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Sal Capaccio
Monday, September 11th

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Listen to what Buffalo Bills football Monday. WG our Sports Radio five. Know I need an extra point you always outcome. Hard for hard working Western New York. On Thursday night in Miami Dolphins not playing yet he still being the jets. Those are so possession of first place they've C east enjoy it. Bill's fans don't let anybody make you feel bad about your football team winning today speaking of winning. Jags and raiders they execute big wins a secure in the early race in the AFC very early but. Big wins against Houston Texas for the jags and against the Tennessee Titans for the Oakland. Raiders week one of the NFL season ends tonight he got to Monday Night Football games yet the New Orleans Saints at Minnesota. That's by the way where the civil going to be played this year. That you have the LE chargers late. Against the Denver. Broncos by the way that's three teams the Eagles play this year you can watch tonight. They play New Orleans or buffalo they go to the chargers and get Denver here a couple weeks in buffalo as well so lots action for him to watch tonight Monday Night Football wrapping up. You re one of 2017 and it policies are joining me right now I'm set in studio on your radio and TV my friend Tyler Dunne a Bleacher Report. I know he loves his breakdowns in this feature writing but today. Where to talk about the bills in the jets in week one thanks for being here and repeatedly it's a grab it no problem at all I wanna do this where first hope this is somebody told me and we should do that your a year ago. I. Siri who is the best team in the NFL Utley area time. Siri who is the best team in the NFL. First please. At a did you think that you would never hear that coming up with the listeners and what we know that they're actually held at gun point. Inez studio doubt that your right there first place though. I yell your bills paid should rejoice enjoy it now like you can't. And we've seen this before right remember a couple for once starts by Matthews starts at the height. Was not real then I haven't called his height in the New York Jets I think most of having fun with that right I. Out of the JV team so here's the thing but you take away and there's and it things take from it I say this though it's a major reason nobody should ever make you feel bad football team winning one game they were supposed to win and there's nothing else you can do there on your schedule. The professional players. Being paid professional coaches being prayed to prepare the bills do what they're supposed to do they actually hit the line magazines that it would buy so to me. Lots of things you can clean up but why not feel good about your team being one note today. Absolutely and especially everything that the bills have been I mean really they. They got it that your organization and in many respects you don't know you're gonna see when you do that means some actor has built the culture. Gonna build a culture that's good way to start I don't clearly. Learned that product we learn a lot out but knew that we didn't know before. But there there's a lot to take from and I mean that's our LeSean McCoy may be the best running back the best player off at the player in the entire Europe at the age of 29. And really what amount of work he's had throughout his career catching the ball running the ball does that surprise you what he was still do yesterday especially given. This team might be limited passing the ball we know the team to load the box with the justice I think you can almost. You know feel that when he went down with the injury right it just fell in that moment. When he's in that tent right at the season just went up in flames and it goes down this and sciences in the play opportunities there. They've got a shot due to be entertaining that Mexican Tenet when a Super Bowl but. He is worth the price of admission himself I'd just go back to it on I started up on the bills beat it at the Buffalo News before. He was 27. Guys that made the trade a lot of people think he's gonna hit that wall is a follow up that clip this when you see out of backs. Even the Marshall balks the Curtis Martin's the Ricky waters talked these guys. Or little skeptical they torture at scouts our mile and it's goats is done right because the speed or back and agility orient back. That hasn't gone if anything it's gotten better and that's critical Shawn McCoy are really changing his entire workout regiment behind the scenes when. A year later as we all know with the instantly nightclub. He just behind the scenes became a portly different. Player in his preparation that offseason and that's who were seem to. I think what separates him from almost any back I've ever watched his vision and he sees things. I don't know how he sees he sees players coming at him and how he sees the players and by the way. I think Tyler that's also why he doesn't take those big shots he refers to all time he sees guys coming he knows how to protect himself. He does. He's the first to admit I mentioned that scouts comment too on this summer and he's like he is not wrong you know he's right so I need to avoid those I need to get down get down and and he does see those cuts and he sees alleys and a field I don't think other running backs to another and next when even attempt to make. The lateral cuts he makes me times yesterday we did see him. All of a sudden. Shift that completely opposite direction win at the running back they're kind of drilled go north south take you get. And as a run lately he just lights that there were so when he runs its that was some Korean. He's reasonably optimistic today even though your beat the New York Jets corner that is actually our scrimmage goes over 121000 prescreen the sixtieth player. In NFL history do you that was comically knows his place in the scheme. He wants 101000 rushing yards he to the big step towards that yesterday's. Really going into the season's over a thousand yards away from that. And the Nielsen has this testing twelve K Tracy wants 121000 which he does and look he's the first that that to say that there's only one other running back. Who's not in the hall of fame right and that and that's adjourned James to Mike in at some point if he gets to that number you can make the case is hall of fame player. Ended a mistake this guy wants to win I think that might be some people out there think it was Tom McCoy he's got to be. Just think about these individual statistics he doesn't hold back he wants to get that number he wants to be in the hall of fame. Only chatter that summaries of what it's embarrassing that I have won a playoff game but eats at him. The fact he hasn't been there often and he's won a playoff game I think that for him his legacy in the team at large that something that's on his mind. Every day. Those streets that they made a lot of the transaction the bill that made it would seem to indicate this is a rebuilding effort that is that it to three years on the line. He is a reason that think they could witness here because it's on his mind all the time let's and that's sizable what do you think it Tyrod Taylor games. About what you'd expect to me that's the Tyrod Taylor that that we've seen for a couple of years but. Yeah I it was encouraging to know what's the jets at the cat yeah with everything right right it's the jets jets jets by. I wasn't sure how he was inducted into this offense you know. Everything I heard it was that he wants that fit for its recent concern in the built in net but these coaches are taking advantage Tyrod Taylor. Does best and that's rolling out that's getting them on the move and it's him just kind of uses apt lettuce is whether that's as a runner or as a passer is that the pocket. And utilized in the deep ball what do you do use it takes and you lock and the way right though. What we're reading and it's in Tyrod Taylor the soft that's a lot of three step drops he looked to the middle the field. That's been the number one criticism for Tyrod Taylor he did that he got Charles clay involving frankly looks great by the way. So it's encouraging I mean he looked like a player who could. With in this offense tunics that now with he witnessed on Caroline. They also only rent 26 plays out of shotgun over seventy snaps and Tyrod traditionally has been in much better player out of shotgun and a senator. That's where it's in me the mash somehow has to work itself out because this office is really predicated upon. Under center roll outs bootleg play action pass you can get that out shotgun. But Tyrod has really been more of a shot complain if you look at his stats through his first couple years as a starter. He hasn't been as good throwing the ball when he went under senate that's me is gonna have to work itself well and the guys what's six vote even maybe 61. And there's concern that if he can even. Take that three step drop take that I've spent drop in and see you at once I mean it's a problem for quarterbacks it is night for the most part he looked like he can do that now. Taken away Sammy Watkins taken away that deep ball. Act could be a problem on the line because as answer your list president pointed out Tia and get the wide receivers and all that much I've been talk about that all morning because it really was one of the big concerns haven't while the of all the things that take away the year. You think need to worry about work on it's that there was only four targets all day to wide receivers and they really didn't threaten anyway don't feel ironically they had. Eight explosive place. Three of them were the past he must take fire in the pass game with those came from runs after catches. Where guys like Charles clear Jordan Matthews took offered that but that is concerned Tyler I don't think it's a recipe to win if your. Wide receivers artisan bald. And you're not threatening downfield. And just simply these receivers much I at all and he built something with Sammy Watkins overtime I mean they put a lot of work in. Whether it's here whether it's elsewhere you take that player away he has were Charles clay guess that's the one. Better and that that's worked Tyrod Taylor for awhile but it's a Jones as a rookie Jordan at these snack and a manufacture magic. Between those two in a matter to three weeks it's just it's just not gonna happen you're not gonna know how it's gonna cut out of the break. And Apple's option route so this is still an offense that is very I think play caller driven. Tyrod Taylor's not gonna go to line and had to insert report with a receiver to look over and say oh you shouldn't say this in the SE that quarterback's gonna do this you're gonna do that. Let's just on the play not this in your run heavy offense and anything through the air is going to be pre snap I would think. And he wants to call your more than welcome to eight at 3055888552. Pipe at the Tyler Dunne is here from Bleacher Report let me sell pot to its X point shall. Gonna do this every Monday from ten to twelve as we have the last couple years we thank you for joining us on TV in on radio as well and SG on TV that each year on radio. The flip side of that. The criticism of Tyrod the that you struggled with the last couple years getting tighter and involved throwing to tight end. We saw Charles played with nine targets he had four catches nickel area a couple of targets in that one big catch that was encouraging this. Yet early this mean that that's been the number one criticism and justifiably so he just hasn't looked over to the middle of the field and I think the question then becomes well is that Tyrod Taylor's inability to. See the middle of the field that an inability to even wanna. Take a risk over the middle field is very receivers he's not gonna throw any credit that there any throw that it could be in the vicinity of an interception which. Can be good and bad but he took a little bit more chances in that regard and again it's the jets as you have against a defense that's gonna close those windows a little quicker. But absolutely encourage him because that's if you did learn something that there was something new out of this game we weren't sure we were and it's neat. It's Tyrod Taylor get the tight ends involved look into the middle of the field and Charles plays their best receiver on the team so you're gonna see a lot of you know there's one thing you got to do it again we keep saying as you point out correctly and always say he played the jets that the caveat here. But in a situation like that to me as long as you do what you're supposed to do in your strengths are accentuated. Then everything it's a good day it was yesterday they ran the ball. Like they have been for the last two years this team that led the league in rushing for the last two years and they reasonable and that the other side of all time I've really been encouraged about. This defense is gonna be tough to run on all year and I know ultimately better teams in the jets'. But 38 yards rushing overall in this really where they left off from in the pre season. Yeah that the personnel fits yeah scheme that's right and usually when a new coach comes in you think others going to be this huge adjustment period because. Not no. Academic to do this that these players were drafted for 34 how to get fit into the sport three this is almost the case work. I think all of the holdovers from Rex Ryan were ecstatic. That they are gonna be a 43 ambience of that suits them because make mistakes now I mean when they are in the defense of meetings with Rex Ryan rob Bryant. I players Tommy that walk out of those meetings in their heads were spent in night what the heck was going on. You know they have 678 different checks rep for the snap the China rest substitutions out there there's so much commotion so much chaos so much confusion. That adding that Sean McDermott simplified she bought it bought attitude at that I was well past and a weird way they are able hit the ground running it's it's just account it's Bobby Anderson I don't think your legacy. Either of those players in the hall of fame but it's a stark and and probably. You're gonna pick an opponent for the first game of new regime and in a new defense in the jets and let you saw I agree. And it's a game that you can at least work out some of those kinks because like you said earlier you make a mistaking answer Roger's it's in your and so. You make a mistake against that Jeep jets' defense you shall the chance that you'll play another down so to speak so I think this was a good opening game for this team be used to. Are the defense aside. One note that keeps coming up today marshaled are actually played less than 60% of the snaps now they rotated the line and all they'd have him noting that. Every. But what you make a marshaled arias only getting 59% of the snaps it's a concern. I mean I am. Not exactly a hot date parity right they've got to be concerned with this guy because. Obviously had the incident Baltimore. Where. He wasn't gonna be at the game and time he gets sent home and heard that he is he missed the meeting before that that there's been a lot of problems behind the scenes with this guy you've got to keep its line coach. Who is gonna put up with any BS he got a head coach's second put up with any BS is the richest player buffalo sports history. If you're change and a culture you need somebody like that to buy and you'd need him to be the first one in the building media day at the boss but. And perform on the field outside is the most of all perform. The other sixty as the week Nasser he's been doing that like delicately Whitney's odd. I don't there's. That's absolutely concerned that neither Sean McDermott's thick and long term he's taken to three years down the line. How they handle Marcel Darius is it's gonna be huge and building that culture. Connecticut has cut him loose I mean that now as to the financial implications are just too too too much for this team lose a war. You can do that and when you look at the guys who wanted who did Elvis Washington was and there are a lot subject Orton like I said. And they were rotating all these guys with what I thought was adjusting it all came out wholesale and mosques analysts say. There is something to be said for there's probably a plan to keep them off fresh as the season goes on getting eighty plus degree game in Carolina next week that's it that's should be noted. And then there are sixteen games. But. With martial artist Natalie Napoli might he also didn't shall on the stat sheet he's only gonna play 15% Tyler I need him to play better than what he did yesterday exactly he's a player you should be here in about should be seen. For four quarters and it was it was quite a form a look outside of that. That run defense is it's absolutely applies to take out of this game as I asked several players and locker room after the game said. Why are you so difficult to run against. They go to the Sean McDermott school answering questions because. First words out of the golf work gap sound fundamentally it's exactly what they sat. I'm wanting a phone call here and we'll go to nick in Richmond I nick you're on the Tyler on itself that. Hey Tyler is helping to take my call yet. I I just rather like a little comment to make about. The but I think is an appropriate for Eric Taylor and that they're letting him run you know professional often quick the last two years. I would in my opinion it's been a lot of wildcat. A lot of very short developing plays and then just title and chuck it deep. And you get the good deep ball. I think that's actually been a bit of a handicap or have you know today or yesterday I guess you got to see crossing route yet because girls we got to see. Potential regards after the catch I do I think that's coaching I don't think. That's just Tyrod. You know all the letting it better at absolutely game. I think that coach and the decided you know they want him to run the more pro style offense and Hughes you know he pretty he has the ability to it caught my handicap or. But given the full range you know let it use the whole field and do it Hedo passed I want instant tax and I've always thought that I wanna see Tyrod in a pro off I want to see him make all the players over the ball forty times a game you know. Not fifteen not sixteen let him make something happen because he's more than a spectacular athlete he has good vision and and you know he kept making good his greens I think that was on full display last I. Sure they're not that bad defense have but it's still started with you know first round picks Jamar Adams was pretty good. You know it it when he got to pick on someone. Only you know here's the thing about it nick I'll say this entire until it does have his limitations. But. He also has had so much turnover Tyler that that is a fair. That is a fair caveat to try to evaluate him in his two plus years now buffalo it is and I mean I think that brand being it's Tom McDermott are are onto something here and that. Look let's put Tyrod Taylor and an offense. That you need to be successful in the NFL look let's be real and it got buck Allen cabernet was changed in the NFL in 2012. When he was running for a 181 against the Packers throw for 260 gobbles touchdowns. RG three was a rookie of the year that year. You gotta be able to operate in a pocket you're gonna win in the NFL you have to be looked stand strong in the pocket go through your reads anticipate. Make all of those throws. And so why why would you just cater to that Atlantis schism that 44 speed which is amazing the Tyrod Taylor as he can do things that nor the quarterback and right. Long term and this is all about the processes John McDermott says you know you need a quarterback who can win a certain way. All right we got we got Janice restructured deal a deal that we were comfortable if you're gonna you're gonna threaten our offense you're gonna do we believe. We need to do to win large Germany and about if he can't great I mean Tyrod Taylor's gonna stick it's all the doubters and and say I guided acted on the saw log. If he doesn't. Guess what there's a pretty good draft class right around the pipe and got six picks in the first three rounds let's go out to Harry in New Hampshire high hearing your end of each year that. I got to pick. It makes me. Excellent points and point out that make about tyra but I wrote a pretty solid news doing a lot of things that people say he couldn't do last year. Like throwing over the middle involving not quite in the offense. I also didn't think the jets were that bad yet but that account actually meet some pretty nice broad. And I think their defense is pretty stout as well mean that. I don't know I need you thought oh the late game Michael and and now rampant in the call home. You know I thought well we're even legal guys look like a tire fire. So I I'm not buying into it looked at the jet pep up the just showed up and played yesterday and and really the thing tactical quick yet to be game what I thought competent. Bilking. We think with under wreck the team was sloppy. And Lucy who the and and Sunday I thought he met seem to know what it was doing and they were doing there were doing their job. Yeah that's about it Sean McDermott here you'll Tyler I mean that that is says something I wanted to see pregame. I was asked what do I need to see from this team and that's exactly what Terry just alluded to I said I wanna see less chaos. Policy team that's prepare for all situations and we're not having ten guys on the field when JH IA is running in overtime. Not I wanna make sure this team is buttoned up so to speak in everything I think summit Germans sent it yet especially sit. Back in and watching all these and a vote against an NC every single one try to give my guys and as many as possible. There's a lot of bad football yet. I don't know that's a result of teams not in starters a lot in the exhibition games. What it is injuries this and that new players new faces new places. But the bills had a sense of competence of the report by the collar made their. They there wasn't just the chaos players run and on and off the field offensively there is a plan there was the direction. The Renault big gaps and they took care of business at that they were supposed to do against the jets. And and it's a good sign because it was chaos most the time last year's. Carolina Panthers next week for the team okay this is different animal now I mean you only get the jets week one. The bills a party that install is pretty much seven app for eight point underdogs going back to where Sean McDermott was amber in seamless. I also I do think it helps having. The former defensive coordinator of this team for the last what six years he was there. To know that personality practice against every single day one side of the ball any coach a lot of the guys and if that's I think that will help those are Jim Schwartz. When the bills play the NFC north that year that really helped having him especially that Detroit game when they could really help go against Matt Stafford. No and Aaron Rodgers that's right I mean absolutely but their writers ever play in his career that that's exactly right. I think that matters. But the players to Carolina have much to ramble the with the jets at radio in Carolina they they took care business and selves against San Francisco the team you can kind of put that that. Did jet's part of the league NGB relegation whatever you wanna call it. But this is a great Carolina to Jimmy Cam Newton is two years removed from one of the best seasons we've ever seen out of a quarterback or corporate and Christian McCaffrey and trying to use him in a ton of different ways you saw some of that against the 49ers out of the backfield. I mean the guy just has not with some aquae level vision but. It's rare so. It's gonna be early inches in the see how McDermott the fans and history notes Cam Newton. He knows Jonathan Stewart he's gonna have a good general sense from Carolina does well offensively but Christine McCaffrey is that expect. He isn't he's not a guy that he coached against or yeah I guess he's gonna have that. Game plan for him so let's talk about around the league Tyler on segment we wanna debuted today with Tyler. It's called Tyler's well done and Tyler's not so well done so we take a look at the Lance Italy will go outside the bills jets came here for a moment. Tyler's well done and who do you think what do you think something happened only that looked really good deal. First I do like me revive medium medium like that knew he could throw that in it yeah absolutely yeah it's just. This is a well designer may medium rare wild on whatever it is you know. Would really stood out I'll give you two things jerked off looked great and I. He was human punching bag last season I was knocked around senseless sort of the stories that at a Bleacher Report one point. In the pre season is Ted show me the photo on his phone he got hits are in the back and in his whole lower back was just lack. With a Bruce I mean just knocked around he added up in affected his game I mean is seen goes by the and the years so you wonder can a quarterback at that. Bounce back and does can he recover Tim Couch couldn't David Carr couldn't I mean the quarterbacks or ruin from the first your picture up at. Analysts colts he looked phenomenal. Just a 300 yards and 21 at 28 something like that. He looks like the answer their for the rams sadly not many fans got to see it because Wallace happened to me pathetic it is the danger the kind of ally it's. Lot of money involved going to cities like LA and crediting the biggest beer banding loyal fan bases and now though the strange side by the way people want wondering CB Watkins had five of those catches for 58 yards not a great day exe Cooper cup was there their main guy Robert Woods had a nice day as well. Play the Indianapolis Colts who by the way after the game. My gosh ago. He was asked about the game his answer he said. They got their butts kicked in these plots by the forty. Stated the 49ers head coach I guess you could have been little delirious and mailed him a pass at it and get your butt beat like that I mean. Yeah that's the not so well done in the I think. Let's give it to this person now Lynn and GM's entirely and so well done because if the colts. You should know that it's got told he is not a starting quarterback in the NFL I mean he works hard. He's he's somebody you actually slept over at the facility before when he was first in the league key. He has a phenomenal work ethic but he just doesn't have. General lack of talent there is this without you can't go into a season with Apple's he has a quarterback and Georgia elects her but. Right I'd somebody else and much is gonna be her for a little while we think right he's going to be out what are you hearing around the league about when my luck my comeback year everything you hear that it's it's. They just don't know I mean it could be a month that could be a couple weeks I I don't know it's the reports are all over the place though. The colts to no antilock better than anybody and they were prepared it. You know also you can look on the out of a lot of bad football all over the place Seattle Seahawks how'd you go go in the league that offensive line that's been a problem for them. Year to year beauty of such a talented team a suitable team. Yep that offense is so weak Mike Daniels was living in that backfield. I take back maybe mice are brutal pick I've picked Seahawks were patriots in my and you my yearly prediction that defense going to be nasty this year but your right. They they have problems lash protecting Russell Wilson knee problems running the football and yes ish though some of those I think sort of again on the colts. Without injured Locke who's a worse roster the coach of the jets. Who well you know the colts are product of Ira angered enough right buffalo destroyers personality that's he was he was here in buffalo one point. And it is the larger or they're too is guessing approach has quarterback yeah I mean and a lot of people here buffalo would would love to rev up the tanks and get a Josh frozen or Sam Arnold there Lamar Jackson but. There's a perfect example of it's not just the magic wand you do need that quarterback. Just like in hockey you do need a Jack eichel you'd buy an accountant David but you've got to build around that player and that's something Nickerson was was not able to do. At all slow. If we're not at Angela side of the equation I do think the colts are a lot worse that was that one more thing and the bills we didn't really touch on the secondary I thought Jordan border was the best player in the field last yesterday. Not name LeSean McCoy. For the Buffalo Bills especially on defense is the best defensive player for either team. A lot of question marks about this young secondary they're starting all these guys to Davies waits rookie. Micah Hyde obviously young guy coming over the targeted Jordan where has a mentally very long. Even on the other side EG gains you know easily been the of a couple years now. Jordan Boyer Micah Hyde an entire secondary which looked good and and they had to be a concern that I love the trees that they made but you're still. Given away rattled Darby who got hurt obviously but. Earlier promising young quarterback you're tree keep on Seymour elects to argue or walk your relief in the Resop resentment everywhere in that secondary side and it ought to expect but Scotty goes back to. If you know you're gonna do before play and yet plan. If you can execute comedy times that he's the under Rex Ryan where there's players and all over the place and point fingers and no that was your man no that was my its. Eden had any of that in week one. Against the jets now it's. See how they would fare on the road against new England and all those weapons phobia. Much to speak and doing when they over at the season of of the week. I should say they opened up the seas on Thursday night with the loss of the attendees get ready for Borland to bounce back. I think so I think so too right we see this year year where. Don't have that one game early in the year mean it was the chiefs a few years back up its everybody word but concerned. And and they figure they figure out what they did wrong and they just they just exit so defensively they're good they have talent in the turn. What time flies where. Amazing. Contributor here on the extra point shall we hope you'll like that segment we have more of phone calls come your way a half hour left and it's John Murphy with Donald Jones you're under the GO. Extra points Joseph would sell. Industrial by fifty we got open phone lines again thank you very much Tyler on a Bleacher Report we had him. It regular contributor here hopefully will be with us every week but of course. The schedule doesn't allow little. Just have to document I think is some push ups or downs. In the call here you're outside the market by later outside buffalo 888515. To package although it's it's not like. Kelly longest calls really cost anything anymore you just dial 716 on yourself on your outside the market because. He's got a pretty much a syllable when does it doesn't and that more than everybody have. A cellphone plan now he could just be outside the market outsider code and island as a policy think it's free unlimited long distance calls preacher. We still do have. The other number 888 I think he. To fight it we touched on several weeks today. And like why it's so hard for people to. It's it's amazing. I had a guy Michael earlier exit last time the patriots world into which 1996. Point on I'll think that's right I couldn't find it right and it was right. And much between its at now was 2001 which is right it's the guys at ala 2004. It lost the bills and they've lost the bills' 31 nothing that lost the Redskins well first of all that happened 2003. They did not do that. Hospitals 31 nothing and they beat Philly beat the jets that they lost the Washington Redskins so. It's crazy and memories I guess you know I I does that sometimes you but here's the thing we actually what they call the Internet now is actually easily look all this stuff up. It's very very simple this thing to do. We're gonna have Andy's segment and a little house call anybody that's because the producers of this program like an economy because I see people around one time deal a body. Like that. Take your hand Emma back anybody do that. But now that they tell me I've done that they've been telling me for a year that you that actually try not to do that more so I'm not stereotyped as the anybody got. So we're gonna do a segment though to beat anybody today. And Siewert goes and it on myself. It's anybody so that little industrial pipe it. Tyson things that surprised me it didn't surprise me as we go on the let's take phone call before we do that Paula Clarence me. Plea of people wanting to get a change my setting here before it can yes I've control. Politics out of their kick in when he gospel Paula please think I'm sorry that ball. And no problem when they love the fact that. You're not that anchor obsessed like the early morning guy that gets old. Take questions on Dawkins rotating and was that a function of according not being fully in game shape was a function of that wanted to get him wrapped a little bit of both. It was it was the good thing to see him in the air but I hope. Those are what. At that that was the plan going in Paul thinks of the call that was the plan going in. That they organ or limit actually limit monetary should say monitor the reps according Glenn and that too comes from a couple different things. Number one is yes he hasn't played a while he's not completely in the full yelled seventy something snapped game shape yet he likened to be but. Not necessarily in the number two is. You know he can get him a break on that foot as he still recovers from the foot issue and that will be greats of the did that get Dawkins played well as long as he's playing well he can allow more those breaks so. As a eagle on image to the C world that comes from but no. I think you know to make sure that bills fans know from my knowledge nothing was wrong with Corey Glenn. They just basically wanted to monitor is raps give McPhee plays off couple series off here there if they could. As long via Dawkins was performing well they allowed that allowed them to be able to continually do that that's pretty much what you saw yesterday so we'll see. He'll work goes from here. That's got to bill buffalo hi bill going to be journalist. Itself. Wants to know why wait for a little while still shot or you so long that it although it's 57 minutes. It's accurate as it murdered. So ill. Because the game wasn't taking care of yet I mean they they they. They stayed so that the player that's a long time an NFL game all it takes the bills had the ball backed up inside their own five yard line. Up nine points of they have the punt the ball way to midfield suddenly it's seven it's seven minutes left in the early down nine of the game is not out of India. All right thank you I mean I mean I get it I know people want the stomach way to say it never take never take and it. But there was still seven minutes left there was a nine point game by the even that point it was even so one score game even at that point I mean look when the. When the final. Score was me here by the bills to make it. That so real quickly here the scoring happened match it is. Bill said their final touchdown there 1247. Left in the 21 so seven minutes left. As a 1247. Into. So yep there you go. I'm tram and gave my my numbers mixup here at the bottom line is exactly what I said. And he was there for the game was never like I'll have we got this we're winning by thirty points in the Shawmut going basically run the football. And if you give personality to get first downs and that's that they try to do. Would LeSean McCoy and unfortunately no they did get the ball up a couple of times near the end and the jets did have a couple of opportunities down 21 to twelve. But you know here it is twelve minutes left. The Eagles scored to make it. Two when he won twelve than they got the ball back nine half minutes left still torn on twelve and at 633 left when he won twelve. Actually that's a long time and an NFL game. 633 to score twice a long time and they had the ball at their own 23 than their own seventeen on the next drive. You know they finally on the dip my toe board and that drive a little bit more and I no problem with that. No problem whatsoever let's got to Stephen ways hi Steve your end of each year. Yeah anybody. Hey buddy. A or are you a great job that Warren thank you couple quick questions thumb after watching the cheap but what they did with the patriots. It politically rushing three guys a lot of ink. You'd think that it's a good game plan moving forward for keeping an eye obviously also the bill. I am planning for the patriots. I do highlight what they did you know what they did it wasn't just rushing three. It was they collided you know with defensive backs are a lot of guys dropped in the light of the middle and they forced Brady to go outside I don't think he has quite. Really the weapons to do that this year I think that's really where a lot of that came from. But it though it may well win the division and I oh. The patriot you now I don't think your demise now. I don't think that I still think they're the best team. I still think the best team in the AFC. And finally found it art style or a guy our intern ten gonna make it. Rot directory comes up I errors he done with the built. My first of all he who says unit while buyer guys have to come off late date they make you mine all year. You know there's no. But it youth in delicate art that Ebert did you do that at stake out a roster move based on salary are. All the guys hurt and you know ease in his before the season starts. It just so they don't lose a guy what they do is they put a lot I hours that you have in a property all year. And then later on you can choose to those guys come off by our if they start to recover in eighty depositions so I mean we'll you know we'll see where it goes with that. Oh great and it may be wanna keep they might LC OC solar property the end of the season that if they keep my arrow here are in the long as he still under contract. You have to pull out comments here. A how's everything down there your house all that stuff. Well I'm up in buffalo now OK gotcha graduate of US open OK you got Finley friends down there. And you get mad at it okay get my to my mother in laws in Venice and she's yet to some things I call them up when he quietly and I'm here Watson at. Yeah I Agha action and a lot people like that thanks Steve I appreciate that yet another musket she's in Venice my how's it on the south that's good so had a friend check on it. That's really get to to know I am in a run around the league here. Earlier runner rallies I didn't that they along tyrant from Italy Kansas City that's a we'll start though Kansas City against New England. Of course the jeez you beat the page it's actually the page is the best team ASE but I do think there are some cracks in the armor. Especially on defense there was a big a bit of a blueprint given him pre season that the chiefs actually followed. Big plays given up by the patriots and I think that's a way to maybe try to beat the scene the big play there honorable to happen now to the pre season. In two regular season week number one surprise yesterday was the bears really having an opportunity late to beat the falcons and now he sought they should beat the falcons. They had a person. Excuse me first and goal. Down 23 to seventeen. With a one minute left end to drop passes. In the end zone. What in the end zone on one critical. Falcons went 23 to seventeen ravens shut out the biggest point and nothing makes me look a little good because I said. All week and I wrote about it to be your five that the dot com how great even Steve that's gonna be this year and this is going to be a nasty defense they allowed only 221. Toll are at least 77. Rushing yards it forced five turnovers. Against Cincinnati and that's why pick the ravens actually be a wild card team in my preview Adobe your packet to that com. A few days ago Steelers beat the browns 21 to eighteen so. The. You know Steelers over browns had. Owning continues iris that it's at Ben Roethlisberger now has more wins. At that current stadium that any starting quarterback there's only one problem packers' stadium is the browns' home stadium. As a matter when it was built making back early in 1999 but that's a much the Steelers have beaten up on the browns in that time. The lions a big comeback once again they did all last year that it again. Yesterday 3523. Over the cardinals when he points. In the fourth quarter big win for the jags of the Texans 29 to seven and the raiders over the titans 26 to sixteen. The Eagles they beat the Redskins thirty to seventeen nice fourth quarter comeback for them. As well and the rams all over the colts 46 to nine. And that one there the colts look really really bad they might have the worst roster in the league. Once you put Angela economy actually gives them a chance to win some games. But I've and that they don't have anything Packers they beat the Seahawks seventeen to nine nice gain there for green Bay's start up the season. And the Panthers beat bill's opponent next week. 233. Over the sabres Siskel 49ers late last Nike shoe with a federally. 93 the final score the Dallas Cowboys beat. The New York Giants tonight we wrap up week number one in the NFL is the saints and vikings in the early Monday night game the chargers and Broncos in late Monday night game. Three of those teams the saints the chargers and Broncos all opponents the bill's face at some point this year so that gives you a little bit of a reason. To watch where to take time out when we come back. It's a body time. Who's my buddy this week got a couple of one for the bills one or I'm only. Here to be here and industry. Extra points Joseph woods. I debut this segment they're making me do this they're making me I told that I wanted to. I limited mainly because. They threatened me to do anybody sick. So you know he get these really little quirky things it is the one is this the quirky thing where every week because apparently. Again occasion and her I'd basically say a body of people in on the street seem adamant anybody. What's up. I actually tennis dot doing that and I'll producers JJ three to a particular wants me to say to do it anybody segment so guess what. Page Jordan player. Hey buddy you're my body today so there it is let's talk about Georgia boy in the game yet that's all premise behind it. Who's my buddy who's a guy that performed well in this league bills or elsewhere Jordan lawyer what a great game and I thought it was the best player. On the defensive side of the ball for either team. In this game and active data coverage you await an interception any pass breakup. In the five targets where he was in primary coverage. Giving up just 26 yards through the air as well he was impressive at recognizing where the ball was going. And they receive their outside of the 21 yard reception allowed to will tie the tight and his other three receptions allowed went for a total total. I'm just five yards he had an amazing stat line overall. They region Jordan or your stat line in this one. He did he put it day's work three tackles one tackle for a loss one sack one court decorate one interception. Two passes defended well at today. And Jordan player gets my first big body but how about. The game and the game that Corey Hart had four. The Kansas City Chiefs green hunt was absolutely amazing here's a guy that. On his first NFL touch he actually want a fumbling the football. And the patriots recover Hampshire that you all saw that whoever that on Thursday night with any case that is it comes back is a running back eight. Rookie running back from Toledo against. The New England Patriots a Bill Belichick coached defense the defending Super Bowl champions any winds up with a 148. Rushing yards and seventeen attempts and then another 98 receiving yards. On five receptions he scores one touched on the ground he gains and the two touchdowns through the air for the Kansas City Chiefs. Even though I'm giving him I hate body and my you know good job. I'm doing that against my better judgment. Because I did play against an inconceivable this week raise your hand if you played against remind fancy football. That would be mean I think he had a go billion points against me and that's why I'm losing I actually. Would have pretty much one pretty comfortable I think one of my games without cream on the other side. But because of that I wanna losing I think violate no fifteen or twenty points because the guy had Kareem that's OK that's OK it's one game. The godfathers my nineteen name we're gonna be okay. I'm I'm at a call and the GM trying to figure out a way to stop guys like Reid on down the road but he did a great job and by the way after Spencer ware. With Allen an injury. There are a lot of people that you were questioning how this team would. The other on the football but the most people thought that they it's eighty read offense let's remember that Andy Reid offense usually do you have somebody who's going to be able to run the football because he finds ways to do that he is a it terrific coach when it comes to that we only would we do with a Shawn McCoy he's also God's gonna game plan really well you know people forget. Indy read. Is it what you will about the opening game and I do think that Kansas City. Looked really good and I do think that new England and have some you know cracks in the armor like I said but let's remember something. Indy Reid is the best coach in the history of this leak. When it comes to bye week he's actually get the best record coming up by weeks of anyone in the sleek ever. And he didn't just had two weeks of repair hit six months to prepare for this game schedule comes out April. That game Thursday night they can basically. Completely go back and watch everything they had on key on New England how they played over the past and then on top of that if Joseph Bob Sutton in there who worked with Rex Ryan. And Rex Ryan yes I know there were times or Tom Brady has torched them but for the most part Rex Ryan at least in a good job better than a lot of other coaches and keeping Rex Ryan Jack so. There was a lot of that mixed in as well and that's a big reason why you'll Kansas City one of beating. New England on Thursday night last week knowing that to me though will be a team that gets back on track they do play the New Orleans Saints this coming Sunday. And actually you know what let's get a that he was a time and let me just check out the schedule here. On Sunday we talked about the bills obviously. They are going to be going to Carolina that's a game that is giving him a lot different than the New York Jets talk about Cam Newton. You're talking about Christian McCaffery you talk about a much different animal and the Carolina provisional by the way it is their home opener Donna Carolina it's going to be over eighty degrees but concern Thursday night this week. Big match up for to own one teens or you don't wanna go into Houston is at Cincinnati. And then Cleveland is that Baltimore you'll see at the bills' game obviously Carolina Arizona goes to Indianapolis says a lot of problems right now. Tennessee is at Jacksonville can Jackson will build off what they did. Can Tennessee bounce back affiliate Kansas City big game there eighty re against his former team the patriots are at the saints like you said. Vikings its dealers adding that's an interesting match up the bears go to the box the dolphins open up the season after they had their game postponed the Bucs did as while they play the bears. Dolphins are in LA to take on the charges boy. A tea. The dolphins have a game postponed that they have to go to LA open up the season they've been out there I think there are already out there because what's going on Miami. Jets at raiders cowboys Broncos Redskins rams. For a matter Seahawks Packers falcons lines giants all next week. We too will be here next Monday at 10 AM in the meantime coming up next John Murphy and Donald Jones here on the beach here and SG.