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Sunday, August 26th

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Radio. I'm station. Western New York race fans it's timed out Craig get out goal. The next hour at the airwaves belong to you. Some jokes dressed in it's let's head to WGR's fast track. With your host of other evidence there. I thought he Buchanan. You're a good morning race fans 1102 here and WGR Sports Radio 550 and welcome. Through the thrilling season finale of WG urged faster act. I'm Dave Buchanan thanks for listening as always we wrap up another season here on WGR Sports Radio fight if you believe this was season twelve. Of fast track here on WGR and it's always been a blast doing this show but and ensure a fashion we are the football filler on Sundays here above once these Super Bowl and we go on the air and once bills he's right we go off the year and actually Purdue and at a week early. The normal this year won't be our next week with the Labor Day holiday in and a I AM I'll be tied up next week and so what appealed beyond here next Sunday anyway. So while will be off and so this is our last show of the year and we leave you with the most ultimate cliff hanger in all sports talk radio because we ducked out before the major. Sport we focus on crowns they're season champion Zach will do it. With two weeks left in the regular season. So we'll have to legislate meet his watch from home on your couch in commiserate about it on Twitter because don't they'll talk about here Amish folk. As though bill season will be in full effect by then but that's okay because today we're gonna pure and their crystal ball and try to predict what happens here in the news. Final twelve races of the NASCAR cup series season the final two rates of the regular season next week at Darlington the southern 500 and and the regular season failure to Indianapolis. And then the ten race playoff to decide the 2000 any team. I NASCAR monster energy cup series champion so if you'd like to appeared to your crystal ball give me your predictions. Your final four year championship favorite. Who gets eliminated one and feel free to bring it this morning if you've never call him before. You're not a regular list thirty want to chime in this is your last opportunity this season. I had a talk with me not that that's a big prize but he'll 305151. 888550. To 550 are the phone numbers to lead. Talk with us here this morning on the program. You also send us a tweet to Wear on Twitter at fast tracked by fifty FS tracked by fifty and you can also finest hour FaceBook to FaceBook dot com. Slash WGR. Fast tracked also coming up on today's program not only. Are we going off the air with the end of the cup season and in NASCAR and all the major motor sports to we've got the Indy cars season wrapping up they've got two races to go. And nature re they've got the US nationals NetSuite next weekend and then they've got the air playoffs. Our system as well to do decide their champions and he by the way Tommy Johnson junior who we had on the show last week. Got to the finals so I like take a little bit of credit for forgiving Tommy an extra boost of confidence to get into the final round of funny. Parks last week in operator Minnesota. Largely came up short in the final round but still great to see Tommy had his best finish of the season. After being on our program so we were afflicted joke there were some kind of good luck but usually usually it's the other way around using the jinx we've come on our program. Especially that's some of the guys we had nine of for our walk and Glenn Schoen and a couple of them had some bad runs including air a moral. But I still have a great run for Tommy Johnson so you've got the you all the major national motor sports series you know wrapping up their season on top of that too we've got the best part of the year the local racing season to and that's all the big. End of year. Month and a half or so go into you know early to mid October really when things kind of wrap up around here are all the big stuff. And there's still a lot on the local racing scene and we're gonna try and highlight some of those big end of your shows. And it kinda kicks off. Well we had Jodi London I'm last week. And talk about his his big race that happened this past Friday night at Spencer the and that was some like a pretty good show and from what I saw online it was an interesting race to say the least polite. The the big show atmosphere in local racing continues starting this Friday night. At the Spencer speedway. As the race of champions modified series will be at Spencer speedway a near Rochester for the tribute to pops Levy. 75. Gian pops Levy the father of Jim leading in the grandfather Mike Levy and Mike it's gonna join us at the bottom of the hour. To talk about the races the first inaugural addition. Of this event and it should be a ton of finding and the entry list is gonna be stellar for this event. Has already confirmed is that extra and racing at Oswego tonight after with the NASCAR modified. He is gonna be driving 83 car for four Mike Levy and his family meal to auto sport team along a path to gambling. So we talked to talk to Mike about just that accretion of this event in getting Ryan priest drive for him so that is going to be. A great show next Friday night but you've got that in won't hold try to highlight some more of the other. Big ended year shows that are going to be coming up over the next month and a half year between Western New York so momentary and even some of the big stuff in central New York. Guarantees me. Phone lines are open your 8030551. 88 by fifty to five feet began phone lines are wide open and had no guest on this opening segment. If you want you log in touch with us I'm on top of the cup series of course you got peaks miniseries in the truck series two in the truck series playoffs actually get started today. And other far from us this is about is. Close is that sharks series gets outside of go into pocono oral Dora. But this is this is close they get because they're just to the north of us up and Bowman bill Ontario at most sport Canadian tire motorsports park. On the road course. They're outside Toronto and it kicks off the truck series playoff. And interesting times and in the truck series. With they they start their playoffs today and also an interesting day 401 of our favorites here in the show Stewart freeze and of course the Niagara on the Lake Ontario native. Grew up in greens and bill and Lancaster speedway is. In has been having a remarkable season. In the truck series. Qualify for the playoffs coming out of Bristol finishing second ought to Johnny Sauter says he's locked into the class a and it's it's interesting it's yell. Stewart's first and may ask our truck Kris I believe I don't think he ran the race last year most port so this'll be his first NASCAR truck race in his home country. What does road course in sort of course grew up on dirt tracks here in western new York and southern Ontario late in central new York and a supporter cart series and road course guy bought. You know he got if you're on the full Scott Lee gotta run all the tracks a Steward is gonna try his hand at some. Road course racing he did do some morrow practicing in to some learning with Ron fellows and they're driving school up dirty ready for this race. And qualifying not so good for Stewart he rolls off sixteenths today and is seven out of the eight playoff drivers in the field. On the front row is Ben wrote to know Greg's into the other drivers that are in the truck series playoffs today then my Steiner met craft in Timothy Peters Johnny Sauter. John and earning a check just in Healy Austin hill and at ecstatic to can talk three Alex tang Leon. For some of the road racing events in NASCAR wants a while and he rolls off tenth today in the truck series that's kind of a wildcard in the field. So that Stuart will pet to tries Bastia and kind of you know and trying at least salvage a good finish today if he does he'll struggle at least trying state. In the race try and get to the conclusion and trying Stanley latins are as many points as possible so we concentrate I'm moving on to the next round. Of the truck series playoffs. But that is coming up today and that's a race that I usually you know that racy stuff like a Labor Day weekend so it was always. On. You we will go on the Glen last few years of the IndyCar race and so this year it's different falling on the the weekend before Labor Day. Actually it's a nice place on the schedule with the cup series being off today so that the truck series starts trying to get the spotlight today Sunday in the race will be an FS one. But that's one that's. Cut on my list of cool stuff says it's a gold do would love to admit meal maybe two maybe next year or something and that be on the short list of places were allowed to take the show on the road for. Since there is now Leo IndyCar race at the Glen currently that's where Madonna another life you know we don't like show there the past years but no. IndyCar race of the one this year in and next year so maybe an immediate. Do some playing near the offseason may be that open could be an event we could take the show on the on the road for. To make the trip up to work meet her motor sports park for this truck race. Up there. But definitely something not. I love to go check out since it is so close but that is that come up this afternoon. So the truck series class starts today leaks and eighty series they raping they're getting calls then their regular season just in all of our speak your road course racing. There are they were at road America yesterday just an all guy or picked up the win their his second road course win of the season. After running a mid Ohio couple weeks back meant fifteen and how Merkel cluster Elliott Sadler there in the top five. And now select ex miniseries. Wrapping up their regular season soon as well but. Let's take a look into the crystal ball and if you want to do the same give us a call 8030 fight 51. 88550. To 550 will start here with book the last few race in the regular season now. Really looking at the points and we we talk about this a lot but. This is the playoff standings they're sat there is not going to be a driver. That's outside the top sixteen pumping their way into class but it's just not happening to get that deathly is not happening appoints. Alex Bowman. That the gap he holds over Ricky said house for that last position on points he you stand house is in closing that gap in two races. And I don't think. That any dried not that this is a real stretch of prediction but I don't think any driver outside. Of the top fifteen is gonna win a race here in these last few weeks to kind of bomb their way in yeah it would be fun to see a being a Suarez is or William Boyer energy amendment Jamie McMurray. You know sneak in there and win say at Indianapolis and a couple of weeks it in boss their way no class spot I don't think it's happening that the way this season has played out. The guys that are in the top fifth 1516 points there up there because. That the big guys have been as dominant this year you look at the wins alone of course with the Big Three they've racked up somebody wins but. Really there is definitely a divide right there at fifteenth in the standings and it's just did it performance so. Barring some crazy events in Indianapolis. I don't see. A any driver currently not in the post season making their way into the field a sixteen so with that being said I will go out on main. Not not going on a limb to say this but. Darlington next Sunday the the throwback race the southern 500 Denny Hamlin can win. On next and that's my prediction here going for the southern 500 with Denny Hamlin. I think he'll take that one so hell it'll give him his first win of the season gives him more play half points. And of course the southern 500 tons of fun with the throwback paint scheme tonight we did the other day. I think it was Friday. My top ten favorite throwback paint schemes for the southern 500. I really like Eddie Rickey sent house got the best when if you haven't seen it if you remember the old John Deere 97 cars that Chad little used to run when he drove. For Jack Roush well the rush from my folks have partnered up when John Deere again and so Ricky is running. Then familiar green paint scheme that Chad little Easter drive instead of 97 at the seventeenth that was my favorite. Out of the bunch and then I Kevin Harvick has by a pretty good won't bush period it was do an outstanding job instead of being a based on a race car. It's based on any old Busch beer beer can that they had in the 1990 that's really got the idea for their paint scheme. And it quickly on this hit my top five Kyle Busch is finally doing a throwback paint scheme he's never done one for the Darlington race before. He's course with skill sponsorship finally they are going back to the old school Ernie Irvin Skittles paint scheme. That people I think begging for him to do that these last couple years with this throwback program. So Kyle is going what that tells my third favorite Brad Kozlowski got an old school. Miller genuine draft paint scheme like Rusty Wallace used to run. And enjoy the look on how did something cool course yes Pennzoil sponsorship and if you remember Pennzoil. Of course sponsored Steve park in the one car when he drove for dealer incorporated. So that so Joey you can kind of attributes of the Steve park car that Steve drove in the the late 1990s and got some wins with including net. A huge emotional win at Rockingham in 2001 after dealer Kirk passed away. So those are my top five you can see my top ten if you go through my Twitter feed it and there's also a link there to see all of the a throwback paint schemes. So Denny Hamlin is gonna get the win in the southern 500 and and then that'll set this up. Four going to Indianapolis for the regular season finale of course the first time. That. That the course change in the schedule this year with the Indianapolis the brickyard 400 race being moved up. To the rightly sees an alias and of being run in July and August they moved it up here unfortunately the colts play the same day in Indianapolis so. We'll see how that affects attendance and everything there. At the brickyard and it's the official name of the race probably the big machine of vodka 400 at the brickyard I love the breaks means they come up with. Fred an event it's always some crazy. String of sponsors. But I think cannot chase Elliott's gonna win at the brickyard in gives his second win of the season. And do something his dad did about. I was about fifteen years ago I think bill one that won the brickyard 400 when you start a career and am so about fifteen years later chase is gonna edit copy is dad's broadened. And I he would get his second win of the season at number care to close out the regular season. Seeking really and we quickly by the way I'll mention that extended the series race at road America Chase's dad Bill Elliott didn't run that race yesterday. Coming out of retirement and Jackie finished twentieth after starting 23. Even a rookie stripe by him because he'd been out of the car for so long they kind of treated him like a rookie made him go to the rookie meeting. That weekend and the of the yellow stripe on the back of the 23 he was driving for but I G amass racing and they are paint scheme was kind of a throwback they made it look like the the old Budweiser number eleven car when bill drove for junior Johnson's that was neat. To see a bill back in the car and I believe cheeks was actually wanted to spotters to. For him a high yesterday road America so that's your regular season Denny Hamlin at Darlington chase Elliott a win at Indianapolis or your field. Again no changes it'll be your sixteen of Kyle Busch. Harvick Truex Kurt Busch Boyer McConnell. Blini Kozlowski Larson cam and Eliot ROL Motorola. Jones Johnson Bowman and Dylan of course Austin Dillon. Outside of the top sixteen points but one that. Daytona 500 by dumping here a moral on the last lap so he gets the final spot for the post season so we move out of the first round of the class the first three races are are pretty. Ed diverse in their tracks you start off course Las Vegas now the playoff opener. What their second date mile and A half tracks so you can pretty much you know. That'll be cut it'll be one of the Big Three probably winning there mile and a half tracks Truex Busch always so good at those it'll be one of the Big Three probably winning the opener. You're rich men which is kind of a short trek but some people don't think of short trek. And you know and then onto which will be a tough on. It could be a total nightmare could be super exciting but the world at Charlotte which will round out the first round of the playoffs. Who knows what the heck gonna happen this race that the testing. As a wild we talked to Clint Boyer he said the margin of air on some of those turns is very slim. Late you could be inches away from getting through a chicanery or putting yourself headfirst into a tire wall. It's gonna be wild race on top of it being a road course a new road course and a little. Off playoff elimination race and it's going to be nuts and answers share some crazy stuff is gonna happen. And I've no idea who will win this race if it can be anybody could be. Michael McDowell winning it because half the feel it's taken at a crash it's going to be a real low wildcard event but it should be a ton of fun. But coming out of the first round of the class a body like that Mac and I predict who wins but. So your first round eliminations coming after the a roll it Charlie your four drivers eliminate will be. Austin Dillon no surprise. Air on a roll out a missing Jimmie Johnson and it does not advance out of the first round of the playoffs. You know they've just been kind of unimpressive this season. And there's not attract you know if Dover was in this first run of the play asked I give Jimmy shot because open to over the first race the second round. Some say Jimmy does that make it I think it's a little bit maybe miss by a couple of points but Jimmy does not demand then I'll think right blini. But unfortunately won't get out of the first round of the playoffs. And he's consistent but he's not consistent enough come playoff time you know we Eads. 73 and standings right now but just lacks the the top five finishes in which an obviously is never win yet this year. So I think he'll need he won't get enough points to advance an extra either so that leaves you with. The Big Three. Kirk Busch Clint Boyer it would Ghana Kozlowski Larson ham win. Elliott Jones in Bowman going into the second round of the post season that started to over. That could be Jimmy Johnson. Yelled looking for redemption he could blow everybody away and get a win. Larson Truex obviously favorites there at the at Dover as well too so. Of you know I don't see any surprise there then you go to Talladega again another wild card race they won't be elimination race. But you got the potential for a you know at. And up to an upset win you know Blake liquor Rickey sent house in Austin Dillon those type of guys. That yo are good on the plate tracks and could steal win so depending who gets racked the could have a big implication. For the playoffs obviously but it won't be. It won't be a you know. I don't think it'll be it won't be as crazy as say the rule race because nominal immigration elimination racing guys know they want more. Race and that round of the playoffs so he might see if you guys kind of just take it easy Indus try and as best they can although it is hard to kind of even ride in the back inactive in does something on up a plate race. A play trek like Talladega. It'll still be cuddle while part of the second round and then the second round wraps up a Kansas and other you know mile and a half track which are set up nicely for ear Kyle Busch and Martin Truex and I I really think. It might be a race that. Some like Kyle Busch may need to win in advance to move on to the third round depending. On if they get into trouble at Talladega or two over you might need to see a big guy one of the Big Three maybe meaning to winning Kansas. To advance to the the third round of the clouds and that depending how things shape up but. So moving on to the round of eight still the Big Three here and they're shock basically for me in this. Clint Boyer is gonna move on what Donna Larson Hamlin and Elliott that means your four out Kirk Kurt Busch. Brad Kozlowski. Eric Jones Alex Bowman. There. Alex's impressive first year Hendrick ends at least. Playoff lies coming out of the a round of twelfth so are the round of eight. And this is always a wild. Set of races and their three great tracks. I think of all the talk of the schedule changes don't leave the final four we don't change the final four races of the schedule especially this final round this round of eight. These three races are always intense. Taxes the Martinsville Texas in Phoenix. Three great maybe. Three of the best tracks on the circuit for when it comes when it comes to dis crazy stuff -- happening especially. In the final round of the Playhouse before the championship race at homestead and Martinsville. I mean look at they get eight guys they have remaining all eight can be considered favorites to win a Martinsville the Big Three of course. Clint Boyer a short trek guy Joey MacDonald's run well there but is also had an infinite infamous run in there Martinsville. Kyle Larson Denny Hamlin won there and chase Elliott on the short trek guy Martinsville. Will be a wild one Phoenix you can pretty much Hershey beat Texas. A mile and A half tracks obviously that favors someone like Harvick or Busch or Truex. But you know what that it could be someone eliminated earlier in the play Ascot sneak in the air and get that one. Some liken Eric Jones or occur push. Or even maybe Jimmy Johnson a mile half track you know Jamie runs really well Texas he's won a lot of races there. You know they could be a non playoff driver winning a Texas. In sparks can fly there we seen some crazy incidents that one on pit road with that Kevin Harvick and Jeff Gordon their post three scuffle there Texas. Obviously everybody will be on edge in the heading into the regular season finale of the playoff failing before the championship at Phoenix. Obviously Kevin Harvick has owned that place in recent years chalking up a lot of wins. And I'm sure everybody will be on their game you always see the eight contending drivers strategist upfront for their whole race. So my final four not a big shocker the Big Three are going to the final four homestead. Busch Harvick and Truex again in at just have a chalk they're going right through between the playoff points that they have. In their pocket from all their wins during the regular season. In just their performance in general this year is being the three best drivers in the circuit. I don't think this has been a season without a lot of a lot of surprises. And outside of the world what Charlotte I don't see too many a two a ton of surprises from the post season ours either so. Busch Harvick true wrecks are my Big Three into the championship foursome at home said. And my fourth I was on the fence back and forth between Le Ghana in handling. Denny is always I think since we've gone to this format I think Denny's been in the final four like three times. But dot. It as much as I I was leaning on Denny a moment ago what Joey look down making the final four Joey is also. Had some good runs to make his way into a championship for smooth pass I think what Donald gonna get the final spot. All hurt Hamlin and Clint Boyer and Larsen and Eliot he'll get the final spot in the foursome at homestead. And you're champion for 2018. Market down is going to be Kevin Harvick. I think he's just. Just a slight. Slightly bit better than Kyle Busch this year and it'll be very close. It if all if all three of the Big Three and even all four championship contenders as long as there's no issues I think it's gonna be a slugfest. And it's going to be a great. Championship race but I think Kevin Harvick is going to be your champion here in 2018 if his second career cup series champion. So market gamble will mark the tape will play this back in at Thanksgiving time and find out how wrong I am but. That is going to be my predictions for how the season is gonna play out. I'd love to hear your thoughts tell me I'm crazy tell me agree with me 8030 fight 51888. By fifty to 550 can also tweet me. At fast track 550. And giving your thoughts as well take a look at those the break we come back though. I will talk to likely from the recent champions modified series they've got a big race coming up Friday night. At the Spencer speed we will talk to speedy Mike Lee was also the reigning series champion. And now we can take your phone calls to 803055188. By fifty to 550 we get back here on the season finale a fast track on WGR. 1130 want here at WGR Sports Radio 550 Davey Canon and the season finale of WG arch fast track we will be off for the Labor Day weekend and then after that it's football time here and they'll be GR. As the bill season asks regular season kicks off on September the ninth. We don't bills for all the dating Casey were aware you've been under a rock we do have bills dangles pre season come up today at 4 o'clock I believe your WGR. I go till noon. Need Kyrie is in from twelve to two with countdown to kick off and then we handed up an Indians off the sale out at the stadium for bills pregame. And then it just after 4 o'clock today kick off between the bills the Bengals game three of the long three seizing here NFL but I'll have a right here on WGR. Four they'll want an action the Belgium Grand Prix at spot earlier today wild off first lap of this one. For auto lots of courses. Leaving after one after the season. I got ran into from behind Nico hole can berg which launched him over the car in front of you not seen this yet search for an on Twitter. Or hurt on social media somewhere about wild first lap crash and wants that airborne and launched all or the car in front taking him out on the first lap. But a crazy start Sebastien battle picking up the win his fifth of the year. Over Lewis Hamilton Max for step and military boat tossed Sergio Perez running up the top five then as the mono cone Roma gross John. Kevin Magnuson seven beneath their for hasek won here ghastly and markets air and running at the top ten. And Lewis Hamilton's points lead is now down to was seventeen. In F one. As Hamilton continues to lead battle there in the F one standings. IndyCar in action last night they Greg heat way he in Saint Louis looked like a great crowd for this one. Last night at gave way in Saint Louis and will power picking up the win. On his third of the year for Penske Racing over Alexander Rossi. Scott Dixon's time passion knows that beach the rookie running at the top five and Spencer pigott Joseph new garden Ed Jones to can Masada in Graham ray hall rounding out the top ten there. Two races left in the IndyCar season of course Labor Day no longer at the Glen their portly next weekend. And then they wrap up at Sonoma two weeks after that their championship Scott Dixon holds the points lead ease up. Over Rossi by 26. And 68 ahead of power. All three drivers have 83 wins apiece just of new garden is 1470. Back on three rounds of the top five. Of course the big story at any current last week at pocono this huge crash early in the race. In a robber wiccan who we get on the show earlier this year was involved that horrible wrecked car got airborne into the fence on the backs are to poke it help. Good news is is despite some potential spinal injuries he is breathing on his own. And up alert and talking that was the update yesterday for sure it Peterson motor sports. Opera's a scary crash and terrible for for weekends of course. After and his amazing start to this year in such promise going in his rookie season. Driving offer for Schmidt Peterson you know currently he was the seventh in points still. Even after you know of course missing yesterday's race at gateway. But hopefully he is he gets well hopefully he does not have any long term life altering injuries. From the hopefully he heels up and not only just gets back on its feet and then maybe eventually back behind the wheel more portly just heals up and gets back on its feet again. As a scary crash last week at pocono the cause of an hour to lay as well. That they had to repair the fence and then Alexander Rossi wound up picking up the win for his third of the year. And I'd love to see Rossi win the championship talk a lot about him on the show had talked to him last year Walken Klein. And just a huge talent and an American talent to an IndyCar which the sport can always use in. Would love to see him I'll win the championship two races that decide it between him and Dixon and power. With Portland and a Sonoma still to come. Nick we got our it would go to the AT&T hotline and bring in. The rainy race of champions modified series champion he's picked up a win this year already. Driver of the northeast industrial technologies number 25 for a two auto sports speedy Mike Lee joins us on the line. Mike good morning my friend great to talk deal. Yeah any different revenue. No problem itself is great to catch up in doubt we've got a big one coming up this Friday night the in this one a course up. Party here failing your your grandfather course up pop's passing away this past off season. I know. Getting the win a Lancaster earlier this year meant a lot you to pay tribute to him at that and we're gonna pay tribute to him again this Friday night at Spencer speedway which is shaping up to be a great show. Yes absolutely it's going to be using it hurt my family. Up ops as the patriarch. You know our group but I he's. You click the glue held altogether you know radium. It was east title and all of our family events and even that it can be loved racing you know he was huge part Hillary's team. But we're working in the shop he was always there years you had a lot of new the first one there are people out there that are currently chocolate shop and I'm here 81 years old when he passed away but you are still doing a lot of things. Here's cooking for the team listened. And we miss him tremendously. And have a night at splinters it which is on track. To honor our ops since it's going to be really special for me and them. Yet just tells through quick about how this all came together with this race. You don't try to negotiate. With. The ownership there expense is believe how this whole. Race came to be I know one of the people you work closely with Jeff demean Kia and the folks in recent champions you guys help put your heads together. To come up with the show this Friday night. Yeah honestly when it all came together that wasn't going to be the tribute crops it was before pops actually passed away at each. It was over the winner John Lacey owner Spencer insulin. And approach just gotten either series stricter Riviera city. And he went releases of and so this year a much like Joes does with Allen's nearly bit that he and joked. And Q that they wanted to do that but he thought taking on three events or over the course of the season went too much for and handle. And dunce like and a and into together we can of them decided that it would be did that help Cho and if we could make the error appearances sponsor the event could be you know salute for the promotion and two accountable or as others we've been working hard on making this a big event went went went up best we're in April. It just made sense to turn this into as a prop sweetie tribute twenty particle work on a hacker. Yeah that's going to be a tough fine and I think you talk about that right promotion at Spencer I think just this past Friday night with what Jody does with his dad's race. Shows went with some enthusiasm and some good promotion there in the they're still the outspent Spencer can still draw some good crowd because are some great racing there. Absolutely I was there at. I'm like term Patrick permanent purposefully they're promoting our and and just Q majority does is just. Amazing you know it it's honestly motivating to me a lot of credit like that sponsor a live like animals see my house. And I don't. It really grew up racing and so it's special to us and you know that's what we're trying to do is you raise 6200 dollars over 200 dollars less money for the and but talking a lot of preventive 26 confirmed countries that are now inept and firm that people especially coming. And there's probably six to ten other cars that are hanging out there sort of tourniquet. You're one of the biggest field of the year on the RC and you know it's Michael. Have experienced and sorting. Having the plate striving toward the second quarter on our way to the leader Ryan Kris commander on the one on the back colors so. You know he's been in an imprint Sokol the last couple years and the issue tickets are also with people who watch it ranks. Yeah I was gonna ask you about that how did this whole deal with bring in Ryan of course is an excellent modified racer but. Has also what had some success now with in the trinity series which Joseph Gibbs racing and he's earned himself a lot more races later this year at least in the series. How did that all come to be with him driving third L two auto sport car on this Friday night. It's kind of funny well they got a long ways back back in 2006. I'm an Oswego speedway it was. Brian first ever hit some outside you it's fourteen years old. And it would ouster from my own car to a lot of work went silent I started second. Iraq and on the pole and I actually went on to win the race by. It was our first error he went but I still remembered. Ryan would braces and fourteen years old next to me and driver introductions we've. This has an excellent conversation and not became friends. It's a disaster and you know but his head straight Singh in with an addiction in the other jobs yes. And learned a lot of bottom in the ten minutes on the front straightaway and he always just kind of kept up with one another and you know this summer a week we always. To each other and two races and stops and just. You know with the way that his career has escalated over the last couple years and then about seven. Races Spencer that he can really add to the show brings something that people like and see. What is called up by the blue Monday and asked what you gonna do it he was ecstatic Q what is it Pulitzer race and Italy I think interest expense one other time you. But. You know not not much extreme to answer but it's going to be an eagle and actually so. What is city jump to your opportunity and we're gonna turn but it acute hunger and. That's going to be challenged any Yule your dead Gianni your your brother Steve all the of the the failing crew they're the LT lot of sports team I mean you field two cars to end their. Two of the best darn cars on the circuit between you and Patrick. And then this this third car now that we seem pop up you put that Tony before Monty in it at length at Lancaster that was a ton of fun to see him out there the road racer. And now feeling a third car for right treats you guys just. Really work hard here to prepare some top flight cars. Yeah accidentally got the phone you go back to work at the shop. Not what you're here it's not to me it's the salty. We got a group of five six are really committed to being successful and that's what you need. You know we've got so I think between the end Patrick we've got four errors that. Our dedicated ROC modify it and we keep a mind you went upstate Maine and players. And a lot of time outs and then that's it takes nowadays you know we've captured the with but the kind and then. It's chosen racetrack that structure and Coker prosper but we. Honestly it's retires this kind of something that we would like to build towards the future. And also happen for next year but we've it would like to go to requires and and chocolate. You know particular 12 trees have been 120 yeah Howard we're trying to keep growing. I have that be fun to see quickly Mike Lee it likely be joining us three to champions modified series is talk about your. Efforts yourself on the track got you we talked about this in you know with interviews post race interviews at the track but. You know yet at a new car and kind of struggled the first two races of the year but then. Once we we got into the that this summer part of the season you really been on and I close second like yesterday chock inning comeback and win a race in Lancaster a close college you costs. I mean once you got their car figured out this YouTube certainly been a consistent for front runner once again. Yes absolutely and urea a 100%. Per couple hours to kinda. Get the bugs worked out a new car it was you know we've we tried to go over it rather than usual. Or conventional product we've been around and then it just didn't work our own notes if it during the early part of the day when entire afternoon stop that. As other players or how we distant have a handle on patent. So we just an early this month some testing and we figured our whether it's Lancaster we've been really good at Lancaster he really looking toward the US open. That you customs actually nothing new car there we're stressed there as well Alec is set and it's this kid you. That's ridiculous though we've been on. More consistent truck to win this year and in years past and we won the championship between seventeen with a consistent conditions. But I could only point 21 or two races where you are really at the speed that just. He's the fastest turn attract when the race and and it's open to go our way to win. On the this year actually. Accused of this country for racist group wrote one of the fastest lap each fastest car out there. It's he'll get you know a lot of hard work and I hope we can continue that on. All Mike you real excited to get back dispenser speedway this Friday night for that tribute to pops Lee race at Spencer. And then after that the US open and the recent champions 250 Lake Erie speedway. Mike best of luck the rest of your season and for the rescue team and thanks for the time this morning now get back to work. Thank you Kohl's C a Friday. I'm likely be from the recent champions modified series in he's off back to work on to prepare. Three race cars for this Friday night at Spencer the tribute to Bob Levy 75. 7 o'clock this Friday night the Spencer speedway in Rochester. Two sets I rush Chester Williams and York. We're one all four find you later won a forty can't miss it on to be a great show along with them the recent champions for Sandra day series in the street stocks are usually see it run at Lancaster will also be on the card. This Friday night we come back the last segment of the year one final local racing round up. And some heartfelt tearful goodbyes we get ready to wrap up the final episode a faster Q this season on WGR. Our final one of the season Friday night like castor dragway Wayne Cleveland got the win and top eight. France peppy and top ET Jeff curly Mahdi team like Nero and bikes and sleds Mason fix got both the street ET way in won the special pick up truck class. They also led semi trucks and dump trucks drag racing in kids love that Shaun Lindsay. Leans Lee got the semi semi truck when Kevin tar rocks got eight dump truck when their party night. Lancaster dragway they got a big race Tuesday night of their race of champions event. All former track champions and race winners from the past calendar year are eligible. Says should be issued Tuesday night that Friday night with the a supercharged bounty hunters rains it'll speed late Friday night. Met Farnham got a second modified win of the season Austin since he got the sportsman win. Pizza for its industries that would actually black in the four bangers and Kenny wash burn got another win in the not a sportsman their Friday night at ransom L Saturday night action Genesee speedway. Kyle and means mineral hot streak you're late year he got his second win of the year Genesee. Bill holes in the crate late models being due bully in the 360 late Doug Jones in the street stocks Donte' Mancuso. In many stocks in Jessica tracks Fuller in the bay in its division Lancaster last night. It was Sean night picking up the win in the sportsman feature holding up a one bed nets any crying that is ninth win of the year in the street stocks Kyl Hutchison images. Charles Palmer got the win in the force owners Lancaster about a half hour rain delay but still managed to get the show wane despite being interrupted mid program. Odd trek at hillside Greg Krauss won. Street stock force owners can multi on the street that dates and Dodd Joseph Evans was awarded the win in the sports for a modified. Feature there yesterday afternoon at the track at hillside may Martinsville Speedway last night. G mold in the mini stocks Steve Bailey you know when the hoosiers stocks. Dave DiPietro won the race of champions sportsman event. Over Cheshire rallying Cody MacPherson and the semi four lap here recently memorial went to Matt Williamson his tenth of the year. Chad Brockman Scott Lloyd Ryan CCP pick now rounding out the top five. Did not give them results from Wyoming county avoided pick up that Ricky nap won the SST modify championship out there Wyoming county International Speedway tonight. A big show up the numbers don't speedway you've got the peak costs go memorial for the modify its. And you've got the recent champion sportsman series they're wrapping up a three race Canadian swing started Friday night at the cash weakened speedway. Print Bigelow got the win their fright night and ash weekend. And then last night what to date feature when he Amir villain will be back in action tonight and commerce also huge show six divisions including the modified there at Humber stone. That should be fun once 630. There for that one. Lots to do and it in the coming weeks we'll local racing. Labor Day weekend that he got the course that pops we race party at Spencer you've got classic weekend at Oswego. The following weekend you've got the other dirt sportsman series rolling through with stops at ransom bill Merritt villain Humber stone. The Sid Jeffrey memorial for the modified their principles or reschedule that weakened as well to. You've got still the US open nick com and Lancaster to weaken a September 21 in the 23 in recent champion's weekend. At the Lake Erie speedway the final weekend of September. You've guy super der week and Oswego. Wyoming county has their big ego Labor Day and fall shoot out racist Telecom this year. Jesse speedway has a show in mid October October 13 I believe and they rescheduled their modified race that night so lots still. The next six weeks or so local racing's adult male on on the scene. Despite what's on TV on Sundays and on the weekends and I'll still try to make it out your local first couple more times to there's still a lot of great recent column in the next month and a half. Thank you for listening we end were off next week in and were done for the year so thank you for listing for another season here on fast track thank you. To Ellen Davis for giving up the time slot thanks to Mike too far whose mostly the producer of the show although got nick here today for the first time adding to our long roster of our show producers throughout the year so. But thanks them like for all his work throughout the season. And think you are regular listeners the program and everybody that comes up to me at the tracks to say they listen to show I really do appreciate it I. Opening few people do get enjoyment out of the show every Sunday as much as I do. Hopefully we'll talk yet next February if not I'll follow us on Twitter fast tracked by fifty and we can always talk there about racing so. In joyful all season and hopefully we'll talk the next year.