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Sunday, August 12th

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Western New York race fans it's time Don Fred get out goal. Oh. The next hour the airwaves belong to you. See down the stretch Indian let's head to WGR's fast track. With your host of other evidence there. I have a deep Buchanan's. Later bottle at my about a car like that. Here comes Martin Truex junior offered Turkey number five bucks to drivers right now you Truex is off the pace on the straightaway. At turn things. Selling it all by himself. We haven't heard seventh for the final time all this time we've been wondering when would it happen it's gonna happen the day at Watkins Glenn it is not ignite start. Thanks Kelly it is going to pick reliant scoring wind 250. More Hendrick Motorsports. Jason Elliot wins but now bowling and Atlanta. Good the morning race fans 1105 here on WGR Sports Radio 515 welcome to another edition of WGR fast track I'm Dave Buchanan. They should listening as always in that they heard it right here on WGR last Sunday. As chase Elliott in is 99 career NASCAR cup series start broke through for his first career series win winning. The goal bowling app the gland last Sunday out Watkins Glen International we were there. What a scene it was in Victory Lane with Chase's dad bill Hendrick motor sports celebrate their 250 win is an organization in the cup series. And yes finally and to the roar of the of the majority of the crowd at the Glen on Sunday huge win. For the sport in general as someone. Chase alienate your second generation to the driver is dead one of the most popular drivers in the history of the sports. Taking over as part of a shift change Hendrick Motorsports that socked two of the most. Other popular drivers in the sports leave and she easily heaven a fill those shoes of those two drivers in Jeff Gordon Dillard Jr. And chase finally after coming close so many times 82 place finishes in his cup curb before that before last Sunday. Finally breaking through and it was a great effort and a walk and climb last Sunday had a great time out there. That's gonna start here this morning as phone lines are open were wide open the second by the way no it's guest in our opening segments of you wanna get in on chase Elliott. I hop on getting the win at the Glen did you go to the Glen last Sunday thoughts on your trip to the gland. Of course Brian France we're gonna get the bat and at today's race at Michigan. All there on the table here for you this morning 8030 fight 51888550. To fight fifty view. Have anything that you really talk about here this morning about the role of motorsports especially NASCAR of course a panel we focus on your specially during its opening segment were also up on Twitter at fast tracked by fifties and send us your tweets. And your follows there and run FaceBook to you a FaceBook dot com slash WGR faster this first segment wide open here. Talking about all things NASCAR there's lots to cover lots of news here in just the last week alone. Are coming up at the bottom of the hour the any jury Malia or drag racing series just wrapped up a three race West Coast trip. And and now they have a week off before they get to their final two races of their regular season. And top fuel driver Scott Palmer is gonna join us at the bottom of the hour Scott currently in the final playoff position. For the inning jury atop fueled divisions. And that's Scott is gonna join us fresh off though three race West Coast trips are looking forward to talking to Scott. But some straight line racing coming up here at the bottom of the hour course would close up program. With our usual local recent round again phone lines. Wide open your 803055188. By fifty to five that there's just lots of racing in general going on I mean. Going back to. Going you know back to last. Thursday will locally with racing in Lancaster we had Thursday at Lancaster. Friday got out of ray it's what every other Friday before then Saturday was up which among with the recent champions. And then Sunday we're at the Glen and then Monday you had merit villain Tuesday had Branson built the super dirt car series. And then Wednesday and Thursday entry to Bronson to do and then this weekend another busy weekend. With all the local tracks open for business and we got the cup series in Michigan this weekend for today's race what you eat here right here Adobe GR. I believe we'll have live coverage of today's rates following a name and sale at bills camp today at 2 o'clock just like we did last week for Watkins line. As it is the consumers energy 400 at the Michigan International Speedway coming up today. Here on WGR but going back to walk in climate and it and again just one a run for chase Elliott in you new. Chase was gonna be a factor of some kind of very early on the fur that looks people's will to go back recap Orix will collect the start the race the first relapse of health. There is more action in the first three leapt to their race that you get in some mile and a half tracks it seems like in the cup series season. Even you had a great bell with Kyle Busch all over his teammate Denny Hamlin for the lead and then a top that you had jointly John L. Go off in the inner loop through the sand trap he goes to up pit road and his crew chief Todd Gordon tells them to go to the garage. Not knowing that NASCAR put them on the damage clocked. Of course when a car is the image you have. Five sick to having a six minutes this year now. You're six minutes to repair the current pit road or you have to drop by the raids and you cannot go back to the garage to fix damage you can only go to the garage. To fix mechanical issues if you go to the garage with a damage. Race car than you're out of the race will Tod Gordon forgot about that part of the rule. And maybe wasn't aware that his car was on the damage clocked in once he told Joey is take that car back to the garage the twenty was done for the date. So Joel Donell who. I told just street from MRI and until Sunday at thought he'd be. One of potentially when it and especially when an X and these series race the day before was out of the race on lap three. And then you had Eric Elmer role in writing Bellini get together often turn seven and I L Motorola back into the wall in crumpled up the back into the goal bowling. I'm dot com the go bowling car that he was driving so I guess with a double fast tracked jinx there with. Picking Joel gun as a potential favorite and having her on the show hosts week. Double faster acting so all that was just in the first three laps of the race. So it was the and it's a wild start to the racing action packed it in and you've come to expect that at a road course racing. But in the second stage it was chase Elliott's turn to get aggressive because Kyle had taken the lead from Denny. And Iran right third Che this artist each to chase was all over Kyle Busch much like bush had kind of hounded Hanlon at the start of the race. And should it didn't take take chased long to eventually get by Kyle Busch and everybody's like well would you don't look out chases he's Sonnanstine today in. You know no one thought and written no one everybody expecting Kyle Busch had nominee things on Sunday. And instead it you know it was it was chase you know dominating all staged you winning you lender right through. Staged to right to the end of the stage. And then none of the in his stage in the pit stops and then. Kyle Busch got the lead on the restart. After. Add to that for the research and begin State's three. Chase got a little Lotta shape on the restart and which are kind of foreshadow the last lap of the race a little bit as well to how we kind of went wide up one that gave Kyle the lead back. And think Kyle led until that I'll late caution fur to Bennett meth about a dead when his car blew up in the year old I inner loop. PO they had that last critical pit stop and a huge snap flew on the eighteen team when. Something on the refueling mechanism on and I I believe it was the gas can in and not the car they had the the malfunction in the park but they did not get enough gas. In the eighteen car and head to to make it to the distance so Kyle got off the pit road first but they didn't have enough gas in the car today bringing down back down pit road. That gave chase Elliott the lead back. And a set up for that exciting stretch run to the finish where you had Elliott being chased by Martin Truex. And you had on. Kyle trying to come back from the field kiss he restarted the race in 31 and so that was you think we are watching. Was bush just rocketing his way through the field you know it took him like. Just a couple laps to get back inside the top twenty and then instead the top fifteen and then once he got towards the top ten the momentum started to wane a little bit. But Kyle eventually got to the third by the end of the race immediately caution would have put him in contention. To give chase Elliott 88 run for the money they're at the end of the race. They did not give you know long more caution. And a kind so Kyle the sulfur third so I came down to Elliott and Truex in Truex was. Running Elliot car hoping to run him out of gas and it came down to that last lap that you had you heard. Off the the top here at that at the top of the show and it wound up being Truex running out of gas before the finish. Elliott had just enough to cross the finish line first but he course you know ran out of gas on his victory lap could Lehman do a burnout. The famous Nat now infamous famous scene of Jimmie Johnson giving chase a push in the crew having to push. The car to Victory Lane which I just happen to be walking behind as they push the car and a Victory Lane. I'd just snuck in behind them to get into Victory Lane for for the post threes photos. But just an amazing. Seen and definitely you know that the crowd any and when Elliott took the lead in stage two and at the end of the race especially at the here at the end of the risk as I was on pit road. At the end of the race. For some post race interviews come. The crowd definitely going nuts and so chase was a eighty it is obviously a very popular driver as if you know that already bled just to hear the crowd like that. And and ask curve and cheer for one driver it's pretty amazing again 8030551888. 550 to fight fifty you can hear some of the post race comments. In our on demand audio section whether on the website or through the other radio dot com amp got some post three sound from Kyle Busch and Jamie McMurray. I did a one on one with William Boyer and see inning Victory Lane they had trying to corral the Hendrick drivers. For that big gap post race photo op for the 250 win for Hendrick Motorsports so William Blair does have me stand around and we're waiting. For chase to finish up some this TV interviews so we tight and it took the opportunities they hate we to chat for couple minutes though. Are you could hear from William Blair and a nice little one on one they did with him after the race as well to. And again those are in the the on demand audio section but just and a great date the gland and agree to see chase finally get his first win. Obviously locks him into contention for the post season not that he was. Now there was of overall huge concern of him potentially not making the up playoffs this year. But now he can run these last four races this season without that having to worry in the course starts. Today at Michigan in their off to Bristol and then you've got. Except Arlington and in Indianapolis of course to a round out the regular season. In the NASCAR cup series so that was he a great day and now you know. Again one of these young gun to our driver steel finally getting some wins after all the talk of the beginning this season. About those guys and and them not performing as much. At least in the win column until you know air Jones winning at Daytona and now chase finally some of these. Guy young dryers or talked about the beanie a year finally getting some few wins here. But I definitely again goes along way for Elliott as he enters today eleventh in points again he's got the wins that he's in the post season. In their really can now just concentrate on running well. And maybe getting another win before. They go before they get to the start of the class and chased could be a threat today didn't qualify so well starts when he first today in Michigan. But he had some success there much like his dad did in his career. And you know Elliott we'll have a shot to maybe win ID add another win to his toy and total before the end of the regular season. Of course that was Sunday and then Monday of course the mask all they good. Feelings in good press the Al great story chase Elliott you unity. You know that's no big news you know they the big rally for him when he got back home and they got off the plane and yet the pool hall blown the site green. Paul and that was all of our social media greats. News and everything surrounding chase the win in all that went right down the toilet on Monday. When we got word that Brian France was arrested in the Hamptons for. Do you lie in and possessing. Oxy oxy pills and just are you kidding me just you know we can we can't have anything that is why we can't have nice things NASCAR because. We take our our great stories and feel good moments in. You know flush that news cycle down the toilet because the the CEO and that the the director of the sport it's crested. Nowhere near the racetrack either of course which is another big thing but Brian France obviously a much polarizing figure in the sports. Key it's a lot of the blame from especially fans and some media but deathly the fans it's a lot of the blame for the sports downturn in the last. Ten maybe fifteen years if you wanna go back FR you know stuff like. For those that hate the chase in the playoffs and those that hate stage racing in. The eyesore that was the car of tomorrow all that gets lumped on Bryant's and some of its deserved out all of it may be but. He is the whipping boy number one especially when it comes to the fans a social media. He's also done some good things for the sport especially the TV deals with fox and NBC. And all the money that that's generated in in May be keeping the sport hot kind of and to some extent made out and it wouldn't be belly up right now without those TV deals that certainly on. Helps them out big time. Well with that bring you some extra revenue in is is those TV deals with fox and NBC. So that there's been some good in some bad with bright but bright is obviously been. Brian France's you know. As not being the leader may be the sport needed. After his dad bill junior and you know of course big bill as well. You know he's been a much different. The leader of the sport while his you know his dad and grandfather work kind of the big cheese that is the number you know everything went through them and what they said goes it is becoming much different sport. In Brian France's air aware. It's no longer just one man on top saying this is how we're gonna do things it's now prying delegating things to people like. Mike Helton and Steve O'Donnell who do a great job by the way both a video of president and the the chief recent development officer Steve O'Donnell they do a phenomenal job in their roles of the sport and but people like them and bring you word that are are now in charge and you know has been smaller people have been recently let go but you know prying kind of delegates a lot of that stuff especially the app tracks stuff to people like them. And Bryant's face criticism like that from even the stars the sport people like Tony Stewart Brad Kozlowski said why isn't Brian France at more races he's not he barely goes to about a third of the events. In the 2018 season. Sees me just in general legal he gets about about a third of the races in the year in. You. Channel from time to time. Com put EE is a little aloof and and you have weird it moments like at the banquet last year when he was supposed to present the championship ring to. March lacks any kind of just handed it to them awkwardly in the walked off stage instead of maybe. Stopping to shake his hand or post Fo photo copy is kind of without even almost looking in this can say here you go and just took off. You know it's been weird moments like that. So any set out a history to he had an. An incident oh you know L legends that it previously they did he get charged for because they couldn't. Of the of the weighed the alleged drunk driving incident played out they could really arrest him because he'd got himself back home. But he has he has had an incident in the past. And this time though he got caught and well twice the legal limit with the the BAC and on the pills of course would make it that much worse. Armed and you know they've obviously. Tense you believe that what that he might have a problem of some kind and may need to seek some help. Before he'd come back to the sport because of us shortly after the arrest and any got out he did stepped down from his position. And now his uncle Jim France is now kind of in charge of the sports job bill junior's brother Jim France is a neutral park there Ed. At it in Daytona with NASCAR and International Speedway corporation he kind of heads up the the it in several racing India and AMA motorcycle racing which they also loan that's kind of his his baby. He saw him as kind of a public face in NASCAR win the archive. Deal was announced when they bought arc. Was Jim France speaking on behalf of NASCAR. That announcement that was interesting at the time. But judge Amanda Seve three years old it's kind of takes over the sport for how Long Will see. Is he in that role it's interim for now but how Long Will will he be in that role how Long Will it take them. To find a cost more poised and Willie finder replacement Howell you know we don't know how long this is gonna go out anything go really either two ways in. The one way means there there isn't a whole lot of change the sport the other way as there could be a lot of change. Com because really you're not gonna see much change the day to day operations because. Especially at the track you know the races themselves there's got to be much change because again Brian. France didn't do so much with the contract stuff that was Mike Helton Steve O'Donnell he kind of run that department so that's not gonna change the only way you're gonna see some major changes if one of two things happen either this forces. Bombed. Jim France in Lisa France Kennedy. Who was Brian's sister on the this kind of speeds up the air reported. Dealings and a selling some of their ownership stock in NASCAR which it has been reported throughout the year but. I hasn't gone more than reports in alleged rumours but that they're they're pursuing this potentially. If they sell a majority of their stock in the sport then you're gonna see some. Major changes obviously the other way we see major changes the sport is if they go to hire replacement for Brian France France you know Jim just wants to be interim in this role only go to hire somebody else's if they. Think if they bring in some kind of outsider which I think is possibly an option linked it to go in this route I mean a lot of traditionalists. And those old school fans that hate things like the chase and state racing and all the and the playoffs. You know they're not gonna like it but you know much in the way immediately the NHL player Gary Bettman back in the day. Gary did not have been NHL back and he worked the NBA you know bring in somebody. From a major. And someone from. The NBA the NFL or Major League Baseball or you know someone who's had a high profile role in another major American sport maybe bring them men. To put a fresh set I use it in the leadership role of the company that is one way to go and I think it it. Would be a Smart way to go as much as it may cause more changes in any kind of hurt that traditional fan bases are you've been. You know it it it's kind of taken their licks. Over the last dec heater sell in the the other option which might be the safe route and may also be a Smart. It's the Smart route to go it's hard to say at this point but just either. Let Jim France are me in the position for as long as he wants to Kieran tag often just let him be in charge or bring in someone else when you promote. Someone within NASCAR you promote Mike Helton or you promote Steve O'Donnell or bring to her somebody currently within the organization. Or just someone currently you know. Working in the sport may be there with another organization right now promote some unlike that from within. And just kind stay close to your roots it in instead of worrying about. The trying to reach new audiences or expand you lot audiences just concentrate on keeping your core audience. Keep them watching. In to rebuild that relationship and again that the the other Smart route I I don't think. I'm on paper there there's you can go either way I I can see the pros of both decisions in May be dead staying close to your roots. Decision might be the safer choice of the two right now but I still don't think it wouldn't hurt. To bring in a fresh set of by someone from outside of the sport. To take over the leadership role. Of NASCAR and help it you know rebuild its fan base rebuild the television audience. Rebuild its marketing partners all all three of which have taken a hit here recently. And trying. You know get this this downward trend in in stark and turning back up ports here in the very near future because. It's been you know they've it's been. When you look at the declines in the numbers and the sponsors that are left you know he needed some geared it to turn the corner and that may be what it means. But again I can see the possibility of Jess. You know let's just keep on keep a nine and let's just worry about OV ERR core fan base and work on rebuilding that I think they're. Both viable options is to depends how much are risky wanna take a guess at this point. Shall see how that plays out obviously you know. Brightness step the waif our differences separately from the role but he may be may come back but it might be difficult especially if he doesn't go through some country and it to a deal with. Whatever possible. Demons he might be dealing with this point in his life. So all that unfortunate took away from a great Sunday and a great race last week and a walk and on the such a silly wind. So wanted to kind of touch upon both of those story lines. As though we look ahead to today's race at Michigan too and know do that we come back are also gonna talk to you any cherry topped Gil driver Scott Palmer he's gonna join us in about. Ten minutes here on fast track on WGR. This is Kyle Busch got a number eighteen Eminem's Toyota you're listening to WGR Sports Radio 550. That was fine last Sunday it is to say Italy is getting says. V right in the middle of the throng of eight Kyle Busch post race media scrum after he. Had lost their race because of malfunction on pit road and he was. Typical Shirley Kyle Busch well you know didn't yell or scream and often but you know obviously you know when Kyle loses he's. You know pretty unhappy and he was a none too pleased about how the way things turned out last Sunday at Watkins Glen despite the third place finish he. It's a quote him drove his ass off and he certainly did come from 31 to third. In their final run in again Ali cautioned could've made him a factored reeks easily for the win. But still an impressive run for Kyle to come through the field like that put the you can hear the sound again in the on demand audio section and WGR 550 dot com and on the radio dot comment in the fast track section. Of our on demand audio but that was always fund that was. That's always sneak it nerd to run out there on pit road right after the race sends any hidden those you know its title a locker media Strom. After you like a sabres or bills schemer bandits came. But just so you know differ when these guys are did not of their race cars in their they've been sitting in a 140 degree race car for you two hours but. Still an interesting perspective to get that post race for it to be there you see on TV but should this be their first team and experience that. And it was yeah was it was steamy ethical and it was a hot afternoon. But I'll play like this and that that race though especially the last two years they run that race off so quickly just in a couple hours a price helps that we didn't have one of those massive. Multi car wrecks that we core record or red flag which they've had in past years of Watkins climbed nothing like that in the race again gets done about 22 and a half hours and you know the race started at close to 3 o'clock and I was in my car at seven at the end you know I didn't the united after Wright as much as you know some. Some reporters that where they're at it have as much post Reese work at some of the media people but I it was a did not on the road back to buffalo just after 7 o'clock there on Sunday so. It is despite the late start because when they went through that 3 o'clock start a couple of years only achieved in agreeing to lay a big red flag and they're in danger of Mimi. You know running not a daylight but that their race runs off rather quickly when there are no long drawn out caution periods. Or red flag periods 'cause there again there have been those at the pastor locked in line. I should mention this is our third to last show of the season we've only had two more shows after today. We will we usually do a Labor Day show is kind of our big season finale and you know last year chew gum at Watkins Glen for the IndyCar race but no. IndyCar race this year at the Glen and I'm going to be. Opt out of town that weekend for wedding anyway so well our last show OB two weeks from today. August 26 that'll that'll be dar are lash over the years just a couple more because you know after Labor Day the Sunday if that's the sort of bill season. And release our time slot so hopefully you can. Join us for our final two shows the year these last two weeks. Here on WGR Sports Radio 550 were open and talked to any cherry top fuel driver Scott Palmer here. Very soon but quickly it will take a look at the starting grid for today's. Cup race at Michigan the consumer energies. Consumers energy for Saturday in my ass in the wrong spot there. At Michigan and is an old Joseph Gibbs front row Denny Hamlin Kyle Busch on the front row. For today's race just like go last week at Watkins Glen. Kevin Harvick roll off thirty Eric Jones the Michigan native you'll start fourth and he got the RC arc cars have Austin Dillon and Ryan Newman. Could run for them and in qualifying mark sure Rex Ryan Bellini. In a row for Joey look are now in Alex Bowman around out your top ten starters air com hurling Kurt Busch and grossed six. For the two Stewart Haas cars in news this weekend concerning current bush of course if you haven't heard this one. Yet. Ramped reports and speculation that current bush will be leaving Stewart Haas racing at the end of this year. And he is gonna take his tail on the reportedly to chicken SE racing. To take over the one car from Jamie McMurray and on top of that he's gonna bring his monster energy sponsorship along with them for the ride. Which you know it's a golden ticket to get right NASCAR these these if you bring in sponsorship money with you but that huge. Of course last year at this time we thought there was a chance Kurt Busch wasn't going to be. In the 41 car this year and it's. His contract was coming to an end and report believe that that they were gonna let their contract expire they did of course renegotiate and sign her to bring them back for this year. But Kurt any similar spot that he was about a year ago when when the news. Kind of broke last year about his contract with Stewart Haas not being renewed at the time there and let it expire. On same thing again lots of reputable sources reporting this but stack Kyle are to meet Kurt. Saying that there's there's no truth to those reports as of now obviously he has to wait until. Whatever deal is fully signed and he gets the okayed to publicly announce that but that is probably the bits the first. Wave of this year silly season. Which just seems like it's gotten off to a later start usually we we've heard a couple of good ones by now but a course and many of the the major drivers kind of locked in for next year. But you'll see some of those mid tier drivers you know potentially moving around especially now you've got Kurt Busch. Potentially going to get Nancy's that puts Jamie McMurray without a ride for next year that opens up what to do with the 41 team which Stewart Haas racing. That that could go really one of two ways either they find someone to fill the ride and will probably have to bring some kind of sponsorship money with them. The other option of course will be called cluster who was a development driver for Stewart Haas he's in the X and eighty series. His dad of course works for Stewart Haas racing's so hence the his move up their chain. And he could potentially take that right with me be out hat without having to bring sponsorship money to the table. And again the third option is potentially they they closed at fourteen counts down a Stewart Haas racing because it does has not had. Much sponsorship outside of the you know monster energy. With Kurt Busch last couple years you to continue to see you know Hoss automation on that race car. A week in and week out that means the armistice that money is just coming out of gene Haas his pocket. To sponsor the 41 car for most races Kurt has had some deals but it can they've I think they've had Polonia holes in their schedule marketing wise. On the hood of that race car so that is an option to if they don't wanna spend the money and maybe concentrate on just the three cars with Harvick and Boyer. And alma Roland that could be a possibility. And it would surprise me of that is an option but again I think with. Coal costs are waiting in the wings. And I think that the that team being shut down will be the least likely of the three options that I is kind of laid out for you. There's still a possibility that someone that's a free agent for next year like media Jamie McMurray. You know. You know some unlike Trevor being might be if region next year to penning a health things platter rush Fenway racing and we know. Trevor has some sponsorship money attached to him with federal care and everything you know. There are some guys that could take that ride they really think so I think the fully of the 41 team they'll be the least likely of the three options but definitely out there and I mention that because this week. On kind of on prompted but they made the statement anyway furniture row racing panicky mound said the 7018 will be back for 2019. Not that anybody was really reporting that that team was going to go away that team does face. A big hole in its sponsorship inventory because five hour energy of course is not coming back next year and that was one of the major sponsors for mark shorts for this season. On course that five hour was on air jones' car last year when fresher of the two car operation than when Eric went to Joseph Gibbs to take over the twenty car. They went back to one car in five hour and a full wood into the mix with a 78 with. With bass pro wouldn't Wear it with some of their other marketing partners. So you know for usually makes this statement like yeah will be back next year and again nobody really was saying they work going to be back but it was just kind of funny how that came out this week. But obviously. They do have some holes to fill now luckily again just like gene Haas Barney Visser fur short racing another one of those owners that. Isn't afraid to up just put his name on the car for some races and you know it says furniture row. On the hood of the car this is Barney Visser paying out of pocket that it to have his. To broaden the seventy team pretty much on sponsored but it still looks better than having no logo on the hood of the car but they have you know some other partners I think Kelly blue book. Go of course bass pro odds from the of people still working marcher X but they certainly face a hole in the air marketing inventory for next year. As wealthy without five hour energy but that we begin confirmation this week that despite. A a lack of speculation on the front that the 7018 we'll be back next year for furniture racing. And entry and tricks 37 table and solar notable names in the field. As we act kind of went off on a tangent there were Kirk push. Clint Moore will start sixteenth inning Kyle Larson who always runs really well Michigan he starts seventeenth aegis. Eight he's been flying back and forth this week between mich Michigan in Knoxville Iowa for the axle nationals the richest sprint car race in the world. And he finished third in the name last night there in Knoxville behind. Brad sweet do we get on the show a couple of weeks ago in Donnie shots. In one of the closest finishes in the history of the Knoxville nationals Brad sweet new course talked about you know they've been trying since stuff. These last few weeks on the world of outlaws trail getting ready for Knoxville. He nearly beat a ten time winner Johnny shots to take home the 150000. Dollar payday and dead is big money when it comes a short track racing are 50000 dollar payday. He got the win last night so Kyle finished third in that race but he's back in Michigan today rolling off seventeenth Brad Kozlowski and other Michigan native. He starts eighteenth. At Jimmie Johnson William Byron. 21 as we mentioned before. And that kind of do it ideal Suarez did not post a timing in qualifying he will start forty that it detailed field that's kind it for. Notable names in the forty car starting lineup for today's. Consumers energy 400 apologize that Scott Palmer kinda know showed us here this morning. But. Again who hopefully will it's the bottom of that and hopefully he'll make it up to us down the road one other big. I kind of NASCAR news this week not unexpected though but we did get the at Fisher the official unveiling. Of the Ford Mustang. Data will run in the cup series in 2019. As a forty kind of Pristina announced that they are going away from the that they are going away from the Ford Fusion and the mustang much in the same way. That the course Chevrolet went to Camaro this year. And you've got Toyota with Camry in their reportedly bring the tourists super I think to the extend the series in the near future but. Another muscle car now going to the cup series. With the mustang in 2019 and again that's kind of part of the and I think we talked about this when the announcement was made. That mustang was going to the cup series at Fortis kind of getting away from the passenger sedan business and really concentrating on trucks and suvs and crossovers and cars like the mustang and they're getting away from. Just a sedans like the other Ford Fusion in the you know the wonderful for tourists that I've driven so many other in my time. Both sedan and station wagon. That they they'll be giving away from selling cars like that in concentrating on. You know I F 150s and Ford escapes and Ford mustangs from here on out. Dead part of that. Reported. Marketing structure for forty it is part of the reason why that mustang is going to the cup series in its got a nice look. ELA kind of what you expected obviously the body styles in the cup series don't. Too realistic realistically. Recreate there're street counterparts blood still looks good with the the details on it for the Ford Mustang livery and everything. And other in a big announcement in Dearborn Michigan this week of course via the with the perfect timing with NASCAR in Michigan this weekend of course the four headquarters. There in Michigan it it timed out wonderfully. And they ruled it out Tony Stewart drove the one on that is through the through the screen and onto the the stage to the confetti shower and they had all course all the four drivers and team owners there. In support of that announcement so that. Be looking Ford that next year we'll see how that affects the Fords if they face the same challenges next year that the Chevy teams have kind of been combating this year. With the adjustment to the Camaro but it now starts to seem. Specially with chase Elliott's win. That the Chevy teams are now you know starting to turn a corner we kind of talked about that too with Alex Coleman. Renato it's Bowman who we talked to a though that was that was Eric Jones last week there was talk of the Toyota's. My memories that no Erica moral we talked to L Motorola about the Fords catching. The threat is or voice personnel like here remember we did so meaner these less we make any member who I ask what question. Somebody about that all the stay there Dave Dave go to break because you're you're crazy so lessor gonna do we're gonna go to break because. I camera amber what question Lance which driver but it was fun talking all those NASCAR drivers last week though when the opportunity comes up. Don't get to talk to what it 78 NASCAR drivers in one week I don't get to do that very often and so it was. Between the other prerecorded stuff in the pre race the post race stuff. Just lost track of who I ask what their past week leading up to Bakken land. All right I'm sorry we're will will bull we promised to do better and we got one more segment to do that the local racing run ups come up next here on fast track on WGR. Let's find out who visited Victory Lane this weekend it's time for the local greasy roundup. On WG yards fast track. And we've got to start all laid back on Monday night and supporter carved a block a lot of fives were in the night your region on Monday Tuesday as they started Monday night America villain right and CC. Picked up the win for his first career super her cart series big block when he regrets Ryan he's been on the show a number of times. Did the doctor Dini Johnson finishing second champ Brock when third Matt Williams and Eric Rudolph. Gave the top five they've myriad local flavor BEI lightning sportsman series Kyle Inman got the win over James Michael freeze and encoding McPherson. Horse owners Anthony Kelly got the win writing Beagle got the win in the hoosiers stocks there I know. Monday night at the mayor's bill speedway then Tuesday night at the big are in store freezing came home and led all 100 laps of the summer nationals to pick up the win. All very hard charging Matt Williams in Brett Kern Jimmy felt Eric Rudolph frowned at the top five. Eric closing in on Matt shepard's points lead with his two solid runs and Matt having some trouble in both races this week. Kevin wills won the sport's greats Pete fifteenth he will on the street stock race. On Tuesday night there at the big. And Mike smarty at the women top eight Paul coach Ian top BT Joseph Skokie. Picks up his third win of the week in mod ET he won two divisions. Over the previous two classes on Saturday and Sunday at Lancaster part of their -- delta dregs weekend. Tuesday went to a final round but lost but then made up for Friday night getting its third win of the weekend mod thick blue Leah and bikes and sleds in Mason fixed up the win in street ET. Ransom bill on a Friday night it was. With the a W sixteen power plant over Eric Rudolph and FRM James Henry got his second win of the season in the sportsman jordin mode in its first ever streets that wind. Ryan plan for bangers David finger load up the win. In the novice sports on Friday night at rents and bill Sander are Friday night action from freedom motor sports park. Boom brave giving you all MS late model win over Greg jokes and Max Blair builds him Mick. In the street stocks. Victor Earl appears stocks Jordan beauty in the micro sprints. Hot on Friday night there at freedom last night actions Holland hillside attracted hillside. Jerry Grail memorial for the T humidity Wahlberg got the win their T. I see inflow won the race of champions late model feature over holding king and he played south Amy Carolina got the win in the sportsman ovary BJ Kodiak and her son Jimmy Kimmel on out. Kenny Tina got the win in the four cylinders. Last night at the track at hillside at Genesee speedway last night. Mets deafening getting the sports and winds that Carly in 360 late models Josh paying grants EO in the street stocks spread shepherd in the mini stocks. In daily logs in in the bandits big show coming up Thursday night at Genesee speedway they've got a big block small block modified shoot out on Thursday night that should be a fun one. Wish I can make it out to see that show. Wyoming county speedway on Saturday Greg moma for Solarz DN meat chicken super stacks and Iraq and Ricky Knapp getting the win in this SST modified over. A toad Brad shot. Marysville speedway LSI it's nice when not everybody Marines out in the six dollars at a plaza got his eighth win in the year Alex rally in any stocks just later in the mob lights. Rob Murray is eighth when the hoosiers stocks Brett Rouse in the sportsman I'm Matt Williams and getting his ninth win of the year and three from being modified the Mercury Lindbergh. And champ Brockman Lancaster speedway last night. George Cora got the win in the sportsman his first win of the year there in the four cylinders. The other midwest complex brain spray got a Pennsylvania picked up the win. In the midwest compact series' first time they had the force owners on the big track Charles Palmer in the regular force or division. Any any crying got a very. Emotional tribute. Win last night his ace in the year in the streets sucks Lancaster came in the Ken heckler tribute a 51 rapper. More importantly it came two days after the passing of John drew looker senior the ninth time late model champion in the gets a lot of help from the June looker Finley in the pits John's senior helped him out and I had to hit John son Brad is the crew chief of that car so the whole Jew looker crew and family were out last night. To pay tribute to John and Andy got it with a win in the 09 in Victory Lane and very fitting tribute. Two. Of really great person injunction looker senior so that was a well deserved win. Rate I've come up this Saturday night at Lancaster one of the biggest races of the year the Tommy true or Tony Genco we have morial won ten for the recent champions modified that this Saturday night at Lancaster. Come up tonight congress sounds got a big show they've got the BE exports and series the actions bring crate crate spring to work. Other rush late models many stocks in pro for trucks sitting at a chi impact show. I tonight at the Humber stone speedway at 630 import coal burn that should be a fun one too so lots of great local racing going on as we get into the stretch run. Two hour of regular season here in western new York and southern Ontario. That'll do it for us I think he's much glistening and two more shows after today will be back next Sunday at eleven. But doubts trying to throw things to sail inmate Ed Bill Campbell talking accent here and WGR.