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So he signed a two year extension. And I think it's a good deal for both sides and I let's welcome in Zambia's Ferguson's on the lines I'm just arrogance and are you there sir. We're doing well story you in the middle of your bench press that you're squats your biceps curls box jumps what are you doing right now. I've learned little worked out later that go out what are you doing. Doing somehow pull up spread out so there's that. Pull ups or break pull ups not Tommy that's how important a pull ups and hockey because all these prospects that get drafted entered go to the com buy canned to a poll up. They all get criticized. I think is that player dozen early bilateral problems that are. Personal thing if you can hear me do not I like everything it good overall strength. Things are not computer. OK where where we got where we are right now we still have what a month left until he's out of how many. Paula can you do. Are out on the back out here at all that I can. Are there in those results also about the here. How many how many can you do you like come on beat around the bush zambians. All. Right 21 lead at 45. Are we talk about or are we talking wide grip are we talking cluster. It would probably. 20/20 five. I would eat meal that you. Ever wonder how old are you hoarding definitely added that her. Would you have teammate they're somebody holding your ankles and helping you or give me a little bit of a boost. 20s25. All right so hey let's talk let's talk about the elephant in the room Zambia's high feel about the contract. I feel great that flake says Rebecca awful or you're more you're our. We're going to look really good luck with your book about all the addition GM I should be deciding factor. Yeah with you being the last. I think you're the last signing for for bought troll. It's nice that you can get done. Have they spoken to you at all about what their feeling is where you're gonna play are you gonna be senator are you gonna be. Given a shot to play left wing also. They know I have the personality was all so I think that's about in the camp Mort Shia. Yell things go around them. Just where would be the best fit for me. What where where do you think the best it is for you which would actually barrier which position do you like to play more. To be out of there's product look both sides saw it's awfully loved playing better but. I played wing have a biker dude saw I incomparable Eric playing ball and I I love all the longer on the ice and and you're contributed Elam all get. So so what is it about senators is just the fact that you're more freewheeling I mean. You know I know there's a lot of restrictions when a guy is you know guy plays left wing disarming can kind of go everywhere so I mean is it. Is it now part of it they feel like is it defensive responsibility deal like work you like being in the faceoff dot. I mean now when you're the sentiment you're you're you're the go to guy in the ice. Yet that was more possible. Wanting a lot being in the these on and off. Helping out outlaw and and that we're here you and you're got much of a help but. I think their car or finger Bernard or being air. The countryside. So if you're playing center on this team you know odds are it would be third line senator. Have you thought about you know I guess I don't wanna see gap in the lineup but the fact that there's a left wing spots that are spots open on the left wing to play. Maybe up on the top line get some ice time with the big boys. You know I haven't really. That. Coaching and GM saw. What it can't hurt our order cart PR goes. What about offensive numbers for you you had to put expectations on yourself. Yeah definitely one improve that's one thing I had been like the last couple years that we're not happy about myself send our. I know I have more to give them I'm ready. That. So go ahead well I was just gonna I'm I'm wondering like when you when you finish your season so your your not your honor a young player anymore this is going to be what your fifth season in the NHL. So you start your triangle home every summer and you wanna have value weigh yourself and things that you can get better. What are some of the things that you told yourself not what the team has told you and they want you to work on that what are you thoughts. Can make you a better players skating is it. Stick handling is that your shot is what party your gain did you key on this summer. But I you know came philosophers on. I put a lot of work this summer it would our eyes off place so all I really did focus on the order and that's our. Or finger had to get better and I think it has occurred just during the summer where. Who train went. Like soccer shoe to score. You any other and you your other teammates within. One don't want I saw an ally I. But we are broke the group. We stand in in the wind tunnel you're driving in your new convertible is Bob what do you do or. Are they elders here. Standing outside of the Germans were which were pregnant I Wear that all the time that's why we're on the set now here you're still playing hockey. Bob tell us about tell us something else on this get back over a lot did all this summer. I don't know that walker to world championships. But all legal I'll actually permits sister's wedding back all these earnings. Couple bigger than a back up on the early summer. You know one question Gergen ever wondering about your contract was you know when you guys I don't know if you talked about how negotiations went by. Are where you're looking at a one year to year did you want a longer term deal I mean. What was your initial start going into our contract negotiation with the team. Are you know. I decide to your it was the Beaufort both sides. Or meek is or that more breathing room sit off. I use my mind and not to stress about there exceed a man to play hockey and our do my best so I think the deal for both. Case on this show we'd do a segment called myself trades I want you to buy sell trade something for me. Buy sell trade Zambia's Gergen decisions can score twenty goals in the NHL. Or yeah I'd damn right I got us on that I'm asking the question but he. By. Myself trades I'm just arrogance instance courts when Eagles in this league. The confidence. All right Z he won't tell you what man. We don't wanna keep it too long as you've got to you got some pull ups to go and do we're gonna talk about Beisel treat your 'cause we both agree with that. We hope to see you get the opportunity that you deserve man to show all the potentially so go get go knock out those 20/20 five flops and I will see a training camp. I. Amen thanks for joining us art.