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Sal Capaccio
Monday, September 11th

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Good point Joseph what's. Hi everyone welcome into the very first extra point chill of these 2017. And FL season. It be back in this chair again. So out of hot GO with you and of course I know you're listening along to be easier Sports Radio like fifty. And watching on MSG networks if you're not you should be because we are Sime will cast so that we can take us with you wherever you go there on the road. Your app you're in your car or even if you're just at home and you wanna turn on the TV. We are on and that's G rated talk Buffalo Bills were all you can do this every single Monday as we have for the last couple of years gonna do it every Monday from. 10 AM till 12 PM. And. That leads into the John Murphy showed of course John McDonald goal were a lot more stuff with you it's ours the bills are concerned and yesterday. First went 2017. That's one talk with you about today 803055888. By PP. To fight it. Let's get your opinions on what you saw yesterday at new era feel a lot went down I think coming into the scheme most bills fans are pretty competent but. I would say most those overconfident not because of the bills but because their opponent the New York Jets and who they work because of the bills war I think for me at least. Yesterday it was going to be representative of what I kinda could get from this team so party can figure out who they're going to be I'm not I'm so that your. I figured at a pretty good defense I thought that going in I'm still pretty convinced of that I think the op it's going to be a work in progress especially in the passing game and still convinced of that so. Really coming out of this game it kind of went according to script for me. And I still need to see more it's one game yes it's New York Jets team that is probably the worst roster in the league. But that doesn't matter it is one game it's one win. And you can only play the teams on your schedule the bills did that yesterday and they came away with a 21 it's. Well victory by the way they were recently favored by nine points in Vegas and how good is Vegas to be able to do that they actually won by nine points and I know a lot of and chatter of people thought that well you know the jets is no way they're gonna lose by that much actually thought the bills would win by. Double digit tied the score close I had 23 to ten build bill's victory yesterday in the roundtable on WGR. But the bills wound up up pretty close to that only 21 to twelve victory over the New York Jets were to go through all the stats and things that are important you. Ahmed direct you over to my column I wrote as they do every Monday after every game at the BGR 550 dot com is called barrel up arrow down. And you can find out who I thought played well or what particular parts of the game went well for the bills and who I thought either. Made mistakes played poorly or what particular plays and parts of the game did not go so well. For the bills so we will do that we'll take a lot of your phone calls which got a jump on board now 8030550. 888552. Pipe it to traditionally the shell. This extra point show. Gets quite a bit of phone calls of you wanna jump any got to do it now I got open phone lines are promise yet you will 8030550. Is the number of you not local you're outside the area we get a lot of people listening from all over the globe really 8088 by 52 back of the eye on that note just wanna say. I don't my personal thoughts and Agassi may distraction over the last few weeks of the last few days has been with the people affected by hurricane or mud down in Florida and a some of your listening. I had so many. Emails and tweets and we had calls on the radio over the last few days basically saying hey. Thanks for helping me get through this bill's hand saying. Thanks for help me get through this listening to the show listening to the game. All that kind of stuff and you know people really worried about what's going on down there I can tell you that town I have friends and family that. And he got through pretty well somberly happy about that but we are thinking of you if you're affected by either what happened in Houston a couple of weeks ago what's going on in Florida still continuing. Through the day to day. In the meantime. This game yesterday the bills and the jets the bill start off one and Owen. Oh by the way first place in the AFC east and I say that is victory lap because it is true. We do know that part of the reason is because. The jets simply were two in the bill should be I think in the dolphins are a team that did not play a football game. Maybe the equation a lot of people didn't figure was New England Patriots over the weekend getting beaten especially when they got beat at home to open the season on Thursday night. I guess it gives each he's allowing 42 point. To the chiefs and that once the bills atop the division. In AFC east very very early lot of football obviously to be played but it's always nice to get that first win out of the way it's always nice to see your team a top of the standings. However that is. This is a game to me that according to like I said kinda went according to script. The bills actually dominated. Pretty much every category. When you think about how they won this game it was. Running the ball. As they've been so good at over the last couple of years they out gained on the ground the jets won ninety. To 38 it was stopping the run 38 yards rushing warn that a little while. One idea 38 simply on the ground. Overall yards 408. To 214. Now I checked the. NFL statistics. After yesterday's 4 o'clock games or at least leading into the it was late it was late it was down maybe during sentiment football I kind of wet I looked at where every team is ranked. After the first few group of games so far in the league this is headed in the senate football last night. The bills actually had at that point it could be different now in the second most total yards of offense in the entire league this weekend. And they gave up the second least a money yards of offense in the entirely so they would basically be. Ranked second offense and second in defense that's always nice wanna start off right like I said. I understand it's your chance to take a look. We're showing the graphic here after on the TV side more reason to watch is on TV by the way you know is cool graphics come your way there'll colorful. And stuff like that don't ask me color them ourselves not much of an aggregate at that. The bills did have 231. Downs game. To the New York Jets eleven more than doubled up their first out the reason why this team though was only nine points a reason why it was 21 to twelve in the and visibility is making mistakes at big times. Including obviously interception in the end zone and I seats available in Charles Clancy and people blame Tyrod Taylor. Look between being on the sidelines and not having all the full replays of the TV and going home and writing columns and things in odd transcription stuff like that I haven't had time time to actually break down that play I from my angle on the sidelines it was a high pass. But it was one also that maybe Charles Mosley should have come down grant. I think show a team here as we go through on the honesty Cecil BC of I watch again maybe a little bit behind him as well looks like a little bit behind haven't broken it down completely. But either way the bills made a mistake on that drive made a couple big mistakes late that drive. And penalty but really more important than lost yardage hit the ball off to Mike Tolbert and by the way Charles clay and that one as well that was not a very good block for him. In line at that particular play. And that they have the interception. And there was little things like that. It really hurt the bills yesterday from pulling away. When I thought that maybe they should have been able to do that they kept New York in this game really. Just a little bit too long and kept them close enough. To give them hope with jets really never threaten to take over the game. At any point including one with seven to six at halftime including one of fourteen to twelve the jets were going for to the core bill stop them of course. All of those factors considered I shall never felt the jets were at any point. In a position to kind of take over the game the bills I did feel. A little bit weary for the bills that. This is one of those games looks like they're that dominate and somehow wind up losing. Because they make a critical error here there when he gave up the give up a big play because someone makes a mistake in the back and that just did not happen and as the game went on. And as things started to really materialize he saw the bills trying to assert themselves a little bit more. Do what they had to do they did what they had to do to win this game. And say what you will about the New York Jets out the first person to say. The jets are bad football team. The jets have. Arguably the worst roster Italy for me they are the worst rationally historically bad roster I think on offense and that players and I might say that. I know they have Matt Forte and all Palma peeled on the football when you consider the offensive line. The wide receiving group they have and then Josh McCown at quarterback this is a group that to me is gonna struggle to score points all season long so I get it. If you're gonna call up and tell me that today hey it's the jets that's fine you have every right to do that you're not wrong. But I'll tell you this. It's a professional football game. And they are professional players on both sides of the ball and their professional coaches getting ready and prepared to coach of professional players and game plan for them both sides of the ball. And it's not the bill's fault they played yesterday. They can only play who's on their schedule. To me I've always said all season is that I think it's a great game to open up with when you are so many new players to the bills have pretty much half of a new roster. We have so many new players it's gonna take a little bit time do you make sure you get a couple games down. To get a communication out to get the live bullets Conan can on you know how you wanna be able to chemistry and all that kind of stuff. So I thought yesterday going against the jets was pretty much the best case scenario for the bills when the schedule came out because. It's it's pretty much to me. The one team in the league you can point to say okay they should be able to beat them. And if you have some mistakes along the way communication. Or mental errors or physical mistakes along the way. I think you can overcome them a lot easier against a team like the jets who really don't have a ton of talent. To really threaten to beat you. So that's why not yes he's he was a good one for the bills to start because they can get some of those things out of the way and not really worry about oh my gosh you make mistake I mean if you make a mistake against Aaron Rodgers. It's in the end zone. If you make a mistake against Josh McCown those receivers you might still have a chance. And I think that's why to me. Yes it was a nice game for the bills to start off with to get those things out of the way to work on their communication and make sure the chemistry is down coaches always tell you at every level. Your biggest improvement usually comes from game one to game two and we hope that happens because the bills have Carolina next we'll talk about that a little bit later in the show. But coaches will usually tell you that and I agree with that. In general that's awaits a post ago because that first game. When all those new parts especially this team with all those new players with the entire new coaching staff there's a lot of things going on you just don't get in the pre season. Everything moves a little bit faster everything goes. At of faster speed and really love it more intensity right ammunition which were competitiveness. Going on both sides of the ball so for me. That game yesterday was one that they needed to play. Early and I'm glad they did and it's nice to have a win here it's nice to see this team get off on the right foot but they have a long way to go there are a lot of things we need to correct. And we're gonna talk about 8030 by 5888. I PP two pipe that so yes you wanna call Khatami just the jets that's great. All tell you is don't let anybody make you feel bad about your football team winning ever. Ever don't let anybody make you feel bad about your football team actually winning a football game. It's sports is supposed to win they get so. I I'm certainly not be wanna do that today but you wanna tell he's concerned you have absolutely I have concerns I have concerns. One of the biggest concerns I have. Is the fact that wide receivers were not used very much in this game there are only targeted total. A four times wrote about the some Ehrlich are down Kolb or given that a little while but you look at the statistics. They were only targeted four times overall. One of them was 200 homes for a touchdown catch that was nice. But the others Rosie Jones and Jordan Matthews combining for only three targets which are pretty much their top two wide outs. You look on the ledger in the statistics. LeSean McCoy at six targets Charles Lee had nine targets they counted as a running back. And tight end for fifteen then you throw nick O'Leary in there for two more at seventeen targets amongst against. In a running back to back when we see Mike Tolbert. Patrick DiMarco. That's nineteen total. So really the tight ends of the running backs they're pretty much. Who bill through to who Tyrod Taylor threw two I think you have to get more out of your wide receiver group in your to threaten more down the field if the as the season goes on. The bill's talked about it after all Tyrod Taylor did Sean McDermott did. Enable said the same thing were to take what the defense gives us an I and you should do that there's no doubt you can't you shouldn't wanna force anything. But as the season goes if you don't shown ability to throw to those players on the outside you know showed ability to push the ball down field. Guess it's gonna happen teams are still going to load up even more on the Shawn McCoy who oh by the way was absolutely fantastic once again. Yesterday here's a guy in his ninth year in the NFL. Looks like he's still in his third or fourth year. Because Powell. Sensational talent he has how he takes care of his body in as a good run blocking offensive line in front of 803055888. By the did you buy that you'll get in all of this I'll do my arrow up arrow down he got to read data to be your partner Derek comet out had to go through that with you. It hasn't sideline he's for a little bit later plus the guy at the producers they want me to this new segment it's called hey buddy and here's the deal I guess apparently. I don't you realize they do this but I see people. I say hey buddy I say that a lot so they can't make economy so they want me to make fun of myself into a segment in this segment is called anybody. So I think to do that because as you know I want to really not shy away from there making fun of myself so we'll do it anybody but by the way since they do point out that I see that all the time. I'm actually conscious of it trying not to say that anymore when I see people so that's that's what they've done they turn me into the not hey Buddy Guy but I got to do this segment today and will probably gonna do that'll that later in the show. Tyler Dunne from Bleacher Report. And a lot of you know not there you know is working as a great job he's gonna join me today at eleven he's going to be a regular contributor here. On this program on Mondays sometimes will be on the road sometimes will be here we hope to have him every Monday that's not necessarily each secure to finance his schedule we will be here sitting in the seat next to me. 11 AM today. For that particular segments 1130 we'll talk about the bills we'll talk about the league as a whole 8030550. Is the number to call its artists out here. Actually let me try to. See if I can be 12 here I have to go to mind. Board and I think again aren't let's go to you Greg in Rochester. I Greg you're on actually extra point show and heavy journalist G. A sale of this show of the Mondays after the game here especially thank you went. Public question you know they they looked. They look competent on defense group like every knew what they were you when you are at every everything positive you can say to go back to mow the jets but. Just couple saying they were they look good McDermott looked like you were in charge everybody went after the game was good given him perhaps eighty that you deserve a game ball that high praise. So I like that you know they are one thing I did like though is in the second half close game they got real conservative and that might just Beebe got that the job. You know they didn't take any shot I can't remember one ball in the air you know over thirty yards. That was the whole game matches second half. No I'm a ball game but it happened kind of ran the ball on a close game and I I know within the question I don't mind it against the jets are gonna think they were doing what they needed to do to get a win. And maybe not showing too much of their hands or next game like you said that kinda like a pre either gamer perpich starter game to work on the things are not great at they'll get away and I'm do you think the often dubbed open up you know although the underneath stuff to clay and to record you'd think that they don't do it really good and maybe get the jump on the outside next week. And another thing you know they they talked about a rolling pocket for Tyrod and I didn't see that and all the game and I can't remember any player work it would be designed rollout pass. I'm is that about the YE you don't remember the one in nickel leery when he rolled left and hit a leery you know layered on the silent almost scored. I might I must admit that and I did yeah I did due to play I don't remember growing up but I thought it would be more of eight you know. Way more accounts into the moving pocket to get him out. While while the first play of the game the first play of the game actually was one the first play of the game was designed to be a roll out to the right but there was an oncoming pass rusher in Tyre and it was people on the many of the throw away so they were they weren't there that's for sure. OK I don't either Indian or not I I was looking forward to run outside and kind of in and I know what they get the ball downfield a little bit. Maybe that game Polk game plan could go to guy and I you know they'd they won the game doing what they did and not. You know the big game if they scored a touchdown and hit the field goal the game of the blowout it looked like a different game and also I understand that you know but just you think there's more to the offense towards. I don't know Greg I hope there is I held various thank you for the call because I think they needed. If they're going to compete with the better teams in the jets which is pretty much every other team on their schedule except for the jets. I think they're going to have to be able to do that I agree with you that they did not throw the ball downfield and out but. Yes it was a jets or score fact. You know your if your defense is playing the way it is. You don't necessarily have to take chances. On offense to you know get that big lead or he'll make sure you're comfortable I'd like to see it Debbie Graham is like your body else out there. But I mean. A nine point lead against the jets. Is to me one you could say OK just making mistakes we should beget. Those deep actually really well and the jets are with the jets are offense there's no need to necessarily start opening up the offense in the second half. I do believe that you just should play the game the way it goes meaning. The score affect matters the opponent matters all situations matters though. Yes I am concerned about the inability yesterday. Or the unwillingness however you want what it to throw the ball downfield to get wide receivers involved I am. I also want to temper that with it was the jets and they were being conservative and I think that was okay to do and a game like that yesterday. 80305 that the use them to college go to fill in Syracuse type failure to be here and a mystery. They set a target com that the couple quick points in question that it Korea again they're running game was great. And those. You know tremendous yesterday but I did notice that they can't buy try to run that are right size the opera supply. They weren't getting my success this morning why the news kept by an. Can I go that way when it is kept on getting bottled up over over got a baby there's a couple of runs that look quite broke loose but for the most part is pretty much. I noticed the same thing Phil I mean they really were hammering that right side and it didn't seem like they're having nearly. The same success on the right side as they were either on the left side or up the middle and honestly I haven't seen it it's particularly just because maybe Jordan mills are Jon Miller. Wasn't necessarily doing what they're supposed to do or maybe the right side in the what would be the left side of the jets' defense of line defensive front was maybe Nolan that forced out. Maybe they were angling that we maybe there was something that tipped them off to you'll get to that spot a little bit earlier I I agree with you I I thought that that was something I noticed that. They were having trouble running right and they kept doing it but. Sometimes I think you know you gotta keep doing what you. Game plan to do because it eventually something's gonna break and they did have a couple runs it to one of breaking but you're right. Mostly their success was middle and left in the right side was a bit of a struggle on the volleys and Billy Hamilton I Billy you're an extra point show. Part Louise sort them. A yeah. He thought it was a good win a ticket it's so windy that you should want indicated in the condone that these corporate depart for whatever I think it's a little bit significantly. It all. I'm like you that the team to play next week that the Carolina purpose on the role. Being that dot in the beacon went directly aimed at them we have a little bit of a match stick marketable match sticks you might be seeing. You know a lot of time that the New England Patriots were only two what you're was. Yeah I believe that was one of their so horrible years maybe 2003. 2000. Three or four. When was predicting 96. To now the order pocked. Why are seeing this because. The other quarter part of that and I'm just saying there's not a battle but it could turn this way of the partners and as we responded to make a point. The point is. The Tom Brady start all went to participate the first time in his error but these dark or too white it's Connecticut might beat. Because he's forty years of age I know what you're gonna say he's forty. And he's an old forties this is eighteen accurately. I'm just saying to get another lousy game people want to. And dating back 1996. This could be a turning point. An addiction like a sailor. Okay that's I appreciate that NATO yet I appreciate. I'm checking I thought I could be wrong. I thought they start going to want those of yours but I could be wrong they were at they went to the bills. Startling one in 2003. Remember the 31 nothing game. And then they did actually win the next week against Philadelphia okay so probably Roxy right Ryo as an 86. Out of the sorrow into that you think they will they play New Orleans next week and they Noah and they have ten days to work on so I don't think that's necessarily going to be the case. If I would take the pages to beat the nor instincts but. Your overall point about who they are Brady is that were all kind of watching that really close right they do agree with that mark in buffalo hi mark your end of each year and mr. in the action which. They sell hard connect thank you. He one that they could try to create he did we talk about that this is the thing about me about the game the most. Not going to lie about yesterday and this is the ultimate team sport and we always constantly hear about we have to have perhaps we have to work together to get familiar with the each other. In knowledge and good stuff and we can't get better analysts we get the reps in and all that at all that stuff and I agree with it. Don't you think yesterday's game against the worst team in the league is one of the things they should've been doing. Tyrod should've been working with a as receivers. He should have been trying to get the ball down field to them there should have been more targets like that age don't catch which was a nice play. Why should they do that if they don't think that's the best way to win the game. Well I think it if you watched that game and you're setting yourself never thought the pills were ever in a position that they weren't in control became. Even when making game got close within a pointer to. So I don't that your your ear what you're you're coming from promise mark where you're saying they just work on things because you're playing the jets I completely disagree with that. And just work on things but series after series after series. There was no place in those zones in those areas of what I'm talking about. Correct I know I agree with I'm saying I think I it's concerning me that there was an inability to do that or unwillingness I agree with you what I'm saying though you basically came on here and said. You'd think they should have done it just because they were in control and he needs to work with them I don't I think you do it in order to help you win the game and that's my concern I think they're gonna have to win games. To they're gonna have to do that to win games more but if they didn't feel that was the way to do to win this game that I understood why you don't do it. Well I you don't think leadership. But I conscious effort to do what I'm talking. No I don't I think there should be a conscious effort to make plays when the game. I don't mean. Concentrate. Solely on that went stand conscious effort to make that into what you're doing to control the game in windy. Well I would like to see it again I think when you take conscious effort again I'm not disagreeing with you that I think that he needs to try and. Make that happen and they need to on the offense and you'll be a part of the game plan as a game evolves. If your if your best opportunity to score move the ball on the field. Is the throat running backs and tight ends that I'm okay with that I think as as the season goes on I just don't think that that's a good recipe to try and win. Well what scares me most of all of this whole conversation of course we don't really know the answer. Correct. And I am concerned I am concerned I guess I. I guess the thing I'm telling you though mark is I don't think they should do it just to force it you know and I'm saying that's all turn to. OK Ed but my concern is this that. This is Tyrod that this is what we're gonna get and I'm we're not gonna know what that plays were called that Tyrod didn't go to. Any any checked on her he wants somewhere where it was safer. And we're never gonna know that but my concern is that Tyrod is Tyrod. Two years past is what we're gonna see now again and and this is what it is. I get agony you know it's funny as though thanks for the call I appreciate America you know what's funny is though that. The knock on tyrant has been the opposite the last two years. That he did not throw to the tight end and operatives in the middle of the field and didn't really hit the tight and now Charles played 87 targets last year he led the team. Right but that's been in the not that he doesn't of the tight end and off doesn't this team doesn't use the tight and enough. And then yesterday it stated these wide receivers which I agree again I wanna make it clear. Mark your point and you think your overall point to me I agree wit that. They have to do a better job of that. What I don't think they should ever try to do. Is simply due to do it and then. And then to your point of wallets the jets so they were in control they can do now. If that's the way they felt they had to win the game tight ends and running backs over receivers that go ahead by all means that that's the most important part. But I don't disagree that if that happens every week it's going to be tougher to win football games because you are playing better teams in the jets'. It'll 3055888. By picky to back that it will take time welcome back. Got by arrows are at the BGR five that he got com arrow up arrow down Taylor like what I didn't like here unanswered points show us out of touch you after eight. Big bill's victory over the air jets in week one when he won twelve. At Newark yesterday. Media interaction that goes along with it. At sell sports on Twitter. We had a caller a little while ago that I question that I was right to question. I just didn't know the year. Who was it John maybe I don't remember the caller so and last night the patriots started 02 is 1996. Or should know I think it was one of the super boy years. He's had not 1996. Well guess what. I was right in this horrible year of 2001. They won. Instead they lost the first two games here's the thing he's still right because he basically was saying it was Tom Brady's first. So low I understand that but he was wrong he says it was 1986 it was was 2001 loss at Cincinnati. 2370 that they lost the jets on 103 in the famous game where Gillette so got. What is long basically collapse at a from Mo Lewis and then Brady came in after that these are went about two games Atlanta when so horrible so your point was not. Invalid. Whoever that collar was the was John maybe is naymick army remark. But the overall fact is wrong the page it actually did start 02 in 2001 that was the last. 803055888552. By that let's get to my arrow up arrow down Ian read these WGR 550. Dot com as well ominous start my barrel up the very first one analyst guy who I thought was. The best player either defensive side of the field sunny that is jordin players stat line reflected. Three tackles one for a loss once act. One quarterback curry. One interception. Two passes defensed Mike got that is a full day for Jordan Boyer new safety coming over to the bills it really good day yesterday I thought he was terrific all over the field. I used as a run stopper and blitzer a center fielder he played all those roles they played them well. Yesterday and that his partner in crime rate next to a Micah Hyde yet 21 and 23 in the backfield for the bills in the secondary. Hi was really good he wasn't I didn't have the same stat line. As Jordan lawyer but I thought he was consistent all afternoon and he was rewarded with a game sealing interception late in the fourth quarter. Public game Ramon Humber had speaking at defenders who build up stat sheets he had thirteen tackles twelve soul 01 assist. It would have perspective for paper second the next closest player on the entire bills' roster as ours tackles are concerned two guys tied with fox. Leonard Johnson heat EJ gains so Ramon Humber. Thirteen tackles leading the team the next closest was five that's a nice game he had. And of course we gotta give a narrow up today to LeSean McCoy she needed a. What she does play Iran's it didn't go very far below there's some two yard runs in three yard runs in their butt. Even though the jets were basically concentrating. On him even though they load the box and by the witnesses that say they didn't out there I guess I solvent. I Napoli that at all I trust assault in which an eye to eyes the end of what players and locker rooms at which they were stack stacking the box against them. Even though they did that. He still banged out a 110 yards on 22 carries picking up where he left off the last two years of the bills uniform. Five yards per run. Also added a team high five catches for another 49 yards that's a total of 159. Yards from scrimmage when all of that. Congratulations to LeSean McCoy. She 8060. Player and a bowl history to surpass 121000. Career yards from scrimmage. Let's go back the other side of the ball big big arrow up here with the Russian defense for the bills rushing defense. Now the start of the regular season the way they played most of the pre season very stingy against the run allowing only 38 total yards. Against the run average on the easily school and a half yards per carry. Individually the bills noble I'll call to just 42 yards on the ground they held Matt Forte only sixteen yards on the ground. All that combined with two score lead in the second half led the jets being a one dimensional team and that is a dream. For any defensive coordinator when you can make a team one dimensional that's exactly what you want. The bill's data from there it was essentially. Game over. Good job by the defense on third down as well the jets converted just four of 143. Down attempts. That is 29%. A lone number he would not get a first down the jets back in a first down in this game. Until the second quarter two drives in the first quarter ball went three and out. Great job by the bills an explosive plays -- size me is offensively. Explosive plays even Sean McDermott referenced it. In the post game press conference they eight plays of twenty yards or more out of those eight blazers how they break down. I passes the reruns. Of the passes. Most were big because of runs after the catch. Including a big one by Jordan Matthews a 47 yard reception. He caught in the middle feel that to about fifteen yard gain at the was turned up field at a nice run after the catch the longest. Gain of the game for either team. Speaking of explosive plays speaking of big place. They get an aero opt for explosive plays they also get an arrow up for explosive plays a lot out because we're so few of them by the bills in this one. Even though that they had eight. The bills that eight of twenty or to more on their side they allowed only two plays. A twenty yards or more 121 yarder and 125 year that's it that was a really nice job by them to keep everything in front of them all afternoon. And my first ever. Errol op. Arrow down a dual player this guy gets one up in one down from the same game tight and Charles clay let's talk about why got one up. He put a big role in this game made some key catches for QB Tyrod Taylor led the team in receiving targets with nine and was second in yards of 53. He also scored the bills first touchdown. Of. The season. But as I said. Charles clay also gets an narrowed to power. He's the first ever guy player to get an arrow up in airports now in the exact same game that's because he makes all this because. He had a nice game statistically inmates a big plays they just said. That first touchdown he scored should abandon even earlier in the game when he had the ball go opposite ends in the end zone at the end of a terrific drive over the game now again. I get it was a little bit tougher catch so maybe this is. Direct little bit more Tyrod maybe I shouldn't go that way but from my vantage point that is here that maybe should become now that but again we're showing it again a little bit behind him. I'll give a little bit of a pass on that one. Even if you say that was this ball I'm totally. Court that that's the only reason he gets the arrow down he also had two plays. That could have been called fumbles it weren't for the fact that official determined he didn't have possession of the ball came out. He should have possession he should hold held accountable those plays and might animated differences first burst out of concern it does make a difference as far as new position as far as the flow of the game where you are all those things so we should couples even if you don't. Give Charles clay. Note the the blame for what happened in the end zone. Perception. Is still gotta say he should have been able to catch those other footballs he wound up dropping they called incomplete that could have been fumbles as well. Aero down to Stephen how she got this doesn't make me feel good to give him one and the very first game but that field goal he tried. 846 yarder missed badly to let as far as I know was not tipped to block the line. I'm looking at a rate here I don't think so. He had no it it doesn't I just came out that it was hooked it left it was badly hooked it let he missed by quite a few yards so he gets a barrel down. That would gain in the bill's 8103 lead but he kept the jets within four points it was 846 yard fuel that was wide left. Arrow down we've been talking about these next two things a lot this morning already. Wide receiver usage gets one. Tyrod Taylor completed a total sixteen passes only for those were wide outs Jordan Matthew said to Zeta-Jones and Andre homes each had one. Although Holmes catch was for a touchdown. That's not gonna be a recipe for wins most weeks I think. That's a general sense I get that most people agree with that and a big take away from this game the bills do have to find a way to threaten teams with their wide receivers. Even a little bit just that threat is going to help otherwise it just continually Tennessee teams load up again against. LeSean McCoy especially coming out of the backfield and the re bigger reason why they would do that is it got have a better downfield passing attack as the season goes out. This game we didn't need it. So to their business but is something that's concerning. It goes hand in hand with a wide receiver point are down to the no downfield passing attack. It's probably gonna have to be one of those guys wide receivers who does come into play as you're downfield threat. There was really. None of that at all in this game. And tiller is like I said the Shawn McCoy is going to see extra players in the box making it tougher to do. What the bills due back the big picture in this one party talked about it that. Let's go over again yes I get it was the jets or do you are right. Nobody to keep making sure everybody knows that because a lot of that going on today but here's the thing the bills or any team. Can only play who was on their schedule and do it the best they can. And they shouldn't apologize for that. They dominated this game for the most part out in the jets by almost 200 yards for a eight to fourteen. The rushing yards were 190. To 38 straight double sides of the ball that was accentuated. In this game and that's which boasted few games you're supposed to win. They more than doubled the first sounds of jets at 23 to eleven. But the big but they made big mistakes at key times and that's why the margin of victory was only. Nine points although New York really never threatened to take over the game at any point like I said the bulls own mistakes did keep them close enough to give them hope. It was a nice win over the season but certainly have to clean some things up that one of the better teams which is pretty much everyone left on their schedule but. That starts next week their act Carolina when a big win in secret Cisco and weak one. And of course the return of Sean McDermott to Carolina returner Brandon being at Carolina some players as well on the bills' roster Mike Tolbert is one of them spent some time there and did some nice things. They want to show them meaning McDermott in the rain indeed they're capable building a winner on their own in buffalo. Can't there's a guarantee wanna make sure there are not shown up in their home opener by the way by their own former staff. All teams are gonna go in this game one and oh which oh by the way. What's the bills. First place atop the AFC east check it out you can check it all out at the BGR five dot com curl up or down column. For this scheme bills and jets bills win 21 to twelve Lou and Orchard Park things rolled Lou what's going. Hey Lou you still there. Now I think I lost little more time. The literature park going once going twice we lost Lou call back Lou if you wanna do that. Carolina next week we'll get in them look at more a little bit later as we go on the show and you know we kind of wrap things up. But that's a team that's gonna pose a much different threat to the bills what the New York Jets that of course you're talking about. Cam Newton being in the run being able to throw talk about a running game Christian McCaffery looked really good yesterday I said when the draft process was going on. I would take Christine McCaffrey over Leonard four net that you can have a longer career. And I think the way the game is played today with the NFL game is played today he's not just at three Al players afford out player he could. He can return punts and kicks for if you want he planned special teams can use and all those roles but he is certainly a three down player after the building at the watch out for. Next week against. The Carolina Panthers it's. Interesting you know the bills did play a team that had a player yesterday in in Matt Forte who's one of and I said it's for the radio go look at stats when. A from fourteen is career. He's one of historically the best. Players out of the backfield catching the ball a new gaming out at again at the game is. Different these days that was in the past. But Matt Forte has some sensational numbers as they pass catcher out of the backfield the bills that have really good job and eventually he only had three catches. For twenty yards and back while pollen more than it than him it's r.s five catches for only seventeen years. I drinkers is really only that why you went wide receiver who really beat the bills any fashion. He had seven catches for 59 yards but did. The built in nice job Matt Forte again a very good pass catching back up the back field. You have to do even better job next week is Christian McCaffery because I think that's one area of the Carolina Carolina Panthers want to exploit. When they played out there on Sunday it will take time out we'll come back we'll get credit for Tyler Donna top the hour he joins me from Bleacher Report we got Tyler Brayton on the game. Ross gonna have his thoughts around the heat before that we got more time for your phone calls it a 3055888552. Factor is so popular here with you. An extra point show. Point Joseph thank you for watching along MSG thank you for listening to be your Sports Radio 550 so out of touch you here with you. Taking your phone calls I gave my arrows up and down and apparently Jake has his own arrows up and down when this game more than what we do that so actually you're on the air. Think lately ligament colored shorts so thank you so. Think that helped me share offer was for you very ushering mean what the clip of one place they're giving over session it was very frustrating. So I know yet some some decent run oftentimes they were giving him like stretched plane. And it put a frame of the way he's one. It doesn't make sense they should be one I like because of giving that maybe Spaniard or or when the other tailback that it concerned me because god forbid. That our tailback with the old I am very concerned about liquids his weekly. And the book John emling and so that's something in terms of what Earl now is that just felt like that was a good choice our public with a recently off. I get it I don't disagree I I thought the same thing that he's Mike Tolbert and he's best suited for that up. Up the middle you know eight get be get at the most type of role going straight ahead. And I would like to see Joseph being geared. Gillen or shot that now I don't know if that's gonna happen as the season goes on because you know they just decide to get ready Jonathan Williams not too long ago and maybe that's transition. But I don't disagree with you I think that you know. Getting Mike Tolbert on the edge isn't necessarily a recipe for getting your bungee arts. Right back at the other part I thought would I mean there were a lot of question and ought treatment special people question secondary with the moves that were made. That our second there was a blue. We compete around it like that dollar in order is that they have all our receiver but really you'll desist from the they have. They're very strategic and grabbing the players that relief that this system can compliment as the number well. I agree that the secondary is an hour. Problem might be and and what I am concerned about at times that public meeting to the penetration I thought we get our well or. Com in terms of like patch Russia I didn't. I felt like we would have got a lot more that the rotation was like weird and mean that we rotating so much I was. Huge rotation huge rotation of fact every single defensive lineman Lira Jake at the stats this morning every single defensive lineman. Was on the field for double digit plays including a Yarborough centric Thornton. On the end you know martial artist came off the field a lot Cali was came off the field quite a bit. I have in Jerry he has Williams and he's played the most but. That rotation and into your point if you're gonna have that rotation the reason is because you wanna keep those guys fresh to get that push in the pocket. Here's the thing. I don't know if they were necessarily just trying to pin their ears back and go because against the jets adding that they knew the jets were gonna try to run so they might have just been trying to BA's gap sound as they can. But it is a concern you've got to have that front four applied pressure. Great great and I got Collette what I would make is it is just the fluctuation have had with a built in general with the quarterback Tyrod. I don't understand we get the red zone what we don't run a boom lake. I I cannot. Figured out for like meanwhile we don't portable leg we're like. The fullback who hit the flat like a tight end comma from applying you know and like that receiver and a site like sort of swing completely command coverage down there I'd. I don't get it why we don't probably read only Campillo. Right I mean now they did they had a couple runs down there that one ran I think was it not design he took off on his own. And we'll see I think maybe that's just some I think that teams are looking for an early sure. Yeah thanks take the call but maybe that's just something that. You when you self scout. What teams it was a self scout they say OK if I'm defending me what do I see here a lot of times it's boy we know. We know it we're gonna get Tyrod on the edge teams know that we are going to blink year pull out of some sort of you know read option type play. And you know maybe you go against trying to do that to not give the team. You're at the defense facing you what you think they think you're gonna do right it's Kennelly. I think you're gonna do this either coming into this these are our coaching yourself out thinking yourself so maybe that will come always deeply into it is one game I don't know. On I think as the season goes we'll see more of that across the feel much the red zone I think were to see more of that. Everywhere on the field which is bootlegs and roll outs in the play action passes we saw a little bit yesterday as the game went on we saw the one pass like you said. To nickel there I thought at one point actually. I was gonna say and the airman Everett used to do it. You know I wouldn't be surprised to see Tyrod Taylor boot up the backside because all of a sudden. Their run a lot of stretch lot of stretch and finally did it was actually moving left when he hit knuckle nick O'Leary on that play. But you'll see what happens and I think here's the other thing about it. I think they feel confident enough in their own red zone ability to just run the ball you know either quarterback to do it. So yep. That's a play that you could you know may need to dial up every once a while it. What was it last year against the Seahawks on Monday night was a great play a little. Take up the middle zone read and just you pulled out intentionally Tyrod went in and has not exactly which talk about something like that and there was nobody home they wanna getting that tougher scored the game. Those are things you probably like to see the bills in a duel little bit to get in but they begin in the end zone three out of four times that they were down there obviously the one time was the interception. 80305 pick in a vertical Tyler Dunne from Bleacher Report coming up next here with me on the BGR NM SG we're gonna break down the scheme to Tyler's thoughts. Not only in the bills jets game but also around the NFL week.