten. And what it is. You know I don't know what you're at what we that you're walking on defense certainly. But I've been very complex vitamins you know what are depressed by Robert well I think it's it's certainly not gonna hurt him if I or at least start to. But the browns. When your engine you've been impressed for baker mayfield so from the practices that you've seen. The one game that you've seen what stands out about me feel so far. Everything I really everything it's easy to import. And I'm not old too. Hyperbole. On compliance. You've got a gallon while the local salt let them or edit and you don't well yeah they pretty neat for the back from anything they. Dharma. Well there at the camp like. Eric yet some of the guys and also eat eat we will go remarkable. Which minicamp I've been part and I've been out the camp every day. All out we've exceeded our jobs. It in the game is no doubt about it you'll want me this won't be gotten. You to you guys when you look. Usually I'm well how important and are little more than eight none of that. During its war these the all ready to speak to him beaten and they rabbit a game. Spot he's got a real long armed. And again is. Went back the old ball game and hopefully he'll put everything seemed so well here it's been approximately. At all easy to get great. Appeal. He gave the pin point. Between mayfield and Tyrod Taylor Adam this is the most excited browns fans have been about their quarterback situation since. Well at all what Lindy if it. Goes well partly out. Well probably if that evil and more public article wind although we are not being helpful. I couldn't will get the problem Derek Anderson. Because he had that one rate you'll. A decade ago and then once the ball well we want you to make oil a lump those. So it'll be some and I mean. Outside. Walls and play well for a week. All I know outside of that. Ball and got off at Apple's. You know we thought you're gonna go and play the burning coal is our card. Yeah lobbying. In reality it is this it it air that you know pirate tale of the last and he as well. That what you've got the last ball really solid. And political and well written on. Without my uncles. House Tyrod looked overall and and what what kind there. Reception. Is he getting from the fans when listeners are calling your shows and they're talking about Tyrod Taylor what do you learn from them. All positive. You know hope that we want. It's been there. Right to. Be in Brooklyn you couldn't eat it will always boasted. That it would look back on the spot. With felony. Could not get there we we have no idea how to relate that himself you know. Didn't. Know anything about it likely the edit. Edit having a similar thing on the ball well we'll go. They're ready to speak at all a lot of the other markets may be more or back. There's more gung ho about when he called me you know. One man's. You don't want is another man's pleasure right guys like we'll get to support them and yet that's what we're both Cleveland and I Roddy. Upward of what they add a little bit and we'll look at the England June 14 what you're. 800. Club football in the hospital and you'll. The perfect scenario that Tyrod played his you'll eat all the and that they equally yen the year is going to do next they wanted to. Get. Special. Yet. Or on the lot and not what I want. Well I think generally fans are happy ironic. That you won't stick about. He is out there you'll local arts planes but with anybody about what. Although it all on the course here so you know what but that the models that aren't. About half well. So one man's junk is another man's treasure leads me into a Corey Coleman question. Because browns want no part of him they give away for our you know back deflated football's. What what did you think of Corey Coleman in Cleveland because again yeah we're sitting here trying to figure out. You know what kind of factor could he be clearly he brings a deep threat and speed. And talent and ability but something went wrong in Cleveland and so what did you think of a when he was there. I didn't. Didn't think he was very good are put it didn't know who vote for the bill rob see you also it's not Adam and it was Allen. I'll or an all the you can't let you know why via EE a lot slobs. Eat at. Didn't network swept by the walk out. All. At once without Allen also. It didn't post route for the little whole lot of of Brown's what is the first round. I've gone nowhere. Bought I think we'll look out of the blue purple means ITV. News easily. And no we're not gonna lie I think you know you would be calm me. Score the ball deeper than guys it'll knock in the autumn. Or we will. Are working possible you have. Oh yeah. Audi enable it to its first round draft. Adam the goal of the study to treat defending Cleveland we'll see the grounds that course against the bills Adam thanks forgiveness and time this morning appreciate it and enjoy the game. Adam blog are AT&T hotline. And again the story in Cleveland today. Is not just the game that it might be the signing of Dez Bryant Mary Kay Cabot from the Cleveland plain dealer just tweeted out article she wrote. That the two sides are still talking they might not get something done today. But the agents stayed in town and she in the browns are continuing to talk about Dez Bryant and a contract and trying to work it out and and when Wallace and then maybe you'll get a one year contract. In Cleveland but as of you know. This morning nothing's done but they're still talking. 8030550. To join us 888550. To 550 as we talked bills browns and maturity for tonight's game and I hear music and write my ears by golly second instant trivia of the day by golly I like it hears music is like trivia. So you guys have known that the Cleveland brown. Strapped history's been ready Batman off. So Corey Coleman is the latest first round pick since 2009. That has been parliament ever since they came back that is that a flaw. Caring. 2008 he didn't have a first pick in the dress cell. From 2009 to 2016 can you guys name the ten players at the Cleveland Browns drafted in the first round. None of them of which are still with the team. All right since 2009. Yes. 492016. 2002 doesn't succeed. Okay. How many cornerbacks are there then sell. Sweden since 2009 and we'd not Quinn right Brady Quinn would have been before that to amend that sure doesn't seven yep man sells correct one team fourteen. Wheaton yeah I think when he twelfth okay Justin Gilbert tossing Gilbert is correct he went eat the overall 2014 yup Trent Trent Richardson Trent Richardson went third overall 2012. The though the pass rusher with a crazy name. Maybe went to Pittsburgh first round pick any head up. It's just you know not your ordinary run of the mill name I just can't remember it is not a Mecca right old boss he's on the right track not out of network Obama would. It's some something with a LSU ballot degas LSU pass rusher with a name that you'd always remember but I can't remember. That guy. I don't know not a list its job is is herself as as first or last name first name. Watch the whole name yet holdings kinda I just can't residence that's I thought Emanuel all of them but it isn't him. Where is he now he still the league right. What I'm. He forgot to our guess is that the Seattle Seahawks somebody tweeted to me you know I beer people the cigarette out you know. Or yelling at their radio their phone hey Howard you idiot it's. His his first name has the has a phrase that a dog makes. There are obvious mango gets out that's the are lucky guess may Geithner got an ordinary day overall yeah they're gonna look at mark devious I don't know the only other guy had his Joseph Haden Johansson cracked when he tagged. Seventh over that's it I'm out they need hints hit land you've got anybody else and I'm done. There's the tree don't work devious mango thank you look at. This guy is currently the starting setter for the Atlanta Falcons. Mac yeah Alex Mack Aleks Maric Melanie and 200921. Night and as Alex Mack. Secret life of Aleks Maric. But in some things that don't show but can this guy I was drafted 201121. Overall played three years with the browns. And is currently playing with you Washington Redskins nose tackle. Oh boy out of what do you see them last night. When I just watched the game and that is the name accomplishment Danny Shelton the initial incorrect now player I'm talking about they'll they'll taxpayer. Danny Shelton was twelfth overall 2015 Cameron Irving camp serving nineteenth overall 2050 texts are we is Cameron or iron I think guys are missing just. One player the player from 2011 to wash your nose tackle. That yes I've no idea. You got to know Twitter anybody. I don't have an. Phil Taylor guy's name would they got billed million years. The opposite of arcade is mango. Yet but it's Phil Taylor like just some just I just gets Phil Taylor went to Penn State and transferred to Baylor distracted. 21 overall. And GAAP. And to acknowledge the Redskins. Not a good draft record net like we should be throwing stones in the glass house we live and. Would you rather be Jody BS ES this question last night which rather be the bills the browns right now. Then. Probably the browns yeah I think he can make a case for either very simply. You know it's not a zero win team Burson nine win team in the off seasons were significant. And to ask would you rather be the bills the browns in the I can listen to arguments for both sides. I don't like the browns coach no he I don't like our docs is not doing many things I won't need nurses one and 31 record yet but I doesn't look like a god knows he's there he doesn't he didn't look like you know how to manage quarterbacks last year and I don't like their coordinator I don't like their defensive coordinator. Or their coach. And they're GM. Maybe. I like and I'm not sure about him I like mayfield. I like their skill positions I don't know enough about their offensive line I think there there is some talent on the defensive side of the ball I think there and I like Tyrod Tyrod the parents aren't at quarterback help hold the spot and trying to help you win some games until they commit to the dreaded play. I would give them a slight edge of the bills just because I like mayfield more than Alan coming out of the draft process. Cut and beyond that. You know what I mean they've got to make it does have a better defense that's I think I don't inaudible CI again the connection could not recorded or is that better running back. Yes they do the browns have a better receiving corps. Mile lot including you know and joke coup and Jarvis Landry everybody in it and if Josh cord comes back obviously he's talented the browns have a better Ers. We'll see about that means miles scary I think miles Gary's legit forget about. He is going to be very very good yeah text or things Jimmy Haslem and discussion oak but the point is. Made the point is. You don't the team which team would you rather own okay personnel yeah I've your own owners that I that's that's good point Jimmy has on his all night not what she wanted owner and possibly a crook. Again yet doesn't it convicted I think yeah convict yes I think it definitely is your there was this trucking company whatever Becky rent yes OK yeah he's. So pointed out I forget who was so he put it out like hard knocks has not done anything about the has clubs in the public good thing that they're not on the show yeah. I'd give them I'd I think they give Cleveland a slight edge. Are you factoring in divisions at all. No no just about the direction of their team their franchise OK I yeah I give them a slight edge but that's. In part because they think I like mayfield more than Allen and they have better skill players. In the eyes of the group. He had a five year fraud scheme and had to pay 92 million dollars in penalties to customers and restitution is that's a Sosa yes oh yes yes that is that seems less than good that counts is doing something illegal sure. Armed slight edge but. Not not enough I don't think it's. Boy you know you're not it's no one of those things are your envious I can get envious of teams when they find their good young quarterbacks. I mean for a short time last year I was envious of the Houston Texans watching to Shawn Watson about sling the ball all over the place. You know Owen who you know so so I can do that I'm not there with Cleveland but if you'd have me pick side by side I'd give them I don't know 5545. It's a very close race but a slight edge to them. David tweets in could Dez Bryant still being Cleveland today to talk with the bills also. Not I just don't see it really tells the answer is now likely I had. Has he lost a step in isn't exactly the kind of producer that he has been in the past probably but. The bills receiving corps they need what speed they need guys that can kind of get open they needed a guy like Coleman to provide some speed to get downfield. And and you know look. They think the bills sick. I'm not here to tell you that there receiving corps is gonna get your really excited but we know Benjamin's here. And sure certainly had only the bills are kidding up Wednesday Jones. They like curly fitting in in this offense here's Al talking about how streeters looked really good in camp. And then I think we're Coleman is going to make the roster that's five guys I I just never get past Dez Bryant. And his personality that just doesn't seem like a guy who buys into the process and is someone the bills would want to add to that room to the receiver room to the offenses team in general I just I've never seen the match sport. And quite honestly. I guess it would be cheap. You know that the talk in Cleveland is that you know they're trying to get him to a one year proof that contract you come in play well. And then maybe we resigning or whatever you can hit the market your value goes back up I just don't see the Eagles to even if it's cheap when you deal. I've never expected and any point through this process. I'd like to court Coleman and like few of the sky can do you know if Benjamin Spock stays healthy. The report sends a Jones you know. He's looked good at camp seems like right south tell us he's got this more serious attitude he's focused this year. You know he knows what happened in the offseason and maybe he feels he came close to losing a job here. I'd like to see these guys have some time to develop a Jones and Greg Coleman being at the top of that list fawn half kidding question Korea. Can tonight be a success if Josh Allen's deepest past travels 24 yards. Yeah you don't want to at least see wanna I wanna see what assembly told if if he doesn't do that. But he looks god but I'll probably just what it and there was tanking OK yes you you've got to if he should throw it's like not playing free bird you got to show and play the hits. It's a great history and how open dialogue with their guy I don't see why I don't see a bomb to court Coleman. I'm not happy right if I don't see day one has to dial that hawks through the goal posts. Then I'm not happy and I want him down on one knee when he throws it's tough for it just just for just to show off no I I fully expect this is the team. That I his very first play in a pre season game did want. Threw the ball deep they played they played month as they were Montell your mentally this is how we do you walked out of the stage and play the big hit are you kidding me if they don't. How predictable is that they're throwing deep to Corey Coleman tonight right. Coleman's here for his speed Coleman's a former brown he's gonna want to show something to Cleveland hey you traded me. I'm gonna catch a sixty yard bomb and that there's no question at throwing the ball deep and it's going to Corey Coleman tonight just matter Blanton. And Colin will probably be out there with the Jews must stand piles McCall's and says guys you probably shouldn't united you know to be caught up in the moment. He is so wait if bottom of piles I was coaching the bills. We make sure that Allen has never in the game when mayfield in the game for Cleveland he would do that and he wouldn't throw record Coleman's studied you know threatening but it didn't doubt that they are against you address Johan Larsson and throw a ball to him you make sure this week that downs with the threes so he doesn't get in the game. When mayfield is in the game with a for a few atop Allen taking conservative approach that. Protects the rights in my sources tell me does in the agency in Cleveland to meet with the bills. Hash tag panes of sources okay. I'd still be really surprised in just it would seem to. An M what do I know I don't know Dez Bryant other than what you read about this guy and you know what the stuff that happened in Dallas it. On the surface it wouldn't seem to be the kind of guy they would bring in here. You wouldn't cost the money they have cap space. Maybe they do and I just doesn't it doesn't seem like a mixed a mix to me a match to me for the bills. I eagle 305 pick to join us. 888550. Q 550s we get you ready for the bills in the browns tonight let's go to Adam in buffalo out of your on WG yarder right at. Thanks guys but they. I take exception to the bells vs Brown's comparison the browns won no way no games last year one game over the past. Chase seasons. We come off the playoffs you'd Jackson. Didn't get Howard Simon out of a cardboard box. So let's be real as far as like what every experiment. Hue Jackson the bills that round playoff team. I'm looking at the roster out players and who their quarterback is says specifically one of the reasons we said the bills might have an advantage I don't like the coach got a cyclones coach at all I'm looking at the roster Adam and I and the quarterback in the skill players and I think that would give the edge to Cleveland I mean it's it's it's not a slam dog meets. There's there's a debate to be hackable sides in one team winning 91 team winning zero mean that relieved it doesn't matter for this year at all. All that matters quite a bit there's no way you have guys that locker let one know game last year just don't go from like 089. There. Diner ten I can hear it fires like roster and elements of lies we tell them by a vote went football games was in any sports. X you know what does win football games my turnovers and the browns were the worst team in the league in turnovers Lester in the bills and a positive turnover margin mean but the browns effectively have gone. Is is change their offense from the Sean Kaiser who gave away a lot to Tyrod. If nothing else the browser will be in games more because they will be more protective of the football I mean. And I I the fact that they won zero games last year it really means nothing. The only means is they got baker mayfield. With a let's say you have to say the browns are in better shape I mean yeah I don't know I'm not saying that you have to say the browns are in better shape you rather the browns. Joseph brought it up last night and I think it's I think there are points to be made for. For bolt the mean that the quarterback situation in Cleveland in Horton who knows who's gonna better mayfield or Alan. But Tyrod. You have a guy as one NFL games because yeah starting Tyrod has won an NFL game and he has weapons were McCarron and Peterman both have very limited experience. And have not as good weapons out of that's that's it for me it's about the coach it's they have a quarterback who is one NFL games who has actually. Take this team to the playoffs Jarvis Landry is better than the bills bills best receiver. The bills have a better running back and McCoy. The I think. I just think overall you look at those skill positions and the quarterback in the defense has may be hearing from. That I would say Cleveland's roster Timmy has the edge right now not not coach not GM not front office just looking at vol roster. This this sop and here is loaded with absolute unknowns. Yeah I did but what you're looking out it but I gotta say I mean. Now we're saying Tyrod the better option after we moved him out of town now granted I was never tire out and. Are the better cornerbacks and anybody feels that he's definitely a bigger body of work than the two guys the bills that via. That's a better quarterback and then McCarron and Peterman and Josh Allen but I think hopefully Allen's ceiling is a lot higher than what Tyrod excellence. Not a group Dahlia he's yeah I'm not sure so sure how much we disagree on I think you Jackson is really. Not the man for that job I can't believe they kept him. I think they should've moved due to correction and it seems I end up being jealous of our. The payers until some like right now I'm gels of the barriers. Bears have the chiefs' offensive coordinator of last year they went out got Alan Robinson who is very very good if healthy. They have a bunch a weapons they draft the linebackers with a built into the middle their defense that. They don't jealous is maybe the wrong term and I'm I'm kind of keen on the bears. The titans to a degree the teams that higher. Bright offensive minds of the teams anngelle sub and I hope the bills have one of those six they might. They really might be kind of remains to be seen he's had some experience in league he's been a part of very successful offenses so. You know the bit the the browns have Todd Haley hue Jackson and hue Jackson might not last thing now because Todd Haley is right there on the staff and he's been a head count yes yes Seoul. You know what my opinion of the bills will change greatly as soon as I start to see how the offense is designed because it's a bit of an unknown and if they have a you know Smart. Creative. Ford thinking offensive coordinator Dan boom I mean I'm in great shape that I need to start in some more horses for Mecca. Adam thanks. 8030550. To join us 888550. To 550 will get you in other wing cash code word for you and give you another chance 1000 dollars it is. Lac LA CK. L a CK text that rang out a 72881 yet until 10 o'clock to get this in message and data rates may apply lack seven Q8 81. And this after. This is our friend day for national when cash contest hopefully we give away a thousand bucks. It's afternoon show with a bullet left or more code words for you but the code reduced to around as a lack. Text it to 72881. Call off the dock bills browns on this game day at 8030550. On WG. Whatsoever my numbers called and I thought Obi ready and you know I think the coaches understand and then they're not only to situations where I wouldn't be ready so understood but much less than men you know that's all I can do it because McDermott. He's Smart man Smart codes so whatever he says his or Canada I think. Club because I haven't read the article yet but there's a tweet out from Bleacher Report NFL someone wrote a story and here's the the T Stewart if Josh challenge struggles early Kalin ran his criticism of him will serve as a reminder of how it was a questionable that Timmy got her no no I don't. And over judging in that fast. Take the pre season pledge. I assume this means if he starts and we wanted to follow I I haven't I'm just literally opening up the story but I definitely go up as I read that headline. I got a tweet here from David who wrote in about Sam Donald who threw a pick last night you wrote if Josh through this in this pick. Two would be filled we told me was an accurate terrible full worker boss Donald throughout his back foot fall in the way despite defensive linemen three yards away. Maybe some would do that. And let's say this we don't have to do this for the rest of time I hope guys we don't ask how's it wasn't gonna compare them that we don't have to. Buying into the night I know that it is there to what degree we have to Willits Allen had done that oil didn't you and it will cause several Allen did do you want what Arnold did do. Anytime you get and the one about ism you really lose the plot. That's my opinion on one if if if helmet thrown that interception you Wahl. We'll start with the interceptions that he does throw. Which he hasn't yet but certain putt part of it sounds that he does throw. It's the same with the successes pay that debt deep ball to Robert Foster is really nice it was out of bounds signal let's talk about it. As that was to a degree it was out of out of there is a blatant drop that's a different story so. Any who. Little mini Friday thing there okay but I know I'm having. I'm charges I'm not sure I'm reading the police reports org sabathia may have similar funding it is August 17 2018. Right give me the earliest possible day you feel like you could you'll know whether or not Joshua Allen is a good NFL cornerback. Not this year. I don't has some time in twenty. Nineteen merely when he nineteen yeah catch when he got on here I mean even if he starts and bombs. I'm not gonna feel good about it but I'm pretty sure are wouldn't write him off. In a rookie season Marie didn't play well. On an offense that a lot of us think is gonna be bottom five anyway. I just don't I don't have a date for him than I just. Look I was into when Maroney set EJ Manuel I still wasn't willing to raise the white flag any GM wanted to see more from him after fourteen start so I. I don't have a date for you but I've you know I can't imagine that it would be anywhere this year. Even in a worst case scenario where he starts and he's terrible. I would expect we're going to be bombs and as I said I think you'd be playing on an offense that we think is going to be one of the worst offenses in the league. Maybe bright able prove us all rock eagle 3055 to join us. 888552. For a fifty. Mark in Rochester you're on WG yarder right and. Hours. I got a bone to pick what you should go ahead. Well. That Tyrod Taylor the better quarterback than any of the bills quarterback. Yes and I. The only exception I don't I didn't think I ran then aren't you here. Who's who's better than Tyrod right now and why. Why did in Iraq horrible horrible he's not a horrible quarterback weasel like and that's fine mark he's not. How could you say these three guys are better than him. What do well. It doesn't turn the ball over out I don't care of the football and is keeps the defense turned the ball over any monies he continues his legs to get first downs like. I. Ball out what it well I mean obviously don't like the guy and guess what else hasn't thrown the ball Peerman and McCarron thanks Marty never consider who played it. McCarron got four starts in the NFL major tournament has still and one of the me like at halftime and Josh Allen hasn't thrown a ball on a regular season game. OK you don't Terrence fine that's fine my thanks for the call you don't like that's got to put that that's not. Because you don't like him personally isn't like you say he's a bomb in these three guys draw better than us there's no basis and to that AJ McCarron is three NFL regular season starts is yards per game or a 122. Tell me how he throws the ball so well maybe he will be better than Taylor we will find out. But at this point like none of them now have shown that they will definitely be better ride let's look Marc thanks for the call I. In it in India for meat it's OK true. Not yet been a Tyrod Taylor but also understand that he's better than anything the bills have right now and that's right yeah. But the point of getting rid of Tyrod Taylor wasn't Tyrod a bad quarterback okay. The point of getting rid of Tyrod Taylor was you need to find a guy that who can who can be better than Nat. Who has a eight bigger ceiling who can just take this offense to a place it hasn't been since yes. Drew Bledsoe was strong they're molten peerless price. So that wasn't gonna be Tyrod Taylor but he's not make you not to be terrible mean that you know they did win nine games. And he you know does have action roots in his I don't he's block him. I just think I need more from my quarterback that's it but man there's no way. There's no way you can believe that. AJ McCarron a Nathan Peterman and Josh Eleanor better than our tails you know you've got a section the fans that some thought. Man it can't get any worse they deficit cam and events. Death what a building and what bill stand could say that I'm not we've seen definitely can AJ McCarron can definitely be worse than him so can Nate in Peterman who threw five interceptions in the first half of the game. They could do it don't they could both end up being better. Victor comment is who's got the better guy right now one guy as all five of these guys may feel included and you know. All five of them have. Had some NFL expect that they're at a full body of work and Taylor has had the most in the most success Allen may feel that none. McCarron said almost none and Peter and had almost none so. You know signs every controversial say Taylor has shown to be the best of the group to this point doesn't mean he's going to be the best. No and that's but that's and that's the whole discussion. Help McCarron and Peterman I I don't have any expectations right I bet most of you don't either it's is all gets down to Joshua Allen. And you drafted Josh Allen you hope to be the best quarterback around here since Jim Kelly was throwing the football. If that's the case then he'll blow job they'll blow Tyrod Taylor out of the water. But AJ McCarron. I mean this guy is he he is. The XP is the free agent equivalent to Billy Cole liar you know next really want all really right all right that's right Billy Volek there'll be guys that dismal around and sometimes they hit more often than not they don't Peterman was a flyer in the draft right we call a fifth round quarterback and take a flaw a flyer. AJ McCarron was to create free agent equivalent of a flyer. We bring them in. You know he's getting what five million dollars it's a two year deal for ten total. Let's see what he does to the guy conduct to be something great I'm not expecting it if Nathan Peterman wins this job and you have to be something great I'm not expecting it. I am expecting Josh Allen to be the guy they they think he's going to be to be the quarterback to lead this team. Back to the promised land of make in the playoffs and competing for a Super Bowl at some point I am expecting that the doesn't happen I'll be extremely disappointed. Probably finding ourselves right back revenge for twenty years. Bemoaning the fact that this team doesn't have a quarterback Tyrod Taylor isn't isn't that you've you've you've you've got to admit that. I do to make a correction thank you detection pointed out he has more than a 122 yards per game. Yards per game would be a number of games he appeared in not starts so I can give you his three starts. McCarron in his three starts in his career regular season. Would've had let me see here 28192. And 200. 280. It a good game against Denver once in the regular season too weighted against Pittsburgh lost 33 don't want them a cut in music. Two touchdowns to fix is an impressive I have 280 yards if you lost by thirteen points I mean by bill standards it is. I guess I mean Tyrod Taylor got to 280 guns and 300 wants. They never threw the ball he ever threw the ball they didn't trust him to throw the ball we don't have to. We gonna let me do this yet we did three years it's fine if he was pretty good they never trusted him and he took away as weapons they gave an offense that didn't fit him and then they keep up the door and start there thanks. Sure and I want better and that's fine I wanted better sure. And that's the whole point of of the draft anyway I wanna better fully knowing that your attempts to get better might end up making it worse. In the short term sometimes that happens the bills try to get better than Drew Bledsoe and got worse. Yeah I wasn't a good move and you know I'd sometimes at Politico you're hoping you're taking a step forward long term and you didn't UN backwards and and you're still trying to figure out who that the quarterback is. And the Bleacher Report thing I think it's just more of if Josh Allen doesn't play well thing I don't think it's. The one thing this poor who wrote this Mike Mike Freeman Bleacher Report. He did point out. You know the jailer Randy thing blab blab left first and bashing Allen. Grand Prix target on his back yeah I got second Allen now finds himself under the microscope even more. Many laws and doesn't pose a franchise player expected the rank that's the part I I know hey I don't disagree with that he has been under the microscope it didn't become. A more intense. Microscope so to speak because Jalen ranch city's trash. Nobody gives a crap we're Jalen Ramsey says other than maybe Jalen Ramsey. And maybe Tom Coughlin moon and it it doesn't change anything Josh Allen is already in the microscope why. Because he's into a class of quarterbacks that everybody was talking about he's a top ten pick in the franchise that drafted him. Made multiple moves over the course of almost a year to put themselves in position to get a guy they thought was worthy of a first round pick in the draft. So he he's under the microscope the jail and Reggie thing means absolutely nothing. And he points out you know the the microscope in the pressure starts Friday because they committed to display. Again. No I mean baker may go with the number one pick in the draft include wasn't trading the pick so what are you gonna do I mean it's. Not the bills had a chance to get baker mayfield he was off the board first. And Cleveland wanted no part of trading out of the number one pick up designed so much you can do with that I I would disagree with the rent stuff. Okay extend the sports coming up at a moment. If skaters coming up the tent and of course the bills coming up later today for clock countdown to kickoff show opened below would you just started. For the game it is a 730 kick if you look at port on television here in buffalo it is on channel seven it is on nationally and NFL network turned on the TV sound because. John Murphy mark Kelso in South Park children to the play by play from Cleveland. After the game stick around the bulls can show are very donate Geary we're bring that to you as well. It is bills pre season football it is on WGR it is brought you by my die college our students are empowered. Breaking sports news bears first here. GR Sports Radio. The four months. Thank you really wanna watch a lot of football tonight don't forget you got the bills and then. Josh Rosen and the Arizona Cardinals the replay will be an NFL network that at 11 o'clock appear tracking the other quarterbacks. You get to watch mayfield tonight Arnold was last night Mason Rudolph played last night the doppler well for Pittsburgh when Lamar says what was Monday Lamar Jackson. Chairman. When the night Monday night Mark Jackson for the Baltimore Ravens next game so there's your football player Premier League this weekend you got arsenal placed Chelsea. That's a win for you vote for your voice. The yeah. Maybe you know really. Oh okay arsenal not good that our games are we don't didn't you please forget I brought it Upton. Shouldn't talk about them I'm sorry against the gators. Coming up in just a moment course one goes live at noon. Habits of great time great weekend enjoy the football game and hopefully you'll be rated talk about us Monday morning at six.