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Howard and Jeremy
Friday, August 17th

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These cell comply GO. I'll tell about shield itself up Nuncio is jump on GO sound gut punch yields down upon GO. I'll go posse don't sound good I feel on WGR. Now coming up from Cleveland in just a moment of the on the sidelines tonight for the bills browns game it is a 730 game we'll have a here. On WGR we'll talk more about tonight's matchup in a moment pre season all last night did you watch Sam Arnold. I did I put the first half for the jets to start the game played the first I've got three series eight of 1162 yards threw an interception. Teddy Bridgewater. Has been playing better than Arnold by accounts of just reporters anyway. The Nazi bridge where last they played in the second half had a good night ten to 15127. TD and pick. New in Philly game notable because nick falls left the game with a knee injury strained shoulder and remember of Carson whence is still not been medically cleared for contact in the Eagles camp so now they've got. This injury on top of that issue Mason a good start for the Steelers last night to not play well their loss to Green Bay. Dez Bryant met with the browns yesterday. And according to Dez. This two sides are still trying to work things out yankees lost tip of the Mets split a doubleheader in Philly notable in the first game they set a franchise record for runs scored. In a 24 to four win the jays lost to Kansas City the buys and lost to go and that Jose arena from the Marlins suspended six games treating Ronald junior junior. Brits Brent Snedeker 59 at the Wyndham championship only the tenth sub sixty round. In PGA history in the view it's re signed and they falter who played her hockey in high school Nichols both your headlines the next update coming up at 8 o'clock. Never one to miss the chance to point out how close up. Certain season has. You know what's in the I saw him to be stroke cider and oh did I tell you two guys I forgot. There's cider and apple pies in the in the piece pie and cider. Out here and our little lock to be stroked yet. It's pretty good yeah. Mandelson decider connect is giant jugs of side you can take an old jug home a few once and pies and four pots take a pot. Take a trying to juggle Holm. On the AT&T hotline from. The city of Cleveland. On the banks of Lake Erie is our very own stock pot you tend to go behind the scenes with the bills with Salant it is brought you buy outlet liquor for the lowest everyday prices in the state. Shop outlet liquor what's salad or things in Cleveland this morning. Little cloudy. At some leniency we got here. Probably gonna rain a little bit today definitely some in the forecast tonight so to be. Kind of hit and miss for what time as far as the games and certainly didn't think about weather forecast for tonight and we're supposed to have some pretty good storms here today so hopefully it's not too bad tonight in Cleveland. As same thing here and obviously sideline guy who doesn't the injury and let hopefully it'll missiles make you know others they're going to be lingering around so we'll see. Eight what are starting to choose tonight. Now house for right. Then they would meet its use OK some untreated said why not start to do is that what you get G Allen against their ones. I guess because you're just you need game what you need any more about your team means you start starters play yeah. How long do we think starters are playing tonight for the bills any idea. You know I don't I don't know my guess is probably what we saw last week a little bit longer than last week I should say because. Since it's against the Leslie Frazier told us but I don't know along that is Leslie Frazier told us. The starters will play longer than they did last week now I don't know he met just on defense. Or if he means offense too but that means probably into the second quarter and cut. So quarterbacks. We we remain or we're waiting to see what happens tonight but dead. Safe bet AJ McCarron starts. I think so I mean I just just by the way practices gone all the guys I mean I can't imagine AJ McCarron had been the first team quarterback you know. In a couple times this week he was not last week to the preceding game there's this rotation that they wouldn't start him in ever now. And and then Josh out of with the twos all week so I can imagine he would be with the Jews. In this game primarily so yeah we'll see if he plays at all the ones or even again with a three so yeah I'm not sure about that. But all indications are to meet its ago McCarron. That Alan and Peter Grimm but I thought the carelessness are last week in the parent trotted out. I got I was wondering with Allan like you know is it possible depending on how many series the ones get tonight is it possible that whoever does start if it's not Alan you know. McCarron appealing gets couple series in the ones are still in their and they then they put Allen in with those guys. Who knows. The act could be you know that there's always son Sean Carroll have a -- reason for something right he's always got a plan for it and does that mean maybe. He wants Josh on the Canadian play with one center in another cent or maybe gets bull work maybe he wants certain offensive linemen in together so relieves different guys and it doesn't have to be wholesale substitutions. I think sometimes we make it too much black and white right we say oh here's the first group here's a second group now can't be like that but you have a lot of receivers were working ball with the first and second you know. May be one. You know get to Kennedy's age don't you don't wanna necessary let them played eases. You know first team kind of plan. Awful out so maybe don't want them have them play an entire. A quarter so you get a guy who's on the choose commendable it was someone's any crosses over to choose I always say there's a weighty you can get different guys in their and that could include quarterback and are now. 8030550. The question on the bills you can call now bring up without the state Jones is one of the guys. Students now I think in terms of the story lines to watch for tonight. Zeta-Jones. Coming back finally getting involved in the game and court of course Greg Coleman interview just receivers. They Jones and Corey Coleman would be two of the more intriguing stories to watch tonight. Yes and you know obviously court Coleman's story line involves the browns it's that as well so I think that's interesting but. Look I say is a is an interesting story I agree a 100%. When you had met Perino on yesterday he did he went around with the media and he said you know hey he was asking all of us the media guys he said. Giving someone who's impressed you of someone who surprised you. I even Jason group BGC chrome as impressive. My surprise was a Jones and the reason I gave was I said I I did not think at all. That he would be up to speed to where he is right now I did not think he would be. In the the second pre season game already want running consistently. With the starters are probably going to start in this game at play with those with I thought he would take probably at least several weeks into the regular season. For him to get really acclimated to where they needed to be an on track. But for him to do that speaks volumes to me because Sean McDermott's not just gonna throw somebody out there isn't albacore Coleman. Right I mean I mitnick or make your earning it may want to make sure that. You're exactly where you need to be before it which you are in the field I can trust you both physically mentally ballots that brings us to Corey Coleman. We'll see what he can handle tonight you know there's still rain along I get the feeling that if they'd like him to be a little more up to speed than what he is right now with the playbook but there's still time so they're gonna kind of circuits from the fire a little bit to see what he can do this. Quarterback for the browns their starter what's his name again tot Tyrod dead Taylor I think it is right. Promised a quick Tyrod his dad actually said it is Tyrod the calls and Tyrod so. Even if he wants to be Tyrod Horry said it was a so much that it was honest with tyra because just can't tie but that is the going to be odd watching Tyrod Taylor play against the bills for you having covered his career here. Now you know I mean it's always I was thinking about that and I care members players over the years like. I mean look I know it's not on the same level like last week on the sidelines and I go up and you know here's keep on C more than Norris or some you know and I did a TV show at the Norris for awhile every confidence is an. A solvent and a CEO we after the year the bills you know got rooms we always see guys in that role on different teams. You see coaches on the other side that have been on the bills so I think at first I think what what's Kenechi enemies just seeing how Tyrod is with some of the big players on the bills the coaches on the bills. This is the organization these are the people. Who traded him away you know what what they're those relationships like where those. Moments like and I. I have a feeling to see some of that on hard knocks you know because even though hard knocks is all about the browns and they don't really focus on the team they're playing against. I would guess that they're gonna focus a little bit on the interaction between Tyrod and his former team in pre season game number twos so that'll probably be. All of its it will be weird for me to see it. I think of the interesting notes it's at watch all of that. I would expect we Jake Cam Newton Kelvin Benjamin moment from Tyrod with a anybody right now on turban like I'm Tara it's very. Very well liked and respected amongst the players this organization and the coaches by the way I mean they traded him because they wanted to. They felt that was the right thing in the team better but you never know if he feels slighted all in need as one. To have it knowing tyra to the way I've got a known for three years in buffalo. I don't think you would be like that I hear he would go up and say hello bring him being a child McDermott and you know he's just Tyrod is a good person. And I think tonight you know he's gonna probably go say hi to and enjoy being around those people again. We got a tweet about Benjamin and whether or not he would play tonight. Any word first of all because I feel like I know you said you know don't freak out we'll see what happens with whether he's you know got an issue or not but I feel like there's any doubt. You error on the side of caution and don't even playing tonight. While I agree with that but I don't know if that's the case right so we'll see. As far as I know I haven't heard anything that he's not playing but you know there's always a chance of that can happen. You know you got guys who get took rest day rest weeks last week like LeSean McCoy and Kyle Williams who was shot went through his pregame warm up he did not play. Kyle is it even do the warm up so we'll see of those guys played tonight. As far as Calvin. That will be something we'll monitor pretty early on in pregame so you know when people are listening to the the round table in the pregame show and all that stuff that's something I'll be able to see. Right away as you on the field as he had his equipment on busy catching passes. Do all that subject and just because that happens doesn't mean he has to play but at least he's doing that that's a really good sign what's. It's a good thing we have you on cell because I think I said this you last week and I'll say again I have a good paying attention to the defense. So I wanted to backtrack to last week's game because. Cut trade Edmonds of course is one of the stores to watch in the pre season and how he comes along in his development here since they're expecting bigger from him. Just think of him against Carolina I I didn't honestly I really didn't pay close enough attention so how do you think he faired. But that is a little hesitant at times. You know when he decided to get there he got there you know he's he's long. Covers a lot of ground when he wanting it wants to get there. I thought he could do a little their job. You know recognizing the little quicker diagnosing and that might just go with the playing speed of his first ever NFL game. Maybe it's he wants to be exactly sure what he's doing and not make a mistake how that you played poorly by any means but I don't the east and Al in. I think Jeremy Evans needs to stand out you know he's he's your middle linebacker he's 65 to fifty. And you traded up in the first round to grab him for reason and I loved him coming out I think he's so. I think he's gonna have a heck of a career and he could be one of the best linebackers in this game in some time but I think tonight I'd like I'd like to see him play a little bit faster. Diagnose things a little bit quicker and you know kind of read and react a little bit little bit faster little more sudden. Trivia time here to sell. We all we don't always written answer to trivia we have to talk about our latest winner in our country sweet contest yes earnings. And so here's the trivia you talk much remain Edmonds linebacker you want to play a little faster we've done sacks. Rushing yards. Receiving yards in bills history in the spills pre season. I have the top ten. Tacklers. Top ten in bills franchise history in tackles. Three linemen. Four linebackers. Three defensive backs. How many of the top ten can you get without getting one wrong shoes who wants to bid on a oh god I don't think they should you know I digging in a mall. I mean I can get that and I really I mean I would just keep running through names and get them without making a mistake it's going to be prominent new about making a mistake through the battle there at six rate Milan six take it man I'm I'm Diana three or four you patent go go where that nobody can do so it's a go ahead written burritos aren't I. I think I could name the same guys eventually I would know their names I don't executive Noel you're gonna know all ten it's him but it's how many without it I think. Tickets can have or take me up when he guesses or bring go ahead. Okay would you say 666. On I'm and that five so go ahead take it okay Lincoln and I'm sure I'm not gonna get six right off the bat but on another larger bet on it that's what I. Just take my shot all right shooter shoot ever Smith number two. Cornelius Bennett number three. Darryl Talley number one. Can't. Should say said three linemen three linemen three linebackers I'm sorry three linemen four linebackers three defensive back. Top ten tackles and bills team history. Kyle Williams correct. Number nine delivered forgot Kyl start well Ireland's is number nine Aaron Schobel incorrect I am wrong answer. Lose the game shame on you I've got what Schulze twelfth. As I saw a jump in and German state for the dvds I think the number one would be Henry correct he's fourth all time number one among defensive backs can throw in a linebacker go for it. Got to reflect your right number seven. Yes London Fletcher who connect connect commiserate with these guys. Is Dante hit near one of the dvds. To play her on and on and is it easier on an okay that's I mean oh what about Phil Hanson for defense line. Number six pick Phil Hansen is director should it I guessed him. Who would be about as he Clements I feel it's Nate Clements is incorrect he's eleventh. Close again while. Okay what classes eleventh I would say need Odom is pretty there's no number ten NATO and its Al adjusting numbers six and number eight all time tackles for the bills are ruined yeah are your thoughts on an. In an apartment is what ledger giving us an audio clip and just pushed a voter I thought it was they had a it's probably feels incorrect Antoine Winfield is nineteenth are still missing one DB one GB and one linebacker. Your spurt incorrect. Close. Think Garland bonding Conlon is chorale good. I'll get outs and he was on in my house is it bill Simpson before him I was thinking goes Simpson that's because who's the other DB. Yeah you're missing a defensive back and I will say hmm this is a bit of a surprise to find out he's top ten in the team history in tackles. You'll all remain so we'll all remember from. He played for the team for nine years Terrence McGee yes top ten ninths. Terence Smith is ninth all times can along cavity yeah they played for nine years now compare that to Shane Collins here what five. So yeah. Tears me never and until you said you'd be surprised I never yes I would have guessed Terrence McGee that is I would have guessed guys like. Ted Washington Kirk's old before Washington Julia. Posluszny sixteenth. Upon us again. I like your up close chills and got 46. At least once beaten. And did I I lectured your car your bill since it was really funny salads and in that popped in my are trying to think. Who we are we missing anybody from the seventies or eighties and on and why I was actually thinking Fritz moralist worsen a card. I just closed at me and I was asked ROC probably didn't yet nose tackle writing it harness that was applied it now and so there you go on trivia was gone out the big country we are down food soon yeah we've got a new winner we've got into Brunell from derby is our latest winner. And debt bills mafia is it. How do you pronounce it's now and Jerry is that chip chip pinot chip Pino I'm pronouncing CIO PPI NL. Anybody chip chip pinot. Don't know excel so it's I apologize for not knowing I guess I should it it is. Fish. Two pounds of white flesh fish cod snapper Waller perched dolphin who read the dolphin. Shrimp scallops the thief broad mix. So it is it's got it's got all that and then that person sea salt some saffron. Two cans of baby clams and Jews. Us the whales three and of course the country's streets off 140 ounce bottle of country sweet sauce milder hot. To be able for mild but then again you know that's medium amount kinda guy. So that's DL that is the recipe that that is our third winner Bruno from derbies gonna bring that in foursome we get you. Taste a little bit of bills mafia however you pronounce it chippy you know a magic of technology guys are over a WB and Cella. I do not actually in the studio and I get a go have ninth say hide Brian Susan fourth art thanks thank you south.