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Investigators. Presented by and Pete Carroll hardware. Morning welcome to the investigators I'm Andrew Peters Craig re vague no Matty Ellis today he's got some. Academy a hockey obligations so we we have excused him for for that and yeah and rightfully so. We're live on WGR Sports Radio 550 an MSG you can tweet act Craig repaid 52. Between the show at the investigators you can tweet means that the side Craig. That's race it ridiculous to between news site quart cranking it. If I'm not the site Kregg don't tweet me. We we get some good tweets though lately. Like make it feel like that we've broadened our. Our. Our audience our audience watches and in the Twitter world can keep this thing to workers. Tom gap on the two in the Twitter world feel like we're getting getting some new feedback from different people our laboratory. Followers you don't they're very crafty. Even the negative ones summer they hate machine guys and I love listening to what they have to say because you know what I IE. When you take your IDC says they've machine yeah I mean some guys have nothing nice to say but you know what I can see their point I can see what they're trying to. Get across to us and that's what that's what's beautiful about this. I don't have an opinion I give you my opinion and you give your opinion how the time we don't. I agree but people on Twitter and people that follow us I mean there are would you say half the time. Do you think it's it's not a 5050 yards I would say I say we probably agree more then knowing there's a definite need to get him but I disagree on this. I think we're gonna have to because we don't agree very much. And it's it's it's well it's amazing that. You know even Marty when Marty here I mean. He Marty has. Of always a very good opinion any always. Brings it with his stats and everything. But you know what there's so many things I just don't agree with what he says and that's what that's what's beautiful about this but the Twitter people I mean keep it up it's awesome I need to. I've got my phone here and the reason is because it's relevant to our show I'm going wanna go back to get idea. Conversation. That the three of us had. Wolf for us JJ com our producer fired at attacks last night just about the dry side deal. And our that you know that you sent it you know why are more or else I'll technocrat. Look. Working off the clock I how it really like an arena how fast you gunned down here yesterday we get off the air at 1155. Every day and rib was. The show has scheduled ten to noon in room was driving. Is this star of the off the property they should there's us all delay in the show and I can catch the last minute of the show because in my ears. Grabbed his bag and got a bit out of you yesterday you want I've got other obligations that I got to attend duels souls so he wanted nothing to do with acts. Rose. So anyway rip sends out this guy apologizing give you credit I just assumed it was either JT year or GT. GT JJ or Marty so you sent out the the dry recital news which by that point I want you to know easily tell us The Beatles broke sharply we Knoll about trying to settle by. What was for fifteen afternoon. But I appreciate the effort. And so Oilers signed dry sidled. Spending your next question was where does this put Jack 910. For 89. Or ten for eight years. And then. JJ wrote nine point five and I said right between Crosby and mark into a cap number box rules familiar working with and around. Right fair fair statement and operate a Marty you know chimed in sense something about a harsher reality and whatever Marty chimed in and it was in French. And then he said nine point five for eight years. Was Marty's prediction. And and you who responded with I'm with JJ and Marty because I think I said nine million. Which I was hoping because I would be low and and you responded with a I'm with JJ and Marty for savers grants to read this. Not the last one but a Grand Slam eight knowing in which we know that's gonna happen home run eight point five we know that's Arkin and solid nine I think we're expecting more. Favors Jack nine point five. Too much hand or maybe note too much ten point five. Eleven would be brutal. Still live by that today. Yes. A like I say like you know again this is my a this is only me and everybody. You know when I'm looking at a Grand Slam if you can get jacked cycle for eight million dollars a year for a 68 year deal. That to me is a Grand Slam home run eight and a half. That would be at that would via absolutely fantastic. Deal for the Buffalo Sabres it's it's. Relatively the same as what rice title god if Jack signs for the same as dry satellite think it was it's it's it's it can clear home run. Nine million dollars a year for an eight year deal. I think it's still a very solid deal on on the side of the Buffalo Sabres there's no question. Once you start moving to a nine and a half million dollar deal. You know starts to maybe fever Jackie Jackson you know Jack's going to be very happy within I'm sure. Buffalo would be too but I think Jack's going to be very happy with nine and a half if you're looking at ten million dollars a year for an eight year deal eighty million. Now you're starting to get that cap he hit. Which starts to may be a fact. More players right the more money paying one player of the Alessio for others and I said you know ten million dollars is too much. Is it too much I don't know I'm just saying you know hypothetically I'd like it to be lower and if you're in the eleven million dollar range that you're paying them way too much of. OK so let's say this let's say so. Like really what we're talking about in the increments Buick 500 grand rights of the Marty chimed in is the 500 K really big difference for the sabres are willing to pay a you know acts pointer well I paid nine million lineup is alive parties' ads like this so that I don't you do the legs straight starts going us think or why not ten or maybe because it's only 500 K let's go to ten point five. They that I wrote. Well whatever rev a rim who cares Daytona 500 K let's go to another let's go to one I've just got to eleven to eleven million investigated after the river goes. Or whatever Peter. It's only eccentric stage get them eleven point five and and JJ tell expects if he does is getting out of control so we were beating on Marty in the text messages but but realistically. If it's at if it's a nine point five. Or ten million dollar number what's an extra half million bucks and and I guess the number is. I guess that the question is does try cycles contract yesterday. Well how does it help after about how Miller dole is not clear how your dollars as Marty said Wyatt just given the extra 500000. It's only 500000 not only 500000 it's four million. Marty also had another great Tyson that I currently are it's five times eight. Four million dollars that year just you know why not just give many extra 500. Will quell contracts or million dollars I just think. You know when you're looking at the salary cap you're looking at trying to crunch numbers keep things tight. An extra 500 here an extra 500 air starts to add up. And I think that that's where you want to trying to tighten things up. Not just being say hey you know your top player will just give you an extra 500 I don't like what Marty said that's way. Kind of tax that back and reacted to it. Believe me I've been sitting here all morning for the past hour and a half. Going over to. On track here all right if you bought it or at the right fit in new lie stuff have a guy and you can't talk suited at all. 45 minutes. You've worked 45 minutes are up same thing is that what you worked out we knew the that your programs like I've worked it out for an hour and a half early days. I care it's not how long it's how hard you worked in that time or no it that's actually that actually is does. That's not true if going on workouts but with this are giving back to you could have come up with a seven minutes against Soviet expert do you reeling might bought by the way don't you rail Europe if he did it in sit there. So I've been working put a lot of hard long work into this or go ahead. What if you were all conversation as well we want. Now that lean on try to price analysts eight year contract. Eight point five year. What kind of money is Jack like enemy is there very very close in compare doubles goals points. And the way that they play. My house some contracts written down here and the more and more right researched. You know. But the lotteries are addicted to it. This list. That the work is basically done for it is that it clicked but go ahead. I don't have your list you didn't include it like I don't include you want things you didn't let it interesting how the contracts that were signed before. Comic David and now you're gonna see contracts that are signed after comic David you're just going to be they're going to be very high. And I I look at I look at. You know went on. Alexander bark off Alexander Barca. Signed a six year deal and he's making five point nine million dollars a year and he basically has the same statistics as Jack eichel. A guy Johnny dude grow signed a six year deal. He had. Three outstanding seasons. Two of which when he signed his deal he's making six point 75 million dollars on a six year deal. His his statistics statistics are are are fantastic. Sean Monahan seven year deal six point 35. I mean he's he's multiple of thirty goal score and he's getting six point 375. All the contracts now that nick gave it set the bar once again everything's going up if Karmi David wouldn't assigning you'd be dealing with Jack Michael Jack Michael would be top probably looking at an eight million dollar. No so Jack Michael's gonna be the bar setter. No all I think I think Connery David would have made more anyway but I I don't. I don't eliminate con I still think Jack and really hard and gave it. I'm still busy I still think OK so I think Jack would have been. Higher than a point five. But not making ten plus which he's going to now. I think that's fair. I'm not I think eight lol. I think Kate's whole forty points would Jack eichel. You com reports you think you would have got if you are plentiful season 82. I absolutely believe my heart that he would have had a point game the way he played this year if he'd had a full season that first month. With that ankle injury he must've been dealing with some serious serious pain and that's another thing accredited. So I don't Puerto Matty I won't put many two point game I'm gonna put him just under for a second year apartment 75 in the two games attract. Probably more accurate but Michael Graham and from Minnesota. Played 81 games at 26 schools and 69 point Seoul almost. You know almost semi points he signed for five point 75 million dollars. Three years. Near Peter rider is a three time multiple when he. 20/20 five goal scorer had 57 points last year need to games has a physical presence up and down you know how much we both liked him he's making five point 25. On a five year deal. There are some contracts here. That. Andrei you know Alexander Burke off is a fantastic contract now that you have. Now you have Karmi David signed for twelve have. Million what do what year cycle I came up with terror Sankoh. How many years tastier seven point five he signed it two years ago was going in year three of at least 23 that your I think you're out and and and one of the top one of those games you know one of the things that had it one of the requirements to your list was it really 125 or 24 under whatever -- yeah I try to argue made huge wrote Johnny dutrow was one but I tried to keep guys under the age of 24 source Karmi David Lean on dry societal. Michael Graham and you know meter Ryder. Meek is a disadvantage that. Pull her ankle. Jacob slab and Alexander dale Chechnya who. Four point nine million dollars. Okay now here's the thing look at the top chewing your list of the most recently signing Jack is right in between he. He's not quite convict David. He's not he's knock on McDade knock on David. Anybody's very close to. Very close eye on price and I he's better than interest. Try sale listen I know I know that you wanna make the argument that tries settled you know didn't play wit thorough data without economy David or whatever mean. But that's fine but yeah I need to understand that our hearts me until I know you're hearing our economy gave it all year on our team here buffalo. Our our speak for the masses. Jack's our best player Jack is our karma David so you know like listen I don't wanna pay him more than ten million any more than you do and it's nothing to do with the player. It's nothing to do with the person it just destitute with the salary cap in how and and too much too soon. But mark this brings me back to market text message yesterday and I gotta go. He made and a phenomenal phenomenal point as much as we want to and I agree I know exactly what you're in and read it that warm up fine perfect for Marty basically alluded to you need to start and today's game you need to start paying players for potential. And not for what older players in what they've done. And that's basically what the league's gone too. Here's here as you look at you look at Aron act applied he signed his contract yams need to pay what's ahead. Instead of what you have accomplished so meaning. You know. I think it I think people now in to that point out this is currently my own little take on I think people now it's can see the potential and a player. And Noelle. At a younger age what they're going to be as the game gets younger. And so our guy might not have the cops before Whitney's what you lefties would hit at the age of 29 or whatever you're paying guys for having. You know Hart trophies years ago or you know maybe one Kopper to 345 years ago. But they're not maybe they're not that player now you have to pay that guy the money. Up front before they maybe even. Turning into that player. And that makes sense you know because you gotta get that guy under under lower cap number because what if he does explode and become look at Tyler Sega and steal. Palestinian if you decide to shorts and you'll probably what 899 he meets a rated down doesn't figure qualifications of these 25 who's. Saying and he's been like five point 75 million. You know the if you were US fate last year sacked. Then that was a very good contract because he signed a contract was kind of like the tees Cain. Mold where he signed that six year deal for just under those guys because they were the bar that contract and and how much you think he's gonna make. While I was wondering that's in question. You know involved what's economy and you just signed a contract Gainey Ben's been in the league for a number years he's won a scoring title he's up there in the top guys every single year but if he doesn't just produce points genie back. He's the captain he's the physical presence he kills penalties he's a power play guy he does everything. So he's gonna get paid as one of the top guys in the league how much is he making. He's he's maybe 99 and a half million dollars he just sign a long term deal. But he's earned and you know what you're gonna get a genie dad. Can we honestly say right now do we know. A 100% what we're getting or Jack Michael yes I think we do I I truly believe. I truly believe that. Yeah he will continue to live up to every bit of expectation because of what he's done I agree with you guys just testing. I was hoping that you're gonna say no now is gonna jump all over when I I I truly believed to have something special. In Jack eichel. Is he Karmi gave it well he maybe not has had the success. In the first two years the economy David tied. But I believe that Jack is special hockey player. I think we're we are very lucky to have Jack I think on this team moving forward I think that he's gonna take this team under his. Under his wing and he's he's gonna do good things with you know a week grant now the question is what do you have to pay. Jack cycle to make that happen make him a buffalo sabre for the next eight. Years we ask that question. We had the luxury both of us were in the league when the two last two generational guys went and you know he had. Gretzky LeMieux before my time but when they were the two guys that were. Head to head you know as the greatest and you had Crosby and overmatched and I'm sure there were some guys in between but never to the level of Gretzky and LeMieux. Then you have your Crosby and Ovechkin now you have an Italian. You know you have your mate David and Michael and I truly believe this is kind of like he Gretzky LeMieux type scenario. You know I think I think I'm not seeing Jack is going to be Mario LeMieux but I think Jack is going to be as dominant in today's game may be as Mario was. Back then maybe caught her maybe a bit more dominant you know all in that'll always kind of be the thing maybe. Jack's going to be you know chasing the Gretzky type situation only LeMieux was always trying to get that edge over Gretzky verses you know maybe there's a mess that if he's at all. Fair there is I think he's an Isaac and head to head of the many people out there that believe me aerial muse a better hockey player than Wayne Gretzky when they both play. Looking at one Erica and you know I could sit here and argue that till I'm blue in the face I think those guys were one a one BI. And right yeah there while. They thought what they seem to have somewhat the same with just a little bit different styles and I mean both. Degree were some of the greatest players of the game and and it's like hard to say you know Wayne Gretzky point wise I'd I'd better point totals and Maryland new but. Both when they played were were dynamic game changing players. I want to bring something up you mention a vote. Used to yep comic David rate now that signed. Twelve half million dollars yep we underwrite settled who just signed a half million so when it comes due the percentage. Of the cap. It's very interesting week as. A lot of people out there I've read are saying it's too much they paid they gave it too much. A twelve point five and now you heavily Leon Pryce Macon eight that's too much they're not going to be able to win. Under. And I wanted to let people know that the percentage of the cap in comparison. When Sidney Crosby's. Years back in in in July of 07. He signed a contract for eight and a half eight point seven million dollars and at that time. It was a seventeen point 3% cap on on cap. Then the very next year Malkin signs for eight point 75029. Point so it's a year later. He signed for eight point 75 in in July 2008. That was fifteen point 3% the caps that you are two guys on your team back to back years that signed big contracts at the time seventeen point three. Fifteen point three. Now we're gonna roll ten years forward. You have now comic David sign for twelve point five million dollars. He only takes up 1616. Point 7% cap and Andrei settle peaked eleven point theory. So he's at those two guys together. Making more. Are taking less of the cab in karma in Crosby and Malkin back in 2007. And we all know that. Those two guys in in Pittsburgh have three Stanley cups. So what I'm trying to say is. May David Grice idols contract I feel that there's room to be able to build a proper team gave you guys a chance to win so now we're looking at Jack. Is wanted Jackson so what's in order guy what he wanted to hear you look at the numbers and see what like a ten point 5% would be. Ten point five million would be for for Jack how much percentage sent ten and a half would probably be around. 14%. Of the cap. Like a set which number which again are drawn Jack worked jacket he signs for ten million dollars he's taken 10% of the cap. And her 14% of the Kapalua that's Sidney Crosby back in 2007 took seventeen point three and then the next year Malkin took fifteen point theory. So I think I think for actually got. You know obviously have some room to work and it'll just I mean with these compete terrible coming out to Jack. You know Leon dry Silas is the closest thing you're gonna get to Jack eichel but I think everybody knows that Jack cycle is. Is I think a superior player. And therefore will probably get a little bit more than drug sales contract you'll probably be in the nine and half I would think Juno a phone number of the show. It not tomorrow. Give it a shot. You've hosted the show before what's the number. It oath. And a three hole 550 to 550 known that now you know three or five of unity 550 to 550 Solis. Up Mike the carmike your arm with Greg hander go ahead. It boy toys were doing while woody got forest today would have. We're here today it's I think this is an opportunity her article. To palm. Pick less than what you can yet. To show his team and its meaning that this is an opportunity where I'm taking a little bit less than I wanna be over doubts. You guys have more talent around us to. Make a run down the road for the Stanley Cup and he wants to be here allegedly he wanted to legal team. And you know whether it's ten or eight or nine whatever the number H can you shut or. And I just think it. This is a great opportunity for kids to say you know it's not about me it's not about the money I wanna win yeah I wanted to pay. But I want to win so I leave a million or million and half cable. And say I'm used that to bring me a really good Winger. You bet to release time what do what they want it and cocaine or whatever you want your black just he. Then the message to the team that include an about me in my contract that's about making sure that we can win down the road record too cold opportunities or. I'm shaking my head one way Craig shaking his head and other way and I won't tell you which way were shaking ridiculous on the radio or watched on TV you know. Mike unbelievable call it's a great conversation and have terrible point Mike you know what you know what. I expect at least but there are absolutely no way don't you grew in the next block and look at it's still dry in the desert body. We don't have that much to talk about right I mean that soul I wanna answer this question when we come back we say sure you have a thought on this idea. Leaving money on the table is that an option for Jack cycle to help make this team better in the future. Crazed gonna give you his thoughts on that interest react to Mike's phone call or returning and the investigators by the might just instigated cracked. WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSG. Welcome back to the show Andrew Craig the as the gators relied on WGR Sports Radio 5:50. And am asked G every day ten and noon. You can call us 8030550808550. To 550 just had a great caller Mike in the car. It's called a few times and every time he does he's got fantastic points. Don't anger them agree your dis agree or disagree he doesn't care I mean he has he has fantastic appointees are coming at a saying hey yeah they should give each team a five on three in overtime. And you know the first one to score wins that's all the did over Arco and that is that is. He's coming out as some real life scenarios that have happened in sports. People seem like David left money on the table and he was talking about. You know taking a little bit lasts. You know showing the fans stats. You know he wants to be here cares about the team's success leave a little bit of money on the table to help them go find a Winger me be re sign Evander Kane. I think that's pretty much have touched at all so and you work. I was you're telling me that I wasn't nodding my head hearing that. That make David took less money than what he should of he took less of what was originally reported. Okay fair. Terribly of that either I think army gave it cashed in on a hundred million dollar deal. Making two million dollars more than the next guy in the league. Kane. And Toews. Those guys went three Stanley cups. Conn smythe you name it hard they wanna. Those guys deserve to be paid because they've earned it economy David has been asleep for two years. Got a hundred points. And he cashed in with a hundred million dollar deal he did not take less money in this coastal Marty's point and that we agreed and Europe start paying guys for. Not what they've accomplished or what their potential is Erica and Anderson and even has I suspect he is he did just win all those awards is signed that deal laughter I mean okay. So in all fairness. Yeah and it doesn't get any generational game this year kicks in next year so that generational hockey player and he deserved to be paid. And he and he set a new market and new bar for every player in the national hockey. What I have it an issue with. And and I understand where Mike's going with this our caller that called and I think he makes a good point that. You know caught. You know our guy here in buffalo we hope that Jack will take less money because the last money Jack takes the more money there is to spread around on the bottom. Part of our team. And I don't think that's ever gonna happen absolutely not gonna happen that's why you have an agent. Okay that's why. Jack cycle is the reason why one of the one of the major reasons why people come to the rink to watch hockey in my awful it because of Jack Michael so he's forced to take less money and to his credit and -- to go along with your point it made our job here living hell last year when he ever. Not talking about his injury. Just not seeing him on the ice tonight in nine and seen the growth whether or yup points or not dominated or not. Being able talk about a young star player that has he's expectations the the potential in the ability to do special things we'd lost. That's how that's how important this guy is let's. Let's call it what it is I mean here everybody on everybody every team only has the we have O'Reilly we had Cain we had Reinhardt we get other guys to go watch very good young hockey pars. I wanted to see Jack. I'll watch the other guys while I'm watching Jack everybody wants Jack. Jack moving forward is going to be what makes this hamster wheel turn. And I'll tell your right now if I was his agent you wouldn't be taken a dime less than what he deserves. OK so let's say he's asking so I think he's asking my girl and yeah I am and you know in. In a perfect world we Jack's got a nice soft heart he's gonna take lasso other guys right get more money and realistically has all the pressure at Jack is the reason why we win and lose that's the reality he is the face of this franchise. He should get paid for and realistically how cancer. How can use today. If he's making tendered more that he's leaving money on the table well you know I decided to leave a few bucks in the table like no you're leaving money on the table you sorry for eight. Our eight point five that you're doing this team a huge service there's you saw papers. Had tabloid five and you come to the medium look at you know America ago morbid about you know I just yeah I thought that I -- million here or there can help us you know pick up a fourth line guy you know much like the year re you know one of those guys. This is the reason why that team the what what our caller Mike called and instead you know I think that he should be taking less money. There's been players around the league. That have signed contracts. And then. Have gotten traded. A year to laughter. I was one of I was in San Jose I was an unrestricted free agent. Might ate my agent pulled me the amount of money that was there on the table for me if I would wait till July 1. I elected to not use that our elected to take less money to sign in San Jose I took less money in that GM looked at me in the dying. Are we. The only sticking point we had in the whole agreement was I wanted to no trade clause. And he looked me in the eyes set crack he needed no trade clause we love. He's going to be here and don't worry everything's going to be great I got traded next year. After the best year after my best NHL season. I got moved. Counting myself now after I get traded to buffalo. I just gave up. Millions. To sign for less to be on a very very good team. And I got traded the year after after my best season. So why would Jack eichel. And sorry why would Phil Kessel. Coincide knack contract in Toronto. He gets treated what two years later he certainly enough to I mean there's that you sign contracts you think you're going to be in the city and then all of a sudden. Things change after a year to and they and they start shipping you know. I mean. There's no way that Jack cycle and always agent is gonna sit there that's not the way the sport work it's a little bit different when your. Steve stamp goes if you go back and look at these can't stand goes and how much he's made in his career. He's made a tremendous amount of money before he came to understood to free agency is are you making seven and a half million dollars for multiple years. He was in a situation. That he had made so much money he was gonna sign a big contract yet I was gonna take less money but you know what at that point in time. He was gonna be staying in Tampa. Because he was going to be taking a significant pay cut he he probably would have been around eleventh he would've been this the bar setter that we're talking about me David is now. Stamp co should have been the bar setter he should've been up around eleven and a half million he would set a new tear for everyone else in the league but he didn't he talk. Millions and millions and millions of dollars last. To stay in Tampa. OK so I understand that part of it I don't understand you know why were talking mode Jack Michael who's 21 year old guy who's the face. You understand we don't understand however argument and I I know I I I people I think this is one I think personally this is one of the most interest in contract negotiations. That or that or contracts we're going to see sign because where does he fit. Where does he compared to make the I think it's going to be very interest in. The numbers will tell I mean. I'm I'm looking forward to seeing the numbers come out and I guess my question is if you're just tuning in any camp figure oh we're talking about try settle signed eight years eight point five. So what does that equals 69 yes case of sixteen million. You know Jack's going to be eight years more than that. So if you're going to pay him that anyway. And he's not on undersea to freeze he's still got a year in the deal what's the rush why not let him go out and either. Not shoot himself in the foot is I think we all know he stays healthy he's gonna put up some pretty unbelievable numbers healthy. He's gonna put up good numbers he's a he's a phenomenal hockey play it's gonna happen naturally. So why not just but it won't do it delegate you're gonna go after gonna pay twelve to repay you eleven million. Goer and open up ninety points where other eleven million plus a if I'm Jason I ought to look at let's look at the eleven let's look at realistic numbers nine and a half. Maybe ten right but I mean guys used to because I hear on his deal to go and go and earn either more or. You don't judge she wouldn't say I I do believe what they're doing the same thing with Sam Reinhart if you are gonna sign Sam Reinhart you're gonna you don't want him to play another year players deal. I understand the urgency assign comic David I think the Oilers Midas mega deal America's he goes and as a 110 point season this year they're paying him fourteen million. We're gonna pay him 20% the cap so I do believe they got about a bargain so why wouldn't Jack do that. Even hurt last year he missed when he won gains were still talking about paying him ten million dollars. So it doesn't matter if he gets hurt. You know what matters about the production. I guess it does matter beat cancer but my point is is that. Is that an option. It it is an auction for both sides by year playing. You know Russian roulette table follows rush general it's a cat it was an idol Jack cycle let's say hypothetically just just say hypothetically he signs for ten million dollars a year yours that ten million dollars a year. That's eighty million. OK where where could he go what gets hurt. We got hurt last year are still paying ten million what if he gets hurt and you know what I'm talking about what if he really gets heard come on. You're just lost eighty million dollars so which acts thinking on his side is she's thinking you know what. I'm just gonna take the money now sightings like you know like now I can't take our insurance policy. You know guys are listed out all the time on much those insurance policies article doesn't get hurt caches and the other and if he gets dirty catches and the other either way it's it's. Who cares yours to raise a look and attic Jack slipped in that you know like and I can get my money now on 21 years old it's a great contract for me on the other side. If if the sabres elect to wait. The year allowed jacked played out with what happens if Jack goes out in its top three in scoring which. It dire now could be very possible if Jack eichel stays healthy. I. Pop point producer in this leak we still have to do we shall try to convince ourselves that nobody else don't we already know this about him I think everybody who has a brain knows that Jack eichel has a point producer there is no question. I look at Ryan O'Reilly Ryan O'Reilly make it seven half million dollars site's massive contract to great contract. His best year was twenty goals and 64 points Jack played 61 games last year and had 57 point 224 walls. In this in his second year in the league and he was injured for. In the post 61 games he's probably injured for ten of them. Fifteen of those and not. Fully healthy sort of they get to the point word Jack is eight point producing mania and he and and if he's healthy and he gets. To line mates that he. Our our that are high and that I mean Jack mums the word you don't know where this guys can deal. I wouldn't wanna be to Buffalo Sabres and and and have Jack. Play at a season note and absolutely ripped it up in his last year he can be pushing up in the eleven and a half million dollar range. Are we got a caller mark in tunnel on the mark here on with a Andrew Craig you have a comment about the Stephen dry set to go ahead sir. Any particular band. I was just thinking you know what you mentioned. You know market Crosby strike date or and comic David Page can expect her. Uncle really doesn't have her. And I was wondering if maybe you know he thinking well I got you or hear all school. So a lot more money you know you don't have a and the only player like those guys have in they need at. You know what's kind of stalking is cycle whose own yet mourners placed these guys do is definitely put it clearly. But. Bigger meanders. All right. Well again first of all when you're sitting there and stand with the caller saying but when you're looking at Crosby Malkin. I don't think there's been a duel like that in the league in thirty years. You know you go back to you know Gretzky Currie. Tennessee Gretzky messier I mean that hasn't happened at a very long time that you get to. Of the most easily players and back to back draft. I don't think it's happened in a very very long and yarder. LeMieux yarder to Stanley cups. Back in the early ninety's there you go but it hasn't happened since then. Holland notes. You're responsible hello down there you go. Pick David Grice title is is a great duel. Getting paid accordingly. But Jack cycle will get a paid Courtney and you know we we hope that you know. I've entertained can have this team. Starch. That he finished. Last year the last 4050 games this season he was just absolutely on fire pleasure watch. We look for Sam Reinhart look for samurai and hurt to be older stronger. More Mitch years and more mature. And and be more confident in his and his ability to play. And if he elevates his game. So many areas of the of the of the team is going to elevate. Are your question here by Stacy who tweets and did make David steel dictate the end of bridge deals. Maybe there's some other contracts about it on that I asked that question we come back from break your that's an interest in one. Didn't make David steel dictate the end of bridge deals it's certain what that we will talk was Craig that question when we return here. On the as the gators Andrew and Craig WGR Sports Radio 550 MSG more. On the Leon dry sidled Jack eichel contract talks. Presented by and Pete Carroll hardwood. Welcome back against the gators Andrew Peters Craig Rivera were alive on WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSG every day tender noon. You tweet this show at the as the gators at Craig repaid 52 and at the site crate you can calls you've had a couple good calls that they were talking about dry soils deal. And how it affects Jack article call numbers in 030550. 888550. To 550 an interest in tweet that we had here. Just going in the last break Stacy tweeted in to make David steeled dictate the and the bridge deals. I think we've seen some other players sign some long second year DO a second deals. Second contract burners. Think there's a lot of players that have done that. And who Ron Lynn Nina Myers advantage her ankle near right lob then dealt Chan yuk drew Wang. Ryan Johansen humor go. Charlotte news hurts I mean they were they all had like a Weiner two year bridge deal and then they signed. There along with some failure as a match you have like 56 year deals but I think which he's reference in lead and go back up Max the Max deal the next eight years well the guys that are like economy David that still have one year left in their deal they've only played two years in the league they're getting eight million dollars or eight a year deal for a hundred million. The same with Aaron act like he was the same thing he he sign aimed. His long term deal eight years sixty million dollars seven point five million dollars. Any only played two years in the week. And you brought up a good point like so Florida with Alexander bark off. I think they saw something in skid and they'd wanted to get him signed early. Now you're looking at his contract right now with all these guys are gonna tell you what's the difference between bark off. And the Andres. And once German ones. At one Czech and Slovakian. It's what his marker of all I'm saying is when you look at. What with both of them produced. You know bark off was injured. Just like Jack was this year Markoff had 61 games played he had 21 goals and 52 points. Seoul with. You know playing a full season he's a seventy point player. When healthy. He's a 775. Point player just likely on dry subtly on dries title sign for. You know eight point five and you have Alexander bark off who signed early is making five point nine. Numbers are pretty similar to Jackson's first couple years only. Hoover to. Seven and nine maybe not 54 points and seven in 1976 games 59 points. He sent five point number that I mean no organized and denied Mon close now. So I guess the question that you brought up at the break is a great question and I would love we're gonna talk about that on the outside of the break okay. But I guess the question is I think. You know back to stations question about the the bridge deals I don't think we're gonna see. Especially if the players feel like they have all the leveraged but I wanna talk about arron necked plant when we come back because. The similarities. And then also you know Pasternak in his situation I think it it goes back to the conversation we're gonna have a vote. Jack Michael's contract and why does it have to be signed. Today I don't agree questions. I would love to have someone I GM Tony the answer of why with Jack -- having one year left on his deal. Why. Is they need to sign him to contract right now it's not like we're giving them a discount. He signing him to possibly anywhere from nine to ten million dollars. I would think that is an extreme amount of money for a player that only played two years in his league who has really done anything yet. It's the potential. It's it's a potential threat why not and why not allow him to play another year curious to know your thoughts on this call us. 803055888550. To 550 and you can tweet to show what he has to gators act Kregg river a 52 or me at the side Craig. And you ever talk about this you know why would while what's the rush what is the rush for the sabres wool bowl exhaust this discussion when we come back. WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSG.