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Music great revenge. Here's presented by. Well it is it is Andrew Peters Gregory bay Marty bureau shuffling in here. Afterward trying to do get party here on all settles of that. All the levers of Marty can can. Tune into the show. We have a very special guest re here as well as we live from the park country club sabres alumni golf tournament. Siebert president rob ray will join us at some point we're also going to be joined. At 1030 with JP Dumont is going to join us. Who else is gonna join us all Mardy is here so we have that. Couple other guys are going to be around it's like so many guys are here right there poop is here with autism is or overdue and a pro bush and I what we are still working on here is we have this group of pace than in the works. We're going to be selling hair products because this guy has got nice hair he's got the most legendary. Do you remember when he was playing golf he took the mask off and is here with the like perfect he put a mask back on. He played. Then there was a break he took the mask off here which if he had these single greatest moral. But on the back of oddly hard I've ever seen it was is all star card. And it guys just listeners are gonna try to get him onto he's around but anyway. Jordan Leopold drive I think we got a lot talk about here but first and foremost former. Buffalo sabre Jordan Leopold what's going on you know funny it was just sitting on the ports over there doing catching up on work back home and but he called me over Lilja over here okay. What is worked so and so I live a live Minnesota eyes I do kind of what you guys do in the winter we shall all be on the on one of our affiliates for awhile back home. We talk about all the hockey stuff that he we do the same exact thing does not full title in four months of the year. Go from there I could not produce usually do who birdied it just sit over here. Why am I at an annual duke with a Gavin and pat. Pat Michael anti whose told equities at. If you note Julien and a lot of so it's a path that doesn't look myself that we have producers says that your Russell all the seasonal that's so. I don't know people that other in my experience of blocking just talk about it and it wonderful teams that I played with this being one of them. It's not I don't care is a mortgage that I had for years because you were in high demand people want high demand I demand I demand it luggage or same bag the same luggage really bad I'd say everything same words in my underwear. Or off I go through lists of the Calgary. After with Colorado back Calgary and with the Florida. Being the Panthers. And with the Pittsburgh. Are my Yankee history that an awful lot with Saint Louis Columbus and Minnesota. So yes so you tiger twice the UNL word 99 on the wall I have one Jersey from every genius. Not on the wall but in the case. It occasionally is picked Stewart case for us. And a spot right here Eric rank them one through eight politely yet I he would do that it is it is ideally I say if it's for hockey. Calgary beat him. In the humble laws that are Rhode Island in the models. That was beyond words what you write them a threat Warner had had a little bit well retro and I think you guys understand retro act cynically funny bit. That if it goes for living and in hockey caller I was period. And difficult for living in. It's epic awful because within a kilometer. An island I like they'll let us have roots are still come back yet and the reason I come back is because of the French troops remain over the years completely it's the actually a lot of kids see him with a hostile when that would nose here. Tried that for the visit with a couple ovals is that circles who in involve them as much as you like about it. Well enemy kid my my son's friend is actually an advocate that you sell when you were playing here though Garrett you know in my here at less than a year ago. Went to buffalo bills' training camp and I got to I make I have a few plays got to score a touchdown the whole thing. I would still playing you know baseball and hockey against Garrett any filled thought so highly of you and your wife and your family and so it's a your your time here was it was appreciated by not only hockey fan but I community and so for that we thank you for coming back. Yeah I know it's funny and I got traded here and didn't call you great effort at creatively when in my here today expelled him wait you cauldron like. You know what I call him dad I think about it here need to Bob yeah I think I've got. About I could easily do it when I got traded here and knows if it in the seeing that from my wife that we fluid like when we yours and it once we got grounded. That's please ever. Well I mean it's it's this for me being from Minnesota it's a midwest down there really is and I thought we were coming to late. Our New York worded everybody's. Not as friendly and is nice of where we came from people. No I had no idea they they you know when you're treated to a three year this year you're thinking about the glam and you know the beauty of the city and you know I. My my eight issue with buffalo back when I had not wonder she read your back for almost two months. 'cause that. I had read any story I had I had if I had a hate relationship with buffalo they. I had played against them in the same division for a long time that you feel that. You know that. Bad blood and now. Now it's like the thing that I held I I live here after hockey I've been here I've been retired for eight years I love I love buffalo I think buffalo is an absolutely incredible place so ideally for six weeks in the best part of the year in the summer. Because like total yeah. I can't go all out I go to a place to keep it better today needs a break from Canadian guy investigators. Andrew Peters. Gregory de mark camp year rob we're live on WGR Sports Radio five if you haven't worked. Live from park country club where the sabres alumni golf tournament is taking place today. And we are joined right now with shortly appalled and obviously Jordan obviously receivers alumni here at the Jerusalem like golf tournament a lot of people remember. After your time in buffalo. He very heartwarming. Latter I think we've part you shall that letter that your daughter wrote for the general manager in the Columbus. Nine minutes and I don't Minnesota this trade view. Arab media now nightstand like they'll keep it there. Now we we can't hear you rate now so we'll try to make that work. Putting it out I don't seem to be hearing dart any there. Hey you know what I know it's funny in the most definitely ended it in the that's unplug the U are the radio and out of knows a thing isn't like there you go. Yeah. Today. Leo's audio video you'd need a little listen open a I don't know any events that are on hopes alive aide I do this stuff every day. I know I'm good sir over the area that same thing both that's a heartwarming part of vols segment here you know you get cut off yeah but no news. All of my daughter and a letter letter that his daughter wrote. Need to be treated the. I lived and live the way for oil traded at Thanksgiving out of Saint Louis. Basically drove my vehicle from Saint Louis diplomas some by kids feel better they move over Minnesota and in the development for 34 months and it was hard it really wasn't my kids benefit at all and muscles act you know school at all at this little. It would mean change in my daughter Romo are well letter away put it in the safe for awhile and then finally she is desperate to trade deadline want in the hole. They released this thing to whatever bodies on the radio. And it went viral. It is and in thank goodness it all worked out it was all coincidence that never got released anybody here got sent put. The story ended up being great and we have people on vacation Thailand that her vote through the local media in Ireland and Russia. And all its please let it was nuts we'd do one interview on Fox News with the it was with that Hasselbeck early in the morning. And that was it all every network it Ellen show between. You know today shall all that kind of stuff. Were calling what we do the one everybody drop off. Who's pretty funny that's. The ball. You gotta think there was it hockey and if it'd been football and probably would have been a much bigger scale down our community for our culture. It was a great heartwarming story but he was even better that it was. Date you guys you would your family you guys were back together you've got your little moment I'm sure like your first game back in Minnesota not probably great. The nonsense you know I think it's really garbage that kids can manipulate trees rose four I think honor. You'll lose your. There are no wonder performing obviously hasn't it had to deal fog out his daughter had written letter yet is bags packed in the. I'm going all. We're human beings and now we live somewhat normal lives but its its reality anybody in the working full or where you're that you you retired. 2015. April 15 was my last my last world with little while though. And I wanna sign of Ireland's game you remember I yelled that I was in the bleachers. You'd and other last I not win the last game you actually played last game you were in the eyes yeah Canada I can we've. My kids we got swept by Chicago playoffs in the new of his chance maybe it would put it next game biscuits and Wales lineup yet. It change you know Nazis sixth defensemen big difference but it. They just in the change that no lineup that I looked up my kids you know sitting in the stands the game. You know goodbye goodbye told so you're senate six defensemen in the playoffs doesn't matter our show is based on defeating those that well then a decision get the bottom up I kind of guy hi I and I know but at the time you know when you're six defensemen and they and our top guys or do other things architect top guys out and councilman one's soul okay what are we endurance and a message but they Google Liam with younger. It's little it's base noting that it changes that opened edited does something no it tonight and against what is that in the back on a year ago. Gators we are or over at the park country club here for the sabres alumni golf tournament. They are president are robberies float around here somewhere and I mean float around here somewhere. We got Jordan Leopold on our set right now Marty here on. Greg repay talking about Leo's. Hockey career and all different aspects of a time in buffalo. Let me ask you guys this sold some some big news let's get to some some global hockey news here. Eric Lindros over the weekend. I think drops. An absolute bomb on on the hockey world when talking about. Banning body contact. From hockey. Now. I'm curious to know your thoughts on this suggesting. You know juniors college you know youth youth and all that stuff. I'm curious to know your thoughts on on on the biggie who is probably one of the most physical players. To maybe ever play. Probably imposed a lot of damage a lot of guys as he played. You know makes a comment like the actors know your thoughts. Neil you're the failure you get here in Afghanistan or. I'm the yeah also air hockey analyst once a year ago Don lemon. Clinic in Minnesota we have a huge debates of all the stuff for youth sports in Minnesota and and even US. Not need but US we talk about the stuff. Bad the big debate last year was to take. Hitting out of band image which is thirteen fourteen year old kids we we just did it for. 1112. In in that debate is there and I think the statistics that they shall medically. Are there to do it. Hell and is that going to happen Lama hockey purist analysts there. Is that gonna happen if possibly could mean you look at the big either he's yeah he's he gave. We gave some punishment but he also took some two gentlemen it is talking about eight you're talking at the enemy. Out Gotham talk you know the enemies of just thirteen fourteen years old who we just recently in USA hockey in convincing part you know I don't know. We just recently took a hit. The period because because the difference of height but to get out guys recently sent. I wanna say that's probably 845 years ago because when I was a kid playing Peewee income back. We didn't have hitting a Peewee but with that Peewee tournament the international. With command and the VP we age groups. And he would be allowed to hit. So we're talking lately either late eighties early ninety's a precedent probably mid nineties is when it probably changed that the US. Peewee aged kids that not hit but. Might my issue and I'm just playing devil's advocate as it is if you're gonna take it out of them. Why not taken it out altogether because what's the difference between the ban means guys in the midget or demented and did it because. I'll tell yeah Alitalia flight out. I have a major bantam hockey team right now yeah. I have one kid on the team that six foot three and a half feet to 170 pounds and fourteen you know kills 3170. I've another Kim on my team that's just the under fight people a 101 pounds yeah that's why he won ticket out of or bantam hockey if you were going to do it because. A lot of these players. The boy whose and I say avoid because they're they're again they're big boys they're young men that there are some guys that. They all grow differently some guys start to grow and hit puberty at age eleven some guys start to hit it at age fourteen. The guys that hit at age eleven are extremely dangerous for her very long time. You know what I'm saying as you get two major at age most of those all of them have hit puberty they're they're they're starting to become men. And there's a big difference in in the game there's. But I look at Eric Lindros was its audacity to write he was bigger stronger bigger and everybody else a kiwi a ban them. What I think Eric Lindros is trying to say is that. Body check in. Has more of a negative impact on the brain and on you know although the head issues that we're dealing with at every level of hockey. Not just that ban them that it is in juniors in juniors army times is he guys getting their heads. Who ran in to the board in juniors. Because you're so hyped up and you plea three in three. So Euro on Sunday you've already played Friday Saturday night you're tired you don't look behind your back you know when you get on here Ronnie Lott. Stating that you should be picking. Hitting our football. It's not like there you know you're gonna hate getting out of football and you're gonna have little drops on the side are you wrap the flag I don't think that's that's part of the game that's what makes the game. Great work that the cal in the game it's a little bit dangerous but yeah you'll win that if you open the door and its ilk you're gonna think heading out of them. And then that next up people are gonna want it out of midget and then within 20/20 five years we are. Why pinned by a ticket out of every aspect of hockey and I think that's an error we are careful. Is the gators Andrew Peters Craig group may have Marty beer on here on Monday going to be here on Tuesday as were heading over to Rochester. Or the Rochester Americans alumni golf tournament but we are you're gonna be their partner country club right now at a neighbor's alumni golf tournament and I've joined right now with Jordan Leopold. We're talking about her when grosses statement about. Concussions and taking hitting out of hockey I'm sitting here listening you guys arc. About this and and what ages and levels. You know they should be considered. I just sent out a tweet Carey tweeted don't like it don't like it I don't really care but I applaud Eric Lindros. For making these comments and not only that. What if what if he didn't go to press them. You can like I I meant I do Eric Lindros I what I guess I do believe though. I I I believe that they should be kicked and body contact iiroc their putters okay. Here's here's my point. I'm not saying that you go in hate body contact out of hockey. What I'm saying is maybe. Maybe we eliminate Wragge co Buddhist running through the middle of the guys the Scott Stevens hit on the lead gross. The Scott Stevens hit on audio Korea the Eric Lindros hit on. And they many 250 guys that you want race here at old but I guess they're moving toward that you don't you don't see as many Eagles open race right is there no news to get their I don't this'll last a life why not just. Why not just teach these players how to angle guys off into the boards don't charging into the boards. Let it let's be honest is he the only big game is so fast some of the worst concussion as I've seen enough punches to the head and they're not shoulders to they had their shoulder to shoulder body checks. Whiplash whiplash there but the game that's why the game is so fast that in 1970. Nearly 48 years ago. Guys didn't have helmets and didn't really suffer head injury because big game didn't move at the rate of speed it does now. Now yet helmets that are built. To protect your head and there are tested the to be able to absorb the impact would you still have injuries because the game is still classes. You'll never be able to take the accidental hit out of the way. That changing of direction at the last second out and you know that creates the a bad hip or a bad shoulder to head position. And it's suspensions are gonna happen is just part of today's game. That you have to be more aware of if you were polarized you know. Little has taken a different direction here and I've brought this up for debate before wanna hear you guys have to say what if even the NHL like you see this happening because what happens is when you take your superstars off the base of people that make a lot of money you know your payrolls. And oracle like that and neither do players because of the revenue share. And the SBS yes Seoul. Who would. I know the union wouldn't be in favor this but what if you opened up the ice and went for a formally to do during the all star game or something like that were. The the body contact shrink and because there's more open ice and if you miss again. Now you're screwed. And you can't go for that big yet. Well before doing that. Anyone do that the grassroots levels but I'm saying where at the higher court suing gun put myself but before going to more and more are completely changed a bit larger payroll. Yeah I mean and how about you did you add the and year by eight feet. On each side had to do with the via right now the places to want 85 by 200 I believe we have a lot of Olympic sheets in Minnesota because when herb Brooks was a round yet. In in the late ninety's it pushed a lot of US there are a lot of Olympic sheets to do that you know well now everybody wants it shall shoots yet but everybody lies Weaver because your your twelve years old -- and in the lives that it is too big Monday the NHL players and a single Olympic wondered by a hundred but if you went quarterback 95. You were giving that just that little bit of room. To be able to change the dynamic of that is account I tried 31 team the most and in the renovations let me let me know I think guys know what you stand. How well we don't. Changes. Think that it actually getting here and there is no way you're so Smart gains into a my game has a little bit eating into and that's appealing. I like the biting I don't like the fighting that happened. A year ago when I played you read this I yell and ME the whole game because that ugly helmet and I expect Faneca we'll let you Meehan without. Bit. Now we're. A it was also mission and oh yeah sure I've ever heard and how would. Adam Sandler and I'll play and I just Michael if if I won by. And he had the he added dimension helmet on them but he has another strata I'd love and I equivalent of sir yeah others out. Rome only top guys have leather straps. You do it has limited selection and an excellent high call me. Yeah it was in the Carter had a all it could get. And the and you hear it and I got past the but he skates by and I think I'd give it to those caught caught you know and if it goes. And he these days primaries that day. Brennan nice homage get a free poster and a thing. AD I mean it really really I'm used though a lot of me time allow me to recycle. I mean it's all in the execution. Yeah I remembered a game in LA because later in the year to present got traded to Atlanta and you did the same thing to him in Atlanta. They got beat is like I know I don't. I had to fight for you want him thing. My brother said that's him in the minors my brother was face to face them my brother was that your right goes. He's like if it kept you call yourself a heavyweight my my brother doctor 04 times to fight the one year. While in and kept it to tank gets tossed in he's telling everybody after the game he's gonna kill that Peters dynamic automatic element. Next game what does he do we go in YouTube it. My brother goes in and it runs one other guys are and the and the net. And incomes kip Brennan dropped his club and soccer park system from behind him breaks his horrible ball is no because of view is all because it up. So like you kick someone's ass enough they're gonna take it on and on your you know wrote I think to just under older a little brother older than regular. When we though that you guys are now that I don't let this and that's I can sort that out of it's happened to you before. But so again that accused of goaltender. The New York Rangers at the time that went to Vancouver he's about as tough as they came right is broader still think Vijay. Was it as Rhonda playing sport read we find team. And every time he got in troubling guy chase them around he was just the little guy little weasel it be like wait till he gets special my Brothers gonna kill you and. I. Okay that. You know another senate have of his fights of the miners were because over it what you do you're not her brother big guy you want I've got. Yeah usually tucked his gloves off and author who's going to be read that this kid in. You'd be. Second is the gators enter Peters Craig rebate. Jordan Leopold here with us Marty beer on relied on WGR Sports Radio 550. And amnesty stick around because in a few minutes. We're going to be joined by JP Dumont he sit back there ready to rock and roll ill. In a late night last night video cards have their eyes looking a little rough today that area now that tonight golf fans. Marty people are asking me to stand up and show the camera are you wearing a white belt today. Well without really feel about white belt high volume. I can't rockaway both personal it'll be hard pressed the Lehman talked damage your business. I don't know so my gut that's. It's actually 25 polyps you don't play in a few Paul's goal at the ball flow become a bit down. It. There. In. Years that we. They needed he. Oh. It. Is. Half Anglican at me. I think something for me smile a little while little added. Many wrote. Something had to be very old are you and I just earn 41 like that there early last week I think 41 yards. And yet 43. Like you're probably the first guy to ever get mean it around and most people say 31 night 35 mania or whatever but Denny did the way. To my buddy he's like a relax a little bit. You think they did and oh you got the look out you don't get like they like you've given it their own right though. I'd like I'd like all of us alumni to bring a guy little eerie even though I don't think accounts. I was just complementing risk house on Friday was walking out of the building and every time you rolled up my whole. Yeah and muscle I like little black and Brazil does a little break at the break and apparently has and it that's the I went and a stadium dat who ripped turns around and he stops it is it is all but dramatic post he says I'm with police. That is the nice is it and he was average. I'm Larry and I walking and walking on the bathroom when he left the voters legacy of the classrooms and Utley and yet to decide on Iowa that he would. That ID team and haven't I was. 35. Herbal thing like. They were balls in a eager to show these things off. And I'm I'm there I feel the impact and you know whatever that's what Gary what are you looking at is lately that now that I don't know why they get enough and literally you don't lie but because every guy and I don't care who you are or girl wants a nice compliment. That's why it was Friday I wanted to serve my body I'll have a good do a nice little head hairs here I mean to get it might look a little later we're all I. This is amazing even its part the thing I went home. I am not anyways it's I grabbed all the kids. My wife in the kitchen but that I want you know I want you watched. Walked to the other. Night. There's good stuff I'm like what's this army comic. And it all like. Pretty nice dad he did with high yield while you add in rural after this. I feel this guy another goal I. Don't know I think we got our I don't know if you didn't all over the when I got to determine our. Teleconference. But right now dedicate this 10. At the rate. And jobs let's Ethan and I like you set up the light up lighting and Amir up so let's keep it from their angels yeah. Europe now out of that now are you struggled for health. Not so much well. I've never been compliment my count that never really had. That here that was let me talk to me and if you've ever raped her is now. Early have much dual personality either of us really that durable are at all. It's really a broad that's just a commercial because. I don't have it you know I. We don't get to commercial interior. Because the great JP do you mind games three legend vs Carolina is are coming up and famous for. The cold shoulder. In the corner that was. Carolina. Or notes there's a lot along I've really done. Friends you know he's still pretty good idea plan of about it the way when we come back. JP Dumont who one with a lot of the game winners against the auto series of 05 or six. And we'll talk to him when we come back the body of Marta it was a frivolously. Early but yeah we'll find out what JP was up to last night right here it's against a scenario to radio by the legitimacy of that usually if do we welcome to your it's. Be back with more. Instigate us with the Andrew Peters and great weather day. Welcome back to the investigators into Peterson heard prepared Marty joining us here while he. If you're if you're a falling far beyond anything I've done. We're following party and media. Even if you're one of the few were dropped off. Usable on that and snapped it they walk. Niceties. He's got a letter that still exist. What are. Okay because include wedges in there and I'm. Here. It might need it. It is like MySpace. Page. In which. It. It. It. Great start parties that we got JP Dubai here there's some thought a story but we can't really. A JP DuBois what is man. Normally you would Marty last night watch guys go ahead in the tell everybody. Kind of shenanigans you've got it thanks for the invite. Actually we didn't do nothing at all we just met Laura accord by. We know we're gonna get. It's pretty hard today hopefully hopefully Marty's gonna stay tonight and Angel and have a few Bruschi. I got it right GP registered to go hard all of it out. As well. They pretty quiet. All of double duty yes I had a great time out playing for Rochester when I was in like not a long time but that. We had a good run we lost in game six in the final 21 that the Calder cup so hard with them right the act that was we had a really good team. But that came up short again and. Finally this do you guys. In the playoffs and I stuck by you guys apartment because you've lived through it John Luke I think and any known any M oh yeah and I remembered the beard so low that you guys mir's orbit of the here on the nine because I thought the end of the years like it was insane how you guys added but in the angle and go to the end. I was young and it was the same color so I can do stuff like this. Rookie like it's pretty quick. Ethnic issues. The comments Bryant Reeves made just last week he. Vote. JP Dumont joining the myself and Gregory May year on the gators and does cats and bodies were teammates. Probably cross checked in at least a couple times. It I would about it. There's your. Arteries. In the day. If everything that the culture of the potential. I'll probably. Yeah probably ate he always laid out in his mind in Montreal every time we got in the months he said fifty to one corner watch out. I would ribs. Guys it if you'd partner. You're exactly. A I was the guy who likely that the oracle APR Kelly have you played a left wing you were right defenseman so it would have been you guys have been on top meets a girl game you're playing your position always between the puck in the net. I had the only way to handle it at yeah. Optic blasts a loud it definitely you know at a Judy a hot dogs in Montreal that law yet by far. Yeah alleged everybody was looking forward to that even make the rookies were never play Montreal they are bought. Although I'm telling you JP was the force behind getting sick to bear on the plane after game I remember I was the one that made the call says we need instead of adding he'd done whatever we used to get. Go get say to bear get it to the planes that we would get the photos and on the way into various it's get a life it's a Shalit is very similar lol yeah cool wildly better at that in a society it's the same but get like the half chicken and ended up the prize the gravy the red you know Lowell. My uncle's law whatever so we had done on the plane it was so good and because of GP a Doug McKinney. We go not again he did not want the way. That's when you look at the skinny guy in the playing like a unique and I certainly did your standard open up her that they couldn't get a court to scan the ticket and caught hold I'd. And if you if you really were feeling it you get rid of it alongside particularly and so if you did. I remember that was a with real or maybe. Oral for a five hour or five or six that we didn't play in 0405 I remember we we didn't happen in the one trip. And I am every you were in the gym and in the locker room and don't know we're always wanted to do with the team got a view is that people are Gallagher their fill out cook more I'm out of practice and we're generating go to much I think I've ever hearing you say to regain its debut there and you have to pay for that. Or did you just arranged and the I've paid lines and at that that the second time on the team. And so. Like dot dogs in the locker room after the game that you would get fifty hot dogs in the locker room it cost you fifty bucks he'd just give. Richard de not gonna have an answer Richard you give him fifteen and you think I get fifty odd dogs in the locker room he went paper army basically yet there for him to get in the end but. You get fifty bucks at the odd. So JP Dumont did not score that our team three goal against Carolina it was Ottawa yes I know he didn't do against Carolina spire of the park across. While that it is assisting ha so let me ask this affect you in fifty when guys that did that rate Golan back. I was near the rule change I mean let's be honest does it not seem like every year the rules change that someone gets. Me in the tail at some point the playoffs over that rule change. I don't know I think you play all season and it. Obviously I'm not blaming bring Campbell for throwing an order at last he tried to do what he thought was best in the puck rolled on him a little bit. It just up and had the worst time right and at this and I was benefactor of utter calls. My first year with the flyers we go in game seven overtime against the Washington Capitals in Washington Tom Modi speaks a tripping penalty. That don't call it tripping penalty in overtime to weed out haven't we end up scoring on the power play so. They get calls go your way get calls not going your way but. Got back. That we were even in the game seven GP probably recalled models series a lot better than I do. Was pretty amazing that we we did it losing. Was that game. We were up in game three pretty big and then beating goalie and then we end up losing one which is a killer right. All that much alls here against Carolina we. And where up like most of the game late in the last game game seven a 21 yeah out to line missing night in. I think was it like at three on my forty but lately over top or a rating yeah yeah I think so you know it's amazing it was a tough one guys that Marty we we've. The initial for a couple years on TV and radio I've been doing Markey outlined buyers snapped for four years maybe. People still remember that team I mean that all five or six team and not more and I believe more than. The 06 of seventeen even though we were we were so dominant in 06 or seven but everyone remembers that 05 or six to talk a I think number one the defense that went down by it you know like I think just how we went about that run. Meanwhile we had we have some tough years before that right you know I mean make ownership issues that I yummy guys leaving the team and that. I think that befell CD just rally behind the sabres that year you know I mean make we are going to playoff lakes fish in the first round. Audible as favorite to win the cup that year and if I mean make all that. In Philly economic make health series like we've we're never favorite. And I think the city just rally right behind us and they just like you know with everybody in the house talking about it I remember after scoring nine goals and that was the rule to write in Amin make a north cellphone like you know you can talk on the phone and I don't pull over the next day Vick I don't gonna sit there I don't member to cops name but I can let me go because. He was at the game. I will like makes you don't talk on the phone accounts like yeah I think that you answer. But yeah I you know I remembered Akita was a thing that's why everybody remembers this because. That was not expected everybody to jump on board arguably was the win and the year after that when that I think receivers that are really good team. Missing just. One good left wingers are always liked it's not an odd talk about but you know I mean a kid and this evening everybody was expecting it Sony was of the different. But moments moments defined. What you remember and that's you're in the playoffs there was moments that was the Jimmy Key overtime goal right that was big it was JP's goal against Ottawa. There is Danny. Playoff overtime goal game six at all against Palmer. Against. Are Lionel raven Palmer short right in there and had to finish no theories against Arnold Palmer was in an espy who scored game six overtime against Carolina that was Danny and after history to. Prison but those moments that find their own six or seven season you remember. Against the Rangers the goal with three seconds left. Drew scored and then that Max Korn and overtime but I think there was more moments in the old Bible six playoffs. As you know JP's goal against Ottawa bombers goal against Ottawa. There was more moments in that playoff that people were honored and I don't know. No it nobody knows about our team. With that we had that teams song and we had forgotten whose video and say yes to that JP you've I'll give up what did I am I area nickname ever or I well I. Arnold I don't know course mid as Derek Smith son Derek is an alumni and Corey was our video guy I think it was the very first year or second years the video guy with the sabres. And it was at that time where Zoolander. We is really big as a movie and. I don't know where we're at the Mary I'm getting ready go to Toronto and he had that high he had a piano and die and so. JP goes well what you got there piano tide moved out to the so that the Will Ferrell characters though is nicknamed the average age it was my god do. All the time edu came up with. That playoffs on it was Matt got right I think that it did. I I think you say that I. Am an avid and it got through it all the videos are released to watch the video before every series at the and we meet at the Mary utterly I had to use the regular season game OP member. How are. You because comet is here and do right. Members of the excitement with them enough for me and it turned it around to needy so after that I like yet. I thought my tag government and Easter. I. Are JP. You know in the dagger in the heart and hey you know let. Always in the offensively only the only come the only senior Sami was up there we win. Bomber's course and we all rushed to a pile. In Ottawa fluffy towel I jumped I jumped in the pilot fell backward on my back and laying on the race and everybody filled Larry as you guys so. And I live in buffalo yeah. There's a lot of history with the guys that I hang around and I. And I continuously. Hear. The 2006. Buffalo Sabres hockey team without one of not only the best teams that you guys played for. But. The best. Team that you guys played for and then inside the locker room the carefree but they're like you're talking about all these nicknames much got to this thing there's. I I I hear. They talk about you. When you're not even here. On the radio TV and you thought hey hey you may not realize it manned by your legendary you are and you are alleging is a guy in line it labor is number seventeen it was JP Dumont rightly been. It was it was DuPont for me. I am now when I don't. Are we had Annika you know we always together but seriously they are remembered it even at home make we're doing make somebody's like okay. I mean the guys over playing poker on the pole for what's popular at that time yeah. And will be united in all fifteen guys will Condit get a final Camilla but later but the wise like we always hang out to dinner. And now your pool table was our poker you know and we could like you know McKesson they meld these days it's a bit different if you listen to the guys socked in by. Back in the days like and I'm talking not now two years ago what. You know you teammates you know like their wives their kid's name you know I mean they now I'm pretty sure you ask a kid like you've been playing for two years certainly you know why does he have any kids. He's finally been answered you know I mean equities does is username on fort night you know like everything happen that there all under the regulate 23 or gas analysts like it it's like different where we had a few younger guys we had the middle aged and you add old guys. But then had a really old gas are written every team had a grand old guy that awful do you remember what you guys back for Christmas off Atlanta. I. So like do you think the guys are really close we really can be used to do a gift exchange Christmas generally Arab JP got me you know it would you got me. Human grew it gifts. You gave me now did you get MG day or did you arrange. You didn't he unleashed a dog on behalf. So I wouldn't it I wouldn't stray too far away from the now is they used to like to go in the corners and played upon any glad Atlanta though they're like hooked up to your collar and look at did an update on the model we've gotten them both moot. I don't think anyone yeah. You can look at my stats like if I would have played like you know with a different goal in Marty it would probably be a place where I got. Every bad goal. JPN debut. Used to come to me the next day after again to be like seriously. We were minus one. We won four wine and that was a terrible goal and you got us to be minus one it would be like if there early of that. They made them a couple of the other thing. Of being traded. From Chicago as you retreated from Chicago right I was solely on mammy and make. Was on expected to and I was part of the trade right nominate at that time I know they were. Data plan of bush and now they wanna get that Gilmore out of Chicago in the sabres wanted and so. Alyssa that's when I went to Rochester and played like that thing with like thirteen games in rots in a playoff that year. That was their friend you know I mean I remember getting careless pretty upset because the sabres you don't make I Schick was in that and yet the sabres was not scoring a lot of goals right now I mean it was just a defensive demon. I got here and I'm looking at the stats and at that time at ankles. And I'm looking Alice like fifth on the tape and it would stand and Michael I'm gonna have a chance CME and Andy Sammy down right away I was pretty upset that. I made a lot of good friends in Rochester and now you're an assist them pretty good yeah. Third overall pick I remember you sat right front my brother my family. And I down at the draft the Saint Louis when you're drafted I just I I remember when you were traded. You were traded to Chicago. You know we see all these young kids now coming into the NHL at such young ages I mean. Do you think it helps you to move around or you think you know the islanders I mean. You know. Would have handled things differently I mean I obviously things were California down a career but every guy's difference I'm just wondering. I think now the teams are more involved with third draft picks right now I mean Baghdad and they can remember even. I love the sabres you know I mean I'm here but like even when I got traded I remember two days that. When I got traded from Chicago to two awful. You Montreal wasn't counseling the sabres and I got here and around 6 o'clock. The taxi drop me right in front and rain taxing it and like nobody was there it could be moved to welcome welcome welcome Doug yards and about getting out of Atlanta the and WS client I remember and like I said I. But now it's like you know mean make every team's state it and nothing dating faked terminal was just like different bag and now like the ticker if they're picked cramming to protecting their pay. And I mean make it's like if the investment you've got drafted third overall dad it was a terrible year I go at it for me. And where that drop on a jewel and where to play out. We're here need to bound or art or in Q you played his fellow who's number way why and you know fundraisers I'm new sewer. The only. While. I play at sixteen year old in the Q thank you I mean that's but as my season yak. Was that my team was there herbal so they give me a chance to play but now we are not really good so. I don't push the mile area yeah forty games you my goals fourteen assists for the gas company in the Q now what's this second round sector and you can only draft underage player in the but I was I was really. Skinny you know I mean like it was 61 would really skinny in that. Really skills with I was not really playing physical yet you know him because I never really got to. And during Nazis and learn a lot like as much as like if that mice that's been really show but I learned a lot and that summer by train like a maniac like that would be Tom Shea and you guys yeah yeah I can train like ohm live in that. I'd jump into 48 goals and now wal ladies and Salomon that your Sony 08 million dollars last year juniors in playoff. Well yeah but yet that's what I was gonna bring up so there was a record. In goals scored in the playoffs that belong to give Butler in a Quebec major jocular Mario LeMieux Mario LeMieux is still only even better there at that it was key that so GP. Beat Mario Lemieux's record in the playoffs that you read what. Any idea in nineteen games give me some goals and obstacles and assists in nineteen that would be that would guys wander a little Mario Leo back in the eighties. And after it goes some crazy in phase two goals a game. I'll put my 37 goals and I ninety yeah. Now I'm gonna thirtieth 3035 goals. And 29. Now the high but stale. 1931. Goals 31 goals and 1946. Points was the record with 29 it was when he it gasoline and fourteen though I think they might argue with. That's pretty impressive wow that's like Babe Ruth I mean you know like that it that it really break the record 61 here in the B 61 and that's the record technical failure record and an in the season he went 48 goals next year. If he had not have a moral and 55 games and I had my lashing juniors or ninety dark and angry when I go drafted you why are you guys I can ago attracted again at forty Eagles it was five to 4800. People by goals 48 that once and make it tests everything clicked right here in Munich I was. I learn a lot nine gets better Q my team got better we had like really good traffic we have Longo is a goalie who cares who made the NH. If I don't I anyone schools in this season is last year juniors 91. If you would have been no matter if in it yeah. Well with the wildcat is there anyone close to what 57 plus 31. You have what three in America. It. I see you leaving you know we branch badly oil we get spank pretty good. I remember those are numbers that anyone right and I don't know anything Clinton thinks that's right you number nine core few goals against Marty in the junior I was terrible aren't you worried about it. And related but wary Jiri born. That. That's what's it like that Iraqi was perfect for me it was not a strong for a so ms. Judy Montero. When today trader from death from internal. 2008. OK so are TJD when you help them. That was fixed 2006 does have a right to the summer that you went to arbitration to sabres didn't. I sign you you went in Nashville. But I remember to rumors all had you popped out of going to Montreal you guys may have crossed that a year if that Canadians and now RSS Samsonov let me see what he told me because they just signed cents a when market yeah. But but that those failures in Nashville where your three best years guys that's why it's there might argue all back then there's no salary cap back then Montreal. They have a kind of money well daily salary cap when he was there gas bill of guys though. Monitor all would have paid anything to get these these French art players. And no 11 governor. They went out there they went after game rear end in. And any use use me he's like bush TP would have been there and navy yeah right. I betcha they sign like what they're always try to get I was really close like here to go to Montreal day year but like I said. That was Danica I'm not even like under a million left on the cap and they instantly all. If you are still on sign that the campaign with him make the trade but that's in the I'm not I'm I'm not waiting until the camp so. And that worked out where you usually does really had some really good hockey there yeah there are now. I mean you look at in Nashville you work for. And coach kids in and the youth hockey you have a fifteen year team that you're going to be here in buffalo and a couple weeks but he awaits a cup that. This story people will find people make up the US divers center. Now coach you before we get out of here for break we spent a lot of time reminiscing Eric Lindros for some comments about getting hitting out of minor hockey when you think about that. I really believe that's in audit by the travel level you know enemy Nike cannot you know you have to after the physical the physical place so everybody get ready for it. But in on lake. Ellison make health level stuff like that like maybe no contact yet. But it's hard right now because that kid it was stronger and bigger and everybody else like you I mean that's his game you know I mean make. It's. It's a tough one to analyze data plan but like you donate. It it's part of the game I ever you say like you know became as good as final don't change it too much you know I mean make you have to if not like it says they. Remember making a highway sit paid a price paid a price but if you take everything out of the game make everybody will be able to play hockey. And I mean that's not the game to game is like in only wanna score goals get in front and it paid a price gonna corporate prize. Airlifting let's take I wanted not tonight I you know that's what I like urged players a gas Arnold thing I think I mean we wanna take your guys' job blocking out for an almighty I know I like widget pieces of the house level. Were you don't you get some different abilities in the mix yes you may want to take done out there but at the trial level of the terribly leveled you gotta keep heading there because I just. As I I I agree with that we got to go out here for break but you know what these double A teams double A clubs I don't think they need to be running gunning out there 1617 years Coleman mean. You know like a DF ID any double A and that's that's the problem has really ready for the next fidelity through double AR dean really like it depends in the organization we are not double double A they're they're playing double A considers Gil. So work on the skills so they can make the jump to two triple a.'s JJ and JJ tell us the united here and we're not talking double as the break already. We've missed the rates were cut we're gonna get out here unreal stuff he's unreal stuff thanks guys find that we haven't tomorrow. Albeit I don't know I'm going to be leaving I gotta tell stories about tonight we'll talk about gays and if you think I have a bad accident right now just I'll just. OK so. So we're going to be asked. In the boat but that's ranked that he performed his wife Diane and he's in line. Yes if anybody is is one of the guys write the stuff that about me because sculpture we'll talk about it. That's what I thought I tape if you lie about that may sculpture that I brought up by the feel before deciding like or help lobby are at the right connection. And David how they got but that's it if you bought it the gators got to back up after the break sports update. Leave the president with their development rob ray will be joining us think and possibly. There group will be right back here is the gators that he GR Sports Radio by fifty and MSG.