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Investigators WGR Sports Radio 550 NM SG I'm just telling Craig about. Last night's concert and I came to see Guns 'N Roses and lives you remember life. Absolutely. Like I was more excited to see live that I was to see Guns 'N Roses I was actually I wanted to seat what a 55 year old Axl Rose I was. Comical. That's affect the I don't I don't know I think I understand that whatsoever when I don't buy guns and rose I at least a comical and all yeah well I've a case like. I like some of the songs it'd stick around for the whole thing but I saw I saw welcome to the jungle and I think I think just for me watching a 55 year old guy that I think has had you know plastic surgery and you know like all dressed like like a bad boy you know. Should. Is John I just like now. But it did it just yeah I. Unbelievable voice the guy still got to the band is incredible I mean I want a disease slash have never seen them why even mean that there are pretty. They're pretty com you know. Big game for prize for either iconic and whether he'll like the music or not that appetite for destruction was probably the you know one of the most famous albums but there's so. You know why it lets an. That does Shaun Rogers is in has never always been for me some of their songs as I was walking out to get Hoover. I was listening to estranged I love restraints I think that is one of them the best songs that they do. So I got to hear that as I was walking in the concert by the way. Sounds phenomenal on the outside the building walking on the street till I got to whatever when their plane something on the street it's sort of take over. But the concert from outside and there were people here to listen. To Guns 'N Roses. On the outside like right near the the new store over there yeah so is it was pretty cool I mean to say you saw them in concert. But that was a that was pretty cool and and a two here. Welcome to the joke how many games did you go while in warmup or start of the game on the road apple whatever and welcome to the John was. Probably the only times is that played an address over the years. I zoned an argument ice. Right. Our man. Yeah I think that's what I think that's what drives me nuts about that's on the most is that every arena tried to use welcome to the jungle fire up their fan easily just sitting there skating around as one of the guys and guys like. Does the person doing the music here not realize that this is nothing. But he getting crazy here Dolly could here's the noisy music in the firecrackers going off in the back anyway. I thought it was interesting I thought you know and I was grateful to get the American either. But I got deceit lies and I got to see Axl Rose run routes are thought it was it was interest but so. So there's a video float around on YouTube or by guest on social media. It's everywhere it's not quite. You know hockey related but it's stuff police fortunately I wanna show you the video is a wanna be your raw reaction. Have you seen the first pitch that was thrown out yesterday two days ago I know you you're not dialed in socially united team thing going on us so. Check this out and for those that are listening on there on the radio. It's a first pitch I don't know I don't know what the it's the 1987. Champion I don't know who the I don't know like. It. This the Red Sox. Yeah well the camera guy got hit in the. Wouldn't call those them forests and you know get fired. He got hit note in the privates and so he's standing way in the back activist who throws out the ceremonial. First pick or respect first pitch. And large as it. Doesn't quite obviously gets away from a little bit that look like he was born fifteen feet and he was going up hide the outside. He didn't have either by acting guy in the back. Eddie feels so bad at all. On. Our guy. Anyway. If you haven't seen it work and they go find that video I mean ensures everywhere. It's everywhere and a pat Duffy who works on the sister station for WG are up in Rochester how to phenomenal. A phenomenal three that I can't repeat I couldn't it was as it was pretty funny you are right so we are talking. Last hole our dries subtle signs. Relive classic question. What is the rush to sign. Jack Michael. Other than PR and get it done I mean like what is the rush is there more to it did just that. Like what's the rush on how and why not say I am I haven't listened listened to yet we figured we aren't sure is worth this amount of money we do. We think that what you're gonna do for us next year the year after the year after that but it hasn't been done yet go show us. We're not saying you're not worth eleven local show with you little Marty analyst. Marty talked to vote. Paying for potential and I think that. You know with the younger players the younger generation that's basically what's happening rate now. I just don't I would love to be able to talk to the GM's I would love to be able to talk to them and ask them question why. Do we need. To sign a player just. Jack cycle for an example when he has one year left on his on his deal. Why do we need to. Trying get him signed now for such a long term deal why would you just allow him to earn. And and show the right now realistically realistically. And it could happen but because Oden is one point behind me David what they you know your hand twelve point five million and Jack hashes and you're our what exactly is economy gave it is the if he is the bar for every kid here I am while he's still gonna make more money if he does that all now I don't think that's I don't think that's the way it's going to be looked upon. I'm last Jack cycle goes out next year and scores. A league guess scoring title. And he wins the Harvard Africa and Europe saying he takes his team to the playoffs and goes to multiple rounds in the playoffs than Jack cycles gonna get twelve million dollars. That's not gonna happen so can he could so do you think you could make if he doesn't sign now. And plays out this year and has a phenomenal year. Do you think he can make more than what he'll probably sign for a few signed today slightly OK like I I don't why would that feel they got my cycle that this year has 85 points. And he has thirty goals. Very realistic possibility. Hewitt gets slightly more than what he's gonna make this year I'm just. Why would you just. Allow him to play out Jack eichel has played two seasons. One of them was I would be kids I would consider it average. 48 and oh lead. Talk picked come in the league there's guys have scored way more points than so in this particular situation here he was injured and only played 61 games. What has he earned in this league so far we know how good he is but I I would still want him earn it. He has one year left on his entry level deal that gold plated name then we consigned to an eight year deal for for ten million dollars. Soul. In this scenario. Wouldn't you love maybe the fans when Levitt. Jack might not love it. Wouldn't you would I guess I guess or one apple worked out how would you feel if bought or bought for were to come out and say. We're solid play at clear. What he says samurai her same thing. Why. All these but it's it is a different scenario it's a different circumstance. Explain to okay same circumstance different caliber player how's that different caliber player same question fair enough saints are watching is different however you would think you you know. He's had two solid years Sam Reiner had two solid years. Why are they making a play out the last year so we can earn the money that he probably would sign for two day based on his potential minority. What he's put up right yeah. I don't know I mean are probably in word that you know perfectly for everybody but. In Miami accents can make sense you yes OK yes it does I just I I don't I don't. Understand the reasoning for signing guys before but in this situation the player is so young. Just don't understand why they just wouldn't say okay we're gonna we're gonna talk about this next year quote and you come in healthy and have a healthy season. And show us what you can do. And it eased me AV gets 85 points in thirty goals that you know that you are. In the presence of an elite player in this league he'll be one of the top five scores in the league. And now you're gonna pay him accordingly which is basically still at the ten million dollar. Okay no hold on a second here's something we didn't think about this is why I love Twitter sometimes and this is why I love our listeners sometimes. Because this gentleman tweets and says offer sheet. About it. Well if Jack goes and puts up ninety points next year it's not twelve and a half million worthy of me David. What a teen myself paying twelve and half a buffalo might you know BO OK just you know. You rate back to this a quarter I was obviously the hot. Name me how many offer sheets of happened in the last twenty years on the last time a clearly this was available. This polar of this caliber. But you know we have today is stealing base here whoever Shea Weber now Shea Weber was one. There's another one panic was one that was awhile ago would panic was once Chris Scranton. Yet at the moment it's still so laughter she and her enter a lot of Tony Wragge. You're right five years there's been three offer sheets. It doesn't happen anymore Buffalo Sabres are the situation. Where they have an owner that's willing to pay to have a Greek team OK that's number one. Number two is they have cap space. And they have cast base for Jack eichel. Someone's gonna come in and do that to the Buffalo Sabres I can guarantee you there's going to be it's going to be a war going to be an absolute war. Area for for your general marks I I believe that it's in the CBA but it's never gonna happen anymore. It it just does not happen it's dirty pool is what it. Isn't Jack worthy of dirty pool I know guys there's no team you just say that leak real that is going to let Jack cycle go you. Bright the so soaked to. I'm not changing gears here I'm just. Going by based on this guy put a thought as he can he says also or sheets are shocked and a half so it's safe for doctoral to sign him now or eight year deal to avoid this so maybe he doesn't have to he does not have to worry about it. I you watch you're aware he's Harry voter. This is where he's gonna have to worry about it you have to worry about it with Sam Reinhart. That's where you put an offer sheet. You don't put an offer sheet in two years in two years franchise hockey player he's you know that that team is gonna sit there and and oh what are you doing. We are going to sign this guy regardless just don't don't do this to us is now a year now a year you're starting a war. No team is gonna go after Jack cycle there's nobody. How many times in the past twenty years have you heard about. You should offer sheet that guy. It's not going to happen the most they don't happen anymore. If unity and offer sheet it's not going to be for your franchise player can be for a top ten player. That hopefully it team. And try and mover with a high end. Overpaid contract and the team just says hi we just can't do that we can't do it for the where rocket you project. Known not worry about that what's Thor. Zero. I gotta tell it. There are a lot of times I disagree review because like I just can find a reason to disagree with you and I can. Find reason to believe in that point yeah. But I absolutely 100%. Without a doubt. Disagree with the artist because I think Jack article is absolutely. The player. That's. A team all offer sheet for double take that that swing at just a nice juicy pitch that's right down the middle. Ball is about the size of a beach ball in your rate just tattoo this thing this is the guy you back to Brinks truck up for. Thank you to. Jail for that statement. So let him I say I might my opinion just to wrap this discussion for second. My opinion is. With where they're at now on the discussion. And the number there probably out what Jack's camp is asking for verses what the team is he willing to pay countering with. It's not locked up by training camp why have the distraction and negotiate through the season. Lock it up and reopen at the end of the year seal the can place silly kid handles the pressure in last year's deal. Cause or factor of that too I mean see how we see how he handles. You know playing under the garb. Well he's Jimmy plan of the guy and whether he signs the contractor doesn't sign a contract he signs it there's going to be yours can be tremendous pressure for him to produce and and and how success and you know. I I'd like I'd like what you said earlier we are talking off fares and and you just said why why. Don't should just let him play this season what is the reason for signing him now I just don't I I I feel the same thing if you Lawrence tweets and he basically has an answer for races agent wants security in that is the leverage freely talent I listen yes it's an average guy that has leveraged to. People thought they did what leverage. What leverage does the agent out he has no leverage it has caused terrible is the comparable. Contract to work might might public this would have Jack Michael does not sign a contract this year where jacket cycle goes out and signs. And and get eighty points in eighty games next year. But what if Leon rice title. Has 87 points next year her 85 points next year is Jack now signed for less than him. To understand what I'm saying like. There's a lot that can happen in one year I just. You know I think catch twenty years old 21 years old guy I mean. Let him play it out let him earn this contract if he if he shows that he is an elite player in the game which we dirty. Feel that he is were working off of you know what he can do force but let's let's have him earn the you know his contract. That's come play Otis last year but that's what I would do or I'd like to see that but. I can also see them locking him up making everybody happy on both sides and hopefully they can they can come to terms on their number. Here is the kicker I think for me on this is did. Try to settle he just finished his third yours deal right and pass an accident scene situations summit David. So here's the other kicker to like look it I'm one of these are wanted to mention you earlier to I've I wrote his name down was act plan. Air act was signed that deal and imagine if Florida didn't sign that contract and let him play another year with the injury at the World Cup I mean he had a good season. But you they would have been stuck with a cap number that the right would they still pay him do you think the same. That's kind of the scenario that we're looking out with Jack and what would have happened with act like you. Seen the year they had after the injury in memory of the concussions that he saw a great year last year. Beside that long term deal. I replied I mean. That's again that's a tough when they sign on that contract he has the concussion out though what World Cup and plays 61 games last year but they had to shut him down because of concussion like symptoms we just paid that player. We get another year to steal to hit a nine iron and I feel that long term that eight year sixty million dollar deal. Kicks in this year so they're paying him seven point five year which is great I was three million dollars. But you don't know we're act as he's had multiple concussions in one year. Why wouldn't they let him play that out. Yet he had done his rookie year here at fifteen goals 21 assists in seventy games he played ten last teams to 21 points. So if if act plot were up for contract this summer waited. Well it again like they probably did that because they wanted to avoid offer sheet. Think about it you would've offer sheet you would you not offer sheet jackpot at eight million boxer nine million box right now with. With angles eleven assists at the age twenty years old. 21 years old real absolute yet 21 points last year. Q 36 the year before as a rookie same same situation as Jack right now. You know two really good years actually 39 points is a rookie 36 points the second year in. Three last games and then 21 points last year. So he's been for T consistent twelve goals fifteen goals and goals let me ask you this past if he would not sign that contract before the season. A sixty million dollar deal for eight years what would his contract be worth now that's my question I mean with. I'm wonder I'm wondering if maybe they would have paid him a list of makes. Or ankle wrist O Seth Jones are you telling me right now that. Air and act black is two million dollars better than our crystal line and operate coal Seth Jones no I don't want I think they're all in the same boat. That's what he should be being paid he should get maybe six million dollars or pay him seven point five because they went into an eight a year early. And that he sustained two concussions in one year. I guess my point is is that if Jack let's say Jack finish is ninth in scoring for the next ten years phenomenal yep. But that doesn't mean that I think you should be paid. You know that much but the risk you're running into by signing him today. Does your signing you because you think he could be in the top three I think he could be you be in the top three this year BC's healthy. And there's nothing wrong he's ninth in scoring for along time but might you eat you see my point yes I do years IDs Cedar Point. But I I look at you know it's funny when you you kind of like put things together. And you'd try and and see where certain players are in certain parts of their career I look at Alexander bark off. And I look at what he's done up to this point in his career. He's he's basically the same as Jack. Point totals are are are almost. The same income parable and I mean. He's making five point nine million dollars. What if Eric tell you Jack wasn't signed yet because. Bought troll is working on a deal. Forgive Shane. Tom when we come back from the break also Pasternak got an offer here. That was a while ago. But our Africa. What's awhile ago. Couple weeks we the six that with the reported six year deal in a while registering eroded now. Does your slow slow on Twitter. I appreciate that trigger an apology I told you ten times yesterday that gives you execute a pitch that he's getting paid. They want to they offered him. Slightly under what Brad marsh on his making and Brad marsh ours making. Six point one and they do not want to pay him a dime over Brad marsh. That's where that I don't know what's gonna happen there because when you've got mr. white heroin Pasternak. And your compare bowl is just signed for eight and a half million in price title. There's a big difference. And in now in money. Money exchange so I don't know what they're going to be doing their Boston they're going to be definitely paying them a lot more than what what they are adamant six million. Are against the gators when we return Andrew Craig WGR Sports Radio 550. And MSG also Kansas City why is that important. And on Kansas City anymore as Dorsey wants. Well we are tied. Welcome back to the investigators Andrew Peters and Craig read very well live on WGR Sports Radio 550 and and asked gee you've got that crazy look in your face. Call us at 03055888550. To 550 couples are calls secretly wants to fire up the phone lines but. No one's out there when their cellphones are shut off. Tweet us act trigger base 52 and pat beside Craig at the investigators. What is that look I think. Com. Yeah correct I don't like the way you can hearing now. So there's one Twitter wanted to read them we can move on. A great point I understand it Michael. Ticket sales fans want a commitment sign him now I understand that here's the thing. Jack will put butts in the seats. Winning we'll sell tickets regularly when he will you get this team winning that's what Walt that's what well. Absolutely you know make everybody happy for life is if you start winning it I get which are saying I don't think signing a player to a contract. Maybe it does I don't know but I think winning. Is what people really want to see the all the tweets that I here is people want to Jack. Eight years ten million. Because they made they want it done now. Because they don't want stress in their lives over an offer sheet next year. An offer she is like getting hit by lightning. I don't think sank and I think there's more lightning. There's more people getting hit by lightning than there is offer sheets how do you feel so strongly about this it's not gonna happen. It's absolutely not gonna happen you don't think Vegas would swoop in and offer this guy fourteen or fifteen million ever not a million years and if they did. You can apple. Because they're done. With a it's not going to happen. You would let Jack gold to an offer sheet for them much do you take the 41 round picks you or whatever use it for five. 51 round draft picks. Well he'll look back to vet losing manic if you would if you're past on panic. And on signing him to that offer sheet in hindsight it's always point 10 point one. You know yeah I first round draft it was a bad call. Nugent Hopkins don't know early on right wallet to pay it I mean yeah maybe. Just saying it's not gonna happen offer sheets do not happen. They don't happen. It's like unwritten rule behind the scenes it's dirty pool yes there's been some that come out in the most recent one was Shea Weber. What was that what year was that can you remember. That has to. The Ryan O'Reilly was off your heated years ago I think by Calgary and then knock Colorado had a match Brian Burke. Brian Burke. He guts and he got school an armadillo wants one years or information guy. What was it. Could shake all your source she'll reveal your sources in this business manager that everyone always says guys the best or I give some love source says Chris Baker my superstores says that there's five offer sheets have happened since 2008. Backus or Riley. Steve burn EA. Joseph person. And Webber. Michael if he gets there. So feed off talking. About offer sheets so OK so let me get. Today what would you rather the sabres do get him signed or played out. You know what I'm I'm 5050 on this I I I I like what you were saying like I don't have a problem I don't have a problem with having Jack just play out his season and Scholl. Show everybody shore himself show the team show the fans that he is worth the top ten dollars in the National Hockey League. An appearance that goes out and shows everyone that pale hand the money I don't have a problem with. Right now after Jack had two season he's had. One okay season and one. Very good season two very good seat and has talked twelve. Point per game scorer in the league I think he's got even. More upside obvious he's got more upside he's going to be great player but why not just have him go vote and show. What he can do. That on the other side my other 50% it's like why wait skip this guy signed. Can get this guy sign for nine and a half million dollars as far as I'm concern I mean that's great contract moving forward for the Buffalo Sabres. Ten million dollars it could be ten. He was fourteenth in point per game. Fourteenth that's that's pretty darn good especially. We've talked aborted before specially wouldn't they use you know the type of injury from day one when we heard when we saw him in training camp. Go down fall back on that right ankle and and and and bend it basically we both looked each other morally let me ask you this is not let me ask you this honestly is that I wonder if this is something that comes up in discussion of maybe maybe. GM's in teams and fans and people just don't care you've mentioned Jack's. I'm boxes not to see struggles but just you don't. Playing in the defensive zone has defensive play and how it's improved but it still has a ways to go. Up the talk a lot gonna popped up top fourteen points per game. Where is he act he's the only one in the minus. Minus thirteen. Does that play in adjacent bottles discussion with his agent saying look. Leon dry subtle sign a contract Hughes plus seven. A mom. Or do you do you excuse that because you just know this guys can all point on producing injuries go back to last year but. Jack cycle wasn't playing. With the most swift. They had some defensemen back there that had they struggled with moving the puck they just struggled with moving. And when you have that you have defenseman that art don't have the agility and be able to close on gaps quickly and you give more the opposing team more time in space. You're gonna play more time you're gonna have more scoring chances against. Jack which I have talked to vote a lot. Com about his defensive woes I think Jack each and every year is going to be more mature not only as an individual but as a player. He's gonna learn. That if he wants. We want Jack to produce. Right. Like jacks and also learning I think he's gonna be a better player as he continues to move forward. That he's got to be stronger if you're stronger defensively you're gonna spend less time in your zone. I think once Jack kind of gets that into his head if he does the right things defensively. He has the ability to move the puck up. Up the ice and have more time the offense was. Are so here's a guy who I think has all the leverage out there in the hockey world John taveras in it quote unquote no rush. To re sign with the isles this offseason. Yet neck. I wouldn't sign on our I would sign if I was him by the way stopper at their for a second. You're an EU wouldn't sign on hold on. He would sign there we owe John taveras the lacrosse legend an absolute huge public apology. For not putting him on our best athlete practicable time he is the greatest lacrosse player to ever play in box across my opinions on my favorite sports I'm biased but. The guys the greatest and that's foreplay toll was 45. Years old. So. Huge and also Bruce Jenner called my dad and they asked who's the greatest athlete of all time we toll forgot Bruce Jenner. Toll and fare Bruce Jenner yeah maybe the greatest of all time you know but anyway John taveras signing with. The aisles you. I wouldn't do it either finally. Some masks what if you were him. What do you think that he's gonna make. They're half that that all no no sore. You don't think somebody will give him tenant in the open market them all the market yet I'm talking to vote the islanders trying to get John to bear side. I don't know member rate whereas said the old idol extra I don't think leaders are you up Brit I don't think there's a deal there. I don't even think I don't even believe John taveras in his heart putts to go back there I know nothing you know he's gonna do is he's gonna sit back and John taveras is is is one of the elite players in the league. He he's gonna wait to see where this team goes because I don't think. Even the islanders know where this team is going right now. And I think John taveras that you with. There's just so many negatives of both playing in the on the island right now they don't even know that they're going to they're back to their old building correct. That Nassau coliseum. Thanks you're the one time we went there and we couldn't get in because there is one of the sewer pipes burst and our guest room. Mosul the water on the floor walking that's what I'm saying that's that was sewage that was of water. I only I was on the team for that I was there another of that now yes. But there was another time we ran our bags in we couldn't bring her bags into the arena is one of the pipes had burst. And there were is crap all over the floor that covered both the rooms. So within that 24 hour. Period. They had someone come and clean all of that and then were in there like the next day in ousting and myself. These are the same carpets. Well they have big capitals these days thanks to the scene of an Internet stuff geyser stretching on these purple thumb like get off the carpet. Get off the carpet while they clean them. Why are carpet just taken right okay. Man that was a building that eight it. There needs to but I'm sure that's not gonna hold back Johnson purpose trust are paying their as your carpet issue I mean you look at all these brand new building is now a days there beautiful state of the art they have all the facilities inside look at the look at the sabres dressing room and and and what. But who is given these these players with the sabres it's absolutely incredible and there's so many buildings that are just like it now you're gonna have John to bears. Who went from what the Bronx. Now he's got to go back to the Nassau across the book or Brooklyn and now he's got to back to the Nassau coliseum and plan that. Our shirts Rackers tested or place. For for their own paddle like the islanders even a desirable place to play I forget about all that stuff in the buildings that's of that factors into the to his decision but yet to think about this. He's forcing their hand to open up the bank is China's entry comments here. Is this guy this is one of the trade islanders can't rate or lose this guy exactly. So that's why two bears since it narrow their probably offering them ten million dollars a year nine and a half ten million he's sitting there all all I'll take twelve us. Stocks suffer second. Is him not saying. I'm in no rush code for I don't wanna come back. No blacks it's code for if I'm going to sign here. You're going to pain me an extreme amount that you believe John taveras can be bought and paid this day yeah I believe he's I guess I don't believe John taveras of play for the islanders for 201819. I don't believe me it's USA ID he's treated there this season because they won't be in the playoffs. They were we out of the playoffs he will be treated there's no question about it you had I the portrait. The boys in the back into effect you'll like you got to the other theory let's wait for. United by the trade when we come back on this. Right by there now and Craig Rivera a producer of the as the gators buy sell trade. It's time now for Beisel trade presented by. Who MP care. Buffalo's sports where you read about MP care responses shall. Buffalo sports for you can go and so much analysts by selling trade to new news sports department. When you're obviously listen to me just did buy sell trade by some trade Johnny T. Is playing for the long islanders. For the 20182019. Seized by. I buy because I think that there are going to make it. A situation. That he cannot refuse hit there gonna pay him an extreme amount of money more than what he's worth. Because they need to how the face to the franchise they have absolutely. Nobody. Without. John to nurse. And I think Unita yeah I'm dead tree new to have him in that market. Sign and trade. Now he is going he is going to sign with the islanders and they're gonna pay him an extreme amount of money to play there. Myself. Period you wanna Tommy why. I don't know that I ever really good reason. Then. I can't think of a star player that would wanna go play for the islanders so if you actually have you normally finished places you've got to understand he's a my turn first he's the first overall pick had organized air and he has an emotional hide that he does know a lot. Yes it always does not Kyle postal left. He had an emotional Tyler he played with Johnny T probably Blake rolled the dice like in emotional eat he left because stated wanna paint. Twice left on that's maybe why Johnny tea leaves too because they wanna pay him what he's worth but at the same time that can be his out when he does any does he have to say they just wanna be there. He never has secede as a wannabe that he's in the ultimate. Ultimate position he's in a deal isn't it terrible organization yes OK that is a complete train wreck yup and he has. He he has one more year to go and then he can do it every once the islanders are by far sitting there. Just. Waiting for this ship to sink. In my God's honest opinion. And I think John I there's I could is gone I think they know what any pitcher Adam I think the islanders have been pushing for better for a long time. They have they have tried to make strides to make this team better. You know they went out guard Jonny boy it shock and and and nick lady. They have some up and coming young defensemen that are really intriguing. They go they sign they go and get to Jordan Natalie who's making six million dollars they're trying to get better. John taveras is only 26 years old males like he's been in the league forever. Brian tweets and since Craig's always talking about the Stanley Cup do you think his his money is more important or cop he won't he won't win one there. That right there. Is the absolute Grand Slam comment from Ryan just we didn't you because you are no summing John taveras will never win their you'll get paid there. But I believe that this guy can get paid and wind and listen this guy I was a phenom at a junior 180 points at the easy all time leading scorer in the hallway HL history the age of 600 points or something in three years something crazy. And he wants to be known as that top tier guy maybe it's not necessarily money he's gonna get that anyway. But I believe deep down there's something about a guy like this that wants to be in the scene conversations as comic Davids as a Crosby's as a number one overall pick or facts and he's nowhere near that right now. And you'll never be that in Long Island he'll never win a cup there and you see the abuse that over excuse taken for not being a winner. John taveras can't go his whole career and not have a sniff batted in on never have when there the islanders are as he can. You want an ally his next contract when he's taught you don't want rip when he's at the end of his career go he doesn't want to do it as a 35 year old. You know Johnny T and dying on our bodies and all but I guess I in his he's gonna sign any you're deal what I feel it right it's going to be easy start twelve million dollars a year. And at the end of it when he's got all that money in his bank he's gonna sign for next enough and go to the best teams and that's what's gonna. Jim Jim who tweets and regularly has turned on you he started off fund needs to gobble me up that was turned on you and I love it. Jimmy my new favorite fan of the show Andrew Peters Gregor very. WGR Sports Radio 515 amnesty where the investigators. Hockey talk to enhance. Please ease the instigate. Presented by and Pete Carroll hardwood. Welcome back it's 1150 true this is great minute. Or that's or alive and WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSG. Final segment for today John Murphy show coming up next Jeremy White in the chair with Donald and Murphy will be checking in from. Well where are they. Where the bills today tellingly they are feeling OK so there Philly the a city of brotherly love was actually speaking of Phil there watch creed last night fell asleep but I watch creed I started to watch creed. And and I'm so far so good it. Rockies looked a little shaking his case is that tell you that. But we are it's continuing our conversation about taveras at the break and only about a minute so. I wanna say that I think that if they sign him to a lucrative deal. 'cause they got to have a a star player like that locked up so. They sell that team and move. And I would I would agree. I I just I just think to myself play Q eighty you know maybe maybe there's a team like. Phoenix Coyotes. Here's art is Arizona coyotes that would love the opportunity to bring in that superstar hockey player that I think has some really good up and coming players. Might wanna make a splash and maybe he'd take a little bit less. To go to. Phoenix when I say last signs saying justice is market values besides with the islanders. He is gonna he's gonna take him to the cleaners because they don't they don't have a choice they need. They need him they cannot afford is like a walk out the door for Hillary. So they either got to know that there's a deal done they gotta have a deal in place to move. That would be interesting to watch because if he's not having success he's not gonna be very happy for all right John Murphy show coming up next don't forget Jeremy White in. He's going to be with Donald on the set here. Murphy is in Philadelphia we checked in bills played tonight we're Andrew I've hander he's creditworthy investigators very selfish of me there. WGR Sports Radio 550 MSG were back tomorrow.