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Tee 2 Green
Saturday, August 25th

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Good morning golfers if your tee time. I'm always see tenth tee to green golf show you're on WG IS Sports Radio 550. Have fun on the PGA tour one help with your swing you missed your call at 8030552. He's too green on WGR. He's presented by would still wedges in my medical mobile Alter the Western New York PGA might come. Custom terms and by our home clubs fox valley ten terror. I am Breyer were. Good morning it is. A final Saturday in August for the TD green show here on WGR Sports Radio five that thanks for being with us. We're live at Glen oak golf course here at Amherst right calls Gil Kevin Sylvester PGA approach Jeff speed it's got a great show for your Oakley about it just. 10 I I don't know if I'm happier said about being a final Saturday August. I am happy because. I didn't get my kids off the video games in back to school. That the parenting that's you know that's my fault but. I'm sad because eight golf season. Even though fall offs like awesome to play it seems to wind down like their people want that seat for months. On and because you know once Labor Day hits they're done you know that put the clubs away. Which is a shame they shouldn't and I agree with you we we're fired this weeks are greens you'd be perfect your golf in the fall because it's the best time here to play and it is exciting. And and NFL's not much of a drag you here at fort that's true yeah the NFL it's accurate. We are here at Glen oaks golf course and Amherst and as there seems to be all the time greater bets going on here to talk about one of them coming up this week. Including tea event that involves a hundred holes of golf so thought about that here. Coming up in just a little bit here is we are. Lot in Amherst also coming up here on the show of course talk about the first leg of the FedEx cup playoffs the PGA tour stars are in New Jersey Ridgewood Country Club at election know what's going on there. Including. Via most popular golfer in the world that Tiger Woods made the cut on the number. So it's not as much as most amazing. Stat to me is those consecutive cuts made. Well there and inspect it today Beckett is Leo and how many years was it and he went years. Gosh it was four for your earnings crazy yet there but he knew he he grind to make the cut win. Lot of guys I don't have it you know because he knew to get to the weekend he can go lol. And have a chance to let her somebody arguing that it would have been better for him to miss the cut weaker rats and I couldn't disagree more you know anymore turn Rick's searching it's fair game going this fall season Erica. It's only gonna help me Carl when terrorists well no it wouldn't help me he's trying to get to the tour championship. Merely cut does not help you now in that is about FedEx Cup points oh yeah I don't think he wants to win the target and absolutely it does scores. Absolutely also caught up here beyond that that rule of course get our. Look at the champions to a report will also that you are Western New York PGA tip of the week and coming up at 730. We will have an interview with. One of our presenting sponsors custom turf and and now it's August haven't mentioned yet still. The end of a summer here it close but it's not too elections start thinking about if you wanna get. Different Bentley for holidays so Alitalia a little bit about that here is teetering presented by custom turf. Along with the last year PGA it would Stew wedges piccolo Alter a bullet information about that it was well our technical ultra challenged. And our home clubs fox valley ten era and Breyer but also joining us here along with council mr. PG approach in its right oh. Is the owner here PGA professionals welter of threes from Puerto. Good morning good morning gentlemen thanks for evidence we get going on their body told just a little Ruth got in the way of a golf shot not. There's something here yeah just an accident. He molded. The election could benefit at. A bubble in the club and that there's an effect that you don't. Long story you know. The seed yet. A lot of jokes here yet again as we go on the on the brakes and Izturis that lecture. That your head Donald Ross very slick it is. Wanted to let's talk about that. Plano for wrote. There's a lot of lot of guys approach it and you know Adobe elected will literally do it if you're in a competition you played great rock golf. I suggest just move the ball it's not worth an injury. On the freedom they have played offer room if you're just yeah ought to play when your body always taken a playable lie you can always taken a playable lie but. I assume this was in the the PGA. Tournament this past week ran up the apple didn't actually conceded in some deep rough on retreat and was taken just didn't see it and he hits paralleled to mine and and that was the worst you know it justice that you can take complete season opener and it's just not worth it many ships outcasts. But I just didn't see it end the resistance there. Yeah I mean your clubs probably going emails in our back and hit Hatcher while they're benefit them up that quick. Of trying to get more meetings. That easily join you work. Or I'm I did auditors and yet I've done Egan that'll. In your race straight immediately elect. So so not great but it's a lot worse but in January after a season and you don't go to the blue gently Tyrod Taylor went the other night. Balls of interest. And it comes back and even. What he says what it used X yes what is reportedly what do they don't eat like one at least he's right it. Why would you put him Kyra why would you are to rod why would you go back in the game. That's his Arie anyways I digress hundreds of injuries. Or hazards are brought in football so excited to I don't. Anyhow that's that's what people privately talking to build split tomorrow by the way. It's amazing at the via a preceding. Expertise. And now you're not a third flat out play that's an offer you know years ago after you know we went out and yes. Of course one start but it still well. No I think what's. What's the point. Knee even plain two weeks. You know Allen's the guy he looks like the guy. You guys the future and when hall of fame coach Bill Walsh who knows a thing to look quarterbacks came up this week and said. Played a rookie not specifically for Alan let. Always felt but it that they can experience in the field opens with a clipboard. And why am I going anywhere this year you apparently Brooks counties the physical freak BEG. Two hours master he's at a base and the other guys but he can move yet. It be fun to watch it can make the box. If I happen to him the exit plan I mean yes. That game tomorrow is at 4 o'clock of course here in Europe that are teetering here Adobe air also RT FaceBook page we appreciate all you that. Watched mr. viewed as there with a lot last week here there are a lot of folks at the Donald Ross in studio Clarence and we hope for a that as well this week. Let's talk about an event that's coming your Tuesday. It is the 100 holes of golf event and actually had occurred at other courses. Around Western New York last year PGA heading that up. To raise awareness for the reach foundation in him it's Glen oaks turned hosted. On Tuesday morning. We're gonna play harder holes certain action at 6:30 in the morning we're gonna try to hit it early. That it took so I think there yeah. We're kind of doing a team thing reapply weasels pretty fast pretty quick. Yeah we're gonna hit one ball try to rotate around the golf course with multiple players like politics he Shaq in the second track burn your that the part you know. We get it done fast. We're Cuba which part which neither Rick Maher when they try to set the world record for the fastest runner for yeah anybody out there that can guess what the best golfers play with one ball that's the that's the caveat actually was you know a little over seven minutes on so we've picture. Somebody hitting up the team. And it thirty people and fairway and where ball wherever the ball lands he hits that she gets it up near the green someone chipped it in the hole putts in the hole. Someone with a good arm chip to go to someone with a catcher's Mitt in the second T. They throw it down and the ball literally he's in the air for seven minutes he gall we are going apology takes the Guinness before will records was there. That was a lot of fun wait lol. Like eight holes in like seventh in seven minutes the balls never really on the ground guys didn't beat that record a pitcher we didn't beat the record. Well dollars bill assessment yet yet but the whole membership with the offers all the older she was that it did Arianna matter where you just helped run I the first tee shot. Has just written and when you ruined when your number one maybe had a number three. There's you can imagine a hundred people in hole where the ball lands boom you're just hit the most important people were the ones that could chuck it. Again right over to the catcher's Mitt and that when there was relays if there was along yeah that's a lot of we're not doing that it's hard not to throw it's actually harder throw golf ball longest plays like a bad for your car yes get your elder. There was practice involved it was. So did you figure out which without cost and record player you know was the Bozo Olympic club out of three voters out there all the ball has to complete all eighteen holes celestial hits water. And it was a rip we resume around on time mature enough the ball. We're not doing that Tuesday no no we're just plane owner holes in their fast. And now and we've got some nice links that if you if you like to help them. If you wanna pay for every par if you like could be a dollar hole fifty sensible way it's kind of fun to. Two you know put some money and we'll tweet that out the list that are on the golf later golf club later this year interest it can cubic donation of ethical foundation. Of course will be open after this we're gonna zoom around here for probably four or something like that but at that the golf course reopened. After that if you wanna c'mon kind of watches have some fun of the good too so Jeff we're gonna see earlier early morning team. Next baker yeah. We work grip it the the official. West here PGA tip of the week coming up a little bit but. What starts at buckling under polls there. We're trying to do it. Obviously a reasonable time place fast right there are fresh Kurt yes for the full tank of gas and it just it was fun to look for them fun with it really. How how do you. Tips for speeding up play off this is actually four for everybody in the world for our men's league box. No names cab Notre Dame is a man. I mean we've been joke guys that is. Yours souls soul music there's that there I know it's a it's a match it's called it's good. You know what I guess where what I was given but he's still putting and it's like no it's good. You know that in those people be. At least thirteen if you're not aware that you're you're not aware they're out there you know we always say keep up with the group in front of you know I'd like to get that it will slow I didn't wait all day in. He didn't seem to group for an eagle and that's why that's right yes in the halfway house you'd be surprised you there's a lot of stats that say athlete council take it when he is around the parent company used halfway house they're going to have when they hear him you know can you know or you know whatever it is. That'll slow play but if you keep up the front of the year where they hit when it's your turn. And ready. Our or ready golf absolutely or continuous putting crises so many people mark and who footers on Fuller's watch TV analyst aren't. To right it. I. I like to use the phrase that I use quite sabres post game that's driving the sabres defense. A lack of awareness. And that's my phrase that you all the time. And I know I listen. Whatever the show before I got off you know I've used that phrase if at all it is when you are it is very frustrating to play and how well unity and electable when someone around at that lack of awareness that just. Somebody with the Euro group. You have that lack of awareness of what's going on around you and like to be aware of the group in front of you the group behind you where you're standing where your putting ear here on your bag for the next hole. Where you are here. All just what the who's next like I think all that sort of stuff comes into play I think my big my biggest. That. Use. Tom in two guys are cart and when he sees him gold ball the ball. Right the drop off yes yes whoever's or drop your club before still looking need it take a couple clubs would you like to eat. Particularly if you play a courtly replaying one note here. I guess my neighbor point appear when please go off my neighbor cast on believe or don't have. Nolan you know it's especially at this does throw. He's a regular here and that are wrecked that it tells why activities T tonight it was T tactic didn't what you're talking about awareness but what is it like so if if you goal. You know he played his first hole in in your second shot you know you eat like a typical drive distance. You know it's a three wood in journalists are walking over go you know big big ready golf I like. I think we're averaging 415. For around that is also the air as we are for public facility at an intense at that great for private and so what part of it is that the starters role on the first he'd make people aware of it. And we we keep beginner classes all the time and Alec I have 24 women act introduced to golf that your your programs where and I tell every one of them. Nobody cares who they play with as long as they play when rating in the play for do you care issued a 150 hell are they fun to play with and they keep up. Who cares you know I played with you know I'd rather play with someone who shoots that and it's fun to play with an Israeli hit when it's their turn and some guy who's to mean he can't lose you know arts degree arson some some cute college golf you know take forever yeah yeah it is can they Russian don't know. Right he had yet CB date but they watched Jason Day or speed it. Four hours later around it even when you're playing golf out here today to Jeff's point two for us to get around. We have moved some some obstacles and trees of the rough down but I see it all the time if you it's one of these guys in your group. Loses the ball you don't hit your shot first then help them after he may have found in between Clinton with a golf cart product doctorate in all right drop off the guy with that with a shorter shot you go to your shop at a time that he hits that shot walks over to the car where you're getting from there's only in the glow on glove off around up there continuous putting. Things you can do to increase your round as a fellow. That apparently helped via com. The tour France team. Did he need the shaved off seconds everywhere will he did the same thing for golf an article written a couple weeks ago but all the little things you do to make radical faster at least automotive. Ireland Scotland it's three hours yeah it's fifteenth but they practice this. This continually. Walking around him and there's guys that are walking up the left your it into the right there's things you can do. I maturities helpless college golfers jets or kept your coach and with the ports right horrible where they learn in this where they see in this they think it means something. They were tucked by the sun that what dot com tour. Playoff broadcast Golf Channel own Craig perks and the commentators in the black work to talk now you know. To be played Andy used. Craig perks mentioned awareness. That some people just aren't aware that slow. And they say awful time when officials say a year on the clock able you know part of I want funny on the road toward a quickly guys boy is it a preacher you know. The one thing. It it seemed easy. Because of watching this the other night and just this one players and atlas he'd get a stance. And then take forever pull the trigger. A complete that. It's like college he'll telling the opposite you know were taught you look at your target as soon as your eyes come back from your target to the golf ball banged pulled the trigger. The longer you wait between that moment and each start swing there's a core relation between graduate shot. So quickly go from your target your ball to hit it the better you're going to be good if you're thinking about a particular target in sitting eating. You know the NBA it's some kind of need this week as the rules changed so basically if you get an offensive rebound night only fourteen seconds and Shaq like it used to be point four. They're gonna change it obviously we see him baseball football has a shot clock will golf try to shot clock. On go back GMBH Shaquille O'Neal was pretty awful from the foul line this economy and think about it what in the feel we get the ball and shoot it. So many times we have lessons how fast we're going to be playing them on Tuesday morning it would even hit it better you don't have to you don't have this time to sit there and think about it so if everyone in the think about how many practice swings are up that we watch even kids in junior golf which helped them. Take a couple too many practice swings you know you've just been swinging your whole life. Need to record your practice should take all I take one once somebody else is playing there's my practice during a bit it's their shot when my shot. My shot clocks and I take eleven and a half seconds right pre shot at it. And how many countries to go on a practice round and you just you're just walking in bludgeon and you shoot great scored European. He's completely out of here and next to your the turning feel accurate it is good but. The pace plays slowed. This man it takes to look you're not you don't find the rhythm you know at practice swings. You don't even need one on the tee sometimes you know because the key shots always the same. We have joked around here collateral could be kind of a neat little deal we talked about how could we do so for every minute you finish in four hours. Maybe get a dollar after going three dimensional fast everywhere you play actually in. Three and a half hours like thirty dollars off. I betcha everybody would play faster batch of their scores would be commensurate may be even better and better be split between groups. I know that there is no hurry up and I don't. It. All sort of to try it you know where where it's not my country here today our economic Allen with a dashboard games intimate parenthood. Note 78 team is time here ninety degree. We live it a little golf courses here in Amber's rankles you can Sylvester PG fruit at me it's the director of golf here I mean it's. And also the owner to freeze PGA pros well here. As though we talk about it some things to improve place that basically to make that are official. If the weaker U electorate. And talk about lag putting isn't the typical week to basically moved his right that we brought you by the west your PGA. It westar PGA has one goal promoting early in the game of golf today tomorrow and be. You wanted to buy lag but I'd go to bottles sports page common that he dream golf election and watched Jeff's I I. Use that tip and my leg buddy's become so much that Stewart double dip let's talk elect. Hear a lot of people golf course of course it's often difficult to control your speed or people's couldn't get adjusted the greens they were socialite friend that can be bonk. But if you're getting ready for around we can talk about Heidi Heidi it is beating green in your audience is you hear out their comfortable on the first green. If you go after writer downhill you you know focused in on this beat. One of the drill leaves a lot that you putt it 2030 feet from the power and you try to put your golf ball to the collar and give him as close to the collar if you care. Without letting them touch the collar what haven't you don't uniting these in the line or anything else all your engaged in earlier innings but let's be. In the electoral people's it's ten footers uphill and downhill before around and the left to writers you know uphill and downhill stuff like that. Hit a few putts and different things you a lot of people get up and hit three footers and street ten footers and that's all the practice before they aren't. It's a lag putts hit some putts to the collar about it in the collar hits and down at some pillars. And that's part of my routine I liked it finished with a report reporters in Washington way. I'm I don't know what you do before term intently on internment without a lot of putting surfaces yankees saving you do. What to account is awesome that's the first thing it is there in the middle of the green not a lot of dues the latter ago about five balls. From a putting him at the first one to ten feet and excellent half finished pass that ball and excellence finished just pass that ball and I do that you'll do with the opposite to the twenty footer thirty footer. Once got to finish just in front of them involved just from a ink it's your real good feel pace. And it's it's got nothing do with direction everybody's pretty good at aiming for the most part. It really bad at their field direction or in an era the distance control so I try to practice every green is a little different. On self effacing greens are a little bit in north street injuries that we greens dry during the days Heatley had to have it there this club is pink bras this one has laying this. All the different putting surfaces also. Palm that's lagged that lag what causes the most reports. It's the right it it never line everything people for the second line. Right yeah another of moderate I can and let her write anything anything thingy has yet but that's it three players because they're direction might be awesome. But they just don't like speed over the whole. Or they're too short so you have to get your pace down and that's any putting lesson really be a good measure your distance but he had to do to make but if it. Though wind right if it the re right in here if it's if those three things you can make but. Joker good putt you got a good stroke is what it. Why don't you always been a good putter you actually could infect ten foot but what you thought we spent likely yet. You've got to fifty footer your leg and a right in there to a may couple plot let's say it's five BC your peace is always really good whatever whatever or golf course we go to. But I always like to put. I've always thought it was really cool part of the game so I've been engaged in Dayton and you know I spent a lot of time in the where we're economic fundamentals and so some people write it like debts or the short. Game aspect of it some people say you know that's that's the spot they don't like that it practice or that may be that they are that's not the strike that in this day. You have a great night you'll have to deposit that's about your ticket missed the chance to. Improvement score yet as a champion did a really cool it goes Tehran I think you're right and left. You know some nobody thinks I can make I wanna make could gonna you know it's cool lush golf balls going. And I can think a lot of it's attitude and a lot of speed and confidence I've you know I'm confident potter. And that's been greeted me throw my life and and that helps for sure what's the last time you fist pump a dry. Well I think if there is nothing anybody you're right I mean you fist pump but maybe don't fist pump fairly. I don't give a lot of this vaults. Well and you eat it Wear those guys or those Phil Mickelson it's so yeah that whoever tip of the cap and you know if you're a little art galleries that value after it and it panicky Conant Jeff here he's good on chipper and as well right now it's not that Jeff when he chips. It's almost like a long lag putts so if you consider chipping the same way ultimately it warmup to how connect. Get a ball just up two goals just it's run mussina and PG Toro PGA tour. Really good shippers to bats were produced school I want it I'll throw in two sets up my own game this year is that I have. Taken last walked around the greens and honestly partially just listen you guys about used to get it on the green it's cute and I'd I've I have got up and down more this summer play. Than any other year that I been golfing. Part of it was ice I'm pleased that sixty degree where it all the time discuss it like it by. And I thought I was doing okay. And now I've ticket last loft and it seemed as though that I might scores are better because they like it got up and down much more. Like getting it on the green and used in the real little or it's just it's really helped it's a simpler shot it in air by make it more difficult than anything like complicated simple shot if you've got. Forty or the green for an entry for rough. Why a lot of monopoly active paying it that it at 92. And possibly five Ernie Els. We don't miss any greens theory that's all you know. Article I've pressed by my problem out of innocent it that that's okay we take a break here TD green is a lot at play oak golf course also if you're watching out. TD green out our FaceBook page thanks for watching here we are here with Tim freeze the owner. Let go along with Jeff mean it's Lester rankles coming up next Steve Beatty. Custom turf one group went to him yes it can agree opportunity to. It yourself some really really cool things here basement freer art inside your house. Talk about that coming up next tiger and Phil have officially set their match. We'll get several to sense it at bats. And a little bit more deeper thoughts on what's going on so far at the Northern Trust the first round of the FedEx cup playoffs all and then coming up. Knew a lot from Leno teetering. Lot ot WTX or B list of revenue could start your Saturday morning back with portable. It is time for our PGA tour or Champions Tour look rocked by absolute care the Boeing classic this week going on and outs in the Pacific coast that can actually taken off. Don't open three way tie for the lead after round one Scott Farrell properties junior. And Kent Jones our leaders Scott McCarron Steve hates our one shot back Miguel and how in minutes two shots back. Others participating Bernhardt blogger and tied for eleventh he's at minus four and Buffalo's Dudley Hart minus two. Rochester just slogan it's plus three part is tied for 26. Slow and tied for 68. As. Through round one a. Three still records and conduct these human due there you go into blood to pretty good crop from. The Syria. The three of them think you know it. Each category slogans at Miller Park right. Bryant sprang cancel out there. He's maybe he's done urged. Israelis are registered news PG two years younger yeah. I hit a member at Berkeley he won a playoff first rank hand and jets looming in the club championship ports to an article in and it is pretty cool it's both made the tour. You see you got to play out Perot in there. Decent part of and apparently he that rumored to be an expansion but he played in the pro am out there and introduce him as though the most though it wasn't. Always he was on the other and that he had the bachelorette Baghdad you still lots of violence that I know you've been take IE the other day and I thank him. So we'll wait to watch it together and it's best way to find love I can imagine yeah I. At the right let's transition here you're. Yes tee to green well we'll live here for Leno golf course presented by the west the year PGA would do wedges. Piccolo Altera pasta Turkmen are home clubs box elite eight's Erin Breyer would. One of those presenting sponsors custom turf. We have. The owner passed her on the line that he unity and yell at guarantees the Beatty did not watch the bachelor. Procedures Steve good morning did you watch the final episode of the bachelor and I at I believe it is. Good morning guys or. Right that are already there and Atlanta. If you missed out apparently according to. That he did not and yeah. My heard. Where do it wonderful thanks for coming on. What will we had the the PGA event here that's last week but he it was the day after all that rain and everybody's views in the best surface. We'll stripped you guys have set up here and let ilk on the front its on the range in the other night and I you know it's you know sometimes your home and you think if things like golf swing house and they're going to things. Who like to go to MySpace. Dot yeah after. I Tippett won every day in my basement. Partner. Can't exactly what I see it why not like Erin churns its exciting news at Steve's coming to whose state of mind awesome. I've super or not only your you'd get yours in the back are right about backyard that I'm excited I. Right next to the patio I feel like I've already got visions of the you know. The a solar lighting up and put out there and parity occasions that you hit me in the tour. He. I think this will call for green warming party you know and I'll authorities I think degree warming party with Steve so Jeff and I have the greens and Jeff has little more technical stuff in his basement. But agreed in my basement Bryant hasn't been accurate what's the difference. Ian. Putting one in the backyard as opposed in the house for somebody's name while OK I wanna do this these guys talk about how great it is. What are what do considerations homeowner. Has to me. Whether they wanna go indoors or outdoors. The outdoor pick to a more earth moving and I experts say yes they construct the base and make sure they're. Drainage is properly flowing. Keep the water away from. From the area. In daughters. Putting greens are on a panel system. We build everything. Iteration happens element here in advance about measure. Really area. Rebuilt within our show up and then we come to your home or business and we put it all together. I'm Betty sit real little faster proud. Process for the indoor because we do allow it like it say though a majority of the work in house actually up before we Kamal. Where outdoors. And so little in the year timeline as far as the and so because it's a little more labour intense in equipment intense purses billion dollar. And it CME rank eastern district race. Its way through the leader tents apart that's right I don't wanna cool things the Yankees said business and what a cool thing dad break area for a hero police Disco in July up for a little bit one time when have you. But also indoor I was. At least that it will put some real cops and cops out and you could elevate it there right here. You can elevator or we you drilled right into my guy agree. Yes. In your case we were rated and to the existing basement floor. If somebody does a lot of real live their floor like this say we have a panel system that lips everything up. To which is still ball connect with fallen to the cup. And we can count two that the same as outdoor or. You've been around that number nine. That's what I have yet it works great care and after my fourth. But you know but I was like gold for Jeff that's what it's nice that Jeff had higher beat some people at higher beef ceiling than others which obviously logic swing too as well which Steve setup for EU. Which you're hitting area putting chipping area it's really yeah EMI and spoil them why it's pretty sweet yet talk about the tires everything so I. Steve a note that you know Kevin brought up a great point about you know businesses use that currency they might have a ping pong table or. Some sort other SA recreation. Places that you workers got a congregate this would look. I'm sure this would be great in an office especially. Of people of their while golf vote for an area that have that bonding among coworkers. And you know it it. Can be a lot of different variety of things that you don't inside. It businesses or at other places inside so maybe just talk about that the other options other people might have to that must answer with indoor. Ideas. And Italy we do. The pudding greens are big. We also again with a high union or ceiling if you wanna be able to swing away. So that you can have. EDT man which allows us to put its key rate and bit off it or eat them organized and as well. And together have the higher ceiling elections doesn't shorter clubs shorter arms. You know I like I have it in my in my dark. So my doc. You know these are legal or care that is that is actually decent point and and oh if you have pants. And wintertime rate. You know you can put this match up time for well I'd die for your dog breath that's also another thing you can do to right where antsy due to. There's that thought and I didn't mean to put on net but not intended but it could have played a bit and ordered to act. And help you out the spring time without have to pick giving up. Deep. That's system or the other in a steel trays that you could put rate near graduate little. With a turf on top of that trade so you Doug. Well out there and relieve him or herself without evidence well it'd be cold muddy mark donating money. I'm not I'm not buying this I trust. At a at a technical product ethernet amnesty Beatty from custom turf joining us here ninety degrees broadcast live at the Leno appeared in Amherst. Steve maybe I know it's August at the end audits but. I don't let people might be at some point have to think about giving holiday gifts and I know that it's not too early to start thinking about that especially they wanna do something. With custom turf. What's in against the processing. Is it. Still OK at this point to think about maybe a holiday gift for people with that you wanna get something like this. Oh yeah absolutely either myself or our. Tony would come out and visit the property and seen what the customer had as far as base fan what their thoughts. Or what they might have been agreement over the years what they plotted. And we generally you put together a rendering that would say okay here's your. Man cave area and this is what we could make it look like. And then again that they were to move forward again which and the indoor we would. Build the majority of tragic in our office. And these number 2 morning first we would schedule a date or whatever that they are and we would shore up there and install them fairly good. Take great up nobody even know. It's serious a plan ahead the you know it it you know did it the plans right you know does he plan ahead so. If you do for holidays definitely some do and talent in the wintertime to that it is simulator and yeah and you need big basically you've got to move it in the cage them. And those and those are some of the next set of when you do this coaster for me now are our door to workers awesome which tees and it. You can just hit any shot that there is there's no concrete it's. Greeted your joints and when you do that inside throw simulator and there are so many ways you can do that you do is definitely it's out of there well that's cool. Custom turf dot com is the website to check out all the great. Items pictures and other city yards and basements and things like that that. Stephens company it's done and as we always like to do all the time it is day Western New York company. Based in Salamanca. Everything's made in the United States everything so they the United States that you're supporting a western your company's well become accustomed to her dot com. Steve thanks so much for coming on. We always enjoyed having you on the show and thanks again for your support of arched radio show this year appreciate it. I appreciate it guys are very have a good day we gotta get together for around adult. We're all like to. Yes I'm just gonna say the same things that the choice will make. Thank you Steve. There are great you can do about it aren't one of the good guys around theory he's awesome zinni is his brother with a PGA professional it yeah. Also as we mentioned a you to heats it's a nice drops by at least the threat. Constant or what are presenting sponsors as is our home clubs fox valley can't hear it Breyer would analyze this past or something from. From tenth here from PGA pro dot Schneider and membership director Don cherry said that anybody listening petite green show this morning. He's got a hand terra fault membership promotion really so he says that he contacted tellingly hurt this promotion here at TD green. And he's got a special deal Oreo. Contact aren't Schneider. At 6940366. Extension 105 or. GC dot com. A key green. All membership special and their demeanor again this moment for hours this morning out let me get the name here because I was I was just going through some other replies. What are you know here probably more fairways and the race itself yes I want it the right here since McMoran held together or electric regretfully he. Nick Patterson nick if if you're still listening hello thanks for listening he says it's his Tweety says. Cutting greens that listening. To teetering on this beautiful morning Hickory stick though he's their sports that nick thanks for listening. It is a beautiful morning again he had just you're talking this morning as sunsets and apparently from the forest fires out west we're getting more particulates in the year's first on that sun rises or more beautiful articulate a trends before go to break here means tiny little pieces here. Officially was announced this week the tiger vs bill matchup for Thanksgiving weekend in Las Vegas for nine million dollars the PGA tour didn't like the ten million dollars. Because that's what their FedEx Cup prizes they won in what looked upstaged it anyway so they made it nine million. It's woods vs Mickelson and a lot of the talk about it this week was the fact it's going to. Likely be tight paper view whether or not people are gonna pay to watch this do you think paper he's a good idea caps that there while people are gonna pay. You know item there. I wanna go right by I wanna go to person my birthday and I appreciate it if Vegas birthday. Trip to watch that I didn't be adding it to be great com you know the B might dump thirty total trash talking. I thought bill was pretty chic fil a week out the posters that Kate tigers' season left handed driver who are here is what I director ever. In doubt that. You know it infielders got on Twitter because of this. So foul Phil Mickelson there's a real Phil Mickelson on on Twitter. I think it's gonna be cool it's going to be but it is incumbent upon them to make cool. Well all out it would be. That's correct yes they're gonna have to do something. Production value wise I'm not sure who's producing it maybe two were will produce it may be. The BC BS or NBC but. They've they've got to put some production elements in two days it just sports but turn sports as you only have two guys right immediate two mega star this year but you're right what if it's a blowout out of that time between each you the other gonna have to talk to who's ever on course reporting. Four while it's going on. The celebrities on site that yes there's an at tenacious they'll make it work but you know I I understand the pay per view part because so to nine million dollar purse. That's more than most PGA tour events affected more than any course. The white wanna see US a month and PGA champ ship was there to. Overall purse but then you know to produce it it costs a lot of money. To produce these things though. They've got it they've got to generally you don't some TV contract you think he wanted to major networks would have signed up for that helped that dwell on the cars you know they'll they'll tell you why because you know the buys it it'll mostly done OK rate in dollars spent in the money football got any big college football today that this act is Friday at 223 Friday Friday that point there to meet Friday night. You know. Buys your people spent their money cancer yet to see elected party committed so your big. See your Pepsi board there fall or they might have would be called you know maybe some incremental dollars throw and it shall be some sort of sponsorships. I'm there but yeah I think it is maybe we should. Well there it's out there yet there is out there. Asked by the way for those you on Twitter no no we are not putting on a challenge that man will go for that party was ours. But it timeout here when we come back we'll talk about the FedEx cup playoffs we'll get our. Check of the PGA tour leaderboard as we step aside from Leno on double BGR as well as on RT Greek FaceBook page. Which Glen oak owner Tim threes PGA pro director of golf here on out Geoff it's Kevin Sylvester I'm rankled of their Kramer producing backers for studios. Thanks for being let us more teetering coming up live and let them. 751 welcome back tee to green lighting live at the Leno here I didn't ever think for vehement us. It is time for our PGA through leaderboard grudge by on or call them and by Donald Ross your adult Ross a great show a lot of good feedback we've beaten. Do that again sometime soon this week it's like one of four of the FedEx cup playoffs they are at ridgewood country club for the Northern Trust open. And two time major winner this year Brooks kappa. He's in the lead right now after a great round yesterday kept ING me love market leaders at minus ten. Adam Scott who threatened at the PGA championship is one back he shot a 64 yesterday. He's at minus nine. Dustin Johnson rice the sham bow our at minus eight some other notable scores Tommy Fleetwood another good round yesterday that minus seven. Mickelson yesterday for awhile with in the lead he is at minus six Justin Thomas also. At minus six as we go down to leader board the Morton notables Jordan speed is minus two. And we mention it just a little bit earlier Tiger Woods makes the cut on the number he's even. He is tied for 67 Ian Ian Poulter actually just teed off at 7:50 AM tee time in New Jersey. And that they are on the course. Would it Alter interesting pairing here or picture for the early morning crowd there that's that's the well and author and talk about jets Jerry that story. It was he was in bikinis book. Always in that welcome Alter pertain to put out there that tiger book. Earlier this year well. Tiger. I. Poulter said some two money jet hasn't won it for real time effort and has yet to order a passage and got to move on it tonight whatever is that you know we get room. And I Micah to rat and capture. Mulder showed up and got on the plane in August it was too late in in quick letter bride but is kind of like. As the ones on this guy Lleyton you do right now he's. A movie Tuesday Poulter sent out its wheat last thing he's very act you don't follow on Twitter junior golfer you should so he's got a lot of it is that he's active. Set you see I'm paired with tiger. Tomorrow look at board's duty it better it's asleep earlier tonight. Oh that that there that any certain students came out last night and ornate and maybe that's saying. It's it's more early I found earlier teed him up they want an Italian oh Purdue pretty cool in the parking lot of sawgrass. He was. Blocking out it's two years ago when he finished second. And for some reason is he he he drives a couple Ferrari's rates are discrete or at least the united it's a fake America your take is simple thing he game if the driver. Oh look well. Bring goal. And art anyway possible Ryder Cup. It alters been rumored altar outside. Right now which is that it got to play well I gotta think he's deathly innings elected he's he's. If people. Right he's money Sergio is the one that you know that fifty. I don't feel like baskets Mickelson and Garcia similar. They pat vary ports second after the year. Seattle has had a better Ryder Cup history and Mickelson just easily. Or she's playing here he can make that happen fifty in the Torino yankees majors you played awful hasn't quite a key isn't that the index as bodies been terrible alters it deathly it. I think bolt and Sergio set out before an assistant captain. I could see him not making team. But being there on field will be there tiger will be there. Well yeah I agree on tiger and they'll be there we'll fill with witnessed it this week yet you know from a he's still shows signs here Sergio zone nothing this year. There's other good European players right now there playing well Olson's place. Good golf the late. He's on the fringe Casey. As he was playing well he was on high diesel you know again it injuries so. Sergio did have a baby and it looks at Europe Europe Mayo it's got it to the outside looking in who was really good in the Ryder Cup I take a while and take amber what about Thomas Peters he was actually the last Ryder you know outside they got the next play here's the picture as they've they're gonna have a strong including. The group that art yet like Rhodes scholar and Ari McIlroy. Stands in Fleetwood Fleetwood minorities Noory yet it's. The US team looks act I think Europe with its gonna be enemies Ryder Cup heiress that your read reports that. Up for those you could just may be watching at the gulf covered this weekend. It is round one or any like one of the four. Just a quick explanation for diagnosed every year it just how to refresh yourself. So the top one to 45 of the FedEx Cup are playing this week. After this week what's the points are awarded it'll go to 100 and then next week they go to TPC Boston for the sec it like it. From there it'll be the top 100 playing and then after that event points be awarded it goes to the top seventy. Then the BMW championship. Seventy will compete. From there they got a debt go down thirty for the tour championship. In Atlanta for the final week and that's the week of course they giveaways that ten million dollar prize get you'll be at TPC Boston next week will yet on the phone either PG. Are your girl who work in an event at the puck at the low scores are usually in the minds bodies for the winner I love lot of off course that fight is that the final par five. Par five via the water hazard on well and guys can reach two you know others. They've got to maneuver a fairway bunker on the right side it'll slow Stewart Parker but if they ate it shorts level that walker it's five earned degrees. It's it's me it's great great golf course. To a term of the lobster rolls out there wanna magical Alter challenged Brian and I we have picked her competitor Chris. On Twitter in a compelling tweets and Jim Lehman to his last name is one of them but. He and his guest will compete against Brian Heidi gates beat German mobile shall be. But it's courtesy of nickel Alter. Thirty year thorough we're doing dismantled him. You know what that's a great idea you may look like they Brian Aaron Cook and actually win this year. Where that as per originally chose Chris. Summit talks trash but they're gonna they're gonna win great prize winners already made our winners are ready to get elected. From nickel Alter his so that'll be fun we thank Michael Walter of further support fifty degree again this year. For putting on this challenge to and we encourage you to enjoy Mikell Walter responsibly that's a threat. Tim thanks for evidence here great personality here Tuesday morning. Jets at 4:30. AM 330 that's like there what's that commercial giving exposure at the end I'm at the rate for. Or shall. Dwell on what I see you guys Monday means old car bloat than. It maybe that culture cart load it's not broke hearts and low car so that's the whole idea what they'll respond to what is the best free night meal before playing wonderful golf and not Mexican. Got about dot he could. To bring up. A systemic Aniston. Laughter and I'm gonna Alter it to bed early yet there ago yeah it's army on something light grind but this isn't like chicken re might mean when a mortar like a double order wind that brightness play harder holes in mind and yet. I now that's a ticket. I think in cheese irate. In cheese and fire. Tim thank you. It's been fun having our rotation absolutely yours you know this is great avenue guys out here and in this first year for collateral for for Jeff and I've been this has a lot of that. And the feedback that I've heard about which you and Jeff and that. Nothing to keep it up yet lots of work ahead of us bigger offseason for Jeff and I lots of planning and that your body that's been to Atlanta. In the report there. First year you know that we're about Ricky we're actually keep. The biggest improvement in filers for your second that's. It. The I've ever meeting that be great yet one more week when we had a odds that were reduced to mourn FaceBook here or we got a lot going in the fall so a lot of arteries going away. It before we go. I know that by not like this by being being shot out and hand clap for Eric Kramer parties are back studios. Next week's our files show to be back there are studios. There is that the meaning take next week off but let me shower next week as pricey because we're gonna be coming in but listen. We have been on the road virtually every week. Since March when Michelle. And we have in. Beautifully here and from the producers I think there back as you would I like his professional he investment professional millionaires make very much air that's right. And bring him on retirements but about that prevent nice job there but there's thank you very much there's no gifts there that it is when you say nice guy. At products and its last this for the record all mystery and brought some today that would have been nice answer. The Derrick thank you and at thank you for listening or watching a senator TD FaceBook page. And we thank you earlier collateral for evidence next week our final show of the season yes it's got here fast will be studios. Jeff and I will be that'll be in TPC a hospital as reports. As that will put a wrap on the TV green season. For another year. For team freeze Jeff Venus canceled after their crew are back here Kramer studio I'm rankled Neil thanks for listening to green. Presented by the west here PGA what do wedges piccolo Alter custom turf. At a home club box elites in era talk yet. Next week it's 7 o'clock right here teetering.