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John Murphy GO. And welcome and we are lies from one bills drive this team is down. In Philadelphia. My name is Donald Jones Dylan is firmer I'm here with. The famous and hear me why maybe you've heard of him at the keys on in the in the morning with our yes Jeremy I don't do good. You ready it's game day it is game day came to. Game two as a big game for a lot of guys are talking about this yesterday I think it's huge game for the backup quarterback and it can be. Him above maybe all others are at least for the fans right he's the guy I want you all wanna see you think he's feeling pressure. I think about this vote mr. askew like he went on. Played so well the opener even Patrick more homes and the Shawn Watson those guys that show up and play well their first game already kind of set a high bar even looks on the pre season you set that high bar right away. And yes Cheryl put pressure I think I think he kind of set of a higher bar for himself you know because cumin and people like Pelosi this guy does and it comes out has. So what the game and has had a good camp and now people like out you know now they move them out the number two is he truly number two can he push and be the number two in what he'd do we teach eighth there's a lot of questions I'm sure he's probably feeling. A little bit oppressive but. He's back in Pennsylvania where he played you know not that stadium what you know now I'm sure feels like a little bit all it's what it's want to wonder about is whether or not coaching staff is willing to make a rookie your back a couple of times team's goal for veteran backups and TJ Yates was brought on board to be a veteran a veteran backup and gets passed right away. It means Peerman just your number two right out of the game number two that is the that is a question we're gonna talk about that some more. Later on in the show. Murphy is down in Philadelphia with the team the team is down to Philadelphia they play the Eagles tonight in Philadelphia at 7 PM. We are going to go out simmer for Merv how you don't. Hey Donald about Jeremy are you guys welcome it's a beautiful day here in the Philadelphia temperature about. Eighty degrees perfect such I've ever going to be a great night for football here. You know first of all for the viewers on our famous seaside or if you are standing you have a beautiful background behind you. Let us know where you are what that is behind. We this is downtown Philadelphia Center City Philadelphia and it affect the caller we are and the Hilton hotel at Penn's landing. It's on the east side of Center City the Delaware rivers right over that way and downtown Philadelphia behind me independence hall was about four blocks that way it's dwarfed by the modern buildings at Tennessee. I don't really know many there the buildings but it's all behind it yup I know this about Philadelphia. For a long time there was a rule of law and Philadelphia. Where no building could be taller than City Hall which is behind this year. The City Hall has the stature William Penn at the top and about ten or twenty years ago they abolish that law which is accounts for the development of all the skyscrapers behind it. I was asked about the trivia for 300 please. That I think goes supposed to be part of the reason that the city was curse for awhile right because they broke that that whatever that statue named one of of that in my building. That might be that might be true so Merck that gave us the statue of William Penn the the birth the game is tonight at I believe you have to give out it. 2 o'clock to head over to the stadium. I took a poll today is about you know what we're looking for. Out of this game tonight would we wanna see out of this game tonight so what do some things that you're looking for others gamer. There's a lot to look at a lot to look for I think in this game today let me start the offensive line. Where you know that you can press body expect the starters ago. First quarter at about halfway into the second quarter this game tonight. And on the offensive line. You know there's a little a couple of moving parts their first of all according plan is out and there are question marks of according Glen obviously with the trip to Wisconsin to have the injection and is sort what by doctor Anders earlier this week. And and you know as far as his timetable for return to bill's dancing in much John McDermott said the doctors are hopeful that we'll be ready for the openers so. That's a little bit of a wildcard. On the right side of the office of light at right tackle you look for Jordan mills to get the start today but I think they're gonna try to work in the rookie Deon Dawkins through. Played his college football here at temple and you'd look for him to work with the one's a little bit tonight right guard look for John Miller to start the incumbent starter but bled to costs. Who has been alternating first team reps with the Miller for most of this pre season. I think that will continue tonight as well. Left tackle would know according bunch on prohibiting gets the start we don't know the complications there with a five game suspension looming at the start of the season so. They're acting in a day or two maybe a week away from making some hard decisions about what the composition of that is starting offensive line will be. You know you can view person other wanna figure out of Toronto Anderson can play and help. It began then they can you know keep my round and maybe he's of valuable backup they got to figure out according blend status is going to be for the opener. Maybe. I need to back ups emerging as Dawkins play well this led to costs. Make a strong challenge hard to do that obviously the preceding game but that could go a long run here that first unit offensive line with those two backups at right tackle right guard. And I think after this game in my recent decisions or at least some conclusions that are reached about what that started up front of my who's gonna look like that September 10. Rep I think I have to agree with you with the the uncertainty with according went in his foot and if you can play at a low access to talk to Rubin yesterday in depth about this and what he feels it happened. In the question is I mean I know Dion is gonna put on the right side tonight but city play on the left side as well I mean at some point you gotta do some work on the left side just in case court he's not ready to go. Jack and I don't know that tonight would be that night it might be we'll keep an eye on that but I like that several we get the pre season game number three next week there's a long nine dates and your between games. Maybe that's the point where the bill say okay we've seen Deanna on the right side we have a better handle on what forty situation is. But striking out on the left side if they came out and started practice this week with the idea and getting reps on the left side that would not surprise me as well and as you know. Back in the spring in the OTA's and mini camp yet Dawkins got a lot of first team reps at left tackle so. Maybe that's where eventually he winds up I think. Some of the evidence that they'll gather tonight will wind helping to make that decision. Or for any specific names jump out as guys that might do to make an impression. And really lock down spots on this roster they let Eddie Yarborough who has really been impressive throughout camp in an impressive opener it seems like. Just a couple plays there and you could really set that in stone him any other names spring to mind. Yet while job wrote personal ads talk about him for a second here there's a big game quite frankly against Minnesota last week. And showed very well he's been strong in practice he's an interesting guy I know the bills want to have a healthy rotation on the defense of life. And it appears that yar bro is emerging as a guy's gonna be part of that rotation penalties locked down a spot in the roster yet but he's come very close to it. I heard you guys talk about making Biederman and I do think this is a big naked teetering game today. He's gonna get the second team reps today with the starters give out midway through the second quarter. You can look for Peter and to play the end of the first African into the third quarter probably deep into the third quarter. And look there's a lot to like about making Peter and so far you've been one of his teammates as Lewis in the locker room last Thursday night. Talked about that the demands poise in the huddle how you know everything's seems common collective bottom I know Sean McDermott. Feels very strongly that the game does not seem too big for Nathan and Peter made a good round draft pick. You know they like. I know they like the way he gets rid of the ball the ball coming out on time and I think they like that I thought the whole offense last Thursday did a great job of temple. You know getting plays in and out without much disrupting getting please call. Getting the stamp will be there was never a time when they were winding down the play clock at but that was good for first pre season game and I think Peterman had a role to play in that as well. Look forward to seeing what Peter media do I do think that it. Number two quarterback spot is up for grabs and Peter Reid could with a strong performance that I could do a continued his solid did do it. To be that guy where that leaves TJ Yates nobody knows. It just took a look at a couple of the resistance to the quarterback spots are rotted Darby is gone in fact. There will be on the other side by today with the Eagles so I think Teresa Wright has chance tonight to a show that he could be a starter. At quarterback he's obviously a mr. overs series right sees that he's about a fight player I think in Cuba and Seymour are gonna kind of bike for playing time at the corners back spot. I I almost feel like they concede the nickel quarterbacks but the Leonard Johnson and regularly but it mysteries right keep on Seymour. To determine who would be the starter who get most of the reps tonight's game will go along way towards determining net. And the wide receiver corps as a team that you know no Jordan Matthews tonight he's going to be out for awhile with that tipped a fractured sternum. You concede spots temperatures and while Bolden will get a first look at Boldin with a bills tonight in game. I was a Jones. Andre homes as it Christine hasn't had a great camp but certainly they've got you his experience in the league but there are others should arrive streeters had a strong camp. I think I a couple of plays tonight right Streeter good almost. You know claim a spot in the wide receiving corps Dez Lewis made the touchdown catch last Thursday night I think he has chance to. Bolster his case for playing time and a spot on the roster Philly brown local guy comes back to Philadelphia tonight. You know that he's got some special teams credentials he's got some production in his NFL pass but I think they're gonna need to see more from him. And I think that Brandon Tate who has a strong special team. Is gonna figure into this with an act to keep mobile I mean there's going to be some guys on the waiver wire you know street Louis it would brown. Maybe homes you know guys there are going to be battling for spots given that you would think that Boldin in there as they Jones or virtual lock right now. Murphy Erick a couple of questions that I have for you Percival is Ronald Darby and played and I do do you know that at all. Epic so. I've pretty Syria he's in the starting line up he's got a weeks' worth of practice here for Philadelphia I don't know what the Eagles plans are for playing their starters which are noticeably Ronald Darby would do a play and start. Reasonable one quarter now you know last year they look at this is we gotta get him playing we gotta get him start. That's going to be interesting to see them play against the team that regardless of this pre season regular season the team that just traded him away. And go against these guys that you know he's practiced it all training camp until this week. Another guy that I really wanted to see and we had his dad on the show yesterday Rob Jones a Jones dad. I really wanna see him get into the game and gives them some rats you know get some passes thrown his way I think there's grounds that he had like eight or nine please last week. This kid needs to get into the game because. They who knows he might be to deep threat on this team we have to figure out what his role is going to be on this team and I think we need to do to start that tonight he needs to play. With Tyrod and it it. And the direct Donovan you and I talked with Rick Dennison offensive coordinator a couple of days ago back in Rochester training camp and when we asked where the deep threat passing threat comes from the deep receiving threat of leagues they Jones was the first name did you mention. Say he's been good in camp hasn't been spectacular in camp. It beat Uga harper has to say he has flashed so far in camp three weeks of camp. And not to attack for him to do that what he's gonna make the roster they value him they I think they feel like he's got a very bright future. You know there's chance that he starts here and it's pretty good chance that they're gonna need him to make the kind of big plea to talk about and be great if you could see some of that tonight. Primer will thank you we would give back out to you and I think you have a couple of guests coming up here we'll see you back at 130. I actually 1 o'clock mark Kelso is gonna join us at 1 o'clock at 130 we'll talk with. Andrew catalog who called game on channel seven on the yet he beside tonight and at 2 o'clock we're gonna talk with Steve tasker. Okay all right well we'll get back out to you in a bit. Have a good day outside southeast of. It's Oppenheimer Polanski I didn't even get a chance to talk to about you know our producers and he went down it hasn't he states. A realist cheese steaks and they'll just like the only thing that people when he when he goes through and most famous and all you ever have one yes. Yes and a I don't remember I don't know office pat geno though those of the tutors Wilson yeah we'll try it I don't remember which one. One of our producers spent some time now on food though I'm sure he's had probably both of oh but. I never had one. Never gonna food in two but you've had a cheese steak elsewhere in the NOK. Tuesday's elsewhere put. Yeah I mean I would go down I'm from enters its I would take take the train down to Philadelphia but. Getting into east it was never on on my schedule I got me to write code in these states won them gonna have to do that posits that you Banda Lincoln financial. How's that add him yeah I went to a game down as a call that I think it's the that is the calls that it's never that changes in the fifth Tiger Woods eyes this I'd went down it is the a giants and Eagles game when I was younger. Man defense down there aren't as reckless and there are ruthless they don't care if your kid with the giants Jersey on. They're gonna let you know about it and it was like come on man I think I was like ten years old my dad is like. The stuff so awesome effect and a you know so it was there was money put on the air I also went on a visit the temple. 1000 guys who and they took me around the stadium knows that as a thought I was gonna go to temple out of junior college. So. I've been to that stadium. I've been obviously to Philadelphia and there are some guys like CAD who's going back to Philadelphia close to home he's from Harrisburg. Beyond Dawkins is he played in this stadium. Played elated when ante with a temples and deeply tenacity and so. You know if he has to go back as we were talking Murphy as a go back to the left side at all I know we're gonna see him in the right. But just in general he he's probably gonna ask them than me at the game. And he's gonna fill that hole you know because he he basically roughness. Order how much you know we've got the receivers talk about the line to talk about. How much can name because though the left sideline if according Glenn is is good ago which I mean it's not a guarantee at this point. They've got the continuity it got to come along a couple guys returning the right side seems to be a little bit more flocks wants to take one out of there there's. The whole line become. In flocks or become a question markets then I think it's been a strength of this team for a couple years yet and here we are in a spot where it's kind of this last minute. All of this yes Libya concern with court in his foot it is like a last minute concern because. That we have ranked Rory who can play up and down the line. And I would need to be sock that they've put him in there at a tackle position because the veteran and he's played now we you know we know we can play guard and center. But he did play some tackling college as well you know and he and he's gotten it done I would be shocked if he saw him out at a tackle position. Dion is gonna do it work on the right side next week you probably be on the left side. I don't know what's gonna happen with court you know we had this in Jackson in his foot out of Wisconsin. You talking about 300 pound plus man. With other 300 pound guys push in on afoot that's not healthy you know and and we talked about it with Sammy and his split. I don't even know was wrong with court peaceful you know so that's something that we really have to watch it if he's ready for week one can he last threw a full season. And we all know the offensive line if you can't keep your office of line intact for full season those of the teams that struggled. You know the teams that had their offensive line intact. They use the Kindle through season and have a good year you start having them move pieces as Roth. It is he might be. Relying on running the ball even more than they have in the past they might have a balance that's the thing I don't. I don't know what to get out of the pre season. Because teams are actively trying to hide what they wanna do in the regular season thus offs and a office yet so here I've got the offense that wants to get down timing some chemistry communication and all that make sense to me. But in evaluating. Anything past that I I think feel like I've learned my lesson you can look terrible the pre season and then in the regular season you're just good to go there and and vice Versa so. You know what is that true value of maligned I guess you might one on one matchups see who looks like they know what they're doing it and pass that you just kind of cross your fingers and we'll see what looks like we once. You can go one on one matchup center Anderson and Cuellar tackles last week. Didn't have a new game you know and he didn't have one against one of the better pass rushes in the league but this is the NFL you gotta pay you got to face those guys every week essentially right so. You're talking about a guy who right now it's up in the air they're gonna keep him or not he's gonna run is probably gonna start the game tonight. He has his five game suspension. So they have to figure out if they want even keep him enough you know because if they're gonna keep him then. You know they can keep them around until he's done with that five games and he can you know activate him back from active roster but he needs to have a much better night than he did last week. But they wanna keep it if he wants to be around now. And you know the receivers are another thing to watch I don't know who slots where you know it was Sammy you had. Watkins is your number one he's on the outside and you can move and Ron put him anywhere you want it now. It feels like there's a little bit today. Are right C Jones is the guy account on the outside because bold and slot guy Matthews it's like I mean ideally I thought Jones is going to be maybe a slot guy. I weird like the receiver slot in from oppositional standpoint or is a richt got to softens the kind of thing that's gonna not really have traditional spot it and wherever we just gonna be interchangeable and move around. Yeah I mean that's something that right now is up in the air meat trade you trade Sammy Martin's away he was a deeper on this team right now we just don't know who's going to be be deep threat. Essentially he seems like you have a team of slot receivers you know somebody has to be. The deep threat we had coach Rick Dennison on the show. And he was saying you have to throw the ball downfield. Eight times a game you know and so now who is gonna be that guy who they throw the ball down the field to. Zeta-Jones. 445 speed you know he can get down the field not the same vicinity lockers. Roster reader definitely not the same assent to market that it it can't. But you know are you gonna say this is our deep threat and you can make its so obvious that every time he comes in the game he's a deep threat you know so they got to figure this stuff out. You know one thing and I wanna ask you about this sold. Harkin the occasional tweet about forty times that likes to reader and Jones or whichever ones have pretty comparable forty times to Sammy but you're gonna run a deep route. From the outside and they know it's common. They're gonna try and draw off that timing it's not just about brawn fast right it's going getting around that guy that and get around him on the side you're supposed to do and if I mean sandy was. Great at that very wanted to strengths and can any put one of these guys while they do have the speed they have what it takes off the line. To beat their right and you're talking about Zeta-Jones who has been trained trained well you know and and seems like he's ready for this region ready for. Bump and run covers but we haven't really seen him do in the game yet you know we haven't seen him go against last week you really place so we got to see him go against. He probably gonna vote has run of the army you know and so do we see him separate from Ronald Darby can he get around that and indeed down the field and can we connect on some of those things. I think this office is going to be. More is it timing offense. They're gonna throw the ball on any collapse they have to be able to do that the ball down the field. Who was a Jones also to a Charles clay you know Charleston gave up the Seaman and he can be the deep threat of the middle of the field. Somebody has to be of the thread the defense on the outside. So I guess you know. There's a lot to look for out of this game I wanna know from you as well what are you looking for. From tonight. We look at four out of this acted pre season game. There's a lot of guys that are gonna have that need to have big games that they wanna stick around especially if you are back so we know the starters will play. Three quarters next week traditionally they played three quarters in the third pre season games of your baca he debate you need to make a strong push tonight because you're gonna play a lot so we wanna note and you from the fans. You can call us you can tweeters at summer beach so. I am at the age owns 19 UR Jeremy WGR. Jeremy WGR at Jeremy WDR or you can call us the phone numbers. 8030550. Outside buffalo so free 1888550. To five feet the call us up let us know your thoughts. Jeremy you brought up a guy Eddie Yarborough yeah who it is a guy that I think is gonna be on the roster I don't think he's going to be a process that is Leila you know. Shaq is you know we expect sack to do good things a lot better than he did last year and and I felt like a lot of people. Didn't think sat at a did your lack. I I'll be honest I and forget about them lose but by the time he shows up. In the season it just kind of felt like the defense at that point it had its struggles and we saw struggles from the defense throughout so. In May be fewer expecting him to come back and make a big difference. It didn't look all that different not to say he individually had a bad here but yeah I think you do get lost in the shuffle for a lot of people. He did and ain't you know I think it was really tough for him I mean the guiding it in practice at all on the was thrown into the mix. And that adds this is not to make excuses for a guy. Now also just don't think he was comfortable doing what he had to do last year heated speaking to. It is airy views and played on the other side. Terry talked about Abby had he had to communicate with the DB's. Some insect in due in college at all I mean he just was and him in the dirt and rush the passer it seems like Shaq is he's happy. To be back in this sport pristine and that's all he had to do was rest the past I expected better season out of him. But Eddie Yarborough as the guy who sold a lot last week hopefully he can even improve upon. Even if he gets one sack this week tonight. It's going to be I've created stooges is go play by your family tickets in the opener it is expected to contact you this act and I go ahead by some say exactly equipment out identity I tend to think he's already there I if you don't wanna if everything falls apart that's different viewpoint of course but. And he he's made such an impression so quickly that the keys priests I think I think he's you know even in in. Because throughout training camp and we watch acts in the wise skill position that's in the lot outside and the wide receivers about Corbett TDs. Even some of the linebackers. I don't typically watch. There's a line play often the line of defense line plea during training camp practices that as to what's going on in there. And I kept hearing everyone talk about idea arbor economically watched as you know and and in practice in my heart you know maybe we'll see something out of them. In the game and we did you know also now. So if he has once that I think these are needed but it has once that he's not only enemy he's going to play he's going to be an open rotation. He alone weighs Jack along with Terry and even Lorenzo was gonna come down on the line of scrimmage but once again I think it's good. If any Yarborough. And really produced this team because you'll have to ask so much out of the greens you know and and grizzled gonna please us teams do. We know how it's gonna go by the end of this game when it's over all the reactions going to be. Here's all the Peterman reaction New Year's everybody else it right it's. What he had to say about Peter and Saturday look duplicate command of the offense it's the pre season at the time for overreaction. Especially if it's a young quarterback is going to be towns overreaction for that so. You know it's it's normal we've done this with Jeff tool we've done this with. Maybe cartilage you know Carl Jones had a nice game against the colts last year and I'm watch taking a couple times and thought it was some good things that you see in there and ultimately he's not on the team so it. Just think he has a nice game doesn't mean much but. It's not without a doubt it's number one reason I'll watch it is because appearance tonight because it and it did that and a lot of people and I don't mean to dismiss Tyrod I think I just think Tyrod the starter. And anything I watch in this game. Good or bad for him I'm gonna wait to evaluate Taylor based on how it plays in the regular season wears Biederman. This might be this week and next week and then a Detroit might be the last three looks I get at him for a good solid you know couple months maybe a year. Now that we're going to. Now after tonight he's not going to you won't you'll see events of last season game and I don't know how much he'll play he might play a lot in the last pre season game. Just because they know he's not really at a play you know Tyrod as a guy who didn't just give yates' number two again in numbers in the third pre season game but Tyrod four. I half and maybe more and then Yates to clean it up and Peterman is not like. I think you know at least gave a quarter a little bit that are these and then you go with Yates and then you have to figure out what you gonna do with Yates. We have some calls on the line it'll three if you wanna call up it'll 30550. Outside buffalo so free one ADV. 550 to 550 let's go to rich. He has a question on the defense this side of the ball. Rich I don't. There are eight and a good. Dirt dog I've got a couple analysts preceding and these two are you concern I have a line is that the the state do you particular they got. And but there to kind of wondering at what my doctor in your dollar building up our campus watch I liked every don't want their. Are federally ordered any thing about our children for years and we spoke to Peter starter. But I veneer figured out and local radio ordering third period source -- area I'm wondering if which created in the army you have and currently shut down. Boy here and Africa they are all right well this Saturday Boehner ought to let Jessica Durbin and you lay low. You are on the debate that they are I don't know sort of give you about that at all. It we haven't heard really much on quarters. As well I think or either I think lawyers doing a good job out there that. And and maybe like you say it may be is a good thing that you haven't really heard much from him I think he's playing well with with Micah. What made will see tonight you know we will see. What's gonna happen nor is it supporters really good safety aside from Micah Hyde behind then yes you do national Darian and you know Gary. Probably is going to be on the team you have hope Anderson as well we have the you know. He hasn't really done much at all centuries gonna play tonight in the game because he's a course that's the scenes guys those again there's still some question marks. At the safety position it depends how many say he's gonna keep depends on the the quarterbacks is well. We have another call on the line we're gonna get to rust in buffalo he has another question about linebackers we gonna get to him on the other's the other's out of this thing. We have her coming back though it's 1230. He has power TV play by play man edge Andrew catalog. On with them we gonna get his thoughts on his game tonight. Nestle on the other side is Vegas is dumber be so presented by Napa auto pars lies from one of those jobs while Buffalo Bills. Welcome back to the John Murphy so I'm Donald Jones Dylan informer. Here anyway sitting in for me. And as much as you see anti democracy or keep it to war and a map there's no sanitize it I thought that. But I yes there in my sitting in with me the team is down a Philadelphia. Getting ready to play the Philadelphia Eagles tonight seven. You can watch the game one WT BW you can also hear the game. And you can hear birds called on WT OR 550. We're gonna go back outs in her back down Philadelphia he's standing along side and Andrew cattle on. Who will be calling the game on the TV side of things. Birth I don't need air. We are here Donald thank you very much diameter catalog from the NFL on CBS's whether it's enough. They'll call the game tonight on channel seven of buffalo on. Went thirteen to be in Rochester and courts on WGBH in Syracuse. We've got the college game on the radio etiquette to be with you again are this is a unique setting for an interview I've never been out of a pool deck before in his right it's great and the good idea in the entire show that you that's a part of the budget back after a they use editor of course that does the number of duties on this CBS including. Yet violence CBS NCAA basketball watch no winner and you're just stop your appearance on the PGA championship down in Charlotte pretty misty tournament again I guess the best week. It's gas XR I missed that the bills game last week but it's great to be back in the PGA it was really exciting and of course the big news is that they're moving. PGA championship in May which I think he's a great move. Not only for the PGA championship but for all of golf now they're gonna try to finish the FedEx Cup play us before week one of the of the NFL season sought. I think it opens up a lot more courses around the country Texas Florida areas that don't usually get. A lot of PGA championship any PGA championships. It was a big week out there. Hope kill and protesters spent on the regular circuit PGA championship courses that from the PGA of America and the a lot of us upstate Europe wondering if you know it may be the last half of me if that might mitigate against any PG tips in the futures have been because of the weather. Now is I don't killed when he thirteen I thought it was fantastic I don't think this will change that fact we've already committed to going there down the road. It's gonna be probably late may maybe the weekend before Memorial Day weekend I think it's obviously more of a challenge for the grounds crew in Rochester maybe in Long Island Bethpage black. To get that ready but I don't think it'll. They'll prevent them from going the few more hurdles to overcome but I think Oak Hill that a great job the last time they hosted it. And the PGA pro I wanna go back there and never to committed to that I think you'll see more down there. And catalog joins us not talk about golf but start about a football and your regular turn coming up with the NFL and CBS and a and a partner this year former bills wide receiver on the favorite James opted to work with him the shoot out really excited to work which games I mean in this working with Steve tasker regain its rate that ask and I can still do these pre season games together he's. Natalie I think he's a tremendous broadcasters you know what does it become a very dear friends though. They'll be a little different not being with Steve every week on the road but the task is told me not gotten no teams just a little bit doubt if that guy he is obviously bills fans know. All fame wideners ever and I it is audition with CBS back in February so called half of the game off CD monitor together. We hit it off then and now I've heard great things about it them all from one bills legend to another. But people tend to forget that he coached in the league he coached with the readers I believe in the chargers and at a successful stint as a wide receiver but it came close to being a coordinator went on that the chargers for a while I think it gives in the unique perspective because he's. At that game as a player all camera as a coach and now. In the broadcast with he's been doing some minute football radio for the last several years I think it should be seamless transition when you get on the air with James Lofton mixture he asked him to do is Al Davis and it takes a happy president breakout Davis and Jason. There's so there's a couple of off color words in their it'll probably cleanup resort yes but. You regulations you for that now you've got the bills tonight we our buddy Steve tasker and in my catalog on the sidelines and you've been around the bills now for a couple years. Needless to say there's a major change in the the tone and tenor of this team and pre season that your compared was to act no question and it's night and day in terms of the way to coaches are approaching the pre season. The schedule and everything but from what I've heard it on so far I'm very impressed to see that very. L specific game plan he's executing so far right to a team. You know from the way that the players dress to the way that they hold their meetings obviously the big news this week when he stopped practice on Monday that affect Brad. Natalie the attention of the players but the tension everyone he's the boss is the way it's gonna be in the and I have been impressed with what he said so our first couple weeks of camp we are on the show talk about how quiet it'd been around training camp nothing go about it very Workman like this it's like camp. And all the sudden last week they sign in Wimbledon and then make two really big traits of things that explode room bills last week. At poultry speak Sen that's neat to see how plays out I think that Jordan Matthews when healthy will be really nice addition. To a to a receiving corps that I think that's one of the questions tonight and I wanna see our. A these guys can start to establish some rules who's going to be on the inside he's going to be in the outside who's gonna step up with that he's not playing. To have an opportunity here and that really is a big opportunity for some of these younger lot receivers even some guys that are needed it team like in Andre homes like Iraq Streeter. That's a question mark for me but what about the trade yeah I mean it. That is of huge change and we're gonna talk to Steve tasker bout tonight if he was a player in that locker room. How would you respond to these men and carries to get masters they. What about the addition Anquan Boldin witches just about a week and a half so old now and you'll see his first action tonight there's a certain element of just veteran leadership the presence that he brings. Along with a great skills that the guy can still play right I think it's fantastic to bring Alec will do that wide receiver meeting. This with so many younger guys some guys just starting routers just as the leadership that he provides that that a number of lines gains last year. Authorities fantastic in that role as you know in the slot red zone target date touchdowns last season. But then you bring in a guy off the field in the meaning that can really help the younger players I think it's a great ball around coordinator catalog from the NFL on CBS so called bill's game tonight on. On TV the bills broadcaster Steve tasker in the Mike had a lot of lot of us are waiting for sector on cryptic scene that was disorder. Flash you know to throw some of them some spectacular play which he's been steady through spring and and through December so far but. I like and I can be big night for him and I beat you you know you even have a target like in last week's I think they'll strike in the all that more pride as it. You know I I think that we forget sometimes that there's such a drastic change from college and to being a rookie yet. I think Reggie racked Lynn is basically a rookie this year to him and people are looking for him the kind of sew up a little bit more and I think that. We saw this on the derby yesterday in production meeting you start this season progress from Reggie and I'm curious to see him tonight but. These young guys these pre season games that's what they're there for a lot of people. Think now pre season you know get to see this are these are massive opportunities for young guys that. To get familiar with the office of defense to get some reps really get that unit to speak good long look at rookie quarterback sneak in Peter tonight I for one of pretty excited about that he. Did flakes last week against Minnesota he said good moments in camp. And many of us think he could be you know he's definitely challenging for the number two in me. Be able to take a big support with a good performance tonight yeah I think it'll be a big step up against the twos and last week it was against Minnesota late in the game at their. The third stringers and you might even see some of the eagles' first team defense tonight depending on when he goes into the game so. I think it's a big test for him. But so far it seems like he's been able to handle everything that's thrown his way in. Anxious to see how it performs tonight intercourse those of us about the bills I know you do as well though that the last years issues we're on the defense side of the ball. It's a great new defense with a lot of new faces especially on the back and and I think the bills are eager to get that thing going because they believe I think there's talent there but they wanna get a cohesive defense of plane go and and probably be good time as any tonight to get that start. Yeah that was Tom McDermott. You know I that's not see its focus and I think he's been working closely with the defense try to get them up this film. I think. A lot of it now is communication and what you're seeing and hearing is Micah Hyde isn't a great job of doing that secondary together. You know it's the younger guys Jordan or early point six gains last year is the last three kidney but. Seems like they're starting to gel roles are being established Jerry Hughes had a great camp. And good pre season games I think that there on the right track there. It kettle on we'll call the play by play of the TV side tonight the bills in Philadelphia I have one of those oh my goodness moments as a play by play guy last Thursday night against Minnesota. At the National Anthem when they lined up. And there were obviously ninety players and they went from 120 yard line to the other an ethic of how we gonna sort you know that actually out there right there's a lot of moving parts and you play. It's really different to prepare for ST in the regular season game. In ninety guys in the bills need an Iverson one of them and meanwhile. And Eagles that that's not only our focus tonight I know it's it's very strange to. Barely have any information on one scene and massive amounts of information and other but that's our audience look at sort of bring it euthanize you do it the Eagles with that obviously Ronald Darby. Corey Graham started for the bills the last few years back there in the back end of buffalo. Native and UB products he didn't means plane and he also there are couple local story lines including Jim Schwartz there keep the former buffalo defense to coordinate and frank Reich he liked it right yeah it it really does all our editors this many connections between these two teams and a lot of familiar faces on each side itself. I think we got a lot that story lines for tonight I need to an IQ right to a pre season but I don't think there may be better way I wanna get your thoughts on this before but ago. I heard somebody some Smart say this week look the first pre season games you don't know nobody's going. The fourth pre season games certainly nobody plays public cut it down to announce that can cut it down to maybe have one. Rookies first year anybody else you want 53 man roster 45 man roster game. Maybe if the discount ticket prices maybe it doesn't go one you know TV probably what people would come people would watch. But is their weight maybe at the commissioners even admitted that the pre season football it's not the best showcase for the NFL front. Any thoughts on then there's been some talk of maybe going down three games I could see that is as a possibility but. That said opportunities for guys them you know. Would make the roster wouldn't get anything not need her need this experience. I think it really serves a purpose I could see it go with three but I think it's gonna be there you know some former fashion. I hope that Rick ruckus and expert Gracie thanks for any pool yeah. And I'm like double to right there thank you hander got a lot of public game on. Channel seven in buffalo line that way thirteen TV in Rochester and a WTV eight. In Syracuse tonight along the tester and my catalog after catalog from a belt on CBS that and a back to the studio did not enter else. Thanks Merv they smirk so they talked about this standing in front of the pool and pool deck at the old so the tonight spot to be did you ever shoot. A radio show or do any unit from anything from pulled. Now now I don't think so what's occurred were increases please. Point it's all from the paddock at the Belmont Stakes. Yet we did a radio show. Triple Crown the 2009. Maybe one Smarty Jones is going for the Triple Crown Brad writer and I went and broadcast from the Belmont Stakes. In the horse panics like back crawl works far. So we roots and you're doing the show and the horse's right there lol I'm from the best dance so I remember a time and we we were playing the Bengals. Out of Cincinnati Steve you know walking. Middle the middle of the city and they have you know the horse and buggy. And Steve is like Amy and with his horse race and the horse had like. Would be ruled being hanging from his from his mouth like it was a pain from his mouth all the way basically to the ground. But it was still hanging in it was just isn't there. And Steve he was start to play around with a horse and the horse like chickens in try to throw it is the of the funniest I have are (%expletive) up but when you guys listen to do an interview that it state did. It was an increase that. Smelled like a horse got to play some who watched them you know doing the shoe process that it was a yet in backstage at the Belmont Stakes is not exactly that. Most wonderful smelling placement if but it was it was pretty cool. A me ask you some when they're part of it and humbled and they show the highlights and something you know strength and I want askew so he's got his gloves hanging from the face mask as he's warming up and I would guess that means they. What are receiver normally just warmup without gloves and then put Aman. Yes the some guys in their multiple reasons why you why you do this arm ice is doing as well explicit on practice and games I am gloves on. But in practice I would warmup we do individuals with the gloves on the face mask. For two reasons number one you just want to feel the ball actually it's antsy wanna warm up would no clothes just in case. You can't use that glows in the game media starts to rain or something like today you know and so you just wanna catch the ball. With no gloves and get the feeling of the ball in your actual hands. And then you don't put the gloves on. The other side of it is just a slight things you know like it is out there looks cool Galen school and got a gross pay for your face mask and and you know all guys wanna I wanna look swagger listed as the same drummer so as multiple reasons why. Guys would do that counts so we're gonna get to another break here rust in buffalo has some questions about who will be our. You know certain linebackers. We're gonna get some rest in buffalo on the other side of the break this is armor for show presented by NAPA Auto Parts live from one bills drive home Buffalo Bills it. Welcome back to the John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts I'm Donald Jones. Jeremy White filling in for me out for revenue from her server is down with Philadelphia. We got a lot of things going on here and down and Philadelphia all that one time but would make it happen. We're gonna get out to rest in buffalo who has been on the line for a little while now. Ressam buffalo I don't. That I already know do I got in trouble questions real quick here. Who the starting my bigger than the 43 defense that revoke it and now. Well the starting linebackers right now I believe are present in the middle. You're going to have Ramon Humber on the weak side in the strong side Lawrence O is Lawrence Aaliyah. Okay well we'll do it does Fred get reg and as it got to play that didn't think he'd get fact that he's our runs stab in my bag I mean. The senior legal although slow would this had been until May and we don't have been here but it would pretty good to media that might hurt I was injured. No I felt like he looked pretty good as well the other and I know a lot of people were. Complaining that he slipped on I would seriously wants people bodies right a couple of different things. But I I felt like he made some plays out there especially as he got deeper into the game. And the fact of the matter is rich Iraq went had a serious injury. He hadn't played a game since his last NASA Tennessee game and Alabama. The knee injury. He didn't play at all last year and and this year he has to really do is to get his feet back underneath him you know and you have the fact of the the injury itself you know and trying to. Trying to come back from that injury and it's a new defense you know and so he has so many different things that he's dealing with right now I think the coaching staff. They're really going to give him some time you know they're not gonna try to rush him back because if you do. It could be good or to be bad and I think they wanted to take the time. As as a second round pick and he's under contract for a couple of years here I Utica. Be patient and see if you get it to work out get him to be the right scheme fit. I I end up just few conference right here's a guy that right when he gets hurt mean we know Rex was prone to. Hyperbole but he looks pretty much talk about what you lost the best learns team he was very high on him. And to suffer that injury. And try to come back from that while switching schemes in me being in the scheme it's not ideally fit for you right. It's a tough spot Ramon Humber to me is the guided. We don't really know much about who's you know Lorenzo Alexander and a great year last year we'll see how he fits in this defense Preston brown eyes as played for this team before Ramon Humber is this. Think if you ask bill spends the name the ten members of the defense I've I guess he'd be like the last guy because. When it initially sign I thought it was more like a depth special teams guy here and Easter starting when you're starting linebackers so that's one of the guys to be in the mix of course. Earth and I were talking about this Ramon number I mean coming into the in the spring in the coming in turn it can't everybody's like who is gonna be weak side linebacker. And and Ramon Humber was the guy and the coaching staff was high normal number and we started to talk about the young guys you know in an ape they brought in Durham odd. Zero Hodges he's been in the middle primarily. Reggie is not a weak side linebacker he's going to be even be in the middle or even on the strong side. So you had two young guys in taleo and Alando embolden those guys commander of the see too much to him in the game so I guess that's a good thing you know you really didn't really see any bad pleas from them. But Ramon Humber is a guy who really. Seems to have that weak side linebacker position I was miserable he seems like he's the guy you know it's so. That might be a position that people are watching as well and if he can really hold on to that being throughout the rest of the persons and the secondary is entirely new but you look at this this team there are so there are a lot of changes a lot of Ross are thrown only one season there's a lot and and you know this happens I guess when you get a new a whole new regime new GM new coaches that. The these things happen when you have this roster turnover. But it's like wow like the mean this is a whole new roster for the more as a whole new roster you know and the only thing that you still have as the offensive line the quarterback. And the running back to you know down the winds there as well and then I guess. To side and you know and everybody else is knew they Jones. On their homes and Guam Bolden like all the receivers in new. I mean this is we've really got to watch especially early in the season to see these guys have really caught on to this offense and the defense. And special teams these these new schemes that they have. But a guy like Reggie rag I think he has to deal with a lot right now I'm not I don't know what they're gonna feel. You know with Phil and calls or anything like that to see if you can be treated. Or anybody wanna take it won't I don't know of anybody would take Warren yeah maybe it means is he case is not gonna really do anything for you right away he can damage the price of mile high acute right elected a Florida. Don't forget to quarterbacks mean in the might really mean one new quarterback exactly but. One new quarterback that people watching tonight. Yeah when new quarterback people are definitely watching new computer and watching TVA's policy if the but he is so as anything you know fetus so was anything but a computer in as the guy. That everybody is watching on shore. That Murphy is going to talk to. Our next guest who purpose and is going to be standing alone it's I was down at Philadelphia. Mark Kelso he's going to be calling that game with Merv want to be GR tonight the media Arafat if he he's the plate he's a collar guy was over him all the time. We'll get back to those guys out in Philadelphia the next item on the other side of this great. If it's armor to show presented by NAPA Auto Parts I've won those both bills it.