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WGR Sports Radio 550 for six sports talk Saturday. Now I'm a book on WGR. About it yeah. Sports Radio 515. Wow. How is rights. Got a lot of talk about today's sports talk Saturday nick you're here live and studio. There's a gain yesterday amateur if you knew about it there's a cornerback who did well I don't know if you knew about it. What's his name I don't know. I know his name names there Kramer. Wait you're tied up things are done well on mine teams involved that. Be careful what you say. Got me but sort of so. There's a bills game yesterday. The budget calls last night more calls and I kind of thought we would buy a basically midnight nice job neck of an away game. Here we are with a there's sort of a lot to digest there's a lot to talk about in the pre season game in a week to. Because more importantly week three which I think everyone sort of knows if you're a football fan of any type. That third pre season game is sort of you walk through for the starters it is time where your starters potentially play into the third quarter. In. It's weird Derek I was on Twitter this morning in last night. I found any negative but just feel tweets I don't know if you heard over and act on what why would you. The 'cause everyone hates them he ever ever see that show about Chris Rock it's called everyone hates Chris yet. Kind of the same thing with with Josh on except everyone hates Josh the issue shell. Better yet buffalo rumblings pressure together that that's trash. ISP and down and ramseys commentator and what is it it's. Their own rockets Rolla rock hanging a slap in high eighties. Very creative buffalo rumblings Purdue grad that can grant them. Hear from people today most importantly we need to figure out exactly what the pulse of the families and I think maybe it's time Derrick for a poll. Polls are important. I think we need to put a poll up at WGR 550. On Twitter to get the people going. I need to now. How important it is for people to see Josh Allen play against the first team next week. On Sunday against the Bengals. I do think now. I know they're the browse the lowly grounds. But I think that difference is probably to be pretty good this year. They really worked the bills starting off with a line in the AJ McCarron. Looked pedestrian. And eighty Jim McCarron look like me. Get and Josh and came in and it was it against the full starting defense the browns like there were a few I think the starting backfield will still up there the defense backs. They'd didn't really have miles Garrard out there they didn't have the guys that were really disrupting things of that bill's first team offense. That had three consecutive three knots. So I need to see Josh jail on faceoff against competent defense a company. First team defense in that there is an opportunity this week for that the Bengals defense. It is confident competent Richardson topic to you don't they're confident. Geno Atkins. They've got some good starting corners. NFL cal bowl caliber starting corners. They've got some pretty good linebackers. But has perfect. I'd rather him not deal with that yet I but he needs to I think for us. For meat for use for the fan base. Firms Sean McDermott for Brian Cabell for Brandon beam for Terry Google. To find out whether or not this guy is ready to play and so far in two games. I think most people's expectation. Were pretty low for Josh on these 21 games. It was essentially don't embarrass us can't don't bear us. And he's done quite the opposite effect. He's gotten guys like Lorenzo Alexander. A very respected veteran and I and and I am not saying that. As saying that I'm saying he's respected. I sought so that the fair Byrne the athletic he posted some comments and I'm trying to find him right now. Read some accounts we haven't seen that these tweet but he got some comments from Lorenzo Alexander after the game yesterday Ross Tucker former Buffalo Bill. Part of the media tweet out. That he thought that the words of Lorenzo Alexander. Are the kind of things that really throw a wrench into quarterback competition. And I moderate I have here. He's definitely gaining my trust Alexander said. He already has my respect but just my trust as far as him going out there and being able to command the offense keep guys in place run it smoothly as a young got. If he's in that spot. It's not gonna be like oh no we've got a rookie out there he seems like he's holding his own and operating at a high level. Obviously he has to go and continue to get better as time goes on and he gains experience. He's impressive to me if he ends up winning it will have a good chance as if any of those guys win. Those are strong words from a guy who is better around a lot of good quarterbacks. That's the strong words for captain on this football team who had seen a saint. At that any say in who's gonna be starting quarterback. But back he is echoing a lot of the thoughts of his teammates 100%. Here's some more he's very fiery. And it seems like guys around him kind of respond to his energy and kind of clocked him that I agree with 100%. They looked straight out flat. With agent care. Yesterday to start ticket those first three series I was disappointed they did not come out the way that they came out they compete and at first we can get Carolina shore. It's week one of the pre season of course your dot you know it's your first football. Game against an opponent that is your teammates sure your amp up your under the home lights. At the cap you know select your you're excited I get that. But this is another situation where a lot of these guys are facing opposite Corey Coleman for instance facing off against his former team their facing evidence Tyrod Taylor. Tech's Tyrod Taylor don't. So Buick. I don't know I was. More. Intrigued. By the response of that first team offense now grant. The entire first team browns' defense they wore out that. There're certainly a few guys that were remaining. Like a big bill as I mentioned the start of the show they had a couple of defensive backs that we're still from the first team unit out there. But for the most part it was the second team defense. With the bill starters out there regardless of the EU. Acts Q should mobile. The passion that that unit played with when Josh Jalen came into the game was inserted in the lineup was noticeable. And those are the sorts of things when you're talking about young player. Josh Young could do the things that he didn't put the numbers kind of numbers that he's put up so far this pre season. End. Maybe not have the same feelings that I have had about when he comes in the game how his teammates respond. His teammates respond to him when he comes in the game. That to me is maybe the most impressive thing so far in two games that I've noticed on a computer man. But people go like he had that first drive I mean what every six for 6% in that scoring drive. Schiller came in to gain yesterday after three and up to three and out like they looked terrible made eight total yards after three drives it was bad. Josh deal comes in now that that penalty that they have apparently what ever. All you can do is take what is called and move for those fifteen played right. But that's the kind of stuff that you're looking for. From your starting quarterback much less a rookie much less beacon Peter great you get what you are looking for. Is a level of consistency that you can begin to count on. Three for three for scoring drives. That's a level of consistency. That you're looking for in your starting quarterback. And unfortunately. AJ McCarron has sort of his injury has now forced Sean McDermott to turn this into a two man race. I think at eight you know maybe this is unfair but I think agent Cairns chances not only starting for this team are all but diminished and spotted on this roster for him is also very much in question at this point. I am very intrigued now at where the numbers standard where do the people feel. The numbers are in terms of percentage. Of the so Whitewater a Gordon got. Ninetieth time and what was the question asked. Josh downplay with the stars increases in game number three in Cincinnati yup let's do this no Peter and needs the reps. How many votes and so on and Sonia. 803055188550. To fight fifty do you need to see. Gosh jail and face off against the Bengals first team defense on Sunday next Sunday. For does Nathan Peterman neither reps do you believe that. Regardless of what happens. Here over the next two pre season games at an I might even reel that back whatever happens over the next pre season game I think that fourth game is its role. Is it important for you is it important for this organization. Duke they only to themselves. To put Josh here on out there against a competent defense to see how he runs with the ones in my opinion it needs to start today. It needs to start whenever the next practices they need to allow. A level of comfort. Tightening. And honestly. Come rock teen he needs to be on the same page as Kelvin Benjamin net first play. Now that wasn't an accurate throw I'm here to tell you that was were not on the same page for up with Calvin badge. And if you're gonna get a realistic look at Josh I'll. He needs to take every other rat if not. Half or more of the wraps this week at practice with the ones and needs to be staying after practice with Kelvin Benjamin Jeremy curly Zeta-Jones. Corey Coleman to an extent. But I'm in the camp. That what we have to learn it next week. Doesn't have a lot to do with meet Peter because I'm gonna tell you right now. I like naked Peter I wrote in my piece earlier and in the offseason about a burning take that I. Dealt with conviction. That he can Pearman was gonna start sixteen game barring entry this year. I felt that I felt that there was no way Josh count is ready to play. I hear absolutely admit that from what I've seen I'm wrong. I think it's pretty clear that Joshua Allen not only has a very firm grip on what this coaching staff would Brian gables asking of the core reckon a softens. But that he'd legitimately gives this team a chance to win. Maybe more so than naked Peter but I need to be careful because I do think that they can Peter showed eight ton and that first pre season game. He showed comfort he said he was comfortable he did what we knew he did well which was get rid of the football on time and quickly. Even at second game Putin. He missed the first two passes. For eight rednecks you know over a hundred yards again and I don't wanna sit here and take anything away from the performance that I saw from the computer in the first week and quite frankly. The performance that we saw him play last night against the threes now. From what you can take away from Josh Allen playing with the threes I think is based in which could take from the computer rippling with threes. But I aim at eighty cross roads. Where. I don't know that Nathan Peter ring can show you any more than he has. I don't know that we had anything to gain or to learn from throwing a computer and out with the ones. Next Sunday. What we can't learn. Is Ken Josh Allen. Have the same level. Of foyer. Are does that starting offense it is the energy. Raise to another level when Josh Allen is out in the field. With the ones against ones. I need. To be able to cross that off my list either yes or now. I need dad and I think Sean McDermott needs that I think as a fan base. They need it I think we what we need to do this process of elimination. The end you don't last week committees the week before. Bulldog was on and was talking about. You know the sooner we find out about Alan. The better this is we cannot and I completely agree as we cannot. Turn this into a three year expedition we cannot turn this into a three year experiment whereby the end of year three we've wasted. However long and how ever many players or however many contracts. To find other Joshua Allen isn't too. Now are we gonna get a firm grip on that after year one likely not. But if Joshua can play 141516. Games this season. I think you need to give him that those tools in year two to either sink or to swim. And I think that starts this week it starts today it starts whenever they go back out on the practice field. And I can tell you from a teammate standpoint. Lorenzo Alexander in his words that's the sign of a leader he says and somebody gets going to play in this league for a long time its price it's impressive to me. Just to see his growth. From when he came in here until now I think he's definitely way ahead of where most people would have had him pegged at this point the pre season wholeheartedly agree Lorenzo. And I think. To fully make a decision on what this team is going to do week one. You need to see him against the company's first team defense. And where we were two weeks ago need before these games are played. Were probably of the same camp of Josh Young probably shouldn't play in the regular season right away as a matter of fact he's probably playing the entire fourth game get a all the rat right. Funny what two weeks has done with us now and I would say. The one thing that we have to do is we can't checkers a little bit here because it may not be in Sean McDermott's plans. To have Allen in right away. We still have to remember that a computer army is a big factor in all of this and he has played his way to the right of being. Probably the favorite to head coach. For starting we want. So we can let checkers. We know there's there's no question that we need debt at the pre season pledges for okay. We can't over or under react to what we see all we can. All we can do is take everything that we've seen in two weeks of the pre season in 1516. However any practices its baton. At face value. And I think by process of elimination. And by unfortunate circumstance. That we have eliminated AJ McCarron from the sports. He was unfortunately eliminated by force Esther by force but I think in his three series his plate. Indicated. It level. Of play I think we were all sort of expecting from major McCarron it's no offense AJ McCarron I think if he's a good backup quarterback honestly I think he can comment. And provide you one or two games. And and that is not. I'm not panic there are very few good back up there are very few competent quarterbacks. At the pro level. I do think that he is competent enough to be a backup quarterback mislead I don't believe he's a full time starter. I think his money per year the money the bills are paying him per year. Indicates that. I don't know if I'm looking at all explicit I think right now if I looked at Josh. I don't Republican Aiken Peter and in I looked at AJ McCarron. I think before yesterday's game. I was giving the nod and eighth Peter. I I just that's how I feel about it I was impressed by editing I saw during practices for major McCarron. I don't think he necessarily struck any sort of confidence and his teammates. And I think generally speaking this organization this coach. They'll likely compete. They generally like meeting gimmick they like where his development has come. I think that he has taken a step from last year to this year from rookie a first year that market a second here. 80305518552. By fifty is it time. To give Josh on a real look against wants let's go to Gary Gary you're on sports talk Saturday. Hold on Gary. OK Dyer on with me Gary welcome. I guess I yelled don't do well self. Group got together and have him I'll sleep in their own unique in the care gone much polyester or is it. But you know or one dollar stamp. They did play up her third person passing last year. So you put the kid in a note to be at least here 1618. Maybe well apparently. Want to turn the ball over. Well that's that's the thing Geary is so far he has yet to turn the ball over what to thinks a good sign. But I need him out there at securing a game plan against the first team defense. Because I want to know if when that is the case he's facing a real pass rush if he's facing off against real starting NFL defensive backs. Does he have a tendency to force things that he shouldn't does he complete that pass and week 1 to record o'clock for the touchdown if he's against starters I don't know I'd like to find out. We go have mistakes that the rookie quarterback. Where to limit our deepest strong enough but they. To which standard for you know maybe 440 weeks that's what's gonna take probably get him some experience. Ugly you're playing these got a little bit. You're like up here and out like human you'd like frank likely come in here and get that spot but they've wrapped up all seven. Of them on the bench all don't know I'm right. That'll makes the call Gary I you know I do read it. I do think though there does need to be a level of understanding with rookie quarterback you mentioned there are going to be mistakes. And I think the thing that we all have to sort of be careful of is what we saw from the browns last season. Now. DeShawn Kaiser he wasn't drafted seventh overall tech he wasn't drafted in the first round. He was a second round. But that franchise didn't have. Enough of a veteran presence to give him an opportunity to grow before and allow him to be ready to play. And you saw what happened because of that. And I think that there is a level of concern you have to have but I also think that there's a level of new hunts you have to have when your. Looking at all situations because not each situation is created equally. Can argue that Josh on this year probably has less weapons than the Sean Kaiser had last year Cleveland and he struggled. The problem is. Sean Kaiser wasn't given an opportunity to work through the mistakes he's making mostly because he was making a hell of a lot of mistakes. But how Hugh handle how hue Jackson handled that situation was as pork. Of a coaching job is I'd seen. Ever with a court with a quarterback situation. Ever pans out it was one of the worst handled. Quarterback situations coaching decisions I'd ever seen. Coming from the guy who punted on fourth and one I didn't receive an at the fifty correct. So shocked I am eight there there's a level of yes. Did you have to be careful but there's also a level of the can't use Sean Kaiser or I hear Troy Aikman. War I hear Peyton Manning. There are certain situations better than it let whoever is narrative. That you wanna take that Josh Allen needs to start and play right away doesn't matter what defense as he plays against dork. I don't wanna throw Josh on out there against really good defense is to start the year let's let me and Peter stark. Both of those narratives both those pickings can be fun. But be careful. Trying to support those narratives. With former situations with former quarterbacks with hall of fame quarterbacks with second round pick cornerbacks who got treated in the next offseason after being drafted. As a potential starter or potential franchise quarterback. So we all need to take a collective deep rough. And realize in try to figure out what's best for Joshua Allen because at the end in I think this is the most important point to make. This is more about the fifteen year of the ten to fifteen year outlook that it is the 2018 outlook. If sitting Josh on this season. And he gets a complete red shirt means. That he turns into the franchise quarterback that this organization as yearned for for decades. And I'm comfortable with. But if it means that he needs to go out there and go oh and eight get battered. Roll. Fifteen interceptions in eight games. For him to be successful the following season or the remaining eight games. That I am here for that. I need to east solution I need a game plan in I think that Sean McDermott has that I just wish that we knew what what's. 80305518582. By fields govern the called for a little prickly toward Charlie I Charlie transport stocks are welcome. Morning guys how are you doing doing very well. I'm court judge she'll complain. Guess this Cincinnati's first up defense first in defense next week. The only democracy that it is really important is Erica we got to trust our people our general manager or coach is our brain trust that runs the bills. If they think the kids ready to put their let him play he's not. Let him learn because you know these I think is that what you guys have been saying this morning because. Ever since from Todd Collins and we thank you Jim Kelly we shall we drafted out challenge on we haven't been able to develop a developing young quarter tiger or expectation. And I think that it is no wonder he needs more time yet eventually let the mortgage you're gonna get another quarterback but you can keep it going there he hit a heart the guts to do a part of Internet Soledad the significance of a good thing. They challenge the rest your weekend I think it's a good point Charlie because here's the thing. I think he's shown from mental capacity standpoint. I think he's shown from a leadership from up come follow me from a IE. The moment is too large for me standpoint. That he's checked the boxes that I needed him to check to feel comfortable trotting him out their record. But I do need to see it against the starting defense to know for sure. In say what you will about a pre season game. If he plays a full half against that Cincinnati bagel starting defense. In plays at the level he's played that for the last month. I'm ready to move forward with Josh on week 1803055188. By fifty to fight to do you could vote and appalled at the BGR by fifty on Twitter. Do you need to see Nathan Decatur and start. To my next week I should say on Sunday against the Bengals because he needs the reps or are you ready to see Josh Young get an opportunity gets the first team defense radiating taking your calls your tweets. Or to eighteen year old long Josh retail for gonna join us next forget his spots in the game yesterday his thoughts on Josh on the quarterback situation in a hole. And what he needs to see. For an opportunity for Josh on week one against the ravens or listen to sports talk setter here under BG. Hey guys tell us who aren't all right afternoon and it was all right Tyrod Taylor quarterback. Yeah. Thank you for that there I said that tee this morning and confidence they can you would use it. But I fashion if I should've known better knowing ya come on out. I was begging you to send you to be off the air you get. Our let's go to the AT&T hotline because I've got Josh Reed joining me now he was. Probably the same level of interest in that game yesterday as everybody else for Josh. Well absolutely. At all. It all pre feed all I rocket or Baghdad and are underfed and did it a lot of people think it or back up got out here now where it that it etiquette. Well we're. You know I think I'm in the same boat as you Josh freed WI DB's sports director here joining us and the AT&T hotline. I think I'm right there with -- and and obviously it starts with the injury to the unfortunate let's let's put the debt because. It's not that he was like the world on fire in its first few series while it is in there. But you don't like to see in the process of elimination play out due to an injury. They'll let it not mean ages are dire need. Hit it great challenge back quarterback battle on average equity emanated. At Eckerd. Our not good. Exactly. Shall work are out injured your order back. But that is at all. Yeah I mean it yeah well aware that we go bear bit the three man race out there and I think got like I know what bought it or up money. You know III just wonder Josh if if were entering an area where we're going to learn a lot about. The process that plays out in Sean McDermott had. By not only who he starts this next week against the Cincinnati dangles. But who we ultimately trots out there week one against Baltimore I we don't ever really get a clear vision of how old. You know shot meter and I think maybe that and batted series gave us a little bit more than what we've gotten in the first you know a year or so. That he's back at the home. But but I think based on what we're going to see over the next week at practice who's gonna get the raps in and ultimately who ends up getting the most playing time with starters next week against the Bengals. I think that's gonna give us may be more of an idea of his thought process then really anything on indicted or or anything you could see on television does. I think it's all right shall it ever at. Any heat they are all that op plan. I believe. This. Is now. Maybe wade aid I don't hold it where it. Okay. Are we all AJ starts it'll. It was going to be an open outpatient. Circle what order back at started. Dating yet. It ought. Yes there preceding game. L will tell us that all is well terror. Everyone's got their care as. They've got a lot of rap you know it moving guys and now bird back in the third. All trading at the outtakes can they can just say you know all the jot or you can start we want an adult. In. What are we. Art or repeat yeah I think we could be all of those quarterback. App with the first game because typically that third preceding game. It is the director hurtful or we ought injured starters for the reporter. Dull topic it would be free at eight. Thought well our horror you know the first order to have that big and our you know our plate for order app. Josh in Euro valuation. Of this whole thing that's that this this competition that's played out in from an evaluation standpoint next week. Do we'll learn more as a fan base as the media as an organization. You know for the bills do you learn more from a valuation standpoint. A Josh Allen playing to see what he can do against a starting defense. Or. How he plays with the starting offense so you know I guess the question comes down to. Do we need to see him play with the starters more or do we need to see him play against starters more. Yeah hi yeah I think all of my I wanna be out. I thought I am way I know I gotta say but he got a great result is get back here. And the thirteenth or public debt or else you'll. Doesn't hat billionaire wrong are to be an impressive but. LL but you know that was shot or edit back when he shot it's absolutely weapons available. I didn't. Your day. Format. And back in order. All. Lot. Awful lie and it got. 14. Or eight or break it looked like you can take back our. Dispute that you left. Or pressure element that way up to fly back right. After dark. Tiger right now. You edit or keep trading on or they want. But at some point you can only goes I wrote don't make you know what there's one quarterback. On that roster. And make that way. They're out there and other adequately your streak. Is completion percentage in Beijing are out acted. Yeah well. It should know what I am. Our talent I mean he's the only art that robbed the bank that. I don't disagree with that in and I'm glad that you brought me competed in because I don't know. If you're Nathan. That he has done to prove or to at least have owned that starting spot. Only to sort of be out shined by those clamor plays you speak about for you spoke about. With Josh Al red lake is there anything we could have really ask more from of a naked Peter in this pre season. It just it didn't get. Now you know that he got and are. Giving it out because I mean I think they're it's still a but he could become darker located at the start we want. Your. Keep it did not get the job not now. I think that's what I'm very bright able and you'll coaching that won't let that happen. They want it ought do. Wanted to nature. I think it's adequate. OK. Or job because he's been good. Now these these are receding. I mean you're gonna be no reason that believe it. All all they. It terrible. And they will. Let it happen out there although it. Sean McDermott. Is quarterback are all. Day. In those. Ways that make up a similar. But last year at Indian at that Tyrod. That that is try to game the bat. And it at least elves got. Forty. Go up under our air. You know that Josh Reed here on the AT&T hotline I'm interested in your take because. I think I had a pretty good understanding. Out of aliens. Mobility his ability to escape rushers but I think what has surprised me a little Josh. Is his ability to simply run away from defenders in I'm not talking defensive lineman I'm not talking about middle linebackers. I talk about defensive backs. The keys out running players that I just didn't really know he had the capability to out run so far. That night. After the first round draft. You know late night or over Norton art. Walk out of the hero. Am often are all. Morning to break like are at love it. Well the general manager at every little bit off. Or bad things about ourselves. At war or. That. Or be mate Al. Get a jump out. At. Why I mean is that it at. Eight. Your comment opted back. Yeah. Do. You edit it. And the is it. I. Feel that. I think all of. So I wanna move to the defense side Josh. I your thoughts on and trimming Edmonds because you know I. Surprisingly enough I mean I don't like three or four calls in the post game show yesterday. Talking about it their disappointment so far in intra made Edmonds and I sort of had to do the the classic fire extinguisher thing reflects kind of relax a little bit. Because this is a twenty year old kid that is running a professional defense for the first time in his life. And is playing in sort of learning on the job like this is a kid that's been playing against ACC offenses against you know. Running gone off such is not. Pro style offense not power run games. So you know what did you notice from ad means in is there really this cause for concern there seems to be among the fan base. Start the ball. Everybody thought. You know. And that they're very Brett it. And let it he's been able to pick things up. Now. I want to believe. It or read. You've got off a little bit. It beat it thinking bill and not react in fact that you had bought all. All. Dave one last order day's trading at. You know you. Bought that game. But he said that he wanted to. Think it. He just wanted to start playing. At work to do it all at once or maybe you tackles along. At and re running back now. All but I remember it very and it probably work out what went in the press ought Albany replay can be up like that. You could tell. At bell and Big Apple for short game is law law. You're right. Here. At the break and you know I've called myself that. About out at any. That is not a repeat it repeat freak out shot or. Break out we don't expect it LLO. All about everything you know all all of what you get what. Well it is. As packages right now are going to be very ball. I think he's got to show they showed up bought into what go to all our. They built fire. I think all of were made sure we want all or all of it should we should back off probably ought. Jermaine at the and it sort of body want to be. Our Josh appreciate dropping out with me this morning I know that it's gonna be a really interesting week I don't the buildup to this last game there was a significant one. And and I think as we move into. The media sessions during practice finding out the rap shares this week it's only gonna get more interesting is they had into this home game which is may be in the Marxist in part. Against the Cincinnati bagels were can expect to see the starters at least play early into the third quarter so appreciate it man and will be looking forward to this week there's no doubt about it. Absolutely that I mean I got. All right Josh Reed there on the AT&T hotline joining us. Talk a little bit of up bills browns from last night I've got more guests coming your way noon hour of got my catalog of thirteen women Rochester. He's gonna join us and we're gonna speak a little bit more about Josh ailment at 1238 act QB guru Mark Schofield he's gonna join us. He did his thoughts on Josh Alan and Jake burns he's a reporter over in Cleveland for negated his perspective from the Cleveland perspective on Josh Allen only that but. On some of their roster questions that the browns are facing heading in to the final few weeks of the pre season this is neat this is sports talk Saturday I need gear you're listening to the Biggio. He's working hard. I think you know and at number one it's it's his work ethic the way he's handled himself to this point. On and off the field and then it's part of the plan you know it's just moving him up and seeing how last week he played with in the second half mainly with the threes. Maybe some tunes for Carolina mature. Based on their roster but then tonight we wanted to see him. In the second quarter and you know look at him with with an increased tell level you know sent the ball in our side of the ball in and that funny but it's a good thing. That is bills head coach Sean McDermott talking about the rookie cornerback Josh in on after his performance last night if you missed any of that press conference. We might give it a replay later otherwise it's going to be red and demanded to be GR. By fifty Dak Thomas got a call because Mike has been waiting very patiently and hold Mike you're a sports talks edit welcome. Very good afternoon yeah from what I've seen from Josh now. Being that it stand out on one. Dispersing it jumped out mucus footwork is. Feel better written on average are. I mean and it also in the global. His command of the golf and just the but keep the moment not to break from. Oh I. Stork week the real priest and then that will dictate what happens we aren't going into bought a home. I mean there's only. The deck. Make icon and her in the pocket in the world that touchdown ill formed and is this can be an exception. All what you don't. All I've got down and it. All I don't really think that he can go out there next week in China and we want our people. I don't seem like more the rupiah at any type war that he cut last week's going game. You know next vs if you if you can get the start and Arctic. Cincinnati's first set I don't think it's normal course and at least. It would gonna start. Into the trading proper. Course and warrant. Problem is if you keep it Baikonur. That lead in the quarterback race at the fair article. What was. Another performance like he did last night. Shall McDermott and up toward the commitment to get up and while I'll I won't pick our. Truck with what I've been shut out from all what all. You know thanks for the call Mike I I agree in this and I think what this ultimately comes down to is Kenny heat. I mean my question last week was can be put back to back good performances on tape and he did that. Now my question has to be can he put back to back to back good performances on tape. Playing at a new level each week playing with the threes and playing well and playing with the twos and showing and playing well. Now he needs to go up against the ones I think this is the next level of progression the next level. Although valuation that in this is what we've been talking about this morning that next level. Of a valuation has to happen to fully known I think the only way we can do that. And the only way to evaluate it. It's gonna be to see him play against starters this week 803055188550. To 550. If you wanna get your thoughts on Josh downs remain at men's anything about that game yesterday we will hear from you and we'll take your calls we'll take your tweets everything else like that. Mike had a lot of thirteen ramp from Rochus is gonna join us next we're gonna get in and talk a little bit more about the Josh count situation had an interesting tweet. That is really really coming to fruition so we'll talk about that next with Mike here on sports talk Saturday on WGR.