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Hey good afternoon welcome to clamp and everybody John Murphy Steve tasker welcome to one goes live. Respect like Philadelphia we wave into the crowd him. I'm out there watching where I'm location we have an application for the last month or so training camp so. This is nothing new but we are inside the downtown Cleveland. Hilton hotel a beautiful hotel. And they set us up well they've been great to upset the separate due to show the next Larry our live vote late arriving studio audience at. Down to nobody advantage of India buffet lunch nobody here is a great hotel have you noticed that if this had I had some ways it's only couple years old this one of the best hotels have minimal anti Arab. When you come here for CBS will stay different hazardous for Tyler state here and I and we pulled -- I was like wow this is nice to hit and they've been great they'd be accommodated us and we have a lot to ask when we come here and do radio TV so I look at us like this and that they did everything for a sweet I think we were doing okay this show looks like you know like Cadillac hotel as well staffed yes you know yes they know what they're doing and he has sought talks to me and they go yes and they do it instead of I don't know let me go check it yeah I would find it Narnia they just now they've they've been on it as it has been very nice it's a great hotel literary jobless and and while we're thrown out bouquets we got to throw one to our producer. And he is on the work about three men here over the last less less than 24 hour we are rented mule play an agreement we. 315 Stephen I in the cart split and worked on John and I were napping god I didn't embargo total worked on the car three hour drive Jake canisters safely. And immediately jumped into action set this up here one man doing the work has a set of three men. A couple of those who have slackers back there than in the control room Orchard Park really should come down here to help bump. You know who you are put the FF FF but seriously jays have a great job governor applause director Jay Harris our producer affect. If India did verify that the but thanks for attorney and and we're on the Reagan of course on the flight to buffalo and on. On TV and amnesty with a sigh and it's a little Fuzzy here in Cleveland to when he like I think a little bit of vibe going on is our first home pre season game they got baker may feel shoulder Tyrod Taylor. Then to hard knocks has to you know that. And this is gonna turn out. Get a good crowd this Cleveland game got here they're they're looking for their brownies. To play well tonight while and I hit a lot of stuff going on in this game to two separate lifts drivers one going one common last night who were polled thought about this game can't wait for this game that both come into the game tonight here in Cleveland. First home pre season game for the browns. As Steve said there's a buzz about this team I mean. There's only one way to go for this team Steve they are on sixteen last year and won a fifteen year before. The fact there is abuzz about this game I think says a lot about the great fan base here in in Cleveland they are some of the best fans in the and. And I think they know to mean they're as. It's easy now we do it too with the bills you know I every day we you know he's just been everything positive as you want these guys to do well he wanna see some wins for your team for your city. Cleveland does the same thing in and they have reason to think it's going to be a much better year this year they got a lot of intriguing names and a lot of guys to talk about. Most notably baker may feel and Tyrod Taylor they've got two quarterbacks Tyrod of courses. Is a proven a quarterback in the league he's got he was traded from buffalo who the browns of old that's going on at tonight's game. And whatever else you think about Tyrod Taylor you know there's these great guys not gonna turn and ovaries five a five last week led a touchdown drive to open the game against the giants and sat down. Maybe you'll get a little bit more time tonight. But they need got baker mayfield walk on the field probably placed on the football against Josh Allah yes. Lot of trouble on Larry AMOCO. It's gonna be fun to watch those guys up. Going to be a fun game we're looking forward to a kickoff 730. Steve I have the television called his bunny under catalog in the Fed brown the bills I was network rights haven't heard any. Ruckus there we've got the radio call on our flagship radio we are buffalo WGR. Sports Radio 550 an up note radio network. And a WGR buffalo. Countdown to kickoff starts at 4 PM kickoff at 730 with myself mark Kelso. And so Abacha a one thing that might have between now and kickoff today to the Cleveland Browns he big men I've appealing. They're gonna sign dead right before kickoff I think my listed. Again juice up this fan base and a Dez Bryant was here. Yesterday meeting with the browns did not sign a contract but he brought his agent here he'd just given for a a visit he brought his agent and he told it he went to India radio station yesterday here in Cleveland and said we're trying to work some things out. He says they'll continue talking and know more tomorrow meaning today. I've a feeling that's gonna him before kickoff just kinda. If the browns a fan base senators little bit I think this Brent going to be Cleveland Browns and I think it's gonna he won't play but these seem to have before kickoff at ambient. The rest of the crew that and it would be it would had a lot of buzz to this a lot of us that this team they've got some stuff going on there wide receiver position was Jarvis Landry. With Antonio. Callaway who played pretty well last week Antonio Calloway did and and then people here in cleaver looking for him to be that guy. Who steps up and plays consistently enough they're still looking for Josh Gordon to return to this teams have got a lot of physical talent. Dez Bryant would be one more. One more tool and that tool balked at that position they would be they would be neck deep in really good physical talent that they can put it all together with the two quarterbacks they've got going. Cleveland could. The area out pretty good you know I've been down on the browns for a couple of weeks now and months really and then you are conversation yesterday with Mary Kay Cabot. From Cleveland dot com really I think one of the well the longest tenured beat reporters twenty years some treatment Cameron brown she knows his team. Battle I was thinking about to shoot pretty positive about work Cleveland's go in the shoe Wear the browns are headed. And our secure about it on the drive down nearly as I cheers no reason to to offer false hope pop up false hope about the team she sees something here I didn't see it. Until the last couple of days when you look people the roster that's talent right I gotta admit. Jarvis Landry Josh Gordon if he's gonna stay on the straight and narrow boy scout a player Dez Bryant even in his advanced stages of the you know offered this team. We know Tyrod is he you can play with Tara tailoring get the playoffs right with tyra tailor your quarterback. Hum did they do they do have some talent at the running back spot nick show they're a second round pick this guy's going to be pretty good player. They have last year's first overall pick miles Garrett and the defense of seven ball. David good tight tight end didn't. The joke who had two touchdown catches this week OK I see right C with a teller it is here in the Cleveland Browns roster. I also see signs of dysfunction and you know just had enough focusing on the task at hand and we'll see. Maybe you can you can we've seen you can't win without being in a completely focused buttoned down TO you can win in the NFL passing the browns are gonna win ten or twelve games but there might have been as bad as I thought. It would be you know week or so yeah and is inching T talk about the dysfunction one of the reasons you know that that's happening is hard not yeah yeah we got Tim romp. Coming up. On the show today we're gonna ask him about that I've I've terrorist corridor -- accident right producer and NFL films I've I've cautioned you against saying I don't read too much into the dysfunction that hard auctions because that's what they want you know. They want to show all that to dig it drama some human drama and and get some reality TTV into a so they're gonna. They're gonna accentuate that and of course you know I have spent a lot of time talking about their two coordinators who. Who love. You know who love controversy don't shy away and attention so those guys are in the mix as well we kind of focused on them they're both quality coordinators no doubt about it. But they do get some human drama and then of course the guy we haven't even talked about you as core Coleman who just. Who added to that in that first episode of hard knocks nicer if you woman if you want me to play. Once Childress trade me and they did and he will be back in Cleveland tonight played for the Buffalo Bills or not there's a lot anywhere this is an onion of that pre season game there's a lot of players I like it. I like. But the court of the game and hope viewers while we're gonna talk about that for the next three hours a good show. As Steve said Tim Rumph hard next director in NFL films producer scheduled to join us at 1230 to talk about that show and how they put it together and and what the browns are all about. Collar man mark Kelso from the bills radio network my game day partner will be joining us here today he's here breakfast with a in this morning. He's getting set for the game tonight nobody east studies harder for the game in. Steve tasker our our health so I don't not Susie hopefully we'll know Susan yeah he's. He's he's really good and now like more collateral has listened to let me see he's knowledgeable than any does it well for radio to get paint that picture and his nice job Chris Brown will join us later on today and 2 o'clock hour bills instead of buffalo bills' backup. For the latest on this game with the bills are up to where your until three we'll figure it up till. Just for kicks off today not all are gonna as far as the bills are concerned they flew down here yesterday of 1 o'clock. Checked into the hotel went about their business meetings today I was passing in the hallway today ADR broke second year defensive end this had any. This is the worst part of the day is it goes yup. I'm wander around the hotel basically that's all you can do on game day yeah that's right you've played several primetime games in your career it's the worst part of it's one of the worst part of an NFL game day I think when your plane at night. And years stuck in a hotel all day in the at least the players have meetings to go to and I we of this three hour show to do but it's a. Long long day when your plane and it it it's interesting too because you don't have anything to do and and guys don't spending time doing much of minimally Warner on hotel but it. It sounds crazy but it's exhausting. In doing nothing is adult your idea because you're you're so they kept up emotionally and you've got so much mental. You know so much meant missed so many mental pictures going on. It's really exhausted yeah did you stand around do nothing go to meetings and you're trying to sol pro pro that he can't sleep you're just too keyed up you know you've got a game and you know you're it's it's an important job interview you've got. And he's just can't wind down and relax and and get rest up for the game. I've Eddie ever said to me if I had in my way he should I go to sleep. With my pants up and wake up with my pants and go right to the stadium he's I don't lightweight ever I don't know that has got a funny. Yeah makes noted that Super Bowl that you played in Steve late afternoon early evening 640 kick offs what did you do those those were cut you really do what they do tried to and I you know if I can remember I'd tell him that your. Your mind is a thousand miles an hour and your body's sitting still managing hang with family here when Sami to have. Some HI don't know they came off site on gay yeah we're at a game like that. You use tennis to form everybody had a demands of sailors on game demo will be busy doing nothing. So stay away you have done a lot of what he did and back and here's. It was like he blew up your phone texting and all less than an all right so let's thing yeah you see on you know you turn the phone in the room often. And trying to some rest do you listen any and you do watch all the pregame stuff so that first Super Bowl there's all kind you know six hours of pregame CD that most. Man oh man it's it's exhausting and it drives you crazy. There in that mode here the bills players are getting ready to go but essentially right across the street where a bleacher boulevard. A block maybe a block and a half from FirstEnergy stadium the nicest stadium that the Cleveland Browns here appear. And 730 K a couple of the portrait gonna talk with you a lot about it we want to know what you think about the game that's it it's not a Twitter poll today. You know I feel about Twitter polls I've been outvoted again I love them I like offering multiple I always like you know 1000 and school. I love multiple choice questions. Right you got a better chance stood to win or you got in there just coast through yes lucky. Yes again but we didn't do a Twitter poll today because our producer. It limits you in your responses that's why other is always a choice what what ever. I go with a let it go broke fifth let this die hard question of the day at a footer for all the talk on Twitter you can respond there. Would love to hear your voice on the telephone line on this Friday afternoon. Our Twitter poll I put a question. What are pretty simple what are you looking for out of tonight's game what is it you're looking for from tonight's game bills browns. But as even look at you as a call 8030550. Toll free 1888550. To 550. Or respond by Twitter at one bills like just don't try to vote. How I could easily gay give you a couple of multiple choice answer you can choose from but I've been outvoted them how can you be little such a deep it's not the lead deep. Question philosophical. Query I what are you looking for out of tonight's game that is an absolute. It's a mind blower it's such a deep question well let me let me try to answer when hearing it's junior answers as well in the audience radio or TV. What do you look over from tonight's game here's an am looking for steep. Looking for some sort of movement anyway separation on the quarterback question. Look out when we we had you weren't there my Monday I think which John McDermott on the radar right back at camp. And he I he laughed at me when asked a question you can let the clock is ticking on your quarterback issue you look at me and laughed. As what do you laugh and this is this a serious question I feel like the clock is ticking I feel like and I believe that McDermott wants to have his September 9 starter. In place next Sunday a week from Sunday for pre season game number three which means you need some separation quite frankly Steve we've not had great separation that. Good moments all three and had good moments in many of them came in the in the preceding game number one last week. But I haven't seen. Separation really from any of them and I was sick and today. A couple of years ago when the bills went through the stream in quarterback competition again three quarter to explain while Matt Cassel Tyrod Taylor and EJ Manuel. But eventually and it was right around now midway through depreciation schedule when Tyrod Taylor began to separate himself and was clear that he. In fact I think I might have been near Cleveland. And he played here played pretty well got hurt in a pre season game at Cleveland but my point is we need some separation there we need some concrete evidence that. This guy mr. acts should start for the bills against. First and foremost yeah I agree that's that's what you're looking at the end because right now let's face it after even after that first pre season games kind of a coin flip Peerman or McCarron. And and I think Josh Allen showed. That while he is more physically gifted in those guys with a better arm. He also has a lot to learn about being patient being poised not thrown the football up for grabs when school now when did he can only did that one it's okay to take a sack it's okay to take the bad play. To put a program want to buy it right but if that kinda thing just want is something he's got to learn an ax and you know ice. So I I agree with you have right now. Biederman or McCarron for me for going. Each one is as good as the other right now but oh well I don't wanna quite clip I want some separation feet and that's exactly right that's why bring in have you got to see it tonight you got and this is the week I agree with you. Next game. Somebody's gonna play the entire first half and into the second half as a starter for the Buffalo Bills and we're gonna find out who that is before then. And tonight is going to be no enormous as to which guy that is now last week. That a different rotation it was Peter may and McCarron talent now it's going to be McCarron. Allen and then Peterman. I believe so and I think that's my desk I I'm right I mean if it is the plan right I think that's I mean if I'm late if I'm reading that right. They're am because they're not gonna he's never given anything away they that's been rotation they've used. Indian camp in camp this week so much onetime thing and that's what they're gonna do well so if that if that happens that. And what does that tell you. Was tell you. Then tell me anything I wanna know I got you know I want separation wanted it they start if they start McCarron tonight I mean all this stuff. Doesn't mean anything we've seen because we I mean listen every pre pre practice press conference and what's the court. Kate I challenge taken with the twos today will academic tonight yeah. Hey AJ McCarron with the ones and then Peter has with the twos. And now Peter is with the twos and McCarron the ones in Josh back to the threes now I think and they all this stuff doesn't tell us anything. Her bombed a doping problem. I'm telling you that's to meet. Job one of tonight's game let's get some separation let's see who who they think has a chance to be September banks there's because here's the thing you know. What if he human. And McCarron both co. Nine of ten of ten of twelve whatever it is they go. Both of you throw a touchdown pass. What you know and then Josh comes in and goes like he did like eleven of twenty. Were 95 yards and it would have been played like this week. What are we gonna do we're not gonna do anything. Hillary to be some were gonna talk about a lot but McDermott will make the call I can't I want to see who can mean we've seen. Now I am now am confused was Peerman the ones as we know was. To McCarron there parents the last couple days that most of the listening McCarron starts. And that doesn't mean Peter is not gonna win number twos now either right Josh who don't work just shoot the always right we've been watching that yes. So why why would you practice like that in a toasty in here that they might then then if that happens in just his like they do live like last week and the quarterback takes the second quarter. Like number two like talent takes the second quarter like humans last week for no McCarron did last week. So they go man. And talk to myself a circles so McCarron starts Alan Baker Hughes then you give Peterman a whole second half. Right to do that I guess. Went to what end I don't know yet that he could bid McCarron didn't did get that last week if you're gonna try and slip they're you know that changes that'll work out. What do you hear that don't work as a team at a fair assessment and it'll be okay. I'll definitely Dennis what's gonna happen if they do elected and I want separation I wanna see separation wanna see tonight. Against the browns hum what else do what would you do you start I don't know what I did IR IOS a week ago my yard allied starter Jonathan monthly percent. I didn't know that happens or chance big show what was army practice this week it doesn't appear that's gonna happen it could happen. Bit of practice that oil week. So. I guess you could let's take a call from Mike in blazed a hello Mike you're on the air. A good afternoon gentlemen this questions Christine beer around there. For mayors there how much of an impact you think people have right away into starts you know like in games like tonight. Well that's one of the things I'm looking for tonight as well and news is that. I wanna see everybody start to grasp this offense and then start doings I mean I think they wanna keep it simple little bit and they they will compress the game plan. But I think one thing we saw. Against Carolina. The one thing they didn't compressed and the one thing that didn't simplify was the personnel packages and re right Murphy. I mean we saw who got thrown on and off all the time different personnel combinations every single play was different people I think that was part of the exercise for that game. That was part of the test and evaluation forget about playing with C if you know when you're supposed to be in their when he can get off and on can you stay engaged in the game and can we run a play. When we call and I think they did a really really good job of that. So do they take that a step deeper and give a more complex things to do with those. Personnel combinations or do we continue. To just you know make that the object is make sure you hit the right people on because knowing when you get in the regular season. You're installing specific place that week anyways so I think that's what I'm looking for Jess it and it's a great question I think I really want. The players on that side of the football to have an a level of expertise. In this offense and the personnel combinations of formations and shifts the motions. And the adjustments that to me is critical for this offenses. Success this year that's going to be either go to think they're going to be multiple you're gonna have they're gonna make you think. And if do you or your own team and offense can get lined up right or have the right people on them on board and have to take time out and take delay of game penalties and start jumping off sides. You're gonna have big issues that go deep in this team and I think if that's what I'm looking for the game tonight is. People have an expertise. In this office as much as we can tell that they do. What are you looking for a team target are what he's looking force first the offense in the offensive approach give us call we got lines open at 8030550. Toll free 1888550. To 550 will he do it on Twitter at one bills like Eric Richardson from the tweet sheet says I can't wait for this game. Who says that about a pre season you know it's great. Eric Richardson I can't wait for this game Tyrod Taylor owes a debt. And the bills collectors are coming nickel back. Just general hopefully get some extended playing time in and goes toe to toe with baker mayfield I wanna see the offensive line. Continue to protect the quarterback and play well lot of stuff there you also believe that you wanna see some stuff from the offensive line right. Absolutely. Absolutely I think they need to start picking five guys and stick with them they've been rotating rust boat dine and Ryan growing its center. The guards I think fled to cost and end up taking a little left guard. We're reaching carb meal was and I think John Miller is gonna move back into the starting spot that he and lost last year to fly to Costa at right guard. And then your tackle I think their sag get the same left happy did a year ago. In Deion Dawkins and Jordan mills at right tackle who is has become sort of become a fixture over their so I think they feel good about those guys. But we'll see how they rotate because they will there I mean they'd love to have. Eight guys that they think they could start any combination of five guys within those eight. It'll be itching to see Ryan in Harrisburg kind. And to grind gore those guys and behind them may be quiet teller has emerged as one of the guys they like behind him and which of those tackles come back and my. Andre Wesley have a good camera eyes open semis here yeah I'll let you know what I think is big what I wanna see tonight we talk of a quarterback that will be topping my list. I want seacor Coleman a lot and want us for the bill's sake it wanna see court Coleman be effective tonight. Look he's only been around for a week to two weeks a week and a half in practice. So eaten understandably wouldn't have complete command of playbook I get that but there are thinks he can do which deal with speed and the deep threat. That he's good at four point 37 of forty yard dash diet. I I hope that they utilized I think they want I think coach since the bills coach chip wants to see what Corey Coleman might provide they've got. The question at receiver right Coleman is that your former talented first round pick fifteenth overall. I'm so even though isn't gonna get on a consistent basis in the NFL two years in. This I think he realizes this is his chance I wanna see Greg Coleman a lot lot of snaps that I wanna see you make a difference and that really is at or near the top of my wish list and it. Think from the coach's standpoint and from their point of view. You've got this guy core Coleman and all the stuff that's been said about him in Cleveland all the problems he had the injuries the drop passes. That you know all look the baggage he brings in he was traded he's part of the Carson went straight for Cleveland there's that baggage that he had nothing to do with. And then he asked he said it even on hard arson if you want me blaming just trade me. And hearing is coming back and I think if you're the bills coaching staff you wanna find out what that guy's made. All right US for traded David gee now I get a go back in your gonna have a huge opportunity to rub their faces in it are you gonna show up tonight. Are you gonna do that we're gonna give the I would think they're gonna give him a big opportunity to come in and and make a difference in this game and I think. Part of his evaluation process forget about how well he plays. How he acts you know how what's his mindset is this a game he's gonna embrace that has got through this is a bit I think this is careers are on the line here. And I think it should pay not the Tonight Show and a game like this if you're Corey Coleman if you can't put the extra effort in getting the plays the you're gonna run your list of plays if your if you can't. Put it all in a 100% in a game like this. Thanks for stopping by right you know we don't care where he gets drafted we indirect through his fifteenth overall that the thanks for stopping by it was great seeing yeah. To move on along and that's dead I'm this is a game for him that. Will say a lot about what he's capable. And more is heads and I and I agree with you Merv this I want to see him a ton in this game. More from twenty to our question what are you looking for from tonight's him when he won a seat met count to 51 tweets and besides Josh Allen. Zeta-Jones and Corey Coleman one of them needs to step up and a big way this season I agree. The problem would say is Steve he's only have three days of format contact practice write a check out yesterday's walkers so we have Monday Tuesday Wednesday. It and so you wanna you know he's coming off injury I don't know that they're gonna give him a heavy workload tenancy Jones Bryant looked good in practice he looks like a different. Attitude in practice but I don't know if I would put him to the test tonight maybe a week from then on. He called us a good thing be put I think that. Mad cap to 51 putting together say and Coleman both are kind of in that spot where this is a big shot for them. Zeta-Jones and stand around watch you for a long time he's he's fallen behind he's kind of off the b.s on the back burner how's he gonna do as going to be scurrilous stuff in the off season and last year. Housing unity is kind of like court Coleman I disappearing opportunity digital television and some of the today's physically and coming out only three days of practice this week I don't know if you really wanna put under the desk right how's he gonna come into the game and as you can have a chance to flex I -- say hey I'm a number two draft pick watched this yet beckoning even after the short. Preparation Matt. You know and I and I agree with us. That's going to be something to watch as well we haven't and an a from that tweet she again from Mikey. Which I know I'm reading this because I know you I was gonna read write is here this is your right not this Mikey hit the home run former. He'd love to see Allen with the number one this. UST Josh Al play with the first team won. The seams start and it doesn't based on the week of practice the way we saw him used during practice that doesn't appear likely now. There's nothing that might not prevent them from working Josh alum with some for steamers tonight. You know if if McCarron starts may be just him akin if he's gonna go into his second quarter recchi work with twos and maybe a couple of ones. I look I'm all the ones twos. Especially twos and threes the distinctions get a little hazy right there right outside the US me in some positions is this guy's second team or thirteen Merck. A hard time Tony if for some positions really. I mean you there's kind of tell what it is yet it's a pecking order but it's it's a hazy unclear pecking order so. Josh and I could get to work with ones tonight or someone's any and I'd be good would that. I wish ligament. Big heavy workload. Night and maybe they well they might just do that now because they're from Dave in buffalo did go ahead you're on the air this. Hey guys great show. I thought you guys are separation not seeing any separation and now with quarterbacks. And I I just like what kind of a question my point. Is that maybe out of direction looking for separation and that's light switch around the way they are eight get on. Jeans and Peter Hamilton salute with. And if you don't think it be I guess my question is if you don't see any separation. Effort tonight. Or even. Throughout the week you think he would give. On a chance. Next receipt. What he wants. Bomb I would exceed and I wanna get Steve on this to Dave I would actually think if there's not great a great deal of separation tonight look at. I guess I put Josh Allen doesn't separate tonight I think my guess is McDermott would be inclined to go the other way. To go with McCarron or with the Peter just because I know it's a little bit safer bet. If Josh Allen could look really good tonight and show you know put on display is big strong arm and all of the that dynamic potentially possesses. If I Medco temping and home maybe I got to use this guy right away but if you don't get that you think. Okay he looks good but I'm gonna go with the safe bet your McCarron impediment that's just my interpretation of the way they might play. And one of the things that I hadn't also David and thanks for the call is that when he talked about separation. Yet no question that it's easier to play well when you've got number one personnel around you when you step up their the first offensive line with Kelvin Benjamin. And Jeremy curly he got those guys run in with you and Charles played tight end teaser look good as a quarterback one of the other things is they wanted to see if one of these quarterbacks. Peter Mendel warm care when they get back to the number threes and they make those guys better. That was part of the evaluation process they wanna see these quarterbacks be leaders they wanna see him step up and say listen I'm gonna make you betterment of the road you amend make you know. Support the evaluation process is the affected that quarterback has on. Players that are down the roster the number threes and they stepped in that huddle. And improve the play those guys. Can they show. Themselves a coaching staff may be even Josh Allen how it's done. When you're trying to beat that guy and indeed the lead dog and and beat the best player on the field and I think that they wanna see that from those guys as well so. Night whether it's Peter minimum Caron or Allen who's taken ref with the threes. They wanna note can they elevate other players around him. And vice Versa can they take advantage of the better players around when they do play with those guys so. I think that's part of the if I wish you process that went into the abyss flip flop into the quarterbacks this week as well I thought the code gave me to really good point early on in his coney said maybe the reason why McCarron is. But the rotation here in these games is because he hasn't seen separation I think McDermott yeah character yet McDermott yeah he hasn't seen right separation yet and he wants it all right that's what. Part of what this pre season is all about answering those questions and getting it in the field those two that. Some of the stuff that I've been and I mean listen all of the there. Press conferences in the questions that they dancer how they've answered him and McDermott. I really get the feeling that all these. Flip flops that too and you know the twos in the ones the ones and the twos and threes and in the three to the ones the ones that the reason it's in all the stuff the quarterback. I feel that they had this exact. Thing. Planned. Three months ago. Listen after the first pre season game we're gonna give. That whatever rookie we draft Greg give him some reps with the twos and that we. And we're gonna flip flopped the other to see how they do with the threes in the ones. Back and forth there and maybe we'll sprinkle Allen with the ones once in awhile and then I get the feeling this was all mapped out before has nothing to do. With how they're playing now or in the last week and a half with what we're going to be there we're gonna run this experiment. And this task in this evaluation process at this way. They were gonna do three months ago whether anybody got hurt or got in or whatever whoever the quarterbacks were so. In all of us trying to say you know keep track of hey he was five of seven today 82 repaid in Tennessee and it's meaningless. Because they're gonna make these changes the based on the meetings and the valuations and a plan they had made. Three or four month or six weeks before training camp even started its. Bills and browns tonight pre season game number two for each team the browns won last week the bills lost. What does that matter what but there aren't there are a lot of issues they really do matter and we're here to talk about them until 3 o'clock today coming up at 1 o'clock. Tablet next hour we'll have a mark Kelso. Our radio color analyst will be joining us to get his take on tonight's game. Coming up around 130 Tim romped NFL films of producer and director of partner she's been camped out here. With the Cleveland Browns for the last several weeks we'll talk with a robot that. At 2 o'clock Chris Brown bills instead of from Buffalo Bills Beckham joins us company from Cleveland there's no net Cleveland downtown on links that evident. Great Alltel very accommodating to us were doing the show or 23 and Stephen I've go our separate ways into our football for us. You know pop on the bus and head stadium but it must have been took mom back towards one goal one bills live presented by about a health. From Cleveland buffalo feels very. Other practically couldn't do the helped Cleveland downtown camera PT test period is one bill's life. Presented by a lot of help we're here until 3 o'clock it's an extended. Pregame show for one of the most highly anticipated pre season games ever been around. It's crazy but it the weather's gonna be I could be crazy the weather's better record check in the forecast kick off tonight 730. Temperatures going to be about 77 degrees where there's gonna be cloudy skies and a 60% chance to rank those maybe even thundershowers are. How much would that stink if the game was to you know not delay not even delay did just that you know just like. Torn up because there he can't do anything to this rain is so hard can't throw it can't take can't evaluate can nobody can play good secretary to a work site and honestly she's in with that would state that would really just we're here for four hours for pre season game that puts me. What do we get there in their body and they delayed because lightning. That's the kind of thing that could happen tonight oh yeah before that's the only thing has really basically the only thing they'll stop an NFL game four yeah. Is lightning don't wish for that. No I'm not wishing for it. I one of the new what you're looking for a talk about that won't happen if we keep we are kind of if we bring our umbrellas into rain Steve and I are talking about what we are looking for but let's get your opinions of lines are open. 8030515. Toll free 1888550. To 550. What do you look for from tonight's game I mentioned. Corey Coleman the receiver required August 5 in the trade with the Cleveland Browns come back here quickly play echlin tonight I'm looking for him. Tell him make his mark tonight the show why he deserves a spot on this roster really am. AJ McCarron talked about it. Donna training camp the other day McCarron was asked about Corey Coleman of what this game could mean for him and here's what the buffalo quarterback did this. God no Corey for her. And some Tom. You know when my trade partners. We don't know and threw him. I was going through you know with Cleveland last year in. It's all season tonight. Stay in touch and it's a known for Wallin. You know Philip cores and courage of both. You know always asking if she doesn't know and he's gonna continue to grow play faster and not have to think on this just a process. It's gonna take Tom. And does as he understands. That we hidden. It's like they're trained to say that right I think that's often from a AJ McCarron. What else have a report for tonight Steve I mention I'm looking for a quarterback separation but record Coleman to make his mark I guess I'm looking for rom. More of the same when you talk about this offensive cohesion of Livermore the same of what we saw last week you changing formations changing personnel packages. Doing it effortlessly without penalties or without delays. I'm looking for that to be continue as it was last week and initial reason why it wouldn't but you never know in these games are so that. I'd like to the defense play a little via a domino like to back up to a defense especially radiate consistently stop that the the run now that Cleveland Browns didn't. Didn't run the football well last week against the giants I think they had fifty net yards rushing. They don't want don't wanna sit come on set a tone with their run game I think I'd like to see the number one defense and the number two defense Allen to stop the run. Cleveland's gonna make a concerted effort trying to do that. Alike seem get a sack or two we got we saw Harrison Phillips get a sack last week I'd like to see some of the past treasury get a sack. Check Lawson played well last week. On the defense aside I think I'm look I and then I tend to do this because it because in my background and offense. I wanna see some individual performances on defense Alexi some you know some turnovers obviously but also elect decent guys rush the passer and have a day you know. She with the linebackers and my maximum ma'am Milan on my team step by it if if he continues to start won't remain Edmonds and and Lorenzo. Policy those guys make some tackles and a that front seven is gonna have to play well. This year they need to play better than it did a year ago do not expect to see Trent Murphy tonight the dress the unrestricted free agents I'm by the bills this past spring has been out for most of the last week and a half now with. A groin injury and it's it's unlikely he's gonna play. But the look for him I don't think Debra and Riley's gonna play either Stevie got the right pretty serious rib injury last week in the game eight days ago now and has not practiced much since then. Other than that I think the bills are pretty healthy element to your point about defense we look forward defense receive front seven. There's a lot to like I thought last week and from what. Third round draft pick Harrison Phillips showed a link to see more of that I think he has in that he has. But nobody's locked him but he is that I think he's pretty steady as the first guy off the bench in his defense of line rotation. Because of them a number of things his versatility he can back up look to Lola he can back up how would you start of last week for Kyle. Because of his athletic system. And because of his energy I mean he's high energy big motor guy right and that's kind of guy you want coming off the bench on the defensive line I look for more from. Harrison Phillips I look forward to seeing more from him into the gives a really good player you know I continue to look at. Linebackers is the big question mark on the team you've got to remain Edmonds no question about it he's going to be the guy inside I'd like to see him play they had one tackle last week. At some point I wanna see him start to own it I think right now. He's making sure baseline Depp he's kind of read each time a little mechanical. You know he's not he's not cut loose and forever and freeways not just run and flat to the football not worried about what everybody else is do I think he still. A little bit. Like I say mechanical scripted in what he's doing a fair do you in this time doing that if I'm doing this they're probably gonna do that a fight if there in this formation I expect this. He's kind of think in like that is insane and show me where the ball as I'm getting. You don't before the snap I think that's where he has to get mentally and other linebackers you know I'd like to see some things from Ramon Humber Ramon Humber. Keenan Robinson some of these guys to step up and and and show that you know they're gonna be a player on this team may be. Press for starting a starting job with mammal Lana Lorenzo Alexander Dion lacy. Yeah a lot of names over there and a lot of guys that I think gonna position to make the roster and contribute defensively and I don't see those guys in line banking. Or come through more from the tweet sheet and answer your question what are you looking for in tonight's game from James. Relevance he says I'm looking for progression. Throughout the roster wanna see Al Jeff channel plays with some better talent around him. And take that next step towards are starting quarterback he moves on to say I wanna see markets Murphy nailed on a roster spot. Would love to seek Coleman makes some plays and say. Then you hit a lot of them markets Murphy in particular. Who again it's it's a it's competitive the battle for essentially the third running back on the vocal roster and Marcus Murphy has put himself right in the midst of that. Competition with his play tennis practice were he's been outstanding to practice a working in with Taiwan Jones interview airs cadet the other candidates and to a lesser extent the Ricky heat forward. And I'm beginning to think that Marcus Murphy he might make his mark. In the return work Stevie got punt and kick return work last week and ill give morbid tonight I believe. I think that might be his ticket markets working because he can be put in Taiwan Jones is equality return in two. Right they would love I'm certain. The Saber rosters but keep one of those two Taiwan Jones or Marcus Murphy doing the markets Murphy could be really effective third running back. And special team or end to return in Taiwan Jones I don't think provides that kind of talent to be a third running back he could pinch but that's a pretty pristine battle watch. There that is going to be I think it's gonna come down to what they want the third running back to do at its Marcus Murphy. A they would need him to be return guy if it's Taiwan Jose needed to be a cover guy or garner. Or kick off cover guy that's going to be an interest in markets Murphy third year player. But I spent a lot of time on practice quasi panel landed her in buffalo didn't go Bynum and and he we spoke to a memo on the shown that he's immature. Serious pro running back who knows what kind of opportunity has series trying to maximize he did last week I've only showed yeah really well and I think you're right. When it comes down this he's here at the same thing coming out of Cleveland camp they wanna see these guys be consistent. And as big guys that are like that. Running backs trying to make it the bottom of the Ross linebackers that I mentioned a moment ago defense climate all these an off even young offensive lineman that's the big key. And they stack of good game on top of the good game good practice on top good practice. What are you looking for in tonight's game will take a break come back and Dartmoor about that. Winds over an 8030550. Toll free 1888550. To 550 here on hold stay there we'll get your probably return. What those like John Murphy Steve cancer company of life from. Cleveland the Hilton Cleveland downtown hotel this is buffalo filtering. Where nobody alive remotely been Ohio. I like we've seen I've spent time we're we're actually. Last week that puts it I'm here with I like here people are great the city's biggest so that's a lot like buffalo like the bigger buffalo there's some. There's some less than appealing spots and there's also a lot of schools I think we've. Marcellus fairway one of or when we're kids which school here or over case twister was just in time down here. When his football games and they've really nice are we had he had a really good actors love Cleveland now my son doesn't which some tap OK he went and yet he was here now he's not living here now button. Yeah. He loves it here and I type tactics and a photo of the stadium last nine and his team is what really are I guess our town here. Those good yeah we've we've had great experiences down here in Cleveland yeah. Six and calls we talk about tonight's game mark. Calling from Orlando Florida hello Marc welcome to show. Eight I sure appreciate. Those you know hundred all the history or. I've got to build shift over fifty your site at all the finger closely I've also been here or thirty years at Florida State bet. And the question I have Aureus this. Few years ago. Nick O'Leary beat the actual championship or state will ask you lord distracted by the bill to grow. And very early on that it'll obviously. But did he look past the age you start to drop the depth chart. I but this guy is probably the top two. A Machida beat out that it that the team over like it up we'll quickly and but I think he's strong Smart and he's much. Former I've seen that here. What I understand why they are now dropping dead horse to beat. The other verdict well he's not a McDermott guy he's not being got up at. Chela is a talented team McDermott's bark being more in all guys in my opinion when I introduced. You. Talk about this a little bit in trouble why nick O'Leary is no oil at depth chart in annualized. Under the role players you're under McDermott and a no this year thank you. Well it is a great question and and it's it's it's not an easy answer but the simple fact is that the Logan Thomas Jason crewman Carre leaky throw bridge of emerged as being really good players as well is not so it's not a knock against. Nick O'Leary. But she got other guys that are played really well and their faster. And then they stretch to feel better the tightest spot I think and nick O'Leary does some things better than those guys no question not like this I think he's a good blocker down inside. I think he he get separation in the passing game I think his death led a schism. And put him behind groom Lee and talk and Thomas. But and I think one of the reasons he has been on this team is because he is a clutch player I mean there's no question he shows up. The game's never too big form he's played a Florida State like you said he played present big crowds played some important games no question about it. But I think we're the good thing about it is other guys have started to emerge and develop into a really good players Logan Thomas. Is a freakish athlete and they've been waiting on him for a few years to emerge and become a tied in with some skills. That that Lou would help him get on the field and he started to use that that time that is taken for him to do it. Is now come to an end he's there so he is 66250. Pound guy. Who's learning how to block down inside do some the nitty gritty hard work that nick O'Leary has done so it's just a question not that nick O'Leary has. Regressed I think other players have gotten to his level and they're starting to look at. He didn't answer my opinion but I have one. A couple of things come. I I disagree Charles please part away the best I've been on the roster but we won't write it when he did hammered at the biggest thing is seven a nickel or in my opinion is a new offense there's a brand new offense here with the a new set of requirements for the tight end. And I think my sense is Brian gable knows what he wants a any week you may want different skill sets from is stable the tight ends three of them probably. And you know if you want to go blocker great blocker he's got currently. If you want to great athlete he'd go to Logan Thomas or two Jason crew play at the top of the he their but. That's the biggest thing I think it's happened in nickel O'Leary and dumb get the other guys again better you know crew was developed second year player get a little bit better. I think I will say this too and maybe this'll make you feel better caller from Orlando. I think that's been overstated a little bit the dangers that nick O'Leary not making this roster I don't know how that's gonna play out. You know the other guys getting playing time. And are gonna get more playing time bigamy playing time tonight but I don't I'm not ready to pronounce nick O'Leary. You know Dead Man Walking on this roster are really not an out to be coaching staff did you of these you know some of it I think it's been overstated. It in the media some of it is just the same thing they're doing with the quarterbacks they wanna look at these other guys and giggled and see what they're doing and and they'd probably in. They know really well what nick O'Leary can do then and then there's nothing says they don't like him ninth they may like him very much. But they need to find out if somebody else. Can you earn their affection just as much as nick O'Leary has so we'll see any end. And that's great point you make Merv. It is a new offense and is gonna look different and brand able and wants. Maybe he wants different stuff from that position and they. They like other guys better for that reason or at least. Brian do able thus we don't know that that's true that's just were saying that's a possibility self. They're all that stuff is true that and and the fact that other guys are developing getting better doesn't say anything bad about nick O'Leary. But he's in the spot where their run and new offense and and other guys are starting to develop in the rural camps and could be as simple as that. Part a break it wont we return organs are more about tonight's game what are you looking for in tonight's game. With Steve look at bar when I'm looking for and what is mark Kelso looking for the color analyst on the bills radio network. Did about a join us live here in Cleveland so come on back for that we got a lot more come one bills drive from Cleveland on Buffalo Bills revealed.