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Sunday, August 19th

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Western New York race fans it's timed out crank it up goal. Next hour at the airwaves belong to you. See jokes drag me and it lets you did WGR's fast track. With your host of other evidence there. About. Good that morning race fans 1102 here and WGR Sports Radio 550 welcome to the penultimate addition of WGR's fast track our next to last show of the season here at WGR Sports Radio 550. And we got a great 1 liner for this morning but week to waste any time because we have to go right to the AT&T hotline because. Joining us live from brainer in Minnesota he drives that make a wish Dodge Charger funny car for Don Schumacher racing. NH RA funny car driver Tommy Johnson junior joins us live Tommy its debut giving your buffalo good morning. Good morning from greater Minnesota. How are things up there in the land of a thousand lakes. I'll be up what's been a good week in all weekend little overcast this morning cooler temperature so I'm just going bad they aren't there. It is getting down to a very crucial point your season Tommy two races left and what I guess he would say the regular season for the NH Jerry mellow yellow drag racing series before your. Countdown of the championship begins. And these are two pretty important races for you as you try to remain in their post season contention here and in the top funny car division. Yeah I think what we count down the championship the top ten drivers fight it out for that we're currently number seven just couple went out on numbers six and you know like dude it's just don't see this you can and then that would kind of been coming RB ran really well the beginning of the freedom and then now we had some changes have been experimenting. Erupt part of the middle but the right now if but the time to hit your stride right now that I'm not our kind of is we don't that they'll. The comport to the point to go to a plastic are so important. Now the band have a car running and we have right now we are semi final the last two races and almost literally looking up this week and while our bit and I ran really well all on so. I think we're peaking at right time of year this year. Yet this seems like today could be Tommy Johnson guided day you've you've gone to the final live brainer to out of the last three years and as you said you're coming off a pair semi final runs out west. And then number five qualifiers you mentioned by. Things are are looking got to be looking pretty up for you what your make a way should Don Schumacher racing team you're going into eliminations today. Yeah did I tell you what they thought competent join in Bradley heard I have accomplished your current team and right now that they're really on the upswing like silica on up here last year. But that was our piqued my. I think if we don't think last year we are we learn not to be too early and devastate some creeks side about it they'd be going. Perfect at the right time. Any jury funny car driver Tommy Johnson junior giants Tommy. A real quickly just kind of give us a hole all oral recap beer season to date as we said seventh in the point standings but overall how it as the year gone views have been. I kind of an up and down season are how would you describe it. I pass this bill opened down in India we start off the seat and stronger runner up for the second raise the speed and then. Both worldwide racers we're in the final round ball all life. And we kind of we stumbled a little bit you major changed up the track prep they were trying to look for a way to work control speeds of these cars and they. They decreased the track preparation you know took some of the blue way you stumble they try to pick up a combination of that and and over the summer we started these lists six this clutch. Are performing well want to change the track we were having trouble I think there's throughout back to the fire and we just have so much more data little five disc collection. Restarting it analyzed now the guard been real real consistent effort to keep. Yeah you wanna run a big numbers and being a hero but you need to do every time I need to run well every run down the racetrack and consistency the big key and that's what got back now we went down the directory out or run the ball buying. Solid consistent runs right in the hunt so a lot that's what you do the company that you haven't consistently struggle up there are no he got a bit gonorrhea. He you do your job and that's that's the key now can he be quick the need be consistent. Outbreak breakaway break that down for me layman's terms Tom because I'm not a mechanical guy when you guys say going from a six disc clutch to a five disc clutch. I can you explain that maybe at the what the difference is that the number shifts you have to make. Now it's it's the how many courts this could actually in the clutch you have either by. This. And what floater you have six courts this in five voters and their. And big it would just how low level you know we we like 111000 horsepower these cars and the power level them so much we put so much heat wearing the clock going down their extract. That the it's basically a little bit and and think occurred but it. Now we don't we all have our with a track opera there's like his ability to speak yet the manager I don't know well and we're not putting the power to elect we worked so. We get away with a five and and bill we ran really well five furlong time so we're roll back the old record books and see what we did and and do we recreate that magic. Tommy course you have vowed to make a wish foundation on the side here your Dodge Charger funny car and I have safe to assume just working with an organization like make a wish ensure you meet a lot of courageous people in connection with those folks. Absolutely you know it's such unique guest authorship because they don't pay anything to be on our guard Kerry Chandler on that this entire team to give back and she wanted to raise awareness for Mike elation. Just been a great relationship we lost Terry a year ago. You know she had cancer and passed away but I don't wanna continue to conduct. We had eight kit that yesterday every race a mature on Saturday we bring Mike which gives up the track and the let them have fun and enjoy yourself would they be a normal care than they're going through some tough times and just tea. It's a really unique opportunity and really rewarding you know you need them out juror on the car and they're great group yesterday got older and older kids. Mommy wouldn't have which was to restore yes ethnic or. Firebird and he literally and took ill so it. I really unique in experience than just they're able to. Give back but the smile on a lot of bases and a not only care but also I only do they go away at them in the the year but it c'mon enjoy yourself. The enormous and liquidate its topical. Tommy last thing and I get you to driver in droves the last question now one of the other partners there we didn't Don Schumacher racing as a buffalo connection. I knew where cap I believe for right headwear for Don Schumacher racing end at their headquarter right here in Buffalo, New York has Neitzel connection to Western New York with the a year your team. Yeah absolutely I'm opened well one of near caps nor shall there Serbia to the best enemy America you can yeah I don't want to win on. It's indeed in place that Wally in Victory Lane well. I Tommy thank you so much you know it's a busy race morning for you but thank you so much fur I spent in a few minutes with us here this morning good luck today brainer Minnesota. Will be watching on out fox sports 1 at 2 o'clock eastern. In a best of luck the rest of the season with the and assure him all he'll drag racing series. Fabricating I don't we have would be beyond that the show all they Longoria and a cubic every. I Tommy good luck today. Yep Tommy Johnson junior from the Ani Sri Malia would drag racing series and they with their schedule this morning and brainer and we had to squeeze them in right off the top of the show but appreciate. I Tommy taking the time to talk to us here this morning on WG are faster Khatami said. Odd number five qualifier on the funny car lettered they Robert clay the number one qualifier. In funny car Billy torrents. Is your top qualifier in top fuel. In the air Enders who get on the show here in the Pesci is number one qualifier in pro stock and getting catch. Eliminations from Boehringer starting at 2 o'clock this afternoon on fox sports one there's no lockup brace on TV but. This mother racing options if you're gonna be watching TV this afternoon that's one of home with though the Lucas Oil nationals from brainer to Minnesota and again. Coming down to the end of their regular season. And they're they're kind of like their class system with that their final races of the year where they take the top ten in points and it. Raise up their point levels and try and set that have set them up for you run to their but championship when they hand those out at Pomona at the end of the year in on November. Good morning let's get now we got to do that official show welcome is leading your right to Tommy. Johnson right off the top there is a here at 1109 here and OBG or Sports Radio 550 but I thank you for tuning and WGR's fast track. A great show for you for the rest that showed tooth after setting up our big guest are right out of the box bought out we are a lot talk about this morning course. Last night the monster energy cup series NASCAR is in action at Bristol Motor Speedway. For the annual light night race at Bristol and purple patch picking up the win a huge win for Kirk. At this point of the season at this point in his career really. Huge win for him last night at Bristol and locking himself into the post season. In NASCAR so we've got that's talk about here and got some of their big NASCAR news it's come out this week. And we're gonna talk about that here in the opening segment and phone lines are open you're the rest of this opening segment free to chime in 2803. Oh fight 51888550. To 550 of the numbers if you wanna. Get in touch with that didn't touch with us here this morning to talk buddy thing going on the world more sports you wanna talk about any jury go right ahead. Feel free to chime in IndyCar pocono local racing at all on the table here you can also send us the tweet at fast tracked by fifteen. And also weren't FaceBook to FaceBook dot com slash. WGR fast track is Kurt Busch. I'm older players held off Kyle Larson a pick up the win last night at Bristol for his first win of the season. Kurt Busch over Kyle Larson chase Elliott letting good portion of them the middle portion of the race but came home third. He's in search of his a second win of the season now come off that victory a walk in clinic couple weeks ago that we were there to witness. Joseph really got a hairy Jones running up the top five Clint Boyer also led a lot of laps last night he was the other car that does state what was one of the other cars that stayed out. Late in the race. To try and go for on the older tires he did not have as much accessing was kind of spinning tires spinning the tires on a couple of those late race restarts. And he fell back there but still wanna coming moments six plays right blini. Letter early he finished seventh Alex Bowman a good run Jimmie Johnson. Some much needed top ten finish for him and Kevin Harvick had a radio up and down night had an unscheduled green like pit stop and overcame that to finish tenth and Trevor brainy yet and speaking of guys that needed a good night started 23 comes on the eleventh and he was up inside the top ten their late in the race wound up eleventh that's. A much needed good run for Trevor in the six car last night. Value had Denny Hamlin coming on fourteen key seeking fifteenth we'll talk about him in a moment. Brad Kozlowski finished sixteenth last night. William Byron in 23. And then you had mark sure Rex you had a rough night he. Got tagged by our court Kyle Busch over skipped him tipped him and he finished when people talk about that the second. And speaking of Kyle Busch Ian mark church got together. And that spy on March relax off the inside retaining wall and coming up back up the banking act clips. By AI GJ yeah alien a real hardest hit it looked like from TV. And Truex wind up thirtieth and they course were showing him climbing out of the car and he was very aggravated. As blow one of the places he seems to not get the success here in his last couple of seasons including his championship run is that the short tracks that seems to where he has. He is the least amount of success at least win a in the win column that is. Under it didn't compared to you what he does in the mile half tracks and road courses hasn't had as much excess in the win column and short short tracks as of late. He came home thirtieth they're being involved in that incident. And then you had a car sticking out and I. Crash just Don lat who with a race. When it was Kyle Busch that's one out and act calls to cause a multi car Pollack many of them back marker cars kind of just plowed in nick Kyle. And including Michael McDowell bubble walls AG are mending your Greg calling all knocked out of the race very early on because of that incident. And they got off to a wild start last night at Bristol and have pretty good Bristol race we we talk about it a lot the the ups ebbs and flows up from Bristol racing. From the you know high peaks of the late nineties early two thousands won the plates with a sellout in. And then the you on the transition in. The when they redid the the banking in the corners and how the race went from on the bottom back to the top and now. There's that Bristol NASCAR re trying to have fixed the trek for several years and last night we saw with you know the grip strip on the bottom but then the still that top lane at the top the wall also comes in late in the race. And this sets up for snitching two wide racing but in two very different. Grooves either write down on the bottom way at the top there's not much in the middle there but I thought it was up pretty entertaining Bristol race in. You know again it was interesting with the strategy there with bush and Boyer. And at the there was one other maybe that stayed out there late on tires but those two were the main two that that tried to hold out as they traded their tires are up 4050 laps. Older than say Larson entries Elliott. And Kurt Busch was able hang on any and again the huge for bush obvious dot that he was in danger of falling out of a playoff spot but he's locked in now he's fourth in the standings coming at a last night. Doesn't worry about that for these next a couple races he left in the regular season as we just have. On Darlington in Indianapolis left in the regular season we've got an off weekend coming up this weekend. Effort for the cup series. They does that worry about that plus again his status and where he's gonna be driving next year is up in the year. There was pretty strong reports last week that he was going to chip can Nancy in the one car with monster energy. Kurt is kind of deny all of those reports and not much more and in on that story we have been throughout this week it didn't seem like there was much more development so it's kind of a wait and see approach. Although it seems pretty. Likely that Kerr will not be in the 41 cart next year at least. Guide based on the other story of the week are the bigs the big driver change story this week compared to the one last week with Kurt. And at that was Kasey Kahne of course in Casey announced what was it Tuesday or Wednesday morning that he is not going to run full time in the cup series. In net 2000 and it in nineteen and that was huge news. Another big name driver you know kind of stepping aside from full time cup competition. In a course Casey's head. A pretty good career he's had his fair share of wins you don't ever been at a super threat for championship he sets successful years of course starting out. He was a development driver for Robert Yates in the Busch Series back in the early two thousands but then re ever him swooped in and and picked him up. And he was tabbed to drive the nine car after bill Ali retired from full time competition. And Casey had some success in the ninth car for several seasons and and that team started to go downhill when. You know. Ever knew and started running out of money in the merger merger petty motorsports and that their whole team went on a downward slide and then. Casey signed on with. I'm Hendrick Motorsports but then he had to wait this season to get into the Hendrick car because the deal he signed he had to wait for the ride the five cart open up. And so that forced him to run for Red Bull racing for a year they just to kind of help fill that epic find him a seat because. His deal was was up with our Richard Petty motorsports we drove of course the rebel car for one season and then made the move to Hendrick. Annie gets them off and on success with the Hendrick car but that deal of course and an effort last year and this year he's been an N 95 card though the line Stanley racing entry which of course you know one of the middle tier teams in the sport will lower middle tier teams in the sport and Casey had some good runs but obviously and not the not a playoff contention this year. You know YE we're assuming it 27 in the point standings only. Only one top fat top five finish this year one top ten finish this year. 3-D NF so it's not been a great year for Casey but again with driving for the teeny was you know. It was gonna take a lot for him to be kind of a playoff contender this year so. I'm sure. With that the downturn in results for his career over the last couple years plus he has a sign. And he's still very heavily involved in sports car racing course is Kasey Kahne racing team is one of the top teams in the world vol Ausprey cart series you know Brad sweet just won him the Knoxville nationals last weekend for under 50000 dollar payday. So you know. Brit sweet endeared Pittman. His two teen drivers they are one of the top in one of the top teams in the world of outlaws in Casey's now doing some more Sri curry he really was allowed to do much of it. When he is in a country with Hendrick. But now that he was with the the 95 and 95 team this you sake he certainly decent sprint car racing watching him this year. And you really think that's what he wants to do that's what he grew up in racing in Washington State. So he's definitely not full time and in fact there was another report after that announcement day Casey turned down. An offer from Stewart Haas racing to drive for them 2019 and one would have to assume that would have been the 41 team Thomas. You have to assume that that's the right that they talked about but he turned that deal down so we even hit it and Albright on the table. At this point he doesn't wanna do it. And of course there's there's several reaction that are on top of you know another big meal big name driver you're choosing to step away from the sport in. More discussion of the schedule being too long in the you know the I. Economy of the sport kind of being broken with. And driver deals and sponsorships in salaries and all that in just the reported dud downturn in driver salaries and everything in. Why it's why you see some of these older drivers getting out. Some talk also of the new. Rules package will see for next year that it might not be popular with the drivers and an MP another reason why. You know some drivers just aren't enter stating going full time cup racing any more specially with those that have have been in the sport for some time. Looking to get out because they card might be harder to drive next year just a lot of things connected to this announcement by Kasey Kahne that. This continues to what a deal. NASCAR blow with another big name driver. On the way out you know they're they're doing what they can and trying to build new talent with these younger guy. Coming in and they're just starting to have the success that NASCAR hope with you chief silly finally winning this year. A walk in line in some more of these younger drivers starting handsome more success in getting getting better as the year's gone on. While still having great star power in guys like the Big Three of Truex Harvick and Kyle Busch. You still got guys like that in your Joel Donald's and come pores of record as lousy some of these veteran drivers too but. Still the the star power drain hole will continue going in between nineteen with. I'm deathly Kasey Kahne got back full time and who knows what Kurt Busch's status is going to be. On next season and as a apparently you know and Stewart Haas was talking it Casey in May be other drivers looking to fill that seat. Is Kirk gonna wind up in the one car left to wait and see but this is the interesting part of the silly season. In the NASCAR world but of course last night other implications. The playoff picture or not that it was real cloudy to begin with but it got a little more clear coming out of bristle. Has basically now every driver. Ninth in points or higher have clinched a playoff berth weather on winds are on points. As they blini Kozlowski Larson clinched a mathematically they can't get bumped out of a playoff position. Sell more than half your playoff field is set and then. Really there's not much chance though for guys in a class but to really get pumped out unless they really fall apart these last two races. As eligible men who is the last car in and points he has got. AM about it eighty point buffer. On Ricky stand house who's the first car out so more than eight point more than a race worth of points obviously want somebody can still winning get in these last two races but. It seems like as. The the results have shown this season in the cup series EE probably aren't gonna expect that to happen because so funny either races this year have been one. By the Big Three and the guys in the top of the standings when you look at how the race winnings have been dispersed this year. The top six guys in the points have combined to win. You know old. What's the thirteen 1721. Races this year that top six in points and of course including the seventeen alone won by bush Harvick and Truex. So. It's possible but it just seems very unlikely that somebody not in a playoff position Curley of gonna coming here and win. Either at Darlington in two weeks Labor Day weekend or at Indianapolis. The week after in the final week of the regular season and all of all the places where something like that can happen it would be Indianapolis. We seen some. Especially if it turns to some kind of fuel strategy race colonel Paul Menard won this race so anybody can Paul Menard can win it. Odds of anybody can and eat it it so that that be a race were it has some kind of potential but it's and it Tate. Either just a crazy. Good performance it'll be unexpected out of whoever does it or. It is gonna be some kind of fuel strategy tire strategy or maybe gonna rain shortened type of finish. For it to happen because you just look at the guys on the outside looking in. And they are just not had. Any kind of performances the year that warns that oh maybe they can win one because they just not had the success I mean. Stand how's it we're not going to restrictor plea trek in his last two weeks you know Newman is. Been better the last few weeks but he again there's another driver who might be an auto or ride this year. Depending on how sponsorship goes Ding us war's been a real disappointment this season in his second season. Deal Austin film got the wins and he's the last couple of course he's in on a win but Menard. Was off to a good start last night but then they had some mechanical issues. And then you know William buyer and been up and down in his rookie year McMurray bush or on the near it's a big and really nobody else on the outside looking in. Is a threat so. Your playoff field is pretty much locked in stone and I'd been thing in this. Since Arnold since the since may believe that there was going to be much movement because that point gap. Was so huge in. And an egg as these that the schedules gone on and and these opportunities where someone outside of the points positions can win didn't happen we DNC a lock and the lining up she cellular one we didn't. CM AGL mending your anybody steal win their two it's again a win. So it as the results bear out it just seems like very unlikely. That you'll see a driver outside of that top 1516. Get sneak into the playoffs are a win. Unless some extreme circumstances take place here in these last two races. 8030 fight 5188. By fifty to 550 lie I covered a lot of ground there and again had to start the show what they're guess Tommy Johnson Jeter but hope you enjoyed. Pure for him to kind of kick off the show this morning but everything on the table in the Baltimore sports you wanna talk about cup any jury. IndyCar local racing great show last title Lancaster with the Tom major were Tony Genco week memorial 110 for the everything champions modified Amy Jane co we are picking up the win. In the race dead at peace tribute to his late father in late uncle that was a phenomenal shall talk more about that later speaking of local raising coming up in our next segment. Jodi London's get a join as Jody is a local race there and race promoter base out of the Rochester area and speaking of paying tribute to people. Jodi has become quite the race promoter because every year now from last. 87 a year ago to check coming years has been now. But I Jolie puts on or a race in honor of his late father Dave Lundy and for the super stocks and Jolie are Jody goes above and beyond. Not only promoting a race replied giving the drivers the com and getting a whole lot of Latin bonus money in other. But I contingency awards for the Savannah gets a lot of money for division like the super stacks that doesn't get a lot of big money races. But to become a huge thing and he's got a lot of people signed up for this race he's also built up. And equally big money race for the force shall her vision that's coming up this Friday night the Spencer speedway sort talked to Jody about that we had Jodie on the show last year Q. And were to have money in Wal-Mart time here come up in our next segments of state to we got more to come. End up again plenty of time for your phone calls more an 8030551888. 552550. Our next to last show of the season. As a will be awfully pretty weaken and then football season starts so hopefully I eat join us here in these last couple weeks we're back with more here on WGR. I don't hold believes that one next year Mike Smith McMurray. Possibly out of the one car but we'll wait and see what that brings but we'll get we'll get some news out of it we got news today we have one more week to definitely use that for this year. Again next to last edition here of LB Gerris fast track 1132 yard WG our sport 3 a 5:50 am Dave Buchanan. Yes as I said. We've got next week and then more off Labor Day I usually do a show Labor Day in a public such last couple years we've got to the Glen for the Indy carries but no Indy carries the glove this year and I will be. On the road but not in a race of any kind civil peeled and usually pretty weak and I apologize. So all you got left with meat is today for these this last half hour and then nine next week it will be our thrilling season finale in isn't true. Fast track fashion we leave you course at the ultimate cliff hanger who will win. All the major motor sports championships and all the big end of year races locally. You'll have to follow along on twittered have to answer all of those questions as well bill talk about it because the bills. In the football season here coming up around the corner but hey it's buffalo so. Got to look forward to bill season in a more important looking forward that their fantasy football draft are. RW. GR one of our fantasy football leagues and a mikes and 37 fancy for Belize but he's also and one that I'm in with pollen. Old dog and some other people panel occur Branko zeal a dinky among others. Look at fort that their fancy for polygraph I'm not I I don't play as much as say Mike does a more human to leagues but that this is that the draft I look forward to most. So a lot of that it's football formal football time in for some people there it is football tank as they get into the pre season that mean not so much. 1133 year and LB GR Sports Radio 550. As we said hey Ed course known NASCAR race today because they ran last night we don't have one next sunny but. Do that's a racing on the TV if you are registered we get we talked about any cherry that's coming up at 2 o'clock a fox sports one embryo Minnesota's we talked Tommy Johnson junior. It's a funny car driver in IndyCar is in pocono today that'll be an NBC SN. Later today. What time does that start I didn't even look. But we do you know their will power is on the pole for today's race he will be on the front row by you with this Penske Racing teammate Joseph do you guardian. Then it is the Andretti cars have Alexander Rossi and right Monterrey in room to sign a patch you know Robert Wiki ends round out rule of threes rookies zags beat Sebastien boarding hero for. Jeans hinge cliff into Comas Otto round out the top ten starters. Today at pocono on Marc-Andre called an eleventh Scott Dixon thirteen Tony kind fourteenth. Bremer home he'll roll off eighteenth today out of the F field of 22 starters for the other Verizon IndyCar Series. Racing at pocono Ian. The 130 it is on NBC a sense of you wanna check that out you've got. A couple options this afternoon on the TV. As the IndyCar season winding down of course they will wind up in their season's just about finished. Scott Dixon comes in today with point lead of about. Fifty points. Now 45 points over Alexander Rossi for 94 for forty Joe's new garden. With 434 than will power Ryan hunter re round up the top five so Dixon looked in the lockup another championship and he can take. A big step towards another level today if he can. Petty good run today at pocono is just after. Pocono for the IndyCar folks they have three races left. With. Over the next couple weeks they go to gateway. I'm next weekend then Labor Day weekend they're Portland instead of walk and Kline of course the big change there and then they wrap up their seasons September 16 at Sonoma. And L lots that changes the IndyCar schedule next year we already know we're gonna say it's in Sonoma is outs. I doubt I saw report this week that code out might be on Indy cars horizon and especially apparently. Whatever. Rule they have in place with territorial the NNM with locations Texas Motor Speedway who will be on the IndyCar scuttle next year. They can't say they can't veto. If veto it if if IndyCar wants to go to the circuit of the Americas and Austin. Apparently before. At Texas was at Texas Motor Speedway. In the Dell's Fort Worth here they were able to say no. Debts are part of the country you can schedule not a race will apparently. Whatever deal to have that place is no more. Between IndyCar Texas Motor Speedway and sold IndyCar wants to go there they can if they can get a deal with the folks at circuit of the Americas. They will do it's that would be fun to see. That bet fis silly just looks phenomenal whenever F one races there and they had some big events. There over the last couple seasons with that one and they've put some big concerts on it Taylor Swift concert with an F one race there but I certainly Americans would be huge for the IndyCar circuit but you'll seal. Getting a lot of changes come up to the schedule for any car we kind of piloting those throughout the year with the Phoenix also being off. Belisle is still on the schedule though the locals trying to get that race. Trying get that race out of the Detroit area but. It'll be a very different looking IndyCar scuttle for 2019. Let's go to the AT&T hotline they'll and bring in now racing promoter race car driver. Out of Greece New York Jody Lundy joins us on the line Gator boy how's ago my friend. Pollard is going on them now valued days. I'm doing well my friend first off just good to see you on the big trek at Lancaster last couple of Saturday's last night. Driving a modified three needing colleague last night and then of course running the other big midwest topic recent Lancaster two weeks ago just gonna see yet. Racing in Lancaster these last couple of Saturday's. Yet it's and he has done quite a few years sometimes on the apparently. Prince you know Lancaster with 2009 so. So those because doing you know come back to my second home on track you know with this kind of on. How about. His wield a modify the I know eating get a lot of laughs how was it still be available we'll modify their last night. If you lose it there. If he thinks that it is I did get blown out of bacteria does that help. Power for. A earlier on the a little bit. It'll they just get used to it again book. Library one by item but can run and political future. It'll get older more comfortable car apart and I I just heard. Mike potter street nor my era they're going to come in my town hall and get into a hole and Mike here again it. Any course your teammate got the big winless like eighty Genco Eric a good friend of yours and a huge win for him last lakers winning the race that pay tribute to his dad and his uncle and it was a great performance by India last night. Yeah I know. For him it's still it's a much better for him because obviously expected that depth is on although that it's very yeah. And the you've been wind when it so much it if you want to keep in mind when it a lot more than that you are so. And for and the one that. It critical to me I know it and that the world and I mean the I know. You don't do much more calm. In the and that back in the back could it be accurate but I know. I know he always off he only cared about you know get winning a few races and don't series. You don't get what you want and know he got that check got that chuck doctorate pocket so you know. He you get smaller and smaller pocket when it comes winning. Meghann was anti Genco we are getting the win at Lancaster last night in the top major or Tony Genco Rick Moore Hillary said Lancaster. Yesterday evening. Speaking of big prestigious races though Jody you've got one coming up this Friday night the Spencer speedway paying tribute to. You're dead Dave Lundin and the eleventh annual Dave won a memorial how's it been eleven years for this race. I don't know I had I had myself carrier armored Ilan. Or older or if he would again that there are one component that can keep going with a little. It's grown and it's a path. Three years it got really big. I just got to keep trying to outdo myself and I'm. Yeah and you look out Don and again you've got what is it over almost thirteen thousand dollars in personally up for grabs that's just for the super stock. And I you've got up big entry list of drivers come for this race on Friday night. Yeah we ever were. But the drivers coming in from all over in new York and Rebecca comment but a Pena though it. It's pretty cool eject guy Decker right from other states are to come and go. Eric and and so guys guys from eating carries that I have no cup connections in NASCAR they're they've been and they were inquiring about. Right network available. It was a critical see how big god like black here. My one I boxes were close he got it is editor moderation. Or confer. Billy what occurred you need then they're in the head and I come dot com Nat and I do know about this big superstar. You know exploration leg of arts in New York emergency ING Richard I'll do it yeah. Yeah right now and I know wouldn't. And isn't it imprinted. And now just over the last couple years on top of that the super stock race. This other one the four cylinder vent the the grant a dog for solar rays eight why is it called the grant the dog race and it's for solar rays is becoming just as big with. A big turnout of entries there and a lot of bonus money upper rep for these guys do. Go it has delayed that Archie and now lives. Eight it would kind of permits a funny story because. I'm at a hockey game moment when my good friend gave it time to obliterated spot or. And under brigadier Hamid murdered. Likely won't be cool cut back at that time and it might be it Islamic art and that was it. I kid we should do something we should put your dance you know you're dead have been. I'm here as well and the local operative just start out as indium. Good to have the title extra cash. Originally it was just going to be a lap. 500 away and go at it and that evolved into an imam Ahmad thereby you know I log in and bought evolved. Up all the long race so it turned into Latin and gay bother McCollum rapid dog ultra. They gave in there and Mike rug out here and in central New York a lot and that's just how they out. Now they'll call them underdog public and so. Appellate titled portal and then dinner sponsored portal owner pat Spencer. Note the reverend art sports owners and and are you so. Who best captured at twelve yeah that people so. That's got back into the. All it's that sounds like a phenomenal show just two divisions but a lot of cars there's going to be a lot of racing at this Friday and it's Spencer. What what are the the times everybody needs to show up Indo what what's the a ticket for its gonna be this Friday night Jody. How lucky thirteen is the ticket purchaser that night I mean eats at the big show. And it for only thirteen dollars and you can't beat that you and marina fireworks and things that make. Being sent make loud boom he can't go around fireworks and being a global peace and grants and open up 5 PM. And he'd get underway at seven so it is going to be Auckland last year. Lecter hours overwhelmed by how many people showed up and mr. Oakley didn't even better so. It give ago last year last year there was a lot of drama accelerate watching Tommy kettle on our front. I left in the county one county because transfer into a feature and Urlacher picture in drove all the way to the front and take the when the matter so. Yeah attic you know they love big thing on on an operation. Drop a cup. Accompanied one next. Very get a kind of they kick off to a lot of big end of year races because you know he got that and then the following Friday we've got the big up pops Levy tribute to pops leading modified race the following Friday at Spencer that leads us in the September in all the big races in the US open in recent champion's weekend. So it's kind of that kicked off here is to a lot of big money races around the the season Joey. Best of luck hopefully. Great weather great turnout the end you worked so hard and as my friend it's you've done a phenomenal job turning this into. A must see event on the racing count every year. I wish I could be their forcefully might Friday night commitments make it hard but someday hopefully I'll make out for their race. But best of luck with the show this Friday night it's meant to speed right. One day one day I will have gave each an announcement I was more calories than manic and I will call it a career for the ball well. Look like now denying out we added a Lancaster right at once or twice. Yeah at Lancaster development and how bad the it it it's gotten to more of a month now now now now right on. I want be there and let them. A. Now I eat your I'm sure you're good with. But who knows who is Joseph is Marat are gonna be there who we gonna have a fern grotto and I'll honor they got up you've got one of the people ice studied under in Jason trainer so you've got something better. Or am I I learned at the feet of Jason and Craig Wilson when I was starting out as a junior announcer so. You've you've got. You've you've got the others that did broadcasting family tree right there with a decent trainer say hi to my friend Jason then this Friday and again thanks for the time we'll talk to you soon. Out and yet it won by Joey wanted and again on this Friday at the Spencer speedway. Out in July nears Rochester Williamson New York area of just straight down 104 he can't miss that it's not that far from buffalo area. Should be a good show with the eleventh annual deep London memorial for the super stocks in the grand but dog four cylinder event. There this Friday night at the Spencer speedway and it does kick off some big ended year races in next week and we're gonna talk next week or next week's show. We're gonna talk to Mike Levy. About the the pop sweetie race which is going to be Labor Day Friday. At Spencer very same racetrack the following Freddie any huge announcement. Yesterday concerning that race right freaks who of course is now on the X and eighty series for Joseph Gibbs racing and is one heck of a modified driver probably. One of the best modified drivers it. On the planet currently. You know. He's gonna be in the field. For the tribute to pops Levy raced in he announced yesterday along with the folks at Levy racing LT lot of sports. The ad out Friday is gonna drive 83 entry for. Of leading racing team along with Mike and Patrick gambling right increase will be any third L two auto sport car. For the tribute to pops Levy 75 at Spencer on August 31 Friday of liberty weekends that's huge they have grind they're going to be. He's going to be in town anyway because the NASCAR modified or at Oswego the very next night. So Ryan's gonna come up to essentially York night early and get to drive to modified races that we can that was exciting here yesterday. That should be a great show was well too so was pregnant and will talk more next week we'll kind of I think we'll spend a lot of our season finale next week Condit is running down the whole list of big. Local races coming up but from the Labor Day through September and October because there is a lot of fun stuff coming up on the local racing schedule. Steel local racing it won't be a long segment we do the local racing roundup although there are a lot of rain outs especially Thursday and Friday. And about will try to hit the results that we do have in the books in will wrap up this edition of fast track we get back here on WGR. Relaying this weekend it's time for the local greasy roundup. On WGR's. Fast track. All right we'll go back to Thursday night and a fortunately Jesse speedway in a big show planned Thursday night the gladiator race. As they were going to be a big block small block font I'd shoot out they try to get started but the mother nature wouldn't cooperate. And they had to give it up this trying to desperately get the show in but fortunately. They can not get their show in Thursday night they're Tennessee's speed we according to rich blacks. Post the modified to be added to. They're big end of your show on Saturday October the thirteenth there at the Genesee speedway there he had a big show planned and now they're gonna attack on a modified race that might work out. With us scheduling and everything week after you order week they should be able to draw. Some pretty contingent a modified teams for that race that I won't be off in now brought the trees and your points that night. So they'll be part of their off all finale along with the street stocks greatly model sportsman and many stocks that should be huge show. October 13 the Genesee speedway. Friday night was also late complete washout. For most of the tracks we talk already earlier in the program put in Lancaster dragway in ransom will speedway. Oss weakened speedway did manage they they know little window there if it is throughout all the rain that was in the area Friday and hate us weakened negated. And I we don't mention their results every Friday but you've got to give a shout out to the straight shooter Scott skirt got critter who picked up the win. In the S sprint car feature I driving for trade hot ache. Scott got the win over till Westbrook and Mac demands have to give Scott a shout out we catch Scott here on the program before so get to see Scott picked up the win Friday night. And on a hike racing team going to Victory Lane but everybody else kind of a wash out there on Friday also hillside got rained out on Friday as well to win. Coupled attracts Ferrari off on Friday night last night though much better weather. And Lancaster nationals be we talked about it would you be one of eighty Genco yet picked up the win in the 29 annual Tommy juror Tony Genco it morial won ten for the recent champions modified series holding off Patrick ambling in the final twenty laps to pick up the victory. Dear earlier this year a another third place finish for Darryl. He said 53 place finishes at army ROC series this year including three Lancaster alone. And I'd just Caylee for that guide a breakthrough and get his first win it'll be so well deserve when he does but they're Evans a great season he's third in points. And had a good run less like coming home in third. What then likely your peers rounding up the top five there in the air race champion super stock Greece is also very exciting great battle between Tim go low. Joseph meek who's on Tommy beer and attend Belo got the win in the 1000 dollar payday there. Street stocks Rick sharp got back to Victory Lane for the first time in three months and in the force owners Kevin Bainbridge dominated things. Odd pick up before so underwent at Lancaster last night and a great show. With that Tommy Tony and I always agree crowd a great events in. Awesome off finish last night with AVG picking up the wind very emotional win for Indy. America speak we also in action last night. Adam plaza got his eighth win of the year in this six soldiers Tony Kelly and many stocks and Chris Watson picked up de Niro win over Brent Bigelow in the mob lights. Dave Bailey has third when he of the hoosiers stocks Brad Rouse got the king of the great sportsman series win over chant your rallying Cody McPherson. And Matt Williams and got his ninth win of the year in the 350 modify its over rights to see in. Jesse speedway was off last night and that's all the results that I got into the news desk tier. But tonight Oliver Stone speedway back in action at 630. They've that they gave blunt a mole memorial for their sports and vision thousand bucks to win forty laps. And plus all their regular divisions and since we don't mention their feature winners and often beat. Just because they always forget to go back to the week before but last weekend's results that cumbersome Cody MacPherson got the BEI lightning sportsman series win. Over James Michael freeze and Accenture value A Shawn Evans won the action spring tour feature chant home in the rush late model feature. Olivier do you smell rockets cookie and in the many stacks in Mitch do not getting the win in the pro for trucks. There last Sunday at the a cumbersome speedway next Sonny's a huge show there at Humber stone to import Kohlberg. As they've got the at the number start spewing per Colborn so that should be a one show as well. They'll do it for us again now you got any jury at 2 o'clock and FS one you've got IndyCar at 130 and NBC SN if you look at pursue racing on the tube today. If you're not going to see it in person. And we will talk to you next Sunday on our thrilling season finale of WG are fast track we'll talk the next Sunday.