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Sports Talk Sunday
Sunday, August 26th

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Final hour of the summer on fourth not Sunday and WGR Sports Radio 550 great Wilson Jody Yuxi here with you. Talk him. Plenty of quarterback in talking a lot of Josh Allen as he's getting ready to start his first pre season game. This year as the bills be taking on the Bengals are to be a 4 o'clock kick off. You can hear the call right here on WGR with Merck counsel and our very own sell pot you industrial fight 518080. Fight fifty to fight fifty. Are the numbers here if you'd like to get a hold of us today the question is. What does Josh Allen have to do today to make him the starting quarterback week one. Against the ravens is yet to come out and continued to show progression in his game the CF to come out and really. Blow you away or is it one of those hey he's already done enough that he doesn't really have to do much in this game are for me to say he's starting quarterback. Feel free calls pilfered a lot of snell. You don't throw 5518085. To two putt fifty can hit us up on our tax on it by 5550 can also tweet us. At WGR by fifty myself at PG Wilson WG Ari can have Joseph at seek sneaky gel. WGR. Lots of good reaction that we've been getting this morning from you not only on and on the tweet line also on the phone lines. We'll head back out their right now to start out this hour let's go to hairy in New Hampshire Harrier on WG arkan morning. They picked a lot of talk about Ellen. You are quarterback you know bill. Who I am competent and they wrote on a long way back into. Certain. You've got the arm that he the in being. Wrote I have been. Op Ed aren't accurate because. Watching him play a DG and EU. All right. A lot of fire out Edgar are more Asian plate like Ebert. I'm actually quite. A bit. It is our job. Yet be able it do it again we today. Are. Look. But I think. We look level game to get out starter then I don't you are at our. Yeah I mean that's. A tender greater area I think that's that's great points that you make their thanks for calling in I mean yeah I've setter already where. I don't think I've seen a quarterback make the type of throws at Allen can make it had the confidence in making those throws. Since a guy like Drew Bledsoe I mean eat. Everybody could say well Ryan Fitzpatrick was a guy who is kind of similar he could sling the ball a little bit that gunslinger mentality but. Mean again. Fitz Patrick seems to me like the guy that he would always try to do too much to make those throws than what he would do that. He sling it out there in the ball would be overthrown by five yards into the hands of a safety year quarterback that's deep in coverage. Whereas a guy like Josh Allen he's. Again he just zipped the ball right into where he needs the added there and he does it just knowing that he can do it and he's one of the very few guys around the league that. Has that type of velocity that can make those type of throws and seeing it in the first two games is pretty fun. With the second in thirteen units in now this week we're gonna be able to see that with the first team units I'm extremely looking forward to seeing that. C to meet the mentality thing is almost just a wash. Idle idle gated at all. I think that we just kind of go back and forth but Allen is the quarterback that can make all throws right that's why we love the idea yeah up and coming in here being French escort back. We've gone back and forth for the better course of a decade now. With the same thing. And we always talk about a mentality we want a quarterback to do this and be confident in and make this throw. Really when you look at it you can start with. You can sort Trent Edwards and go on. Trent Edwards was. At every single one of these guys really didn't have them the arm to make every NFL for. Trent Edwards was kept in check down to careful okay that's frustrating us the spring if it's Patrick. Still have the arm but gunslinger mentality that frustrates us OK let's go back let's go to Tyrod Taylor captain did not captain chuck down but. Very conservative doesn't have the arm to make all the throws that's frustrating us. And then need to Peter and doesn't have acting gunslinger the he's trying to make all the throws against the chargers when he doesn't have the arm to make all the throws. It to me it's the same thing it's. A quarterback that can't make every throw in the NFL I don't care for conservative I don't care there gunslinger they can't make all the throws. And we're gonna end up being frustrated. No matter what if that guy is in a quarterback. So Tony Allen's got to work out that's why I don't wanna consider. Countless times. In the past ten years between Peter and starting quarterback is another try at which to me is another Ryan Fitzpatrick is another Tyrod Taylor is another who menacing. Fitzpatrick that is if it's been any artists that that's of that Kyle Orton pat even if you want I don't care. That's what that feels like to me that feels like everything we've been doing throughout the drought. And Alan presents something different the guy that can make every throw went mentality really shouldn't need a whole lot because you gifts. In advantage over every guy that's come through here in the last ten years you have a better arm that all them. All of them and the one spot I would always defend Tyrod. In this is to meet he was Smart enough. To know what throws he couldn't make any would frustrate us because we would look on film it's obvious Charles clay running down the field between two safeties. And we would I think we're more frustrated that we didn't have a quarterback that can make death row. More so than Tyrod not making that throw because I think Tyrod BBC he sat over the middle field and thinks to himself. Can't make that throw. And he knows he can't make that throw it to me that was the difference to him and he Peter is the vitamin and right Patrick those guys think they can make and and you're seeing doesn't matter they don't have the arm its net. Either weight throw is not going to work and you're saying it more is like he knows that he can't make the throat BC. I think right physically make the throw but he doesn't want to make that throw and put his team in a position that. He's gonna turn the ball over and really cost them I wonder if he also thinks he can make that throw me. I mean he had a good arm but it wasn't. Especially now Alan's right adding his arm is better than fits metrics for sure it out of an ad words fatter than. That's violent when you're golden that's why don't people are are talking up guys in in Cleveland like a deepening joke which is like all man this guy's set for break out season his second year I keep thinking. Yet to realize who's quarterback is right he indeed an in joke who might do the same things that Charles plated and Tyrod Taylor probable throw on the ball. Yup. Receivers I think it would it would it could work though it could because to me what I've seen that I agree with you on tight end spot I just don't think he's ever gonna pass very much and now. But at receiver. I can see it I mean day in there there is a reason that basically every one of those receivers that claim with Tyrod in his first and second year. One out and got contracts. But I was selling Watkins went to Ali first got to catch it woods got a big contract off play in with the bills offense Hogan got a contract. Good when it got to deal and that had to go proven San Francisco and and got Jerry deal so it's not impossible for me to see a guy like Josh Gordon. Or Wayne tree or at best prank ends up they're like those guys having big seasons by they I agree with you on the tides Maliki just. He was never gonna throw volume two time I'll ask you this real quickly talk little bit at Cleveland Browns here. What do you think happens first in Cleveland hue Jackson gets fired loses his job. Or Tyrod Taylor loses job to baker mayfield. But there and we're not saying like because of injury were saying because he lose all his job because his plate what happens first absolutely think it's that coach. Absolutely things that goes to meet he you don't know he's talked. He he's said tariffs are for the whole season Tyrod are starting or we're gonna bring bigger me for the long tyrant they're starting quarterback. Timmy. That doesn't mean tyrants gonna start a whole year. I think it may feel that adds up if you could very well and up their quarterback midway through the season to me that's if you Jackson gets fired it's gonna happen simultaneously. If they fire Hugh Jackson thing mayfield gonna end up starting. And Mike Todd haley's called my PGM's call by Emily K might be Gary Williams called it the patents to be. They could be good enough where I think both do. Survived the whole season. We're Jackson is the coach for the whole year Tyrod is there Corbett full year what would that season have to look like I wonder if six and ten is enough for that. I wonder 79 is enough that I think they're going to be six or seven win team. Stretching it if I think in their didn't eight but I think thirty batter and stuff. Especially the one at 31 I think Gary's going to be batter in the 34 when team I. Wanna think that'll be enough. Right but if they're still in the playoff hunt in November. Hue Jackson now thinks lose his job I think he and I think he would stay with tyra. That that would be the only way to me I think tyrants not starting here is it Jackson loses his job into me what do they have to do that. They have to be like. The base our own four I could do it now they have to get off to a bad start to the year he has would be my answer but my answer would be hue Jackson goes first. And it released interest and see how that all plays out what what's your gut feeling I mean when they answer. It's probably less than my six or seven. Five or six the obstacle. I mean again this is that this is coming from the guy that said. All I think that last year that sent all I think the bills are going to. Do you worse team than Cleveland and what you know the bills make the playoffs and then Cleveland goes Owen sixty it's just hard for me to see them being truly awful it's heartening to see a tyrant steeler team I can ever Tyrod Taylor Timothy being one of the bass in the NFL. But I can also really never see them being one of the worst teams NFL. They were minus forty. Last year turnovers. Minus forty you know that's at least. Double. In terms of against getting twice as good. There's no way your B minus forty tyra just doesn't turn the ball over enough for you beat that bad again so at the very worst I think they're going to be. If we east. Mediocre. And that was a huge reason they went on sixteen minus forty. I I looked back every year you could go back in ESPN and that's that and that was the highest. I think you went back a ten years that was the highest turnover margin that I could find and browns seem like she was mosque hood. Not good and they put up before no pre season and air and I out of the race card I'd be portable hard when I I made that claim in via when they when they owned two and 1111. Their one and one right now oh they'll actually what they don't live tonight 15 nothing that's another. That's another just. Incredible thing a five nothing. Game that is so pre season did you know the last five to nothing regular season game evolved bills. Really good angles in the seventies. That was the last five to nothing in a fountain. Did the bills when I was there now trip I was not that are housing close to yes I think candles okay. Right. Hopefully I'll. Just just the five nothing game that's its school that. Odd adult and by the way are making their donation to browse well this morning good deal if he gets bigger ovation that Alan. Alia should he get a bigger ovation. Against Alan Murray got his elation. I noticed on one I'm sure he will as the starter to. The sun will be out but it'll feel like they'll feel more like pre season game because the bills don't play night games and that's. But China was Dalton and the angles that help the bills break their long drought I mean. That building might be as loud as it ever has been because Andy Dalton's is is there today. Well they boo when the bill sack him. Now gotten. They won't boo now now known. That was like I mean this love for any dull class today and everybody Louise super thankful they'll they'll pay their respect and be grateful you know very appreciative but. In it but once the game gets going it's it's pre season and I don't know. I don't know I think Dalton to complete its first test detects people your. I think people can cheer I would be shocked I would not be shocked watch his first pass goes to Tyler void. For talks and fifth on the they should run the same place. They should grow on the same play in the first play the says. A bit of momentum go to the bills the crowd there are on the scene out played and beat the ravens in the first game for your welcome bills fans yeah welcome here we're gonna throw to. Tyler buoyed up the scene yet. That people dot this year I am I mean are there to be your reaction at the same exact thing happened in the first place yet there were definitely be your reaction if it would probably be. Mixed I'm very much look. In forward to seeing how all the bills fans react to any adult today and and the type of ovation he gets. I mean just everything that the fans have done for Andy Dalton's foundation and the return that he's gonna give an interest. What he's met tents. Soon the bills. Since January when he may or December when he made that play. I'm just looking very much forward to when he actually takes the field and and the type reception he gets because. It might be the biggest reception that any player that is not a bills player will may be ever get. Who that's the question who. I mean it's funny if it was also the Bengals went to Keogh spikes. Came here late in the season right before it became a free agent he got. Cheers but you they're chanting his name worked at. They were chanting his name because they wanted him to sign here free easy he did run off to love to keep spikes on but I think that happens. Thin as any other opposing player and cheered at stadium. 803 or 550 because I can I think yeah I can't think on the one either. Man that's definitely want them to heal spikes. Fred Jackson never came back as a member of see ourselves. No but I mean he'll get a little bit he'll get a big ovation when he heads for the number are when he it goes up the wall fame what do Uma Thurman came back please in Miami. And or Bruce reason why can't or Andre when I was young and I was too young I'd I would I don't numbers. I know you wouldn't viewers you were just young grouper snapper. I I just my memory doesn't go back that far the point I would remember maybe those were the moments when that happened because there really there hasn't been. A bill. I think worthy of like when he returns he is standing no sense than Fred what about that in play here. She east. None of the quarterbacks. That he fits known name that's. In the. Eric malts. With Houston I've knowing. Don't will be the biggest Alia Bershard I think so. It's real fight 5188 by fifty to 550 attacks rights and Bengals will get cheered when they come out of the tunnel. I'd I wouldn't doubt that it wouldn't doubt it every single one of them got shared. Industrial by 51808550. To 550 if you you want to get a hold of us if you wanna join the conversation feel for calling feel free to let us now. What you're hoping to see out of Josh Allen in this scheme and what he has to do to earn the starting job for week one against the Baltimore Ravens on September 9. Again just reminder to date is Joseph and I in its our last day. For sports talk Sunday of the summer. We might be back during the bills' season when they have the combine weaker that that. Game before the Monday night game against New England. A mobile will probably get the chance to be back on but aside from that for the summer for the season where wrapping it up here today DP candidate WGR spec strike is coming up next that he Italy also his last show. Of the season and and again we appreciate everybody for tuning in listening in interacting with us all summer spring long as we thought we go through the sabres season going to the off season summer. And bought back the where it's not going anywhere anytime soon. But then after deep canyon WG us backtracked our bills pregame coverage starts at noon with. Bills game day with the theory and at 2 o'clock in the countdown to kick up with are on sell pot yell. Right up until around 330 went when John Murphy and mark Kelso will continue on with pregame that at 4 o'clock tune in. And it's cute Merck Kelso and sell have a called the bills and Eagles kick off. At 4 o'clock in afterwards through pretty join in as well as Nate Carey will be back on the airwaves for the bill's post game show right here. And WGR Sports Radio the all right welcome back sports sought Sunday here on WGR Sports Radio 550. Great Wilson Jody B assi here with you one more half hour ago before. DP Kahne takes over for WGR stash track and and after Dave comes on from eleven new. Our our pregame coverage for the bills and angles and gets into full swing Whitney Kiri on. Bills game day here on WGR. He'll through a fight 5188 by 52 by fifty if you're outlook and join us. This morning you can also hit us up on Twitter and our text line as well to interact with the shell. Talk a lot about Josh Allen and what he'd have to do today in order to solidify himself as the week one starter against. The Baltimore Ravens which I. Which I still think he's I think he's still got the deep that shot. And tested it that's taking very ugly performance or injury for him I think in my opinion knocked him out of that starting role. But hey you wanna get some late dots and we salute and a half hour so wonderful half hour ago here on on sports talk Sunday. And and eating with your thoughts feel free Ito threw 55188. By fifty to fight it to Joseph. How much of the rookie quarterback class he got the chance to watch the share pretty large and everything so far. Pretty much every every throw every guy I did not see. Jackson last night I got the chance that that little bit of Jackson yesterday. Everything everything's been light lie if it's been minimal. I I've got a chance to see most of the guys live in in a limited basis and then afterwards you know how NFL releases all day every throw from yes this are those Iraqis. Those are those are what I watch back as well and done. I know that I know that. Some I got some flak it's a Twitter. But not flak from for myself it's just for peace trader. He has Josh on rank this is top rookie quarterback so far and electric power ranking he ranked him as is top quarterback of the pre season so far for through two games this is back on like Tuesday or Wednesday that he did this. So many joints on you know Murphy and Merck and tasker on one bill fly did you miss that it's on demand WGR by fifty dot com. But where would you where would you rank these rookie quarterbacks so far in terms of this in in terms of what you thought of and so far. Allen one. Mayfield to Rosen three Donald for Jackson 5. Packed outside Jackson 5 not upon. Our pets but I think Allen Allen is definitely look the bass. He's looked a little inconsistent share especially the first game but. I think he's looked the bus Nate field and I've probably would've put up. At the top but he did not. Look that good when Tara who goes I would injury on against the Eagles and even in this game against the yet the Eagles game Eagles game just didn't look all that. That great he looks so active in the pocket though his feet are always like he's always hop in which he's always ready to to strike yeah. He looks I'm very impressed with what may feel looks like I would put Allen about him bros and Timmy just looks steady looks good as advertised his offensive line. Looks like it's gonna be really bad which can be a problem could prompt for Sam Bradford more so than Rosen because we know that I can't really take much of it. On biting Rosen is look pretty nice pretty polished Arnold has looked okay but I'd unseen. There's there's something about Arnold. There's something about it's it's there's always psyche about he's careless with the football but. Not in the way you would typically see if something looks good year with him I don't with it's not just throwing motion. It's just something looks we are with them and he's bend a inconsistent ethernet couple bad interceptions. So he hasn't looked as good as I thought he would and then Jackson's book. Which I thought he looked pretty good yesterday from what I saw I think yesterday was the best game Lamar Jackson has had been when his soul and place the right -- do it. And still even on some of the throws an illness yesterday would not great yet yes really. Done enough for me and it has really say like oh yeah he should be playing more than like RA he should be the second string quarterback behind Flacco. A RG three should really much solidifies that for himself is he should be that second string in the Marge actions still work is that search for. That's the situation where I say you know. It's fine to have a 123 combination with your rookie as the third stringer let him progress slow and conceded. Develop his game Lamar Jackson certainly ethic needs because in the three games that he's played. He's had some. Flashes of brilliance but most of it has been old that's. Not great I wonder if any changed in the last few weeks on a water yesterday changed and I think is when we had. And relief from the Baltimore Sun on a few weeks ago it was a few weeks ago so I've seen meets on the exchange but he said there were no way RG three was making roster. He said there was no we urge you he's making a roster now that we've seen Jackson looked a little wild. In the pre season. And I wonder if they would think twice about that in the last few weeks but I don't as a couple weeks ago. That guy who covers the raven said there was no way our teachers making it. Here's here's how I'd rank the of the quarterbacks that I've seen so far in the pre season of the the first round rookies. I think gallons and the best one I think he's done everything that he's needed to do to release shall like okay. He's he's the guy that can move forward and and progress to be the starting quarterback this year I think now there's a legitimate realistic chance that he. Could be named the starting quarterback we want whereas I think going into the pre season in the training camp we all expected him to be the number three guy behind AJ McCarron any computer. Then after that I probably put me fuel to. Arnold three and Rosen for polite you can inner you can change up to its report any way you want because I think that the way compare those three is. Arnold just startled looks like Arnold he's looks all right. And I mean you know he's probably when the starting job a New York but he's going up against Teddy Bridgewater and Josh account adjustment Colin. And he's kind of expected to be that guy mayfield has looked like a number one quarterback overall pick number one overall pick. He is very good in the pocket he's looked confident in his in his abilities that the NFL level at a guy like Josh Rosen. He's the guy that came out and was the most prototypical NFL quarterback right off the bat so he's just doing everything that we expect him to do and looked good. And on the Mark Jackson is. Is the fifth ranked just because I haven't seen enough of him to really be super impressed. Would you trade Josh channel percent Arnold are now now. And that's that's the right answer. And doesn't feel right now know does it feel like a lot of people would say yes. I feel like a ton of people we have clearly aren't confused are you would not trade Josh on percent. Not at this point now. Not right now dude it's who pre season games we got to slow our roll exactly that's why that's why I'm saying doll like. No I'm not trading Josh Hillary now for sand Arnold. Essentially look at it this way. It would be like the bills if they had traded up to three cents right. She would rather head down. I'm just sticking with what the bills of the until market. I would I won't Obey also number I think the bills head Arnold on the top of their less sure I'm not yet I just think that like right now. Day they had that the play the cards that they were dealt they got Alan. And it's just like let's see where this goes with him because Sam Arnold has not really done anything to stand now the time but. He's done everything to kind of show Ari I'm the starting quarterback here in New York are mr. knotts and your knots. To me I look at it is I would have been treating the three. And. Agreed to easily to pre season games this is the thing. We should not take almost so what do you don't you guys have the pre season pledged I'll. Listen the coach you guys might pre season until more ratio of lets take the priest is approach here and say look listen. I'm not super super hyped up on on right now. I'm not like. Going god got for him I'm just saying like hey we've got Alan Murray now he's a decent this free season I'd is old battered and Arnold. I'm just saying though it's just I'm going with what we've got right now. Give it another urine to ask me the same question and then. I'll give you an honest answer right now the question its rights now. No right now no because I'm fine with what we have right now. I think it's creates. Any it's real easy. And it's crazy eyed when Brett. Point eight did you have Darnell higher for the draft. Yes. But if this is what I wonder it's so. It's so. Evident how wrapped up we've gotten in these first two pre season games. Think back to when sale the pot she'll put out its first mock draft on our website at a high he had amber bills taking Joshua Allen. Everybody flipped out it was a much else to please note don't do that not Alan I don't Alan everyone flipped out. And no I know he's looked great through true pre season games as a point out this week's noted EJ Manuel and now were ready to crowd him as the franchise quarterback. When it. What was it 45 months ago. Every one. He did the idea now or maybe not everyone maybe the negative can be louder than the positive some giant. We recruit north I would say I was allowed about a bus work but I'm not. Ready to change my opinion on this guy especially when it compares to another guy that. Pretty much everyone had higher in the draft. Just because of two priest is really to present its its one chair but let's be our Allan showed some things in the first game he was little he was inconsistent in that first game second game was bought just sucking him. Almost perfect right thing and those perfect so three. Perfect pre season game that's what we're making a judgment on. I think I understand where you're coming from right but you got under Sam that I think it's a little decreased church and I don't mean I'm not I'm not. I'm not calling it crazy I'd not. I I understand where you're coming from just because we were all super hyped up on a sand -- we are all like we need tree up deletes and Arnold a three year. Get up in and get the chance to draft them. Why not do it and I would have loved to have had Sam Arnold I would've probably been a guy to just saying like policy or goes is preceded here's the thing if the jets head Joshua Allen didn't go to -- that are reported in the same essentially it would have been. You know all man I can't wait to see fill in the blank here play quarterback for the bill don't U think two of the jets had drafted Josh Allen Newton. This whole off season. Every one in buffalo would have been laughing at the jets. Laughing at them yet we would demagogue they have Allen they have the guy it was 56% and in college were gonna be the ones to take of the FC east when Brady retires. I would insane that. I probably would have been saying that now maybe you would change once the pre season happen again. If he was looking good for the jets. But. I'd just end of a recent I'd bet negative on him up to this point is because I am not just gonna change my opinion on and 'cause the bills drafted him. My opinion of him before the draft was he was inconsistent college he was not the best quarterback in the Mountain West Conference. In his last year in college in that said something in me. And that made me old very worried about the idea picking him in the first round I'm still very worried about the bills having picked him in the first round. So far so good but again you cannot make a judgment off to pre season games. You can't. And Arnold doesn't look great. But Arnold was a higher touted prospect Arnold was better in college startled went to a bigger school. If I could I could right now is in this dream world like you just switch out the bills in the jets' quarterback I would take. The jets quarterback now I would take sand Arnold that doesn't mean he's going to be better. But I would take him. The one thing is though I would much rather be where the bills are at NC with the dolphins are. We went to address the real discussion about this I think on Friday yeah that is the last thing I ever want to be is what the dolphins haven't rights and they'll. Just good enough where he's like a starter in the league but he's not really get after the franchise quarterback. The baby's good enough to trick you into thinking he's a franchise core beckoning you pay him and then your stock. And then you're stuck being a mediocre team yeah FL with a mediocre quarterback the angles have been and that's about any don't for years I think Oakland they've just trapped themselves in that Derek Karr. And Miami. Think that's the other team the division. To stake out ground them because that's the last thing I ever wanna be is what they have right now with the quarterback that's just not good enough. Taxer rights and I think Allen has a higher ceiling and Arnold. For Arnold is safer at this point I'll stick with a higher ceiling. It. And weary wary so far your poll here. Inside but the pull on Twitter and it's 83% no they would not treat to catch up for six with Arnold. Off. I did it's I'd give it its just. It's it's kind of infuriating. Just just people watching their pennies because he's bill I don't have a pin and their fans the routing form he's looking good I completely understand all that. Save this tweet actually it's right Joseph here's the thing you need to save this week saved for another year to. Tweet it out again and then compare the results because I should between this out in. February the candidates they'll edit drafted and I get an and he played well pre season games right note that I I posted this poll in February. It probably would be 81% for Arnold. That I don't think I think that's. Bright Albion is to exaggerating I know 81% at least for Arnold I know you're saying like Hayden works kinda tied up with how everything's been going in the the two weeks here of the pre season there at three weeks the pre season at this point but. He kind of look at it the point where it's like Asher you couldn't. Look too much into this pre season but at this point it's two or three weeks into the pre season we we just. You know we kinda have to just. Hold onto what we have and to see how it plays out as we have hit a regular season we don't even know Josh Allen or Sam Donnelly going to be starting the respective teams. I think Arnold's gonna be starting for the jets I think that they've made that pretty clear. Do we are sorry to pre season games bureau nearly argument here on this I would even wanna consider possible because the jets drafted him in the jets'. Pretty dumb when it comes drafting quarterbacks. To maybe that's what that maybe Arnold as a sign that Arnold's not that good him and Josh Wright fell ill cannot leave the track Christian act in the second and I still cannot believe that. It's amazing he goes that he was the Philadelphia after getting signers first super throws a practice or pics where really it. Does not surprise me in the least act surprised that they stayed in the field of place that it could be and sent to there was a firestorm for about five minutes when the tweets are coming out like Allen are on the act ember exists or two picks in his first who throws eagles' practice. All man this. With the jets have had a horrendous track record at quarterback but it's I mean and even then. It was the I think people I think. There was some like with the New York Post or something. The posts and articles very similar to how Arnold was getting hyped operate now to a geno Smith and and Mark Sanchez were here. And they had their first few pre season games and and they're all just like oh yeah those guys are ready to go right off the bat. Where is like. This is the same with Sam Arnold I don't know I we won't. We want noble we can look back now and just like all man you guys got that we are wrong. Which geno Smith and Mark Sanchez a couple things on Twitter Steve says. On the pole would you trade Josh count for Sam Arnold. Donald's been tainted by the jets already so no. Our Michael yon from my daily roto. Says the results this polar mind boggling and also not surprising at all at at once he. Fletcher and that we knew it. Oh man. I just a bit at the start of dollars hey he he you might have started bad listen that's one thing I'm good at. I am still. Getting replies from my EJ Manuel Josh counts that from what was that Wednesday. And still getting replies from. It's not like you're wrong. Because it's out of Iran to stats but it's like you jerk what you have to bring that essentially is what it's. Industrial 5518550. To 550. Let's go to shot in Dallas here on WGR Sean the morning. I hate they what they call think that that is what attract your outdated air. Before he started of what Edberg rafter and all of that. I ate what I am startled user from the fact you know what I see from previews USC quarterback. However. I was also when that is undecided where woods and all the information about Josh Allen. I was that went out occupy battle better regional. You know draft OK so now we're at two receiving games in. I seen what both sides offered. I you know I'm not drink in the late here but Josh Alan I'm definitely blow away all these predictions about. No doubt about yeah. We're the other saint Arnold. They remain still about what the baker may still got okay so it's so that I want it baker made the mind of what. And even Josh wrote these big big part of fallen why were there they look like they're not written. You know is it all for these guys were supposedly got ready to commit Josh Allen after that. The I get healthy I'm used to at both the I would not make the trade I think Josh Allen and not the whole thing guys. He's got his strike fear they'll get involved we know what you wrote about Whitman a policy yet. But I think our projections. Would be the best quarterback out of this group are not treat you as though he's done might he. They do so but I'm glad I think the bill for all its wanted Josh Allen over anybody else that might say. All right thanks John thanks for the call. He very very much in the same. Route where the the one techsters said that he'd rather have. Allan because he thinks he has the high ceiling. Yet your your your tweets getting. Very much rich schools and social media are now. I expect that. A natural mile a minute I played a role you are eat dairy Theres a reason why your called sneaky gel here for you know. For everything he's saying and the easy talk about. I love you in Israel 5518088. By fifty to 550 will come back or wrap things up transport socks on here on WG. I bet here for our lasting in a sports hot sunny for the season thanks again everybody for listening and Chiming in today and the discussion especially with Joseph is Twitter poll. Right now would you trade Josh Allen for Sam Arnold one person reply and I would trade any. Of the first round quarterbacks for Josh Allen and the other it was he said he would this trait Josh hill for any of the of the first or yes that's him that's what I meant that's an event but. That and that's not a few know it. That's what I would not trade for larger tax. No hiker yeah I agree knew I would think about it books he's exciting. Yes secrecy and and nick during the break told me that I had a cop out answer just like I'd just I'd just stick a rule we got right now you guys want everyone to love you. Because you were less than that ranking and I try to make up for it. Cubs catcher yeah I'm trying to get our first thing that is affecting your first and ranking I'm I'm the worst yen in Nate was last in India means he's a loser. No. Listen listen I'm holy fire with rolling with the punches with what we got and share in call a cop out answer I don't care I'm just like eight. I don't think we seen enough to to really get a conclusive answer on this so right now. If you had the third option of just like I don't know that's probably what I would say is I have no clue I had no clue. Because I I wanna see when Al. Can do today I think once we get that ant the once we get through this game today man than me Bieber get it's the pre season or all reacting in the pre season. Take the pre season pledged people pulleys if you if you don't know where it is go to journeys Twitter account ergo on the search our Twitter and search. Pre season Blige you'll find you'll find it there you could take it and you can. Take the pledge. Total or react. To certain things having sure there's probably going to be over overreact to a lot of things in the pre season. I certainly have a tried to do my due diligence with trying to take things easy with the pre season and and it's it's not easy though it's really bodies. I'm disappointed in and all of the all of you aunts and a cut. Not really I expected I expect that these fields. I can't you are you were hoping for a different result but you words I was back in what I was hoping to be closer but yeah. Are well placed get everybody for listening in WGS fast track is up next the debut Canada coming up at noon we'll get started with bills pregame coverage with snake your bills game day right here on WGR sports for neo fight fifty.