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Music great revenge. Here's presented by. Correct survey asking how old Uma Thurman has to open the show floor on April 29 1970. So she's got ten years on me forty she's 48. With Thurman who's telling guys that back when now when I was a youngster. I heard -- thorough was singled past my agent if he could reach out to assemble annuities seat she was available after you saw pulp fiction you thought that would be good all yes pulp fiction is back in the nineties and a that was the only one I was never like hey listen. Just caller and just see. A guy like her and a girl like me cadaver goal on a date went that one chance. I've seen his chance they ripped quick question right before it opened the show what they call the quarterback that we've heard about it achieves over in France. Royale with cheese that's straight do you know why they called quarter pounder. Lighter. Why they call it the right guy admired him as it's the. Gators Andrew Peters Craig survey Friday means mark Dampier honest here are naturally we opened up talking about movies. It's gators and WGR 550 an MST he's Marty beard on 43. If you want a tweet him. He's act Craig surveyed 52 he's still got Uma Thurman pulled up on his screen maybe we'll get to Twitter something you can tweet them. I'm at the site Craig show is at these gators a lot of stuff to talk about today. We're going to be doing and I will let's see year. Best part of the best parts summertime six pack may be we're gonna do their to the point standards and assert that is going to be a fun one today. Who's feeling the pressure at 11 o'clock a little shack chain guys in the last year of their contracts. All over the leak not just in buffalo. And us savers by the sweater sweater number 29 by cell traits or want to get too but first and foremost. It's time to go for little boat ride that you like those are all notes get them out get the life jackets out. What to calm. We were we were talking about that this morning. There was a list that came note for the odds of winning. The Hart trophy this year. There's about 120 guys on the list. There's more and when more than 20/20 five guys that thing. I a good. A like who would you bet on to win the Hart trophy who would you bet on to win the Hart trophy I want it we're gonna do little gambling here we are we're gonna deuce and rightly so I think we sticker right we're opening up the river old man river boat gambling are out here so buddies do we want riverboat. In place of bats. When we used to go up to. Since this is a grade open and I'm sorry that fight again fight cards for cards and here she is five cards. When we use who has since added America we used to go ought to. Riverboat gambling casinos because they were not allowed to be inland on land but it could be in the rivers somehow so we'd all goal. On those reds I'm really happy that you launched your own Torres taking out gambling and casino. Bravado cares about the bottom right there when I put out the odds but ribs is thinking that's. I will what we're gonna do is we're gonna take too bad you're gonna bet on two two players I want one year no brainer because everybody's somewhat going to be I think. Around the same because the top guys are the top guys wolf first first say but I want you to place a bet on a dark course is so for sake of people that are. Listening on the radio and can't see the monitor when we have the odds in the players' option we just list off all colors. Shortly less there odds are just in order. Book Connery David is ten to three Crosby thirteen to two Austin Matthews ten to one Alexander Ovechkin tend to one taveras ten to one Taylor Hall fifteen to one. The key to coach her off fifteen to one name McCann in fifteen to one does this mean tricky going. I feel like this probably killing people current I think the people at home Ali hi Patrick Kane is when he won let's get lakes and daddy yes cycles thirties radio host 25 to whine Patrick lining 41. Jamie Benn who was. A league point to leader couple years ago is forty to one here's what here's what got an icicle 33 to one Buick coal truck is on there for 51. Yeah Colby first year back after arresting. But two years off and he makes the list of freedom of legendary status right there. And any got a few guys at the bottom and a hundred to one so. What what are the rules here of what he wants to listen it's very simple life I want you to. Belly up to the old man riverboat casino. I want you to place your your bet. A line the first guy that you believe. He's going to have an opportunity to win the Hart trophy next year just just your first guy and we name and now we're gonna name him right now I'm a star Marty. Congregated. Support you said you're you're best bet you're like sure thing here and I think this year even Morton last year because. Even though the Edmonton Oilers don't make the playoffs this season. I think that the voters don't make the playoffs deceived ice if the Edmonton Oilers don't make the playoffs this year. I think the voters will look at last season. And say we didn't vote for economy even as the MVP last year but the players. Voted at two V to give economy gated. The deadly of the award which is the best player in the National Hockey League so if it happens that back to back the year the workers don't make the playoffs. It will be less of me at negative against economy gave dead and more a reflection on the whole organization. That I think Carter McGee did. We at the par four if he had the same season as it did last year. Would get the MVP from the borders regardless of playoffs. You know yeah I I I know what you mean I don't I don't agree with what you're saying. When when the players are voting for the best player in the league. They're they're not looking at this guy plays on a crappy teams don't actually the best team. They're dirt they're playing against this player each and every night. And you get to watch the highlights and things that he does I think karma David. Arguably right now on the National Hockey League is the best player in the week. If did that mean that he is the heart and he's the most valuable player to his team in the. I think we have if they have Edmonton Oilers make the playoffs last year Disney David winning. Aren't prohibited mourning clothes and asking a question of course he has rookie guard. So understand that. His performance alone. Stands out as an MVP performance. Now at Edmonton makes the playoffs this year its economy needed for sure. If they don't I think it ended the mood got a hold while they did make the playoffs weekend will vote from because. I think it's gonna become more of the organization that's that's. At fault for not making the playoffs and not just when I like better. I've got I I'd I'd like that Marty I'll take it all day long I eighty I but I I still I still don't think that economy I don't know lots of tough to say I think it's. I don't wanna say this. I want everyone in a while there I do not want to say this says Austin Matthews. Why. Why don't I wanna sales rising placed on Matthews. Because unhealthy year last year he's well over forty goals and this is a contract year for ham we're gonna talk about that later guys that could cash and I just think he could. You look at his numbers he could be candidate for either sell cookie lady being our ross' Hart trophy. Ted Lindsay award mean. He missed you missed a good chunk of the season roster and with that shoulder injury and I I don't know I I just think that. I think that he's for some reason. I don't wanna seized underrated we're will do an underrated over a few things but. I only he's underrated and I certainly don't he's overrated I just I think he's. As advertised as advertised as my problem nobody gonna ask you guys like these and I'm ready to borrow and everybody called this I think I going to explode a problem would also Matthews or anybody on the thrown at least. As the same issue that the Tampa Bay Lightning last year. Is that. You can vote for Matthews you probably could vote for to Paris you could vote for martyr you mean California lender you could vote where Brady Anderson in now. There will be too many guys. On the throne will be police that could get MVP votes because they have that great of a team that Amy. Take away some of all while he's definitely the MVP where Taylor all need the McKinnon Claude Giroux the worst and now. I would make it clear that I will not be rooting frost and Matthews so like your right I just have a feeling this kid is ready to absolutely explode and if he has a huge year forty goals fifty assess. He might make more than you think it hurts. That John taveras is on the team helps you think it helps. It helps put up performances I think it hurts forty MVP voting because you and me could say. Okay you're gonna go far as the matches for a BP M gonna vote for taveras it's split the vote and yeah. Having got the big difference and that's why. Tampa last year with courts are Rolf. We at Henman. We had thus less. Spread the votes. Around too much that they couldn't single out a player. We are doing the old and riverboat casino and this is based on the odds. Oldman river I love it Nevada MVP odds. You know have karma David favored to win the Hart trophy ten to three outs of so river wants us to do to place our bets on who we think is. The locked. Our lock and then he also wants us to place about a long shot so Marty says economy David is his locked ice at Austin Matthews you're yet to see years whose house sang. I'm gonna go with Nate McKinnon. I don't believe that neat McCain and former first overall pick in the National Hockey League I think he's played. Five or six years in the National Hockey League now. He he's he's starting to come into his pride beauty he was shown he showed showed last year that heats he's able to take. An elite step in his game he put up 1987. Points in 74 games I believe. Wit that with a line that he's aligned with Landis god. And ranting man who nobody knows about by the way but to our rent and had 84 points last year if anybody even knows who this guy is. This line is going to continue to get better they're young they're highly skilled. And I believe that Nate McCain and watched deport him aunts and and cement himself. In to being the elite. Player in the National Hockey League I think that it easily could have he could've won the trophy last year and this is why I'm saying. This next season coming if he puts in the work if he does the success I think the voters are gonna give him the trophy. Again Colorado needs to make the playoffs. For. Nate McCain and to be considered. I think this is just my thinking if I have to pick a team in the Western Conference that made the playoffs that will not this year. I'm picking the Colorado Avalanche. I think Saint Louis is much better. Will probably take a step forward I think Dallas has gotten better we'll take I think that Anaheim is gonna be out playoffs this year that that could be so but my problem is see that Colorado Avalanche went and got food group hour. Was gonna battle with CB on Harlem on the net halama does hurt a lot I think if that wasn't for Johnson Bernie last year playing as well as he did. Called vita would have been in trouble sold listen they have two outstanding goaltenders. June number one goaltenders. They have an extremely young core on their hockey team that I believe. Is going to continue to grow and get better. This is a very dangerous hockey team this is the up and coming team in the Western Conference you're gonna have teams. That have been up at the top for a lot of years that are gonna start to trickle down and fall off I think Colorado. Will make the playoffs this year and I think BP can't going to be huge part but I don't like that you picnic McKinnon as your lock because he's a fifteen to one odds. And so you asked us to pick a locked in a long shot. So if I picked a fifteen to one odds and all as a long shot. MIA do I have to rethink this because my long shot as the same I thought maybe. Maybe Craig doesn't have his odds the same as these thoughts on the beat the old riverboat again maybe he's got a little house on the host can do it every ones are okay this is my casino but I I learn whatever Iran and that's why I said boo but I am I allowed you don't feel like my pick. I like it because that was my MVP last year it's not it's to me I TIZ I would have given him. You know MVP last year. To anomaly to pick I think it's it's a good peck I'm curious I think he's a guy that has a lot of Isaac mister kaine he'd do it again. I think that's the question and I with Marty. I I think that Colorado could be out of the playoffs. Seeing Louis is a lot better didn't they have what time it is they might have a you have a stumbling game. Last year last game of the year Saint Louis Colorado army the playoffs. Yeah right yet we see it lose. Its it was treated status the and they still awful lot better and it almost squeak him I mean Saint Louis. I don't know what to make them and I mean terror Sankoh could be could be the long shot. But all right grind forward here we want to get out George your pick is I love my pec. I look Mike picks not average does might peck I tell you what that guy that was. Was just behind the guy who won last year I honestly believe that neat Nick Cannon should've won the heart last year. I interviewed a ball I think you're you're all one art and Taylor all deserved. Deserved it also but both those two players were Miami BP's cluster it picked long shots river. Purdue for those of you just tuning in murdering the old man riverboat casino so there some odds out for who are gonna ask. The app black jacket deal riverboat casino I absolutely do. You do your house absolutely the cheap do you have an energy he had just hit and so on sixteen and stands seventeen that's 10. As the dealer. We went to lack the mental or Elijah. The dealers if everybody was that sit at eighteen and nineteen and the dealer at seventeen you would get again. There was no rule like you would it again to try to get a two or three to try to win. Everybody's money Marty how long ago was that. Those 2003. Under along those fifteen years I can't remember yesterday among fifteen years ago I remember playing to see that's not good when you're I'll buy it may all at a casino a year ago. The not a rocket launch on long shot for me. At fifteen to one odd sold at the same lies has he. US detonate Macon and at the same odds as a Taylor Hall Nikki Dutch culture rob I'm gonna go with mark's life. Winnipeg jets I think that. The Winnipeg jets are again going to be forced to be reckoned with in a National Hockey League that guy is a stud. This side is the speed strength is on the middle. It's ongoing it marks nicely as my long shot that's a great pick that's not that's not a long shot that's why I think that it go ahead and you know march rightfully had an outstanding year and I think that he's only in a situation where it's gonna get better my girls thought Blake Wheeler. Analysts and your nonsense again Maher I highlight. Eight out of fifty to one that's a long shot. I gonna pick Patrick Ryan I'd like everybody in Winnipeg because I think there underdog the whole Winnipeg jets team this type of underdog feeling that everybody's talked about oh Saint Louis got much better. How Howell or Wheeler B this year with safely healthy earlier. All of the Stanley and like I mean. Insanely good we're talking we're messier award candidate were talking like you know late. Our Ras are what they probably had a radio because Hart trophy winner but they need to get lining on the line. While that make it a super line. But I don't know if that's gonna happen really move that young kid up. Our allies on top honors life I'm a huge huge fan of that young guy I mean he has speed coming out as being yanked. And he's got scoring ability play making ability he is an extremely. Strong in the park really impressed with cop car. Some had a go at Patrick lining if mark safely cannot be considered a long shot I'm gonna go with Patrick like me because I think. He will be really flirting with the fifty goals if not get fifty goals this year and if and or year three of your NHL career you get fifty goals. In your team is as dominant as I think as the Winnipeg jets may be. He could be a long shot to get the the Hart trophy a little bit like Ovechkin did. I in his early days at Washington he was like the white guy they would score sixty goals and everybody at devoted MVP and that's the way it is. PD when we got. One. It's our courts when he said he Wheeler says that it took Blake Wheeler market. Now we're doing the old man riverboat casino plate your place your bets on the Hart trophy winner wrist is the house. And we are doing our best odds Marty economy David I've picked Austin Matthews river took naymick cannon and I do it. It wheelers fifty to one odds. To win the heart the heart Hart trophy so he's a long. In the same company as nick backs from Philip Forsberg Johnny good grow political talk Kuznetsova and earns a game. Could sir castle. Vows to those guys are all like 5066. Or 75 to one odds. Lot of house Kovalchuk list because he's just gonna back you just never know what he could do legendary status follows here. You played you should. How good is he. It boys insanely skills to pay our lovely aspect I think I got its standard never came off the power play let me ask only usually. He was told stand he had the one spot to cool beans to review with his ability to skate. His ability to make please. He's a goal score. Well what days I today's. Teams can tell what am kind of point total to Z and again if he was lately with costar with 10% gain in Jaime then. Who culture. He's a righty. You have. It's a game at. With chatter and Jamie Bennett left the where medical chart sign thing. He's only partnered Dallas sent Allen. Three years old hope that's not virtues. I've what I've said earlier in my mind mistaking here to the side story that he no don't don't he's our hero -- with Dallas was on pace to have you live here on the dot together dot com let's go it's okay man not a slip up I ask somebody if somebody the other day at a team that you're looking emulate. There and it opens up Dustin Brown an obstacle guitar. You remind our course yes and I'm going wait analyst. And you're gonna raise an eyebrow when I say this narco Aaron. Now I'm gonna go Pasternak. Dot com guy and let's leave this in the for me to put money down on a guy who's a hundred do deeply at Chicago with Melissa. I. BI hey he's going to be gray were side Gaynor I want to like you guys. Think it's something and just hear me O. Pasternak in the last two seasons has scored 34 and 35 goals he's had a seventy and an eighty point season. I believe that this young guy is gonna have a breakout year. Now the guys that he plays with heart are shot. He had 85 points last year in 68. Games. Marshall. And then your other your breath. Threatening Marshall and I think guy at the top. That. The liberal voting rent an argument Jeff Berg director. And I are talking about Boston. Andrea said how good is passed not going to be a Google is you're talking about this segment. I know lady your gonna take Pasternak right now but he's like going through the lineup he's like you've got this guy Craig jeepers Rwanda's government. Yet Todd march on and I stopped and I've looked past rich older you are not a good job and I wrote I put the needle Greg Craig page and it broke down. Todd it. Marsh on on his page eagle what's wrong with a picture you'll let's assign as the we. Did look at Terry out I wayward son aren't. There ago Jay wells I'm actually I'm you get last night because he plays that marsh and RJR's finally you guys that are super early. Patrice Bergeron had appoint a game so if he's healthy next year. Where where the point totals gonna go for Pasternak. Pasternak I believe. Could have 45. Plus schools next year. And I'm gonna tell you if all three of those guys or help you could have a hundred is it safe to say that he. Probably screwed over a lot of guys with their contracts. You know if we did you let us talk last he has a terrible contract. It took us but Alston and it's bad to say because he's make it once at that point six times in our equipment is wrong let me just say yes I hate. I hate when guys are overpaid. And everybody says well guys overpaid he's overpaid well you know what somebody gave him that money. So you'd you'd be in that same position you would say yes. And I also Heath that well dug in key it's such a terrible contract you know what. He agreed to it now when he signed that contract. It was a huge contract yeah that's fine what was I thirteen years or some might that's seven yeah and older that's five and half a five million dollar and average was going to be a little gap and. These discussions are had to rate Marty when they're signing these deals like hey look you sign a long term deal you're stuck at this number you have three great years you could be making acts in a few years absolutely but I had a lot of these fact that people like or is overpaid like. You know Matt Olson so overpaid it's or vote. And you you you'll hold that against a player not his fault that somebody offered them five plus million dollars you would see a hundred times. Again you know why mammals and got my it was a million dollars that to get above the floor no no rationalized because he scored multiple thirty goals I'd be what you Horry came to buffalo you knew it would all like you don't give a guy five million dollar without Aziz that was enough that it signed everybody's out all the heads fracture but here's the thing I hate when people hold it against a player. I'm an end and pass an act signed a deal happy forum it's big money whatever. But let me ask you this question before we and up and take a break. Is. What I know Jack cycles that 33 to one OK and of the sabres. Could sneak in through that discussion of a playoff team. The fact that Ryan O'Reilly is not there anymore and it's becoming like more and more Jack's theme of Jack Michael goes out and as ninety points. And a Buffalo Sabres team. That increases from whatever the amount of points at last year is 99. Yet to nine just on the knocking on the door. Would he be much more considered. Dan any of these are again as we talked about that that's an these are all hypothetical. Medical's right yet whether you're talking about Jack cycled and you know moving himself into a nine point season what and now people are gonna say well look at Michael could ease the deadly what what what if what if Rasmussen don't mean comes in and has 47. He's not even. I didn't phrase I just think Jackson 33 pert 333 to one terror sank a 25 I would put Jack having greater a better chance of winning trophies and terrorists at all I I mean after that you're in some pretty pretty big names but I mean right around the stamp coast at the 25 to one odds. There you have terrorists Sankoh then Jackson 3321 all by himself that he Evgeni band I mean Patrick lining jackets ahead of some. Use an economy that get it tonight plays that in the old man riverboat casino absolutely you know provided on your I battled side bat outside. Now 100 put. Little love. Little money on Jack I called to try to be MVP in in considering got Fordham money I think that the possibility. Of him getting the MVP. Is much more like Taylor Hall with New Jersey. A team that was terrible and that's his team is still a policy team they become good he gets audible Natan McKinnon. A team that's terrible they move out Madieu Shane he become good. They become good he's the got I think there's much more of a chance that Jack tackle get the MVP at 3321. Dan a lot of those guys in that same area. But island hot hot dog you can do whatever you want to argue the most prestigious card game at the riverboat casinos go fish of there's so you can do whatever lies in between. But they've all opposed. Oh the old poster thing too was the biggest post hearing it now between. Thousands. Really didn't get the double up yeah bluelight special at the post. That's what it over the cards for those that don't all candidate we it is an entire card was like also known as I see Doocy high low you put the first argue flip. You put on the left that's it's a five the next target flip to put on the right it's it's a Jack now that next person in line has two bad. Like an amount of money not exceeding what's in the pot already. Dad dad next card will be in between those two car between so if anything that's outside of that you have to paid up pot and you have to pay your bad. And if you hip of the post which had its five and Jack as those added to post double you double your wagered you got to put a pot. So. If the plot is like a couple hundred bucks or whatnot and you say I but the pot a shot five in an F five comes in and you have to with 400 no pot and ended race. And in the pot does just start there gradually increases mean my eyes why is it in the post all the money goes in the pot and write the be all quiet and all of sudden you'd hear call. And at the absolute he's the whole team we come around the table because now you. Want it's amazing. Here's what's amazing about this argument you just mentioned Marty. The current bid the bus go wild if the guy lost. Everywhere and I. That's our dollar and yeah. I'm. Like guys are rooting people or do you want to go a lot. You wanna know what happened in that game Jude it made it even worse you out guys that made wage difference amounts of money. The guys that made it kind of money. Always always one. They they talk the our where there is only a guy got to bet the senate up I have an eight and yet the only cards you can get as a six and seven to win. And these guys would hit it just I entertainment. Just for entertainment editor but then there's the guys that. Weren't Macon a lot of money I shouldn't say that we're making a lot of money but where would have liked it too and king and you got the whole deck of cards in between. And they would hit the post meaning it tour king and they'd have to pay. Right. My favorite was such case the ace when he got on the plane and you just you know I'm gonna either per Diem and you open it up and and there was here you know you had your. You're you're bills in the near pass in the Carter I'll talk more car gains are phenomenal we have. This or that coming up at the just about 1050. But coming up next after the break is to the point presented by Jim's steak muscle watch these guys this these two guys. Go out it and are more skaters coming up after the break your WGR 550 amnesty. We're back with more of the instigate us with the Andrew Peters and great weather day. Welcome back. Is skaters Andrew Craig Friday means mark Dampier on his here and ball way we are I am itching for hockey season I'm not even kidding here right now but. While we're gonna make it we're gonna make it. You're itching for argue season baseball. He. I'm lobbying AS how you said he wouldn't be the fact you know in. This note yes I love baseball like you know ribs gives you is yes we all our. Lives as. I'm sort of based on islands and is like. They do. Watch right now. But I just there's my son my son plays T ball and I'm telling there's no difference between five year old playing T ball and thirty year old playing baseball. It's lol now roaring there's so much different baseball awesome but it but it I love it there's bloopers in baseball and guys like. We just showed ribs clip one when righteous. I get cut the pickle between second and third minute turnaround they try to get the gap between first and second. Any good in my thirties save but nobody is governed home and everybody's falling in writing it just Marty. It's the only sport. That you can sit. Outside the field. Fall asleep Byrd thirty minutes. Wake up and nothing's changed. You know like is that's why not like baseball stay awake and I will watch and Al's quirky at the game. Paying little village Guyanese that is fourth piece McGrath that he eating. Really. Court I believe. OK to the point presented by June stake out. 2.2. Point. Okay so to the point presented by James take out each donkey gets thirty seconds on the clock to argue their point. So here Ringo sort of Colorado New Jersey were both bottom five in 201617. And made the playoffs last year bottom five last year. Buffalo auto lock error zona Montreal and Detroit so which part of five team has the best chance to make the playoffs. I will start with the. I'm only allowed to pick one. Yes one wage bottom five teen yeah I colored on two. Go ahead you're through airport to I have I have the Buffalo Sabres and in the bottom five. With the moves that they've made and scanners sheer he Clinton medals new you know metals that coming all means to Boca burglar and a healthy Bogosian hope in the cave I hold the a postal how to attack. A healthy Jack I think this team could do some damage this year and they're gonna have to pull some things together but. I I like out of those five teams I'd like buffalo. You did did you say is Sherri then yes they scanner yes got to mall is oppressive. How many players there are Marty which bought a five team has best chance to meet. Old Rainer he can go to a process of elimination it's a Detroit and it cannot connect to a Montreal they're going to be last Ottawa they're going to be second house. Arizona is going to be a bottom you. You have auto wah I had of Montreal this year. Let's flip a point that the average one night goes all the process of elimination. Puts the Buffalo Sabres as the best genes the best chance to make the playoffs out of the bottom five and and I think even if Montreal had an auto war of words like thrown in the towel I would probably with the changes this summer picked the ball close. Should the sabres make another trade before the start of the season Marty we'll start with you back to back. No wide like I mean we've we've talked about this before I think that you have to expect that somebody's gonna come out of training camp a little banged up. May be just you know I'm not feeling a 100%. So you need to keep your doubts right now to start the season he got up that forward. Even wit. In all the daily to that he's the new land or wherever their benefit they see gene Smith and you have doubt that the gap to keep that now. To start this season and to see how you come monitoring gap not what happened the last few years hinder you at the start of the season. Ol' man river just sits on the shirt shoes they were should make another trade clause that is. I think it depends on. What's gonna happen after camp Marty talked to vote injuries things like that guys banged up. I don't even look at that I look at that whole. Of minor league players that have played a number of years in the minors that are looking to make jumps to the national hockey that being said. We still have a full full roster of any shell. Ready guys that are played in the league shall. I just think that there's a lot of players. Throughout the sabres. Organization I I think that. There might be a minor move. Made before the start of the season civilians all right keep in common so I say keep trying to make this team that are in any way you can. Next topic. Notable players still looking for job next season are curry Latin and Andrei Pavel work. Daniel Winnick Scotty optional Alex chase on Antawn format used geo can and Chris Stewart Dominic Moore Matt stage and elect side Amylin Johnny owed Julia Lucas Beazer. Toby and Strom Kevin B accept. So which player looking for jobs may be Rick Nash maybe maybe Rick Nash which player looking for job we'll have the biggest impact on their team. I am gonna go with Toby instrument that the reason. Is because I feel like he's been hurt a lot the last few years that the guy from Winnipeg with that I thought he was retiring. Hole as it eased 34. And the reason is I think he got hurt a lot last year's but if it is salary. Had been five plus million dollars over the last few years. And I think the Winnipeg jets may have considered bringing them back at a very much lower number. But it just it wasn't gonna work with their cap structure and it just wait and wait but I think Toby and Strom. Can still have. Something together and I will look to me injuries are retiring but I don't think he has. It all manner which player looking for job we'll have the biggest impact. Well first of all I don't like any person on this list. The only the only one I'm gonna go with this Kerry let Ned. He was a five and a half million dollar goaltender. Things did not work well for him in in Dallas I think a clean slate as a as a backup someplace make it a lot less money. And a lot less pressure taken off I think that he is going to be able to do some pretty solid things in whatever city he's gonna play for. I don't know if I'm allowed or not allowed China to my charming yet early. So there's a guy that's actually very insisting to me on this list is Lucas visa yet play thirty games last year two goals twelve assists fourteen points he had. It was posse. And I memory got hurt earlier in the year I think in any came back he had 44 assists in twelve playoff games having. He's interesting to me. It would look and it was me I'd drafted the flyers very high first. As the use only nineteen is this year. I've never developed into a player that everybody thought it was going to be but he's a very very good player we call that. Potential bust. Now he's not a wise he's he's better and Abbas he's played on any NHL games in his career for tiny five or any 502 costs. Your got almost 500 in its games absolutely good. You dig out as a force from there boxed. Just quickly until BN's from. And he's expected to make decisions soon if he's gonna come back to an Intel or play in Europe. And I was just reading this only goes to Europe and Marty still helps your point we didn't say which we did say it would leak but they article. I'll throw it literally basically withstand that with the Edmonton Oilers losing Audrey secure to me a rupture Achilles tendon. That option could be a slightly dubious of this comes down to dollars and cents this guy has. Been making a lot of money for a lot of years. He's used to making the big corn mean he's used to being one of the big guy named guys on the team. Well he had he. Injury riddled season with Winnipeg in his last year. He has 43 games he ended up with one goal and six points that's solid for five and half million dollar fence and no I think his years. Our weight behind him. And I think that he should be going back to Sweden and playing over there and just enjoying his last number of years of playing pro hockey and if he gets you 25 to thirty points during the season. Like seven goals when he three assists would be a pretty good contribution for a guy that's going to be 34 years old this year armored or to the point presented by after that state question is can he do it. He didn't do it in 201617. Yet fourteen points didn't do it in 201516. Yet sixteen points. Didn't do it in 1415 year point three points. He hasn't had a good season and in the end we're all time. For the money that he's making so don't think that age 35 he's gonna come over here playing the National Hockey League he's in and he. Thirty points are talking about so much time untold eons from I mean to take a month point he's he's 33 but all of a sudden chest today to announce mark these for 33 but really it's as thorough show you guys show up here. Ready to absolutely acts each other's legs shot that is. You. I I saw assessment it's not a corporate. I would not be guitar lessons. So here we are who'll stand auto overdue to the point present a Baigent stake out. And now we become more topics we got to get through here who will stay in Ottawa be on this year. Carlson. Do change horrors. This is it does this. There while knowledge to the points or watched storage and mrs. dole I'm on stone. As I had done this before I think Carlson's completely gone and there's no way to Sheen and resigning now. And in Ottawa go through what you're gonna go through the next five years stolen seven point five billion dollars seven point 35 million be right up to sheen's Alan I don't know this guy and here's the thing I mean why was fatal error be the man Clayson game 82 games out here make his money that I have a long Summers to shut the book policy change gonna get paid wherever he goes he's a lead player in this game. He's gonna get paid does reputation. Follow around will will. Yeah Ottawa Senators be willing to give them the money they're working again Erik Karlsson just to keep them I think its own to. And I think the Ottawa Senators next season could be like in a place where like people laughed 101213. New players on the team. Awful sabers of this year up you've got to write out those bad season that's come and upwardly Ottawa Senators and just that we turn and retool. And regroup and get out on a new players to be opening their monitoring always who are gonna trade away everybody for drafting movies I don't know. Christmas vacation. Ashen. Look like cal but I'm not making. Quote that's fine it's only it's probably one of the most iconic movies not just Christmas releases iconic movies of our generation. No it doesn't have to be national you're gonna have a complete turn over on this team Bobby Ryan I bet she's not to be their magic gene won't be there. We're not talking auto any market we're going high rate is one of air time girl did or acts that yes. So we come back Gary was taken over this or that a few good job topics here. So get ready to rock and roll WGR 515 MSG either you either. Welcome back. Last segment of the first hour Indians. Gators it is time for disk or adapt. Rate now in a knowing your love. For baseball I'm gonna get this question on underway right now. I was basically in an arena all week we had our goalie camp at the academy of hockey this week so from about nine to five. I was on the Jason inside while it was beautiful outside so I ask you guys. What's worse being in the hockey rink in the summer when it's so nice outside and you can see how nice it is or being outside in the summer. At a ballgame or soccer game or at a golf tournament when it's raining what is worse. Being inside when it sellers outside or outside when it's drizzling. Rain. Why go in and meanwhile I mean this or that as answer what's worse I think being inside when it's sunny out you know why. I love the rain. Even though he might not have been referring to. The rain in terms of water but you know the old saying. I agree. Once you like to make history no hard known on all some people feel the rain others just get way. Even though the rain is metaphors as. I would definitely do the rank. Really really counts in all year raw you don't know what you pride you have to call it something that I enjoy either crystal or on the fallen but. Hierarchy well we got a break down break it down. What about if you were to go to like the bills training camp and it's raining. Or being inside watching a sabres practice. When it's a nice outside. News there on him close. To be one of the Washington for a heart percent to I have an umbrella. Yet again and Arctic Arctic the okay go get that one out of way and this order that. We're gonna talk about some songs in some in the hands later but. We we were discussing about good entrance song good pump up song. And two bands that came to my mind. When you talk about good public songs where a team. Our AC DC and Metallica and plus your son to the media is as easy DC shirt on hell's bells bells bells so I'm asking you. This or that if you had to pick one man AC DC or Metallica. The soda. Both are outstanding but I am definitely going wit dat I'm going with Metallica. The AC/DC. So that live I don't like EC DC more than Metallica I'm just saying I would prefer AC/DC over Metallica. I have a high honor respect and I'm not saying one's better than the other. I just saying that it's a tough this or that it's a 5050 I think I like more AC DC songs lake shoe to throw on the live album you know but the three minute mark. When. And did it turned down there and let him and maintenance man. Well I'm afternoon. No so I went through it and that you guys are vital for sure Metallica it's not even close for me. OK how about this one. Because you know AC DC a lot of time you hear him in a building when you jump on me I want monopoly jump and he has to decide the game. So I'm asking you as a player what gets you go in more a good entrance song at the big in the game went in the home team governor and the guys. Or a good goal song. Well after a goal it keeps you going you discord there's a great goals on. And and you wanna keep going what gets you going more I think some of the goals songs because there's the blow Warren's and. Mac. Like where's that Columbus Columbus is the Milan was going and what about Iraq and then it's. That we up I think Moxley the whip. So they'd be sure that cannon and daddy to can and I aren't Chicago's. Then and it then and then an N I don't like that and then whatsoever and then you don't I think my draws good one don't think. Montreal is. Able way there's cars and live 92 AC DC shoe to throw three minute 152 mark he's got a silly question number one. Buffalo gets a bad rap for vehicles song because number one we don't hear it enough but I think if you scored a lot of goals. It would it would get its old school I think like you would pick ups obscene I'm all about the entrance arm. Because you know why the boys need to be fired up in order to get the first goal and I'll say this I think league wide. They shut down goal songs let's hear the crowd. But it could never go back and listener now go back not nearly call back and listen to like fuel stop and go back and listen to Lemieux's goal in the and that Canada cup 87 no music he rouge sit just listen to the whistles the screen the crowd the cheers who know gore horn no music. Just the fans in the top of their lungs you can so that the players in here. That and also run legal that the I Washington's got a good that the actress drown out the I don't. I don't like that so I would rather just play eight catchy. Song that when you score Bowman goes on everybody aren't able to edit on of Ohio and I know I'm like wait we got an idea idea dentists because even went on the road I would come out and look at the Jumbotron and wanna get the entrance song because I was in the whole rink was chanting that Bob Marley buffalo soldier song at like 121000 people. It's not. You know it's like soccer in Europe or here but anyway we got to take a break we got our monopolies wise old trade. Sabres might just sweater number where else we got six back maybe. In this economic every time he beat yes times will be back here on the investigator on WGR 550 intimacy.