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Welcome back to the end skaters on this September 1 Friday morning here. I'm Marty Iran filling in for Andrew Peters with Craig Green Bay. And remember 1130 were gonna get there and Gregor from Sioux saint Marie where he is attending is that suns OH shelled training camp with a Greyhound so we'll talk to drags on the phone at 1130. We're gonna talk about. At an exercise I did that 228 top fifty players for this upcoming NHL season so. Ribs looked at mice my list and basically went overrated underrated what do you think in here assault. We will probably do that in a second hour probably more around 11 o'clock so that will be fun. But right now we are very excited and thrilled to be joined on the line. We're former Stanley Cup champion NHL player. And now a great analyst with the NHL network Alex Tanguay Alex how you doing. I'm doing good how are you guys don't. We are doing grade area I'm talking to me obviously and I'd next to me is Greg survey which I'm sure you're battled. Alongside ribs a few times in the in your days so why he'll be he's all excited because he mentioned. What's yet to say about Jack cycle on the and it's on network the other night and he. Feels that you are absolutely on so. How much you give us and our listener. A little bit more about what you feel about Jack eichel and and where his contract negotiations are at right now knowing that you've been in the same situation before. Well I think that you know for me guys when I look at where Jack cycle is in the progression in the courier and stuff like that you know I know there's been excitement that a lot of talk about given him an extension right away. But its pilot Jason butter Oak Hill outplayed the Google. I would probably wait I would let it play out a little bit for me Jack cycle as an outstanding now I believe he's got the essential to be a true superstar on the street and I do believe that's it percent. At a jam in there and but. You know there's no offense pane at right now I get it shall we you know for me gotta show me the desired data shall we didn't willing to take that next step. To move this important start winning games. And and that that that line is I mean bought adjacent bottom. Fine I'll pay you what will work and number at that point but for me the camera without a potential would be you know would be something that. Would not be so appealing for me at this particular time. They Taggart Greg here. I I just like what you said yesterday I think he talked when you talk to vote Jack cycle we know how good of a player he is. But the sample size and what we've. What we've seen so far it just seems like it hasn't been enough. You alluded to yesterday. Saying that there's still some unknown in Jack's team. And the stability of his game. Still needs to be rounded out. Tom can you talk about that a little bit and if you're talking bowl media Jack cycle this year seeing more sample size of him playing against number one lines lines like Ryan gets slot. Absolutely anything and Greg your bank on when you say. You know we need to get bigger sample size of Jack cycle has yet last year produce extremely well later part you know the in the later part of the year but acting bad. You know quote while I was user boldly perspective on the other side of Ryan O'Reilly did have to figure. So for me if you're gonna give all that money your guy he's going to be. You know we we know he's going to be here is that the question how could there you gotta be that guy that they that zebra to the next level and that and say guys. I'm that guy here I'm going to be that done it and if I'm gonna be that article but I'm gonna get slapped and other spyware we're gonna went belly up. I'm not sure he's that guy yet I have this he had bigger sample size that it. You know sometimes you know when you look out of place got all the tools but he seems. You know not as involved as perhaps it should be any silly young guys I you know don't get me wrong for 12 guys I have the league's job. Loved Jack cycle I believe he's got all the tools to be a superstar. But at this quiet you know he's got actual meal that Maurice got it you know in hockey you guys this late for a long time I've played for a long time. You're only as good as you're glad you used data shall you've got to show up every year and crew your people do and that's the great opportunity for Jack cycle and he's got. You know I'm sure that Jack you know they were doing a little bit lucked out economist David C ought to Matthews and I'll let those guys have been talked about so. I'm curious to see how it comes out and how we start playing in October. Well the voice you are hearing right now is a former age shall. In Stanley Cup champion Alex gang gate talking about Jack I call. Alex you've played over a thousand games you've been on some great teams when you start with Colorado and had great leaders that guys like Joe Sakic. Guide dad we're leading the way. Captains that you played does make a difference if you want a Mi Jack Michael York captain for this upcoming season with the ball close neighbors knowing that Brian Gionta. Is no longer would the team doesn't make a difference that. I've been inside in for a long term or playing on his last year of his entry level deal if feast to become the captain. Well I don't think it makes act any different that's fired Jack Michael's concern I think that you know of that number whether this time ever not right away. You know I think you guys would probably be in the same opinion as you know it's just the matter I'm report its government. I would be fine you know I was the Buffalo Sabres waiting until next summer and let Jack cycle play in performance. Any. But in the end. That he right now. I'm curious decision because I think that Phil Housley and Jason borrow really that you feel that he met and you know Craig you've been a captain at. And Marty you've been involved in matters you look leadership move on your team. You know this wind I wanna I wanna see who that leader that dressing room as they gonna beat Jack is an era O'Reilly is maybe. We're at the line and not the kind that kind of stepped up and and they don't. Bigger. Leadership our role on this team I at this point you know for me I would be fine buffalo. You know Buffalo Sabres might not like the Internet might not like it not after you read away at what. I think patient would that mean I'd let you create your quote and yeah without parole. Let me ask you this though do you not do you not see a trend in the NHL right now. You remember back to Sidney Crosby he was named captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins and is going into his third year. We all know playing back then the Sidney Crosby was not the leader of that hockey team. You looked at that Jonathan Toews the Landis dogs you look at economy David in Edmonton he was named captain of that team after 45 teams in the NHL. I believe that that the way the league is going is your face of the franchise. Is your captain. Butcher leadership group behind the scenes that's where you make up your leadership group but I think there's there. There's a very strong group of of leaders here in buffalo. But I just believe I think you're gonna see Jack Michael being that captain. And and and you might be back on because you know I had as we've seen that you'd just bicker. You know across the border for you got to Toronto maple leaf that would be surprised if that Matt Hughes get the seat this year so you know it is big of that is that Jack cycle right away. You know it it it might be. You know a good rallying point as walker that he bird because as you know that older group of this all the players on the team war rally around the world order will be that. That leadership that leadership you know. We will tell litters leadership role form you know throughout the dressing room and help them. In his growth at as a young player but also let the young man because he's so. You know he's still a teenager that becoming a man and all that but need you know the players that that kid that have families involved. That you have to be you know. That guy that ethical opted that is general manager and part of the culture and and be their liaison between you know your team and the coaching staff and the organization so. It bigger responsibilities. But as you've said you know there's guys like Georges has been around Bogosian has been around for a while. Those guys will be able to help them out if it Jack cycle is is that guy that's gonna Wear the C for the sabres. So if if the sabres won assigned Jack eichel for the upcoming year do you feel that there is a deadline that there's a date in mind to say. This is when he should be signed by if not we will wait until the season is over as a player did you ever feel like. You would put a deadline on a contract situation because you wanted to put it Adio mine after that. And if so when would that day before four Jack in the sabres. What got. Let the context is different you know because you know I remember in my second year I want the Celtics up at a Goodyear. Nobody talked about contract extensions so that the dynamic of today's game is different where some of those young guys beside the year at bats. Based. The perception that they're gonna be this good player if I was Jason baccarat objects in the US this job that as well below. I would go and I would have been there with you know Jack cycle I would suggest. Not your guy you're gonna be part of this franchise for a long long time you know for me I wanna see you play. I wanna you play for myself for a full year. And then at the end of the year next year before you go home we're gonna sit down and we're gonna work things out as Jack article goes and scored ninety points. You know maybe you're gonna have to pay ten maybe eleven you know walls are what makes it and it got. And the I would want to you know feel about a little bit and see what he brings you know as far as leadership see what he brings obviate. See how much of that other guy's gonna be it took place in you mentioned earlier Craig against the first line on the other side I do wanna be. Like a bigger sample of it light I would not be rushed at all what. In today's game with the newer generation of players. They need to be aware of the need to know what's going on and I would just start the jacket and and you know I'm sure that that that when he would feel company be like hey guys. No problem I'll show you what I'm made of I'll show you that I'm gonna earn this money. Sounds good I've got one more question for yeah. In the game today. A young player coming off the second year. Of his deal. Entry level deal and let's say that this player scored 27 goals and had 77. Points in 82 games. What kind of money and contract would he be making. My gut that the good question based on an odd percent of does you know. And and based on what's happening now you know what we're talking about you know. Look at a guy like David Pasternak I mean you know the numbers will be Heidi I think the numbers as somewhere on the seven million dollar mark you know you look at. You look at what bright side note that he got aid and based on those numbers because the outperformed everybody on the scene many with the bat flare for the Oilers and the clout so. You know that number and buried then number will vary depending on your TV it's too because every situation that you guys now is desperate you go to C got three guys edit view. It and Aaron does that in Chicago while he's playing with aim and saves while they might say your numbers go that low orbit that your. The top guys on it seems so everybody's different but you know. I got it right title yet that number was high. I do believe that he's earned it based on its plan based on showing that he was capable of being debt. That of any ball in the Sidney Crosby that this thing which was commonly Davis. So bird you know if we're gonna talk act cycle here. I don't know where that number light but it's going to be I'd number but I would rather pay a little bit higher but I've seen more of a bigger sample and what. How about this stanger. Doubts doubts woods your numbers after your second year the area press though. Alex paying gate 27. Goals 77. Points second year in the league. You'd be making a million bucks a year and it's or right. My thing guys you know it's much easier doing an interview with crackdown that was playing against. Back though. Well Alex we appreciate. You come in on. And no short notice this morning continue to great work on NHL network racers say hi to everybody over there will keep. Why continue this and a thousand plus games in the National Hockey League almost 900 points is then make up. That's a great resume and we should all be taken a page out of view your expertise and what you see and so I appreciate it. We'll try to have you on that sometime this year and talk more about the sabres and resolutely next month. What do you well thanks.