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Welcome back to its armor to show presented by NAPA Auto Parts. We were talking a little bit about Nate competed in and and being on the road this is his first road game and I was getting into you know him. Justice process and how is different from being at home. Now he's on the road in a different environment hostile environment. Dealing with those fancy walk when he walks in the stadium the fans are gonna let him here you know that's going to be something that yes to deal with. When he walks into the locker room that locker was going to be small is going to be is going to be tight. Justice the entire process from start to finish from having to. But this is what time you gotta be at the plane. Before the plane took off yesterday that entire process is something that you have to be used to not that he's not used to be came from two B programs. Big programs where he's played in hostile environment itself but. This is a league is little bit different. You know what it when you see Peter menu when you watch him play. Strengths include. Timing may look pretty decisive with the ball looked like he gets. Is drop I mean I'm not apple ball scalpel for just watch him. He looks like he's got a fairly. Determined motion like the scouting report on him what he does on the strongest arms but so far what we've seen of him at least in the pre season they haven't asked him to make. Big long throws or is kind of quick hits. And that might be what this offense really is solely in or you could audition when your when your beans got to buy 32 NFL teams. They're also looking at what you were doing their offense if you find an offense that suits what he does that have a higher grade on and then somebody that's gonna ask for a big downfield passing to note that. Exactly and this offense I think fits what he does West Coast principles. You know and and the fact of the matter is I don't know how much it fits Tyrod Taylor's game because tar tellers I mean I know they're trying to improve his timing. But this is the timing based office and Nathan Peterman. Because he doesn't have the strongest arm has always had to rely on making sure he gets the ball out on time the rules it before guys get into their breaks different things like that. You know people would say he's a game manager and for me here in buffalo with a strong running game if you guys have a guy who is a game manager. I really care as long as you don't turn the ball over and you actually distribute the ball around and get it out on time I'm totally file with that seems like that's what he does. What seems ago as with the plan has been Mikey get a guy like that while you're waiting for someone that's going to be you know the can do the full range of things need to do. I wonder about turnovers in this offense so the previous regimes you know Greg Roman Anthony Lynn. Those offenses spent a lot of time throw the ball to the outside that's one of the strengths that Tyrod has got a good strong arm and he's accurate downfield on the sidelines. And it looks like this offense is not going to be a lot of that like it might be more of Tyrod rolls out and there's going to be global one level to level three kind of throws and he'll have to either choose this based in the defense. Or based on what he sees. Could that lead to. More interceptions but also. More touchdowns air I would trade you know about a bond or touchdowns for a couple more of much more interceptions to be honest that. I'm not as afraid of turning the ball overby in a five got the kind of offense that and tokens. More yet I think Tyrod and his mind. From when he was little talk don't turn the ball over every quarterback who gave me every every quarterback to a degree is I think for some reason that's in his mind and so. I don't know what it is why he won't really make those throws down the middle of the field I think this offense. Is going to be a little bit different. In terms of him acts of the play action rollout or half rollout types of beings. Different. Like you said different levels of receivers tight games crossing in the middle of the field all of that stuff. Can I guess help him out he's gonna have beat you deep in his drops in religious that he still has to get the ball out on time you know so it can lead to. More touchdowns. And I remember last year and I've been saying it since I've you know come on the show. A guy like Charles way who caught fifty plus fifty plus passes last year. If you give him the same amount attaches but different type of cats is where he's catching the ball over the middle on the move. You know deep crosses and different things like that he can actually make plays for you but it everything your running routes and pitches and things that the outside. He's not gonna catch the ball and run. You know and that's something that I think that they wanna do more of this year. Tyrant had a strong enough arm to make any throw. He just hasn't passed he has to have the confidence. To make the throws down the middle of the field I think we're gonna see a lot of action in the middle of the few with a guy like Anquan Boldin. And Charles clay as they're you know they're running different processors in and underneath tat the routes. That really gave one of those guys open. Tyrus do have to be on time he still hasn't ruled the ball be accurate and get the ball out in front of a patent festival and that's all right we didn't see item lasted no pro line. Yards after catch the bills if they want 31 they were 32 or the bottom two or three nets in yards after catch per reception right. And that can be a couple things that can be in on askew like what percentage of that is the type of routes they run what percentage of that is you know the guy does break and he's got a these got a opportunity to move. The balls that half second later adjust that half tick late that allows the defense to converge on the open player because. It has been a problem that these receivers that can get open he can get the ball to them but not at an appropriate time so that they can make the most out of that place. You know it's it's it's always hard for me to tell what tyra Taylor because I think ultimately he just laid on a lot of the world I update. He waits for guys to come open and you have to throw guys open and when you grow into areas and you grow into a spot. And you anticipate. You're throwing it knowing that this guy's coming across the field you make that throw that guy can continue to run test the ball and keep on going. But if you're standing there waiting for him to come open any you've got to try to make a throw Arafat is going to be behind him and when the ball is behind. Mean guys don't come wide open in this league off. Usually you have some one point you back or somebody's telling you because the defense is getting paid this recovers well also if you throw behind you. These dark behind me acting catchy. But now I have to try to turn all the way around is no way with the guys trailing me look who's fast is probably rent for 344. That I can turn all the back around and keep won't go you know so you've got to put it in front easily acting. Continue up the field. One thing we saw a little bit in the last couple years. I don't know that again this when I mean about the difference between seeing a pre season office in regular season offense. They might roll out against the jets and just show us all the stuff we haven't seen him we have seen McCauley line up as a receiver in Alaska clear yet is that gonna happen this year I think I think Sadie is going to line up in the slot quite often in even outside. Anytime you can see an end office according to do this on purpose anytime you can see. When it's on emotion running back out. If or if a linebacker goes out with him you know there amendment so they do this stuff all purpose if you most and ran back out aegis seeding tired defense pop over. And you know there and it's all you know so they'll do little purpose is to see that or even put him in the slot and the rules cover you know and if you get. 101 there's no one America that covers eighty use the receiver I mean this is the fact of the matter there's no linebacker in his lead. That can cover him one on one consistently. I think you're gonna see a lot more passes to him. He's gonna lineup that slot is that a lot of outside and coming out of the backfield. I think a guy like Mike Tolbert is gonna catch passes out of the backfield pat DiMarco has passes out of the backfield. They kind of make this office person you know and and it's not like lassie would doron film. Where you knew he was any was blocking you're throwing him the ball out of the backfield so this year it will that if you DiMarco and Tolbert don't seem to me like traditional. Full acts not of yesteryear rectitude particularly DiMarco never carries the ball and his. Frequently been a target in the passing game yet as weird that is very strike expert for you to never did this guy and he touches in the throats or. And he catches in scores like mr. It is it's it's very odd with those two and a I've always felt the Charles clay gives this team I like that the signing of clay when they did it I know that hasn't panned out the way that may be wanted to. The production hasn't been there you've talked about like these are sketchy hitches curls. You know when he's on the field the way they used him. It it helps them mask runner past and he's current growers like he's been a weapon and Greg Roman used to refer to as the Swiss army that he's still on this team and if he's healthy. And I've got those fullbacks and play. Who can make it look like coming or on the ball. Play action was something the bills did less frequently than every team in league last year two of soul like the changes not just roster there not just. Approach in scheme we're gonna see I think. Play action which we haven't seen a lot in the last two years I think play action. Helps a guy like tyra because he's not as tall and we talked and you've probably talked you're shall about it. We talked a lot on this show about it people talk about it around it Buckley case the over the line of scrimmage yesterday embassy through these guys and on Seattle. They do a lot of play action. Right and in the AT and greatly rules did Victory Lane to make it Russell Wilson deep in his drops so that the deeper you drop north is like this is well the deeper to drop he conceded a little bit better you know in those lazy kind of opened up. But yes to get back to quickly get his head turned around so that he can see these guys double. Yeah I think that does if you like deep in the drop in defensive lineman defenseman comes free you know. It's one thing if it's Peyton Manning there he's not gonna move there but it's Tyrod Taylor and it's one on one. He still got a pretty good shot and don't get away from that guy in and trying to make something happen so I wonder how much they're gonna use Tyrod and read option play actions that way it they're definitely in their weapons on this team. The receivers. Last year I felt like the weapons are pretty good this year. And Anquan Boldin is at a borderline hall fame career so he's accomplished Zeta-Jones. I don't really ever expect much from rookies just because. Rookie receivers it's not that common especially for second round rookie receivers to come and make a big impact it doesn't he can have a nice season. Robert Woods and his rookie year came in and had. A pretty good year when he showed up in music out this guy's good if. Since we were talking we're talking about receivers in XY and Z we know we have to learn Matthews Susie Q it's you know OP gated back on the field. I would think on this team. Juror and Matthews and beer acts as they Jones will be years the inequitable that would be wise ankle might be resiliency be the wide. But it quarrel will line up in the slot when you break these when you say these three letters were what what's. The difference between each means he has that generally the slot got the idea and segment ax is supposed to be the Texas Mike Evans you what's that was it was the perfect acts so. Our Sandburg watch every race every yes and parkinson's is and parks you know you're number one receiver typically has yet. But every offense is different now you have those days of these offenses we're. Whoever that is lines up by self all the time. You know in the and you have offered to like this one where you're gonna see guys move around a lot you know ultimately that's his number one guy. He's a guy that can go out there be biased self. Bakery plays on his old if you need images run at comeback he's that guy if you need in the run deep down the duties that guy we don't have carted he would be doubled in our own coverage his side he can be and that's typically your next disease. Is typically the second receiver on the team the number two receiver. He uses lines you know two bit to call side that X is by itself. Is he lines up to the call side and easily works off of someone else to get open. Disease can also get opened by itself. If they X goes down or something like that you're number two years each to be able to play acts as well. Now he might not be as talented you know but that's easy why or eights and some offenses typically a slot receiver. It is malls cholera he really is the Swiss army peoples around and does a lot of different things around in this offense I was a Jordan will be your and it's because he's produced he's proven he still has some speed to him I would think that and want. It's hard it's a nick on his data see who's going to be disease it was going to be an HY whatever they're calling it. In this office just because both those guys are like slot receivers I do know that. Say is passive you know genetic on a quote I never been a fantasy that he is a slot receiver he can play outside but later in history he is a slot guy you know so I would expect to see him play in the slot a lot more than he sees it jones'. Bolden and when they signed bold and I loved sign I I want a bold on this team for. A couple of years I mean he was in Baltimore for Arizona first and then only with this Arizona and then Baltimore and Detroit. Then knows Sampras San Fran in Arizona Baltimore seeing different Detroit then here. And I I've I've been pushing for bold and since she's had to be mean be San Fran. Because. He's been getting up there and age can like the army or you auger of right ball. And it just one every year they well maybe you know he'll finally slowdown in last year with Detroit and its passing off and the passes of all over the field Matthew Stafford for my money mess he's average in my favor corrects to watch you might have been the best. But just fallen I love watching Matthew Stafford who slings it all the time and he won eight touchdowns for Goldman red zone threat like tight you know the air continues to defy the outs. Definitely defying the odds. And we have some calls on the line if you wanna call Lynn and and let us know what you think about the game tonight what you're looking forward to seeing. If you wanna talk about quarterbacks need Peterman Tyrod Taylor any deal to talk about call is 8030550. Outside up awful toll free one EDT. 550 to 550. We're gonna go to Brad in Rochester who has a question about Tyrod Taylor Branch I don't. It guys I'm. McDermott Robert amounts they're at it are the anomaly here played great. You doctor involved or inaccurate got tractor now. Wouldn't say if he is a phenomenal year I would I would say they might. Not expected it. But now I think they're absolutely open to the idea. Just like any fan view in all your friends someone who doesn't tyrant thing good and Eagles on fifty touchdowns right you're gonna say your front what do you think now so I think they're they're. They might not bad on him being great but I would think they're open to it as I like him last year. It's totally different but it's like last year where Tony Romo found out there and tires situation. With pat what their quarterbacks mean who expected. Would rather quarterback is now nobody expected that you know and what happens Tony Romo goes down. And then act comes in. And everybody's like oh man you know hopefully in amnesties and and east there and not. People why so low and when Tony Romo reality is what's gonna happen you know him. That just took over that spot now you know the rest is history. But who knows that if it Tyrod is Terry you know yeah I think you will be here next year if not. That's up there it is possible and think like win the chargers had Drew Brees and then drafted Philip Rivers threes. It's had a good year after and ultimately that it was party in place they're gonna move on it so I guess it's possible. You know. That the situation that would say you're moving on no matter what. Would be if they are too graphic like gitmo Holmes has been drafted Watson or Robiskie one of those guys on this team and Tyrod starting your rights day. No matter what we know war futurists. Right now. That's neat in Peterman means that somebody next year's draft by. It was on leisure time when you're looking for your quarterback of the future. You're knocking a rule anything I hope you're just gonna Tryon. Do the best you can find the Google's of kind of done that with a watched in street that's a lot of things instantly went to. The ammunition you have you can move up you can take a couple chances next year in the draft. If you don't have to rate. You know you you. You might plan on having to do here's the real question and for me I hope it's aren't too pleased. Please that's in the passing game. Better than he did last let's say he does a Sissy please. What he did last night he was invited to what the last two rubles. If he plays like he did last year and mrs. Davis team ends up in the playoffs with tyra playing like he did last year. Steele being in the passing game 31 32 passing. Do you think he's there. It's. With discount it because it happens. Yeah if they make the playoffs yeah that's totally different ball but. Now they have six picks in the first three rounds even if he had a great year. Peter in my make this a different story but. It's the third round it's the second round you take one was gonna get mad when you have double the picks. You can afford to take more chances so. Maybe in Washington took RG three Kirk cousins in the same. We've seen. Breeze as Benjamin Brees and rivers. When that turns to who's quarterback when the Steelers to prosper Tommy Max maybe. And medics have a great year the draft they're guy when Aaron Rodgers gets stressed that they had Brett far far this so. If you have. Six picks in the first three rounds at its. Worth considering that he. No matter what. We're gonna find one to add to this mix all that guy's gonna do in their minds is really be better than me and Peter. Yeah or whichever of the two that don't believe in long term in if Yates isn't here and there's no reason that the gap. Tyrod of first round pick in Peter may and as your three and today. You know we've we've Don what we can beat the Seahawks they had. The trade for Charlie Whitehurst they signed Matt Flynn my right about this and name address the Russell Wilson and then we'll some on the job and yet so. I don't think that. I don't think they're blind to Tyrod as a conference that you can't you can't be volatile and mine you know put their money on. This might not be Argyle long term answer but you can't be blind. Now. Ultimately we know. Tara terrorism type guy that needs to have weapons around him now right now on this team. We were just talking about XYZ. And I know you want to get into who would he's if you could put a team of receivers to get who would be perfect X. Why were perfect X receiver slot receiver in tears yeah. Who you. Go through with Eric and axes the guy that does everything X is in number one guy does everything can play anywhere when the ground Santo Antonio is at Sammy and Tony's W Jones who don't know Julio zones that's the answer is that it's the why. Is an outside ish kind of node disease the outside guy he's and he's number two. He's an outside type of guy I mean he could claim a spot as well okay oh please cause well it trezeguet in my put together the Mon star serum ever let that. But as I wanna have seen a lot of have a spot for the jump ball guy wanna have a spot for Mike Evans but maybe you mean he's never gonna really go on the slot. Think I want Beckham on this team you know like that's a striking art gets him into is like Beckham the real real receivers can be. Broken down in the certain types and each guy's ass into a little bit of a different thing. So if I had to do this. I would go with that they Julio Jones as the guy who complain slot more than my it's yet so I would go with Mike evidence. And X uncle Leo Jones. Easy and I would go with a guy like old Leo. Who can play everywhere at the gates because your H receiver needs to be able. Plays the and acts you know play in the slot primarily. Older you put a lot of Beckham in the spot. There's nobody that can run with data you know so no linebackers or safeties no nothing nobody can run with him so I would no evidence. Julio a disease although Beckham or Antonio Brown in the slot. With your favor got a lot. Oh my favorite guy. A big men out of the wives Oakley yeah I love to watch him play I mean. As Merck was the only astronomy those Smart comments this I love to see guys dance so O'Dell Beckham beat duke Antonio Brown. I like to see those guys played Julio Jones is that you know he's fun to watch. AJ green is as on the wise but. I mean they're big physical dues like this kind of bored me you know I like this the old Ellen Antonio Brown me please there's scoring Davis. Sammy is is in that receiver class and he's about to try and Oscar's right in San he's up there in LA so he gets to make a big impression in the rams apart expressed little interest in extending him. Do you see what Sammy talked about it and there's not a guy might have been O'Dell. That that receiver class the money they're gonna command and the way that football salaries are gonna go yet it used to be. Quarterbacks and then like tackles and defensive ends but receiver is about to goal over all that he could we see. A receiver sign and make more than. All but like four quarterbacks could receiver goal of that high and really change the market like when you talk franchise tags. Could receiver franchise tag eventually climb up to match quarterback franchised. I think. There is. A do I think there's some very talented receivers in the game I think the receiver position because this is the passing game. You have to have guys that contains. Jaycee gave forty you know and a guy like old though is that guy. That's going to do it he's going to command a lot of money when we're we're gonna talk about. Quarterback money went all of that and gives his contract is going to be ridiculous and he's got a series a market for everybody else you know amino Antonio Brown update right now's the highest paid. What do Beckham's gonna be above Antonio Brown his numbers are going to be around quarterback he's not gonna go for anything less it's. Body would give them he knows that. Somebody out there's gonna give him that Andy and have other guys on the site ambassadors end. On the second best guys better be right underneath it it's kind of like what just happened with Connery David and hockey we just got the biggest salary he's young. He's. I mean he's proven he's great he's one hole on yet in terms of team success. But it doesn't matter like. He's the best there is the new bar and everyone kind of falls in and read that and Beckham probably could do the same thing to the moon and set the standard and privacy for salaries just go right up underneath it. We have another call on the line and this question is about the bills and the wide receiver position so we're gonna get out to Jim in lake. You do media. Yet I haven't let this topic came up because. I think up one of the things that they're having walked in straight tells us. And that happened to point out is that the bills on office does not put a huge value on having this start wide receiver. And the reason I say that as we look at the experience Carolina. Interval successful year the year they went to the Super Bowl a year in the regular C on one undefeated. They'll opt out investment pre season. There was a lot of gloom and doom when he went down with injury. And they had a very mediocre. Receiving corps went. The king so look at what Carolina the Carolina coast of the oval yet. A quarterback who was known as much we're running just throwing they did mediocre receivers did a strong running game and they had McDermott coached defense. That aren't a lot like with the Buffalo Bills every now and I think their experience in being able to go to football. And accomplish all this without our having the star receiver. Whitman. They're factoring and saying it would let you know we don't really you spend all the money and weapons that we had success with out that. It the other thing about that is McDermott and being. They're both well from the if you read up coaching your country. And then you read you look at history you very rarely ever ever drafted wide receiver in the first round he just couldn't believe it. So I think they'll a lot of what the wac and straight says this we're gonna put our resources in the park behind the defense outlined in the wide receiver based on past experience. Is being luxury not a necessity. Thank you Jim. I think he added this team is used to and I know we got to get to break usually there's days and wouldn't talk about this on the other side of debris and there's somebody's at this point. Think of if you label the top. Five receivers of the last twenty years coming in and consumables and it do any of them. Mean TO doesn't moss doesn't. Doesn't mean that they lost because of those guys by. They didn't. Did Julio moss was close Julio as close owns close to a suitable. Care Harrison would have right with the colts who. But the best guys in the game. You know I was something. As there's definitely something this will be a talk about this on the other side of the break is the dumber you show presented by an Apple's part I for one of those travel books were. Arts I'm Donald Jones sitting in with Jeremy White the team is getting ready for their game I'm sure there heading over to the stadium probably. Soon if not now as we speak dammit Philadelphia the game starts at. 7 PM big game for a lot of guys before we went to a break you were talking about. Well I receivers big time wide receivers as the bill straightaway Sammy Watkins and who was the last big time wide receiver to win a super. Find out I have not found out once Harrison. An attorney say the collar is basically the caller laid out the idea that. Maybe brand and being and Sean McDermott don't have a high value on receiver because the best season they had in Carolina was one where Kellen Benjamin got her. Maybe. I would say the counterpoint to that is I bet they wish they had Kelvin Benjamin. Probably he rightly it and it is just because you're without a guy and you win without that guy doesn't mean you wouldn't be better he was there any way that so I don't. I don't know that you should the should the bills ever spend it to for tropics and receiver again I would say probably not. But try to have the best players ever position that you can. And if you have a truly great quarterback sure Tom Brady gets interchangeable parts are yeah also the best years group Randy Moss true. True he gets Andelman he gets Welker they they've had good receivers there but for every one of those I mean Jim Kelly and Andre reed and Peyton Manning and Harrison and Wayne and into various Thomas and you know insurer a great quarterback and help you get over that stuff but if you ask the quarterback he's probably gonna say give me the best guys you can. Now do you feel like because as we were data to break a started to talk about the development of tyrants Elena down in Carolina they lost tell him Benjamin. They Cam Newton had his best season that was really passing and running you know we added a very good season a year having to distribute the ball to guys like Philly brown. Jericho Cotchery taken guys that. You know weren't necessarily household names. Not Kelvin Benjamin not his size not his skill set or any of that stuff do you feel like. Not having that guy helps the development of a quarterback that needs to develop mourn his passing game or having a number one guy helps the development could write yeah. If all the sudden they take away the thing that you can do whenever you want you kind of learn to rely on some other guys and some other things in. If they'd if you won Tyrod Taylor the best pass or possibly could. Sure a great run game can help them have good days but if they shut down the run you need to know that he has the ability to overcome that it sold. Yeah I I would think that not having Watkins is is not good for Taylor. But. I'm sure there are many examples of this where that brings out the very best and a guy in find out that he can take it to another level themselves. Mean it insert it's up to the players of the coaches find out of the can actually get that done. Not have it locked ins I think they can hurt tyra to arousal think they can help them as night does have to get it around. He still does have guys that are proven in this leak you know at fumbled in. Definitely not the same speed but had crumbled as the guy who will make plays where you'll fight for any ball he'll make those please Tara has that comfort and throwing it to him. Stuart Matthews is another guy who has produced in this league still not the same as Sammy Locke is not the same deep threat speed wise all that stuff. But he has he has produced in this league in three years you know one of fire receivers with his types of stats is that there's like over 65 catches. Any season over 800 plus yards in each season. He's one of five in NFL history you know so he has guys that throw it Susie Jones. He's a wild card and we don't know what to expect that as they don't as we get into the season now and that the. Through ball lot more than that the bills that it was 240 more attempts last year. Because when it came out to five more attempts with five more attempts per game. Over three years that's when it wasn't trying to do the math that to see those but when those stats one up for Jordan Matthews against Sammy Watkins who knows him missing games. The number of passes you throw would make a difference in what matters well Matthews is the god like. I don't know bite that you put Tennessee football you know you don't. Though I never did I read it has got to watch now got to watch around the league to see who is injured and got to think about how little you know what I watch games with my son. And and we had to get to a fancy eventually he probably will now you'll join Lou may be okay. But right now you know he's 37 we like to enjoy just watching the game you know he's running back and forth pro football up and down. And I enjoy that with him if I have if I haven't been as people what team now match the paying attention and I'm not in join him and I love my top us. Well I was usage Jordan Matthews is the receiver who is never on my team who always score points against it right there that's out there is their guys only can do this in in last year. Playing fantasy like you know you you get to know players that maybe you don't know and I think receiver might be one of the best spots forest near you both three and four down the depth chart you know like. Hey Michael Crabtree actually is kinda good he put up to their numbers in San Francisco and even though it's a bad team. I think he's kind of good. Last year I set out my into my on the mission played as a football was I'm getting Julio Jones because. Every single time out ever talk about receivers I would always forget to mention him. So I said no more. I'm gonna have mama fantasy team and I'm never gonna forget about him ever again and now. I watched him every week because of that group got to cut and of course he's amazing you know we never. He's never on my radar organ company or should've been number I was folks none of the guys so. Jordan Matthews he's the guy that's never on my team may be a draft ministers to make sure it you know I noticed and now he's on the Eagles on after. That was last whose team did you already defense he does Nolan finished draft listening to these seventeenth I've got twelve days. Twelve days now do you guys goals and we need we well yeah I remember we played. If they the vikings when you're an pre season out in Minnesota outscored the madam. A second or last year here in buffalo where out Minnesota. We fly out there. You did and we're all hungry so we go to do something he aunts and steak house downtown Minnesota Minnesota is a beautiful city in the summertime. Justice on respect I think prevails I group. But we saw it here they probably capital budget crap hits known vehicle models is colder than a lot colder there and in here and when it's time it is crazy cold up there. But we go to this restaurant. In his all these people in the industry analysts up I'm like what. What is going on in here and it was affinity for what density you guys meet at the winners yet yet where you have like the same place that no we actually you know Leo accepted bids republic for places now we will look just because you know accepted it's it's tough enough to get ten people or twelve people government you have into one spot on the same game visited him. You know wives and jobs. Yes all get together and last year was my first year or during an auction draft which resembles yours and had and it's the best. You only played musical quality plea. Baseball our eye on the Clinton did happen with Pakistan fantasy hockey if fancy golf there's fantasy NASCAR there's fantasies. Everything. That's amazing there's been as you play the bachelor the does that tell them about where you get offensively for that that's trees now. Bit here's my thing with Dennis because I feel like it changes. The way people act the game's definitely does. It changes. Well law does my changes a lot of bills man but. Yet Tom Brady's quarterback via rock desert you know. As a tidy in this those like I don't know how to roofers and I want prompted it to give me some points you know but I won us the way it. You know you discount. The Kennedys say listen if they lose today. I just one dropped to square off at the F and the only twice a year this. And you know with some to be able just won't play any players that play against the bills some people will draft a lot of him a lot of bills on their roster it's. I think I understand I think in this we hear you Merv. Andrew Cragg get a couple guys vehicle people on here there and then you guys can have a segment where you can talk trash you play pilot to your guys scored touchdowns. We can do that dissent read maybe we should do I use a little deeper about the used to be against it. Those kind of seek against the it's great I can't wait for the draft is the most Monday at the Olympics at address so now who you know want it. Was auction draft so in so it wasn't an auction that who would you say it sure number one it. You know I'm mark what I might do that the public and strategies back on the ground with healthy of body mind drafted rock first overall. Because he sold far ahead all the other tight ends that he used again I'll win that position or week. IA might going to this year honestly. Joseph is an auction dress like and a hike in an auction you give whoever you want to pay form. I might go in the year hundreds and focus again on getting out over and over just because. I won among my team. I just he's font yeah and he's gonna score. And he has games with you know toward yards three touchdowns and east unstoppable time so. Out of exit in the wrong with that which is identifying a guy insane you know what I want a roof for you this year so you're on team. On this team. I guess the only one you can say short that it's shady McCoy would be great at prepared I can't hide his ego. He'll go first rounds for sick image and I don't know it's been sunny people per second round. Maybe second round of its auction draft it's all about government people willing to pay. But you know if you're in a league that values receptions. And he's gonna catch the ball on the softens I think and he'll be relied upon and mean I don't know how many carries John Williams gonna get other gonna split elected ridiculously or they gonna lean more heavily on court. The stuff to say that that's the stuff this. Eight McCoy getting older. The people I know he doesn't take a lot of hits but he is 29 years old you know he's played in this league for some years maybe he's so you need to keep them how do you wanna play you gotta get the ball but he got us that keep out the he's destined to be like and humbled I think it's at least thirty games that walked up and once there it was a 36. Cents at age 36 tentatively set an October shady though. You can give him the ball with outs is handing it off you know like you can line up in a slap it like we were talking about bottom up outside where he might not be taking those pounding. Two hits because you're only handing him Jonathan Williams you're going to hand and hand him the ball the you know he's gonna lineup. He might catch one or two out of the back to Oakland for the most part you are handing in the bought CD's is totally different so. Saint Michael high in people's drafts. I like to pick though though. Measure it it it if you're not gonna have a phone player what what place and I I mean on the same. I did it one year with TO just one among my team is the fact you know I want fawn players is not just about you know points about what wanna watch this week. Matthew Stafford I mentioned it to you he's won my fair player to watch. Just. He just the way how many comics have Lester in the fourth court like seven who have you turnaround of of a lions game late night. Strap in because it's gonna be exciting they're not just gonna you know run out of time they're gonna. Neither when this gamers gonna throw spectacular interception like that does exciting to me. There are players out there that's like what is that thing. He's he's fun. To watch it makes crazy please and he's probably high on people's list on David Johnson let him bell these guys the top this year. Zeke I mean the suspension for him and it hurts from a fantasy standpoint spurt presents. That's or talk area and we to go to trap them yet and we think it's about the NFL NFL the thing about it is that we're gonna go to corporate raiders we have enough time to talk about that. It's a brick on the other side as they were gonna talk about that in itself and if so he relationship. Where that's going to we're gonna wrap this thing up and hopefully everybody's ready for the game is its armor to show presented by NAPA Auto Parts. I for one of those travel Buffalo Bills radio. In with Jeremy White team is down in Philadelphia getting ready for a big game. There's a lot to look forward to. This game you said you're gonna watch a game and I you wanna see. They compete and endearment now. Well I wanna see Peerman as well what's he done to wimps is I don't know if he truly has a number two spot yet. You know does he need to have another good game before this Eric this guy's a number two running back. Who knows them we'll see about that. Yesterday. The NFL. Any NFL PA poll released statements now America read the statements because there too long this big words are read this smells like him doing it again. The new guys overlap that. But they both released statements. Lorenzo Alexander. Was on pro football talk Alia he did an interview pro football talk. Where he got into it what do you think right now about the NFL and if so PA's. Relationship now Lorenzo. His statement is is is really appalling we're outraged. We're about root represented our players at the end of the day and making sure they gave fair and just route whenever there going through anything. With management you can have two players at the same you can have two players do the exact same thing these two different punishments and that's my hoping you know because this night. It they're still not consistent with this thing you still have some guys that would Q2 games for something other guys delegate six games for something you know in its. It's wrong so what do you think about and if so well wait and then and if so I think this is. Another. Symptom the other side effect of the players resented the fact that Roger Goodell is judge injury. He just decides on the punishment and they try to set parameters. And then there's appeals. You know other players that are gonna deserved punishment yes. It I can understand from a players standpoint if legally. There's no case brought but that does the that there is. Beyond a reasonable doubt there's preponderance of evidence theirs in public to different things that are required for convictions and different levels of law that about the Tom Brady thing why is he suspended because it was more likely than not that they did something wrong way like that doesn't get you convicted of a crime. In an injustice is exactly response posted. So. It's. It's an honor and it's and it's the latest chapter in an ongoing story of players against Goodell. Yet if that although a story we'll see what happens seagate I don't think it's gonna change ultimately they want money. The game tonight Philadelphia Buffalo Bills 7 PM we'd like to think. Production assistance to 830 doors last typical Mac Thomas how under our producer. Reduces overhead GR thank you everyone. For free Wilson the Buffalo Bills.