08-17 Paul Hamilton with Howard and Jeremy

Howard and Jeremy
Friday, August 17th

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Paul Hamels to. Little exercise for you and Paul and gray and if you haven't seen Twitter. They're familiar Lian Neeson yes occurred if it works of William Mason the revenge films you see it you probably Christine he's hasn't taken take ABC taken. I mean I know a lot of Christina know Paul have you seen or do you know of taken. Yes because we Neeson is gonna start in another one of those revenge movies it's called hard powder. What's it about. Long hard powder. Heard from her I've seen this so I can't answer it. Cocaine I have no idea OK a little bit low bidders apparently drug cartel he's going to dismantle. Lee Neeson is to star in hard powder where he is a snowplow driver hell bent on revenge but. And he's going to disrupt the cartels know 'cause. They apparently murder this on something that so he's gonna wreck like. Put these guys in the snowplow snow all mangled I don't a snowplow driver hell bent on revenge in hard power I'll get you. When he just plows the great I think what he does Israel actually still on disrupt the cartels. Rhodes whose reply all and all I went I gotta be trapped for days they can't trip has worked at a very slow moving plot as they're starved. By the Pentagon is no tears you're out and Paula second your headlines bills browns tonight 730 right here on WG art darn old for the jets last night started the game. Played 31 half series eight of 1162 yards to a picnic falls left the game for the Eagles last night with a strained shoulder. Dez Bryant met with the browns yesterday the two sides apparently trying to work out a contract yanks lost to campus our Paul the Mets split a doubleheader in Philly. They scored four runs. In the same game. Is six and two weeks to do that jays lost to Kansas City advise and Gloucester Cornet and Brent Snedeker shot 59 at ten. Sub sixty round in PGA history of your headlines the headlines by the way brought Q by the contents. When you could use help closing their books in need additional step it's time to call accountants they can provide you with book keepers and other accounting and finance professionals on a temporary or. Project basis and fast call today accountant. Robert half company. Before Paul's on land once they were questioned forms we only school in that after. We've we were Paul would we were talking hockey. Hockey the other day camp about the prospect challenge in the things that are coming up or by the way. A familiar hear me out today to give your view of the Miranda Lambert little big town Somalia have to hear it. I couldn't tell you who Miranda Lambert is but solo homer in the Lambert is no no idea. And apparently she's a single week you would be excited that they got together and saying the last twelve songs together. His Miranda Lambert to people. I'm okay. You've never heard little red flag it's one of my open I had a little red wagon as a kid that count. After a one of those was a wreck red flyer something fly error rate radio fly radio Larry I have one of those does that is that. Dump the and is preparing myself even further and I call a stop unless my sabres question first ball that's Soka and everyday that goes by I'm thinking maybe the samurai and argue gets shorter. Like Carlson just William Karlsson took a one year deal you know if you if that that decides are far far apart you say let's meet the middle for one year in and and and meet again at that point is that possible or what's on Ryan yeah. Say that all along that Brian art camp might just say you know what. We can't hold out I mean you just can't I just ten I just don't think it's a Smart thing to do when your second contract. So bad on sale. You know remembers. Me and Jack I goal when they were toward talking about contract extension and people wonder if their guitars and he's so that's floating. We we can we can wait Alberta myself. You know it they're no hard feelings of shall will has played out I mean. You know we can do it next year and all but I myself and probably one of getting more out of it so. You know Sam could do that then you know then instead of settling for something he doesn't want. Error for a lower figure stay there and I'll play one year have a great season and will do again next year. You see you should NASA sabres question my vision Iowa I'm excited about hockey and nagged and we have money talk bill sprouts no buckles front at just the right art thing you know a group once in awhile or go to these last couple months old thank. Was it can happen today and went when is that gonna happen Lotto players of the Arctic guys have been signed in scuttling still alive one hockey question you'd never expect from me this morning okay. I'm listening since the ingested they were talking about the carrots injury excuse me sec wrist injury. In Edmonton and whether or not the Oilers would be calling the sabres because you know the sabres have numbers in terms of defenseman they have too many really. On and there's a guy brought up for here. But I and always forget about Matt Hardwicke is he top six. I don't think so okay com it. Right now if Cooley goes to Rochester I would have him ample U as the seven and eight guy. By whose photo was an and they brought up as maybe a trade idea we're 721 W. A one year left I think it was contract. Of but an economic and only the sabres did that last year and they they picked him up for Montreal thinking. You know he can come to buffalo bowl we can kind of get some of the bad habits out of common. Bad habits on the ice and I'm talking about it and column. It's just didn't work out at all so I don't know why another team would sit there and say the same thing. When when it didn't work at all for the sabres so I don't think he has a lot of trade value but I would those communities and maybe can. Somebody would be interest to do okay. You've been out of camp quite often. As you sit there and watch practice what what are some of the things that have that of impressed Hewitt Kemper stock stuck with you from what you've been watching. Well. More important thing you know people talk about. Josh Allen and accuracy is and it hasn't been as bad as maybe as advertised. As maybe I was expecting it to be when he was drafted. And although that's a bad throws and all three quarterbacks from it's bad throws to be quite honest review. Sometimes it's miscommunication. And just you know it hasn't been. As bad as maybe some people thought it would be years some people. Warily watching camp works quote experts are trying to make it out to be your dollars and you know sitting there all. Al Al having a pork camp but they have been Campillo you know because they write something nationally that thing. Sole event that's been the one thing I don't think the offensive line the starters. Have been as bad as NB a lot of people thought they would be but agreed that goes to Germany's pledge. That'll. Think that I'm so I got item and yet you don't know is I I agree I was expecting to train wreck on the offensive line and against Carolina they are fun. Nobody's game plan didn't the whole thing soul. So far so good to me in the got to give him credit for what you've seen bad it's were a long ways from you're playing Baltimore every game plan. Would you start in week one against Baltimore quarterback mr. Hamilton. Well I haven't seen can heard yet it's ours you know playing with the ones. Bottom line think maybe we will see that today stern right. Soul. You know why I would expect McCarron might be the guy who would get the job. IL sole. Thinking is part of the process of Allen was there were thinking. All along probably that were we want him to be the number two. We would rather not dress him as the third I mean. You know something happens let him command and and and start playing type of a deal amounts I have no inside information about. He's been practicing with the twos this week and my I think that I've kind of had the back my mind all along that. The winner between Peter minimum caring its number one in the losers number yeah right that type of thing and Alan's is number twos so. Bad that's pretty much what I've had my mind there but I don't know if that's what that coaches and it. What else when you watched Josh Allen Paula you mentioned the accuracy. It hasn't been as you know there was the one the one pass he misses early in camp that goes viral and somebody tweets out the video and throw one at about the running back whenever. Now I went went nuts everybody went nuts over that but for the most part as you've watched him. His arm on court is arm was strong too you wouldn't go to can't go wow I can't believe Josh are threw the ball downfield so locked we knew that was gonna happen. But overall as you watch and one of the things that stood out to me is he doesn't look lost she doesn't look like he's been really struggling and you don't see a guy like. Who can handle the basics of getting into and out of the huddle and getting the play called and all these different things. I'm as you of looked at everything about his game through the training camp practices. Beyond the accuracy question what else are there positive you see in his game we know he's got a strong arm. Yeah he's talked about. Not letting a bad play. Hurt him moving forward. Anything eat it he said there's been a couple of times in camp that's happened to him. Where you almost ruined his practice because. He let a bad throw get tool. And so for a rookie to realize that right away and to improve it as he's our long and training camp. Now. I'd say rookie. That that the thing is I'm used to seeing eighteen year old rookies. In the NFL we're not talking about eighteen year old rookies were talking about guys and have in many cases gone through four years of college. Maybe red shirt and in some cases. And her or older type of guys anyway. But still you know first year quarterback can get very flustered and there and when he did get flustered. He realized that. And snapped out of it and and you know as camp has gone nine. Not what his whole practice speed destroyed. Because he had a wide open receiver downfield when he missed them. Type of things and he comes back and then you know is able to practice and and you have some may be decent throws right afterwards so. Just a rookie to be able to do that. He seems pretty good that you know reading. You know what's in front of him. Again. He EMA. Really it's a federal mistaken I think they've sadness that he's a pretty quick learner. Yep Andrew to draft process they mentioned that when he was in for his visit I think bright and I've seen some of that to where. You know on. The process of being able to read what's in front of government and know what he's seeing. You know he's he'll pick it up and if he missed the first time he doesn't seem to miss it the second time. Before I let July and there's one guy wanna ask you about because she was and a really cool story last year at camp now numbers battle he might lose out especially with the Corey Coleman acquisition and that's Brendan Reilly leave it to Paul. Paul goes to football camp goes to bills camp in an abuse guy played hockey. And I didn't know that you came up together they sit so you know dream my Brandon rally story about hockey and it's up what are you talking about do you get a little bit aback credit he wrote a story about this and at the WGR 550 dot com. He when he was an eighth grade he was playing hockey in Omaha. And he was the seventh ranked player in the nation. And told that he was. He would make a decision that he was either leave home to continue playing hockey. Or play high school sports at all. He decided to stay home and play high school's sports and but we talked about hockey he was a senator and he said you know he often thinks about what could event that he made that decision on that way. And play hockey and I thought well. What do you think you could have gotten a division one scholarship because I would've and so because of here I'm the seventh best player and and you know keep going in that direction. You know he would use you would think all the top schools would be after he you know looking for a scholarship offer that type of things so he goes sabres games. He said he hasn't met any of the players he said he would like to repeat sixer out here. Makes the team in some way shape performance he had sent a what might go get. On the ice as you might still happen with them. And while the the presidency presidency from the sabres is that this is the bill so keep your drive make that happen if you wanted to do that but it you gotta make the bills team first. Yeah but he was he was a pretty darn good hockey player out there and and he still enjoys hockey and still enjoys sabres. These day. Exactly why like he said. He thinks he could have been drafted actually there's that is near. No. It seemed like he was kinda getting discouraged from Matt highest is it that may be one of he wrote. But. And he said the reason he he got good at hockey which is brother played. And he was playing against older kids all the time and he says if you're. Gonna compete against the older kids you better get good fast. And and that's kinda what happened forums so. I think it was just staying Holman. Because the United States hockey league now that's not in the eighth grade in our video player map that's after high school most most of the players lined up. If they're gonna go to college route a lot of the players lined up in that league for years to before they actually start their columns. Careers in hockey in a lot of not players do. Command from that leaks which there's a lot of mid west teams in Nebraska and Iowa. In that league but. It seemed like the program in ol' ball it's kind of stuck there he. You know he maybe he would've had to go to Minnesota. Play high school or Massachusetts or someplace like that where they have those props fools in. Able to play hockey and he just didn't wanna leave home has friends in and you know he is in. He didn't have a scholarship at Nebraska if your remember he walked out America he was a walk out of Nebraska so he had earned a scholarship there. And then he wasn't drafted in the NFL and he basically had to walk out with the bill they signed him as a street freeagent. And I'm I was wondering you know with him being hurt if they made eye on them. Obama and I are in because that's right many they can keep morrow about ways so. As I know they like them yet but this is you know him him being out over a week now with a knee injury. It's not helping him in this race at wide receiver the good thank you mr. Hamilton I have no way of the Mets. They set a record and yes I gave it the only team ever there that Blake scored 24 runs in the game and given up 24 runs in the game missing here. No it's just the first time it's happened since the eighteen hundreds. So it's a common occurrences what he's trying to tell you Paul Howard what was the last time that happened like. I don't know what I almost said something I swear to god I almost said it begins with it. Rainy that day the second birdies you got it almost slipped out of my mouth I swear if the mics are off it would have come out I started to do the first syllable. Then I stopped myself realize now from not just do that no power I'm shocked you ever ever ever use language like that on our off the air I use it all the time repeal last what it's like to work with Paula my father I can't I can't even imagine my father using language not it stopped it all man. 1890 farm Everett well Cleveland was in the White House at the time I think and we just got electricity with very exciting time. Thank you Paul thanks for playing a lot yes it's the first I've taken nine to fourteen. Take care and as we temple and.